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268 Galaxy St, Dover, DE 19902, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dover Commissary IN Delaware

Anthony Bailey

The best place to shop

Walter Repsch

The prices cant be beat here

Ronald Hypolite

Very high prices considered a benefit. 1 can of green beans was priced at $1.29. Out side grocery 2 cans for $1.00.

The_anti Bean

Good for snacks

Peter Simpson

Pretty much what you'd expect.

Tom Blakeley

The best place for everything food.

David Burke

Great sushi, but the only store in DE with a sales tax.

Johnette Benson

Dover AFB is very clean. Sometimes stock is not completely put out. Workers are extremely friendly and helpful.

Benjamin Brown

Great deals on meat, and the sushi chef is great at his craft. This place is always busy too

Virginia Mayo

Is always a pleasure to go to the the commissary

LeaArbri Blalock-Becker

Love my Commissary, (sometimes they don't get special orders), but, other than that, they are pretty good.

Yiselle Romero

More people working and faster in the line for pay

Paul Leon Fruits

Great prices.

Steven Bromley

Great values!! I love the selection of ethnic foods.

Eleanor Fesel

Not too crowded and new computers for faster checkout!!

Dawn Koenig

Great customer service...pardon the pun!

Nakina C

High quality fruits and veggies. Affordable prices. Great meats.

Gregory Lee


dj buckner

Love the prices and the people.

Ed Hendershot

I love the sushi bar here. It's always great!

Chris Cole

Selection was not bad, does not carry sugar free cake mixes. Price can be found cheaper at Walmart/Sam's club, and no surcharge!!!

Connie Freeman

Love it the meat Price's are great and the k-cups for coffee are so low. I just love going there.

James Jones

Great place to shop cheap prices

Steven Hermosisima

Decent service. Lowest local prices on most grocery items and household items (oxo good grips) otherwise Walmart is comparable and 24/7. 0700-1900 Tue-Sun doesn't cut it when I work 4 12's Oh and best sushi in the area during lunch time

James Dotson

Can't beat the prices of meat, bread, eggs and milk here. It's a little dingie but it gets the job done. Bulk items are available in the back.

linda clifton

Very helpful employees

Hobie Lake

Very clean efficient great prices and staff is more than friendly...

Kevin Livingston

Prices are better on non military pay days.

Jacqueline Sorrells

Heyy Commissary Vegans are loving your Efforts to get vegan items..

Donna McCrary

Great prices and awesome customer service.

Victoria Judy

We love the commissary. The prices are cheap. The baggers are so helpful when you have a small child

Larry Willard

Clean, we'll laid out, easy to move about.

Sarah Johannsen

The commissary is only for military members, or their eligible spouses and it does save me alot of money! The prices are great, most items are priced under what other stores sell the same product for. Love their deli, ( they carry Boars Head lunch meat) and i always save when I shop here! Definitely a must for any one in the forces trying to save money!

John Woods

I love the self checkout lines...also lane 1 when u can bag your own!

Tom Bradley

Have to be active duty or retired military to use this facility.

Paula Workman

Always clean and neat. Prices help so much, couldn't eat as well without it.

mike marra

Good selection of meat.

Dannielle Rowe

Its oook not much to do

Jim Katzaman

Everything we wanted was in stock.

Jill Boehle

Not bad, good prices and some hard to find items found here.

Tom aprigliano sr

Nice place to shop

Doreen Murphy-Lee

Great prices for retirees.

Ernest Hoyer

Great place to shop and save.

Terri Allen

Good prices but not always best selection in some categoties.

Robert Reyes

Great people work there. I was not familiar with the store but received great help locating the items I couldn't find on my own.

john gledhill

Great prices fresh meats & produce

BERL Lovelace

Very good experience

Debbie Schultz

Very good

Belinda Harrison

Great shopping. Friendly atmosphere


Good prices

John Ensslen

Good savings surprised items on sale than usually.Small Commissry, but many sales.

Rocco Albano

Good prices and friendly staff.

