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REVIEWS OF Kroger Marketplace IN Arkansas

sharon b

Great location and store layout. It's become my favorite Lexington location even though I have one closer to my home.

Karlton Sims

Great selection of products when everything is actually available. Very crowded. Employees will help you if you manage to get in front of them everywhere but the dairy department.

Jonny Lizzul

Used to shop at Richmond Rd. Some five years back. Amazing how this store has gone downhill . It's poorly stocked, I received One Word responses or look at you in "You're bothering me mode." Bought a couple of packs of cigarettes at self checkout only to be tossed ( literally tossed ) after being scanned where the shopping bags were Not in a bag on the counter holding the bags and scurried off to chat with fellow employees and text on her phone. Best yet shot the company an email. Received a cookie cutter email back , " We will show this to the manager blah blah blah. Then two nights later at 1:15 am (Customer relations open at 1:15 am ?? , Right) asking for a survey how my problem was handled and would I use the same agent again. This store will never see me again, most likely none of my friends either.

deepam patel

There is a guest service and there is a lady that is tell us to shut up when we are trying to tell her something and calling here bad words very bad servers she should be fired from the store and the lady name that took us was Alice that was here name that did all the stuff.

Sarin Warta

There is a manager who works at this location that is always rude. I shop for instacart and I am at this location several times a day/week. 3 days ago when I was there she asked a worker "are you stupid?!" In front of myself and othwr people. The guy she verbally and publicly degraded while at his place of work is a young man who works the register/bagging area. He is quiet and soft spoken but incredibly nice.i see him there all the time and he helps bag my products. This man is white with red hair. The manager is black with braided hair. I wish I had said something to her. I hope upper management sees this and speaks to her.

Jeanette Gaylord

Clean and well organized

Matthew Beason

Extremely nice grocery store, very clean with a huge selection of organic and non GMO products. Also, beer selection isn't the best but there's still plenty to choose from.

Arthur Baker

Very big store with plain lot of items to choose from

John Uzzell

Sheryl in the floral department was of great assistance!

janice ridinger

I love this store couldn't live without it. The employees are always so helpful. The checkouts are always fast and very convenient

Tom Rueff

No help in Florial Dept. Had a hard time finding Card Dept. No help in card Dept. Very hard to figure out where anniversary cards were...

Kenneth Deal

Good service, very informative produce associates. Good experience.

Jane Klusman

This place is great.....upscale Wal Mart! It has everything, clothes home decor, hardware, groceries , bakery , seafood market, and oh yes jewelry store, Starbucks my new fave store! A must see!

Glenn Ford

The Kroger Marketplace is a great place to shop and has everything from A-Z with great prices and sales on advertised products.

Madtt Kelly

I have nothing negative to say about this place. I've always had good experiences here, and they're well-priced, even when items aren't on sale. The employees are friendly and always willing to help.

Thomas Williams

It is a wonderful market with lots of choices. Every fruit, vegetable, meat, or fish you could need or want.

Adam Martin Jr

Terrible, the pharmacy should be replaced with something useful I would never reccomend the pharmacy to anyone.

Palella Jessica

The best Kroger I have been to yet. Very spacious, clean, many items to choose from. Bathrooms are also very clean and the staff was very friendly.


It's really hard to find things because of the lack of consistency of placement in Krogers and their partner stores nationwide. However, that said, the experience was as good as is possible from a large, faceless corporation of any sort (which is to say, barely passable).

Andrea R.

Employees always pleasant, overall they keep the shelves stocked. Store is overall clean and organized.

Lincoln piper

Good place when its not to busy

Tamera Stevens

"Remodeled," now people wander around not able to find items. Why couldn't merchandise be put in same general areas??? I will return to little Walmart Marketplace where I can find what I need.


Terrible at night. Doors blocked by shopping carts doesn't make you feel welcome / VALUED customer like at all.

Theoria Apophasis

This store is run by blind ALWAYS out of stock, its always dirty now, it used to be so clean,....most incompetently run Krogers!!! I live near here and being going to this krogers for over 20 years, its NOW A DUMP!!! They never stock the shelves anymore, its disgusting now.

Michelle Allen

Just Fabulous Today! Got in, got out. Many of my regular items on sale! Happy Customer!!

mike oney

Nice store. Has lots of things besides groceries. Over all good experience. You can find things that other Kroger's don't carry.

Mason Mcbride

Probably one of the worst customer experiences I’ve ever had. First in the deli department I waited ten minutes to place an order while the people behind the counter drug their feet around with zero urgency as customers were waiting. One of them was helping another employee giving out multiple samples as they placed their order. With my experience in customer service this is a big no no and just looks bad, even if the employee being served is off the clock. I was then skipped twice, even after making eye contact with two of the workers AND raising my hand when they asked for the next customer. I finally ran out of patience and moved onto other items I needed. Lastly the girl at the checkout register was not much better. With a sour tone and pouty face she threw my items around making me feel as if I was an inconvenience to her. Probably would’ve been better off waiting in line at the self checkout. Can’t mess that one up. Where’s the management oversight on these employees? They must be okay with extremely poor service.

Shari Causie

They have everything.

Steve m

They have more organic than the other regular grocery stores. When they have sales, they usually beat even walm art prices

Kelli M.

I shop here weekly and really enjoy the fresh meat and seafood dept., the antipasto bar, and the awesome home decor. The sushi is great also and all of the employees are very welcoming. I wish they had more Manager's Specials but overall this is the on Kroger in a 30 mile radius that I approve of.

Angela Blair

The remodel I could handle, but the new system of grouping items us annoying. The "healthy food" section as I always called it no longer exists. I eat gluten free. Those items are now spread throughout the store, not confined to one small section. I have to walk the entire store to find a handle of items that were always in one spot. In a very small area. I could be in and out in 25 minutes. Now it takes 45 minutes to track down the same items. Very frustrating and makes no sense.

Sharan Pate

Love Marketplace and the entire staff are nice and friendly!!

Delores Rollon

Beautiful store, helpful staff. Loved the digital coupons. Saved me lots of money.


Great store, make sure you get your Kroger's card at the front desk to get savings ..

Elizabeth. B. Houston

It's a good grocery store. It has ever thing at one place. I have a hard time walking so carts are so helpful to ones that can't walk. It helps being near where I live.

Debi Sparks

I just love this store!!

Megan Mcgee

Somehow this review won't go away. It totally ducks and I hate it.

