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REVIEWS OF Kroger IN Arkansas

Arthur Baker

Very big store with plain lot of items to choose from

John Uzzell

Sheryl in the floral department was of great assistance!

Glenn Ford

The Kroger Marketplace is a great place to shop and has everything from A-Z with great prices and sales on advertised products.

Adam Martin Jr

Terrible, the pharmacy should be replaced with something useful I would never reccomend the pharmacy to anyone.

Palella Jessica

The best Kroger I have been to yet. Very spacious, clean, many items to choose from. Bathrooms are also very clean and the staff was very friendly.

Andrea R.

Employees always pleasant, overall they keep the shelves stocked. Store is overall clean and organized.

mike oney

Nice store. Has lots of things besides groceries. Over all good experience. You can find things that other Kroger's don't carry.

Sharan Pate

Love Marketplace and the entire staff are nice and friendly!!

Delores Rollon

Beautiful store, helpful staff. Loved the digital coupons. Saved me lots of money.


Great store, make sure you get your Kroger's card at the front desk to get savings ..

John Riggin

Best place this side of Little Rock to get groceries and other things that you need

Shirley Winget-Penrod

Huge store,great selection

Amber Johnson

The seafood smell is so strong throughout the store I started shopping and ended up leaving.

Abigail Jones

This is the best Kroger around. The employees are friendly and helpful. Checkout is fast and efficient. It is a Market Place which means they have other merchandise other than food. The having a clothing department that is overpriced unless it's on clearance. The store is very clean and is always will stocked. I use Click List about once a week and I absolutely love this service. I think the first three visits are free but after that you realize paying $4.95 is worth it. There are a lot of Click List exclusive coupons on their app which make up for this fee. Click List will also substitute items that are unavailable which is usually the larger version of the product unavailable. They also have a fuel center behind the store and you can use your fuel points to save on gas. I usually save 20¢ to 60¢ a gallon. Overall, this is a great Kroger.

Fab Cas

Had great experience chatting with service desk lady and helped me out with Kroger card, this place is clean and employees are nice.

Toney Green

This location for Kroger is awesome when the weather is great! They have an olive bar, Star bucks, and a sushi bar. I'm impressed with the meat and seafood selection. Now for the bad.. when it rains, it pours. This store leaks thru the roof just about on every asile. They have buckets, pee pads and they have to cover merchandise with black trash bags when it rains. I went to get a Valentine's card and the greetings card section appear to be completely destroyed from the rain. This store it's a fairly new store and I don't understand why it has so many leaks. The other bad is... When you come in the main entrance on the right side where the pharmacy is at, there is hardly any scan as you go scanners available. This has happened to me personally at least four different times. You have to walk all the way to the left side entrance where all of them are stacked up. Not to mention when you shop in their skinny Isles you have to compete with the scan as you go monster carts that take up the entire Lane. most of them will leave the carts there while they go pick out items even on different tiles forcing you to move the giant carts.

hope allison

Today they actually had all of the items on sale. There are many times this Bryant Kroger will be out of the sale items and your 5/$5 is bumpcus.

Loretta Loham

The people there are so nice. I think the store is real nice. The prices are kind of high, but because they real nice I like them.

Ron Hunter

Store is clean and people are friendly although the Starbucks inside was horrible. Got two caramel frappes, they had no flavor what so ever.

*Night Lights*

I really wish they hadn't dismantled the organic section and mixed all that in with everything else spread out across the entire store. I can see a benefit in that people who normally don't seek out healthier food will be more exposed to it, but it is an inconvenience that will take some getting used to.

504 Girl flores

Love the place. Employees are so friendly and helpful. I can be there for hours.

Bobby Wedsted

Always seem to have what I am looking for. Gas center on site. Friendly customer service always ! Great for in and out, or a full shopping experience !!

Robin M

Clickit is my favorite way to shop.

amber pennington

I love scan and go. It's works out great for me and my family. Specialty when we are on a budget and need to watch what we spend.

Rube Goldburg

Clean, Excellent Selection & Quality of items, Friendly, Helpful, Professional employees, Always a good experience.

John Morgan

Usually clean, and good selection of produce, but great meats! Organic section offers good options as well. Scan, Bag and Go takes some getting used to, but can be a pleasant experience. Overall, an enjoyable grocery shopping experience!

Katelin Deroche

This is what you get when you do clicklist...terrible.

Corey Daniel

Always have a huge selection and great prices

Bobbie Reyes

I always have a really great experience shopping at kroger's love that market

Heiđilore TheWatcher

Only place I've found in the south where I can get great cheese curds. Great organic selection!

Laurie Hebert

Very good place to go get your food from.

Betty Lockhart

Great store I wish we had one in Killeen Tx. We found new pretzels there and they are delicious.

Larry Scott

Clean and employees very nice and friendly customer services !! Keep it up the work !!!!!!

Loren Carter

Love Kroger pick up! Today they were a little short handed, no biggie. Ran errands and came back. They had everything ready and gave me a discount. So sorry others were rude. We could all learn to use a little patience. The workers are only human and were apologizing profusely. P.s. if you can’t stand waiting and are having issues, I’m sure they’re hiring

Alan Selph

Excellent, pharmacy personnel are great

Michael Peoples

Great store, clean and the service is great! The one downside is that when it rains, there are buckets all over the store!