Carol Pollio

Very good for a smaller commissary. Will be back.

Doretha Webb

Had everything I needed before the dreaded Storm

Mr Chuck

It's small but the prices are good


Great place to food shop

reefman661 .

Cheaper meats items at the commissary than off base

Marquita La Mor Pinkett-Harris

Very good sushi. Just wish the commissary would allow access to GS employees, would definitely benefit the bases revenue.

tesha jackson

Small but may and milk are a good price

Velma Luke

Quick and easy, just what I needed on break.

Bonnie Gurbel

You can still find most items still cheaper than Walmart. I like there meats.

John Ervin

Very competitive prices and hard to find foods from different countries.

Sandra Blount

Good Customer service and very friendly staff.

Kerry Lloyd

Usually a great place to shop except for the one annoying female employee

Cornell Tribbett

Love this place

Jerry Fleming

DAFB Commissary is a smaller commissary, but appears to be well stocked and staffed. Had no difficulty getting assistance when needed due to my unfamiliarity with the commissary.

James Fletcher

Only had one cashier working other than 2 in the express lanes. I had a lot of items in my cart but a lady sent me to one of the express lanes. Everything else was good.

Dennis Gillcrese

Nice place to go to prior to 9am. No waiting.

Sedelia Cordero

Not too bad, but like all commissaries...produce sucks

Jordan Mehl

A decent commissary. I generally come here to purchase steaks for cheap. However, since there's no sales tax in Delaware, the prices are not actually better on most items.

James Pike

Love my meat bargains & the Very courteous cashiers& baggers.

Lakeeva Johnson

The prices are great!

Harold Baines

I thank God for the commissary, it's a blessing to me, everyone is respectful in doing their job.

Finishia Hopkins

I love to shop here.

Janice Carson

Always like using the commissary, no matter how close we are to a commercial grocery store. Prices are good, and now with the app, coupons are right on your reward card. Friendly staff, clean.

Jillalison Rainey

LOVE the commissary bc the prices are cheaper than most and the service at the deli counter can't be beat!!!

Precious Nelson

Always clean, the staff is always friendly and accommodating

Donna Austin

Very nice shopping experience

Frank Milford

Always a good shopping experience

Tina Grynkiewicz

Love, love,love! Prices rock!food is fresh. Great selection! I love all the around the world foods.. could spend all day here . Everyone is super nice and helpful! Very clean and supplied well ! Lifetime customer!

David M.

Great selection for being so small!

Valerie Nichols Lee

Enjoyed shopping experience, the prices are right and the employees are great. Love the sushi that is sold near the deli counter.

Chris Rose

Problems with fresh produce constantly. It is not fresh. Nonperishables being stocked at prime time shopping. That should be done very early or late. Need name brands back on the shelves. That's a shame it is cheaper off base. No savings for the military or retired on base.

Kristen Rink

Wordly variety!

Trieste27 .

Clean! Reminds me of my military BRAT days

Lisa Karageorge

Reasonably priced

Wayne Birk

Best place to shop

צדיקה ישראל

A SMALL amount of organic items. Some items are affordably priced. Clean ailes and spacious. The merchandising staff for fresh produce needs to BUY better products to sell to us and our families. NOT much vegan options here either.

Chris Vickmark

Small compared to other commissaries I've been to.

therealsnow .

Great selection and prices

Frank Taurozzi

If you're eligible, meat best price

Tanja Lee

Small. Little selections. Produce is always bad.

Ash Pab

The selections of staple items like pasta, cereal and soda is good but produce lacks and service is limited. Prefer to pay a few cents more and shop elsewhere

Dawnu9ra Thorne

Always great staffers and friendly atmosphere

Sarah Harrison

Great prices and the bag boy even walked us out to our car and put our groceries in for us. Too sweet

Laurice Heard

Well stocked

Winz Fire

Great prices

Emmett Pinkston

Great opportunity to shop

Daniela Rink

Great prices

Tracy Johovic

The store is clean and send to be well organized. The staff is quite friendly and helpful. The butchers were happy to give me some fresh cube steaks made with meat that I chose. Excellent customer service. They have great prices on meats! The produce department is a little small, but still has most things you'd find elsewhere. The only so-called downfall was that there was only 1 register open. However, I must say, that's no different than shopping at a civilian grocery store or Walmart.

