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31622 Date Palm Dr, Cathedral City, CA 92234, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cardenas Markets IN California

Spencer Kazanow

Very nice store for ethnic Mexican Products

Delia Mart. Can

Worse customer service and false advertisement..

Robert Rorvik

first time being in here..clean, organized..prices are goos

Dan Van Minnen


Francisco Garcia

Bought 2 packs of chicken. Got home and the chicken was spoiled.

Jana Clayton

Wonderful Mexican grocery store with great prices and service

Anna Alonzo

Plenty of authentic food that is good on the budget. The salsa is great and so is the device. Chile rellenos were awesome and tasty. Good prices on many items.

Brandy Roxas

Horrible customer service. Then I bought a cake for my boss. Took forever to get help then they put it in a box 3 times the size and did nothing to keep it from sliding around. Cake was a disaster before I got to my job less than10 minutes away.

Luis Marmolejo

They need a good costumer service in the pastry station, Ma. Lourdes Salgado, is it the name that shows in the ticket. She was rushing me, had an attitude, and a bad face all the time, I asked for a cake and she didn't care of what I wanted, the name on the cake was all mess up. The only thing that I like from here is the masa for make tortillas.

Steve Marshall

I love this grocery store. They have great produce and a broad selection. They make their own chips and salsa which are quite tasty. Nice baked goods also. Have an extensive meat counter and some good sales on meat items. And of course being a Latino Market if you are looking for something that is in that genre you will have a good chance of finding it at Cardenas. They also have an in-house eating area so if you get hungry during your shopping trip step up to the counter and order something and then take a seat and enjoy it. The store is often quite busy so don't go there expecting a quick in-and-out trip.

Judy J

Very clean. Very nice looking produce. Great meat dept. and everybody is always very nice

Gail Thomas

I love to buy produce here, the prices are very reasonable.

Phillip Snover

Who doesn't like this place I like to drive from the high Desert just to pick up some real Mexican products. The meat prices you can't beat good to stock up on Carne, Pollo, pan, torillas y mucho mas. Has a really big selection of products. The food there is so good. Carnitas queso salsa is very good. Best place around for Mexican food.

Karely Herrera

Lines are always too long and only 2 registers open



Gabe Sanchez

Great prices and selection of food products, household goods and so much more. From prepared food for breakfast lunch or dinner, to breads, sweets, meats, and still more. Prices are fantastic. Staff is so friendly. Overall one of the better grocery stores I've been to.

Steve Klein

Love the fresh produce. Always grab fresh tortillas

Serge Ortiz

Amazing staff and amazing food

Eucario Perez

Buen lugar donde puedes surtir tu despensa además de comer comida muy mexicana

John Trebor

I bought flowers there, and they were a kind of expensive, I like the cashiers' services, but not from the Afro-American secure guard, he was following me all the time and watching me, he might think that I wanted to steal something, for obvious reasons I felt uncomfortable there, but I liked the flowers

Richard Gomez

Always has good prices on cheese and I LOVE

Christian Enriquez


William Alarcon

esta market es como que lo mejor de lo mejor...the best of the best

Ricardo Bedolla Berumen

i love this place! tienen los mejores platillos y toda la comida que venden en el restaurant sabe a mexico o al menos lo mas cercano a nuestro mexico

Hiania Gallegos

The restaurant inside has some of the best chicken I've had.

Mario Lopez Garcia

(Translated by Google) Good service ☺ (Original) Buen servicio ☺


Great Hispanic food market!!

xx_assasin_89Xx 8969

The meat area.carniceria.have a old blood smell. to go away smell. Other than that the rest its good

OceanBreeze SoCal

Great Mexican grocery store - "mercado". But their cashiers?? Very S L O W at check outs. Their chicken sales are more like " get rid of the old stuff". I have rejected chicken that had an oder to it. Other than that. Great Mexican Mercado.

Paul Lopez

great market wish we had one in yucca valley

Daydream Saga by Damaris

I got there at 7:50pm and the front door was locked. Got a mangonada and it was rotten. I didn't notice until I left the store cause my daughter had been drinking it. I tasted it after. So upset I paid $5 for what I thought was a mango raspado then the cashier with her bad attitude said I got a mangonada and not a raspado. Regardless it was spoiled. That s why they have a bad rep. The bread I got was good.

Victoria Porter

Great food

Aaysln Nelson

Their party platters are wonderful and priced really affordable.

baby pat

No good at all

Andy Ramirez

Great selection of produce. Overall good supermarket; the employees could use a bit of customer service training, especially in the deli/ cheese department.

allison wenger

I love the products available here.

royal cutler

Great butcher shop with nice meat, good prices, friendly staff and don't forget the great spice rub for free.

Adilene Arroyo

Nona Moss

Like very many Spanish markets, there are numerous shoppers, minimal lines. However their produce selection is always up to par, from Tumeric to Ball Chayote squash, they have it all. But you will be waiting upwards of 5 minutes plus, in order to check out, be aware.

Pearl Salazar

This place is awesome. Very happy is in Las Vegas. This location is good and big. Sometimes is extremely busy. If you come have patience and enjoy. Parking lot is bad and not very clean.

Rickles Worth

When this store first opened it had great prices and a good selection. As time has gone on, all that has erroded. Furthermore, when an item sells out - e.g., Salsa Huichol, it is not restocked for a long period of time. Frustratingly, employees are clueless as to products or where they are located and show little to no interest in helping patrons.