Past Jonah

Fresh produce and great meat selection. Good deals when you have a Kroger card. Free to set up and will save you money on just about everything. They have just about everything Wal-Mart has and I don't walk out feeling dirty.

Brigitte Long

Very nice people helpfull cashers and wonderful prices.

John Thompson

Great place to show and get your blood pressure checked.

Mike Harmon

Very clean store

Angela Scott

Awesome! Great people, great employee's, very polite! I also received 7 dollars in savings on a 20lb turkey!!!

Joy Shelby

Store is always clean. Associates are very helpful.

Rodney Govens

I still miss Publix but this place is pretty good

Marcy Eaves

Helpful staff

Cathy Oginski aka bebe

More convenient Store, speedy Service at Register, friendly employee! Cleanliness, fresh product. Always have sales price, lots of selection items.

Jeremiah Johnson

We shop there all the time. Love gas discounts

Anthony Single

Great variety, can get in and get out quickly, good prices and Kroger points are great for discounted fuel. Just the simple membership gets you 3 cents off every time at the pump.

Robert Kibbe

The staff at Kroger Cabot are the best. Always friendly and helpful in a caring way...sincere when they help. The deli & bakery staff know us by name and make a point to remember our favorite requests.

Matthew Martin

I absolutely love Kroger. The people are always nice and friendly. Always having sales, coupons and other discounts. Can not wait until Cabot Kroger gets ClickList shopping option.

Marsha Moore

In and out, quick...

Joseph Martinez

Who says Walmart is cheaper? .99 grapes, free stuff every Friday, and someone takes my groceries to the car for me

David Farr

where i shop the BEST place in town for selection and price.

Robin Carlton

Fine employees. Good prices.

Amie White

The staff at this Kroger are always helpful and kind. I wish they had the drop-front carts like the NLR store, and I certainly wish it were larger, but for a small town store, it's the best bet around.

Rick Jones

Great place, great people, great food!!!

Marlin Roberts

Love our Kroger, super friendly staff and good prices

Nadine Helton

The employees are very friendly and helpful and will go out of their way to help you and I don't have to wait to get checked out. And the meat market is great.

Steve Bunting

Good prices

Charlene Raynor

It has been along time that i shop here at Kroger ,You have everthing set up to fine I injoyed myself thanks

David Smith

Good place to shop but wider isles would be better

Jean Witcher

Always smile and help to find what you need take you too what you want.will take your groceries to your car if you want them to.Best grocery store in town.

Angela Scroggins

We had a baby shower and ordered cupcakes from Kroger since they had the good whipped frosting. I had several people tell me the cupcakes were dry. I wonder if they gave me old cupcakes. I will not order cupcakes from them again.

Grant Carfangnia

Nice selection. A little pricey. Not my first choice but dont mind having to come here

Connie Holland

The two young men today we're very knowledgeable about their product. They worked the entire time and explained everything when they were finished. Your number is now in my phone as a contact for any problems we have. Thank you again for your prompt attention.

Shawn Page

Always a good place for groceries. They always have a special sale that is mind blowing.

gail newell

Love shopping Krogers. Had everything I was looking for.

Scott Seaton

Friendly staff very polite.

l s brown

Wonderful service.

Deb LeBel

Friendly employees. Good sales and selection.

Lee Lesow

I love Kroger for there low prices and there sea food it's always fresh and hot bread. Love there fresh flowers as well

Jennifer Harbert

My favorite grocery store!!!! Love the employees, they treat us like family!!!!!


Kroger always has the best quality products. The staff at the Deli are super friendly and helpful

Mary Sullivan

The best grocery store in cabot!

ms P

Great shopping experience! Environment very clean, organized, well stocked, and all sections are beautifully designed and eye-catching!

vicki oliver

This place is awesome

Amanda D

This store is so clean and well lit. I love click list and pick up. They have a good fruit selection, however, their salad choices seem limited and disorganized. Definitely the best choice for groceries in the area.

Ricky Stevenson

This is a nice store with a nice staff. It had the feel of a Publix or Fresh Market but with a clothing section. I was surprised to see that clothing area.

Rick Fli

Just wish I would stop forgetting my Kroger card in the truck. Or better yet Kroger would just run a sale with out a card!!

michelle mangual

The baggers could use better training. And being a person that is on WIC the correct labeling would be helpful. I love the selection and I am dc ready for this move that they are doing to be over.

Rachael T.

There's nothing you can't find in a beautifully laid out floor plan. I spend hours just checking it all out and never disappointed.

Lance Douthit

I love the way this store is laid out. Always clean. Only place to get groceries.

Michael Davis

Nice store, great selections and variety

Jaron Salazar

Great prices usually cheaper than target when you use your Kroger card

Ansar sims

Great selection

Theresa Schieffer

The only thing I didnt like is that the store is restructuring and it was hard to find things. I like the way they've had the health food section and am sure I will miss finding the organic stuff all in one place. But I love shopping at Kroger, love the senior discount and the clerks are always friendly and do a good job.