Leila Tate

I'm not from this area and went shopping for my friend recovering from hip surgery. I received such friendly help especially with help understanding my Kroger app. The young woman cashier was especially kind, friendly and helpful.

William Zoller

Great grocery store. Great prices. And now they're putting in a wine and beer bar! Awesome!

John Riggin

Best place this side of Little Rock to get groceries and other things that you need

Shirley Winget-Penrod

Huge store,great selection

Marlana Griffin

Love shopping at Kroger stores and having my pharmacy here yoo. Great prices and people and personal. Its tbe best.

Amber Johnson

The seafood smell is so strong throughout the store I started shopping and ended up leaving.

Abigail Jones

This is the best Kroger around. The employees are friendly and helpful. Checkout is fast and efficient. It is a Market Place which means they have other merchandise other than food. The having a clothing department that is overpriced unless it's on clearance. The store is very clean and is always will stocked. I use Click List about once a week and I absolutely love this service. I think the first three visits are free but after that you realize paying $4.95 is worth it. There are a lot of Click List exclusive coupons on their app which make up for this fee. Click List will also substitute items that are unavailable which is usually the larger version of the product unavailable. They also have a fuel center behind the store and you can use your fuel points to save on gas. I usually save 20¢ to 60¢ a gallon. Overall, this is a great Kroger.

Cheryl Moore

Awful! I bought some yogurt tonight and was going to eat one as my snack tonight. When I opened the container, it looked funny. I checked the expiration date. 8/22/2018!!!! I bought 5 and all 5 had the 8/22/2018 expiration date.

Rocky Mercado

Hard to find a live cashier. Hard to find a store employee in the aisles, etc when you need one. Store employees don't know where sought for products and merchandise are, but will send you on a wild goose chase. Twice. For the same items.

Michael guillory

I went to the meat department looking for top sirloin Angus today, asked for it to the person behind the counter. He said he would ask so e one came back and said only USDA meat. I said do you know why he said no. That's fine, no big deal. He said the steaks were Angus. I said ok I will take a ny strip. As I looked it was only labelled USDA while the others had a sign Angus above them. I pointed that out. He insisted that they were Angus. I couldn't take that chance because steaks are expensive I didn't want to possibly purchase the wrong item due to a label descrepincy. So he took another customer than stated this is why I should quit this f@#$%n job, and proceeded to be angry. So as I was waiting another guy told him he should chill and take a break. So the next guy comes and asks what I need. I'm like well I will take a pound of the Angus ground beef. He goes it's the same thing that's in the already wrapped department, but if you want I will still give you this kind.. I say dont worry abou it... The meat department has changed. This used to be my favorite Kroger because they had good friendly customer service in the meet department . I sensed a lot of laziness and attitude.. you guys poor attitude is the reason I said a s rew it and up and left the store... I definitely wont be back to this particular Kroger. If I could've gave less than a star i wouldve... to tatescreek i go ... no more Richmond rd for me ...

R Green

Very unprofessional customer service employee (White Female) nasty attitude!!

Russell Beam

Not crowded this morning. They close at 5pm today.

Michele Ayers

Found good food at good prices. Always like it that I can save when I come to Kroger. Great variety, even organic section in vegetables, fruits and meat.

Fab Cas

Had great experience chatting with service desk lady and helped me out with Kroger card, this place is clean and employees are nice.

Toney Green

This location for Kroger is awesome when the weather is great! They have an olive bar, Star bucks, and a sushi bar. I'm impressed with the meat and seafood selection. Now for the bad.. when it rains, it pours. This store leaks thru the roof just about on every asile. They have buckets, pee pads and they have to cover merchandise with black trash bags when it rains. I went to get a Valentine's card and the greetings card section appear to be completely destroyed from the rain. This store it's a fairly new store and I don't understand why it has so many leaks. The other bad is... When you come in the main entrance on the right side where the pharmacy is at, there is hardly any scan as you go scanners available. This has happened to me personally at least four different times. You have to walk all the way to the left side entrance where all of them are stacked up. Not to mention when you shop in their skinny Isles you have to compete with the scan as you go monster carts that take up the entire Lane. most of them will leave the carts there while they go pick out items even on different tiles forcing you to move the giant carts.

Gary Shelby

Good places to shop, friendly people.

Mandy Chapman

Great deal on gas with use of Kroger plus card points! I redeemed my points and was able to get .40 off per gallon! :-)

Katherine Holt

This used to be a really great place, but it has really gone down in the past few months. The produce is never stocked, and the staff is very rude.

Brent Hicks

Great store. Very clean. Starbucks is a good option. Has jeweler. Has "little clinic". Has clothes and shoes. Has click list.

James Jeremiah

Love this Kroger. The bagger guy gave my toddler several of those stickers tonight and even put one on his face to entertain her

hope allison

Today they actually had all of the items on sale. There are many times this Bryant Kroger will be out of the sale items and your 5/$5 is bumpcus.

David Little

Trader Joe’s and three Krogers later, finally a store with bulk bins

Danielle D'Eor

Good selection of goods, friendly and helpful people.

Shelia Minor

It has so much more to choose from, love to just walk in their and look around.

Adrian Nolton

This place has Everything! Grab some bread, milk, Ethernet cable, deodorant, vacuum cleaner, and a pack of water all in one place. And the employees are always nice and willing to help.

Tyler Guess

My regular spot. Employees are always helpful and friendly.

Cagney Parker

Great place. I'm happy it is 24 hrs.

Shawn Taylor

My Kroger is the best

Loretta Loham

The people there are so nice. I think the store is real nice. The prices are kind of high, but because they real nice I like them.

Ron Mitchell

Nice store, large variety but ridiculous prices. Shop only Kroger brand and sale items to break even.

Heather Kistler

The absolute best grocery experience for us for 30+ years.

Hutchentoot .

Great place, fresh food, coffee, clean restrooms. Great prices, and good discounts.

Ron Hunter

Store is clean and people are friendly although the Starbucks inside was horrible. Got two caramel frappes, they had no flavor what so ever.

*Night Lights*

I really wish they hadn't dismantled the organic section and mixed all that in with everything else spread out across the entire store. I can see a benefit in that people who normally don't seek out healthier food will be more exposed to it, but it is an inconvenience that will take some getting used to.

Katie K

Love the order online and pick up option!! The people who bring out the groceries are super nice!

Patty O

At least 6 people in each of the two check lanes open and the same in line for UScan. This was around 9pm on a Saturday. Completely ridiculous.

