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Where is Belcampo Meat Co. (LA/ Downtown)?

REVIEWS OF Belcampo Meat Co. (LA/ Downtown) IN California

Linda Lindemann

The last time here I was maybe with my ex-husband? Sadly not Scarlett! This time around I was flying solo. Belcampo Meat Co. (LA/ Downtown) is on a busy street corner in the heart of the city, very urban, but as you enter you feel stress falling away at the doorway. You know you're entering awesome burger territory! Enjoy!

Zachary Roberson

This is the prime go-to meat market for Downtown. Sure it's expensive. But always excellent. Everything, the meat, the service.

Sai R

Angel Casillas

John Osgood

A good burger that is a bit pricey. Liked the fries quite a bit. Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. The counter is small and the food comes up fairly fast. Worth the look.

Alejandro Guati-Rojo

This place is Heaven!! such a good Burger w delicious fresh fries!! Perfection!!

Brent Fortune

Quality is great. Speed of service, not so much. Do not expect the “fast burger” to be served quickly. Going on 10+ minutes and still waiting ...

The hungry Caterpillar

Best burger in LA! All of the burgers! AMAZING!! And ethically treated animals!!

Eudora Lighty

A good burger that is a bit pricey. Liked the fries quite a bit. Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle!!

Edwards Art Studio

Dorothy Taylor

A classic spot in Ingleside. Best burgers and jalapeno poppers I have ever had. You can't really beat the prices, it is absolutely worth it. Great for students living around there that don't want to break their budget. If you live close enough call in your order for pickup so you don't wait in the cold.

Evelyn Castaneda

Jim Vinson

Aaron Gomez

Amazing service ! Food was delicious and the workers go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect! Friendly would be an understatement!

Wjw Wjw

Lamb burger was great!! I will be returning.

Bianca Garrison-Quick

Delicious! I went here on Thursday night for game night at Grand Central Marketing. Of course I had to stop by to get a grass fed burger, it was so good! My husband had the lamb burger which was also delicious. We ordered the beef tallow fries, they were so yummy! The burger was $12.50. So expect to spend a little money when you go, but it's worth it.

Pierre M

Fantastic place to get meat or grab a bite to eat.


You ready to spend 30 bucks for a diner style burger (the double fast w bacon & egg), fries, and a beer? This is your place. The burger was excellent and balanced, the fries were ok but had a bit of an after taste and so so texture after a few bites. If I came back I'd probably get just the burger, no sides no add ons. Great for your burger cravings, if that's what you got, but so many other good options here too.

Dmitry Samorodov

Very good cheeseburger!

Kevin Cape

Alex Cain

I recently wandered into this booth for their brunch menu. This is mostly a butcher's shop for exotic meats, but they also offer limited 8-person seating where they will cook seasonal items off the menu. The menu is pretty small usually only 5-10 items and they change alot based on availability so I recommend getting there early to make sure you get your pick. I had their fried rabbit and waffles and it was really good. I would recommend this place who is a bit adventurous when it comes to their meat selection, they offer items such as rabbit to buffalo. The food is fresh and I would recommend it to anyone looking to try something new.

Zandra Reymoliawe

I love this place for a burger. The meat is so fresh they cook the burger exactly the way you ask for it! The flavor gets you at the first bite.

Dayana Hughes

This place is Heaven!! such a good Burger w delicious fresh fries!! Perfection!! Love this place ! <3

Alex Yu

They closed over half an hour early and gave a weak excuse for doing so. Unacceptable.

Matt zabbadoo

The whole food court looks and smells awesome. But this is the best damn burger I've had in about forever. Even the lettuce tastes good, the lettuce... And the girls running the counter are super friendly and attentive.

Juan aleman

Do you guys hell my life


Mike Hartley

From the start I was impressed. From the cleanliness of the counter, the array of cuts simply labeled and identifiable, the variety in general. Rick was super friendly, took his time to hear me out, and made recommendations based on my idea of what to serve and my number of guests. I didn't tell my party the meat was anything special, but even my youngest daughter asked what I did differently to the steaks. It will be easier to justify splurging now, there is truly a difference in quality. Hands down the best New York strip I have ever tasted, and now I'm a fan of the flat-iron cut. I have become a regular.

ary park

Classic burger Lettuce wrap is over $13.00 including tax. It was very disappointing. Over cooked and very salty. It’s a below average burger, even more so at this price.

