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34960 Atlantic Ave, Clarksville, DE 19970, United States

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REVIEWS OF Hocker's Super Center IN Delaware

wayne adelsberger

Convent to us

Alex Taylor

The chicken is always fresh the staff are polite down home hospitality thumbs up.

Domingo Arrieta

The people at hocker deli are very dumb and take forever to prepare a simple meal.

Mike Dunphy

Love shopping here

Christina Austin

Overpriced everything!

Greg Kaczmarczyk

What a great store. Have everything and a great staff to help

Steve Gorogias

They have it all from A to Z. Meats are top notch.

Lance Files

Love this places !!!! One stop shop, has a little bit of everything!!! (Love their freshly made smoked sausages.)

Wayne Roberts

Friendly place, lots of food.

Wayne 2 c

I always find that they have th he best looking meats in the area

Joe Cacciapaglia

Large grocery store with a lot of other Beach items. Excellent Meats

Mike McDaniel

Good hardware selection for a small store.

Matt Maurer

If you are staying in this area for the week go here, not the chains. Less stressful and they have a large selection of items for a small grocer.

Patti Beachy

My favorite grocery store away from home in Delaware

Margaret Sabetti

Definitely the place for Ice cream

Dorothy Worthington

Good prices. Really fresh shellfish. Slight oder upon entering the store. Not sure what the smell is from.

Don Clifton

Great staff and food. Some of the best fresh baked doughnuts in the area!

lawrence howard

The food was good but took way to long to receive. We ordered food that was all ready cooked and in trays behind the warmer. We could have gotten our food right away but the lady just continued to take more orders. 25 mins later we had our platter. I don't understand why they dont make your platter as you order

Donna Carotenuto

Good food....service is 'what it is'!!

Mark T

Just a good old fashion grocery store. With a real hardware on side Great meats great deli great place


Clean most staff are helpful somewhat expensive

Shawn Murray

Best meat in any supermarket around town

Pat Washinowski

We love Hockers. We are new to the area And went to Hockers for some tomatoes. We were quite impressed. Not only is it a grocery store but a hardware store as well. There are a lot of good items there. The service is always good too.

Daniel Grünberg

Nice shopping area. A little bit of everything. The BBQ wasn't amazing but was fairly priced.

Cindee Sheeler

The store is nice and clean. But I feel they are a little expensive. Their ice cream is delicious.

Robert Mcelhattan

Nice place

Karl Berger

Excellent deli with good service.

Frank Berterman

Not just a grocery store - a true super center! I love the HUGE selection of sporting goods. Hundreds of baseball gloves and hats, Yeti, Costa del Mar, Under Armour, this place is awesome!

Jeremiah Clark

Hockers has the best selection of ice cream in the area , bar none. Inside is not clean all the time and bathrooms are kept in poor condition. But the home made Mac and cheese , rotisserie chicken, shepherds pie and many others keep me coming back. Owned by Gerald Hocker, a prominent member of the community and business owner who is invested in the town's interests.

carl hess

The checkout ladies very friendly

Bruce Eanet

Good local supermarket. Great egg prices and good meats

Kristina Keyser

Beautiful store, prices are a bit high compared to local competition. Very nice employees!

Marsha Ryan

Has everything! Hardware, great deli, seafood... anything you want !

fernando anfino

if you dont speak english they help you to make your food choise and the undersand you

Lynn Dunnick

Great fried chicken

Joyce. longfellow Longfellow

I love the store. So big you can get anything you want

Danielle Gower

We love Hockers Chicken! Its crispy, great flavor and tender. It's also the perfect meal for on the go - drives home, long beach days or just after a long day of travel. I often use leftover chicken for a quick chicken salad.

David Buttner

Great local institution!

Benjamin Wilson

Food was Amazing the bbq wagon

David Long

The best local grocer around! Staff is friendly and helpful, the store is clean, and prices are comparable with the big stores

Nancy Romano

Their car wash is one of the best however the machinery was very loud and seemed to be struggling. It was closed a couple of days last week and i think it needs to be rechecked. Otherwise it does ab awesome job.