Micha Dean

It was the best customer service that I received from Guadalupe today. He was attentive to give the best customer service.

Librada Gonzales

31655 DatePalm drive

Juan Zuniga

Good price on produce but not the best quality sometimes. The meats are great if you wait for there weekly specials and load up then other wise stick with smith's for quality and Walmart for price.

Joe Padilla

I don't recommend

Mary Richarte

Always loved coming here for the great deals but I will no longer be giving them my business after what happened today. A manager here has been over charging me for a while now but I never noticed until I got home. It happened again and when I tried pointing it out so he could fix it before I left he flat out laughed at me. As I shared my story with friends and family I have found out that I am not the only one he has been doing this to. This man in particular has been over charging customers for a while now! A few other people pointed out that they have had issues with cashiers belittling them for using food stamps to pay for their food. This store has a serious problem and they need to fix this before they run into serious trouble.

Cathy Wallin

Love this store.. wish they spoke more English..would be more helpful when Iooking for something ❤

Wayne Starz

1st time shopper & will definitely be going back! Great experience, great food, great friendly staff!

Mark Wray

Always crowded. Produce often poor. Prices average.

Joseph Urrutia

I was hoping this super market would be nice if it was built at north las vegas.

Rick Caballero

You can't beat Carendenas for Mexican faire. Their restaurant is a hit and priced very fairly


The BEST MARKET in this town! CLEAN!!! AND ORGANIZED I LOVE IT! pan dulce fresh, Tortillas Fresh, Salsa Fresh, Cheese Fresh. Everything is so Perfect! I absolutely love this place!!!! Omg! The options of meat is crazy large. I'm going tomorrow to get my goodies! The food they are cooking smells amazing! You've Got to try it! Roasted Chicken is so good.

Carlos Quiroz

Buenos precios y excelente servicio al cliente y buena atencion

Scott Sichler

Like taking a trip to Mexico. Great produce and prices. Loved the fresh tortillas. Definitely worth the drive from Palm Springs.

Nikki Esquivel

Clean and well organized. Good fresh juice and food court area

Lande Arias

Nice, clean n good quality of fruit n vegetables ...!

Norma Diaz

Good customer service

Anthony Clemmons

restaurant on site $1 taco Tuesdays Fresh Tortillas made everyday all day a One-Stop shop for Hispanic cuisine

Carmen Hernandez

Everytime I come to Vegas I just have to come to Cárdenas market. It has everything! Tacos, groceries, bakery, fruits and juices. It is fresh, happy, good and clean concept in markets. Besides it looks like a little México. (Like the Coco movie) they put a lot of efforts in the decor. It's is very authentic. You will not find a supermarket like this in the USA.

Michael Ochoa

Great Produce! Love the fresh made tortillas! And those Birria tacos in the deli are the best!!!

Ruth Alvarez

Great store. Always immaculate, great source of produce, meat, and mexican products.

Ramon Garcia

Good service good quality friendly workers.

Fernando Garcia

Very friendly and great service

Christian *

Love the grilled chicken, mocajete salsa, guacamole, homemade tortilla chips, and good service.

Luis Lopez

Way to slow in the kitchen, 20 min wait to receive 3 tacos. Servers are more interested in gossip than to get the orders out to customers.

Jose Lopez

Good food, I would have given 5 stars if the girl in the fruit counter wouldn't have given us attitude.

Bradley Ballard

Great place with superior service.


This is an awesome store best in the desert

Gina Hermosa

Huge produce section! Every kind of leafy green I can imagine, plus everything else, always fresh. Staff always polite. As a vegetarian, this is my primary grocery stop.

Jeffrey Grohs

A great place to shop. Wonderful produce department. Also an extensive meat department with reasonable prices. Best tamales around! Fresh tortilla department too!

Ana Thrasher

Great Mexican market. I can find everything I need. Great products, great food.

Mi'Angel Cook

It's employer's are very rude not all but the lady that was in check out 3-29-19 I would give it a star but she messed that up

Alicia Santos

It's a full service Mexican grocery store just like Albertsons or Vons, with a wider selection of produce that are more reasonably priced & as fresh or fresher. Love their selection of fruits & vegetables.

Dennis Gentleman

You can get almost anthing there you want there is always water on sale every week for a good price food is good to


Cardenas has great produce and more

Lilly de Las Vegas

Bought a Bionicle fruit salad OMG ❣️❣️ it is so tasty...loved it❣️

Vintage Rider

Fun Latino focused market. Vegetable prices are good. Interesting meat cuts usually not found in chain markets. Lots of pinatas.

John Privitera

8 pieces of chicken on Wednesday through Friday, can't beat that deal.


Love the food they sell

Samantha Jones

I love this store! Pastry heaven!

Pam Aberle

For me I get insulted when the cashier doesn't know produce codes on basic items. She kept speaking Spanish I stated I didn't understand I spoke English she said Spanish no English. How am I suppose to shop there?

Justin McCullough

Wonderful produce and fresh tortillas and fresh cheese and amazing prices! Definitely will be a weekly visit.

YAZ Espinoza

Great place

Chris Thomson

It was a wonderful surprise. Tremendous array of products. Produce look fabulous. I will be a regular.

