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주학 이 Joo lee

evan collins

The people who work here are trash and have no clue how to serve customers! The only reason I shop here is because I have to! Keep hiring people like this you’ll be out of business quick

Liem Pin

The avocado is over ripe (very soft),and i ask the employee if i can get the new avocado from the top self and he told me that he will ask to the manager and the manager came to me and i explains to him what I need. He tell me that he can not bring the new avocado down because he must sell the old one first...what a jerk...

Yusuf Guler

Brandon Pelletier

The customer service at the cash registers is always great. The employees there seem to like what they do. To name some of them Erica,Brandon,Sal are GREAT. Always ready to help and super friendly. Love going there!!

Nicholas Bass

Management never leave the office, the cashiers are ok, but some of the supervisors couldn't be any more useless and the attitudes not acceptable. The customer service is gapped because a lot of the customers do not speak functional english.

mukesh khatri

Ambarin Behbahani

Staff is always helpful

aline young

Talal Almejrhd

Haroon Zaheer

I have been coming here for years since they first opened. Recently the customer service at the cashier side has been nothing but ultimate trash. I had these 2 cashier women talking like gangsters to me. Spent thousands and thousands of dollars and then deal with disrespect . I wish there was another alternative to restaurant depot. Some really trashy people with trashy customer service here.

Mike D

Great selection and well stocked for all of the Restaurant Depot's I have been to. Note that their is no fresh seafood section and you will have to go to the Downtown Denver location. Staff is friendly and helpful at this location.

Ryan Donovan

Aicha Nanti Lou


Alma Martinez

Suraj Aryal

Nobody cares, they all are doing their own thing in their own world, customer is definitely not the priority. Employees Rude and full of attitude.

Vesna Petrovic

Total jerk! It was our first time at this restaurant depot! We were just looking around and checking prices! We left and a guy ran after us and making us seem like we had taken something! No one told us we couldn't take our bags or that we had to use another door! He looked into our bags and showed us the sign. Very very rude! Needs a course on customer service!

khalid noori

Menashe Borukhov

krish krishnan


Mustafa Al Mosawi

Mike Davis

Very unorganized and staff are not educated enough to know anything about there product. Asked two people to help. Both walked away and said they would get someone. Basic min wage employees. This is a DIY store.

Christofer Hardy

Restaurant Depot is a very professional and large warehouse for small and mid sized businesses. Don't stop buy if you don't have proof that you aren't a business though, because this is a Business to Business. The warehouse has plenty for your restaurant or food truck. I was very impressed.


Pretty much the rudest/non-existent customer service you could imagine. Prices are good though.


very good shop. keep it up! These five stars are for your employee Nick! Nick, you are very helpful, very nice and just a good person. Stay as you are! To all, if you really need help, call Nick! Ps: sorry for my English xD

Russell Harbach

Good service to unload

Brandy Rich, LE, MUA

Super unprofessional employees. Makes other warehouse shopping (Costco, Sam's) seem like Nordstrom in comparison.

Dauod Barekzia

They are meannn

Kathryn Ollom

Poor reception service and no notice of members only shopping posted.

Jean Pierre

Great location central to our restaurant. The staff is always super friendly. This locations does lack a fresh seafood department however their downtown location offers this.

yong zheng

Michael Williams

Chad gregory


Abdul Qurban


Leandro Esquibel

Chef Brian

Great prices, great variety of foods, excellent customer service.

Nasimul Nadim

John McQuaide

Great unloading teams for delivery drivers.

Jeff Carter

Very friendly staff

Dan Kuxhausen

Abdullah Almarzooq

Chris Lovell

The receiving here is very polite to the drivers delivering there product and they don't waste your time, quick in and out

Luyen Nguyen

Friendly services . Good price .

John Milewski

We recently purchase 3 refrigerators from the Restaurant Depot. Daryl was fantastic is helping with the selection process and helping us navigate the delivery. He even met me at the clinic the day of delivery and helped me get them set up on the 3rd floor. You know the truckers drop them off at the curb:).. This set up time took a few hours for our time. Daryl is fantastic and is shows how important customer service is to this organization. KUDOS to the depot for having staff like Daryl on board.

Jackie Dellanno

Masroor Hussain

Max Grey

Papi O.

I've had difficulty only lately trying to find things I've always been able to depend on being there. That's the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

David McCray

Nafaa Almosawi

Chris Kim

Good service & products.. That's all it takes...


This time I stayed in line more than usual

Mayolo Hernandez

Rusty Shaffer

Good prices mostly. Some times out of items.

lee Jin

china feutardo

AUstin LEach

After working there for One month and had left in a hurry. The place is moderate to the public eye.. But behind closed doors this place is a circus. Im talking about the employees at restaurant depot. You've got underpayed employees... stressing everyday because of how they operate. Arguments people fighting. There is alot of drama everysingle day from these employees. Its not worth it. Go to Cosco!