David Holsinger

Love this place very clean nice people and the sushi is absolutely amazing

Victor Roman

Best Commissary I have been!!!

Rena Lewis

Pricing good one over size

Shontay Christopher

Great prices


Great place to shop!

JJ Harrison

Grocery shopping

Linda Hill

I love to shop here. I can find everything I want.

Tammy Brown Barajas

Great shopping

Pamela Anderson

This stores is for military members and has some great selection of items you can only find overseas. But boy do the baggers need training on how to bag stuff.

Jean Tiffany

It's okay for a quick stop. It's not necessarily cheaper than the surrounding stores.

Debra Schwartz

Minimal selection

Glendali Correa-Brown

We have never had a bad experience when we shop at the commissary.

Chris Waszak

I love the commissary. Almost always cheaper. I just wish they were open on Mondays.

Sandra Shoun

Always shop here, everyone very nice!!

Carol Dolsay

Nice store but there are many items on my list that I have to go elsewhere to get. Nice produce department. I like the store wish it was better stocked. They had no chicken.

David Patch

Shop here all the time!!

kenny dockery

Great price

DeathSkull 543

It was very fun

Beth Parsons

Love the prices!

Linda Morin

Always go to Dover commissary to get the unusual items that you can't get elsewhere.

Yvonne Gardner

Always polite service!

JJ Ulrich

Great prices and always have nice cuts of meat.

Jay Jordan

Very competitive prices on meats for the area!

Chris Ryan

Not a terrible shopping experience but they seem to be out of multiple things, even common staples like chicken, on a weekly basis. Prices are definitely reasonable though.

Christian Cruz

Good place to do some shopping on base

Gnashv .

Good prices on what we need

Maria Thompson

As usual I spent more than I intended but the prices are hard to pass up

Dexter Joseph

Great place to grocery shop as a retiree, especially for meats!

Chris Cano

Great prices and the meat quality is excellent.

diana artesona

Great Prices, fresh produce great dry goods

Nathan Franco

Just like a grocery store for the military.

Maureen James

Great place to shop

gil villanueva

Good prices on most items. It's clean and uncrowded. Mostly nice people, some are grouch.

Bill Green

Five stars

Nathaniel Mathis

Overpriced need to figure out how to compete with the local stores.

Mack Spiro

Found everything and at a reasonable price. No stress people are very considerate. Staff is top notch.

Jason Smith

Great option

David Daigle

Clean and convenient. Well run with great selection

Charles Wilson

Had what I needed gave it 5 stars. Located on the base. Good selection of meats and poultry. Fresh vegetables and produce. Layout is fresh and the aisles are wide.

Rachael Burks

Usually stocked well but the are definitely days where half of the store seems to be missing. Most of the staff is polite and will help when needed, the ones that won't are pretty obvious.. fresh produce is usually in good condition as well, only had a couple bad experiences there. Don't get the "fresh" fish here though. Unless you are a risk taker.

Kris Krawczyk

Great prices, friendly cashier's and baggers.

Abby Franc

Great place to shop for quality food for reasonable price.

Bob Hartman

I'm glad I live close enough to shop here, I do save money particularly on vegetables, some meats and dairy products. I've been to very many commissaries, and this one is a little below average on my commissary scale. They just run out of things and sometimes they are out of those things for weeks. I'm happy that they have self-checkout, which I use about twice a week, since I'm on base almost everyday. They've just opened a self-bagging lane as well. If you shop for fresh produce often, like I do, this is helpful if you want to avoid the baggers. The sushi counter is really good here too.

Patterson Hill

4/5 stars, since it's only open 4/5 weekdays.

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