Audrey Shapiro

The meat selection is great here! I like their selection of cheese and salsas, and fresh chicharrones and tortillas. Wonderful produce section as well. Lines at the registers are always long, and getting help anywhere but the meat counter is a bit hard.

christian silva

I've met stoners that move faster than all the cashiers . Ridiculous!

Brian Castaneda

Prices are too high

Steve Rey

Great hot tortillas n cool salsa...

melissa cline

No customer service, very unfriendly from stock person to cashier you get no smile and no thank you

Scott Gardner

What an awesome place. I stopped for Avocado and found a delightful world of Latin goodies. A woman offering fresh Queso and Tamales at the front of the store. An entire department making fresh tortillas. The fresh produce was abounding. The meat section was fresh and clean. The fresh avacodo green salsa was great on the home made tortilla chips. There was a cervieche bar with various seafood offerings and fresh Mexican cheese. Loved the culture of the store. I'll definitely be back!

Christian Honda

Best Mexican food money can buy!

Oak Ghost450

I'm from Ontario,Ca so it's just like home very BIG meat case. Tortilla factory, juice bar ..... SERIOUSLY FRESCA

Maria Aguilar

Love the food

Jesus Gutierrez

Cárdenas has every thing cheap

margaret bassett

Great hispanic shopping

kitty salazar

Love so much about this store, great ready to go Mexican food, great vegetable prices, such a friendly staff

Olimber Gonzalez

Well if you want to received a good customer service go before 4 or 5 PM , nice people and friendly like supposed to be.

Oscar Salvador Galindo oscal

Good service

Cynthia Jones

I always love this place good prices on produce

John S

Good prices when they have sales on stuff. Decent quality.

jennifer Lampanelli

Cool market. Lists of stuff that other super markets don't carry.

donna melendrez

Outstanding food I wish this market was closer to b there shopping daily

Andria Villalta

Go to the bread section, try something from the bread section

Ari Eberlin

I love this market when I need special ingredients for my Cuban and Hispanic recipes! The only thing I don't love are the LONG lines...worst ever...but, it's okay in the end because i leave with what I need to cook amazing things. The market is clean and vibrant and my toddler dances to the Latin music played...she says, "I like this song!" :D I like the salsa at the salsa bar in their in-house eatery, too!

Toby Preciado

Best flavored fruit plus the prices are a third of Marianna's another Latin grocery store and cleaner than those old fashion mom and pop grocery stores.

Paulina Sparkuhl

The prices for vegetables and fruit is super inexpensive. The place is clean and fun to look at. Mostly Latin flavors, and great deals on a regular basis, but you will not find sophisticated items here.

Gerardo Ceballos

Great market. I recommend to all.

Debbie Walton

Great low prices on excellent produce. Great selection of meats and Hispanic food products. They sell Thrifty ice cream!

Dan Barahona

Great place to shop they just need more cashiers

K McGrath

I go primarily for their carnitas, tostadas, and pico de gallo. All are terrific. Plenty of parking. Good produce prices.

William Applegate

I love this market for my fruits and vegetables.

Josh Bottfeld

What's not to like about Cardenas. They have great produce, great weekly specials, a butcher and even prepared Mexican foods. The people are always helpful and friendly.

Daniel F Jacinto Cuesta

(Translated by Google) Today was my worst experience ketube with a cashier sindi buckets Damaso box 10 I had to pay a lady his items that went off separately and the cashier for lazy mello charged ami and I said porke melocobras and medise that not to be scanning so much and I said dwarf comes with me last thing the lady I'm paying ami I think keno should have that kind of cashiers that eyas represent the image of the store (Original) Hoy fue mi peor experiencia ketube con una cajera sindi baldes Damaso de la caja 10 tuve que pagarle una señora sus artículos que iba apagar separado y la cajera por flojera melo cobro ami y le dije porke melocobras y medise que para no estar escaneando tanto y le dije enano viene conmigo alo último la señora me pago ami creo keno deberían de tener esa clase de cajeras que eyas representan la imagen de la tienda

abdul Qayyum

Over charged,on soda all the times,says buy buy 3 ,6 paks ,199 each ,but cost 299,on register,never easy to go back,happened 3,4,times,better to keep an eye on ,when buying,purpposley cheating,I think ,

Michael McCoy

Great customer service. Staff is always friendly.

RuthMariel Orozco

Focused on Mexican and Latin American food. Well priced produce selection. Great deal on family size food to go.

Jesi Di

A fruitarian raw vegan dream. Fresh produce, great prices on fruit and prepared fruit bar, freshly made juices and smoothies and fresh guacamole and salsas. They also play great music while you shop!

Ruben Bustamante


Alicia King

Love the produce selection. Prices are good for meat and fresh cheeses. Friendly atmosphere with almost everything I need for weekly groceries.

Fionna de Buchanan

Wonderful produce selection, amazing meat counter, and great selection of chillis - dried and fresh, beans, tamales, tortillas and so much more! Prices are great!

Debbie Hilton-Hanson

Love the food, watching them make homemade tortillas, and all the variety of Hispanic foods and fresh produce. ❤️

Jaime Perez

Todo bien lo que uno busca está ai.

Shirley Guzman

Good for buying produce but some things are over priced.

Douglas Meyer

Although the majority of items here are for Hispanics,they have a good selection, and most of the staff is bi-lingual.

