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Alex Barseghian

The steak is top shelf. Service and attention to detail is insane. What was cool is that they ask what knife I wanted to have...they opened a box and there was dozen. Each one had a story. Amazing experience. I have eaten steaks around the world and this is top 5.


I've always wondered how so many Asian girls are twigs but I ain't one. I finally figured out a way I can be just like them. Which is to have Curtis Stone feed me incredibly light yet still absolutely amazing salads, as well as surprisingly delicious celery sorbet and foam. Granted I'd have to skip Chad Colby's phenomenal charcuterie and the duo's scrumptious tomato-based pasta, lamb 4 ways, charred creamed corn (omg), and sweet corn semifreddo. Which really defeats the point of life. BUT AT LEAST THAT'LL MAKE ME EAT MY VEGGIES, INCLUDING THE ABOMINABLE CELERY. Okay, I guess I ain't about that twig life.

Maddy Martin

Went for lunch. Very limited selections. Mostly sandwiches. Counter service. They only give you 20 mins free parking then it charges for each 20 mins. Not a destination for lunch.

jim hemstead

Ordered some sandwiches to go. Fantastic service. Best tuna sandwich I've ever had.

Monica lover

My favorite location for quality meals. nothing to complain about. i've had nothing but great experiences here and will keep coming back. the prices are fair for the quality of food.

Moly le

I visited here for a private event. They have a separate room on the second floor with a dedicated bar, which was nicely decorated. Food was great, and I'm now curious to come back and try their regular menu.

Delilah Mercer

Quality Meals, yeah, my preferred treat. Very savory. The place has an awesome feel to it.

Camden Porter

Nice place!

Alex Coal

I had a very tasty mushroom soup $8 and a "spicy" chicken sandwich $11. It wasn't spicy, but everything tasted great and the lunch portions left me full and satisfied. Great home made pickle too.

Madeline Hines

Fine place for delicious Quality Meals. Food was so yummy. I had a brother come into town and asked me to take him back here. It has a good feel to it.

Thelma Sandoval

Fine location for quality Quality Meals.

Jordan Gullo

Delicious all around. Better than Cut, Nik n Stefs, and STK. Enjoyed the atmosphere and open style kitchen. Wide selection of wine.

Robert Montes

Quality Meals and the scene at this location is excellent. everyone at our table was enjoying everything. the service was very welcoming and observant. the bill was fair for the quality of food.

Richard Rosen

There is no other butcher shop in Hollywood like Gwen. A real treat.

Chad Mueller

Quality Meals, so fresh. great ambiance & decor. prices are decent for the quality. makes me feel like i am back in sacramento.

Norman Chow

Great food and service. Don't bother with the sauces, the meat is excellent as-is.

Amy Davis

Every detail of our experience was perfect. We were greeted pleasantly and promptly, seated in a lovely spot, and served attentively. Each server was personable, friendly and well spoken. We elected the 5 course meal. Each course was explained, the sommelier would visit with recommendations and notes on pairings and we were able to enjoy the meal at a leisurely pace. The food was exquisite! Beautifully presented & prepared to utter perfection. At no time did we want for seasoning. The combinations are seasonal, fresh, and multi-faceted. This is a dining experience to be repeated!

alan bradshaw

Art deco beauty

Derek Ng

Great restaurant showcasing full use of an animal. The Argentinian style grill adds a nice depth to the flavor of the cooked meat. It is pretty neat that you get to select your own steak knife and the bone marrow caramels cannot be skipped! I repeat, do not skip those.

Gracie Patel

My favorite location for quality meals. nothing to complain about. i've had nothing but great experiences here and will keep coming back. the prices are fair for the quality of food.

Samvel inosian

Very elegant place to have dinner or drinks. Both their food and bar programs are top notch. Even their (men's, at least) restroom is thought out. If you're looking to impress someone, hell, impress yourself, go here

Josh Hunt

I have seen a lot of reviews complaining that the portions for the tasting menu are too small, but I couldn't disagree more. Everything about this meal was perfect. Every course was better than the last. Even the bread was memorable. It's tasted like buttered popcorn! I'm going to have the meat sweats for the next week!

Rosty Sokolov

The meatball sandwich is INCREDIBLE

Fernando Ward

Quality Meals... very delicious. I give this place double thumbs up. The service here is attentive. It has a great atmosphere.

Basma Taleb

My friends and I ate here last week and all four of us walked away with food poisoning!!! We ordered their most expensive steak (wagyu ribeye $400) and a bunch of appetizers and sides. I can't even begin to explain how outraged I am. When one goes to what is supposedly one of the best restaurants in the country and orders their finest items, food poisoning is the last thing anyone expects. Shame on Gwen for not being more careful with their food quality/preparation/health of their staff. We were refunded by management but that hardly covers it. I want people to be aware that this happened and be cautious about ever going there again.

Reginald Kane

quality meals... very delicious. i love snacking here. the bill was well within reason for the quality.

Stuart Jacobson

Excellent butcher shop. High quality meat.

Hratch Beylerian

We spent $850 for 2 couples. Food was subpar. Service was excellent. Hanger steak was the only item that stood out. Apps and sides are as good as any restaurant for a quarter of the price. Way overpriced for what you get.

Jordon von Helf

I had the 5 course meal with pork. It transcended any description I can possibly give. Perhaps the best food I've ever eaten. The staff were incredible, quick, thoughtful, and friendly. The atmosphere was beautiful and warm. I also had the meal with a litte pinot noir, champagne, and hard cidar. Every bite was an experience. And I have never tasted pork prepared so well. I laughed with my date out of joy and mirth all dinner. A wonderful experience.

