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Brian Lewis

Aldi is the best.

Billi Jo Dove

Was rang up for more items than what I actually got. When I asked for a refund it was like pulling teeth. I was asked to wait a few times. Then was asked to wait until a lady with 2 carts full of stuff was done (she just started). Ended up just leaving and they wouldn't even give me my receipt. WILL NOT be returning to Aldi.

angela maldonado

Great products

Andrew Rossetti

Lacks some essential items, but what they do have is good quality and great prices! Especially good selection of cheeses for a store this size.

Mimi Pfeiffer

We love Aldis and there good prices. Just got body boards for 6.99 each.

savage hit um up

You have to pay for a shopping cart

Margie Sakr

Prices are the lowest you will find in the area.

Kelly Stapleford

This was my first time here and it will be my last time here very confusing when you have to use a quarter to get a shopping cart of course you get your quarterback however was not very large selection very limited in your choices I would not return to the store just because I'm used to having a big selection where I was normally shopping I figured I'd give the store a chance I was highly disappointed and the cashier was sitting when she was cashing me out instead of having a cashier standing it just was not for me I gave you 4 stars very poor in selection and higher prices than I was used to paying and on top of that you had to pack your own bags so it was kind of like you going to a Save-A-Lot had I known that I would have just went to Save-A-Lot and not had to pay a quarter to get a shopping cart and it was right next to a Walmart in Camden so I could have went to Walmart had a bigger selection and not pay the quarter to get a shopping cart

Carl Edmonson

Small store but great prices. Hit and miss with what they may have.

Priscilla Alexander

Always clean and organized, always awesome prices that can't be beat! Remember to bring your bags and a quarter for the cart!

Janet Steward

Fresh fruit and veggies and lots of good stuff in between. Love this place.

Sherry Pinder

It was fine, just wasn't what I excepted

Debby Doyle

Good food good prices never been disappointed.

Rebecca Phillips

I love Aldi's. I have been shopping at an Aldi's for years. Never disappointed.

Daniel Sniadecki

Best deal u will ever get

Laurie Lane

Love this store. So quiet and calm. A vast difference from the Walmart across the street. Customers and staff are both friendly and thoughtful. No pushing, shoving, or other aggressive behaviors here. Best pre-made chicken salad.

Kimberly Viverette

The thing about any Aldi, is you have to visit often as the merchandise changes. Today the frozen food areas were in dire need of replenishment.

Jamie Yayme

I love this place, just wish they wouldn't trash the boxes at all, let alone before they even close. Only run-in I've had. I never remember to bring the bags back to the car so the boxes help and I use them for my wood stove so it's not a complete waste in my case especially but I digress, it's a little issue but this place is so fantastic and they are always so nice and conversational with my family and I. We love coming here, forget Walmart!! Better quality AND prices. I carried each thing in the house, in the rain, because it was worth it regardless. Keep it up y'all.

Anthony inzinna

Clean store well syocked

Merrilee Stevenson

Great products, awesome prices, really nice employees. Store is clean and well- stocked. I love Aldi!

dj buckner

I always check their sale paper. They have some great deals.


Good selections and good price

Nisha H

Great items and prices.. was confused with how to get a shopping cart. Would of never known that you needed to insert a quarter!! However when asked staff was very willing to show.

Karen Purcell

Store is always clean and produce is fresh. Do like they carry dairy free and gluten free. Just wish there were more, along with vegan cheese

Aixa I Pagán

Low prices and fresh food!

James Jones

Cheap and great choices for groceries

Claudette Brown

It was very clean, the aisles was labled for easy to find products. They didn't have much produce but I still was able to get some of what I needed and they were fresh without blemish. The prices are much more affordable.

Laurie Baez

Love everything about Aldi's

Shirley Raynes

Love Aldi can't say enough good stuff about it, all these great buys great finds wonderful prices worth the trip love Aldi..

Michelle Falk

Great prices on fruit and veggies. Also good to get snacks for school.

Natasha Martinez

Love this store. Usually go to buy broccoli and cauliflower as it cheapest to buy here.