Karla Espino

I like to shop here from time to time. It is overall a pretty good place to shop. Sometimes the produce isn't the best or they are out of certain things. But not a big deal. I wasn't happy with a cake I ordered though. I ordered a cake for my daughter's birthday and they didn't have the design I wanted. So, I picked another and they told me they didn't have the props it came with (that I was paying for), but that I could buy my own.

ralph arce

The absolute WORSE food EVER!! Not to mention I spent $20 for 2 plates that came with no sauce, dried refried beans, and the drink cost as much as a single meal $5 for a lrg agua fresca. STICK WITH ROBERTOS!! WAYYY better then this place .

Crash Override

Horrible place , Watch your receipts They take things off then put them back. 2 mangers and 2workers couldn't figuef out your sale ad. Need more training for manger to handle situations better.

Hilda Garcia

Fue buena gracias

Julian Cabrera


Becky Gaddis

Love their produce and Ceviche.

C. Michael Ray

Love this full service super market. We pretty much only shop the outside isles though.

Anthony Pope

Clean, professional, well stocked, very pleased.

Joce Cabz

Except when your at the butcher selecting your meats and telling her what you want n she ignores you n acts like she cant understand you!?!. N gives you what She wants to give you til i said No no no...

Ann Vilsaint

I really like this supermarket even though they are a little far from home. The meat market inside the store is amazing. They have just about every meat and fish you could possibly want. They also sell cooked food, it is really good.

Chuyito Chuyin

They give me Canned beans with the chicken and rice combo you gotta be kidding


Terrible customer service my friends and i went there to buy a cake today and the woman working i think her name was Pricila ( my apologies if i misspelled it) and she was rude and clearly not in the mood to be helpful. She offered to write happy birthday on the cake then quickly retracted her offer and said they dont do that and there was clearly spave for it. Not a great experience

islandmomo Caribbean

Great produce and prices! I enjoy shopping here. Meats are good in quality and prices especially when there on sale.

angelica magallon

I love that it's never crowed when i go either in the afternoon or evening, but i thought their cashier's are supposed to be bilingual. I could be wrong but other than that everything was good and clean.

Liz Neliell

This store is great!!! Amazing customer service and really clean and decorated store. I love it!

Chery Hunter

Carnitas very good. You can get a pound for 5 dollars on mondays

Ruby Cadtellanos


Martin & Maggie Santoyo

This is a great place for people that have very LOW LOW expectations. First time in years and tables in the restaurant area were super dirty, poor service everywhere. I did noticed the place was empty compared to years ago . Never again will i come back!!

Kate Dalma

PROS: - The quality, variety and prices of their produce = Amazing

Iván Quiroz

Champurrado and Tortas, the best!!!! Also the Roscas and Pan de Muerto!

Crystal Gonz

As always pleasant personnel and stockers very knowledgeable of were items have been moved to. They have a new service and that is that if you're looking for a specific product new to you and want to know how and were it's used in they'll give you all the information on the product and it's used. It's an awesome new thing they're trying out.

Linda Davis

Busy. Noisey but great for produce. Fresh. It is worth it to me. Butcher on duty too

C Anders

Always a pleasure. Love it.

Miguel Ortiz

A little crowded, staff pretty cheap, other than that great Mexican ambience

german s.

Always fresh and easy to locate anything

Jeri Lynn

Chocolate cake with layer of flan is fantastic. Best place around for fruits and vegetables.

John Doucette

Excellent service and tamales excellent bakery, meat and seafood selection Cardenas is the best!

Kathleen Kirby

I love that store! Fresh salsa, fresh everything. Even the music cheers my heart!

luz madrigal

Most if the time there are bug lines of people and they don't open other cashier's I hate. That from Cardenas. They ignore the customers.

Nancy Holt

The food is always plentiful at take out/hot food station. We end up with huge burritos. In general, the store is bright and clean


(Translated by Google) Bad service hase sdmsnss back I saw an acquaintance with an acquaintance and I saw a very bad attention the driver took to arrive and the first thing I asked was someone saw the accident instead of questioning the injured lady how do you feel? Don't worry, the ambulance is coming? Ms. Don't move relax? Breathe? On the contrary, the handler very incopetente several of those who were present commented on the anti-professional attitude and the work of the handler that gave a sad feeling to that client who did not look well placed in the sink was left by an unconscious money and someone Of those who were there, I call the ambulance because she ignored the emergency so be careful when walking in Cardenas and don't wait for the driver to arrive. You better call the ambulance. Ask through a well-known pir the injured lady and that sd i was a cannon that operated on her, she broke her neck and hurt her hip, or when walking in cardenas, the fall is not safe there. (Original) Bad service hase sdmsnss atras vi accidentarse a una conocida y vi una atencion muy malisima la manejadora tardo en llegar y lo primero que pregunto fue alguien vio el accidente en lugar denpreguntarle ala accidentada señora como se siente? No se preocupe ya viene la ambulancia? Sra. No se mueba relajese ?respire? Nombre todo lo contrario muy incopetente la manejadora varios de los que estubimos presentes comentamos lo antiprofecional laactitud y er l trabajo de la manejadora que le dio una pesima stencion a esa clienta que no se veia nada bien puesto del fregafazote quedo por un monento inconciente y alguien de los que estaban ahi llamo ala ambulancia porque ella ignoro haser eso de emergencia asi que cuidado al caminar en Cardenas y no esperen que llegue la manejadora ustedes mejor llamen ala ambulancia . Pregunte por medio de una conocida pir la señora accidentada y que sd i estubo cañon que la operaron pirque se quebro el cuello y se lastimo la cadera cuidadoooo al caminar en cardenas no es seguro la caida ahi.

