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REVIEWS OF Steve's Meat Market IN Colorado

Cole Young

This is the only place I will have meat processed at. They do a fantastic job and their sausages and meat stick snacks are incredibly good. Their prices are good and they are very fair. They are also extremely willing to process your meat however you would like it. I've had some trouble with other wild game processors in Colorado, but nothing but the best from Steve's. The only thing I will caution you on is to make sure you understand the drop off and pick up dates and times or you might find yourself in Old Town Arvada unable to pick up your meat.

Steve Duncan

I have been going to Steve's for years and have been very satisfied with their processing. However, I was shocked by the new pricing for this year (2019) I brought my elk in and the cost was at least 25% higher per pound than last year. I always order the same product mix so this price increase is not based upon more yield, different product or anything else. It is just a price increase. I called other processors and they charge less. Steve's does a good job but not sure why I am paying so much more this year. I understand that prices need to increase to keep up with business costs but the % increase seems excessive .... especially compared to the competition.

Mitch S

I usually process my own meat but I just didn’t have the time this year so a friend of mine referred me to Steve’s Meat Market. I brought in a deer and had it processed into cheddar jalapeño brats, jerky, salami, summer sausage, steaks and pepperoni cheddar sticks. It was done 4 days early, vacuum sealed perfectly which was probably a total of 50 separate bags and everything has tasted amazing! I had no problems with any of the staff as they were all great. Give these guys a chance and you won’t be disappointed. To the others that complain about high prices, I can attest that usually I process my own meat and the cost of Steve’s was close to what I pay for my bags, seasonings, cure, and pellets for my smoker, and that doesn’t include my 80 hours extra time I’d do my self typically. Also, the people that complain that they were charged extra for storage, it is clear what date you need to pick up your meat by. You sign your pick ticket with this date. If you miss your date, don’t complain you were charged $20 a day, that’s on you for being negligent. It’s a small business, not your Grandma’s house. Pick up your meat.

Sean Varley

I brought in 4 antelope to Steve's Meat Market for processing, and the product they put out is outstanding. Everyone loves the breakfast sausage and burgers so far. My only regret is that I didn't try out their sampler option. I will definitely be back to Steve's the next time I am in need of a game processor.

Scott Martin

Products are great - had a terrible experience with picking it up. I've used Steve's for the past 10 years so feel like I'm a loyal customer and therefore also had to finally say something about the service. The guys that helped in the receiving bay were great as was the lady who took my order. However, they tell you when you HAVE TO pick up your order and weren't willing to be flexible about that at all. Additionally, their hours are totally inconvenient, only open one day on the weekends (Saturday) - during hunting season!?! Are you kidding? On top of that they are only open until 1:00 pm on Saturdays! During the week they only stay open until 5:00 pm so plan on having to take time off work to pick your stuff up. When I went in to get my order the older woman that was working the counter was extremely rude and told me that I was going to have to pay storage fees because I didn't pick my meat up when I was supposed to. I pointed out that I was only a day late and that I had attempted to get it over the weekend but that their hours made it difficult to do so. She said that she didn't care and said that "Steve needs a life too" and if I didn't like it to "go somewhere else because we have plenty of other customers". Super great customer relations right? I know that their prices are the highest around so I don't have any problem taking her advice in the future. Net/Net = good products, but plan on paying too much and being inconvenient.

Gay Guard Moose Saucy

I won't go anywhere else. This place is amazing. My Elk got done fast and everything was delicious!

Lance Fitzgerald

For everyone that has troubles with long lines dropping off a carcass, take up archery. No line at all when you get to the processor! Of course you've probably had to do a little more than shoot the animal and load it in to your pick'em up truck. I've been bringing game meats to Steve and his family for 20years. Good price. Good eats. Fast turnaround. Thanks Steve!

Jason Wilson

Meat is very good. Very good wild game sausages. There vaccum packing sucks. Almost all the steaks and tenderloins seals were broken. Blood all over the fridge and air in the bag. And a number of ground products packing split and burst in the freezer. Stars mainly represent bad packaging. Meat is good but if not packaged right it begins to affect the meat.

Kevin Ely

J States


From:1 to 5 Update: They called me next day and help solve the issue. I did miss that it didn’t say steaks, but they also took ownership on missing my request. Very nice people and give you that true feeling that they care highly recommend them. /////////////////////// Old comment Don’t go here, I wanted my steaks they gave me hamburger, they hamburger everything.