Cheryl Leverett

Logically arranged so that a first time shopper could find what she needed! Very clean, fast service, friendly staff.

someonesouttogetme .

Better than Walmart as I actually see employees! Great selection of items, produce is actually fresh, helpful staff, great prices. I'm glad I switched.

Kathy Nida

Awesome store Lots of clearance sales

Rachael Spurlock

Best Kroger in the area for sure! But if you catch yourself thinking "oh, awesome! They also have a Starbucks!" Dont waste your money! It was pretty terrible; but hey, you're there for groceries, not coffee.

Michael Wolford

Great experience! Cheerful customer service! Great quality-good prices

Stephen Waddell

Lots of trash on the floor in the entry. Produce area needed swept and stocked. Not a good first impression.

Gayla Volz

They didn't have white American cheese, crab legs or naked goat cheese. Maybe I need to find a new grocery store!!!

Michelle Thomas

The store is clean and usually well stocked. They have recently moved things around but had signs posted to help people navigate the new layout. The employees are friendly and helpful. It is definitely one of the better local grocery stores and I would reccomend it.

Christina Clause

This store is very clean and well stocked. The quality of products sold is also very good. And the Starbucks staff is amazing. I get a coffee every morning there before work and they ALWAYS greet me with a smile and make my coffee right. The sushi staff is also top notch and very kind. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend. Not a foe though.... this place is too good for them;)

Jawanza Whitfield

Great place to shop. Good sales. Download the app for more discounts.

Dawn Morales

Great store vast variety of items! Found everything I needed

Kendra Norris

Love it beautiful store people polite and helpful

Dana Johnson

This Kroger is nice, but we prefer the Kroger on Military Road.

Joni Nees

I always look forward to going to Kroger when I have grocery shopping to do. Hands down freshest produce, best cuts of meat, most variety of any type of food.

Paul Lovett

Employees very helpful. I'm used to shopping in the smaller store in Benton.

Rodney Hanna

best grocery store around the friendliest people

Donna Beranek

Lot of help that's why I drive all the way to that store I have one up the street from me. Keep up the good work. Thanks

Greg Simmons

Big store, lots of items and too big for elderly to navigate.

Crestina Guin

Great customer service from Kenneth who was guiding me on the use of the Scan and Go!

Syreeta Ball

Great shopping experience!!

Will Jenkins

I love this place to get groceries! It’s great having a Kroger’s card to save money! Variety of products including name brands and generic brands. Pick your choice! Love the options of organic vegetables! Fantastic prices and deals! Clean store! Get points toward gas purchase! Still prefer Edwards Food Giant for my meats!

Doug Wadley

Great place to get fresh produce and everything else you need for you grocery needs. Clean and well stocked and organized.

Vi. P. King

Good luck people✌

Phillip Davis

This place is awesome!!! Just stopped in for the first time, and omg, can hardly believe the huge selection and good quality. Deli is terrific, produce is beautiful. Very clean, and also great friendly service. Will definitely be back whenever I am in town. It is a very short walk from the pilot truck stop where I am parked. I'd give 10 stars if I could.

Judith Bee

Koger in Cabot- poor

Shannon Fleming

This store has very rude customer service people. They have no business working the customer service desk. The managers are a joke. Tried to cash a check here and they would not do it. What is so messed up about it is they have been cashing this same monthly check for years every month. But now say they cannot do it. That is stupid. Corporate office needs to seriously make some major changes in there upper managment at this store immediately. I have talked to several of my friends and neighbors and they also said they were not pleased with what has been going on at this Cabot Kroger. It used to be a wonderful store to shop at. Lately the store looks a mess. Very disorganized and overall filthy. I am taking my business elsewhere and so are a lot other people in Cabot.

Charley Wratten

Super clean, helpful staff and always an awesome selection of steaks.

John Bensen

This is a pretty good store. Fresh produce, good selection. They did bring back some milk coffee creamer. They need to get on with clicklist.

Amber Lin

Great meat department and Deli but the rest of the store seems to be falling apart. Front end is very disrespectful to customers and very highly uncoordinated

Kim Blalock

Quality products at a reasonable price. Kroger card a major plus.

Martha Rowland

It's a nice store with good prices but I think the lighting could be a little better because at times it looks dark and gloomy. It seems to bring the atmosphere of the store down somewhat. Good cashiers, baggers, and lot crew that start polite conversations with the customers thst makes the shopping experience a nice one.

Beverly Waters

The employees were very courteous & friendly. Awesome place to shop!

Sally Hourt

Tried to straighten out a problem and they would not even let me explain before starting to answer. Totally no math or logic skill in the two I was explaining it to. What is wrong with education nowadays? Not happy with this store at the moment.

Amanda Schullian

I love this store and the people are just as great as the food choices!

Zack Dee

Clean store with many healthy items. Nice store

Airspeed 3D Drones

Great store. Kroger really needs to build a bigger store because this one is really crowded.

Marilyn Cole

It was packed, at 3:00 pm. !! U would think a blizzard was on the way.

Terry Wilson

Good selections. Clean store. Helpful employees.

