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1990 N Fowler Ave # 120, Clovis, CA 93619, United States

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REVIEWS OF Meat Market Inc IN California

Caronia Fair

M. W

Their tri tip is so flavorful and tender. I get it at least once a week. Rice pilaf and veggies are a good and often choice for me. Glad store is on this side of town

James Nunn

Best bar b q in town the best tri tip

Ellen Dewey

Always been pleasant and more than willing to give their opinion on different cuts of meat or their marinades.

Vance Knapp

Great food and very friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Sheralyn Manuszak

Owen Stoeber

Jakob Sweeney

The prices were reasonable and the staff was friendly.

Kevin Salinas

Tri tip Tuesday is a joke... asked for a whole tri tip and was told that they can only slice it because a whole tri tip is over 2 lbs and that is to much to give. So you telling me a whole tri tip that is advertised is actually not a whole tri tip it’s only 2 pounds of thin sliced tri tip that drys out. Then you charge and extra $1,50 to slice the tri tip. You don’t offer whole tri tips that are advertised, but you do offer sliced tri tip that some people don’t want and you charge for it to be sliced. How is that an option. We have been buying our meat from The Meat Market for ever and we have bought the tri tip special for years as well and have not had a problem. But know with the service and the reasoning I can’t get what is offered and what our family wanted we will stop coming to the meat market. Very disappointed in this business practice. If you offer and advertise whole tri tips give what your customers want, don’t tell me that some tri tips are to big so we have to slice them. So that tells me you being cheap and your trying to cut costs and corners. What else are you doing behind the count that you customers don’t know about????

icela rembao

Tomvoss74 .

The sausages were amazing. The selection of local produce was refreshing. The service, not so much. Helpful once I was served but they weren't very busy and my wife and I felt almost invisible at the counter.

Ginny Springer

I went here for lunch on Wednesday I ordered a ribeye sandwich with grilled onions and mayonnaise my coworker ordered a Philly cheesesteak we both ordered the combo they made me A pastrami with onions and I told him that I had ordered the ribeye sandwich the guy at the counter said rudely “well we made you a pastrami”.. I told him OK but I ordered a ribeye sandwich and that’s what I would six people ordered after me and had gotten their food and all six orders were incorrect as well. After seeing everybody receive their orders I went to the window and asked where is my ribeye sandwich and the guy told me we gave it to you already I said no you didn’t or I wouldn’t be at the window asking for it then all the other people whose orders were wrong started complaining and we asked for the manager someone by the name of Reyna came to the window and I explained to her what was going on and I just wanted my money back the cheesesteak that my coworker ordered had meat and cheese that’s it no bell peppers or onions like it should’ve had I told her if she wanted to make the order right just refund the entire amount and we would leave she wouldn’t do it all she was deducted the cost of the steak sandwich that I never got and charged me for the soda and rice pilaf and charged my coworker his entire meal.. by the time we were done even the other people started asking for their money back and one guy refused to eat his sandwich because he was afraid by this time somebody would spit in it so my advice is never eat at the meat market again because I promise you I won’t my coworker won’t and the other six people that were there said the same thing THE MEAT MARKET SUCKS!!!


Flavio Gonzo

Great meat for awesome BBQ

Jesus Olaguez

The meats here are always fresh and taste amazing. Food at the grill is REALLY good. Can never go wrong here.

Beth Woolman

Wine Mafia

In case you need a case, you can stock up one your favs at The Meat Market. They have a great variety of wines to choose from. They are the best Meat Market around to turn your meals into a masterpiece. Great selections across the board from marinated chicken, tasty Tri-tip to their great sausages.

Desiree Huewe

Kiersten Reed

Jerry Neff

High quality fresh meat, friendly staff and reasonable prices.

