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REVIEWS OF Belcampo Meat Co. (Oakland) IN California

Lajuanda Asemota

Great atmosphere. Nice view and location at Jack London Square. Lamb burger was excellent - the onion sprouts were a wonderful and more delicately flavored alternative to the regular onions that most burgers come with. The Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich was life changing - not too spicy, but perfectly spiced. I think they must have had smoked paprika or powdered chipotle pepper on there. Whatever it was... Simply delightful. They should actually make a commercial of customers tasting the sandwich for the first time... It would be a hit for sure. Oh! And don't forget to upgrade to the tallow fries. They're fried in tallow (beef fat) and they're worth it. So good! This place is a gem. Excellent food, cheerful atmosphere, great products in the shop, and an excellent butcher make Belcampo an excellent stop for cheat day, brunch with friends, or even date night. Just get yourself there!

Kathy Augusta

Parmesan chicken was delicious!

David Cameo

Incredible, above and beyond service. Every bite was found treasure


Michael Singleton

Belcampo has a lot of potential; the wait staff is kind and professional, their meat is high quality, and their menu is filled with a lot of delicious sounding options (it was hard to choose what to get!) and the atmosphere is a wonderful contemporary style. It seems as though they have a problem specific to the kitchen. The food took around 50 minutes to arrive to our table, and during this wait I observed at least 3 tables send their food back. This was when I started getting concerned. We ordered 3 burgers and a Nashville chicken sandwich. All 3 burgers were undercooked to the point of worry, and also terribly underseasoned. I understand they want the high quality meat to shine through but the sandwiches were just overall bland. The only reason I'm giving Belcampo any praise is the fact that the wait staff was attentive throughout this experience. They took our food back to the kitchen and brought us some free fries to hold us over (the fries are pretty good!) my burger was still undercooked unfortunately. Overall the restaurant has a great menu that is just executed very very poorly. I hope they decide to get a new kitchen staff because I honestly think that may be what it takes to bring this restaurant up to the quality that you'd expect it to have. For the record this was on a weekday during brunch, maybe their dinner kitchen staff is better, but I don't know if that is the case.

Jen Winfrey

Thank you for offering Keto/Low Carb friendly menu!! I ordered your chicken & beef bone broths today and are they are seasoned perfectly. My go-to Low Carb meals : crispy broccolini and Keto Italian Steak Bowl. Many thanks, dear friends!

Brett Boitano

Made a reservation and arrived at 8:00pm was told by the hostess that they only had 1 server for the entire restaurant and that she was currently waiting on a table of 15 and training someone else at the same time so it would be an additional 45 minute wait. We then were seated outside at a dirty table.. This restaurant is poorly managed and the service is terrible. Manager came to the table and wanted to see our reservation and then stated because it wasn’t made prior to 12pm that they were not obligated to accommodate the reservation... I thought the point of opentable was to make a reservation/call ahead for time spots that the restaurant shows that they have open seats available?!? We made our reservation over an hour prior to when we arrived, I don’t understand why there is a problem if they are showing and confirming that they have availability... The manager even stated that he should not have allowed reservations for the day due to staffing.. WONT BE BACK!

cyrus ginwala

Jack Okada

Burger Patty was excellent, brioche bun was on point. - 4 stars Price - $18 is too much for what this is. Doesn't even include much fries. - 2 stars for value. Location is very cool. Nice space inside. Jack London is fun to hang out. Service - 3-stars. Nothing to comment on. They didn't call my name for my to-do order. Food was cold, though they did offer a token apology.

Tiffany Oda

Came here for lunch. + Liked the texting service when table is ready. + Good wine options + Asparagus and burrata - Steak and eggs. Wow. My whole plate was swimming in the tomato hollandaise. It was honestly disgusting. Also one of my eggs was overcooked and popped. I'm thinking maybe they tried covering their mess up with the sauce. + Belcampo burger. Was a little under done, but the black garlic aioli was good.

Jessie Bauer

Joel Herzog

Excellent service yesterday with Roger. Enjoyable meal. Burgers are outstanding. Try the flash fried Brussels sprouts - they’re great.