Barbara Thomas

Dont be intimidated.look and ask. Great selection on all things Mexican. Fun.


I love the cleanliness of the store ect... My wife and I visit the store twice a month sometime more, we live in Pahrump, the only negative thing I can see restrooms are so dirty I fear using it. I Am a disabled veteran in a wheelchair need I say more, wake-up before it's to late.

Dennis Erlich

Terribly slow check out even in the express lane Checker talking endlessly to customers instead of moving the line along

Claudia Andrade

Worse costumer service... always long lines to pay and the pastry área all the employees don’t bother to ask what you need, they just pass by and ignore you! I was there on Sunday cuz I want to make a place an order for my daughter birthday party and wait for long time and when finally some rude lady ask what I needed.and her answer was you don’t how to come a week in advance for your cake plus we don’t have product and I told her what so your saying I can come in when i want too and there’s no product and I said it’s ridiculous these a pastry but I can have the cake done.she like that’s want I just said ONES AGAIN WORSE COSTUMER SERVICE

Connie Contreras

Love the produce here. Specials are great esp. in the food court.

Paul Pedrazas

Visit Mexico in Cathedral City!

William Dyck

Great place for Mexican groceries. Someone is always happy to help me out if I don't know what something is. Love their store-made totopos and salsas.

Shirley Esparza

Best produce and butcher! You can't find them anymore.

Elmer Fudd

Slice of Mexican heaven- each dept is amazing, offering authentic food with daring flavors. we did taco Tuesday here, instead of our regular restaurant. omg!! we picked up a pound of shrimp guacamole and chocolate cake with flan on top. try their grilled chicken...better than mom's. this place gets 2 huge thumbs up!!

Jesus Trujillo

Nice produce store

John Wentz

Nice, clean atmosphere. Reasonable pricing. Friendly staff.

Jose Mendez

Great place to find all kinds of mexican items

Felicia Berger

Very good Mexican market you can get any and everything you need at this store and fresh meat

Edward lopez

The food is awesome and the fruits and vegetables are always fresh and the price is always competitive to other market's


Great prices & lots of choices . Great selection of Produce .


It's clean and all but why did I see cockroaches and flies inside where all the bread is located. The expiration date is also wrong with some foods.

Michael Gomez

Usually stop by for fresh tortiilas, masa, pan dulce, always fresh

Angie Pena

I love that place for produce! Great place

Dazzling Dracuu

Great place to get groceries not other stuff.

Josh Wertheimer

Super crowded, not nearly enough people working for the volume of customers.

Johhny Garcia

Excellent experience prices Great! Thanks

Terry Chapple

AWESOME AWESOME food and great deal's stop by and pickup some good food, every Wednesday and Thursday they have a sale four piece chicken dinner a great deal

Raul Y

Good Mexican market. Cheap food.. just need to change the music...and too loud

Andre Martinez

Great layout, Great selection, Friendly staff

Rodney Gallegos

I go there all the time it's a good STORE to get your vegetables and fresh tortillas people in the vegetables department are very helpful and kind I'm never disappointed when I SHOP THERE this gets 100 percent satisfaction.

Dalia Rodriguez

Crowed but amazing prople

dkubala21 .

Buena comida y buen precios. the only thing wrong is far from home. We need one close to rainbow and Craig area. 89130

Robert Schuppert

Good place to find Mexican products, grocery, and bakery. They also have a tamale bar and deli. I only gave 4-stars since they need slots to place tongs in for bulk bakery. People grabbing them by the end that touches food is not sanitary.

MrsGreen Apple

How very authentic Mexican. You can eat your favorite Mexican food in the restaurant area first. Go grocery shopping second. The produce section always has great sales. The bakery has good Mexican sweet bread choice. The canned food area items are expensive.

Jesus Herrera

Cleanest Cardenas of all. Make sure to check out Taco Tuesdays for $1ea its a deal. And dont forget your beer of course, great selection and prices...

Richard George

I think they are very competitive in prices of fresh produce. Food is Hispanic focused. Everyone was very nice and I will be back.

CC Sim

Clean store, with gorgeous fresh produce. A one stop shop. The music selection is also good. First time I go there but certainly not the last.

ivonne garcia

I love the tamales and the food over there ...the tres leche is the best cake

Daniel Garcia

You are going to love this Mexican Super Market ,with very affordable prices in here you are going to find all your Mexican products and don't forget they have a full service restaurant and hot food to go

Alejandro Alcantara

Mejusta como atienden y como nostratan jrasias cardenas market

Adrian Agoot

Awesome deals, especially with their weekly flyer.

gabriela lawrence

I love their variety of fruits and veggies, this specific store is clean with an ample selection. The employees are helpful and nice, but management isn't the greatest. My family has ran into issues that were brought to the manager's attention, but were not addressed at all. Despite management's incompetence, their prices on produce and employee service are great enough to give me a reason to go back.

Colin Covitz

Love this place. Great food, super friendly people. Excellent selection of speciality/regional food items

Eddie Wagner

A great place to shop. Great prices.


I never gonna but salsas from Cardenas never !!! Metal piece!!