Norma Davis

Easy access.friendly employees Well stocked.meat Dept. Very expensive

Debbie Hall

I love going to the Cabot Kroger's it is so enjoyable everybody so friendly

Barbara Bourdo

I really enjoy shopping at the Cabot Kroger. Everyone is always pleasant and ready to help you. Sometimes there are things I will buy that the commissary may have cheaper, but since we live in Cabot it is a lot more conveient.

Richard Roy

Friendly and helpful staff.

RLB Bates

Got what you want, digital coupons, usually got the best prices.

summerdawn Adams

Friendly staff and great low prices!

Next gen gaming 21

The people that work there are very curtious

William McGregor

It's almost a no brainer. The store is always clean, well stocked and priced right. The staff are friendly and will go out of their way to help you, even if its not their department. It has been my "go to" choice since I moved to the area years ago and I am always pleased with my shopping experience.

Chelsea Hoffer

Always love shopping here.

Jason Anderson

Love the app good savings on coffee

chris morgan

your options in cabot aren't exactly plentiful. if you need groceries, this is probably your destination! the store is pretty massive and has just about anything you might need, however. relatively clean and well presented, and the staff is almost always pleasant and helpful!

Debra Griffin

Good selection. Nice attentive staff.

Phil Fely Ocampo Grasse

One of my favorite of the best when it comes to produce, bakery, fresh meat, frozen and grocery.

James Fare

Friendly staff and clean store

Holly Hill

The advertised toy I had gone there for was not available. I was told they were gone before the ad came out. I was going to buy 5 of them he told me only 6 we're shipped to the store per year. I know this can happen but it shouldn't. Not happy.

Goose Jackson

This store has gone WAY downhill in the past few months and my rating reflects that (down two stars from my initial review). They're having major issues keeping very basic items in stock. Is it poor management? Whatever the reason, it's a huge problem that has left me looking for an alternative store to shop at. The people are generally friendly and helpful - but it's kind of a small store and they waste way too much space on inferior Kroger-branded stuff which negatively affects their selection of other name brand products. They frequently discontinue products which I regularly bought, which is very annoying.

Andrew K

Once again this fabulous store is out of produce and what is there is old and slimy. I really don’t know why I even stopped there...for those who want to save time Harps and Walmart is just up the block, I would suggest saving yourself time and just going to one of those two first

Patricia Travis

Excellent except you need more UNSWEET TEA. MY CASHIER WAS GREAT

Michael Gann

When you go at 630 PM on a sunday, nobody is there. In n out

Josh Bisbee

Good selection fast checkout if u use the self checkout

Rickey Carson

Quick check out

Ruby Atchison

I wish everyone could feel the JOY I experience just shopping at this wonderful store. The grace and happiness the employees share with their customers. I feel great tonight leaving the store for home. I am Blessed and in this new year 2019 praying that the employees on duty continue to show the wonder and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. They need to be honored. Thank you Jesus.

LaLa W

It’s big and usually has good markdowns. They consistently run out of items. They rush you to get out of the line if you want to bag your own items in reusable sacks and make you feel like you’re a bother to be doing that, but if you don’t, they’ll squish your bread and put the goods all willynilly in the sacks. I only go here because WalMart is even worse. It’s the lesser of two evils.

Kierra Davis

I’ve always loved shopping at the Kroger in Benton, AR, but today was by far my worst shopping experience ever! After discovering they extended the Friday and Saturday deal for an item I stocked my cart after seeing that their wasn’t any signage posted for a limit. After getting to the register, the cashier stated that I could only purchase 5 when I told her I would use multiple transactions. The policy clearly states that you may use 1 digital coupon up to 5X per transaction. She then lied and stated that I would have to use a different Kroger number and after I stated that it was fine, she still insisted that their would still be a limit. She motioned for a CSM to come over and the CSM, very rude and inconsiderate, did not even acknowledge me or ask what was wrong! She immediately stated that I could only purchase 5 and something about per household before demanding that the bagging employee take the rest of my items away in a cart. Not to mention that once the cashier rung up the sale items, it automatically rung up as the sale price, before I even entered my Kroger ID! Therefore the requirement about using different ID was definitely a lie as well! Needless to say, I will never shop at the Kroger in Benton, AR again!

Terri Bunger

Love the in store shopping and scan as you go. BUT I have a massive problem with the clicklist ordering. I used it from the beginny and it was great but for the last THREE weeks it has been a nightmare experience.

Martha Freeman

The pharmacy although very nice was very slow

Kathryn Goins

Always clean, easy to navigate aisles, super helpful and friendly staff.

Melda Brown

Awkward set up. Just don't like it.

Rachel Carson

Really great store; they really try to think like the customer. Very organized with great prices (that rarely ever ring up incorrectly, unlike another store I shall not name here) and great food. Also love the clothings and kitchenware. Love this store!! ❤

Maggie Dudgeon

Every time I have shopped here the staff has been wonderful and outgoing! Everyone is helpful and friendly.

charli adkins

Russell is the best meat market manager around! Store is always clean and we'll staffed.