Country Fbi

Great meat!!! I love this place

Joshua Loete

Darrin P

It was okay not like what I remember from the one in fresno got a cooked tri tip not much flavor no pink which I ordered it will try again and hope for better and review at that time

David Schroeder

Very happy with my Prime Rib and as i stood in line i couldn't help to notice all the nice looking steaks

Charlene Tripp

The meat was tough!

Mark Burress

CenCalMarine YBert

Love Love Love

Carlos Reyes

Best TRI TIP sandwich

Nick Ethier

Fantastic BBQ! Great lunch specials. Will definitely return again.

David Wright

Great options on great meat!

Nic Ditto

Cydney Feemster

Terrible, for the last 5 years! Quality and service is awful. Just took another foolish chance on them and bought marinated skirt steaks. Not marinated, unless you count sessame seeds. Completely filled with fat and very little meat!! Like everything else we have purchased there. Thank God we didn’t have company. You pay for fat, not meat. Never ever will I make the mistake again of buying there.

Randy Shirinian

Very good selection of stuff to bbq.

Nicholas Kramer

Very good I have not have one bad experience with this place and the meat is fresh and good I whould recomend this place to anyone and everyone who likes meat BOOOOOOOO vegans WE LIKE CARNAVORS

Kaye Willis

Food very salty from the veggies to the barbecue meats. The barbecue meat tasted old and was very hard to chew. Also the chili beans were undercooked with too much black pepper. I won’t be going back to Clovis Meat Market located on Fowler/Shepherd

Amy Chapman

Candi Stockdale

The best tri tip ever!!

Rebecca Dunham

Ordered a sliced Tri Tip, medium. What I received was a fatty over cook piece of meat so tuff my dogs wouldn't eat it. Nice person at the window but TERRIBLE food.

Brianne Ealand

Always fresh, meat selection is top notch! Lots of wine and some groceries too!

Judi Kralevich

Push Fitness 559

Roberto Castro

Ralph Michaels

NEVER have I been disappointed with the meat. The staff is great and I am happy to support the business.

Erock Gman

Being able to just pick up a pre made tritip is AMAZING

Daniel Epperly

Was alright.

Sue Costello

Very unhappy at this time. Came in for our favorite marinated chicken and was told it was discontinued. Buffalo and salsa ranch was the best. Why? You could have changed one of the ranchs, but both? Sometimes its best to leave things alone!

Benito Figueroa

Kurt Krash

Awesome meats and good service

Jordan Biedermann

Diane Stevens

Love the meat and proces. I also buy raw bones for my dogs they have great teeth and no bad breathe even my 12 year old dog.


Clint S.

If you like beef and sandwiches this is the place to go. Pick up an entire tri-tip to bring home; it's all good.

Graham Coleman

Ok Fri. Tri tip sandwich

Ray Jones

Off the menu breakfast burritos. Oh yeah! Got sausage with extra cheese. Large portion & tasty! Check it out!

Sally Montoya

Yummy food. I love the onion rings..and tri tip sandwich

Patti Ellis

Bonnie Brock

Ok the main reason it is not excellent, last time i checked there is more meat than beef and chicken. Their pork selection is limited, and their lamb selection is non existent. Do not try to go in an ask for something like a pork should(guy will yell from the back,"All we have is 9 lbs" no option for trimming"). They are good for their try- tip and marinated chicken...but not speciality service.

Douglas Eurich

navi s

Amer Samman


This is the only butcher shop I've been to that refuses to cut meat. I asked for 3 pounds of pork butt. The "butcher" said it's 10 pounds only, and sent me to their prepackaged garbage. Have to continue looking for an actual butcher around here.

Todd McKissick

John Lyle

Delicious tri tip sandwhich made quickly and well!

Terry Aranas

Excellent Customer Service And Friendly Staff... Treated Us Just Like Members Of Their Own Family... Wonderful

Jason Rivers

Scott Ramsey

Brian Raines

Great place for meat

Jim Coyne

It wasn't very good. In fact we ate some and through the rest out. Usually it's a good experience.