Elias Atalah

$5 burger is outstanding

Anne Kim

U Niek

Quick and tasty.

Jason Joseph

Best burger in LA. Get the classic cheeseburger, amazing value for 5.99 if you want a perfect grassy burger.

Zac Richins

I had the Belcampo burger. It was big, juicy and the caramelized onions were delicious. The fries were seasoned well and nice and crispy. The ketchup had a bit too much vinegar for my taste but the fries were decent without it anyway. The biggest downside was the price. A burger, fries and a drink runs at just about $25. Was it good, yes. That good? I dunno.

Panos Panou

I literally got ripped off here. I ordered the cauliflower salad, $8 and with steak, another $9, a total of $17. Ok, I get it, DTLA prices but giving me about an oz of meat, that's a rip-off. Not only that, it wasn't even tender. Never again.

Melissa Guimaraes

George Mendez Gonzlez

Dave Young

Good meat, nice Burger.

Zak Haines

Wayne Dicarlo

The Belcampo Cheeseburger was super delicious. It's almost half a pound of dry aged grass fed beef with cheddar, and caramelized onions. I ordered it medium and it was tender and oh so flavorful. The shoestring fries were a perfect compliment. There's a good selection of alcohol here too. Local draft beers, a mimosa, wines, or even a bloody mary. If you need a place to sit, counter service was super friendly. Located in the Grand Central Market, parking can be complicated, and the crowd may be overwhelming on weekends, but this is definitely a great spot for an amazing burger!

John Pelaez

Terrible service, was ignored several times while trying to purchase some meat. I got fed up after around 8 minutes and just bought food somewhere else.

Janae McLane

I ordered the chicken lettuce wrapped. I was sold on the tarragon aoli but all I could taste was onions and spicy mustard. The chicken breast was small and not very filling alone. Side order of sweet potato fries were good. Really enjoyed the ketchup. I’m not normally a ketchup on fries person especially on sweet potatoes but the slight kick with slight sweet was great. My mom got a double classic burger and had I read the reviews here prior to a random stop by I should have ordered the burger apparently. Side of slaw was more like onion slaw than coleslaw. Overall I would go back but felt $38 was pretty steep for what we ordered (no drinks)

Michael Shilstone

These guys know meat and make it apparent with their choice cuts displayed in the showcase and their unique sandwich menu with offerings like pulled lamb belly. Everything is on the expensive side but if you are looking to impress friends and family or just want to treat yourself to a memorable dinner you would not be disappointed with your purchase. It's a small stand in the bustling Grand Central Market but they do have bar seating where you can stay and enjoy your Marrakesh Cheesesteak. The staff is friendly and could talk to you about meat all day.

Justin Lam

The lamb burger was amazing

Scott Burau

I absolutely love Belcampo. The meat is of the highest quality, but that does mean it comes with a high price. From their housemade sweet Italian sausage to filets to bone broth, everything I have had is delicious. While you're picking up meat for the grill or the oven, you better sit down and have a Fastburger.

Trent Thompson

Meat tasted dry, chewy, old and like it was warmed in a miceowave. Spent nearly $20 on my meal and couldn’t even eat it. The ketchup was the best part.

Marlon Saville

Grass fed beef and chicken. Fast burger was A little salty but somehow balances the flavor from this little party with the rest of the burger. Sweet potato fries are fresh and krispy...but the soda is the icing. I love the moment I took a sip this I knew something was different. Their sodas are made with all natural ingredients. So see how your body likes The all natural experience! Thanks Belcampo!!

Robert Suarez

Being a downtown-er your constantly looking for good breakfast spot near by. Well look no further this place is the best for MEAT LOVERS ONLY :) I came here with my girlfriends for Sunday Brunch and the best time. I had the Steak & Eggs, it was sooo delicious! I'm definitely going back!