Cindy B

Good food, so so service

Vanessa Van Hove

This restaurant was disappointing. We came in Later in the evening and were all very hungry. Our server was extremely slow to take our orders. When we ordered, our appies and kids meals came quick we only got half our drinks. We ended up waiting over an hour for our mains to arrive as well as the rest of the cocktails. Once the mains did arrive we were all extremely disappointed. The food had no wow factor, halibut was over cooked, chicken salad was bland wirh massive hunks if chicken, cauliflower steak was just half a head of cauliflower deep fried and pork chop was poorly cooked. Our server never came back to ask how our food was, most of it was left on our plates. Also to top it all off the manager spilled an entire container of ketchup in to my nice diaper bag. She tried to clean it but it was everywhere. After I realized it was covering the inside of my bag, wallet and a change of cloths for my daughter as well as smelt like sour ketchup I approached her, she said she would get me a new bag I just needed to email her. A week later and I’ve heard once from her. This is extremely disappointing. I would not recommend this restaurant.

Jennifer Else

Sooo tasty‼️ E’ry time‼️

John S

Food and drinks were not that good, over priced and staff doesn't follow customer's requests. Would never eat there again and I'd be very surprised if they are still in business a year from now.

Krishna Parashar

Jeremy Glassenberg

Amber Napier

Meat is great! But service is truly terrible...good luck on getting what you order and on time!!

Ray M

Fantastic food! Had an amazing chopped salad, and an ice cream sandwich with fresh-baked cookies and some of the softest, creamiest ice cream I've ever had The lunch menu was surprisingly cheap too

Luca Candela

Loud, slow service, food is just ok. Took us 2.5 hours to get a sandwich. Complete fail.

Artemisa Apodaca

(Translated by Google) Super delicious, something expensive but everything is organic and from your own farm. Super delicious, somewhat expensive but everything is organic and from your own farm (Original) Súper delicioso, algo caro pero todo es orgánico y de su propia granja. Super delicious, somewhat expensive but everything is organic and from your own farm

Bryan Ceballos

This is a review on the ambiance of the restaurant. Firstly, I did not expect for this to be a sit down restaurant. I felt very uncomfortable as I felt judged for being unaccompanied. The waiters had the audacity to ask me to move because apparently if you come on your own takeout is the suggestion. Just let me enjoy a meal by what could have been a cordial spot by the shoreline. The food was good but won’t be back unless this restaurant welcomes everyone.

Paul Lindsey

Great cocktails and meat selectioms at the restaurant. Had the porterhouse and while it was delicious I have honestly had better. I thought the service was also quite slow given that the restaurant really wasn't too busy this evening.

Ferocious Five

Es gibt jeden Tag Sonderangebote (die Hälfte des regulären Preises). Mittwoch ist der Belcampo Burger, Donnerstag ist Lamb Burger. Sie erhalten auch eine Beilage.

Claudia Mancilla-Caras

The bad service here was completely unexpected. I fully expected to sit out on the patio, have some great food, and leave happy. Instead what happened was we were seated, and then ignored for far too long. When our server finally made an appearance she was much more concerned with rattling off her script than with listening to what I was saying. She stopped me mid sentence (as I was ordering) to tell me her name and give me some random information. I’ve been waiting and I’m hungry— at this point I don’t care what your name is! Sorry, just take my order. Food was meh. Nothing memorable so for that alone we won’t be back.

Ashley Carter

Have had a few delicious meals here with my family. We always love visiting Jack London. Our favorite items are coming off the menu, but we're looking forward to finding new favorites. And the Gone in 60 Seconds cocktail is probably one of my favorite cocktails of all time, anywhere! Even if you think you don't like mezcal, try it!!!

Rebecca Nolan

Really nice food & friendly staff, but on the pricey side!

Lee MCCLain

Lloyd Grove

Food was outstanding. Service was friendly, but needs a little work. Were given a 20 minute wait time. At 30 minutes, checked in - there were plenty of tables, but they were having trouble getting them bussed. Waiter was friendly and attentive when there, but got very little help from busboys, who left us without silverware or share plates that we asked for. One busboy asked us to give a positive review on Yelp and to mention him specifically - dude, love the self promotion, but c'mom, these are fine dining prices and I'm not your cousin.

James Halloway

The food was just okay, but we mostly did apps. I will go back to try the mains. Cocktails and service was good, good deals on food at the bar most nights

Dennis Hoffman

C.T Harvey

Best Burger, Best Service..

Rosabelle Oribello

Blair Ballard

Ryan Dooley

Good fried chicken sandwich. Crispy skin, juicy meat.