Rita Villegas

Our first time visiting the store and we were impressed by the variety of products offered. The store had a fresh feeling and everything was very clean. Loved Tera, she was the best checker I have ever encountered. She was friendly, personable and just provided us with a great customer experience. We even went back a couple days later and stopped by just to say hi to her!

Douglas Ackerman

Seafood and meat markets are awesome

Joe Ammons

Clean, well stocked, well layed out.

Lewis Cammi

Awesome place to get your groceries

Ivan Motes

Huge selection of meats, cheeses, breads, dairy and produce. All are kept well stocked. Be ready to be amazed at the clothing, small appliance, household, toy and Pharmaceutical sections. Sushi, deli and Starbucks counters and even a florist. This is a department store masquerading as a 'grocery store'. The employees I have dealt with have been friendly.

Jerry Watts Shooting

Would be five stars if not for the click list employees plugging the aisles with their huge carts and the closed checkout lanes when the open ones are lined up into the beer. Other than that it's a good store

Gg McDougal

Kroger is my number one store. Thank you all for making it that way. Happy Holidays.

Loren Morris

Busy place, great selection, easy to shop with Scan and Go.

Wilma Fletcher

It was great , first time I really been in to go through all of the whole store, I will return.

Dennis Fulmer

I like to see Kroger Marketplace that has everything you could ever want has a great sushi bar

Gilbert Boardman

Large well stocked store with friendly and helpful employes. Better than any grocery store in Hot Springs.

Karen McAdoo

All the veggies were fresh & great sales on lots of items

Jamesthunder92 jamesghd555

It's big and very spacious.

Mary Hammond

FINALLY found the breakfast burritos I've been searching for. Happy Happy Happy

Britney Vestal

WOSRT EXPERIENCE! I selected a table online for pick up and when my husband went to pick it up they told us they don't know why we were able to select this seasonal item (which was a PATIO TABLE in JULY) and that they didn't have the table to give us despite the online charging me and sending me emails and texts saying the item was ready for pick up. I called the 1800 customer service number and after being on the phone for OVER AN HOUR all they could do/offer me was a chunk of fuel points that I could use to help save me a little bit of change on ONE fill-up of gas. Are you freaking kidding me??? I will not shop at any kroger again. This was a HUGE waist of time and the customer service both in store and over the phone were completely worthless.

Galaxy Fox

Would give a zero if I could. Management is the worst I've EVER seen in a retail store. Get your stuff together, treat your customers and employees better. If they had completely different management, I'd give 4 stars. Great store, horribly managed. I wouldn't recommend going here.

Jacklyn Cox

So much better than Wal Mart

Ashley Ridgeway

Very unhappy with this place. Rude employees. 1 of the cashiers a young girl threw something at her young bagger who was a guy as soon as we walked by in turn hitting my 2 year old son with it. She didn't say sorry or anything. I know it doesn't matter but we will never go back to that Kroger the one in benton is much better and has cheaper meat anyway

K. Aurora Adney

Generally good. Today the white lady stocking the cold cuts was rude. The regular lady is always very sweet. I don't buy roasted chicken there because it's never completely cooked. I'm also annoyed that they stopped carrying Shar gluten free bread. What is left has ingredients I can't eat. Also, no gluten free buns. The healthy options were diminished after the (disappointing) reset.

Brittney Mariner

I love that everything is always well organized and can be found quickly and easily! If I can't find something, there is always someone friendly who is willing to help me. I can't say enough about this location at Alcoa!

Ken Black

Super store with great selections. Outstanding fresh veggies, clean, food court is wonderful, it really tastes good, and good gas prices at their lot gas station. Even better with the Kroger card.

Charles Almond

Wonderful collection of organic Vegetables and fruits. Has everything from groceries to clothing. I would highly recommend this store.

Billie Drennan

Great store I found almost everything I wanted but it is crowded they have alot if stuff but my son doesn't like crowds so we got what we needed and left


It WAS wonderful when it first opened, but Really has gone down hill lately some cashiers are so impolite and force u to put ur groceries on a certain area of the conveyer belt and just plain hostile towards customers.

Chelsea Young

Can find what I need 99% of the time and there are always great deals going on.

Steve Ham

Excellent service in the deli! And great deals on the food and medicine. Got thru the check out fast and easy with the bag as you go.

Tamara Parker

Great place to shop! Employee's are nice and very helpful. Aisles are clean free of clutter! I recommend this location to anyone that shops at Kroger.

Jacob Cary

Fast in and out store for me. We have shopped here many times now. Friendly and helpful staff. Its like the Chick-fil-A of grocery stores. Great fuel points. I saved $1.05 off gas last week.

Tressa Rowell

Rude self check employee, not impressed, will go to another Kroger next time

Austin Aldridge

Great place to shop ,the store has everything you need, and more


Best store around.

Amy Burks

Always pleasant and nicely stocked! We love it, it's our go to grocery store!

Anthony Looper

Very clean and well organized store...had everything I needed...a truck drivers dream to be next door.

Mehman Sadigov

Quite big, clean with friendly staff

Wonda Farmer

Everyone should try Kroger Clicklist service it's the best for not wanting to deal with a crowded store.

Derek Johnson

Good experience. I was in and out pretty quick with my groceries and got everything on my list.