Jennifer Duke

This store is clean and well stocked. The staff has always been kind and helpful. They have clothes for men, women, and kids. They also have plus size clothes available. The have great shoes, but sometimes finding the correct size is hard. You should download there app and use the coupons recommended on the labels of food. Also the points for gas is amazing!

504 Girl flores

Love the place. Employees are so friendly and helpful. I can be there for hours.

Barry Lilly

Nicest personal ever so helpful and polite

Bobby Wedsted

Always seem to have what I am looking for. Gas center on site. Friendly customer service always ! Great for in and out, or a full shopping experience !!

J Vill

Good except for the parking!

Robin M

Clickit is my favorite way to shop.

amber pennington

I love scan and go. It's works out great for me and my family. Specialty when we are on a budget and need to watch what we spend.

Rube Goldburg

Clean, Excellent Selection & Quality of items, Friendly, Helpful, Professional employees, Always a good experience.

Betty Ivy

Every worker was friendly and helpful. It was a good visit.

Patrick Lewis

Clean, nice people and stocked with all necessities. Just wish the prices were lower.

John Morgan

Usually clean, and good selection of produce, but great meats! Organic section offers good options as well. Scan, Bag and Go takes some getting used to, but can be a pleasant experience. Overall, an enjoyable grocery shopping experience!

Katelin Deroche

This is what you get when you do clicklist...terrible.

jane lloyd

All items were available and I was able to use a motorized chair

Chip Pañter

Great super store

Corey Daniel

Always have a huge selection and great prices

Bobbie Reyes

I always have a really great experience shopping at kroger's love that market

Ray G

Great selection, great customer service!

B Peacock

Been shopping here for at least 10 years. Boy things sure have changed. Have always had pleasant shopping experiences until more recently. First of all, store looks great. Shelves stocked. Cashiers are friendly..mostly. They are a little overworked for lack of baggers. Have had to bag for myself many times even when wasn't supposed to be lifting because of my back. My big problem is with the ones in "charge". The "management" if you can call them that. Extremely rude and hateful and really just dont care about the customers. We had a incident last weekend and I was honestly offended at how rude the whole service desk area people were. We spoke to the "manager " about their attitudes toward us and all we got was "sorry". We were $500+ every other week customers. We will never step foot in this place again. What a shame we have to stop shopping somewhere we have loved going for so long just because of rude employees.

Sarah Padworski

Very nice organized place to shop. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

kristi Peterson

Always clean. Friendly workers, the best kroger to shop at by far!!

Cloudy Day Perks

Friendly employees. Good prices on products. I like taking advantage of the fuel points. This location has home goods and clothing at competitive prices.

Michele Hellard

I love this store on most days, customer service wasn't great tonight. The photo I attached, I was asked, by a manager, to walk back from the uscan to the produce and take the photo to prove the price. When I keyed in the produce code for a medium avocado the first time, the price rang up 1.99$. I called the associate over, but a manager came in his place. I told him the price should be .99, and he informed me that I was wrong. He said 1.99 was the cheapest avocado. I said, "no, there is a sale, the sign said .99 you can check". Keep in mind that I'm disabled, I wear very colorful braces from my feet up my lower legs that stop at my knees. He was a very healthy looking man, obviously not disabled and on the clock being paid to do this job. He stated that if I wanted the avocado for .99 that I would have to leave my items, walk from the checkout to produce, take a picture of the sign with the price, and bring it to him to prove, before he would change the price. I did so, while he stood at the end of the checkout lane laughing and talking with 2 other employees. I wish I had taken a pic of THEM! He, nor the 2 employees he was talking to, were working the uscan, there were 2 other employees doing that. I purposely went to him to show him the pic, and have him change the price, instead of the employees working the uscan. All was well at the end of the day, but it was not good customer service, nor was it very good, just general kindness, or idk ..I cant think of the right word, but had he NOT been an employee, it would have still been considered inconsiderate bordering on rude behavior

john carman

Click list worked great. The only issue was that the guy answering the phone spoke so fast you could hardly understand him and was rude and hung up on me to boot.

Brietta Harkless

The last 2 times we went we did not get good service. They were not that busy either time.

Heiđilore TheWatcher

Only place I've found in the south where I can get great cheese curds. Great organic selection!

Patrick Carlson

Always a good shopping experience. I went looking for a Lego set for my son for Christmas that wasn't at any other store nor was in stock online at Amazon, but Kroger had it. They have everything here, even a jewelry counter. The staff is always friendly and the facility is always clean.

Laurie Hebert

Very good place to go get your food from.

Betty Lockhart

Great store I wish we had one in Killeen Tx. We found new pretzels there and they are delicious.

Larry Scott

Clean and employees very nice and friendly customer services !! Keep it up the work !!!!!!

Beth Gardner

O'Shae the pharmacist is exceptional. He's consistent w/his extraordinary customer service skills. He's willing to go beyond the norm to keep me satisfied, happy, & loyal to Kroger Pharmacy. Derrick, another pharmacist, is most professional, personable, & highly competent. I've considered switching to Walgreens. However, as long as I continue to receive superb attention & competitive pricing.... I'll have no reason to switch. Thank you Kriger Pharmacy- Richmond Rd.

Loren Carter

Love Kroger pick up! Today they were a little short handed, no biggie. Ran errands and came back. They had everything ready and gave me a discount. So sorry others were rude. We could all learn to use a little patience. The workers are only human and were apologizing profusely. P.s. if you can’t stand waiting and are having issues, I’m sure they’re hiring

Michael Upthegrove

Quick and to the point very courteous friendly and a all around good experience but it usually is

Kristina Campbell

I like this store. It would be a 5 star in my book if the meat department and healthy foods section were more robust. Service and selection are great.

Alan Selph

Excellent, pharmacy personnel are great

Steven Baughman

Best supermarket in Warner Robins.

Michael Peoples

Great store, clean and the service is great! The one downside is that when it rains, there are buckets all over the store!

Pamela Osborne

I like getting the 50 fuel points when getting my prescriptions at Kroger. Every little bit helps, especially when living on a fixed income. So, I go to Kroger on Hwy 96 so I can go through the drive thru. At first I had to get used to going to a grocery store for my meds. But now I always check to see which meds are ready after they send me a notification that a prescription is ready. The auto refill works great and they just send me a text to my phone. I rarely have to wait very long any more. And if so, I go shopping and then come back and its ready. It works great!

