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Where is Byler's Store in Dover?

REVIEWS OF Byler's Store in Dover IN Delaware

Melody Daniel

I promise you won't be disappointed visiting this store. You can find just about anything here....literally! Fresh ice cream for a dollar, great buys, great staff...Even the shoppers seem a bit friendlier when I'm here. I've driven from PA to get items here and my sister has traveled from Georgia up for specific items you can only find here. It's worth every minute of travel to get here. You won't be disappointed! :-)

Ronnie Kegley

Great Place , groceries , every thing you can imagine , from household to good wood stoves . Nice , nice , nice !

Dale Palmatory

Love the Ice Cream. It's to die for. Prices are also very fair.

Andrew Rossetti

You have to watch the expiration dates, but great variety and great prices. Fun place to visit and shop.

Joy Belcher

Pre-grocery shopping stop! Prices are the best, but it's a hit and miss. If you see a certain kind of food item/beverage that you absolutely love, you better rack up on it because it may not be there the next time ;)

Summer Dove

Love this place. It has everything anyone could possibly need

Jessica Pritchett

Love their ice cream cones

Thom Gollery

Nice place! Good prices! Nice people!

Theresa Brumbaugh

Bylers is an awesome place to shop! It's always exciting finding new and interesting foods. Their luncheon meats are fantastic. Sadly, a lot of their items are "one time" finds; so stoked up when you see it there. Go there. You won't be disappointed!

Cara Cramer

Amazing prices for name brand products. Somethings were expired on the shelf so do check the dates when you look at the products. It was a great family atmosphere with a country touch.

Josh Palmer

Not just bargain priced groceries! Small selection of outdoor furniture, nice selection of outdoor grills, stoves, interior heating options and unique accessories. Their gift and home decor section is diverse and found many things I've never seen before. Some of their prices can be a bit high though. ***You can get ice cream cones for $2!*** Deli is always busy although I didn't see anything I couldn't find else where. Bakery, cheese, and grocery section offer some unique finds and great prices. Worth a trip just to browse.

Larry Goldberg

Love it there! Great prices and selection!

Kimberly Viverette

Very nice and good prices. Just check the expiration date on the food.

Ruben Ortiz Jr

Ron and Tara are awesome! Thanks for all you do! Best place to shop!!


Great variety of good things, truly a country store. The ice cream was excellent and at a good price!

Dawn Boyd

I love this place, prices are worth the ride. Just check the dates, and the staff are so friendly and helpful.

Tracey Auterson

Great staff awesome prices

Pam Wise

Always an enjoyable shopping trip at Byler's. Lots of great bargins but you need to know your prices and check expiration dates.

Travis Sammons

Deli and icecream are great, but some of the food dates r so short they have to be used to quick

Wayne Bender

Very good prices and products, very clean staff very nice.

Geffrey Maccord

Fun place to vist. Go hoagies


Great place to shop for discontinued items and bulk baking ingredients. Also, some of the best ice cream cones anywhere.

Shawn Grettenberger

My favorite place to go shop! Love all the cool stuff I can find there.

Deborah Berry

Awesome place to shop. Great deals and great prices.

Willie Brown

Bylers is bylers, for years.

Ivan Mirchev

You can find great deals but there are so many products with best by date from 6 months ago.

Shirley Raynes

Love it, one of my favorite place has everything from soup to nuts, fireplaces, firepits,playground toys,candy making stuff

Darlene Upshur

I love the varieties and most of all the prices. Yes, and you can buy in bulks. Love the store, service is good also.

Darrell Stevens

Wonderful place to shop.

Kiki Natrually

Great prices Oo, I love this place

Karl Swift

Great subs and ice cream

Harry Fusco

Love going here it normally has some really good deals on food, if you are in to saving money then this is the place you need to go,

Cristina Haller

Great place for spices, cold cuts, fresh bakery products, sandwiches, fresh produce and other deli items. Many dry goods items were expired or close to expiring so just double check dates.The home store has some great stuff like fire places, grills, and home decor that is farmhouse Americana. The prices are great and the ice cream is out of this world. This is definitely a good place to shop, grab lunch, and ice cream. Everyone is friendly and the store was clean.

