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3736 E Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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REVIEWS OF Carniceria Leonela IN Colorado

David Gonzalez

Great place for Mexican food. I enjoy eating menudo here.

Jessie Brunner

They have the best breakfast burritos!

Barry Dunlap

Good meat market and grocery. The restaurant is awesome. Do yourself a favor and eat at the restaurant.

Lizzy Lauritzen

Amazing Mexican food at an amazing price!

Melvin Yang

Good prices, may be language barriers with some employees but they were nice

David Garcia

When l go to leonelas is allways fan do to the number dispenser in la carniceria either you jump in front of the line or they jump in front of you. I allways found what am looking for is very intresthing all the new cain of people that you ran in to

Jessica Baker

Best food ever, thank you for feeding me!

Jon Salisbury

Good. Many of the items I miss from southern CA.

John Milano

Place is great for dinning in or quick to go orders. They have a plethora of choices on the menu and always tasty hot soups such a menudo.

Maribel Aldea

Prices are good but when buy the meat you have to use it or freeze it right away because for some reason, it goes bad fast. Also, when you buy pork chops, they won't let you pick the ones you want. They make take the ones they want to give you. I no longer buy meat from them.


Really kind and generous people

ernestina Mirivi

Nice place I'm fount everything thanks

Maddie Bradbury

The only store ive found outside manitou to sell my favorite candy. Awesome set up this place is la bomba!!

Vera Pratt

Went there to buy cuts of meat that I am accustomed to from Germany. The quality, not just of the meats, but everything else is outstanding. I took a number, but had no idea when it was called because all conversations took place in Spanish. Mind you, at Wimbergers Bakery the staff always speaks in English unless the customer speaks German first - to ensure all ethnic groups are taken care of. Finally, after all Spanish speakers where taken care of, one of the butchers noticed me and helped me out. I would have liked to give the store 5 stars, but deduced one for having felt unwelcome.

Vanessa Lacy

This place has everything to make Puerto Rican dishes such as pasteles and empanadas. The parking lot is crazy crowded and also when you walk inside but the selection of food is fantastic!

james williams II

Good food. Good service

Hecks Rojo

About time we're getting carnicerias out here

Rosa Morales

Very good friendly service

Veronica Valdez

Amazing store!! This was my first time there! I love the restaurant! Tried their Asada Tacos perfecto!!

Angela Stewart

I have a problem with there being no English Speaking Employee in the Restaurant the foods good but you never get what you want or what you order YOU REALLY DO NEED TO START SERVING GROUND BEEF TACOS. THANKS

Audrey Alonzo

Love shopping here to get all of my meat, vegetables and cheese to make Mexican cuisine.

Emily Leon

They barely speak English. The parking lot is a disaster and if you are on the bigger side good luck getting through the doors. The store is very crammed. But on the other hand they have a good selection of Hispanic foods and snacks

Francisco Camaleon

Really good food!!!

Lourdes Russell

Great food. Mostly polite employees. Usually a good experience.

Julia Bauer

Not as busy as expected. Parking is always full. Good meats and food stuff, fresh pastries. Out of pastor meat today. Good prices and nice people.

Jodi Cox

Great fresh masa! I like this place, staff is friendly and meat looks good.

Silver Spider

Delicious food, friendly staff, been shopping here since they opened. Love shopping here, keep up the great work!

Sonia Sandoval

Very friendly helpful workers. Great fresh meat and produce.


Horrible service employees are so rude place stinks


Lots of variety. Meat prices are good. Veggies and pantry items are pricey. They have a cafe with lots of yummy food.

Dustin Tubbs

Awesome food. The daily specials are the way to go

Julian Alex

Solid place for food and groceries alike

Sam Esparza

Makes me feel like I'm back at home (California) the food is amazing!!!

Sandra C

A little pricey..


Only Mexican restaurant I eat at. Love the food and the people deliver great service. Visit the store for some authentic Mexican goodies.

Precilla Cherry

Flan is incredible! Find it in the refrigerator next to the cashiers. ♡

Marco Valerio

The best and real authentic Mexican food.

Arika Pickett

I called to ask if they carried beef ribs. The young lady who answered the phone said yes. However, when I asked for how much she said “I don’t know”. I asked her kindly if she could find out for me how much they’re going for today and she said “no”. Welp! You’ve lost my business. Good thing I didn’t have to drive there to find out you don’t know the prices. lol

Ismar Ramirez

Friendly people, they have a full section of Mexican foods and candy

Jose Quezada

Good breakfast

Racquel Martinez

Great customer service, I don' t speak Spanish and they help me out just fine.