Renata Rodrigo

Deanna Chevas

Service was good which always makes for a pleasant experience. The bacon Caesar was great although I don’t recommend it as a main dish. It has actual anchovies and the whole dish is quite salty. Great as a side to share. My companion had the porterhouse which is a pork chop cut like a porterhouse steak. It was super tender with a nice toasty crust. The sun-dried tomato reduction added a great element. No drinks but I suspect the cocktails are great and would love to go back another day. Oh, and you can pick up fresh meats, eggs, bone broth, and spices at the market while you are there.

Ali Hussain

Burger was amazing, service was very slow.. But good enough for me to want to return

Gabe Goldsmith

Justin Shin

You will not be disappointed! Worth making the trip

Norman Segura

Just Delicious !

Daniel Galan

Chopped salad had tasty meats on it.

Eulalia de la Barrera

ricardo herrera

David Prince

Absolute rip off stay away. Chesse mac is a tiny portion for a farsical price and tasteless.

Eric Lo

Paul Rodriguez

Nick Moore

Edlyn Countee

They treated us like royalty!

Pamela Chung

Anthony hitronics

Best burger and best meat

Ben College

Awful service made reservations do not have the wait staff inside so we were forced to eat out in the super cold and wind blowing. The manager wanted to argue about when reservations are made. Food is decent service below a McDonald’s.... WONT BE BACK

Eric DeMello

The food was good and Gina, our server, was very attentive.

William Howard


Efrain Morales Correa

El Loay

Hostess was rude told 40 minutes the place was empty .. we stop by 15 minutes earlier they didn't tell there wait time.. it is 8:20pm half of tables are empty

Barry Lewis

Great service with delicious food and cocktails. Nice atmosphere with a great view of the water and boat docks. So easy to get to and tons of parking options.

Laura Bruno

You can order your exact cut of meat from the case and they cook it to order! Veggies and sides also great. This place is perfection. Lovely, knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated staff - from the bar (excellent cocktails) to the back counter. Do yourself a favor and check this place out!

Omar g

Justin Steele

Donna Fong

Got hog headcheese and prosciutto at meat counter. Delicious!

Jim Pire

Leah Headd

Food was incredible, burger could be the best I've had. The Belcampo burger came out a perfect shade of rare (which is what one should reasonably expect from a locally sourced meatery), and was dressed in no more than lettuce, caramelized onions, and a pickley-sweet-salty-fatty house spread. The simplicity of the toppings not only refreshing, but it built the perfect platform for the meat to showcase its quality and flavor. The low-frills approach to meat based dishes is not up everyone's ally, but if you're looking for beauty and flavor alone to knock your socks off -I'd highly recommend.

John Perry

Teresa Davis

Patrick Loewer

good service, nice atmosphere,

Alec C.

Ken Jones

Akram AbouKhalil

Zack Knight

James Morrin

Ordered the ribs and my wife said they were missing something. I said yea I know what it's missing, flavor.

Ardavan Pedram

Had the Burger here. The burger was 28 days aged. And I have had burgers and aged burgers and this one was one of the word burgers I had ever had. The fries were super over salted and too oily. The burger was very dry and lacked seasoning. The buns were overly soaked in oil. I wish I had decided to eat a banana instead of having food there.

Donta Drake

A great five star restaurant that serves exquisite meat dishes and also has a take home shopping area from the to go counter

Tracy Weston

I really wanted this to be a wonderful experience because their restaurant is so beautiful. We sat on the patio and the environment was perfect, until our waiter took order wrong, and then we didn’t get the food for 50 minutes. No joke. And they were not busy. The manager came out and offered to pay, my husband said no let’s split it, but as soon as we walked out and he told me his steak was warm- not hot when it came out, I immediately wished we had let them pay for the meal completely. The short rib Mac and cheese was a let down. The kids Mac and cheese- which we never ordered but received anyway- is a choking hazard for kids. The bread is fluffy. Beautiful place, decent food but I think you’ve got to get some kinks worked out.

Christopher Lim

I went here for the first time during their grand opening and I'll say they have a fantastic venue and location cannot be beat. It's nice to have outdoor seating in the heart of Jack London Square. Their happy hour menu and menu look fantastic and is worth a try. I must say though that I will have to revisit Belcampo after all the buzz and the kinks have been sorted out. My visit there resulted in me ordering a medium rare burger, but the burger kept coming out similar to a seared beef tartare Patty. I am always embarrassed to return food or complain, but the fact of the matter is I had to do return it twice and ultimately the order was done right the third time. I still gave four stars because despite the food not coming out correctly the on floor manager and chef took their time to make sure the order was right and didn't let up until it was done correctly. For that it is always worth a visit because of attentive staff and their attention to detail.