Mike Adams

New store. Very clean. Nice people. Great prices. Beyond their great prices this chain has your health on mind. They won't sell the junk you find in many stores. Im not certain exactly what all it is they refuse to sell but i believe it has to do with artificial colors and flavors as well as ingredients known to cause health issues. With a quick web search you can find what im talking about. This is our first stop o. Any given grocery run. Can usually find all we need but it isn't a big box store by far.

Broadus Merritt

Store clean and fair prices

James Couzens

Good quality food for a cheaper price. Nice combination.

Hunter Jones Jr.

Was not very impressed with this store. Especially after all the hipe of the TV commercials.

Crystal HUghes

My new favorite grocery store! Bring a quarter and get a cart, don't worry you get it back when you return your cart. Bring along your own bags! Such great prices!! My husband loves the fresh salsa and try the chocolate chip brioche bread!!!! I could go on forever

Lana McAra

I love Aldi!

Anita Mumford

Good prices.

Josephn Morris

Prices great in comparison and good quality store was in need of restocking though Sat

Shelby Everline

No brand nsmes, but decent food.

Jessie Cathey

Items are reasonable

C. Caparatta

Love the store and the quality of the products. Only have one complaint! Wish that there were more cashier's. The lines tend to be long with just 1 cashier.

Brian Keith

Always fun. Prices are great. Protein selection is lacking.

Colin Eyeball

I like Aldi for their products and money saving business sense that allows customers to receive good products at great prices. So, why the 2 ⭐ rating. The Camden location has consistently let frozen products sit out too long before stocking them or delivered thawed out. This results in melted and misshapened products that form lots of freezer crystals. This in turn makes the frozen products taste off and look bad.

Melanie hi

Always clean, usually have to wait on a cashier. Bring your own bags and a quarter. Fruit is pretty good.


I found these at Aldi's oh, they don't always have them but they are delicious. The store is great because they have a different selection every week.

Katie Gosch

I love saving money at Aldi! The produce is always fresh and reasonably priced.

Ashley Macaron

Thanks to Aldi's, I've cut my grocery bill in half! It took some getting used to with their brands, but wasn't hard! The only thing that would make it better is if they had a deli!

Lynda Murray

Interesting selection of groceries and other stuff. I really like their pizzelles.

Elisa Hall

Aldi has great prices

Barton Chandler

As the tradition is from Aldi's European roots, bring your own bags. This the only place that can compete with the military commissary, concerning price. I only wish the store was Bigger! If you haven't, you must give it a try.

Dawn Merkel

If you don't need name brand items...Aldi is the best! Big selection with fantastic prices. Just remember to bring a quarter for your cart & your shopping bags from home.

Robert Curry

Really good prices.....neat...clean

Christina Moore

Love the prices and the selection of food they have! Only do my grocery shopping here

Mary Petro

We like it here. Not the same as a traditional grocery store but nice selections at a lower cost

Edward Cummings Jr

Awesome prices, awesome choices.

Corvette Z06

Miss Holly was most professional and courteous towards me during my shopping experience today even when the front checkout area was very busy with many customers, she immediately requested additional cashiers to prevent long lines and prevent customers from having to wait so long to pay for their groceries. Thank you Miss Holly! Ernie Natividad

Yeti Bob

Excellent, love this place!

D. Williams

My place to go for fresh produce, fruit, bread and meats very great prices. Truck delivery daily and guaranteed fresh on any day. New store to open in Dover March 2019. Cant wait!!!

PB61234 .

Great little store. Great prices to date and very comparable brands. Many, many reasonable replacements for those high priced Brand items. Great values for less than have the price. Breads, chips, cookies and more bargains for the snacker in the house. We are visiting the competition less and less with Aldi replacements. Visit, save, and smile all the way to the bank!

Hazel P

Cheap produce able to get in and out

Ralph Willhelm

Great grocery store at low privrs

Nathan P

Not a fan

Fina Gable

Still really need to have more Aldi's around here

Evan McHenry

Prices are great, produce is very fresh. The staff are extremely efficient. Great deals can be found here! The store is compact but it's full of awesome groceries.

Mike S

I like the place but it takes planning for me. Need my quarter, need my bags, and I need to know what I plan to get. My regular store has a big selection, so I can grab most anything. This one has a sufficient selection, but you have know what you want when you get there. Great German treats.