Carrol Clark

Very busy place on a Saturday. Worth the wait. Carne asada on the grill. Homemade tortillas, pick, ah can't wait.

Eric DeGrove

Best tacos in the Springs. Nough said.

Wordsforyou 719

Dirty place, i bought tacos and got sick, the cashier handles the money and prepares food with same globes on. Dirty tables and chairs, crumbs all over the floors

Stewart Kett Laughlin

This is really an awsome mexican grocery. Fresh meat, produce. Canned goods. Cooking supplies and utensils. Candy. Even a resturant inside. I love going here. I always leave with a fresh coconut treat sold at checkout. Delish!!!

Miguel Monzon

Super friendly staff. They went above and beyond to meet my needs. I don't live in Colorado Springs but will be a frequent stop on my way home to Denver everytime!

Jose Apodaca

Good produce.

Ian Place

In my opinion, Carniceria Leonela has some of the best mexican food in the Springs. I get the same items because they never disappoint. Their rolled tacos are crispy and with just enough firmness(served with rice, beans, and guacamole). As far as tacos I recommend the lengua and tripas, not because their other carnes are not good but because these are the only meats iv tried. The lengua is soft and full of flavor and the tripas (get them crunchy) are perfect with a bit of avocado tomatillo sauce smothered on top. I've been coming here for years and will keep doing so as long as they're open for business. Thanks guys

Duane Frasier

Consistent quality and prices. Quality meats, groceries and restaurant meals. Our preferred Mexican grocery in Colorado Springs without a doubt.

BuffaloBen 360

great authentic food. gGood service, great Carniceria and lots of selections of various items

Jessica Ortega

Great Selection on Mexican Products but very expensive! They need to look over on how much they price their food. But great place.

Jose Sanchez-Rivera

Great prices, friendly staff and delicious food!!

Sergio P-delgado

Great food!!!..people may not know that is a restaurant inside whit real good Mexican food... Service is pretty fast and friendly...always

jerry w

Very great place good food reminds of places in tx and nm

Ace Indaplace

Went there with my for the first ever. The food was amazing, a lot of flavor. The meat market had great looking fajitas. I'll be there regularly.

Juanita Butler

The best ever fam

cristopher burquez

Really good food at a great price.

Mountain Dude

Best Carneceria in town. Very busy on weekends for a reason. Their meat is better quality than others and they go through it quick. The restaurant is great for authentic Mexican food. They just need beer.

Juan Torres

They have the best variety of meats and seafood you will need. The service is pretty good and they can speak Spanish or English for all customers.

Deborah wightman

Great service in the grocery store and restaurant. Best Mexican food!

Justin Zabor

Great little market, excellent selection of Carne and accompaniments. The clerks and meat counter people are ALWAYS helpful.

Jannette Rivera

Pretty good you can find losts of Hispanic foods and meats. And their restaurant yummy food. Love love love

Michael Margiotta

Best cuts of meat in town. The Ranchera with free marinade is the best protein I have ever eaten from a grocery store. Their hot sauce collection is also outstanding literally an entire isle of options. Then there is the beef short ribs and the exceptionally delicious and fairly priced tamales. Also don't forget the carnia seca which is the best beef jerky in town. Finally they cut most of their meat, King Supers does not do that, they simply ship it in pre-cut from somewhere else.


After finding hairs in my menudo I was disgusted! Instead of returning to the store to complain...I wanted to find out for myself whether it was the from the animal who cooked it or from the cow itself and sure enough I found out tripe stomach meat does have hair similary to the ways cats have hairballs, it can be difficut for them to cough up. What i found out...When they butcher the cows they find the hair in the stomach and the meat should go through a cleaning process to get all the hair off in order to make that meat "human grade". Therefore, the meat they use somehow bypassed inspections and is what we would call "Pet food grade". After figuring this out, I will definately not eat meat from here ever again.

Amanda Soria

Best place to get your meat.

Melodia Martinez

Brought home Pork "Tamales". They were mostly masa and that was the only part I dared to eat. Once I found the cárne I had to push away the plate, DIS-FRIGGIN-GUSTING! Also- they dry af. The only reason I gave an extra star is because of their other choices.

Mariah D

the food was good loved the enchiladas at the restaurant fulfilled my craving and the service was great.