Anthony Richardson

Wonderful experience, food was REAL tasteful, staff was wonderful , GIRLFRIEND HAD A GUDD BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE

Elizabeth Cherry

A wonderful experience. All the meats are prepared and smoked in house and one can really taste the difference. Good service and excellent wine pairings.

Nicole Grimes

quality meals, mmm, super yummy. Visited Fri evening I think. Looking forward to a return trip.

jerry lumper

One of my fav places for delicious quality meals. i look forward to going back again. the prices are well within reason for the quality. atmosphere and food reminds me of virginia beach.

Caitlin Gonzalez

Quality Meals, mmm, very satisfying. Do yourself a favor and try this place. I will probably become a regular.

Spencer Mcfarland

One of my fav places for delicious quality meals. i look forward to going back again. the prices are well within reason for the quality. atmosphere and food reminds me of virginia beach.

Chamblee billinger

Have been three times. All the food is fantastic. Staff is fabulous. Easily one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. Love this place !

Rebecca McDonald

Very good food. Pretty restaurant!

KweePhaik Lim

Gwen Restaurant at Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles is the restaurant of fine dining chef Curtis Stone and his brother Luke Stone. An a la carte menu is available at the bar and patio. In the main dining room, the 5 course and 10 course dinners are served. There is a function room upstairs for private functions. Reservations are strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. Cocktails were interesting with herbs in the drinks. The 5 course tasting menu comprises of dishes which were a tasting adventure. Many varieties of herbs such as basil, thyme, Rosemary, mint, nettle and parsley can be found in the dishes. Many different kinds of nuts were also included so be sure to let the staff know if you have a nut allergy. The herbs enhanced the flavours in a subtle way and the nuts gave a crunchy taste in the texture of the food. Aromatic herbs like mint and basil were included in the dessert which created a fusion of taste and unusual flavours. The combination of tastes, flavours and textures in the food set the mind wondering: "What's that? I haven't tasted that before!" The vegetables with sauerkraut and pickled herbs is an example. Staff were very attentive and refilled water glasses each time they were empty. They explained each course after serving and to ask them any questions about the each dish. They worked most efficiently. A very fine dining experience where one feels like a "movie star" with all the attention from the staff. Highly recommended for anyone looking for that extra special experience in food tasting and dining.

Wray Rives

Some of the best meat I ever had.

Andre Mueller

My favorite location for quality quality meals. Got there near five, it wasn't very busy. Bring your appetite because portions are large.

Kristian Niemi

Fantastic meal! Phenomenal service! Very cool place from the moment you walk in. Take a minute to peruse the charcuterie display's a work of art. Be sure to request downstairs seating when you make your reservation. Upstairs is fine, but it's not even close in ambience to the downstairs. Also, you may end up having to listen to Jake Gyllenhall and his buddies yuck it up like they're sitting a mile from one another. If we had sat downstairs, I'd probably have given it 5 stars, but the upstairs area took it down a notch. Food, on the other hand, was a solid 5.

Todd Fullone

Often visited there in free time. Nice place

A.P. T

So, wow! Absolutely delicious. Exquisite. We did the 5 course menu and added the wagyu filet on top. Not kidding when I say everything was good. The standouts were the wagyu filet and the smoked pork chop. Excellent service, great course timing, great ambience. Can't wait to go back!

Sir John Doe of PennsWoods

Small portions, but good. Had a hair on my ribeye the last visit.

paul gregory

Absolutely one of the worst high end steak experiences I ever had. I really wanted to love it. Great story with the brothers and the meticulous aging etc...All the hype resulted in a pedestrian collection of steak, side dishes, and service. The steak despite all the care and aging didn’t have great flavor. The vegetables were undercooked (more raw than Al dente). Veg was paired with a sauce that tasted bizarre and off putting. Our servers were apparently trained by Harry Houdini. Score one for the LA PR firm these guys use. Without the hype, they would be closed by now. Yet I see a rating of 4.6. Wow. I hope LA does not embrace a place like this. If this place were in demanding food towns like ny, Chicago, or sf it would close within the year. Maybe they are lucky that LA doesn’t have that much competition in this segment yet. If I pay ridiculous prices for a meal, it should be ridiculously good. For now, this is an expensive LA steak house for those that really haven’t yet dined at any of America’s best steak houses. If you live in LA and think Gwen is great, you should try bizarre meat next time you are in Vegas for the weekend. You will be shocked at the difference in quality. Sad to say a Vegas restaurant outclasses Gwen in every way. Despite this dud, I love the LA food scene which is full of energy and is rapidly improving. If you go here despite my warning, don’t sit upstairs, a big step down in decor from the main dining room.

Roberto Figus

My Australian wife and I dined at Gwen tonight with great hopes, knowing Curtis Stone by fame, but our experience was quite underwhelming. Service was quite hit and miss, especially compared to the standard one can find in any place in the US. We had one cocktail at the start of the dinner and nobody ever asked if we wanted more. Water levels reached the end of the glasses multiple times before being refilled. Plus, the waiting time between each course was way too long. In terms of food, we had the 5-course tasting menu and it didn't match the expectations and the cost. The cured meats starter was very good, although the 'nduja we were given was made with pork and duck and wasn't hot at all (I am Italian and LOVE 'nduja, and it's supposed to be made with pork meat only and LOTS of chillies). The scallop was perfectly cooked but the mushroom sauce was way too salty. The pasta was cooked well but, again, the sauce was too salty and instead of real porcini mushrooms there was porcini dust which got mixed up in the sauce. In this level of restaurant I'd expect real porcini. The NY strip steak was ok but not rested enough and the texture was too grainy. Also, nobody asked us how we wanted it cooked, which is unheard of in a steak restaurant. I had much, MUCH better steaks in Houston and Atlanta. The duck fat roasted potatoes were good enough but didn't have the 'wow' factor we expected, and the leeks were (again!) way too salty. My dessert, a panna cotta with peanuts, apples and caramel, was excellent, but the flourless chocolate cake my wife had was too heavy (more like a heavy ganache) and lacked texture. On the plus side, our cocktails and the lamb ribs we bought for our seven year old son were great. Taking everything into account this is a place with the hopes, aims, label and prices of a high-end restaurant that definitely underdelivers in several - too many - areas, positioning it to the level of a mediocre one. So, at the moment, it's not worth the trip, as the inflated cost doesn't nearly match the quality.