Mike Nolan

Hector Reyes Erazo

Arianna Gianola

Albertino M.

I live not too far from the Polk street Belcampo in SF. So when the manager told me Oakland is opening soon I had them on radar ever since. Belcampo replaced Bocanova soon-to-be uptown Oakland as I was told. This location has it all from patio dining with waterfront view to horseshoe shaped bar counter seating. Everyone seems happy going about their job no long face seen as it was just so friendly all-around. I came for a private event and soft opening with some (in betweens) too lol. It's definitely a happening place with good food and drinks, and attentive service. If you find your favorite place close for whatever reason this place should be a no brainer provided that you're not a vegetarian.

Ramona Maxwell

this was my first timr here but will not be my last the burger was the best...loved it!!!!!

Frank Hanna

Absolute perfection. Had lunch today Saturday, August 31, 2019. I had the Steak and Eggs and my wife had the Belcampo Burger with Duck Fries and Broccolini. The meat on both was perfectly prepared and the taste was out of this world. Everyone should come here. Bar staff and wait staff were super nice.

Courtney Roberts

Cornelius Shields

The service was good. I ordered the bacon fat salad and got 3 or 4 strips of bacon on a very good salad. The bacon want crisp. It wasn't bacon fat. My companions ordered hamburgers which were very undone. The manager, though, was very accommodating.

Jason Stallings

Good food and drinks.

Elidia Tafoya

Healthy and organic meats, with special attention given to their youngest patrons! We had the fish market special during the week, a halibut with a heaped over strawberry vinaigrette, and the Fresh-cut French fries, which are always a hit. My family and I will definitely be back!

steven jackson

Sanela Besic

Melissa Billings

Jen Dempster

Suzette Davidson

If you like fresh, organically raised meats and fresh vegetables, this place will not dissapoint you. Good service, too.

Gustavo Araoz

Best burger I've ever had in my life A++++

Albert L.

There were many new places that open while I was in Summerlin awaiting contractor to finish my home. Belcampo was the first place to try and came the day after arriving back in bay area. IMHO and POV, I say three star and nothing more for now. Depending on where you're seated, you can get someone with little or no experience. Now if you're seated at the bar, you'll probably have someone with experience from their past line of work maybe a restaurant or bar, and or both. Servers seems confused as to who ordered what and which table order it. Watching them grabbing trays of food looking left and right tells me inexperienced and naive. When food arrive at the table one should never say did you order this or that? Instead say something like here you go with dish being handed over in front of them. This show customers that you can do it and will do it with confidence and authority. I order Belcampo Benedict, but Steak & Eggs were brought over. I could've easily said yes, but I'm not ghetto and don't care much for the two dollar difference between this and someone else's order. It's not about getting a leg up on something that isn't intended for me. Benedict was good as poached eggs burst open and drenched buttermilk biscuits. Arugula salad was flavorful and peppery really fresh with nothing wilted seen. Mimosa to wash it down and call it a three star experience, but this isn't a final draft yet. I still need to try lunch and dinner for me in able to get in on what's happening here.

Brian Jalowiec

Sue Scott

Food was good, servers friendly, kitchen was was little backed up, they got 1 out 3 orders wrong. The server was compliant and rushed thru the correct item. If you order a salad I suggest you order dressing on the side unless you like your salad drowned in dressing. The bar made wonderful cocktails.

Tim Livingston

Fast Burger and fries were delicious. Great patio and location. Order total $14. complimentary water at table.

Kelly Wolf González

Food is delicious and super kid friendly. Not to mention great location and atmosphere.

Karen Mason

Half rack of lamb turned out to be two very fatty lamb loin chops. And the apricot dessert had plums instead if apricota. No warning on either if these. Do not like bait and switch, will not be returning.

Donald Fong

Tyler Coleman

Mike Springer

Good, but very expensive burgers. However, I disliked the homemade ketchup, which was OTT sweet.

isaac alvarado

Alot of great food

Allison Wilson

The Rev. Thomas C. Jackson

An amazing Burger! Deep and robust beef taste. The french fries are excellent, and the vegetables when prepared with marrow are outstanding. Right now they're giving timers a discount coupon after their meal and you can use your discount to purchase some really amazing eggs at a bargain price. The service is excellent and the decor is most pleasing.

