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REVIEWS OF Costco Wholesale IN Delaware

Tim Smith

Went in for tires, thought that I knew what I wanted, but Nate showed me a more durable tire for less money. Thank you Nate! Great, fast service.

Albert Rios

Always great prices for milk, eggs and a few others...

seahawks nation

Great place for buying large quantities.

Mary Bacon

They are out of Bubba Burgers and the Rice we like,

Lisa Scott

My family shops here as the need arises and have yet to have a negative experience. The staff that I have encountered are friendly and helpful. The foods and products that we use are readily available. If you shop at the right time, you can sample featured products. This is bulk shopping so if that's your thing, this is the place to go.

Richard Parker

Well staffed. Great company, which I like supporting. Great deals.

Dave Atkinson

Good prices and good selection, but to far away.

Marwan Abbas

It's no gas station, and a cashier lady at the food court was not friendly the way she was talking to us like she had a bad day. Her attitude was sheesh.

Joanne Reiner

Great store for stocking up. The clothing section for kids is pretty good. Not so for teens or women

Devon Dorsey

Absolutely NOT the people and their children. The children are running around and the parents stop the flow of shopping for the samples. Too tight to walk, the employees are RUDE. NOPE NO SIR


Love Costco. The cafe workers wear gloves which is great but defeats the purpose when they go from register to touching food without changing gloves. Serve safe training should be updated with them.

LaVonda Hudson

Great place! Go hungry, great samples lol! Samples will cause you to spend more $$

Frank Ciuffetelli

I have been to numerous Costco's all over the country. Their technology is awful. There are NEVER enough lines open. Long lines and only half the registers are open. Horrible customer service. The waits are entirely unacceptable and too long. The website is even worse. It does not tell me what's in stock in the store. The pricing is NEVER correct. One price on the website, a different price in the store. Just totally confusing. And the store employees are not very customer service oriented. Just always a bad experience all the way around. Go take a look at Sam's Club technology. No lines because I can check out myself on my phone. The website ACTUALLY tells me what is in the store! What a great idea! Definitely makes me feel Costco is just not worth it.

Anand B

Standard warehouse with standard options. Like the pizza in here. Wish they had more chicken pizza options

Gale Cifelli

Great products and friendly employees. Excellent shopping experience.

Kelly Braun

The employees have all been very helpful. The pharmacy staff is excellent and the cost of prescriptions is often less than elsewhere - we have saved more on prescriptions than the cost of membership in just a few months. We get their croissants and muffins as occasional special treats. Their mini restaurant has great pizza and churros at pretty low prices.

Bet R

Love my Costco. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Favorite purchases here are the USDA Prime whole beef briskets because the price is so low and the meat is amazing.

Kevin Corbin

Excellent customer service and very clean store.

Barry Zias

Store was very busy today. Wanted to have hearing aids adjusted that I got when my brother passed away. The staff refused, saying they only work on devices purchased there. As a member of the store, they should accommodate the request. Not happy.

John Harris

Very nice facility - quick in & out.

Mackenzie Merritt

Who doesnt love costco?

Myszka Theuerle

I do love the Costco here but they have stopped getting a few of my favorites. My regular popcorn is gone, my 7 grain freshly baked bread is gone , low-fat milk is gone and my face cream is gone. Darn oh, darn,. I did notice that other Costco's carry these things

Pravleen S

It has everything a person could need it was amazing

Judi Judge

Good prices and they always have what I am looking for

Greg Allen

I have been a member since the day they opened. Love Costco's

Green Paint

Always a good time at Costco!!!! Lots to buy lots to eat lots to see! Customer service is good for the most part it can be expensive but if you know how much you spend for the amount of a product you get any other place it is easy enough to differentiate the good deals.

Michelle Millard-Olvera

The best place for buying bulk items and tasty meats!

debby veneroso

I love Costco's quality and selection. Always fresh fruits, vegetables, fish,baked goods, and meat.

Toussaint Photography

Cotsco another place to get yourself in trouble. I like how they take care of their employees. It reflects on the type of service they gave back.

Garrett Varady

A refreshing experience in contrast to other 'big' stores. Almost no gimmicks, friendly staff, free samples, great deals & a $1.50 hot dog and drink combo-- its hard to beat! Glad we bought the membership!

Laird Cummings

Very crowded on a Saturday mid-afternoon. VERY. Some items out of stock, or at least off the shelves. Staff helpful, as they tend to be. But, God. The sheer NUMBERS of people!