Carrie Riley

Always a great visit!

Amber Wood

"""STOP BUYING CHICKEN FROM THIS LOCATIONS DELI"""""my name is amber i bought a savory roasted chicken that was raw i did not eat it tossed it in the trash i hope this location picks up their act.because raw food is not something you should serve to your customers kroger better be luckey i did not call the health department

Golfer 71909

Kroger is a great store except for an inept seafood selection We have to drive up to Whole Foods to get decent seafood. It's a shame.

Sita Rama

Selection gets worse and worse every time I go. The only reason they get 2 stars instead of 1 star is their (mostly) great grocery staff and their wonderful pharmacy staff. But when I went on Sunday looking for fresh garlic, I was told "We don't have it on Sundays. You have to come on Saturday if you want garlic. That's when the truck comes; then it's gone." Seriously? I'll just add that to the ever-growing list of items I now buy somewhere else, because this Kroger either can't keep them on the shelf, or no longer stocks them at all.

Shelia Waldo

Great deals,wonderful employees. Plus love the fact I can do my shopping, pick up my meds, and pay my bills at one place!

Kimberly Whitcher

Unsurprisingly the Kroger has been having a great deals on their brand of soda. 6 12packs for less than 14 bucks out the door.

Marion Mack

This store has the nicest people who are just great with anything they are asked to do. They have a great selection of everything

Ake Kolp

Nice store in a low crime area, plenty of grocery in stock. Very friendly atmosphere.

kareen creasey

Cabot Kroger is the best in the central Arkansas area! I know I have been to all. It must be very well run because everyone is always happy and helpful. Friendly goes a long way. Well run is a must. It's got it all.

Beth Garner

Everyone is extremely friendly, prices are excellent.

Hugh Hensley


Laura Jones

It's easy for me to get to safely on my Power Scooter. Everyone is friendly there. The store is keep clean and smells good.

Brandi Frank

My favorite Kroger! It may not be as big as some of the orhers ones but still my favorite. Wish they would start clicklist at this location.

Charles Conard

I was very happy to be in your store. The people who works there are friendly and helpful

Studio Sizzle Hair Salon 3

We have always had a great experience shopping here. The employees are always helpful.

Lenee Brown

I truly dislike going to the Cabot store.. It’s dirty Always out of items And some of the most rudest checkers they do have a few good ones... For example today I went through the shortest lane not wanting to because the lady Chris has checked me out before and is so RUDE Never smiles, never Thanks you... I only purchase 160.00 per week. Seldom do I get ask if I need help in getting groceries to car... All the lanes were busy except Chris guess everyone else had been through her lane in the past ... didn’t need her RUDENESS!

Jerry Gossett

They have really good Pro produce and meet at Kroger's

Rebecca Micel

The store is clean and well-stocked and employees are friendly

Barbara Cooper

Great place to shop, great customer service. Always first choice when I grocices or household items. Have a good floral shop.

Kayla Campbell

Super clean and tidy store. The workers are kind and helpful. The produce is excellent and I love their huge selection of organic and vegan options!

Millie Jackson

Great choices. So clean! Excellent service!

Cowboy Cook

I love Kroger's pepper jack cheese!

Susan Buntin

Kroger has fresh fruits and vegetables and good meat. The store is easy to get around and the employees are friendly and helpful.

Christopher Moseley

Average grocery store. Older aesthetics. Gas is better priced than most places

Billy Manes

I love the prices. The store is always clean. The people are always friendly.

Kenneth harris

Always fresh produce, choice beef. I could not however get 100 % cranberry juice.

Jamie Britt

Always love our local Kroger for the coupons and brands they carry.

Alyssa Masters

I needed to cash a money order that I purchased 11/23/18 at 8:08am and have both receipts from Kroger and western union. They said they couldn’t cash it because they say it hasn’t been 48 hours yet it’s 11/25/18 3:08 pm. The customer service lady was extremely rude, so I walked out and had my boyfriend go in and ask what the deal was. And on of the managers was helping him when another manger came up and told her to stop helping him and said they couldn’t do anything to help but the first manager was trying to help. So when we leave we call back to speak to the manager Randy and explained to him what was going on and when I said it wasn’t right that it has been over 48 hours and have both receipts to prove it he hung up on me. I have already filed a complaint with corporate as well as western union. Do not use their western union service if you need it to be quick. They have given me nothing but problems about my money order.

Brenda Dorr

Love my Kroger ❤️

Melissa Dunk

Easy parking and they have all the products that I need.

veronica Diaz

Nice workers and organic food at a reasonable price! I'll be coming here for my families groceries.


Very understaffed! 1 person for checkout. When customer service desk was asked why there were not more lines opened. He replied cutting cost and that only 1 person was scheduled as checker even though the line was 6 people deep with buggies full of groceries. I replied why would this happen during the Christmas holiday season when it is a fact that people will be there getting groceries for their holiday meal. Totally unacceptable!

Sara Newcomb

Love this Krogers so much more than Walmart. Usually if I go in at certain times and I can't find something there's workers on the floor that can help me find what I'm looking for pretty quick. I've only had one bad encounter with one person but I'm not giving it a bad rating over that one person. Because I love this Kroger so much! I love the points you get for shopping there last time I got $0.10 off the gallon

Seth Barger

Love the store layout, atmosphere, and selection. Customer service is about as good as anywhere.