Thomas Parker

It was very nice and I got what I needed

Roy Clark

Old time grocery love it

Abby DiVincenzo

The store is dirty. The music they play on the radio while you're shopping is horrible it's all old music like oldies and it sounds horrible makes your shopping experience worse. Their customer service is terrible. For instance we went there last night just to pick up some soda so they had cokes on sale for 410 I believe I don't remember exactly but the lady didn't give me the correct change back so that was an issue we fix that. Then we saw that there was a coupon so we went back into the store to try to get to use the coupon for the soda that we had just purchased and they wouldn't give me my $5 because they said I had to spend $25 or more in order to get that price which no one told me and the cashier never asked me for coupons at the end of my transaction. So I sent my daughter in my 17 year old daughter to refund everything just return to soda and get my money back they gave her a hard time and Esther a million questions as to why. If they actually wanted to keep and care about their customers they would have given me my $5. This is why I don't shop at Hockers G&E anymore. My new grocery store which I have been shopping at for the past year is Weis Markets. Hockers grocery store is expensive and very dirty and the people they have working there with the exception of maybe one or two people or absolutely horrible I do not recommend shopping there ever

Alan Pollick

Hocker's is a great place for meat

Jim F

I heard their chicken was good, stopped in the deli and waited 40 minutes for 1 breast and some tenders. Staff should have informed me of the wait time. The chicken cookers clothing were filthy, they need aprons. The store windows and floor needed cleaned badly. I should have got my money back and left after 15 minutes, but was told it won't be too much longer. I'll never go back, the chicken was not that great.

Ellen Rafferty

Nearest grocery store to my house. Very nice and helpful staff.

Jack Pensiero

Good place

Steve Cox

Love this store!

robin cheety

Convenience sometimes helps

Christine Bolyard

Hockers Supercenter where you can get gas groceries pools propane coffee they got the best coffee there I've had coffee other places and nobody can stand up to Hawkers freshly brewed coffee. They also have name-brand Coffee-Mate to choose from and cappuccinos and they sell cigarettes Hawkers is the place to go when you want to get some good lunch they sell breakfast lunch and dinner Hot Dogs 2

Maria Shackelford

A local grocery store, small but carries lots of food. Really good meat.

Gloria Schweitzer

Perfect place to shop!!

Bruce Revel

Great selection of fresh meats and great prices. Sales staff are very helpful and butcher on site cuts your steaks to thickness you want

Joseph Lamont

Great local food store with a fantastic butcher shop

Barry McDonald

Great Local Store

Deb Hiob

Best meat in area!


Very friendly, clean

Crystal Marnati

great customer service amazing produce... An awesome homemade breads

Jay James

Great butcher. The place is a real country potpourri, love it

Andy Abel

Getting ice cream for kids is convoluted and designed by a total moron. You first get your kids to pick ice cream. Then go to counter to get a plastic token? Which is only labled by numbers so extra toppings and cone selection is totally uncoordinated. Again the manager that made that choice is a brain dead trust fund baby. Never had to deal with such a complicated process. Gave it a shot because we always drive by it will not make that mistake again.

Michael Seifert

This is my favorite store for grocerys and hardware. Great selection of everything. The employees are friendly and get you checked out quickly.

Patricia Tolson

It was OK. It was expensive and far away from where we live. My husband wanted pork ground and that's the only place that will do it.

Jack Denson

Great wings!!

Brian Farber

This place has everything, great selection of groceries, hardware and the best prices on genuine Yeti coolers, and cups and accessories

Pamela Szypulski

Love the store but they are alittle lacking in ther hiring process ran my grandson tyler around for a good month never said no just kept saying come back..sad for an elected officials store

Patrick Miller

Hocker's is great! I needed some toilet parts and a loaf of bread to go with dinner. Where else can you one stop shop like that!!!

Klee Graves

Best fried chicken around.

Devin Staples

I asked for chicken tenders. I saw they had a "chicken basket" which included a drink. I asked "HOW MANY CHICKEN TENDERS COMES IN IT" they lady behind the counter said 4. After I was given fried chicken the same lady I placed my order snidely and sarcastically says "Did you get what you want?" obviously I did NOT considering I asked how many chicken TENDERS came in it. I was solely inquiring about chicken tenders. She then says "You changed your order to the "chicken basket" to get a drink for 50 cents more. Basically blaming me while it was insinuated by me the entire time that I want tenders. I feel that I was deliberately made of fool of because your sub par employee lacked the customer service ability and social skills to make certain I knew the vaguely named "chicken basket" was not tenders like I had mentioned on numerous occasions but instead included fried chicken. Also, went to sit at three tables and 3 out of 4 we went to were dirty. Absolutely ruined my day. Thank you Hocker's. I'm not sure what I did to warrant such sarcastic treatment, but I will not ever return for food again. I will instead give my business to a chain such as Royal Farms.