Dana Mcphillips

excellent bakery service. store has fresh fruit smoothie stand and yummy bakery

Frances Moore

I love shopping there they have great prices

Nandita Lofquist

I like this market. I go to buy the specials on produce. Their gucomole is amazing and my husband and I really like their tortillas

Pablo Lemus

Great selection always clean and organized

Michelle Mower

It doesn't matter where you hail from coming here is an absolute pleasure the food is amazing everything is freshly cooked the people are so nice and the prices are amazing

Carla Winn

Not enough register's open always long lines.

Dana Lowrie


Tony De La Torre

Great place to get fruit and vegetables... Also amazing carnitas!

Suzanne De La Cruz

Has great cooked food and other groceries.

Michael Ferran

I LOVE GARDENAS! The pastries are amazing and that rice pudding....

marcos rodriguez

Good place

Jorge Luis Rodríguez Neyra

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Mary Carlisle

Clean and very nice employees. Some items (meat, fruit, and fresh veggies) are a lot cheaper than most places. Other items I found to be a lot more expensive than Walmart, such as canned goods, sauces, and bacon.

Lejohn Leone

We love Cardenas but when I went to buy some pan dulce a fly came buzzing out the stacks of bread. Good selection of beer, cheese, meat, and vegetables though.

Jenny Ortega

Good food and excellent staff members


Great produce amazing meats And the take out counter is the best.

Gary Mihalik

Great selection of produce at very reasonable prices.

Debbie Nowka

It's clean...friendly...prices are great on veggies

aleyda arellano

Nice grocery store, fresh food great prices

Nancy Chase

Unbelievable! It is such a beautiful market! I credible produce, numerous fresh salsas, meats, fresh tortillas, EVERYTHING! We have been coming to Palm Springs for over 10 years and will make this our new go too grocery store!

Juan Huerta

Assortment of all kinds of products. Freshly made foods to go or eat in. Better than Northgate Gonzalez.

Ketra Ray

Produce is always fresh. Store is clean. Restaurant has really good tacos as well.

alberto toxqui

(Translated by Google) The product they sell is not quality and everything is super expensive (Original) El producto que venden no es de calidad y todo está súper caro

Lulu Montanez

I come every time to get my groceries! Love the store and the ppl who works here, they are polite and respectful.

claudia perez

Food is very tasty

Maria Rojas

Order some chocolate cupcakes 3days in advance, they asked me what time I want to pick them up agreed on 12:30 i got to the store at 12:50 for them to say they didn't have the cupcakes ready I had to drop them off at a certain time, 10mins pass an I ask what's taking so long they say they are not don't I told then why we pick a time if they will not have it ready the answer was because we make the orders a few minutes before the customer comes. I asked to speak with a manager the manager took longer to come then the cupcakes itself horrible service. Made it to my location late but made it

Golden Child Walker


Dog Oim

The store looks nice, but their food is not good anymore. I agree with another post, in the beginning their quality was great, but now it's a waste of money. I got their carnitas today and they tasted burnt, too bad I got them to go so I realized when I got home and we couldn't eat it. I've been trying to call the store to let them know, that way they can stop selling this to other customers and the phone line rings busy all the time. I feel bad for the other customers wasting their money too. Not going back to this store.

Nene-Edith Malagar Rodas

Good place to eat freshly cooked Mexican food...

antonio diaz

Always have to wait too long to get hot food here. And emloyees don't smile or greet

Edson Macouzet

Buen servicio y la atención en español

Richard Fielder

Definitely not a good place to come and eat if you're not Mexican all the way

Victor S Barocas

Good value, helpful staff,

Michael Raubolt

It's a good place to shop I just wish the cashiers would speak more English

Two Travelers

Best produce prices in Coachella Valley! Excellent pan dulce at a reasonable price and other Mexican favorites.

Trudy Jones

Clean can find all the fruits and vegetables you need at a good price. Love Cardenas

kim koster

I absolutely love this place. The produce department has a great selection, and everything is super fresh and clean. The bakery I try to avoid.... because there's no way of passing through without buying multiple items. I buy all my special occasion baked goods here, and have always been very impressed with the freshness, quality, and presentation. Their pork rinds will wreck the typical bagged ones you find in most grocery stores for you. They're hands down the best I've ever tried. Oh, and don't forget to stop at their lunch counter. I eat here every time I shop. Again, like so many of their products, everything is made fresh in store and tastes great. My only reason for 4 stars instead of 5.... it can be really hard to find English speaking staff, especially at the lunch counter, and many of the items you really have to search for what it is in English.

Dennis Jones

Fantastic Mexican market very very clean and have alot of products! Very well maintained store fresh meats fresh veggies really nice bakery just a real pleasure shopping here and the staff are very friendly and helpful as well as very professional!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Marcos Reyes

La comida es fresca y calientita

Peggy Pacheco

I love shopping at Cardenas Market, I love the music that was played today....I'll either be singing to some of the songs or I'll start dancing for me it makes shopping fun and faster....and the help are always so accommodating and friendly... Peggy Pacheco

Thomas Chee

The dishes are always delicious and I often wonder if it is because the food is so fresh. The best meat is in the store. The freshest vegetables are in the store. Nothing sits. Nothing gets old. The food that the chefs prepare it prepared with all the ingredient in the grocery store, so each dish is fresh with nothing sitting in a box, refrigerator, and that is why our family loves the barbecued chicken, mole sauce, burritos, tacos, and chilis at Cardenas. Plus the fresh fruit salads are best on hot days: Sliced mango, cut watermelon.