James Couzens

Wonderful place to find things you can't find anywhere else.

Wayne Williams

A must visit whenever we get to Delaware. Fabulous subs and I e cream is only $1.00 per large dip. And the quality of the ice cream is amazing! Great grocery bargains and lots of other items to see and purchase. Our favorite Dover haunt.

Lois Silver

I am an occasional visitor to the Dover area but I never miss an opportunity to go to Bylers. Their selection of spices and baking and cooking ingredients is amazing. The supermarket has an interesting but unpredictable selection. The deli items and sandwiches are all delicious and, again, the prices are very good. The gift store has toys, gifts, kitchen items and decor and there is a stove and fireplace area as well. When you go, take a dollar or two for a one or two scoop serving of fresh ice cream in whatever flavors (8 or 9 of them) are available at the ice cream area just beyond the inside front door. (Exact cash only or purchase tokens at any open register.)

john R

If you like Amish/ Dutch food this place has got you covered. They have an array of spices, baked goods and frozen foods also. There is also a little country shopping they're for those that are into that type of decor. You can also find pellet stoves and if I'm not mistaken some wood stoves. If you have never shopped there I recommend checking it out. All my experiences there have been very pleasant and welcoming.

Janis LaRochelle

Love this store, especially the stove shop. Went there asking for advice and they were awesome. This is our go to to get our wood burning stove serviced. Excellent employees.

heather moyer

Friendly people great peices

Teresa Abrams

Bylers in Dover De. Was great.The shelves are always stocks. The people there are friendly. Over all the rates 10 for me

Paul Alex

Can't go south without stopping at Bylers. Just watch the expiration dates. Great gift area and fantastin wood burning section

Rebecca Haug

This store is amazing and their deli is the best! People are always sweet and helpful! Love this place for their unique products and spices!!

Bill Russell

Helped right away, sales guy didn't the answers but hooked me up with the RV ifht person.

Donald Manchester

The one on Route eight is great nice inside everything is in order honey electric cards they got everything you could think of the one in Harrington is just nothing

Yohana Wichess

Wow! They have these dehydrated soups that are just as if you had been cooking them for hours!! Lol They are banging!!! Tried the smoked bacon and bean and the chicken noodle soup, both delicious! You can add real chicken to it to make it even better. You can find any spice you think of, they have good pastry amd cookies and the most beautiful details to decorate your house!! Definitely going back!!

Lisa Dolan

Amish food market and gift shop fresh ice cream

Nikki Santangelo

Great place to shop for discounted items in bulk great sandwiches at deli and always friendly staff

Colin Eyeball

Great selection of cooking spices and ingredients. This branch also has a wonderful home decor section; to include wood burning stoves, BBQ grills, smokers, and more. The other section of the store has discounted foods that are near expiration for low prices. Finally, they have a good deli for the lower Delaware community (not a NY deli).

DynastyZ Warrior

I love bylers great selection and great prices highly recommend you to check it out

Courtney Bolt

Watch the dates on some of the items but other then last cant beat the prices

Ruth Taylor Martin

Byler's that's a very lovely Amish oriented store. Whether you're looking for a cart full of groceries, a quick sandwich, souvenirs, and a great variety of gifts for children. It's a wonderful place to just browse or have a gigantic dip of ice cream for only $1, But be sure to have exact change for the pretty young girl that works at the counter. All in all, it's a very lovely experience, they have great Submarine sandwiches, IMHO! If you go, I'm certain that you'll enjoy the trip. :-)

J. Gately

Excellent great variety of food items but you don't always find the same things twice

Teresa Morgan

Nothing like Bylers. Love this store.

Judy Ann

A store with a personal touch. Unique selections.

Amanda Zimmerman

Best little store for groceries, great savings and friendly customer service!