Thomas Brooks

Good quality processing. Been using them for years. Vacuum packaging that holds the meat far beyond what paper wrapping will. And when they say your meat will be ready it is.

Adam Summers

this place has become an absolute joke over the last 5 yrs! show up with your game at 9am when they open and tell you to come back at 330pm however their antiquated answering system doesnt tell you anything so you waste time driving to their location (which is awful access) by the way unless you hunt in a Prius! used to be very loyal to Steves but it is an absolute joke anymore! Rocky Mountain Meats is at 5650 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO. They do a great job and have never turned me away in the parking lot! oh yea, make sure you call ahead from Elk camp if you "THINK" you might shoot one, then you can reserve your spot!!

Austin Booshka

Friendly staff & tip quality service my dudes

Chris Overlease

I like their processing but was not a big fan of their new processing line. I showed up to drop off a deer and had to take a time...ended up standing around for 2 hours until I could drop off my deer....I understand they had issues with their line blocking traffic but really didnt have the time to wait around :/

Bishop Hahn

Been going hear sense they added Steve meat in olde town and I’m so happy and glad because I’m a huge hunt type of guy and they are the greats people!!!

lightspeed82 .

Waited in line for an hour and a half the first time because they don’t know how to run an assembly line getting people through. Then they gave me a 1 hour time window to pick it up on a Monday afternoon and then charged me $40/day to store. Packed meats nice though on pickup. Went back a second time, they never answer phones to give you insight and it’s probably the most inconvenient place in town to drive and pull in trucks. They gave us a time slot and told us to come back in 3 hours... what a waste of time all we need is ten minutes do they think we live 2 blocks away?? Owners need some serious managerial skills as there’s obviously a need for these places e but their customer service is worse than any other industry.

Julie Bouchier

Best game processing around. Would not ever go any where else. Been going here 20 yrs.

Travis M Reynolds

Steve's is the only game processor in CO that I have tried and probably will be the only one I use for the foreseeable future. Drop off was quick, easy, and to the point. Pick up was even easier. Cost is explained simply (although tricky to find on the website). I did not try many of the specialty items since it was my first time but I look forward to doing so in the future. I would reccomend getting in early for drop off as it can get crowded during peak seasons. Overall, I highly reccomend Steve's for processing your big game animals. Be sure to check the website for additional information about cost, hours, and specialty items to streamline the process.

Levi Lais

Steve's has INCREDIBLE prices for what you're getting - in my opinion. However, the selection is very small. I understand their primary business is helping hunters out - but I'd like to have more of a meat selection to choose from when it comes to buying meat there. They should change the name if they're going to have such a small inventory. Also - has anyone else noticed that they're never open? I know it doesn't sound like a 4 star review - but I really do like the meat they do have and it's a fun place to have in town.

elk Whistle

These guys were okay back in the day. the past couple of years you get your meat back and its tastes like Garbage Very disappointed.

Deb Brown

Great Company! Processes our deer better than any one. Drive it all the way from central Kansas to get it processed.

Joseph Cisler

I am the owner of Sawbuck Outfitters and have tried at least a dozen processors around the state. Steve's is hands down the best. I live on the western slope, and the drive to Arvada is worth it to get your meat done right. I always recommend Steve's to my hunters. They are NEVER disappointed with the results. I have used Steve's for over 15 yrs, and highly recommend their products and service.

Terry Kyriss

Used this place for the first time this year. Very clean, professional, friendly environment. I will be taking my kills here from now on!!

Phil Mendoza

I can't say enough good things about Steve and his company. Great customer service, great products and an overall great experience! Thanks and I look forward to using them again soon.

James Archuleta

Good animal drop off process, very informative about animal processing, and excellent tasting product.

Kyle Lamy

I had my elk processed here last year it was great. I was just about to bring my elk and bro in laws elk in today and they won’t take deboned quarters. Not sure why having the bone out of a whole quarter would make processing harder. Needless to say I’m pretty disappointed in this new policy and hope it changes next year. I’ll be bringing the 2 elk do another processor.

David Davis

They do what I want them to do!

william alexander

Been going here for years you pay for what you get great reliable and great European mounts thanks Steves meat market and all the good hardworking employees see you next season!

Pat Minniear

These guys are serious. Great place to do your processing.


I started doing my own packing after multiple years of low yields returned from Steve's. The difference in quality is remarkable and my burger stopped tasting like road kill. When I don't have time to butcher the game myself, Im headed to the other shop in Arvada.