Past Jonah

Fresh produce and great meat selection. Good deals when you have a Kroger card. Free to set up and will save you money on just about everything. They have just about everything Wal-Mart has and I don't walk out feeling dirty.

Myk Atkins

One stop shopping. 74 isles !!!

Tim Smasal

The Kroger clickit/pickup is, if people in parking lot pulled their heads out of their six it would be awesome!!

kevin hollon

Wonderfully convenient shopping

Bethany M.

The staff is friendly and everything is always very clean and neat. My only issue is the consistently sparse clearance section. Brannon crossing manages to keep a clearance section that makes me appreciate it, and it's constantly changing as a result of people actually buying things from it. This clearance section is usually a single damaged good from one brand that is SO hideously damaged that no one wants it, or other things that no one wants to buy. If they used whatever method other stores are using to determine clearance, it would improve the clearance section entirely.

Amalia Stephenson

Have never had a bad experience and love that they go above and beyond for their customers. Plus they have products you can't find in other grocery stores.

David Loken

The store has the best selection, the best atmosphere and most of all, the employees are the best at their jobs

Neil Rutman

Changes in store layout are profondly disappointing. You have taken away the hot bar You have cut down the previously wonderful deli (which was one of the glories of the old Krogers) to something trivial The bulk wall of grains and nuts and treats is now cut back to a laughable size You have removed the entire three aisles of organic and natural foods You have taken away some nice things in the bakery and substituted it with a lengthy row of donuts that would embarrass Walmart You have removed the beard cutting machine You have removed the peanut butter maker You have taken away the fresh salad bar And most annoying of all you have recently moved EVERYTHING in the store to different aisles. I suppose someon ein the corporate office thought this was smart. We or at least I, the customer, see no benefit. Shop at Walmart. It is just the same now.

Erma Moya

Good place to buy food, little high on food

Kevin Smallwood

Good choices. Pretty good prices. Love shopping here.

saba harris

Excellent market for all needs!!! Best customer service as well!!!

Cassie Batt

The staff is very friendly and helpful and will go out of their way to help find an item. The cashiers and bag boys are just as friendly. Have been using only this Kroger for the last 10 years and won't shop anywhere else because of the staff and ease of finding items on my list....with the exception of pizza sauce. That's never where logic says it would be.

Dharper Sails

They have scan and go here, and an excellent selection of what you can find in most grocery outlets. They also carry clothing items as well.

Loma Speck

It was the best. It has all changed but the grocery clerks were very helpful. A very big of thanks to the check out woman. I told her I was not feeling well and needed to sit down. She got someone to take my grocers out of the buggy and put them on the counter. Then they got me some water to drink and put my grocers in the car for me. Again, thank you.

Michael McDonald

Has everything from cheese bar to imported olive bar also. Bakery, deli, Starbucks, Fred Meyer Jewelry store. They also sell clothes. Their gas is linked with shell also. Watch some prices but more then meets anyone's needs.

David Price

Love this Kroger! Especially the produce and meat departments!

Kaelynda Esser

Great Staff, decent selection of fresh veggies and fruits. Also, Love the new Clothing!

Kimberly Holloway

Such a nice place! It's huge! Good variety. The cheese bar and every one Iv talk to there are fantastic. They give me recipes and tell me about deals. There's a closer Kroger to me but the one on Salem is cleaner nicer the customer service is friendly.

Justin Holstead

This Kroger is a step above other grocery stores. Employees are always ready to help. Produce is very fresh and they very rarely run out of anything. Meat department is great and can help you with cuts you need. This location also has a small selection of clothes which are great quality. Overall 5 star experience, I'll never shop anyway else in Conway


Good customer service

Jacob Murphy

Great. watched a customer flip out on an employee and the employee totally kept her kool.

Dave McAfee

Always the highest quality meats and produce. Can find nearly anything for culinary creations

Chad Martin

Kroger is always nice and clean and has fresh food. Better than Wal-Mart in my opinion.

Kenneth Weller

Lots of parking. Store is neat, clean, and well organized. Staff is helpful and courteous.

Ann Davis

You can find things here you can't find elsewhere. Great speciality diet items for those with allergies or special requirements. Friendly helpful staff.

Junelee Senclair

Love to shop at my krogers. Easy in & out. And they have all i need.


parts of the store are crowded. confusing layout. Very busy.

Brittany Lancaster Booth

This is not your average supermarket! They have really nice clothing and shoes there, there is also a toy area, and a bedding area. There is a sushi bar, a nice deli, and a butcher on site. As well as a Fred Meyer Jewelry Store!

Todd Bowles

Great store

Lanita Cannon

I love the Salad, olive and cheese bar.....YES! Sushi is yummy too! I really enjoyed the blueberry cobbler prepared by David in the deli(Forgive me if that's not his name) that I would buy by the ton! The employees are always informative,helpful & friendly!

Trina Washington

Love this place. When u combine their sales with digital coupons, u come out way better than Walmart. The only time I ever had a problem, I talked to a manager and it was solved quickly. Thanks so much for awesome service.

J Davis

I’m a long time fan of a native Arkansas supermarket but this particular location has made a great impression. Great selections, good variety of both expected items and gourmet or items from other countries. Employees are friendly and helpful. Love the points you can earn to save on gas. Just wish I could pay with my phone.

Jacob Hubbard

Always has what I need. The deli has pretty good food depending what you get. The rotisserie chicken is to die for!

Sabrina Pitts

Love this place. It always a good atmosphere.

Katherine Smith

Great variety. Especially for soy based imitation cheeses for little guy that does truly have a diary allergy.

Savannah Rivera

I like this store but the staff needs some training !! This evening while at this Kroger a little boy got his fingers stuck in the Conveyor belt and I was asking for help and no one came to help.. His mother the cashier and I were the only ones trying to get his fingers unstuck.. I know there is a sign that said Warning but still a manager or someone should have came to help or see about it, the little boy was yelling and screaming..Also the other day an elderly man had a Seizure and again no one came to help or knew what to do.. but the cashier who was Pregnant she turned him over so he wouldn't Choke on his Tongue.. that cashier should have not been the only one helping that man Especially being pregnant.. not going back for a while

Dan Joyce

Great in and out store

Marian Foster

I'm in this store at least twice a week and have never had a bad experience

Susan Cunningham

Was way to crowded. No where to park.

haydens shanks

Wonderful store great and friendly staff

Brenda Bozeman

Love this place..they have everything!! Personnel are all so friendly

Apocalypse Now

Great place to shop...always has what I need. Very pleasant staff who ask how you're doing and answer your shopping questions.