Linda Webber

I love it there great place to shop

Mel Barnhart

Great place to find the best deals. Plus lots of glutton free foods

Adequeen Adelove

Most times you get a great deal..

Liz Long

Everything is affordable and of great quality. Employees are nice and helpful. Love shopping here.

Tonya Jordan

Every staples were at a great discount. Stock up and save!

Alexandria Lundberg

This store is a little different from most grocery stores in that it is smaller, shoppers bag their own groceries, bags are not provided, and the shopping carts are locked up. These things may sound negative, but they actually make Aldi my favorite store. Because the store is smaller, getting what you need and getting back to your day is much easier. There are several registers, which means lines move quickly if there is one at all. The cashiers do not bag the items, which expedites checkout. A counter is available for shoppers to organize their groceries in bags after paying. Aldi does not provide bags, but rather expects shoppers to provide their own or purchase a reusable one. This is not only cost efficient (which is evident in their prices) but also great for the environment. Don't forget a quarter! The carts have an interlocking system that requires a quarter to disconnect one. This prevents shoppers from leaving their carts in the parking lot, which protects vehicles and eliminates the need for employees to be sent to gather them. Once the cart is reconnected, the quarter is released. I go out of my way to shop here.

D. Nutter

Only down side, employees from other businesses (Texas Roadhouse) taking up customers parking spots

Robert Spicer

This store is the best store around dover area i always do my shopping here i give it 5 stars and a thumbs up

Melissa Shelton

Ran to Aldi today (Christmas Eve) to get things for Christmas dinner. Was trying to avoid Wal-Mart at all costs. Aldi had everything that we needed. Only thing they didn't have was Pepsi- but Walgreens had that on sale anyway. But I got everything I needed, only spent 20 minutes shopping, less than 5 minutes checking out, and spent at LEAST half of what I would have anywhere else. We love Aldi!!

alex black

Great store friendly staff and low prices

Apryl Howard

Love this place. Great deals and awesome service.

Sandra Johnson

This is my favorite store prices are low and u can do some real food shopping and save big time

Meta Hampton

Good food for low prices

mike mango

Love the low prices! You can get a lot of quality things (even though most are not too brands ) for $30. I can’t wait until they open one closer my where I live!

Chris Rose

Great prices on fresh fruit

Trieste27 .

Great produce & friendly staff

Mark Herring

Much better than Walmart. Usually at a better price, much better quality, with less crowding, and friendly staff. Clean store, albeit some shelves needed replenishment. Bring bags or a box to put your purchases in, as they are not supplied. Bags are sold for a small fee. Also, to use a cart you must deposit a quarter. Carts are chained together outside. You'll get your quarter back when you replace the cart.

Frances Ryl

We love Aldi's , great prices. Staff friendly and helpful.

צדיקה ישראל

Clean, spacious. If your new to the community be prepared; they aren't staff's on the floor to help you find anything. Signage needs improvement. ⭐⭐ for this nasty tasting pretend coconut water. It says coconut water and 100% juice. Water can't be juice.


I love Aldi! The prices are great and the staff is amazing! Its the only place I shop to feed my family. They also have great prices on summer items like patio sets and picnic tables. Just don't forget your quarter for the cart and your bags for the groceries; and you'll have a great trip.

Cathy Herrera

Really good prices

Sharliena Berry

I love the quality and price of the items they sell. Very health conscious. The vegan hotdogs are amazing!

Ramona Lewis

I enjoy going to Aldi, I always find a bagain that I can use.

J Bird Tomkins

Good deals

Elizabeth Rigo

Prices are right and can find gluten free items.

James Cale

I wish I could put 0 Star's just put Tuscan garden real bacon pieces in are dinner and saw it was all mold

Chris Brown

I wasn't impressed, not a great selection and prices seem high.


Had nice grapefruit,

Chris Campbell

Lots of items you won't find in other stores! Belgian chocolates, organic foods and gluten free too! Love this store!

William Carleton

Good place to find some odd stuff that you can't find somewhere else

Nii Okyne

My go to place, very nice and polite people working here. They look content and not with the attitude of not enjoying what they do.