John Moxon

Great fresh produce and the BEST Tres Leches Wish the cashiers were friendlier.

Jay Jackson

Wonderful vegetables at a great price. Freshly made Mexican food and condiments that are outstanding for quick adds to a dinner party.

Chanel W

Always excellent service great produce fresh tortillas I love this place

Bryan Molina

Legit Mexican food . Got some marinated asada. home made tortillas . Just also really close to my neighbor hood .

Zahid Hussain

My second home.

Carlos Soto

Great selection of both American and Hispanic food. Love their queso fresco and the guava paste. Good deli also

Martin Altamirano

Great place to shop.

bananataru .

$1 Taco Tuesdays inside their restaurant inside grocery market). See my pics. Delicious!

Brittany M

Asked for a certain kind of marinated meat and since it was all purchased seconds prior, they took it upon themselves to give us what they thought would be a good substitute without informing us though I could clearly see them grab the wrong meat in front of my eyes. very disappointing.

K Stern

Always helpful staff. Great in store restaurant

alexander maderias

Its a great place to eat with great prices and great taste. The line cook is very helpful and happy with his job and that makes the food more delicious

isidra aguilera

Horrible services cashiers just Standing around with Long lines Maybe thats why i hardly come to this Store

Sevastian Ortiz

Nice enjoy mi vicit

Guillermo Arrieta

Ive come here to shop and before it was great customer service now all the employess seemed to have attitudes and dont want to help out when they are asked. Not coming back stater bros seems to be it from now on

Howard Greer

Had a great lunch there and bought some nice Mexican treats.

Geritz Ricano

Great place to get almost everything you need

Michael Johnston

Great produce

Jesse Ramirez

They have everything here and not just mexican people go grocery shopping here ok there champurrado is the best!!!

Maria Torres

Maria Chaidez ( maybe i spelled wrong ) is a lady that works in middle near of the meat section, attending guest súper eficiente and with a great attitude. I came here last week and another lady seems like she had a horrible day because she did not take care of me as I expected. I’m giving 5 starts to Maria . I hope she gets recognition for this review. You need more employees with a great attitude like her . Thanks Maria will be back .

Claudia Jimenez

Me encanta ir a Cárdenas ! Los precios en produce súper baratos ! Los empleados muy amables y trabajadores ! El cebiche riquísimo! El queso fresco Los Altos !! Las tortillas hechas ahí! Muy limpio e lugar ! Lo único malo es que va mucha gente y uno tarda en la fila ... pero vale la pena !

Laxprs B

Very good for a quick bite. The fried chicken is spicy, so be aware. The Chicken quesadilla was delicious as well as the carnitas.

Antojitos Serrano

I bought a box of corn and the worker gave me a piece a paper. I showed it to the cashier and the women that packaged the stuff had to check it and it appeared that the worker counted 5 more and she gave me a expression that looked like she didn't believe me after I told her I didn't put 5 more corn. Cardenas could look at their cameras at 21:32:58 on May 03 2019 in registar 2

Sandra Wagner

Luv their ready made spicy salsa

Rochelle Crawford

They have what I need when I go but I feel they are overpriced on most of their items.

Christiane Greenberg

Love their tortillaria. Also the produce and meat department has usually good sales

iris busjahn

Great Hispanic grocery store. I like shopping here when the paycheck is a little thin and I need to stretch out my dollars! The produce section has great deals every week. I like the bulk bean bins. The meat counter is long take a number. Be advised that the number system is in play all the way down to the seafood section. They deli case is stocked with Hispanic cheeses and cremas. Freshly made tortillas that you can sample. It also features a restaurant for quick sit down or to go meals. A beautiful bakery with so many treats. The juice bar is the bomb! My husband and I speak very little Spanish very poorly and it has never been a problem

jo martin

Great place

Darlene Record

Their homemade corn tortillias are the best,; can't find any that compare with the flavor. Homemade salsas are awesome as well!! So is their little cafe inside; delicious authentic Mexican food. Also the traditional Mexican bakery, and there's a bakery there that makes killer flan custard/type cakes!!! Wow, was that delicious!!! They have everything Mexican imaginable at reasonable prices!!!

Jenny Hernandez

customer service people at the carniceria and register were great, just one small suggestion: please get some baskets. there was no carts and there are customers who just go for stuff to be in and out in 5 minutes, and would appreciate not having to juggle 5 items around the store

Rose Cummings

Every time I go to there everyone is nice and willing to help the store clean

Amber Ruiz

So many options, beautiful store and very clean

Richard Pereyra

I really like shopping at Cardenas for good mexican food, flan, tamales, guacamole,chips all prepared fresh in store. A large full service meat department. Try this store you will like shopping here.

roque831 .

I always stop by when I’m in town. Sometimes the lines are long but the tortillas are amazing and so is their pan dulce. Also they have all the Mexican cheese and sour creams your heart desires lol.

Carla D

Warm tortillas with salt anyone? Reminds me of growing up in México. Great tasting chorizo. Loose Hibiscus for tea, I mix mine with rose petals. And whomever thought of selling tamales deserves a double raise! Get a taste of México by visiting Cardenas.

Steve Mac Auley

Food prices on veggie

Arnold Azua

I visit Las Vegas every year and one of my favorite places to visit is Cardenas Market, very authentic in Mexican food and other items that you just can't get anywhere else. Excellent place to visit..