Angelina Escamilla Martinez

By far my most favorite Krogers location. Very nice, well kept, well lit, well staffed, and most importantly well stocked. I've been to a few other Krogers locations in my area and none of them compare. There's just something about this particular one that rings "upscale" and "fancy". To be honest it's also located in one of the more higher income areas, so it's not surprising that the store presents itself to a higher standard. I'm always pleased when I shop here and will definitely make the farther drive every time because it's worth it. Visit the store for yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about.

kayekt .

I love the store part of this location. But i was there primarily for the pharmacy. I was so disappointed in the amount of time it took to fill my kids prescriptions. The people behind the counter have no respect for your time. The lady took a 15min break, and the young kid took a 15min break. I was waiting over an hour. I plan to change pharmacies.0

Charles Johnson

The store is too big. The parking lot is too crowded. Some lazy people will not put the buggy in the correct place.

Morgan M

Clean.. Efficient... Friendly......Everything you could possibly need in one stop shopping.

Cheryl Adams

The experiences at Kroger are getting worse and worse. The employees are often fighting among themselves that the registers no one likes it there, everyone is complaining it's a very uncomfortable place to shop. I have purchased many Visa cards with my checking account there and today it would not take my check. I'm going back to Publix and I'm not going to shop at Kroger ever again. The people at Starbucks are the only friendly people in your store.

ms P

Great shopping experience! Environment very clean, organized, well stocked, and all sections are beautifully designed and eye-catching!

Michael McGinnis

It was a kool place. :D

vicki oliver

This place is awesome

Amanda D

This store is so clean and well lit. I love click list and pick up. They have a good fruit selection, however, their salad choices seem limited and disorganized. Definitely the best choice for groceries in the area.

Ricky Stevenson

This is a nice store with a nice staff. It had the feel of a Publix or Fresh Market but with a clothing section. I was surprised to see that clothing area.

Joe Shepard

I've never seen a Kroger like this. It has clothes, smaller electronics, kids toys, and a Starbucks inside. The store is very well kept and super clean. It feels almost like it just opened. The employees are knowledgeable, very polite and helpful. And there's always one close by if you need something. Very well staffed. If I had to give a complaint though, really the only super minor thing, is the intercom is used almost constantly. Every 30 seconds, so-and-so dial 2194, this person please come to produce. Nonstop almost. Maybe it was just a fluke when I was there. Overall though, this is one of the best grocery stores for miles.

Mrs. Jada

This is the main place we shop. We love the prices and that they're always open. The fuel points are great, too.


It's close and open 24 hours which I love being a night shifter. They normally have everything I'm looking for in stock. I was thinking bigger store more food selections. But it feels like they just took a regular Kroger and crammed it into one section and filled the rest of the store with junk I would never go to Kroger to shop for.

Debbie Green

Once again, a Clicklist fail. I will never use this service again. Every single time I’ve used it there has been nearly 45 min wait and always substitutions. Not to mention the kids that work here could not move any slower. Back to Walmart grocery pick up for me, and their service is even free over $30!


kroger has always been a five star market

Rick Fli

Just wish I would stop forgetting my Kroger card in the truck. Or better yet Kroger would just run a sale with out a card!!

Sarah Harris

School isn't even in session & yet Kroger was absolutely packed on a Sun. afternoon, & that made for a miserable shopping experience. It looks like they just finished their renovations & I don't get it. I don't understand the massive amount of counter space taken up with bread. So now you walk down an aisle & you can see one bagel in a bin. So, now bakery is in a center island. Really? Bread is more of a moneymaker than sugary treats?

michelle mangual

The baggers could use better training. And being a person that is on WIC the correct labeling would be helpful. I love the selection and I am dc ready for this move that they are doing to be over.

Miriam Hammock

Love my neighborhood Kroger

Danielle Heierbacher

Wide variety, always have what we need. Great staff!

That Girl

You can stock your fridge and furnish an entire house here. This Kroger has it all. Food, furniture, clothes, pharmacy, bakery/deli, a jewelry store and everything in between.

April Melissa Hardin

This location has wonderful employees and a large selection of grocery items. The parking lot is large and easily accessible. Very convenient!

Rachael T.

There's nothing you can't find in a beautifully laid out floor plan. I spend hours just checking it all out and never disappointed.

Lance Douthit

I love the way this store is laid out. Always clean. Only place to get groceries.

Wayne Sutherland

Tried to return a propane tank which I originally got from them and was told they don't take them back and had zero help as to where to take the tank if you don't want swap one with them. Very poor service. Not the first time the manager here has been rude to me here. The cashiers here are always great however. Sorry to give two stars here because I usually love this Kroger. DISAPPOINTED ☹️

a gamers life

Always a fight with digital coupons at this location but unusually well stocked and customer centered.

Clay Ginter

Vegetable tray had mold in it. I didnt notice it until I was already home.

Amanda H

I love this grocery store. The staff is friendly and helpful, they have so many interesting items in stock, and I can always get free samples when I'm there. I shop here pretty much every day, and look forward it. Buy the cheese at the special cheese section, it is far superior to the prepackaged, processed stuff.

Michael Davis

Nice store, great selections and variety

Jaron Salazar

Great prices usually cheaper than target when you use your Kroger card

Lisa Davis

First time in this type Krogers- very impressive ,great selections

Mitch Holland

Always busy. Always find most everything.

Hylianknight143 .

I would like to thank 2ladies. Linda D and Shawna that work in the pharmacy and the nurse Amanda who came to my aid Monday morning April 13 They all went above and beyond to make sure I was feeling better and that I made it home safely I truly appreciate all they did for me!! Bless you ladies and Kroger for having such caring employees Darlene Koske

April Sims

Dave in produce gave excellent customer service, getting me fresh green beans. He went above and beyond great service.

Stan Harden

Great place to find what you are looking for .

Mary Allison

Always clean, always friendly associates to help you. Great place!

Ansar sims

Great selection

Theresa Schieffer

The only thing I didnt like is that the store is restructuring and it was hard to find things. I like the way they've had the health food section and am sure I will miss finding the organic stuff all in one place. But I love shopping at Kroger, love the senior discount and the clerks are always friendly and do a good job.

Rhonda Marsh

Need to keep popular bread items stocked better, especially the 1/2 loaves.