Dena Mitchell

Good breakfast sandwich

Brenda Shiells

Love it!

Benie B.

Good place for local produce and butcher shop meats.

Angela Schrider

Great family owned store. The Hockers are a beautiful family.

Jack Rudd

Love this place!

Andrew Hansen Jr

Good for picking up small number of items.

mitchell Green

Great Supermarket terrific meat section very friendly employees and a hardware section to boot

James Barnhart

Lots of everyday plumbing parts in stock.

Cj Stull

best cold subs ive ever had 1 large can feed an army real meat in there hot foods also

Kevin Lindstrom

Love this place. Has a little bit of everything. Employees are super helpful and always very friendly.

Eddie S

Family owned and not bogged down by franchise limitations. Deli staff friendly. Home made ham salad is my fav.

Joey CarterHiba

This place is a small locally-owned business that has been around for a while. They are generally cheaper than the Giant are Walmart when it comes to food. You can also find some specialty food here.

Taryn Greener

Freshness of produce is always a big deal to me. This place doesnt have it. Even in the summer months it isn't as fresh as I would like. They do, however, have nice meats.

Jon Simmons

This is one of those weird little places that doesn't know what it is but it's still great. Is it a convenience store, is it a Deli, a Pizza place or an Ice Cream place, I don't know but I'm pretty sure they don't either. :) Still a nice place to stop for gas and snacks in southern Delaware.

eric thomas

Best food for the money anywhere... 9 bucks for a dinner plate big enuff for 2

Stik Bots And Beyond

Generally a clean place. Always has kind staff and fully stocked shelves

John Douthwaite

Good service, lots of product variety.

Angel Farachio

Fresh produce nice costumers srr3

David Hudson

Great local grocery. Best meats I'm town



8990000 at Gmail dot com

They have a very good deli, meats, and produce sections. The prices are good, and the quality is high. They have a good selection of shelved and frozen items as well with deals in every category. Its fun shopping here as well. Considering there is no grocery right near here, they do good and make things convenient if you are in the area.

Rocky Lancaster

They have the best butcher bacon. I get my sushi made with brown rice too. Found $30 Under Armor Sweatshirts & $29, 30 oz,Yetti Tumblers. When you're in a rush to fish or hit the beach, pick up some yummy breakfast sandwiches to go. This is the best grocery store.

Pstsy Bowie

Nice place but some of the products r way to high

Dennis Schmidt

Great place so much Under One Roof

Harry Gilman

Great Flank Steak Mgr Spc today and Top End Rst

Billy Haynes

Needed more checkers, otherwise o.k.

Martin Clark

Excellent store.Meats are the best.

Mary Smith

We were from Indianapolis Indiana. We stop at the 1st place we had Google to get some food for the rental house that we were staying in Ocean view Delaware .Very pricey.

Joseph Stephen

Great place to buy meats! Came across this place by accident but glad I did.

Joe Showacre

They need to freshen up the hot food more often but when you get it it always tastes good. Great bang for your buck

James Gale

Great breakfast sandwiches! Give it a try.

Raymond Thompson

Courteous, polite and ... Helpful....

Bob Bowen

Best supermarket chain around this area- support the local merchants!

Suzanne Weissflog

They always have what we need and the employees are always very kind and helpful.

Kenny Kreamer

I rate their pineapple pie 10/10, and they sell Haagen-Dazs too, I love Haagen-Dazs

Chuck West

Hocker's has come a long way in 30 years. Pretty good grocery store, fuel pumps are a little tight but I still go when I'm in the area.

Richard kuhn

Nice, friendly place. Very good delli

Deborah Gildart-Hanks

We always stop here to stock up on groceries on the was to the beach. It has everything we need

Tina Austin

Expensive but nice store.

Erin Kent

Don’t get ice cream there. They make you pay first and then they give you different amounts of ice cream for the same size you pay for. My husband got ice cream in a cup with hot fudge. They handed him a small styrofoam cup with ice cream and fudge falling all around the cup. At least have proper ice cream bowls to hold the toppings. Cheap...

Michelle Gleason

Lots of unusual items Husband was very impressed with the hardware dept Pass on the donuts

Bob Clark

I talked to 3 employees and none could help me with 2 diff items I was interested in buying there.

Michael Jayjock

This place is amazing. I do a lot of projects in our shore house and it is a long ride to a Lowes or a Home Depot. Hooker's is close but much smaller. I have NEVER gone there and NOT found what I needed in the hardware line. They have an amazing inventory. They are not cheap but the convenience is well worth any difference.