Greg Britton

Great service and quality products.

Don Cain

I'e used Steve's twice now for the deer I just bagged as well as the one last year. As someone else pointed out, the prices are competitive. I spent $20 more having Steve's process my deer than I would have doing it on my own and a day less of my time. For that small difference, I'd rather put some money back into a small business and the Arvada community. If you have a serious problem with being charged a late fee, it's you that has the issue. Hunting is NOT CHEAP. Many people spend hundreds or even thousands on their hunts, yet are too cheap to spend $20 for them to house it for a day or burn an hour of PTO to go pick it up when it's ready!?! Doesn't make much sense. Sounds like stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime to me. In my experience, the staff was nice, the reception area was clean and smelled like a meat locker should (I've worked in the food industry practically my whole life). My meat was ready when they said it would be ready and I was in and out with my meat faster than getting a coffee from Starbucks. Try that at your local mega mart! If I have one negative comment, it is: The ground meat. Although the steaks and roasts were great on my last deer, the ground did not taste like it came from the same animal and was much gamier in certain chubs, not all of them. I understand that grinders are not cleaned to 100% after every single deer and there is going to be some carryover from one animal to the next, there is no avoiding that. So I chalk it up to that. I will worry about it if it's prevalent in this year's deer. This is the only thing that keeps me from giving Steve's 5 stars. Other than that, keep up the good work folks!

Varessa Hibler

Russ Mac

Don't go here. Extremely unhappy with the elk meat processing that they did for me. I brought in 284 lbs of skinned and quartered cow elk meat and after processing I got 98 lbs back; go figure. what I got from them doesn't look or taste anything like elk. I don’t know what the heck they gave me.

Brian Lei

Best game processing in the state. And the product is Choice. Been eating Steve's wild game products since the 1970's. Finest in the state of Colorado. And his BAR-B-QUE Beef ....whoa!

Gordon Anderson

Used Steves for many years until I found out that the ground is mixed from many animals, not just yours. I got some deer meat back, steaks were great, the burger tasted like ass. Obviously mixed with someone else animal that wasn't taken care of. Will never go back.

Paul Reynolds

I had an elk processed there last year and the sausages are amazing! They are always professional and friendly

Steven Keever

Jason Hillard

136 lb deer and only 59lbs of meat?

Terry Muilenburg

Great people to get your wild game done

Troy McDaniel

Clean, awesome place! Did a fast & excellent job with our deer. Won't take our animals anywhere else from here out! Thanks guys!

jamie goode

Great slim jims..... My family couldn't get enough.

Steve Kelley

Love the jerky, stix, and packaging for elk. Limited hours are sometimes challenging. A little gruff at times.

P Haar

Expensive but carries premium meats.

Kyle N.

Brought meat into Steve's based on their website, and the prices and products offered. When I arrived, based on the instructions and products offered on the website, I was told I would have to pay a 20% surcharge because I de-boned my game and only wanted their premium products. This was a "new policy". I couldn't believe how I watched their employees argue over how much more I would be charged over products I would have been charged at a regular price if I would have paid the the extra $60 for them to skin and de-bone the animal that I took care off. Shame on them. I WILL NEVER GIVE THEM MY BUSINESS AGAIN! Picked up the products and they were awesome. Maybe I'll be back... ;)

Duwayne Wise

Me and my dad brought in a 6X6 elk this last fall in Sept. The staff was friendly and fast getting it out of the truck for us. The lady that helped us was sweet and nice, friendly too. So we got the usual stuff; jerky, ground, steaks. You'd think that a 4-5 year old herd bull would not taste good but I was extremely surprised when we got our meat back. The Jalapeno Cheddar jerky snack sticks were awesome and so were the teriyaki sticks. Burger always needs to be seasoned but didn't really get a hint of game taste in it. I also use marinade packets with steaks and they taste delicious. I didn't care if they did or didn't use are own elk meat when they gave it back to us. Any meat hunter should tell you, the younger the animal, the better it'll taste. My opinion these guys do a good job. It all tasted great.

alec hogan

Derek Hansjosten

Great sausages and great service

Roland Hass

No one better than Steve's Meats

Adam Hayes

Ive brought about 7 big game animals to Steves over the years and I've always been completely pleased with everything I've ordered and picked up. They're very organized and the process is smooth. Thanks guys for your great work! Hopefully I'll have something to bring you next year also.


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