benjamin hernandez

We ordered a variety of items. Every single dish was flavorful, and beautifully presented. Talk about several layers of flavor, combined into something unexplainable and delicious. Ask your server the most popular dishes then decide.

Chris Herbrand

This place is absolutely amazing. The food, the ambience, the staff, it was all great. We had the 5 course menu with a 30 day aged ribeye steak and the braised lamb shank. The flavors of each were so amazing. The lemon juice on the lamb really cut through the meat. The ribeye was fabulous. The wine selection was amazing too. I would definitely come to this place again. I recommend it to everyone who loves great food.

maria de los ángeles

AWESOME FOOD. Really I had the best chicken salad in a long time- and meatball sandwich. You can tell that the chef is actually a really good one. Lunch and dinner perfect! And, they also have delicious pastry.

Sean Parker

Had one of our most memorable dinner experiences at Gwen! The staff and ownership are second-to-none, not to mention the food is unbelievable! Returning to Southern California in September, will definitely be back!

Steve W

Excellent food and service! Given that there was an adjacent butcher shop, I expected the meat to be superb and it was. Our table ordered lamb riblets and NY steak. Of course Gwen wasn't the place for me to stick to the diet. The bread was amazing served with their own house churned butter. Expensive dinner, but in my mind worth every cent! Staff was warm and on it.

Casey Curry

Fahara is one of the best Somms in the industry. GO HERE!

Casey Hartt

I love the food (great for a vegan) and the atmosphere is very cozy! Comfort food that doesn't leave me with regret

Andrea Graham

Comfort Food. I can convey that this point is positive.

Tom Sturtz

I've now had the great pleasure of dining at Gwen twice in as many months. This is easily one of the premiere restaurants in Los Angeles if not the country. Gwen is outstanding in every way, yet also relaxed, comfortable and not pretentious in the manner of a number of places in LA. The staff is incredible. Warm, genuine, happy to be there and to take care of you. There are many to mention but Kamden, the manager, and Allen, my waiter both times, are simply the best. And then the food. I've done the tasting menu both times and, believe me, this is the best value in town with the best food you can eat. $85 for 5 amazing courses (not small) as well as the best bread and butter you will ever have in your life. No joke. Last night one of our party was a bread maker (really good bread) and he admitted it was beyond even his. On the tasting menu, you get both items from the menu (perfectly cooked steak and their dazzling side dishes) but you get special items as well that are not on the menu. Both times, for instance, featured a pasta course; each was the best pasta I've had in years. They also don't rush you unless you have a time constraint. We had lovely relaxed meals of about 3 hours each time and we didn't want to be anywhere else. Gwen is special. And a marvelous taste sensation.

Nadia Breckenridge

Bomb desserts!

Stasy Ribert

quality meals, mmm, super yummy

Cristian Hampton

Ok location for quality meals. Nothing but pleasant experiences here. This place has a nice design.


Buttery Wagyu actually worth the hype. Excellent staff. Sure it's expense account pricey but the servers and atmosphere always elevate special occasions. Easy parking, a real bonus in this part of LA.

Sean Banks

Ok place for Quality Meals. I love this place, great food & service. The prices are good for what you get. They have a lot of good reviews for a reason.

Stanzi McWang

Fantastic butcher shop & restaurant. Amazing quality meats. Had the steak sandwich and short rib. Steak stood out but both were delicious.

Ian M

Food portions are tasty but too small given the price. Steak (80 day aged ribeye) was very rubbery and a huge let down (I can cook a better steak). All of the other food was fantastic. Service is top notch and so is the atmosphere. Really cool thing is they present many knives to you and let you select your weapon of choice. Bathroom is terrible though. It is clean but tries to be too trendy yet the basics are not covered. For example, the latch on the stalls do not close all the way and are VERY difficult to open. Another example are the handkerchiefs instead of paper towels -- they just don't dry as effectively. Bottom line: I'm glad I went here but don't think I'll ever be back. P.s. the owner/head chef looks like he could totally take down an elephant in a MMA style cage match. Impressive.

Julie Lam

Great service and drinks were great. Top shelf used only. Apps were delicious. Very flexible when we said we would rather sit at the bar and eat instead. Vibe is romantic and hip at the same time. Covered outside seating. They get harassed by anti meat eaters as it’s also a restaurant that butchers it’s own meat. Moderately priced except for the meats as they are raised and brought in from Australia. Bread is fresh and butter perfect. Would def return.

Preston Vanderfinch

The staff was incredibly nice and accommodating. I was unable to get the tasting menu so I had a New York strip. Its was a beautiful prepared and delicious piece of meat. That being said it wasn't the elevated experience I thought it would be. I'll definitely go back and hopefully the tasting menu will really prove me wrong

george tevelde

One of the best meals I have ever had. Set menu

Thomas Paul

Great Food. I can deliver that this joint is satisfactory.