Benjamin Grim

Costco is a fantastic idea. Good quality products. Lots of parking. Great chicken deal. Most of all once in a while you have to have a sausage.

Troy Hilton

Huge selection, plenty of organic and vegetarian products. Can be very crowded at times especially on weekends. They have a nice selection of pre-prepped meals to cook at home.

Suresh Batra

Good Place to get all the food and drinks.

Eric Kennedy

They have just about everything you can think of - from electronics to clothes, from flowers to food. They have their own butchers and bakery. Most items are obviously sold in bulk, saving you a few dollars. A crowded store on the weekends!

Steve Dey

Always spend more than I planned , great place.

Bspizer Roberts

This store is always clean and the staff is very friendly. I drive over 42 miles to shop here!

Michael Duffy

Just what you'd expect - inventory changes a lot and it will be crowded no matter what time you go. But there are good deals to be had.

Eugene Wasnetsky

What bargains! I don't eat much processed food, so you'd think I have no business being at Costco, wrong! There's great options for wild caught fish. Produce and other staples as well. And the liquor store is all that and a bag of chips. Kirkland's brand booze is killer at it's price point.

David Brand

I love this store. We love Costco. Costco is Life....

Danielle Kranz

My wife works here for years now, and we both still Love Costco. Amazing food selection and fresh foods quality can't be beat!

vinit sethi

Love this whole sale club then any other. U get everything what u want and on really good prices. They return policy is amazing.

katarzyna patola

Great place to shop. I wish they don’t switch products into different brands every so often.

Nathan Kirk

We do most of our shopping here, and get staples every week. It's only for odd items that we ever go to a grocery store. Prices are good. I wish there were more vegan options for frozen pre-made things but realize it's a niche market.

Susie Paine

Great prices and great selection. The staff is always friendly.

Cameron Gilmore

The store is great. The road in and parking lot are in need of improvement. It needs a signal or 4 way stop or a roundabout.

Tee Naa

Can’t beat the cake price and taste good

GurlyKnockout same

Nice selection of items. I wish they had a few more gluten free items, bread, and snacks

NoNo Lofty

The people are nice and helpful

Ann D.

Good prices, good selection, staff is knowledgeable and helpful. They were especially great with my young child. Like the selection of prepared foods and produce. You never quite know what they'll have from week to week.

Teresa W

Costco is great. Reliably friendly and great prices with huge selections. My only complaint is that they don't have self checkout so if you have 3 items you have to get behind the full carts. Waiting is not that bad, the lines move fast, but it's still frustrating and discouraging. My only complaint is how busy it gets during the weekends. The lines are all open but they're stacked so far back into the store you have to pick a lane and gamble that you will be checked out at the same speed as the other lanes. I wish the line system was more fair, like a single file with someone directing to each register in front. But it's a minor complaint for how awesome the store is. Currently I'm obsessing over their salad greens selection, 2 dozen eggs, ribeyes, and cara cara oranges! There is a big selection of greens, meats, fish, chips, healthy choices, unhealthy choices, TVs, some jewelry, prescription glasses store, books, clothes, diapers, bakery, etc. You name it they probably have it. I couldn't find any tofu though. And their return policy is famous. They will return things if you're not satisfied. So go late in the day to avoid crowds and bring a big car. I wish they opened earlier everyday.

Robert Dole

Love the selection and the people who work there!

Justin Jenkins

The staff are very friendly and helpful!

Wayne Wrolstad

Easy to get to. Another excellent Costco here in Delaware

james palmer

A great store, love the selection. If I don’t like what I purchased, returns never a problem.

Christopher Johnson

One of the best Costco in the area. They do not sell gas but do have a liquor store and no tax.

Myeisha Henderson

Love this store. They have cheesecake and a chocolate cake that's so good. Their pizza is good too.

Jane Quinn-Schwartz

Costco is by far the best wholesale membership store. Fruits and veggies are always fresh with a great meats selection. The store is always clean and well stocked. So many different things to choose from and you can't beat the prices. We switched from a different club years ago and have never looked back!

Shiv Ganesh

Being the only Costco in the state, you can imagine how busy it can get. Some items you can find in the other stores are surprisingly not available here. Parking can be difficult especially during the weekend.

Jorge Duchini

Cheese are good Italian quality and they are not expensive. Excellent Malbec from Catena. Salmon from Noruega and Italian prosciutto

Robert Winter

I can always count on great PRIME cuts of meats . They also have SPECIALTY cuts on a regular basis. Seafood options are also good. Produce is fresh and again ,great variety. Everything is value priced. There prepared foods are outstanding.