Tracey Moore

Fantastic produce section. The store is beautiful, has low prices, and it's just fun to shop up and down the aisles. Lots of unusual things, including Mexican pottery

Anthony Cioffi

Todo Rico. The best produce with the best prices. They got them extra big carts too.

Lulu Mercado

I like the fruit and veggie department good prices and the prepared food is good especially their champurado/tortillas/carnitas

Ernest Cornejo

arrived 20 minutes before closing and they were outta fresh baked bread! LMAO that was my only purpose for the visit! oh well they had a great sale on Egglands best eggs 2 dozen for $5. they're tortillas are #awesome!

Steve Del Rosario

Best customer service in town. Best prices in all areas. The cook food was delish.

MsLovemar .

Best market in Vegas...the most delicious food ...fresh bread

Amber Beals

My first time going to this store, and I'm so sad I hadn't gone sooner! The store is huge, and the staff is very friendly. I love the selection of pan dulce and the lunch foods and drinks.

Greg Herr

Great place to shop for all your grocery needs.

Phillip Clanton

The employees was awesome we're very helpful made us laugh and feel and feel welcome

Andrew Gerry Santillan

Great selection. Fresh tortillas and chips!

lokisballz .

They need to get a bigger selection of Spanish foods. The cheeses and sausages were lacking in variety. I found more Italian varieties than Spanish.

Sandra Godfrey

I was inquiring about catering prices. The manager of the department was incredibly helpful and sweet. She took her time answering my questions and even gave me a few samples without my even asking. Great prices and service!


Great place to find deals and specials on food.

Josy Lira

This is my favorite Mexican store in the area. The cucumber and lemon agua fresca is so good and refreshing for this hot summer days. Customer service can be better but after all I will continue to go back to Cardenas.

Tom Harris

Good selection of Hispanic food items. Impressed with many items from there kitchen and bakery too.

CapnJon Ajo

They treated like family

Xerox_Essence HTJ

I sat in the parking lot and asked for money

Marlene Finney

Went 25 miles to get BEEF MEAT FOR TACOS spent $20 to get home to feed my guest on cinco de mayo opened up the meat and it smelled foul, had to drive back to get a refund and make my family wait to eat. I would NEVER buy a pack of gum out of this store EVER again!!!! How didn't the meat clerk smell that the meat was bad, that's all I want to know.

Sues Reviews

Love this store! Always have amazing deals on produce. Today white onions 4lbs just ,99 cents and 5- 1 Lb bag of carrots for ,99! Love their homemade shells they make. Always enjoy looking around, their pastries and Cakes look delicious. I like the tres leches cake can never pass them up, so good! I tell everyone what a great store this is!!

Omar Pena

The real authentic Mexican food!!

Donna Ybarra

Every associate was so helpful in answering all my questions. Friendly service and very clean and well kept store!

Aster Garcia

Absolutely love their home made tortillas, and the ceviche and carnitas from their cafeteria are amazing. They also have great carne asada in their meat department.

Jimmy Navarro

Great low prices on fruits and vegetables

Mark Raymond

(Translated by Google) Always good! (Original) Siempre bien!

Tracie Smith

Great selection of produce and meat. Really nice staff and helpful to

Elizabeth Gloria

I like cardenas because l find a lot of mexican products

Mighell Jimenez

A lot of good Latin products

Isaac Leyva

Huge lines not enough check out registers open

Norberto Becerra

Very clean lots of selections fair prices

Blacque Dymond

Store is very clean and organized where you can find things easily. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Prices are reasonable.

Monica Nava-Jones

Had aguas fresca...the best

James Taylor

Produce prices are excellent.

Myra Wilkinson

Lots of variety. Staff is very friendly. Love the produce department!

shawn ivie

Great produce as always. Prices and quality.

p wittsack

Love this place! Great deli and kitchen. Tasty baked goods. Good selection of meat and produce.

Mike Roelf

Super friendly and helpful staff. Clean and well stocked shelves and aisles. Smiths and Albertsons could learn a thing or two from this place.

Raymond Dutcher

Atmosphere good prices great staff

Myrtle Webb

If you haven’t shopped there it’s a great place for everything. Huge meat and produce selection. Their deli “not the fast food area, it’s ok but not crazy about some of the sauces” on most days you can pick up hot yummy corn or flour tortillas. Ok, I would be doing this review injustice if I didn’t mention their heavenly refried beans “better than almost all Mexican restaurants” I’ve been to, in addition add the baked chili rellenos, take it home heat it up in the oven until crispy, add some of their sold separately enchilada sauce” not the sauce that comes with it and you have a to die for Mexican meal.

Louis Williams

Love this store

Sherice Henkel

Loved this store. The store is huge. The staff is friendly and helpful. Decided to have my wedding cake made here and it was the best decision. The cake was huge and gorgeous. It was the best cake I have ever tasted in my life.

Ana Loo

Employees ignore you and dont bother to help.

Janeete Gutierrez

Really only one person working in the kitchen preping meals. I had to wait 30 min for 5 tacos. Cardenas dont be cheap and get more people in the kitchen. Poor man.

Romesh Persaud

Lots to choose from and fresh produce

Josue Torres

Muy buena comida vengo desde los Angeles a trabajar y encontrar esta tienda hiso el paro

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