Elizabeth Critch

Beautiful space, amazing menu. The bartenders and cocktail menu are top notch.

brendalyn aguirre

Great service, the most buttery steak I've ever had I loved every bite. We arrived early for our reservation but they made room for us. Parking was easy and $10 can't be beat!

Harrison Baker

quality meals and the setting here is great. Great location to chill, eat some good food. I had a brother come into town and asked me to take him back here. They have a lot of great reviews for a reason.

Rick Genter

It was amazing. We’d been to Maude several times, but this was our first trip to Gwen. The food was outstanding. From the stecca bread with hand churned butter, to the meatball sandwich and hangar steak, to the duck fat potatoes and roasted cauliflower, to the lemon curd and chocolate rhubarb desserts, everything was just perfect. My only criticism is that the meatball sandwich was too generous; we had to take two thirds to go. Overall, though, it was just a fabulous experience. Sit at the chef’s counter if you can; the chefs are friendly and it’s fascinating to watch them work.

Charlotte T

I didn't eat at the restaurant but I did buy products from their butcher counter. WE FINALLY FOUND RABBIT AND PINTADE!!! Okay, Pintade is the French word, the English word is so strange...Guinea Fowl. Had I not seen the bird and only saw the name I probably woudn't have purchased it. The pintade and rabbit were fresh, just like every other meat in their counter. They carry some of the most choice pieces that you cannot find anywhere else. And to top it off, they have real butchers (the ones that are fully trained) to prepare the meat for you. Love this place and I will certainly go pintade was SOOOO GOOD! Gonna make the civet de lapin (rabbit civet in wine sauce,mmmm) next week.

Marissa Marqusee

My go-to sandwich spot! Excellent food and lovely ambiance. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Hunter Hastings

Absolutely incredible experience from start to finish! Service was incredible and my partner and I received complimentary drinks for our anniversary celebration! We had the lamb ribs and lobster role, then duck breast, hanger steak and duck fat potatoes. The steak was phenomenal and cooked perfectly but have to say the lamb ribs were the best part of the meal. Perfectly tender and juicy with amazing flavor and not too much fat. Highly recommend to everyone

Winnie Leung

Went to Gwen last September to try their 3 course menu and it was amazing! They didn’t have a la carte back then but now they do. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy too much was the cucumber starter, not a big fan of cucumber so it was difficult for me to have it. Mains were delicious, poached fish was cooked to perfection. The dessert was a WOW as I never thought I would enjoy rhubarb that much, the flavours were very nice and you pretty much won’t be able to tell that it’s got rhubard in it. Good value for a 3 course menu and would definitrly go back again. And if you’re lucky, you can see celebrity chef Curtis Stone working in the kitchen!

Danielle Bradbury

We had a fantastic date night here. The restaurant is gorgeous and all the food and drinks were spectacular. You might get lucky and have Chef Stone bring you your food!

Shaffiq Rahim

An amazing experience! The theme was Lamb for the evening - everything was fresh, organic, flavorful, well-prepared and I didn't feel stuffed at the end. The butcher shop in the front of the house is a nice touch, we even got a tour of the meat lockers from one of the chefs.

jaime tamez

Not good at all. We tried the tasting menu and we wait about 15 to 20 min between each dish. The food was cold the meat didn't have any taste and the portions were really small. Slow service expensive. We paid about 240 dls without wine. Anybody who love food will not enjoy the place.

Mirna Jennifer

Very nice place! Recommended to all my friends

Marina Rosenthal

One of the best meat shops/butcher's I have ever been to. I'll be coming back!

VW Junior

Pros run this place. Pros work there. Not cheap but a BARGAIN. EVERYTHING excellent.

T.J. Moffett

Have been three times. All the food is fantastic. Staff is fabulous. Easily one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles.

Simon A

Hellishly amazing expensive fare worth every hard earned penny. The butchery and kitchen are on point with an amazing menu - steaks to die for, pasta to send you to heaven and desserts to take you to hell. A lot product from Mew Zealand which you can taste. Just superb eating.

Nick Nguyen

Very elegant place to have dinner or drinks. Both their food and bar programs are top notch. Even their (men's, at least) restroom is thought out. If you're looking to impress someone, hell, impress yourself, go here

Thomas Myers

The place has a nice setting and interiors. I love their steak. My order was cooked just the way I liked it. The place is also very clean.

Davey Freeman

I visited here for a private event. They have a separate room on the second floor with a dedicated bar, which was nicely decorated. Food was great, and I'm now curious to come back and try their regular menu.

Riley Hopkins

quality meals at this spot - excellent. i've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. this place has positive reviews for a reason.

David J. Boran

The money you spend here is well worth it. Every dish, every morsel done to perfection. The lamb four ways was insane, as was the pasta dish we had and the special tiramisu dessert. Excellent staff, excellent service and excellent ambiance.

Courtney Courter

Beautiful setting, attentive staff, and delicious tasting menu! Made a very special dinner

Stephanie Robinson

You can't go wrong with this one if you're in the area. I've also held a quick business meeting here during crunch time. I would highly suggest visiting this fine establishment.

Helen McLean

Exceptional food & service. Beautiful decor (and cutlery!). The Stone brothers have not left a stone unturned in putting this restaurant together.

Nick Moghadassi

Wow. The best steak (bone-in ribeye) I have ever had at a restaurant. The service is fantastic and the cocktails were fun.

Larry Chester

Was only here to hang out with a few friends, but it is obvious that they care about the quality of food they put out. Keep doing a great job.