I.E. Xam

You can buy at the liquor shop without a Costco membership. Spirits Wine Beer at very good to excellent prices. Kirkland brand spirits are a very good value.

Sajid Hussain

Never disappoints for the selection and quality of items with the best possible price.

Margery Littman

Very good shopping experience!

Lynda Hair

Always love the variety and prices at costco and their prepared foods are awesome!


The best selection of mislaenous things.

Tae Mcghee

I love this place!!! Sunday it’s a mob! During the week I believe it has to be better! I get suja green drinks from Costco to help when I’m fasting! The price beat all competitors!!!

Don Hagen

Went in for a look-see. Was NOT impressed. Aisles had numbers, but no list of what was in each aisle - Some things, like fresh food - had signs so you knew where they were - but suppose you were looking for canned vegetables - good luck finding them. Many things I saw were reasonably priced, but nothing priced so low I thought I couldn't pass up such a deal. Not going to join.

Praveen Kumar Arumalla

Costco - No alternative for quality-cost. Samples awesome

Dan Stone

Got off easy today. Stopped by to pick up some calendars from the photo department and a pepperoni pizza from the food court. a quick in and out.

Karen Hamilton

I don't know how they do it consistently at Costco. Plenty of product on the shelves, including freshly made items; fast checkout lines even when lines seem so long; courteous associates.

Jeff Owens

This is my "home" store, but we've been travelling all over the country for the past 5 years and visited no fewer than 50 other stores; this store is by far the most inefficient, poorly organized store we've visited. Checkout lines are consistently the longest, regardless of time of day; other stores have 2 people checking carts and receipts at the exit, but I've never seen more than one person here, with the line to leave stretching back into the food court; it's location at the back of Christiana Mall is unfathomably inconvenient. Today was the last straw: an item that was on sale ending September 1 (6 days ago!) still had a sale placard, and the customer in front of us purchased the item and wanted to get the sale price. Two supervisors took their sweet time resolving the matter while the line just grew and grew. So glad to be moving to an area with competition from Sam's Club.

Chuck Parisan

Very first visit today, was impressed with everything. The store is clean, well lit and we'll stocked. I went ahead and got a membership. Looking forward to actually doing some shopping.

Lynette Oliver

I love this Costco. I’ve visited Costco’s in other cities and I have not found a friendlier staff than the Wilmington (Newark), Delaware store. The staff who sample the products are friendly and personable and I interested in more than than just selling to you. And the samples are almost always plentiful. The store is clean and brightly lit, always neat and well stocked. They do a great job of keeping items in stock. Because our state enjoys tax-free shopping, this location is a popular destination for high-dollar items like televisions, computers, DSLR cameras, etc. You won’t go wrong shopping at this Costco location!

Jackie Maykut

Always a great place to shop!

Robert Wooster

We love cosco we call it the hundred dollar club Not very often do you leave without spending a c note

Nikki Ellie

I finally decided to become a member of Costco and the lady at the customer service had a very unpleasant Attitude! She acted like I was inconveniencing her for me to become a member. If this is how they treat new customers I wonder how they treat every day customers?

Joann Kubon

Our Must-stop whenever we make our way up to Newark! Love Costco and the products they have also their Wine selection is a whole lot better than Sam’s Club!

B Humphreys

Has alot of organic products, but is a busy place

Craig Thorpe

I could spend hours wandering around in here looking at stuff!

Mike Cooper

Fast efficient service. Good product. Disappointed they didn't have brisket point. Brisket was pricey.

Donna Viscardo

Returns person was not very friendly. Although they refunded my items and I was very friendly she shamed me repeatedly. I was returning lightbulbs purchased a few months ago. One of them starting smoking in my kitchen ceiling-thank God we were standing there. I had the burned one and one other of a 6 pack the others being all around my house in the ceiling who knows where and dont know which came from that box. I was told I really needed all 6 which I said was fine and I would come back. No. I waited. She told me several more times. Then her supervisor' who was much nicer told me i really needed to have 3 bulbs (not 6) but she would refund as a courtesy. While getting my refund the other woman felt compelled to tell me yet again. My husband shops here. I won't.

Joanne Graves

I've been a member since the opening of the Christiana club. I love Costco. I love everything about it! I purchase food, business supplies, household items, kitchenware, my clothes, cookbooks, plants for the yard and flowers for my daughter's wedding. Furniture, carpet and lighting. Gifts for family and friends, gift certs for restaurants and movies. And of course, kirkland brand everything, including wine and liquor. If Costco doesn't have it, I don't need it!