Jennifer G.

Emry dan

John Weakley

Great selection

Josh Gomez

I am so tired of this place. They rarely have what I need, keep inconvenient hours and then a sorry is supposed to make it all better. I cant run my business because of you and all I get is a sorry? That doesnt replace the money you people cost me because I have to run to the grocery store instead.

Buff's Good Eats specialty foods

Plenty of items for food truck.

sheldon katz

Rob Martinez

Great place for restaurant goods. I go in to pick up for a friend sometimes and it's like a Sam's Club for restaurants, large quantity items. The check out can be slow.

Alexander Portelli

They market their honey as 100% pure honey from India, but out of sheer curiosity we tested it and found that it's not 100% pure honey at all. It's highly cut with fructose corn syrup or some other type of sweetener. You can also do your own basic test at home or your business by pouring it into a glass of water and letting it sit. The fructose dissolves. I want a refund for all the honey I bought.

Juan Guerra

fatoumata Sangare

amin abdelmajid

Great place and lovely product

sono singh

Mahammad Alshamari

Rob Greco

Samuel Kariuki

Very poor customer service especially by the cashiers......bad attitude.

Nate Fleming

Very incompetent, unfreindly staff every time. I have visited this location more times than I can count over the years and I rarely have a good experience. No one ever knows what they have in stock. I have driven to this location multiple times throughout the year to pick an item up that they swear to me over the phone is in stock, then come to find out, it in fact was not in stock. Servicing the restaurant industry, they should appareciate and know how valuable their customers' time is, but they do not care and it shows when you need help and all you get is attitude and zero personal accountability for their mistakes. I hope I never have to shop this location again. Such an awful experience every time!

Chang Lee

Rude employees

Espazar Z

Vignesh Tanneru

Good customer service. Good place to buy in Bulk. Checkout line gets busy like any other store but the teams moves fast.

Thomas Robinson

Steve Martineau

Nathan Rogers

Joe Bag


Mary Margaret Monacelli

I come to this store often for my restaurant and typically have great service however today a young black woman checked me out with the biggest attitude. I knew I had a credit on my account and she got argumentative with me about it not existing rather than kindly explaining that the credit may have been used. After the transaction was complete she did not say anything to me, no “thank you” no “have a good day” nothing. She turned to the next guest before I could even put the change back in my wallet. Her manager was standing in the checkout lane the entire time and did not say or do anything. I can’t believe they let employees disrespect their customers so blatantly.


khaled omar

Charlie German

Carlos Morales

I'm very surprised by the low star rating. Personally I could not thank them enough. All the staff is friendly and helpful; professional and very intelligent when it comes to finding items and then they will be in stock. I have yet to have a bad experience at this location. Treat them right, they work hard and deserve it!

Jose Rubio

They are great basically they have everything I need.

Ed Mck

I like delivering here and other Depot's. I'm pretty sure they'll sell to anyone, anything they sell. You will pay the sales tax then. I believe they're a club. I've bought a few things without any problem since am a driver.

Frank Newton

Had just what I needed on a Sunday.

Bravo Delta

Sean P


Daniel Garcia

Nicholas Quintana

Unprofessional staff for years now. I try my best to avoid this location, but in the restaurant industry you need them in a pinch when your food vendors are closed. Manangement is great, avoid the associates!

Leisa Rosa

Amy Conary

Jorge Yadid

They Should change the name to Restaurant Despot. That is how they treat customers. 1/4 star

Ammar Milhim

Merry Merry

Great costumer service

Josh Cross

Once a week, this place makes me suicidal. It is hell on earth.

Karen Broom

Been shopping here for years. The south location is all around better. Employees here are rude and management is worse. They are always out of major items. So over it.

Alejandro Arcia

daniel el easy

JungHyuk Yang

Sss Ss

David Reinecke

Great Jobdd Every Bodies nice and friendly Ask to get an item down from Over head and they got it done supper quick. Always a great place to shop. Well done Restaurant Depot. Dave Reinecke

Brent Hilvitz

Gantulga Sumiya

Good price.

Bill Stein

Workers couldn’t be more helpful, when I couldn’t find something they took me right to it.

Freweyni Beyene

sam el hayani

Bad services and customer service

Thamir Alyasiri

Muhanad Nasab

Kemoir michael

just soso

m.a. benji

Very rude employees. From the employee at the door all the wat to the employees at check out. The "supervisor" of checkout argued with me on my own form of payment used. Like really? Not to mention not clean and if produce wasnt being frozen in fridge it would be rotten. Save your time and your quality if you own a business, Check into other food depots

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