Pam Simpson

I love the store wish there was one down south delaware.

Tony W

This is definitely the first place to go on a budget looking for healthy food. They do lack name brands but have their own or lesser known brands to make up for it, and most of them seem to be healthier. It's fairly easy to make a meal cheaply from shopping here but there's a good chance you might not find a thing or two your looking for, but everything is fresh and the employees are very fast.

Elonka Joy

I love Aldis . Great German brand doing business all around world. Selections which you usually will find in fancy little international grocery shops. Just gotta be smart and attentive while shopping. And brace enough to try something you haven't before.Please,Aldis, bring herring and caviar

Tracey Manuel

I enjoy shopping here. This trip it was COLD in there. You need to bring a quarter for the cart. And bags or use their boxes to take your groceries home. They have one aisle that I call the 'fun aisle' has toys, seasonal items and kitchen tools.

Butch Spencer

Yea good store

C Tolliver

Great prices for baking items. Would like to see produce NOT wrapped in plastic.

Glen Nicholson

Once you learn their process and get used to their brand selections they are phenomenal.

Angela Risner

Excited I love aldis

Debbie Jo Raith

I'm not exactly sure which Aldi location this rating is supposed to be for, but if there's an Aldi around..... I'll go to it!! I have NOT found any location of this chain of stores that I was ever disappointed!! If something happened and I wasn't pleased, the staff, be it management, cashier or stocker, they would always take care of the issue.... and they would do it with a SMILE!! The food is excellent quality, the prices are lower than any other grocery store, the attitude is pleasant and accommodating and the stores are always clean!! The ONLY issue I have is that I love to look at all of their non-food sale items and I might want to show my hubby before I buy more than one of something. We'll, I have gone back later that same day...and they were all gone!! So, my advice is that if you see an item you like, but you're not sure whether to get it, or not sure if you should get more than one......PUT THE ITEM IN YOUR CART, OR PUT IN AS MANY AS YOU THINK YOU'LL NEED WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE! If you don't, you may not be able to get it later! In general, I LOVE this place!!! I think you will too!

Shirlyn Wheeler

They Are Very Reasonable With Their Meats n Very Friendly

Alan Centa

Catch as catch can. Discount prices on many goods with reliable groceries. Boxed goods vary but there is usually a good selection. Bring your own bags and a quarter for cart deposit. Clean environment and an enjoyable shop.

Linda Parrott

Love this store. Clean and friendly

Toni Bostick

I find this place TONS better than Walmart. I hate going there...i dont want to wait forever to get out. ALDIs is cheaper, and better quality!!! Two thumbs up over here.

Ricky Price

Great prices and quick checkout. Always an easy in and out grocery experience. This is our regular spot to shop. Only reason to go elsewhere would be for meats...very limited selection at Aldi.

Sandy Vis

Good selection of foods, good prices. Not well organized & bring ur own shopping bags.

Anthony Parmegiani

The store has the worst customer service I've ever seen they never have stock out on the floor I always have to find somebody asked and they go in the back to get it! but today I went there and asked them to go in the back to get one of the usual things I get and was told they didn't have time this is the worst store I have ever been in I don't recommend you go there I need find a new grocery store

Lisa Tippett

Awesome prices

A Persons

Nice people good prices.

Gayle Sussman

I was not overly impressed. The ads are kinda misleading. There is a great supply of fresh vegetables fresh quickie meals. One trip was enough to last a lifetime for me. Sorry.

Nicole Irwin

Prices are great. You can find great deals. Service is nice. Bring your own bags or buy bags. Dont forget a quarter for the cart.

Sharon Schreiber

Nice store and may give chain stores a run for their money.

Cahiem Harris

Love the products and prices.

alexandra hall

High quality, Low prices, Great Store!!!!

jeremy manwiller

Aldi is great. Cashiers are fast. Food is great, and yhe prices are awesome. Every time. Im glad to have an aldi in my community

Candace Cali

A wonderful place to shop and save money.

Robert Cole

This is a great store.the selection is limited but the prices and quality are fantastic

Valarie Dacius

Great prices. Always clean

ProBuilt Transport & Management Services

Great prices and friendly helpful staff.