Fernie Mac

,Jill Chandler

Always get good service, and great food. Brought home some ribs tonight, best ever.

tony hanks

Best tri-tip ever. Great value on meats

ricky3188 v

john lee

when getting there daily special sandwich tri tip and ask for barbeque check if they put any on if any,they applied on sparely for unknown reason,do they save money doing this,fresno location is even worse,go to other places westwood,mike's grill,famous dave and you will quantity,the owner should buy there own sandwiches and see if they like how's its made.

Manuel Martinez

Tommy Nguyen

Very good food and nice service

James O'Brien

I live about 100 yards from this store, and I have never had good service the multiple times that I have shopped. Either bad food or more common, bad attitudes. The manager has rung me up multiple times and instead of setting a good example for her employees she acts like I'm am inconvenience to her.

Tim and Bev Browning

The tri-tip was fabulous! Thank you!

Mike Garcia

Patty Fernandes

Nick Shubin

I really wanted to like this place, and gave it a couple of tries. But it SUCKS!!! They are consistent though. The tri tip is always dry, tough, and flavorless. It's too bad, they have such an impressive set up.

Steve Lindsay

If you like to eat meat that is like a old boot and sides that have no taste with service that is bad at best then you'll like this place. I can get better chili beans out a can and the rice could be used as buck shot. They should rename tri tip Tuesday to old Tire off the grill Tuesdays

Justin Gatlin - Brawl Stars

I buy at least 2 loaf of mean everday with bread

Daniel Huggins

Very nice place. Great customer service

Mandy Kirby

Always have a wide selection. Many of the staff are able to provide information about ways to cook the meat you buy as well.

Nino Garcia

Kyle Evans

Tuesday has the good deal!

James Norton

Still good but...

Guadalupe Rodriguez

Kenneth Kidd

Joel K

Service hurts the score a bit. Been coming here everytime I visit home. Don't know of anyplace else I can get quality food like this. Don't expect much from staff - had one argue that flank steak and skirt steak is the same - but if you know what you are looking for they do an okay job. Wish service was better or that they at least offered full service butcher. Can't tell you how many times I've been told no when they have it just don't have anyone who will or knows how to butcher.

robert Valenti

Cheyenne Howard

Love the service I get from Meat Market Matt!! He always go above and beyond to make us happy with our order. Ask for Matt in the grill if you want the best!!!

Wayne Rodgers

Customer service is BAD ! Bad attitudes mostly with the cashiers ..Been going there for years ..Unfriendly Place....

Nick c

Their meat is good however I got a pork sanwhich asked for it with barbecue and hardly had any I mean I could barely even taste the barbecue there was so little, the meat was dry and not as flavorful as it is at doghouse and every other place I’ve got this. If I was rating solely off that it’d be one star.

Ken Swanson


manuel reyna

Always good !!

mia Brown

Great selection of quality meats here.good buys on bulk meats.

Jonelle Tankersley

Jeffery Hultman

The pre-marinated meats are great. My family's favorite is the Gilroy garlic chicken. I go there pretty much every week. The staff is friendly and they have a good selection of meats.

Duane Bittner

Robert Foster

Very helpful, and very polite. I will be back

Mark Collier

Sparkling Fruity Drinks

The meat market is fantastic. I always have a good experience when I ship here. The chicken jalapeño sausage is a must! I am so happy Clovis has this little meat market gem.

Ariel Benson

We just got married on June 20th and we had a bbq buffet at our wedding catered by the meat market. We tried a ton of different bbq places before we decided on the meat market. Their meat was a huge hit with our guests and so were the sides. People were even fighting over leftovers lol Surprised that people have had bad service from the employees since every time we have been in we have been treated fantastically and had great service. I definitely would recommend them to others and we will be absolutely be using them again.

Ken Macom

Foods always good, wish they had indoor seating


Terrible tough meat. Unchewable.

Armando Rodriguez

Tri Tip sandwich was excellent!

Penne Bakman

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