Ted Wardell, Ed.D

Awesome prices, but has a horsing the cattle feel to it. You almost feel bad if you stop to look at anything.

Dhwani Kapoor

Usually very busy on the weekends. The staff is friendly and helpful for both returns and purchases.

צדיקה ישראל

Clean, Spacious. Sells a good amount of products for the home some at reasonable prices. Stay alert shoppers run you over, block the aisle even for a FREE sample.

Drew Miller

I try to shop exclusively here. I love it. Their rewards program for the executive membership coupled with their credit card makes them even more unbeatable.

Srujan M

Great whole sale store in the area

Brian Erisman

I love this place


Really glad I gave this place a try. I've done Sam's and BJs so I didn't think Coscto would offer anything different, but I was wrong. I haven't been able to find a single item I wasn't satisfied with, and the Kirkland brand which is owned by Costco is extremely good quality. All the fruit is always ripe and fresh.

Stuart Lindner

Good selection. Great pricing.

Aron Smith-Donovan

What can I say, it's Costco! Bulk items galore, samples, and the food counter at the end! My mother has some mobility issues and she loves to come and walk around on flat concrete for a while, if that's something you're looking for. Remember, they don't give you bags!! We tend to forget every time :)

Mark Merrill

They have been out of soy beverage for 2 months now and are getting rid off some of their plant based products. Currently somewhat disappointed but will not lose hope.

Karim Abubakar

Great prices great quality but sometimes they discontinue products and lines at checkout can get long

Michael Moses

A) It's Costco, they're all mostly the same. B) Regardless of A, this location just is better than most on the East coast. Store has more products on display including a lively plant section. It could also be the tax free-ness blinding my vision.

Sharath Kumar

Very good place to get all the groceries and home shopping done. Has good varieties in all the goods.

Debbie Grier Hall

Love having samples...would never buy things in such large packages without sampling first. You don't save much if any on produce but can't beat the prices on Kirkland brand products in the pharmaceutical section. The line was long but moved quickly. Check for a coupon book at the service desk before shopping. Wish they took manufacturers coupons like their competitors do. Can't always find a sales person for help but the sample people are pretty knowledgeable & are friendly & willing to help. Will give you a cash refund without question without a receipt...all your purchases seem to stay in their records forever. Suggestion...if not sure of your size of something buy several & either try on in their bathroom or at home & get a refund on what didn't fit. If you just get one size & it's wrong there's a good chance you won't find a different size to exchange for later on. Get their Visa card for cash back on purchases everywhere & you'll have a 2nd picture ID.

Mike Dub

You cant go wrong with the selection here!! The dollar hotdog and soda combo amazing

Lindsay Morales

Great deals, great food and always get good service

Peter Mans

Nice store, good place to avoid on weekends

Ram Putta

This my personal favorite. I can say i can find this that Blah Blah... In a single word It has everything!! I recommend this place! Oops I forget to mention I love their Pizza

Greg Vagnini

Love my Costco's very clean place and lit well

Quazonia Quarles

My favorite place to try new products and prices. I love Costco paper towels and toilet paper.

Mike Cavazzini

Fresh produce, nice selection of food and other stuff.

Ames PA

Loved it. Shopping for alcohol for a wedding. Super reasonable prices.

Louise Carpenter

Of course Costco is always busy! Fortunately, opening time on weekends is 9:30 instead of the usual weekday of 10:00. One thing to remember -- if you find something you like, don't hesitate! Get it! The stock is always moved around and changing. So if you go back a few days later, the item may be sold out completely or, if you're lucky, just moved. You can always ask at the station by the food court if your item is still in the store. A helpful associate will look it up to tell you yes or no. And even if the item is not in that particular store, it may be in a Costco in a neighboring city. Good to know!

Gabe Wilson

Great deals and many items have great prices for such high quantities.

Yvette Bronner

Good store. Always packed. Wished it had gas station and that the butcher would cut meat if needed. I know Sams club does it and BJs for sure! Its always a nice option to have the butcher be able to slice or cut to what you may need!

Rachel Waldman

Never anything bad to say about Costco.

Gillis Hamilton

This store is clean and organized. I find a lot of good deals. It can get very crowded, so I try to go when they open. I do wish they opened earlier then 10 am. The membership is quite expensive you really need to spend a lot over the year to pay for the membership fee. The Kirkland brand foods are extremely good. I recommend you shop here.

