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5650 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80214, United States

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REVIEWS OF Wheat Ridge Poultry and Meats IN Colorado

Irene Barraza

Jon Shrum

Now that the new owners took over, this place has gone to hell. We only stopped by because we were close and wanted to get some hamburger. Boy, what a mistake. Filthy, rude, unprofessional, saw I think the new owner pick his nose wiped it on his plants and grabbed two steaks for a customer with out washing his hands. I could not get out of there fast enough. Please, Steve and Francene buy the place back and send the new owners out of town on a rail. The way this place has gone down hill, I bet you can get it back for a penny on the dollar you sold it to them for. I can't believe what they have done to your good name.

Janis Alba

Emily Evans

I LOVE this place! Everyone is always super friendly and their meat products are really high quality and delicious! Totally worth the trip out!

Heather Dubravac

Fast service and knowledgeable staff. Reasonably priced.

aeternuscuratio .

I love this place!! They are so friendly and accommodating, and I often find their prices comparable to the supermarket chains but oh SO much better quality! I love the sales and ability to serve suggestions and special items. I have a pretty big family and we barbecue all the time year round. This place is the only place to shop for brisket!

Matt Wrinn

Joel Shumake

Best place ever

John S

Great meat, great prices, friendly people.

Brandi Thorman

Aleka Trujillo

Cass Jarvis

(By the way, these reviews average to a 3.8, not a 4.2.) We have been loyal customers for 40 years, now driving 40 miles to pick up large orders of meat ($500 range). The meat is top quality, and the butcher, Steve, could not be more wonderful. If it were for Steve and the quality of the product, I would rate this business a 5. Unfortunately, as several people have already mentioned, the owner, Francine, is so rude that I don't know if I can continue dealing with her. What a sad thing for a wonderful business to be purchased by someone whose customer service skills are nonexistent. I have NEVER done business with an owner who abuses her customers, which is what Francine does. After yelling at me for a few minutes when I tried to place my order with Steve, who doesn't abuse me, she hung up on me. Apparently, after reading these reviews, that's her MO. Can you even imagine a business owner hanging up on a customer? With her being the owner, what can one do? If it's this bad for customers trying to deal with her, imagine what the poor employees go through. Francine clearly has some problems and I hope she can work them out without abusing her most loyal customers. Bullies should not have anything to do with customer service. THANKS STEVE!


Prices comparable to grocery store. Meat tastes sooo much better. Beef is not organic but doesn't have any hormones or antibiotics, can't beet it for the price. Never had a problem with their services either. Generally friendly, clearly has occasional off days but never been rude or used inappropriate language when I have been there. Only hope I can find somewhere comparable if we end up moving to CA.

Erin Stebbins

Small, Local and Delicious.

Alex B

Good prices on a few items, and great fresh sausage. However some things are way overpriced and the staff is hit or miss. Some of them are great and friendly but others are just plain rude and make me want to go somewhere else.


Thank god you took over from that horrible lady Francine I put my milk bottle in the "wrong place" and she cussed and yelled at me so I left and didn't come back till I heard there were new owners and thought I would give them a try wow the shop looks so much different 100% better and now you carry so many new items one of the best informative staff I asked how to prepare 3 items and they had multiple options for each one will only shop here from now on thanks

Joshua Z

Super friendly old-school butchers. Love their meats and their custom bacon and sausage.

Jordan Parfitt

The staff is really friendly and helpful and the products are good too. They typically have some game meat (rattle snake sausage, kangaroo, etc) that can be fun too.

Paul Tweedy

james salmen

Jim Munday

I have been using Rocky Mountain for 8 years, and it has not been the same since the parents retired. The service has been terrible, the attitude of the staff is arrogant and dismissive as if the customers are bothering them. This past year, I understand that they had a fire and lost freezers, smokers, and storage, and I am sorry for this, but it does not excuse treating thier customers with disrespect. Even if I was to disregard this matter, there is no excuse for processing my order wrong 2 years in a row. I will never use them again.

Michelle Jones

Called to ask prices and staff was RUDE! Have shopped here in the past and shop always stinks and staff is always crabby. Unfortunate for a small business to start losing customers this way when it is free and simple to be nice!

Nicholas Jacobs

This is where I buy nearly all my meat now; they have every cut, and if it isn't out for sale, it can be if you ask. They go out of their way to accommodate their customers needs, and offer great prices on top-notch stuff. Best lamb ribs I've had, unbeatable meats for smoking and grilling, and fantastic eggs.