Lisa Qian

When you come to a highly rated, celebrity owned restaurant with $$$$ sign, you expect to have an extraordinary dining experience. Gwen was just "A-OK". First off, everyone in your party must choose the same course... we opted for the 5 course. One thing that was not made clear to us, was that the "supplement menu" actually replaces the meat course. I might not have opted for the additional $185 NY Strip Wagyu if I knew that I was only getting 4 courses. Amuse bouche? Nope I - Charcuterie and Terrines: cured sausages, whipped chicken liver mousse, prosciutto and a terrine. The sausages and prosciutto were not that special, I couldn't taste any difference between the different sausages. The best thing in this course was the whipped chicken liver. It didn't have a liver/organ taste and was very light and creamy. II - Summer Melon, charred salsify, arugla, lavender. This dish was very pretty. The melon was sliced very thinly and covered the plate like delicate petals. The charred salsify ruined the dish for me because it had a very bitter flavor. III - Cavatelli, saffron, eggplant, bottarga. These little "hot dog bun" noodles were cooked al dente and was good. IV - Supplement (Replacement): New York Strip Wagyu: meat was cooked to a perfect medium rare. There wasn't an option to choose how you like your steak. Luckily, medium rare worked for both of us. Palate cleanser: honey gelato with honey vinegar foam V - Rhubarb, formage blanc, olives Lastly, there were chocolate covered macademia nut, fruit jelly, and a "bone marrow" caramel for the finish. Our meal took about 2.5 hours from start to finish. I would've liked an amuse bouche and to try the shortrib or trout as the main course. Overall, there are better fine dining and better steak houses than Gwen.

Pit Boss

Stuffy & overpriced, would not go back. The bread and butter is out of this world good tough. For the owners: here’s what I didn’t like. 1. I did not like the dark booths at either end of the restaurant, especially that you have the patricians separating the center of the restaurant from the two sides. 2. The service is lackluster and wayyyyy below par for a place with pricing like yours. I’m sure it’s just an anomaly that we got the most depressed waiter there, but I came in a good mood, but this guy just brought the level wayyyy down. He didn’t even say welcome or good evening. He just placed the menus on the table while we were in a middle of a conversation. Theresa LOT more, but I don’t think you care, and that may be another problem. 3.It takes forever for the food to come out. 4. There’s wayyyy too much inedible fat on a $150 steak. Maybe all the other stuff, including the pricing may be overlooked if the service was better. But i’m Not going to go back. No need to, there are a thousand other places that train their staff to take care of their guests.

Connie Mercy

So the other day, I was invited to eat with my company at Gwen Butcher Shop. I have to say the experience was great! This place is located on Sunset with it's own little private valet parking behind the building, it was $11 to park the car in the evening. Walking in, you pass by the butcher counter where you can purchase different meats to cook at home. The restaurant has the cool contemporary industrial chic modern interior feel with the dry aging fridge located in the center of the store. We were eating at 5:30 PM so it wasn't packed...yet. Our server was this super cool and knowledgeable Australian woman that said the place gets packed at 7-8PM. I was the last to arrive and everyone else had basically ordered their drinks and I was asked what I wanted. I told them a dry white wine....and they gave me a super delicious chardonnay. We ordered the following items: *House Made Charcuterie (there is no cheese fyi) - $28 *2 Market Salads (huge portions so we split the salads between 4 people) - 2 @ $14 a piece for a total of $28 Grilled Diver Scallops - $28 (in my opinion a super small portion) Black Sea Bream - $32 Hanger Steak - $45 *Bone-In Ribeye 30 Day Aged - $135 (split between 2 people) *Duck Fat Potatoes - $14 *Creamed Leeks - $14 *Josper Roasted Carrots - $14 *Roasted Beets - $14 *Chocolate Tart (not sure about price) *Pannacotta (not sure about price) *notes all items I ate. At the beginning of the meal, they brought out house made bread and churned butter. IT was so warm and delicious...I totally ate more than my one "loaf". The Charcuterie was delicious it was a little sad to not see any cheese accompaniments but the in house pickles were AMAZING. The market salads were whatever in my opinion but you know when you're going to eat steak you need some veggies. Before the entree's came out, our server brought out the knife box...not sure what else to call it. You get to choose your own knife to eat your steak with. I chose a mother of pearl knife...LOL (they're all different). Anyway...the ribeye was AMAZING!! We ordered it medium rare and we were told that all steaks were cooked over charcoal (i think) so it would take a while to get everything. Whatever it was amazing. All the sides were great as well, I know the duck fat potatoes were a hit, but i ate mainly all the other sides and finished off the carrots and the beets. I then was the only person to request dessert...yes. I LOVE pannacotta and so I immediately ordered that and then there was another option aside from the chocolate tart...but I can't remember what it was. All in all, both were great but i liked the pannacotta more. End result, will i go again? Yes...especially if someone else is paying! LOL! Also note, they already include an 18% gratuity in the bill.

Taha Raja

Fantastic experience. Definitely a great special restaurant with the 5 course meal.and outstanding meat selection. The meal was well paced and service was awesome.

Ben Konicek

We visited Gwen for dinner the Sunday before New Year's Eve before seeing a show. We had a reservation but because we were eating on the earlier side it wasn't necessary as there were plenty of free tables. Our server, Myles, was very understanding of our timeline and did his best to speed things along, while still providing excellent recommendations and service. We shared all of the dishes we ordered. The charcuterie was the star of the show - all of the meats were delicious, especially the house made sausage. Some of the other items we ordered were the house salad, potato wedges, roasted carrots, scallops, sea break, and NY strip. For the 5 of us it was just barely enough food, but we were in a rush and Myles did warn us, recommending no more than 2 people to share most of the dishes. Everything was cooked perfectly - I don't usually like scallops but they were delicious and extremely tender. They also have a great wine list, good cocktails and a good beer selection. I would definitely recommend Gwen to anyone visiting LA, just be warned it's not cheap!