Dennis Malivuk

Great Bargains on all types of groceries.

Donald Simmons

Good prices

Christine Palombo

Love the prices but should have a self check out. The lines at the cashier can be long even though the staff works quickly they also should not let the customer just cut the line.

Ginger Johnston

Nice store, staff seems nice

Adam Zaimes N3TTT

Consistently out of many vegetables

Janet Bouchard

Always a pleasure to stop by!

Barbara Ramsay

They have better prices on certain food.

Ken M

Not a large selection but so far their products are pretty good at fantastic prices. My trips there are for small loads of groceries. If you shop for much don't forget your bags/boxes to carry your load and make sure you have a quarter for a cart.

Paula Smith

I love Aldi. It's very clean and the prices can't be beat. You bag your own items which I like.

Katie Keegan

Everyone who works here is honestly so nice! Any one of them will help you, convert the with you, and even help you find that stuffed animal your child lost in the store

Laurie Byrnes

I love this place, for their different food selections, Espically the seasonal items. Have not purchased meat from there, and there is no deli for lunch meat except for prepackaged. I Can never go in there for a couple items, and leave with just that...a couple need to bag your own groceries, (they sell bags if you didn't bring your own), no coupons are given,and you have to deposit 25 cents to use a shopping cart, you get it back when you're finished.

Tara Kazimir

I really enjoy shopping at ALDI. A cart full of groceries will always be cheaper than other groceries. You have to use your own shopping bags, which is great, and you do have to put a quarter in the cart, but you get it back when you finish. Their other brand products are far better than the Walmarts 'Great Value' products. The store is always clean. The following would be the 2 things which are meh, but I will still go there to shop and recommend this place to everyone. The produce selection could be better. They usually only have 1 cashier and call another to open up another. So sometimes there is a wait.

Melissa Goodwin

Love this store. They have the best prices on most items.

Amanda Claburn

Selection was wonderful. Too bad the customer service doesn't match. I had a cashier be extremely rude about attempting to take a cart to the bagging area once all my items were checked out.

Sherri Gheen

Love it

Diane Avery

By great store to shop at. Great prices, good selection, friendly service.

Nathan Franco

Walked in bought stuff payed and left. Pretty typical trip to the grocery store.

Qasim Chaudhry

It was great, and had the best prices I reccomend everyone to go to aldi.

Eric M. Upchurch

Aldi is a slightly different shopping experience. After a few trips you can get used to it. Helpful to bring your own bags. They do have some unique items, and really good prices. They seem to have the best store brands, and are great if you are willing to stick to them. If you want the same selection that you get at most stores, you will be disappointed. They have good staff, and good prices.

Anna Isip

It's my first time. Awesome. Just like what others said... Go to Aldi's! I wasn't disappointed. Workers are friendly too.

isaac sapp

Loved it. Great products that are healthy and fresh. Not like many other big chain grocery stores.

Michael Townsend

Great place to shop for food

gil villanueva

Good prices but u have to check your receipt. Sometimes they don't reflect the sale or clearance price. I recommend this supermarket.

Sue Moore

Nice prices and professional cashiers

Wendy Simon

I like their brand of food

Juanita Taylor

Quick pleasant service

Valerie Cherry

Overall, I love the store. I find everything I need. The brands that they have taste as good or better than the name brands that are found in other grocery stores. The store is very convenient and I get in and out without being in long lines. The only negative is that sometimes the produce is not as fresh.

Brian Head

Excellent product and friendly check out!

aprillmay11 .

This is a new format store and it is clean and well stocked. The produce is fresh quality. The lines were short and the employees engage with public in a cheery helpful way. It is an easy stop for one or two items or a full basket. Wide accessible aisles. Many organic and healthy choices.

Michael Ehst

Good food and good prices!


Conveniently located, Clean store, Great prices.

Paul Shultz

Love it. I'm sure that their products are made by the big name companies. Their prices are better than anywhere else. It has become our main stop for groceries. There are some things that they don't carry, but we can get most of our items there.

Bob Hartman

We really like this place. Many of their prices are lower than the base commissary, and their store brands are usually very good. Bring your own bags and don't let the renta-shopping carts put you off. Just insert your Quarter and shop away.

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