Jon Meacham

Wonderful hometown grocery store. The cashiers were super pleasant, the selection was great and the food is very fresh. A great option for Bethany Beach shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Rosser

Always a great experience. Well stocked, clean and employees are helpful and knowledgeable.

Joy Walter

Local store. Fresh fruits and veggies. In store cut meats.

Warren Samolsky

Not your usual big chain Supermarket more like you home town market. But what the market lacks in variety it more than make up in helpfulness and kindness. I like supporting the community store and this one is worth supporting.


Great meat dept.

Lisa Cole

My local store

Bill Gardner


tIna f

Very friendly staff. It is so nice to see happy singing people

Mika Shipley

Awesome store. Great meats & good prices.

jill caton

Nice store, fairly large inside. Nice staff.


Good prices and perks

Colby Willey

Best deals in town. They give the best deals on ice cream, it is cheap and they give huge portions. There food is amazing I love there fried chicken, the cheese steaks, and Mac and cheese. They also one of the soda machines with all the flavors which is amazing.

Stacy Mcmillen

They are the biggest cone of ice cream I've ever had

Elizabeth Johnson

Update: 11/30/18 (Rating went up from four stars to five stars) NEW FOUNTAIN SODA LIDS! Thanks a million. Now I feel like I have been heard! ______________________________ Dear Hockers Deli, Your fountain soda lids are atrocious. Everytime I pick my cup up, they pop right off. No matter how hard I smash the lid down onto the cup or how much time I take carefully making sure each part of the lid is down, it still pops up. I have literally never been to a place where the lids just pop off the cups. This is horrible business and is a sure fire way that you will get a sticky mess of soda spilled all over your floor. Other than that, your chicken salad sandwiches are delicious. Thanks

Dave Bugda

Second time there since moving to the shore. Really like this place.

Michele Peluchette

Great ice cream. So many flavors

Earle Douglass

The hardware store here is not very comprehensive. I'd recommend Lowe's

Eugene Mullins

Great staff . I have lived 1 mile away from this place for the last 11 years. I go here all the time. Its very clean and well managed

Robin Gray


Susan Ash

Fresh meats and seafood....friendly employees...My weekly grocery store!

Jamie Corbett

Huge serving sizes. Cheap. Creamy. Yummy. Local. Family fun.

Eddie Vidal

Hawkers thanks for everything I enjoy shopping there

Greg Mazzeo

Lots of items for a small hardware store... Went for a wireless doorbell, found it and several vanities ther things I needed...

Edward Guinan

This is my local grocery and hardware store combined. They have butchers on premises and meat is quite good. Ice cream selection tends to be lower end. Hardware staff tend to be very helpful or at least try if a newbie. Their other hardware location in North Bethany(?) generally has more knowledgeable staff. If you like to shop with a little more country feel this is a good choice.

Dawn Stewart

Pricey but convenient for garden soil.

D Howard

They have good cheese bread. You need to try it.

Paul Dennis

Very clean and very well stocked employees are quite polite and pleasant recommend it for your local supermarket don't forget their WORLD FABULOUS CHICKEN SALAD

Jeffrey Yohn

Good prices

mike wyatt

Good place to get some random stuff.

Daniel Ruiz

This is like the best milkshake I've had all day

Jack Schrider

Where's the LAMB SAUCE!!!????

Keith Hartung

Great people lots of help when needed

Monica Guinan

as close to an old fashioned general store as you will get

Bobby Bucklew

Great meat dept

James Mullen

Never as crowded as Giant & better meat!

Toby Hoffman

Nice one stop shop. A little pricey in the hardware department but can usually find odds and ends stuff

Jonah Stoddart

Friendly staff, good prices

John Sykes

Great service, AWESOME chicken

Cindy Negley

Fresh produce at good prices

Dirt Chetelat

Great food, reasonably priced.

Alan K

Nice store with hardware center attached super friendly staff

Michael Glassman

best quality meats and service

kcuhc refahcs

Fresh meat and produce. Prices ok. Staff is great!

Anthony Costa

This is a great store. In the gas station side, great pre made sandwiches, with Boar's Head cold cuts. EXCELLENT scooped ice cream! Great fresh meats department. Love this store. I only like the old hockers.

Gary Neal

We love this store

Sharon Harrison

clean and a vast selection of items Very freindly staff

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