Ga'ash Soffer

I did the 10 course tasting. Menu was elevated and still accessible, but execution was somewhat lacking. 4 dishes were too salty, the John Dory also unevenly cooked. A 5th dish was some sort of salad that was pointless and not particularly tasty. On the plus side, the wagyu was excellent, as was the initial dish and of course anything with caviar is good. Service and atmosphere was great, though the whole taking a credit card to make a reservation is unnecessarily pretentious for this type of establishment. Overall the experience was good but not great. For those who care about value; however, this restaurant falls flat on its face. Priced similarly to the 2 and 3 michelin star classics in Manhattan, this place does not even compare. It's nice not having to wear a jacket though.

Blair Prietz

Great lunch and coffee spot

Grace Heber

They have the best steak I have ever had anywhere! Not only is the steak top quality, they butterflied and cooked it exactly like I asked them.

Carlos Martinez

Our favorite restaurant in Atlanta. Unusual service by the chefs dim sum style, with a different menu every time we've gone. Better with 4 or more so you can taste as much as possible, great atmoshpere.

Joyce Lee

Great people. Great cocktails. Love the charcuterie, especially the duck speck!

Thomas Bryant

Very expencive and the food is not that delicious.

Athena Gardner

Excellent place for delicious Quality Meals. Service is excellent even when they are busy. There was quick, helpful, and friendly service. Bring your appetite because portions are filling. I see why this place has so many good reviews.

Julie Bush

quality meals at this location - great. Filled me up. The staff was friendly and observant. Food is like a restaurant in Louisville I loved.

Elvis Mujić

Weiter REFUSED to spit in my food. UNPROFESSIONAL! ElvisComedy(DOT)com

Pooja Vaid

A great night out! We went there for our anniversary and lucked out because Curtis Stone was coming that night

Clinton Kelly

Quality Meals and the scene here is quality. There was quick, helpful, and friendly service.

camden chan

Great food, is partnered with exceptional cocktails. Can't praise the bar staff enough. Maybe the best barmen/women in LA. Also, Curtis does a lovely half-time show and personally greets his guests.

Davin Chen

A butcher shop that's much more than a butcher shop. Enjoyed a 5? (It was good so did not really count) course dinner on the eve of Christmas here. The menu was well thought out and every dish was absolutely delightful. The steak was nothing short of amazing. Perfectly charred exterior and medium rare inside. Temperatures were spot on and the smell was heavenly. Would definitely come back when back in LA. Highly recommended!

Clair Clarinda

Have been three times. All the food is fantastic. Staff is fabulous. Easily one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles.

Nicholas Jarnot

I’m sure the meat is great but just a weird vibe for the location.... trying to be super upscale but in a very young persons neighborhood with a random butcher shop on the end and signs advertising pastries and coffee outside, also, how do you not have a great burger on the menu? 7pm and was empty. Says it all. C’mon guys...missing the forest for the trees. This isn’t midtown Manhattan.

Patrick Desjardins

Very expensive but one of the greatest steack I ate. The service is #1. Very upscale place.

Edward Tuan

Went for a friend's birthday, drinks were on point but the tasting menu had a few misses. -The charcuterie plate was spectacular, with the duck speck being my favorite. -We added the ceviche, which was good, but nothing special. -The mushroom pasta was perfectly al dente, but I felt like the sauce could have gone a bit more cheesy for savoriness or brightened with some acidity. -There ended up being 3 New York strip steaks with varying levels of enjoyment, which shouldn't happen given they were all the same cut. -Dessert was nice, but they really need an extra spoon of ice cream to go with it. Overall the quality and service were nice, but just missed on a perfect score.

Jeff Lipsman

Great atmosphere with okay food. There are better steak houses around every corner. Our waiter was great. The sommelier with the swept back hair was icy and stone faced. We had fun, but other restaurants for carnivores are a cut above Gwen. One of our party couldn't make it, so we were charged a $50 missing diner penalty even though the three of us did show up. That is in addition to the incomparable $50 corkage per bottle of wine. At least they allow outside wine. This trend of charging for missing party members is abusive. Do we really need to dine at restaurants that require a cc to book and penalize you per person even if you keep the table? I expect it from United Airlines. But not from a restaurant. WE certainly don't need to support these establishments.

Karl 1974

Retail meat shop, in-house butchery & polished, full-service restaurant for tasting menus only.

Dan Chen

Amazing meatball sandwich from dry aged meat. Spicy chicken is also very good

Wayfarer 612

Great vibe, killer cocktails and amazing food. The butcher counter at the front entrance made me swoon. Sure wish we lived closer to Gwen!

Seth van Esschoten

I took way too long to come dine at Gwen. Every single aspect of your dining experience is handled with absolutely top-notch skill and care. Each item we chose on the menu impressed with both flavor and presentation. The stafff made us feel welcome, and ensure we had a wonderful evening. Quite possibly the best restaurant experience I've ever had.

Raymond Francel

Food, service, and atmosphere were perfect.

Lyla Mccoy

Nice location for quality Quality Meals. the staff was very friendly and attentive. prices were appropriate. menu is like a cafe in boston i loved.

Dave A.

Good food, first time having dinner here. We've been for lunch many times. The tasting menu is a good deal if you want to try a bit of everything.

Bryce Shawcross

A truly special experience, the dinner was a surprise and delight with each proceeding dish. Service was amazing, restaurant was beautiful, and the care and craftsmanship of the holistic concept was impeccable. Warning: it's not cheap. Definitely a top contender for a special dinner in LA.

