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2359 Foothill Blvd, La Verne, CA 91750, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Corner Butcher Shop IN California

Marcus Cirillo

Best quality, best service.

Büll Henderson

The Tri Tip Sandwich...

Ashley Carrillo

First time here. I got the chicken sandwich with a side of beans. Both delicious. The beans made me think of my Grandpa, and his house in Alamaba. Made my day. ❤ thank you for good hospitality and good food.

Zachary Cargile

Great food!

Susan Pearson

LOVE this butcher shop. Have been buying fresh turkey here for Thanksgiving for a few years. Just started buying more meats, and have not been disappointed. They make a great meatloaf that you can cook at home, as well as a fajita mixture that is just fantastic. I also like getting the leftover sausages without the casings to add to dishes. Staff and owners are super helpful and friendly.

Clara Carrizosa

So good like no other

Mark Schlueter

Fantastic place to eat. Great tri-tip and pulled pork.

Matthew Wade Holler

Jim Lloyd

Premium meats... Low fat content. This is not a discount shop. Reasonable price for quality.

Ryan Comeau

The staff is at the corner butcher shop is always super friendly and very knowledgeable. All of their products are always fresh and super delicious. I love their burgers, tips and loaded potato salad!

josh carter

I work down the street and finally made it in here for lunch. Sandwiches taste great, they're a good size, and made pretty quickly. Best part about this place is that old-school, quality customer service that you can barely find anywhere these days.

Pik Osyris

Ricardo DLT

Cal O'Gorman

excellent butcher. have purchased our Christmas roast here twice and it was the best we've had. will be going back.

Johnny Boy Media

Love their stuffed baked potatoes!!

Michael Mergil

Somar Ramos

Calvin Leduc

miguel mendoza

Matt Latter

becky nahorodny

Great high-quality meat. Sandwiches are to die for!

Jared King

Good stuff, but *super* expensive. 4x what I'm used to paying for meats. 3x for pickles. So, save it for special occasions.

Elsie Peng


Linda Cook

These guys are awesome, kind very helpful and they have a good sense of humor which is awesome, the store is clean, it has a wide variety of meats and some unique meats available also. We plan on coming back soon.

Wendy Longnecker

Go for lunch!! You can't go wrong. We both get the filets with grilled shrimp, caesar salad...scalloped potatos, asparagus and for dessert cream brulee and warm chocolate cake....delightful every time. Yum.

Aaron Beaulieu

I go to this place 2 or 3 times a month for lunch. Their sandwiches are great! The plates are great! The sides are great. Their sausages are great! The hot dogs are great! The Ray is amazing! You cannot go wrong when eating at CBS!

Terry Segura

This place is the BOMB!!!!! LOVE IT. IT'S ALL GOOD

denise yerou

Food always great.

Rosemary Lloyd

Very good. We had a couple of special requests. They accommodated our asking for dicing and grinding steak for chili.

Ellyn Ponkey

Great place. Love their steak tips

Jennifer White

What a wonderful butcher shop! The new owners are pleasant, accommodating and knowledgeable about their products, which are of the highest quality. We love their steak tips and house-made sausages, and they are always adding new and interesting products to go along with their meats.

Corbin Blanchard

Fantastic place. They were very helpful, kind, answered all questions and had great stuff! It feels comfortable being there. Definitely would recommend this place.

Robert Jennings

Love the sandwiches and the meat plates

Wile E. Wonka

Excellent butcher shop. They also have an excellent selection of sauces and other local products, including my personal favorite, More Spicy Three Pepper Ketchup.

Skott Rusch

Armando Montejano

Delicious menu. A hidden gem in La Verne.

johnnie graham

Daniel Marquez

The shop was clean, but the service I got was dry. The attendant seemed irritated to take my order. In addition, the meat that I did order wasn't cooked all the way. I gave the shop three stars.

Mitch Stein

I just had lunch here at it was amazing. I had the Brisket, Pulled Pork, Mac&Cheese, and Pasta salad $20. The meat was tender snd really good. The cafe has wood tables and bar stools so informal. The thing that suprised me was how good the sides were. So many times places like this have good meat but not good side dishes. Owner was onsite super friendly. I think two people could have shared what I ordered but I brought half home.

Sarah McPhee

Love this place - they keep adding more things like sauces, veggies, rice, spices, etc. and they have the basics - delicious beef, pork, chicken and sausage and scrumptious marinades. Not cheap, but worth the price (especially the house tips and the citrus chicken). Owner and staff are super friendly and helpful.

Chris Snow

Victor Chi

Alexander Berka

Excellent steak - clear recommendation

Jeffrey Hill

Luis A Lugo

david brown

Will Killmer

Karen McLaughlin

Very friendly staff, excellent meat and service. A great mid-way place to meet my cousin for lunch. Everything is good, but I especially recommend the stew meat. I've bought it a number of times and have yet to make stew - it's too great just browned, I can't wait to make a meal of it!

Joe A

Alvaro Lepe

Valerie Roosma


Great quality meats, and sausages. Decent selection of grass fed meat. Surprisingly good selection of wine. Not cheap, but then again quality never is. Join the meat club.

Richard Butcher

Oh this place is awesome. Had their prime rib special, so good. Great selection of meats to take home as well.