Sammy D

There is sooo much to this store, it certainly is more then just your average grocery shopping. You will find absolutely great prices at this unique store. I stayed in the bakery section for 20 minutes!!This is a total shopping experience so make time for your trip!

Sha Dani

Liem this place because you can find expensive items for a low price but you have to look for expiration dates. I had one bad experience so i am mindful now. Overall i like it and the ice cream is Yummmmmmy

Joshua Boulanger

Good deals check expiration dates though... ials can get jammed so go when it's not that busy.... they also sell wood pellet heating stoves

James Fletcher

My wife loves the things they have to cook with (ingredients).

Paul Miller

Always have what I need

Sandy Outten

Love all the kitchen and home decor. Food very good and nice selection. Only negative is the ice cream. Sign said to pay for ice cream token at the register or use exact change. Husband tried to get token. Was told did not know what he was talking about, so he got 20.00, but not exact change. Still could not get ice cream. Annoyed! Will not return.

D. Williams

My favorite place to shop for weekly specials and very inexpensive for national brands to save money for groceries and beverages. The best ice cream for only $1

PB61234 .

A different shopping experience! No big bells or fancy lights, but basic shopping at basic prices. We shop often and find many bargains. Great deli counter that makes custom cuts, cold cuts, and much more. They have a nice little souvenir shop and wood stove center to visit as well. Take the time and save some money.

thelma prevette-quinn

When I go to Byler's I love their homemade baked goods I buy the country apple pie for my husband and lemon meringue they are his favorite. My favorite is the household section I love looking at all the wooden plaques and pictures that has sayings on them then to the fruits and vegetables then lunch meat then I may shop some more usually do but I have my favorite spots that I have to go to first.

Tammy Shinn


Tristin Duffy

Byler's is a wonderful place to do some shopping or even to spend an afternoon playing on the playground and eating ice cream.

Hollewood Brown

Always a great place to shop, and the prices are very reasonable. Also the ice cream that they serve will keep you coming back for more.

Sigil Hunter

They have a huge selection of spices and dried products like pasta, at pretty reasonable prices. They also have a constantly changing selection of frozen food at steep discounts. Thier deli is clean and well stocked with a variety of Troyer products. They also serve some very good ice cream near the entrance. Finally they have plenty of kitchen accessories for basic and specialized functions ( like some very nice cast iron fajita plate sets ). The store itself is quite clean and the staff are generally very friendly. Been coming for years and I cannot reccomend them enough

Belinda Fox

Great store.lots of variety and great prices

Andy Eckels

Outstanding place

Tina Layton

Love this store. Some items are going up in price, but worth a visit!

Verna Lewis

Always have a good experience in there good prices on all items ,and employee's are great.

Tim Eaton

They are not friendly and don't we don't need to talk to you on your speak to you won't even help you

Matt Grettenberger

Very unique selection of items. We get cast iron cookware and fresh baked goods here. Highly recommend.

trutheory algorithms

Love Byler's. They have almost everything

Dean Russum

Even tho some of the products are close to expiration, you can really save money here!

Denise Hope My Fair Wedding

Byler's is the best place for baking supplies, such as flavoring, spices, different kinds of flours,sugars and more. And their prices are reasonable.

Craig Thorpe

Love all the interesting types of food they have and the prices are really good

Jason Neville

Great store and great prices

צדיקה ישראל

There's a wide selection of groceries. No Vegan yogurts or butter and no military discounts.

JOei Jean

If you love ice cream this is the spot cash only. cash only to purchase ice cream no big bills only singles. Great prices clean store. they don't always have the same selection.

Charlene Beck

Great prices, love going there to shop.


Beautiful store with a lot of options for fresh foods. They have fresh spices and herbs ready for use. Byler's also has jewelry and Amish clothing. Me and my family love the toffee and white chocolate cookies from their bakery. They are delicious!

Elaine Dell

I love this store! It has Deli for sandwiches and lunchmeat orders, icecream, many bargain items and house wares as well. Always a good experience.