I love this store! Awesome grocery and pharmacy, and a new clothing and house wares addon to the building has made it quite huge.

Cheryl Leverett

Logically arranged so that a first time shopper could find what she needed! Very clean, fast service, friendly staff.

Kijafa Smith

By far the strangest Kroger I've seen, with clothing and accessories in the middle of the store and a separate jewelry store in the front. But it's very clean the employees are friendly and offer to help navigate this Walmart sized Kroger.

someonesouttogetme .

Better than Walmart as I actually see employees! Great selection of items, produce is actually fresh, helpful staff, great prices. I'm glad I switched.

Kathy Nida

Awesome store Lots of clearance sales

Rachael Spurlock

Best Kroger in the area for sure! But if you catch yourself thinking "oh, awesome! They also have a Starbucks!" Dont waste your money! It was pretty terrible; but hey, you're there for groceries, not coffee.

Niko Nee

They have treatzza lunchables and that is awesome

Lisa Stoenner

I always dread going to Kroger. But it's the closest for me and it's cheap. Other than that, I seriously hate this place.

Brittany Menear

Always crowded but very good selections of fresh produce, frozen foods, deli meats, bakery items, and a hot bar. Even has an entire organic section

Karen Grimm

Kroger is expensive but my bagger knew how to bag groceries. A+ team.

Brandy Miller-Wood

This place has always been my favorite place to shop but here lately everything has gone down hill. Very poorly staffed, one lane open during the busiest hours, and honestly the only reason we still come here is because of the location and our favorite lady works there, Renate.

Michael Wolford

Great experience! Cheerful customer service! Great quality-good prices

Stephen Waddell

Lots of trash on the floor in the entry. Produce area needed swept and stocked. Not a good first impression.

Brenda Miller

Great selection and great prices!

Amy Mckinzie

Sean was super nice bringing my click list out!

Gayla Volz

They didn't have white American cheese, crab legs or naked goat cheese. Maybe I need to find a new grocery store!!!

John Roberts

Great produce except for the cucumbers. Store is clean, staff is great and NO lines at the checkout!

S Picasso

Top notch service! Friendly staff, and an awesome variety of items with great deals. You can't go wrong.

Valerie Dutcher

Please Read !! Beware of Register 11 - they know it is inoperative (freezes up) but that line is open for customers anyway !! Tonight - Friday night at 6 pm - over $183 of my groceries had been rung up when it froze. "Anthony" the store supervisor on duty came over but he couldn't help the Cashier either. He acknowledged "it had been acting up all week". (Then why was it open for customer orders?). He made the cashier go to Register 8 and ring up every single item in every bag again while I stood there waiting. He gave me no apology at that time or even when I walked out of the store right past him. I felt very disrespected as a Kroger Rewards customer - to receive no apology from Anthony for a situation with their technology that was beyond my control, that he acknowledged being aware of.

Michael Lippincott

Store owner needs to understand that if someone is just looking for a part time job I don't want to work seven days a week

Michael Kennedy

Nice store...wide selection

Pattie Burchfield

I really like the digital coupons & the Friday freebies.

Michelle Thomas

The store is clean and usually well stocked. They have recently moved things around but had signs posted to help people navigate the new layout. The employees are friendly and helpful. It is definitely one of the better local grocery stores and I would reccomend it.

Roderick Wachter

Always find great produce here. The priced a good and the staff go out of their way for everyone

Ava Lynn

Real good gerl

J.R. Moore

Easily the best grocery store in town. The staff are great, the selection is better than the others and there's never an issue finding what you need. If you like friendly, helpful staff at the businesses you frequent, then this is where you should be going for you groceries.

Christina Clause

This store is very clean and well stocked. The quality of products sold is also very good. And the Starbucks staff is amazing. I get a coffee every morning there before work and they ALWAYS greet me with a smile and make my coffee right. The sushi staff is also top notch and very kind. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend. Not a foe though.... this place is too good for them;)

Jerry Coile

My latest visit to Kroger was very poor. I only had 3 items to checkout and to my surprise there were only 4 cashiers working and there were lines of people at every register. Even the self-checkout isles were full and two of those were not in use because they were closed. This was on Saturday night about 7:30 pm. It took me 30 minutes to checkout and leave the store. Apparently not enough people were working last night.

Debbie VJ

Some s stuff is more expensive here then at Walmart.

Jawanza Whitfield

Great place to shop. Good sales. Download the app for more discounts.

Stacey Wright

I always love to visit this Kroger. It's the best. The staff is always courteous and friendly. The prices and selection are always on point. I enjoy chatting with all the friendly customers. The deli is great. The chicken is always hot and fresh.

Perkins Nobles

Not to bad. They got cans with just about any vegetable you could dream of.

Debra B

They have a very limited selection now that they remodeled. It is hard findung stuff, and I rarely shop here anymore. I come to grocery store for food, not a new kitchen or bedroom. Very sad, shopped here all my life. I just run to Meijer now.

La'Keisha Colbert

Best kroger in town! Sushi is always good, as well as the rest of the deli selection. Meat and produce prices are reasonable. Wine selection is varied.

Niki Wezensky

This Kroger has a "policy" that you cannot return items that cost more than $10. They do not have the policy posted anywhere in their store. I contacted customer service for the company, and they read me the policy for that store. Nowhere in it was a $10 item return policy. This store is dishonest, sketchy, and lacks integrity. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Brad Stanley

Huge Kroger. Always busy. Fresh sushi made daily. Deli, hot food, bakery. This Kroger is great.

Michael Golchert

Store has just finished up a re-set, so it took us a bit longer to do our grocery shopping. Sometimes the marketing & store layout people must never go shopping. As an example, Bisquick was not with the pancakes/syrup supplies. All the other pancake & waffle mixes were together...just not the Bisquick. There were a LOT of click-list employees in the store...they know the stock very well and are a good resource when you are unable to find something. Good store, reasonably clean (we were in the store on a Saturday afternoon). It will just take some time to mentally work out where things are located.

Dawn Morales

Great store vast variety of items! Found everything I needed

Iclarence Caldwell

Very good customer service

Kendra Norris

Love it beautiful store people polite and helpful

Joe Banks

Has every thing your looking for plus some things your not

Choy Jang

Well stocked store.

Dylan Beckett

I don’t have Time for the day and the next

Tammie Hattaway

Helpful staff. Wheelchair available. Stocked fully. Layout easy to manipulate.