Clint M

Great service and great food. Had a medical school graduation dinner here and our server was so nice and thoughtful to the guest of honor. He also explained menu items and cook times... Nice touches.

Phil Miller

Truly a dining 'experience', every dish was impeccable and left me wanting more! Service was top notch, presentation immaculate. My new favourite restaurant in LA. Thank you Gwen for a memorable anniversay!

Charles N Tonic

For sure one of the best restaurants in the world! each detail in the restaurant from the food to the service makes it a wonderful experience

Joshua Augusto

Gwen was a complete disappointment. Having such great reviews on various platforms I was excited to try this restaurant while on vacation. Upon arriving the restaurant was completely full however there was room on the patio. While sitting at the patio you can't order the tasting menu and are forced to order from the menu. The waiter serving my table was extremely slow. To the point I was sure he forgot our drinks. The service to the table was also extremely slow taking over 2 hours to get the food from the point we sat down to eating. One of my dishes the waiter forgot to order. The gnocchi was hard and came with a mere 3 pieces. The main attraction of Gwen is that it's a specialty butcher shop specializing with its meats. Again even here the restaurant fell short. The ribeye cut was horrible full of fat - I'm not even sure how they justified serving it. Also the meat lacked any taste whatsoever. Unfortunately my experience at Gwen that evening was not isolated as 4 other tables outside were extremely upset and disappointed with 1 cancelled their entire order having waited 1.5 hours with no food yet to come. Gwen was a complete disappointment between the lack of quality service and under satisfying food - even if I paid half the price I did I still would have been disappointed.

Tina Cao

Went on a Wednesday night, good amount of crowd. We sat at the chef's table that offers a view of the kitchen and seeing the interworks off dish preparation. Staff were friendly and attentive. We had the tasting menu, Taste of Gwen, plus wine pairing. Sam was accommodating about the portion of the pour because one of us have to drive home and a generous charge to reflect that. Food was comparable. They specialized in artisan, gourmet deli meats. Good place to try. They also recently added a la carte dishes along with their tasting menu.

Cristina Stevens

This was really good but the portions I thought were really small. Yes, I know it's gourmet but still. Super tiny and barely enough to share. To give you an idea, we ordered a bunch of stuff from the menu and we were 4 in the party. For the entrees, we would all get about 2 oz of the food that we were splitting. That's about it. The apps were like 1 oz each because we were doing a taster of our own. So give or take entree meal sizes were roughly 8 oz and apps were like 4 oz.. The "choose your own steak knife" was my fav part of the evening so that gets a bump!

Anon Anon

Went to this place for a bachelor party. From start to finish everything was fantastic! Our server (Asian guy which I cannot remember his name) was amazing. I'm not sure how long it took him to memorize every small detail about everything down to the steak knives but his presentation was impeccable. Curtis, one of the owners, was making his rounds regularly to greet all of his customers as well. Super nice guy. Majority of the menu was a bit pricey but there were items on the menu as well that weren't all too badly priced either and well... I couldn't find a single bad thing to say about any of the dishes we ordered. I don't normally do fine dining but if I am ever in the area and wanted to spend a pretty penny on dining, I'll prob come back here. This place is worth it.

Andrew mattle

I've spent tons of money here only to be lied to by the butcher Andrew! Special ordered 6 month dry aged steaks like I've gotten so many times from them, for my birthday this time, only to call and verify they were still being aged after they posted some. When I called he said he remembered us talking about it but I didn't reserve them which is a lie! He has been rude every time I talked to him. Wish they would bring Randy back! Won't give my money to place that treats customers like that no matter what they have! Plenty of other great butchers.

Richard Potts

Gwen was only a fair experience. My party did the 10 course tasting menu. The ambiance, mission, and execution was impressive, but the overall quality of the food and service was mediocre at best. Since we had a late seating, the meal was rushed, and we could visibly see the entire line breaking down their stations and powering through courses at a very rapid rate to get us out as quickly as possible. The food is remarkably well assembled with care and acuity. The details were impeccable, but the fare was soulless. The best way to equate the experience is looking at the artwork of the master painter, then watching a student copy, line for line, the master's work. Impressive in execution but completely uninspired. Nothing warranted a second take or a level of splendor, awe, or culinary admiration. Service was hit and miss. The captain was excellent but the support staff was very green and not as polished. The front of house's lack of knowledge of the courses that were being served was very apparent. They could not answer questions regarding the preparations nor fully explain the dishes we were being served. Lastly, the Sommelier was not impressive and when we asked about the wine pairing with the 10 course meal, she could not inspire us enough to want to take the journey with her. In closing, there are so many insanely great restaurants in Los Angeles- Skip Gwen.

Scarlett Josiah

Solid reliable classic Japanese cuisine served in a classic Japanese style. Everything is good. I especially love the eggplant and the black cod. But you really cannot go wrong here. It is THAT good

Hugo Fonseca

It's an amazing gourmet experience (and a price to match it). If you like your different options of meat this is the place. The only drawback is that the meal can be really drawn out

Anthony Garcia

More meat on The rib though. The rib tips was bomb. I dont like pulled pork but they pulled pork melted in my mouth. I dont Care for the selection of sausage i had tasted. Good good though. The rib tips i had had no bones.

Lucas Duffey

Cups styled is a solid cocktail. Great place for charcuterie (they're a butcher). Solid food and dessert. I got the Agnolotti and the carrot cake and they were both fantastic. Nice soap in the bathroom.