Steven Foster

Clean and very well run. The staff here are friendly. I always have a great experience in Costco

Tanya Straus

Very friendly start, good selection of everything (food, furniture, meds, books, electronics). Does not have a gas station but does have a liquor store, so I guess you can't have it all haha

James Freas

I love this place well my girlfriend does

Margaret Scheu

My favorite quality items.

Dianne Clark

Lots of good deals in each category. Great place for families to save money.

Joseph Rivero

Got to be careful. Go in with intention to limit my spending to $100 next thing I know I am $300 and that's before I visit the liquor store. I always fine something new. The good thing is I live 90 miles away and only visit when I go to Philly.

Martha Amador

I love shopping at this location. The staff is so friendly. Easy going and really look out to help you in any way. Keep up the great work! I know this is one of the older layouts but I prefer this one rather than the newer locations. It’s spacious and the lines are better handled than the new locations.

9tbones .

Costco is the best for bulk purchases and good prices.

Ruben Kelly

This place is awesome. The only drawback that I found is they don't sell butter or margarine. The service was friendly and professional.

Yogendra Bhardwaj

Friendly staff, great selection, great prices, quality brands. Great location as we have multiple stores near, and we can do all shopping in one trip. Gas station added extra value reason to go there.

Linda Luff

I love Costco best shopping place

Dennis Danford

My wife loves Costco.

bob krajeski

I've been a loyal customer member for five years.. they offer good sales in bulk so I can go there once a month to stock up. The return line is usually long but it's always easier to return your items once you reach the counter. Their customer service is top-notch I am extremely satisfied Costco products and services

Tonya Davis

It's clean no matter when you go in this store . Employees are always friendly and kind

Janet Bouchard

Saturday afternoon so was crowded with people who didn't mind blocking aisles or let their children run wild with empty carts. Since it was Saturday I accepted the crowds as timing was good for me Would be wonderful if you could have a Costco in lower Kent county or Sussex county. We are valuable customers as well as New Castle folks.

Edward Guinan

I love Costco. The value here is in bulk. If you can't use the quantity, you won't be saving.The quality here is usually very dependable.

Charlene Counts

Sad Snowman

Good items for a very low price

Tech -78

Sometimes it's best to buy in bulk!

IJ Shin

Most useful store. It has almost everything I need

Demi Anthony

Excellent place to shop for groceries & some household items for the family at an good price. Not to mention you get cash back & rebate.

Chuck Horvath

Love Costco, quick trip for 1 item, but then I couldn't leave without a rotisserie chicken for dinner.

Construction Engineering & Logical Thinking

Damn membership does not stop going up! Greedy business model!

Paul Pinson

Some really good grocery prices.

kailash chandra

Nice stuff n reasonable price

joseph rodia

It's a good place to shop clean restroom . I had there hot dog and pizza and sausage and ice cream that tastes good and the price

Barbara Mazzatenta

Love Costco Wish there was one in East Greenwich or Mullica Hill, Swedesboro Area of New Jersey

Kathy Chambers

Friendly staff, always stocked, big variety. Highly recommend!

Dr. Ashmon GetFit Movement Dr.Trifinia Ashmon-Ebed

Great prices on specific items. Wenagop at Cosco for business and perso al purposes. We love to buy in bulk from yard, foods, tires to grocery! This location offers a large variety on many categories. We have shopped at this location for the last 8 yeats.

Douglas Tyler

Similar to other Costco places.. except very busy

Patty Jensen

Costco is a great store. Service is always great! Workers are very helpful

Maria VG

Love Costco. Great quality at great prices.

Mike Yeager

Great, as always. Package of 512 rolls of toilet paper, 55 gallon barrel of ketsup and a pallet of canned veggies. Oh, and 1 churro (yum).

James MacMicking

The everyday prices are usually good here but you can occasionally find better deals online or during supermarket sales. The beef is always fantastic, we'll make trips just to pickup steak. Fruit is usually good but can be pricey. Be careful buying citrus here though, they often have a moldy orange or two in a few of the boxes and it seems to flavor all of them. We've gotten burnt a few times. Vegetables are usually very good and the rotisserie chicken is tough to beat. The attached liquour store has great prices as well. Highly recommended

Richard Pulak

Great prices on most items

Larry Denburg

Costco is always good. If you see something you want, I suggest you get it immediately... sometimes they only carry something for a short time.

Kurt Randazzo

I have yet to have a bad experience and I’ve been a member at this location for 4 years. It can get really busy at times but they manage the crowds well with adequate cashiers.

Leroy Rutter

Don't have everything in store you can get online.

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