Ann Milan

The Tamáles are now dry and the pork strands are too long. They USED to have decent tamales, NO MORE. Very sad.

Larry Valdez

Great place for your meats!

jorge m ramirez

No radishes, no cucumbers, only hot sauce in the salad bar

Kristi Olliff

Love this place, it's got a lot of variety including fresh tamales yum!

Ryan Koski

I've been going here since 2004. Not sure I can go anymore. Been buying Ranchera meat since it was $3.69/pound. They are now charging $9.99 pound. Ridiculous price for such a cheap piece of meat. Time to find a new place.

Josh Mcgowen

This place is the best place to buy meat for grilling great prices and great people

Sara Ramirez

Nice store has low prices for meat

YaBoi Bubs

Pretty packed all the times I go. The food at the restaurant is pretty bomb but I just wish they got the order right jfc.

Andre Bell

Simply Amazing From the service to the food I shop here atleast 3 times a week

yanet garcia

Good customer service, but they get lost pretty fast when it comes to take care on the next person in line.

Jody Reynolds

Fast service, large plates, amazing food!

Liberto Avila

Good place ce good meats

Bethany Ingham

Today was my first visit and I am in love. Just moved to CO and I know where I will be shopping from now on. Great variety, prices, and quality food!

Rich Boots

One of the few places to get quesadillas they way they should be.

Alba Vidaca

Found everything I needed and more! The tamales are delicious! We found the Tapatio Dorito chips that we couldn't find anywhere else. We even found some Panamanian items which was a plus.

Anthony Aragon

This place is clean and the ladies who work there are always very busy making or doing something good! If you want fresh Mexican food, this small little diner is the place to go in Colorado Springs. Practice your Spanish as you order from a large picture board. And, when you are full and satisfied with your meal, shop or look around in the fine Mexican market next door. This is NOT your local Taco Bell. The food is authentic, inexpensive, and very, very tasty! Bad news! The prices of their food went way up, as of August 2018. I really like this place, but a burrito should not be near 10 bucks, IMHO!

Jenny Mtz25

Horrible customer service. Ladies are always mad just to make a Damm taco!

Virginia Martinez

Too small too crowded not clean! Disappointed in the customers who don't know how to get in line to pay at cashier/register.

Denise Red

Ordered some food and was good but they wouldn't make a bean tosada so i had to order a side of beans with a tostada shell and made it myself.

Wendy Senter


CJanet Medina

I love this carniceria, i always find everything i want even to cook my puerto rican food. The downfall was today. The doors say they open at 8am. I arrived after 8am and the doors were closed. So the way i see it is, if you open the doors to your bussiness at a certain time, you should have your employees go in an hour early to set up everything and have things ready to open at 8am. Esta carniceria no la cambio por nada, seguire como cliente. Solo que lo de hoy no me gusto.

sandra mijango

Small place but is packed with a lot of really good things.from central American meat cuts... To whole porks for grilling to herbs and spices....if your looking to spend your Hispanic cuisine, well go here you won't be disappointed.

Phil Lockit

Excellent food service. Parking is hard. Latin american goodies readily available

Angelica Walters

Good selection on Mexican food and ingredients

Mim Sicles

Their pan dulce is good, especially their Conchas and fresh bolios. Their meat is good quality too, I love coming here though it can get packed quick. You can find any Mexican food product here ranging from cookies to spices.. They have all dried chiles, teas, powders (guajillo, turmeric, achiote), tamarindo, menudo mix etc. They also sell piñatas, Mexican candies, BOMB chicharron con carne. This is my favorite Mexican market to come to Springs, actually I think it's the BEST Mexican market in the Springs.

Hector Real

Good super clean

Fernando Ramos

Great Mexican market with traditional groceries, meats and breads, from old World Mexico. Authentic fast-casual Mexican restaurant with true Mexican dishes (not Tex-Mex) and fast service. Highly recommended.

Gindy Mabry

They have great food and other things.


Love the food and prices. Just always crowded in the parking lot and in the store. Place is too small for the amount of business they get.

Jason Roshek

I love this place, everyone is friendly. The Flap meat is great. The crema and Verda sauce is tasty. Just make sure that when the place is busy to get a number for meat then get you vegetables and other items first.

Carolina Garcia

Meat is chorizo in town! Cashiers very friendly.being shopping here since they were a small store in 2000! I love this place the only bad thing is the parking lot is pretty small & hard to find a spot & some of the visitors are not considered for others,but that is not their foul.!

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