Jake Pullen

Byler's store is a great place to shop. Their meat counter has a nice selection of meats and cheeses and you cannot beat the price. They have ice cream that is hand-dipped that you can eat as you shop. They have a big selection of Home Goods and all sorts of foods seasonings herbs boxed Goods some dairy products. The people there are very helpful. And I have never had to wait too long in line to get checked out.

Elizabeth Armstrong

Good prices if you know what you're looking at, just keep an eye out for best by dates and expiration dates.

william wandless

Good prices on certain items have exceptional deals. Shop in a peaceful atmosphere Also with calming music playing just loud enough to hear. I like the Country Americana touch, and how they manage it through the whole store inside and out. The best very polite workers & cashiers.

Cathy Herrera

Love the different things you can buy here at great prices

J Bird Tomkins

Good prices. Beautiful chicks. Good service 4 stars. They have a lot of wholesale foods. And a good deli. Some prices are low. Some are normal to high priced. Excellent homemade pies. Cakes. Doughnuts. Etc

Vicki Moore

Different items every time I visit. Love the ice cream cones. Good bakery items.

lindsay krajewski

I can't say enough about how much I love to stop here. Great place for gifts and neat finds. Great selection of snacks too at a great price.

Kelly Culliton

Great ice cream and prices on produce and chicken!!

John Walson

Very quaint and excellent prices on bulk products, frozen section and non-perishable products. Also has an excellent Deli.

Amanda Wharton

I really enjoy going to Byler's; it saves me so much money. You do have to pay attention to dates on some things, and I can never get everything I need there, but it's definitely worth it. I go there first, and then stop at another grocery store to get whatever I still need. I particularly like their fresh food (deli meat, packaged foods and herbs,etc). I also really enjoy looking at the non-food items. I'm usually able to pick up a nice gift when I stop in. They are getting more pricey on that stuff lately, but have some really gorgeous items.

Heather Fletcher

Always have the best deals

Elizabeth Downs

I like visiting this country store, I never know what I'll find. I do love buying all my fresh seasonings from Bylers. My kids love cominf along to grab a fresh scoop of icecream as well. A great local establishment I will keep.coming back to.

KatNipSquirrel Focus

Love the ice cream shop. Limited but decent selection of produce items. Check it out!

john rash

Wondfull good priced things Samoan honey burbon glazed

Gene Shahan

Its got to high to shop there.Go wal marts

CC Da'Man

It’s just like Swanns Pantry or Smart Shopper in PA, same stuff and layout, except cheaper and they have a Deli and other things.

Julie Volz

Great prices, great selection of dry goods & more.

Romie Brittingham


Melinda Butz

Great prices. Wonderful baking section for those hard to find items.

Dolly Blazejak

Love the various items at this store. Items you don't find elsewhere. Of course love getting an ice cream cone. That makes it extra special.

Pete Rager

Nice experience, really nice stove shop and all kinds of cooking / baking supplies.

Dustin Van Dyke

Nice area for the kids to play, good prices.

jesse caswell

Good healthy food good prices wonderful people nice atmosphere

Ally Salb

I love coming here. Great subs, good prices, and a wonderful selection of nic nacks for a wonderful country farm house look.

Tommy Daywalt

Great prices a people friendly. Highly recommend trying their ice cream

Sandra Sewell

I go here weekly for my lunch meat and cheese. I also buy my flour and baking goods here. Great ice cream in the summer.

Bucky Allis

Enjoyed the delicious ice cream...

Larry peoples

Good store to shop at and the prices are really good for groceries

Sherry Dixon

Love this store, I always leave with great deals and spending less money than I planned.

Stargazer Rick

Great values. Wonderful staff!

Danielle McCarty

Great prices, though you do occasionally need to keep an eye on expiration dates. Either way, it's a great place to bulk buy groceries.

Terry Otis

Eclectic old and just interesting Have the ice cream..yummy

James Walker

Great place to go good prices and very friendly environment and excellent staff

Ellen Fisher

Bylers is such a cute store. They have such a wide variety of things. I love all the amish goods.