Bonnie Spalding

This was the best store I’ve been in like for at least 3 years. I found it two days ago. And I was blown away. It’s so clean roomy, the floors everything was shining..... the fresh meat

Adam Johnson

Very well stocked store with selections in most categories. Very well staffed. Always have friendly service.

victor martinez

I drive a truck and there is a truck stop I can walk from to shop here and I really like Kroger, it is just as good as other chains and the store is nice, you can get hot food and sit down and eat it if you choose. I got the Kroger card and I get things on special that save me money. Restrooms are always clean, staff is always friendly and helpful.

Mary Kennison

Wonderful! This store has so much varity, the largest Kroger I've been in.

Leslie Dickinson

This Kroger always has incredibly fresh produce and a variety of healthy choices on every aisle. Thanks for helping me pull together this quick summer meal!

Charles Glankler III

Went in store and was told I couldn't use coinstar

Danielle Domina

Loved this kroger! Used the scan and go for the first time and it made it so much easier to shop. Will definitely be going again.

Amy Emerson

Just ordered my daughter, Brianna's, "Trolls" themed birthday cake. I accidentally pushed the wrong button when I called Kroger and got the deli. They were very pleasant and offered to get someone in the bakery. Ms. Cindy then picked up and gladly took our order. She was very helpful, kind and accommodated all of the birthday girls requests! Nice and smooth!

charles rodgers

This is the only place I get my groceries. I also use the pharmacy. EVERYONE is excellent. Selection of food is great as are prices.Go check it out if you haven't been there before.

Sue Viecelli

Great selection of foods. Excellent produce department. Fuel points and great sales

Curtis Earp

Usually I love the new Kroger, but lately anytime Saturdays & Sundays the store is out of a lot of items. It is not clean either on these days.


This store is horrible. I went there for the first time, and I will never go back. I tried to use a few coupons to save money and the cashier and manager would not allow me to use them. The cashier and manager was very rude and hateful. If the manager felt that I was saving too much, she wouldn't allow me to use the coupon. She said using coupons was like paying me to shop. Who does that? She made up rules as she went along. Needless to say, I told her to cancel everything and they could put it all back up. I took my money elsewhere. If I could rate this store zero stars I would.

Glen Rhea

I'm a total Kroger Konvert, I haven't been back to Walmart on a regular basis in years. No regrets either, much better service here and a better selection IMO.

Barrett McAlister

Wide variety of high quality breads, meats, cheese's, fresh produce and flowers. The made to order food is good, an eclectic selection of craft beers and sodas, but the best thing is the tiny shopping carts which allows my brood of heathens to help shop instead of fighting over whose turn it is to play on my phone or poking each other!

Mantis Tobaggan

Click list here is a joke. Put it in at 11, pick up between 6:30 and 7:00. Cool. Get a call, won’t be ready until 7:00-7:30. No big deal. Yet here I sit 25 minutes after making first call and still no groceries. I could have went inside shopped bagged and been back home in the time this has taken. Will never do click list again and may alter where I buy my groceries. Piss poor Kroger, piss poor.

Francis D.

Clean , Clean , Clean unlike WM. And Doesnt have any Pallets of STUFF in the Middle of the Aisle like .... Wallie World .

Jack Barlow

My favorite store shop 4 - 5 times a week!!!

Russtina Green

The Bryant Kroger is my favorite place to shop. They have everything you need. Sushi bar, floral, Starbucks, an outstanding wine department, seafood and so on. You can get your prescriptions filled without having to wait for more than 10 minutes. They do have a drive thru. I have had several cakes made for parties and I get above and beyond what I want. If you like organic fruits and vegetables this is the place to go. This Kroger has a fuel stop also.

Jason Davis

Cool store, nice shopping atmosphere.

Whitney P's Adventures

There is SO much stuff here! We spent 1.5 hours and only saw about half of everything. The people were cordial and helpful and everything seemed clean and orderly. We will be returning.

Mahlona Bowdon

Nice store. Clean and bright. HUGE variety of things.

Janice Dodson

I ordinarily love everything about Kroger- merchandise, pricing, employees- everything. Today, not so much. I could smell the meat case very strongly- and I have a poor sense of smell.