Meng Yang Ng

Enjoyed the very well crafted degustation menu coupled with the friendly and capable table service. Really enjoyed the foie gras terrine and the pork main course. The 30 day aged bone in ribeye was good but not as tender is it could be.

Rudy Sanchez

This is truly the best dining experience yet good food and friendly service

Chastity Palermo

All around excellent experience. Steaks phenomenal. Scallop appetizer exquisite. Oysters fresh and delectuble...delicate and tasty. My vegetarian son had the chestnut ravioli pasta dish and was "wowed". The duck fat fried potato wedges were an amazing accompaniment. As for drinks, fresh, fruity, light. Incrediblely knowledgeable bar tender who was a pleasure to talk with and a top notch waiter as well. Cheers Perry! We will be back soon; and often.

Sean Anderson

Michelle and I went to Gwen on Saturday night and Gwen is a great restaurant. The service is outstanding and the food even more. Comforting food... never felt “full” even after dessert. Micheal our waiter ...thank you for your attentive service. We can’t wait to try Maude perhaps before Christmas.

Jerome Collins

I love the band No Doubt so I tried this place, and now I love the band No Doubt and this place.

Jeffrey Scott Basham

Best cut of meat I have every had and I ive so close by. The kind of restaurant where I could easily become a regular and will be my go-to for special occasions


We sat at the upstairs bar and Jerom took fantastic care of us. Our order: the new manhattan schooled, yuzu and passion fruit spritzer, charcuterie plate, white asparagus, and pavlova (this was our second dinner). Everything was absolutely delicious, especially the duck speck, coppa, and gosh, that butter

Joey Yamine

Awesome food. Beautiful environment. Definitely worth the price

Derrin Brown

Quality and fun with the best butchers in LA

Daniel G

Great selection of meat. Fun picking out your own knife to use.

Nikki Bahadori

I am not even upset about the tiny tiny portion or spending $500 (for 2) for dinner. Trust me; we eat out all the time and money is no object. I am just disgusted with the taste of the meat and whatever you want to call the other courses. They weren't side dishes. I don't even know what to call them. Nothing went together. It seems like they are trying too hard and too much to be different and fancy. If you have to try too hard, you are doing it wrong. Even the dessert was too sour and uneatable. we couldn't understand any of their explanation about their food. I also asked for a glass of italian / Spain wine that isn't too dry and of course it was just dry. We have had had many great experiences with other restaurants while visiting LA but this was our worse experience to the point that it made us sick and we cut our evening short and went back to our hotel. we are hoping for a batter experience on our last day tomorrow. YIKES!!!!!

Knox Fulton

quality meals, quality stuff. visited on fri i believe. the service was sociable and attentive. this place has an awesome atmosphere. food is like a place in baltimore i liked.

Eman Talei

This place was fantastic! Food quality, taste and service all amazing. It's a little pricey and portions are small but well worth it.

Ryan Parson

It's an amazing gourmet experience (and a price to match it). If you like your different options of meat this is the place. The only drawback is that the meal can be really drawn out

Shannon Larson

Quality Meals and service at this place is super good. The service here is friendly. It has a great atmosphere.

Nola Taunton

My husband and I are from Georgia. We visited LA this summer and ate at Gwen. I would 100% give this restaurant 5 stars all around if it wasn't for the service. The food and atmosphere were great; however, our service was unacceptable and quite frankly, we felt financially and culturally discriminated against. Whether or not that was truly the waiter's intention, I'll never know, but I will definitely never forget my perception of that night. First off, being from Georgia, with our accents, we stuck out like sore thumbs in LA when we opened our mouths. So, what, we had a few laughs and met some great people throughout our trip. However, at Gwen, we truly felt like we were unimportant and not a priority to receive the best service because we were different. We ordered oysters and oohed and ahhed over them. They were delicious, so we ordered another round, but we never received them because they were delivered to the table next to us. Our waiter acknowledged the mix up, but never bothered to correct the error and bring us our 2nd order of oysters. My husband does not drink wine, so we didn't purchase a whole bottle and I settled on ordering a couple of glasses. The table next to us was full of obvious local people and they were ordering multiple bottles of wine and were waited on hand and foot while my husband and I sat there in a cloud of unimportance. It was completely obvious which table would give the biggest tip that night, but that shouldn't result in neglecting two individuals expecting to enjoy a nice dinner after traveling 2,000 miles.

Paul Modric

Nicely presented meals and food was delicious. Great atmosphere.

Blanche Ramirez

This place is a meat lover's dream. You enter through the butcher shop and walk past gorgeous cuts of meat, boudin, and terrines to get to the dining room. The specialty cocktails are interesting and delicious - we tried four of them. Our party ordered the chef's tasting menu and we were not disappointed or left hungry. The tasting menu was extensive and had so much to offer, we even brought home leftovers. The tasting menu that day was pork based. It was divine. Be prepared to spend a lot of money but I do believe it was worth every penny. The decor is beautiful and worth snapping a few photos. The service was great, from the wait staff to the sommelier who gave us great recommendations.

sharlene butler

Five stars! Excellent spot! A burger place that actually won me over. I recommend the garlic fries too!! Rivels any upscale restaurant.Thanks guys!

Martina Keinath

Wonderful new fall menu! Thank you Gwen team. So much fun sitting at the chef’s counter. Don’t know where to start to talk about the food: hanger steak with the radicchio, burrata toast - beautiful and most tasty - and don’t miss out on the stecca bread with butter

Chris Hayes

This restaurant is expensive but the food and atmosphere is truly worth it one of my favorite places to go to enjoy a meal


amazing butcher shop and great customer service. Andrew the head butcher always goes above and beyond for his clients. Thank you so much for offering an incredibly selection of high quality meats and service.

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