Mass Bow Hunter

Phillip Brown

Very helpful and friendly, loved my Pastrami sandwich. I'll be back.

Vu Lam

Lisa Sallee

Friendly and helpful service, and terrific food. Not only are the meats tender and flavorful, the sides are creative and tasty too.

Shawn Ross

Heidi Howard

Very friendly, very helpful. Excellent quality! Get what you pay for!

Brent Armstrong

George Elliott

this place is outstanding people that work there are amazing the meat is amazing their sandwiches and barbecue are amazing

Paul Doupe

Their marinated steak tips are . Thick and juicy, these marinated steaks can't be beat. My favorite, the Greek tips are usually always in stock during summer, available year round are the BBQ and house marinades. This crew really has takes their time with their sausage. They vary in meat from chicken, steak, and pork. to classic Italians, chicken BBQ, and Bob Marley's. Hat's off to they boys and girls at Beverly's best butcher shop!

Josh Davis

Archie McLay

Awesome qualilty! Great Service!

Ray Brown

So tasty. So hospitable. Quality meat and eat in BBQ.

Krista Harris

They were AWESOME!!!

Kevin Newkirk

Awesome food great people. Very friendly

Mike Herman

Having a local butcher with high quality meats, in-house sausages and marinades, and a professional, helpful staff is one of my favorite things about Ryalside. The steak tips and chicken breasts come in many flavors, all good. They will make just about anything you need if you call ahead, be it a rib roast or andouille. The meat really is top quality.

Carol Child

Rich Mandelbaum

Need to know your product better. Pearl hot dogs are not anti-biotic free/hormone free. They are not "as close to all natural that your going to get" like the associate told me. Also, natural casing has nothing to do with how the animal was raised. If you are going to claim on your homepage "offering only all natural meat products" you should research your product before buying and selling. Also, all duBreton pork is not Organic like your associate told me, and when asked why the package doesn't say so the answer was, "they must have just got certified and not put it on their labels yet." They do offer an organic line of pork - but all duBreton pork is not organic.

Michael Nestor


Ryan Zhang

Good food good people and the BBQ sauce is great.

Andre Galdo

Absolutely great, the only place to go on the North shore

Mark Schowe

cori m

You guys KILLED it for my Dad’s wedding reception! Your food was amazing!! Thank you thank you thank you!! From the tasting to the actual day of the reception you guys have been wonderful!

Megan Gearhart

Fantastic quality of meats here, will help you with any questions, very knowledgeable staff. The sandwiches served here are fantastic. Great wine selection. The pulled pork is well seasoned, always served with coleslaw. My favorite is the pastrami, served on marbled rye, perfect every time. You can buy beer or wine to drink in the store. They also cater.

Aaron Bitz

Amie LaBella Crawford

Love that when I shop here I know where my meat is from! It's also great that the marinade ingredients are posted on the wall so you always know what you're getting. Ground pork and ground lamb are amazing because they are ground in house - so much better than grocery store meat! I also Highly recommend the grassfed filet mignon, thick cut pork chops, Marley sausage and the garlic expressions salad dressing! The staff will also give you great suggestions on how to best prepare the products. Great shopping and eating experience All around!

Chef Fila

Great quality meats! I go every week for the last 2 years! Owners and staff is amazing! Prime Rib Roast and Natural Turkey!

Barbara Butscher

Great chicken and meats. A little more expensive, but worth it. Great service .

Erika Dunn

I love this place. I go a couple times a month and always check out their brats and sausages for new options and old favorites. The staff is fun and friendly and incredibly helpful. I'm so glad I live nearby!

Fred Reher

The are the best! Not only for meats but for homemade BBQ that they will make and you eat right there! They have award winning hotdogs!

Diego Martinez

I trust them deeply with all things flesh related. Really the best around!

Monique C

Justin Kray

Excellent selection for such a small shop

Crystal Robbertze

James Janssen

Wayne Lu

Interesing and wide selection of meats is available

digging4golddt .

Ok, read the reviews and almost did not go as I had a strange request. Read the one about "cold" and thought they would be unhelpful. Boy I would have missed out. It was Christmas Eve day. Slammed everywhere. I call to see if they sold fresh Dog bones. The guy who answered was very helpful and nice. He said they sold bones. I then I asked the question I always get no to. How about cutting them for small dogs. He said not sure how small we wanted them but come over and he would do his best. Well we arrived there, they were very busy. But we were helped right away. He asked what we wanted, then reasked to make sure he he got it right. Said cool let me get them cut smaller. Have a seat. We sat and this is when we got a chance to observe the place. Nice and CLEAN. Couple big tables I guess to eat. Have a BIG selection of meat...of course. But they had side dishes. LOTS of awesome deserts and party type foods. AND Wine, lots of Wines. But the best part was the service. As we sat and weighted we must have been asked 5 times if we had been helped. The guy at the register... my wife thought the owner knew many of the people picking up orders by name. Asked about family and was genuinely old school butcher shop frendly. Well our order was ready. Note our old butcher made us order bones a week in advance. Then was pissy when we asked to have them cut as the were often bigger than our dog. These were purfect. So guys ya got a fan. Job will done. Ya made our little dogs Christmas and proved that there is still 10+ friendly customer service in American.

David Hatcher

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