Bliss M

** edit on October 25 2018 *** I went in yesterday on the 24th to see if there were any center bones for my pups, and the gentleman behind the counter was super quick to get us out of there, mind you he sees me pretty frequently! He was rude when I went to ask him simple questions he threw back pretty quick and snarky remarks and as I turned around i caught him rolling his eyes at me.. .. My five star rating has now dropped to a 1 star rating.... This might possibly be the last time we frequent here not cool with how quickly customer service went out the door.... **Old review ---> This place is incredible!! Not only do they cater to my meat needs , they also cater to my little pups!!!! I absolutely adore the staff here and I will continue to keep coming back!!!

William Schlosser

I love the meats as sausages they make and sell here! Right down the street, or around the corner; don't buy your meat at the grocery chain stores! Competitive prices for superior products!

Rachel Bruning

Really good selection and reasonable prices. I wish the items in their freezer section was better labeled-a lot of stuff has either no item description, or price, so it's a lot of guessing. Great quality, and everyone there really hustles.

Eva Woolhiser

Best butcher around. They have excellent meats at a great price. I always recommend Wheat Ridge Poultry and Meat. They are the best!

Aaron Divelbess

This is an amazing place love it great deals

Dan Patrick

Awesome value on locally farmed meats. The bundles work out to about 50% off chain supermarket prices and are much higher quality. The 25lb bundle lasted our 2 adult household for nearly 2 months! Support your local butcher! :)

Merrill Moon

On a scale from 1 to 10 I would give. The proccessing shop an 11. Clean and skin your meat.

Carrie Lane

First time here. Really enjoyed the meat and plan to get more from there. When I went on to review it, I was so so so sad to read the reviews about the owner and about the swearing about vets. That is really disheartening. Will give it another try and will also hope the owners respond online to the reviews about the employee who was swearing about vets.

Jodi Perry

Been coming here for years, excellent local butcher!

Rachel Hessling

Went in here the other day and it smelled like spoiled meat inside, it was hard to breath. Bought a good steak, but the little man ice cream pint we bought was spoiled and definitely not the salted Oreo flavor we thought we were buying. Not sure if it was a freezer issue or little man’s fault... not a very pleasant experience all around.

ann winbray

Always the best service with the best products! I truly feel like I'm in a neighborhood market where the people behind the counter know the people that regularly come in. The prices are great for the high quality of meat you're buying. I love the homemade brats with unique and different flavors every week and they have the BEST bacon!

Chris Caras

Best butcher in town Denver Metro!

Chris Goodwin

I was appalled when I watched the person behind the counter handling raw chicken, pork and other meat products, then handling the cash register, cash, credit cards, pens, etc all without gloves or washing hands, not once but multiple times with people in line in front of me. I did not stay, as I cannot imagine what other Health code violations are going on here, nor did I wish to contract salmonella!!

Rob Vigil

best deal on new York strip any day of the year.diary fresh milk & veggies & fruit .Super nice family of ownership ! !

Jessica Bobitsky

Prompt customer service. Excellent Prices and Quality!

Terry Kyriss

Stopped in this place today to drop off our Elk. One of the employee's started cussing about a drop off they received from a federal agent. All of us in line could overhear this unprofessionalism and started talking about how unprofessional it was. Most of us stayed in the line until he said F the feds and F the military. Several of us standing in line were Vet's and overheard him say this during his 10 minute tirade. A guy in line spoke up and asked him to please stop cussing and that many of us were Vet's in line. He said F you, you can leave then. So several of us in line did just that and took our business elsewhere...... Between the 10 minute cussing session in front of customers, saying F the military while Vet's were in line wearing military shirts and then telling us to go elsewhere after confronting him if I were you I would avoid this place!! Very rude and unprofessional!

Meghan Hoffman

J Steven Opp

$9 Thick Cut NY Strip? $36 at most steal houses. Hmmm, Sorry Morton's, I'll stick to the butcher shop just west of Sheridan on 29th.

Joey Herrmann

Great food at great prices, and we love to support our local business's. We picked up some bacon and chicken for a bbq for our techs after a long day and they said it was about the best they've ever had and we agree. Great staff on hand as well. Highly recommend! - Denver Flood and Fire


People are friendly, the prices are good ribeye is phenomenal the beef is so juicy and beefy and the root beer milk is a must-try

Steven Gonzales

Lousy Customer services dont pack it the way you want and rude

Whitney Trombley

I want to like this place but the smell in there is bad and it doesn't seem the most sanitary. When I asked about grass fed beef, they looked at me like I was crazy. I wish it was better because I love supporting places in the 'hood.