Evelyn Jackson

I love this place for a burger. The meat is so fresh they cook the burger exactly the way you ask for it! The flavor gets you at the first bite. If you don't like the size of the Belcampo burger , they have a small size. Always a treat to go and have the Belcampo burger. It melts in your mouth and gets your taste buds watering.

Major Dick

One of the best burger places in LA!

Han-Hsin Lin

Not flavor and overcook burger

Jeff Houze

Yep, indeed this one of the best burgers in Los Angeles.

Yinghong Yang

Only hook is organic meat, maybe I expected too much

Zeke Barragan

Awesome and in a great location. After you order food luck hearing your name. There ruthlessly isn't a place to sit so be prepared to eat standing. This place is worth the visit regardless of the inconveniences.

Zack Harris

Real deal cheeseburgers. You can taste the quality of the meat. They are on the small side, so if you're hungry order two. Fries are fried in beef fat, seriously good. They have a gorgeous selection of meats and they have chorizo - excellent. They are pricey, but if you want quality, you will pay a premium. But seriously, this is hands down one of the best damn straight up cheeseburgers you'll ever have.

Harry Miller

$15.50 for a Very, VERY small breakfast sandwich and ice tea... Couldn't eat the bacon, it was burned to a crisp, like charcoal...Literally! And they claim to be a butcher?? Just another over priced pretensious place claiming to be Organic and attempting to appeal to the hipster crowd...

Ivan Gonzalez

The fast burger always hit the spot! Lots to love at this restaurant/butcher shop.

Philip Lo

Belcampo設在Grand Central Market裡的肉舖兼餐廳,他們標榜自家的漢堡是”The best in Los Angeles”及”Always Grass Fed, 100% Organic Meat”的burger一份要價USD13,lamb burger則是要價USD16,這可真的不是一般人吃的呀,即便以美國的物價而言,也絕對稱不上便宜了!在Central Market附近的W. 3rd Street的店要價相同,但是若要到他們家位於Santa Monica的餐廳去吃一樣的東西,那更得花上USD22了。說起來,lamb burger真的不錯吃,薯條更是超大份量,bone broth好喝但是略微偏淡。網路上不少人評價說GCM裡大部分的餐館都是overpriced,以價論值每個人心中都有他自己的一把尺,不過如果就體驗這麼一次還算是可以的。

alice chung

On my second to last day of jury duty (month-long case), I finally made my way to Belcampo's butchery shop that also serves food. I ordered their BELCAMPO CHEESEBURGER ($12) with BEEF TARROW FRIES ($4). both were yummy and the 5.5 oz (i know, a bit small) grass-fed beef patty was amazing and of the highest quality. yes, a bit on the pricey side but you pay for the quality of the food, which is great.

Rudolph Santamaria

Fredy Ulloa

Food takes way too long to get. 40 minutes for 1 burger

Nat Dixon

The staff is amazing. The meat selection is everything this carnivore could ever ask for, They have goat meat! I Love this place!


Great burger and fries



Ruben & Joana Miranda

Thw only place inside the Market how has Happy Hour on Beers. Yes!

Nicole Fernandez

BBq beef - Great! Brocollini - Amazing! Split Pea Soup - Good. Service - Best in the Market!! A visit is worth it for the service alone.

Beto Patricio

I miss the Philly cheese steak, but the fast burger and fries are not to be missed

Edlyn Barragan

This little spot has the best burgers I've tried anywhere. Their meat is so soft that you barely feel is as you're eating it. We had the normal cheeseburgers and we've had the lamb one, more than once, for obvious reasons. Definitely a must try if in the area.

Caio Slikta

Burgers are amazing! My only complaint is that even the biggest one is really small, you need two to be satisfied

vahid yousefi

Melinda Malovoz

Travis Mahoney


Fiona Gould

They make the best veggie burger I've ever had, but if you're looking for meat (it does specialize in that after all), try the breakfast sandwich or cheeseburger.