Angie May

Took a very long time to get my groceries which was a small order. They said they misplaced one of my bins. This was click list.

Dana Johnson

This Kroger is nice, but we prefer the Kroger on Military Road.

Courtney Rogers

Clicklist staff needs some supervision and training....but Clicklist itself is awesome. Store is clean but overwhelming and items are organized in a weird way. Of course the parking sucks, but not bad overall. Hot food is delicious.

Brittany Hunt

Today was the launch of the Scan-n-Go!!! I loved it:)

Joni Nees

I always look forward to going to Kroger when I have grocery shopping to do. Hands down freshest produce, best cuts of meat, most variety of any type of food.

Stuart Slappey

Huge store. Has everything you need.

Brittany Moya

This is our grocery store of choice. A great selection of the essentials with a decent clothing section and home goods.

Paul Lovett

Employees very helpful. I'm used to shopping in the smaller store in Benton.

Mr. Bungle

The lunch counter at this Kroger used to be way better than the other Krogers in town. Unfortunately, it has been completely redone and is now one of the WORST in town.What a shame. Ill never be able to go in and get fried chicken with real baked mac n cheese and perfectly seasoned sides again. Now they just open a can, dump it in a little container and put it in a hot drawer. No seasoning, no flavor, no more trips to the kroger deli.

Snow Bunny

Always satisfied with the people who work for Kroger. They go out of their way to make sure everything is right.

Rodney Hanna

best grocery store around the friendliest people

Teresa DeFord

Great bargains, lots of open registers which makes for faster shopping, and a little bit of everything...even clothes!

Sergio F Torres

Jonathan really help me around. No kroger employee knew what chimichurri sauce was until i ask customers service and guess who that employees was. " Jonathan " he took time to walk me around to show me where things were . since they move stuff around. The store looks great ! Good job !!

Alan Skinner

the store is too big for the size of the parking lot that parking lot is hell to navigate but I do like the low prices and the variety of products

James McWhorter

I shop here in 3 to 4 times a week. Coming here is not a chore but rather a positive experience that I look forward to. The selection is always good and there are always nice sales. Throughout the hundreds of times I've been here I have not had one negative experience with anyone who works here. Everyone seems to enjoy their job and goes out of their way to be helpful.

melvin machal

Nice store and pharmacy. Too big! Dont care about all the extra stuff like clothes and home accessories.

Donna Beranek

Lot of help that's why I drive all the way to that store I have one up the street from me. Keep up the good work. Thanks

Greg Simmons

Big store, lots of items and too big for elderly to navigate.

Crestina Guin

Great customer service from Kenneth who was guiding me on the use of the Scan and Go!

Domo _

This Kroger has an amazing selection on a lot of things. Sad part is that it's always SO crowded. They've built a lot of things around this Kroger so traffic is always a nightmare. The employees (mainly the cashiers) are usually very rude as well.

Mark Holman

Most recent remodel makes it much more difficult to find items then before the renovation. Seems even the employees have difficulties finding items. Store is clean, which is a good thing. Employees remain pleasant and helpful.

tracey elliott

This krogers on Richmond Rd. is huge, it actually reminds me of Walmart. It has everything from clothing, household items, toys, everything and of course groceries and even a great deli that has a wide variety of everything!!!

Mike Phelps

Excellent for shopping, but a little confusing as to where things are. Large, clean, roomy aisles.

Syreeta Ball

Great shopping experience!!

Will Jenkins

I love this place to get groceries! It’s great having a Kroger’s card to save money! Variety of products including name brands and generic brands. Pick your choice! Love the options of organic vegetables! Fantastic prices and deals! Clean store! Get points toward gas purchase! Still prefer Edwards Food Giant for my meats!

Salina Baaith

This Kroger is like a super store because of its size and inventory. You can buy grocery and clothes - lots of options here. There's even a Starbucks inside! GREAT place to shop!!

Doug Wadley

Great place to get fresh produce and everything else you need for you grocery needs. Clean and well stocked and organized.

Vi. P. King

Good luck people✌

Phillip Davis

This place is awesome!!! Just stopped in for the first time, and omg, can hardly believe the huge selection and good quality. Deli is terrific, produce is beautiful. Very clean, and also great friendly service. Will definitely be back whenever I am in town. It is a very short walk from the pilot truck stop where I am parked. I'd give 10 stars if I could.

Margaret MacMackin

Good store for all kind of items. Personal very helpful. Has a Starbuck in the Marketplace which saves driving. The self checkout is not very good; took at least 3-4 minutes to finish payment; never had that issue at other stores.

Michael Stant

The store is well stocked and the employees and management are kind, courteous, professional, and willing to help at a moment's notice.

Joshua Lee

Nice store but parking completely sucks. Always crowded.

Roxy Buckler

Busy but you will always find a parking spot, employees are nice and helpful, store is nice and clean.

Jessica Parcel

I like shopping at Kroger it is a good store

Melanie Woodruff

The person who helped me (I wish I had his name) was amazing. The lady in front of me had a boy about 5 years old that was really trying his moms patience. This checker took the time to let this mom know she was doing good. He even broke out in song, singing Let It Go to her, assuring her that things will get better. She left feeling encouraged. This cashier treated everyone this way. If that cashier reads this - thank you for helping to put smiles on your customers faces. You are awesome!

Saundra L. Williams

Love shopping at Kroger's whenever we are in Little Rock or Conway! Wish we still had one in Fort Smith.

Glenn Waterworth

always have great sales and very clean supermarket. Love the deli/salad bar. Edit: photos are of the condition of the produce section. Only two people working produce, and they were too busy chatting while unloading a box of corn together. Asked for help at customer service and never did get anyone to help me. Just needed an onion and some mushrooms.

Angel Gauvey

Always great selection. Love the 10 for $10 items...meat, produce, bakery GREAT!

Deanna Croson

The selection is amazing. Customer service is top notch. I go out of my way to shop here and never regret the drive.

Merak Dyer

Used clicklist. Very satisfied

Gilbert Navarro

Were in and in a flash. Kind of crowded but the self checkouts were open.


Not a typical grocery store. Has everything from clothes to produce. But still a great place to shop.

Linda Butler

Not a good experience at all. My grandsons 1st Birthday & I've tried for 40 minutes to get a balloon filled up. Mind you I was buying their product n after numerous trips to Customer service I left without a balloon.

Leon Rickerd

Love the place... But it seems as if its flooding its strength in what it once had.