Alexandra Vanlingen

My family has been buying products from here for nearly 3 years! Good prices for a growing family and great customer service! They always help me out to my car and have smiling faces when assisting me with my choices!

E. Riggs

The place smells awful. Something rancid is going on. Of course they act like they’re doing you a favor and like you put them out when you want something, and roll their eyes when you try to pay them. This was the last straw though. YUK, the smell. I was considering giving them one more try as i left with my chuck roast and milk. The next morning I open my roast up to put it in the crock pot and IT’S GREEN! Later, I open the milk for my cereal. OMG awful! It was SOLID! It still doesn’t expire for two weeks.

Maria Benedito

Great place!


The people working here are so nice. They help members of the community, and try to make the shopping center a better place. I LOVE the new owners and everything they do.

Onemanoverland Forever wandering

Great butcher shop, good meats at great prices. I've been 3 times in the past 3 months and always have a good experience. Would recommend to anyone who wants local or specialty meat.

Tyler C Swoverland

This butcher should be rated 5 across the board! We have been going to this butcher for over 10 years and their quality and pricing is far superior than any other grocer or meat market in the area. Friends of ours brought over steaks from Whole Foods the other night and the quality was very disappointing. Wheat Ridge Poultry & Meat's quality is far superior. It was nice to know that we continue to make the right decision by purchasing our meats at this fine establishment.

Sam Thornham

Dave Boudreaux

Excellent service and very knowledgeable about their products. Prices are reasonable too.

Alyssa Trujillo

Each time I’ve gone in nobody greets me or even acknowledged me. The guy was not very friendly at all, I’m about small business but not when I’m not welcome. I’ll take my $ elsewhere.

Nick Hearin

WR has great prices on meats, and a few grab n go produces. Hit their freezer up for some sausages and tasty fresh pasta.

Stephanie Cote

K Fleming

Jessica was super helpful after a mix up. It just took a bit of time to correct but I appreciated the effort.

Dangerous Winnie

Samuel Sherrow

These guys do it right! We get our fresh meats from them and last Xmas we ordered a TurDucEn(Turkey, Duck, and Chicken) from them and it was magnificent. Their prices are reasonable, the quality is great, and they support local businesses all in one place. Don't forget to buy the frozen pies!

Geavonia Belsher

Love this place! Great prices and wonderful products. Always love to see the smiling faces when we walk in.

Andrew McLauthlin

This is where my wife and I go when we want a /good/ steak or roast. Prices are competitive and the quality has always been high. They have beef, pork, chicken, and I've often seen other meats there as well.

Jackie C

guy with a black cap and darker hair who served us was pretty rude and arrogant, came in on Sunday morning around ten for two fresh chickens. Won't come back simply for how rude he answered us when we asked simple questions (we'd never been there before) and how arrogant he was. Maybe Consider having better customer service, especially for people from out of state.


Rita Valdes

Products are fresh and quality meats. Friendly staff and cozy shop!

Justin Stokes

Kevin Kyle

super friendly staff, and excellent quality offerings. I last went here for a brisket. They worked with me, going through all their fresh cuts asking what my plan was, and we together found a perfect piece for the smoker and it turned out incredible. I've smoked dozens of CostCo briskets, and they're usually pretty tasty. CostCo has excellent meat selections, overall. But the offerings at this neighborhood shop are marvelous, high-quality, and fairly priced.

Genevieve Turner

The meat is fantastic, but the sanitation is horrendous. The last two times I visited they took my card, ran it and then handed it back to me wearing the same gloves they used to handle the meat I bought. There was meat liquid on my card, on the pen they handed me to sign with, and on my receipt.

Chuck Hess

Probably the best butcher shop in Denver! Exceptional sourcing!


Best summer barbecue selections, We love it.

Bryce Cook

Prices are great! Meat is fantastic.

Jenna Lin

In the summer of 2012 I joined a meat co-op and have picked up my order from here as well as purchase other meat from this establishment for the past year. My family loves the quality of the meat and my husband and I love the prices. Although I can tell that the workers are understandably frazzled when there are ten to fifteen co-op women there for pick-ups along with other customers, I have never seen anyone act unprofessionally or rudely. They have always kind, patient, helpful, and courteous. Twice my order was not right and each time they went out of their way to make up for the errors. I only wish I lived closer. Thanks, Wheat Ridge Poultry & Meat! :)

Colorful Yarns

Jeffrey Karcz

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