Melissa Curley

Incredible pricing and a friendly environment! Grab some fresh homemade ice cream while you’re there!! Their delicious ice cream ranges from $1-$3 and the portions are GENEROUS!

Ginger Johnston

This is a cool store I really like it. When you first walk in there is a country store a country with stuff to buy, decorations, kitchen stuff,candles, cards and more. There is a place you can buy fireplaces. They the grocery store. Very nice. Great staff I look forward to returning.

Michael August

It was very busy but has good food

In Contempt

Prices are cheap. Great place to shop.

Bryonna Taylor

I went there for the first time yesterday with my brother(he lives around the corner from it) and it was amazing.! So charming, nice people, great prices and local products which I love.! I'm a farmer's market/country store lover so this was just incredible to me. I live in New Castle and will be coming down there from now on.

sherry rebeck

Live it! Have to stop every time we are visiting our family in Delaware.

Barbara Leon

I could go to bylers every day LOVE this store

vybzmasta bennett

Cheap on prices and one of the best ice cream spot

Dontaine Gillis

Great place to go for everything reasonable prices

Kelly Simmons

If I didn't love it I wouldn't work there. Best subs and deli around with great bargains on just about everything. Great and helpful staff.

Vincent West

Staple foods at good prices and all sorts of food you won't find many other places.

Anne Mitchell

I will always love this place, especially for they're ice cream. They've wavered on pricing a little bit. It's good ice cream, but the price is what keeps me driving all the way out (past tons of other places) to the store for it. The hours kinda make it hard to get to often. The groceries they sell are pretty much all expired, or at least nearly there... But, they sell it at a fairly reduced price. So if you're going to shop here for food, check dates. The rest of the stuff they sell is amazing too, and fun to walk around and look at.

Jesse Seibert

I love shopping at Byler's, the pricing is great, the variety is huge, and that little indoor ice cream stand is always a hit. Just remember to CHECK THE DATES on ALL of your purchases. I am very aware that Byler's is cheap because it's mostly overstock, the only reason I deducted a star is because there is very little organization. Byler's is one of those stores you just kinda pick as you wander through. This is a weekly stop for me and has saved me a LOT of money compared to shopping at Redners, Walmart, Target, etc.

jessica kelly

It's normally great but there are new ppl in the deli they don't like to help customers. I waited 20 mins and still didn't get help so I left. Missed eating lunch as I was on my lunch break from work. A bit upset.

King Scrilla

I give it a solid 3 the places is great to shop for the low prices however just keep your eyes open at sale dates some are lil mehhh but you definitely can find some gems

Marge Sharkey

Love Bylers go there all the time

Rosalynn Baker

Not bad. Make sure the best buy dates are acceptable to you. Ice cream is good too.

Wendy Simon

It's the best for the ice cream and hard to find items


Best ice cream in the state. Great value on foods and groceries. They have some really unique kitchen tools and supplies too.

Amy Quillen

Byler's is always a great experience! Great buys, great deli, great baked goods and great ice cream! Don't be in a rush though. Things move at a relaxed pace.

Jonathan J.

It's a great place to get new food items that may have had a limited run due to low popularity or overstock. But be sure to check product dates & DO NOT buy their produce because a lot of times they are severely bruised, almost rotten, or just old.

Sandra Anderson

They have everything you need and more. Reasonable prices and good customer service!

Sonya Clendaniel

Love bylers and all the great people who work there

Regina Knotts

Some good deals. I stay away from frozen food. The expiration dates are old.

Patricia Blake

Have excellent food prices Good variety.

Ush Taylor

a great place to get all ya needs for a great price

Kirk Patti

Great ice cream. Unusual kitchen items

Annie Parks

Free icecream cone was fantastic wish I had time to shop maybe next time

Brenda Nelson

My favorite place to go in Delaware! The ice cream is amazing and I love shopping there.

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