Paul Poole

Food is fine but service is rude and in a hurry. We ordered a fast burger n a cheeseburger (2 ppl). The fast burger came out fast but the person was in such a hurry to get it over with or something that omitted, ignored or just didn't hear the cheeseburger request. We ordered it after realizing a few minutes later that x person never took the order. My fast burger was cold at the time I ate it so... blah. Don't get the chilli, is too dry to be called chilli. The ppl that were displaced before this new "trendy" "quality" spot took over were way nicer that this. Terrible experience. Not coming back.

shahram sepehri

Kiara Ramirez

Belcampo Meat Co. (LA/ Downtown)! The name itself already makes this place sound like such a happy place... and it is! This place has everything you want in a health food store. So many products and cool finds! Came here for the juice and left with healthy yummy snacks. Great prices for the juice too! Really like this place and will be back to shop and grab juice when I'm around.

Maria Alikoski

I was happy to find out they had gluten free buns. The meat patty was good, but otherwise the burger was quite dry. It was suppose to have the house sauce, but if it had it, I could not taste it. Also, the sweet potato fries were not tasty, although there were plenty of them. The lemon-lime soda tasted like chlorine. Service was friendly though even though it was busy in the market.

Chieko Kathleen

Best burgers and jalapeno poppers I have ever had. You can't really beat the prices, it is absolutely worth it

Vanja Srdic

Good meat indeed.

Shih-Tzu Danielson

The 100 Day Burger Medium Rare is the only way to get this! Well worth the wait and you have to come by 5pm sometimes or they run out. Do want I did and call ahead and hold it in “Shihbone’s” name because no one messes with someone’s food with that moniker. Get fries and try their version of spicy ketchup made up north

JR Curley

The burgers are amazing! Belcampo is known for their focus on the best ingredients, and you can taste the difference. There are are only a few seats, but don't let that deter you, there is ample seating near by. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, feel free to ask them about their food! Pro tip - it can be loud and hard to hear your order when it's ready, so stay close and pay attention!

Simon Winsall

Ordered the Belcampo cheeseburger... was incredible. Staff was extremely friendly and chatty, the seats at the counter were comfy and the food was served fast!

Noor Alnahhas

Great place to dine and of course get high quality meat! They're located in the Grand Central Market. They only have 5 bar seats though, so that's a challenge but people eat fast and move on. The burgers were great.

Satoshi Tobinaga

(Translated by Google) The hamburger was delicious with juicy meat (Original) ハンバーガーはお肉がジューシーで美味しかったです

marc mollaert

(Translated by Google) If I were to live in Los Angeles, it was here that I bought my meat, a steak very well stocked with organic meats. We had lunch there with a salad with a beef steak "dry ages" and my husband had a burger "dry aged" too! Very tasty, very attentive service ... very good what !! @ (Original) Si je devais habiter Los Angeles c'est ici que j'achetais ma viande, une étale très bien garnie de viandes bio. Nous y avons déjeuné moi une salade avec un steak de boeuf "dry ages" et mon mari un burger "dry âgés " aussi! Très goûteux , le service très attentionné... très bien quoi!!@


The worst veggie burger ever....greasy. Very limited variety of buns....brioche or potato. ...that's it! Very overpriced! Almost a slider size!

Esperanza Esta

This place has everything you want in a health food store. So many products and cool finds! Came here for the juice and left with healthy yummy snacks.

Rodrigo Valverde Lyons

Connie Kwan

Best broccolini hands down. It's deep fried. And cooked just enough, soft enough in the center unlike most other places who under cook. Recommend!

Kendra Vander Vliet

Big burger big price! Expect 15-16 dollars for a burger. Was I over charged? The burger was very good though and pretty huge. You could definitely share this with someone but for the price it makes it a hard sell as being one of the most expensive burgers I've ever bought in DTLA. If it came with fries that maybe would have helped? Still pricey though. That being said, I don't think I'd order it again. Everson Royce Bar happy hour has a mean burger that includes fries for only $10 which is a better deal and equally tasty burger for a price that is hard to beat in the downtown area. The good thing other than the food at Belcampo is they got some great hard to find cuts of meat, on top of having prime rib, and lardons. For anyone that loves French cooking lardons are difficult to find and they got them here! Including having just straight up pork fat for cooking and one of the best looking whole chickens that reminded me of what I saw in France, not your standard looking sad bird from the grocery. Rather you skip getting the burger here be sure to pick up some meat, instead.

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