Sunni Davis

The first time I walked into this Kroger after moving to Bryant I literally thought I'd walked into the wrong store. I went in the entrance farthest away from any of the other stores in the strip center and was immediately thrown because I was looking at clothing and shoes so I mistakenly thought perhaps I had wandered into one of the other stores and just didn't realize it LOL. Once I got my bearings and realized I was in fact inside Kroger I literally shrieked because this Kroger is so freaking awesome! Like I could not make myself leave I wanted to see every single thing in the store because they had so much! They have home decorations, clothing which is actually nice clothing and some of it is actually kind of high-end and some of it was actually great quality but on sale for some really great prices, they have an entire section of wall space for Razorback stuff and it was really nice like purses and really great quality t-shirts and things like that, their toy section ridiculous, their seasonal section is in the back right corner and it is always filled with not only really great items that you feel the need to put in your cart and take home with you but the prices are actually very reasonable, and there's also candy back there so that's a bonus lol. I really just can't say enough about how much I love this Kroger, they have an excellent organic fruit and vegetable area and next to that is there vegan / gluten free organic / special dietary needs section and they carry some incredible stuff that you literally will not find at other area Grocers. The ethnic food section is amazing because they carry things that for me I've never heard of but have definitely tried now and scary things that I haven't seen in years at other competitors. Their Deli foods are absolutely amazing and if you like soup or even if you don't definitely pick up a container of their soup and you will not be disappointed, I don't even enjoy soup that much but I can't stop eating their lobster monstrosity that they have back there it's delicious! You can get fresh sushi, I say fresh for Arkansas I realize it's probably not like caught that day LOL, but they make it there in the store and will also make it to order. They have the best selection of gourmet cheeses that I've seen in a grocery store in years since I lived in the metro area in Little Rock. Y'all, seriously just stop reading this review and just get your butts to the Kroger Marketplace because seriously you're missing out if you haven't been yet. Chances are real good you'll probably see me there in the deli area scoping out the soups and cheeses

dee hester

Nice was in and out

Zack Ide

I am from the Pacific NW and used to love shopping at Fred Meyer, and now that I'm in Arkansas I'm glad that Kroger is here. They have a clean store with a large selection of grocery items. I'm very busy and so is my family, so we love the fact that we can order online for pickup, or even have the groceries delivered to our home. If you haven't tried one of those services, I am sure there is a credit for you to try it for free (or for a very low price). I highly recommend that you do, because it's a total time saver!

Dee Elkins

Very nice , upscale, store. This was my first time being there and was kinda of overwhelmed with the variety and selection of a number if things. They also had clothing and household items.

Deana Smith

Clean and beautiful store, fresh food everywhere.

Desha d. Just me

I love this store but their my / mo mochi bad is nasty! It taste like they cooked in the hot sun and then tried to freeze them. Mochi shouldn’t taste like that!

Doris Greer

Great!!! Store clerks were very helpful

Richard Redmerski

Nice and clean.

Laura Siepert

Very hateful women that work the pharmacy line. Make us wait 10 minutes and then tell us that WE’RE the ones holding up the line. Tell us to get of line and come back. They should’ve said that in the first place, and definetely shouldn’t have gave us attitude when it was their fault we were still in line. Had they told us it would be a while and to simply come back later, we would have done so.

Dennis Johnson

Good selection, friendly associates, and good prices if you look for the sales.

June Bennett

Erika is awesome! She really helped me!

Mariano V.

I only leave one star because the aisles are rather close together. However they will be rebuilding entirely from the ground up, they have purchased the properties to the sides of them for expansion. It will be the killer store to shop as they have some nice selections.

Robert Gray

Well organized, clean store with a nice produce section. The deli counter offers fresh meals ready to eat, a nice bakery area with cakes and pies, and the sandwich meat and cheeses you would expect. The meat counter has a surprisingly good selection of fish as well as the turf based meats you expect.

Curtis Sobn

Great service , gas discount, to stretch my dollar! Thanks

Brittany Thompson

I absolutely love this place I actually drive all the way from Searcy to Cabot every month because this Kroger is so much better than ours. The staff is always so friendly and there is never a long wait.

Susan Burgess

I always love going to Kroger's. Rarely are they out of stock on something and the employees are always super helpful and friendly.

Kathy Phipps

Pharmacy is generally backed up, but they work hard to get everything right

Tim Schick

Slow unreliable. Use Walgreens

Daniel & Patricia Horton

This Krogers has a gasoline station, deli, bakery, flower shop as well as nice quality groceries. Their deli has very nice smoked or not smoked meats. If you like your thin sliced meats ask for Charlot. She can thin slice the meat and not tear the meat up.

Chris Archer

Probably the nicest Kroger store I have ever visited.

Rebecca Holcomb

Always clean, bright, friendly, easy to get in & out! And the points are just the cherry on top!

Carol Eason

Wonder workers. Store was packed but it was quick and easy

joshua pharis sr

Very sweet ppl that love thier jobs

Michele Cordon-Dyer

Kroger in Cabot is great the people are just wonderful and if for any reason there is a problem they take care of it

Joseph Medina

Not the best Kroger, but better than the other neighborhood market.

Tarri Henderson

Like it better than Walmart

Joetta Aten

I was very pleased with everything I got and all the friendly help that I received

Debra Finks

Really a nice store. Helpful people. Cashier Amber and bagger made my day. I hope you appreciate them.

Jamie Gordin

Fresh and good prices

Steven Holland

Always clean and friendly. Aisles are a bit tight at times. Good deals if you use your Kroger card.

Nona Head

Clean and good picks but a little pricey

priscilla edwards

Love shopping at Krogers. Just the right size store to go in and out.

Tajuana Gross

Fast and easy, and they had motorized scooters.

Becky ziegler

I was somewhat dissatisfied. Shelves were bare, and the water shelves looked like we were going to have a hurricane in Arkansas ..

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