Tony Chu

Jason Meyer

Unfortunately my visit here wasn't very good, Service needs some work, they were very scattered, wandering around with orders not sure where they go. Food was an issue, we ordered two starters, Lamb shwarma, the meat scewers, both showed up under cooked the chicken was still raw on the inside. I ordered the burger it was also under cooked but good. Manager awas very nice about the situation and removed them from the bill. I will give it a month or two before I try it again.

Alberte Katrine Schmidt

Overall a really good burger and fries. However, the patty was on the dry side and the bread a bit soggy.

Brandon Lowder

Benjamin Hoehn

Brenda Rose Mathisen

Kerri Lauck

The restaurant itself is clean and open. The food was absolutely amazing. We had noticed there were no salt and pepper shakers on the tables but due to the flavor of the food, they were not necessary. There were three of us and we each got something different which allowed us to taste each other’s. All of it was equally delicious. I just wish we did not have to drive an hour to get there.

William Scott

Guy Shimon

Horrible host with the red hair , Food was ok Server was good . Not sure I’ll come back .

Brent Shinn

They blew it tonight. I waited 90 minutes for them to cook me a filet mignon. They kept apologizing that it was taking so long as everyone around me who ordered after me was eating by then. Eventually, they brought me a steak and it want what I ordered. There’s just no such thing as a good steak in Oakland.

Chromaphonic Recordings

Great food! Amazing beef tartare and the 100 day aged burger. Also, happy to see them pouring beer by local breweries. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of the product. Staff was attentive and courteous. Atmosphere of restaurant is fantastic.

Jimmy Oligney

Joanna Sylman

Incredible burger, lovely ambiance. Will definitely be back again.

Nicole Khamutov

I won’t ever be coming back to this restaurant. For a $16 burger, you’d think they’d be able to cook it properly, season it, and have decent toppings. 3 people at my table ordered burgers and all three had to be sent back. Two came back still raw! I think they’re afraid of seasoning because the burger has no flavor and a few onions on it. The service is so slow as well. It took almost 30 minutes to just get our mimosas and over an hour for our entrees. For a place that just opened, I expected the best. They better figure it out soon before they dig a hole for themselves that they can’t get out of.

Din Didic

very good

Eva Louda

Love this place! Amazing food and great staff. Can’t wait to go back soon!

Gloria Crowell

The weather was glorious so outside seating was a must to enjoy the fabulous roasted carrots, fried Brussels sprouts and steak and eggs!!!

Alisa Thorp

I would probably give three starts for the food if it weren't so pricey. Being farm to table isn't enough, especially at these prices. Needs to taste awesome and be well prepared. Not one dish really impressed me, and both of us dining just felt kind of gross after our meal. I was expecting some amazing meat at least, but everything was eh.

Cameron Wylie

I have been blown away with every meat dish I have ordered here. The steaks have been perfectly cooked and seasoned and absolutely packed with flavor.

kyle roemer

Marino Orlandi

Jimmy Joe Young

This place is delicious! Yes, it can be pricey, but it's worth every penny! The meat quality is supremely amazing! The premium ice tea was stellar! Those fries were perfect. Must go.

R Solano

Adrian Merry

Only been open a couple of weeks, so I'll give the inattentive and poor service a pass. Food was average and whole experience below what was expected for price point.

matthew mckee

The 5 stars are for the shawarma... that is no longer on the menu. Bring it back please. It was the only reason I would come for lunch, besides John Paul’s awesome bartender hospitality!

Alex Mousavi

cori mcafee

Ann Koppuzha

Great burgers

Soumen Bandyopadhyay

Great new place for some quality meat. All our dishes were great and their meat is fresh and naturally aged. If you are a meat lover, Belcampo is probably the go to place. I got the lamb burger and it was filling and the fries were crispy and salty. Very good service and ambience indoors is great. Also they have outdoor seating with some great views.

Karume Richards


Great happy hour!

L. Ricci

Adrianne crane

Hanne Mohr Sachs

Sat outside on a pleasant Monday for lunch. The staff was very helpful and attentive. The food was plentiful and tasty. The lamb in the shwarma was tender, the sauces good . The fries were disappointing: not crisp, just a big limp heap. Because it's pricey, I would have expected better.

Paul Spoliansky

isaias trejo

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