Kathy Shaw

Convenient just always busy

Autumn Nash

I buy ALL my fresh food and organics exclusively at the K-ROGERS!

Isabel Chavez

I absolutely thrive on their red tag and blue tag sales!

james hensley

I love me some Kroger. They always have what I need

Kevin Horaley

Favorite Grocery store.

Mags Herb

Their customer service is horrible. The only time you can get good customer service is from the managers. Just got off the phone with a price check. Took over 30 minutes. I understand it gets busy but manners and politeness are not being used at this store. When someone says "Thank you", you say "You're welcome" not "uh huh" or "ok bye".

glen braswell

Really appreciate getting my senior discounts.

glorya belonie

Only thing I had an issue with was it was so huge I felt a lil lost... but that's not their fault its mine! :)

Jacob Floyd

This is the better Kroger in Conway. It has pretty much everything including healthier foods than Walmart. They also offer fuel points.

R. Pauly

Fresh bread bakery! Great meats n seafood. Amazing cheese selection.

J D McGilvray

A nice place to shop.

Mr. Joshua Lovins Sr.

I like going grocery shopping here they have a large organic selection .

Sheila Hayes

My favorite place to grocery shop. So many items you can't get everywhere else. Always clean. Fast checkouts!

jennifer gamble

Clean store, fresh meats and produce

Aya Dewar

Well maintained, clean, courteous. I love that they will order in items I need if they are not already available. My house has special dietary needs and this is very convenient

Dan Curci

awsome store very very clean.has everything you need

El Ma

So, Kroger is one of "THE MOST EXPENSIVE" grocery options in the region. Kroger doesn't offer anything better other than a more varied selection of products. But, as far as value, it's a no-brainer. Kroger is too expensive. The jewelry store and apparel sections are unwarranted and VERY expensive. Sleeping pants for $25? It's not Macy's, folks. The "fresh" prepared foods is also a tale in caution. Why there is an Asian "sushi" chef and prepared "sushi" available is almost repugnant. I made the error of purchasing a California Combo that was pre-packaged and it was horrible. Absolutely horrible, which is why I'm up at this hour writing this review. The rice had become a condensed gelatinous goo that refused to separate from the individual pieces. CAUTION: only purchase fresh "sushi" from a reputable establishment. This stuff is industrial grade bowel cleanser. Why isn't there a discount for self-checkout? Conway/Morrilton needs an Aldi's market, badly.

Just a random channel

First time been there in months Hate the changes X Xxxxx

Misty Schroeder

Great selection and great deals.

Jessica Rensing

I shop here at least once a week. I like it because the store is well maintained and they have a good system here. They have almost everything I need, and their organic section is pretty good too. I like their employees. I never pass an employee without being greeted or asked if I need help. It is a friendly place, and I enjoy shopping there.

Laura Grumbles

Always clean, great variety

yasmin ponce

Store is nice and newish. But it's the people that make the experience great. I have not experienced to many happy workers when visiting this particular Kroger. Also just some advice never sit at the gas station part for more than 2 minutes without the old man coming to your window and looking at you crazy. Just so ya know I was cleaning my wallet out to throw trash away and get gas but IG it's a "GET IT AND GO" type of gas station. I try to avoid places like this with poor customer service.

Rickey Wise

Great place to shop wish they had tires and lube there

Lloyd Hodges

Kroger works hard at being great and it is paying off... Happy customer.

Dotty Pitchell

This store has the quality that I look for. A large organic section of meat, pork, chicken and lunch meat and sausages.(non sulfite). Organic coffees, canned goods, vegetables and fruits, along with snacks. Plus more I haven't mentioned. If you write a review they listen. Friendly clerks and they are helpful. Great sales with a higher quality product make this a very reasonable place to shop.

Connor Wilson

Love this store! Always great deals. Never shop at Kroger without a Kroger card, they are free and easy to get.

flodine baker

Always a good experience. The store layout makes it easy to find what you need. Pharmacist was helpful in locating an OTC item recently. It is a pleasure to shop at Krogers Marketplace.

Paul Thompson

Best grocery store in Conway. No competition.

Taylor Crockett

Very nice store. Deli is large with lots of hot food options. Store has lots of variety. It's a larger Kroger with lots of home options.

Ashley Hunter

This is definitely the better Kroger in town. It's cleaner, the store associates are friendlier, and their cheese counter and salad bars are always clean and well-stocked.

Bonnie Edwards

Love Kroger my kind of store

Jerod Powell

Great place if you're just buying food. Prices are a bit more compared to Wal-Mart

Vanessa Napier

In town from CA to visit my hometown. Kroger was great but the in house Starbucks was disappointing to say the least. I went in before shopping to get coffee and there was a gone to the bathroom sign instead of a barista. No prob, nature calls. Waited 13 mins and decided to go shop and revisit on way out. When I returned later and went to order the barista informed me she was closing in 6 mins and had already cleaned her espresso machine and had no intention of getting it dirty. I let her know I had waited for her bathroom break for 13 mins but I guess now I am out of luck to which her response was, "Bye". Unbelievable, like many, I spend way too much at Starbucks but after this kind of brand representation - I have no problem spending my disposable income somewhere else. Keep it classy Kroger Starbucks on Richmond Rd., Lexington, Ky.

Christopher Etheridge

If you shop here often and exclusively their rewards are pretty good. The store is generally clean but sometimes their stock levels are not great. Sometimes it depends on the day, sometimes it takes them forever to get something in.

LaLa W

It’s big and usually has good markdowns. They consistently run out of items. They rush you to get out of the line if you want to bag your own items in reusable sacks and make you feel like you’re a bother to be doing that, but if you don’t, they’ll squish your bread and put the goods all willynilly in the sacks. I only go here because WalMart is even worse. It’s the lesser of two evils.

Elaine Hart

Absolutely love the Kroger on 96!!! Always clean, shelves are usually stocked well. Love the produce!! People are friendly and helpful! Love the Starbucks!!!

Kierra Davis

I’ve always loved shopping at the Kroger in Benton, AR, but today was by far my worst shopping experience ever! After discovering they extended the Friday and Saturday deal for an item I stocked my cart after seeing that their wasn’t any signage posted for a limit. After getting to the register, the cashier stated that I could only purchase 5 when I told her I would use multiple transactions. The policy clearly states that you may use 1 digital coupon up to 5X per transaction. She then lied and stated that I would have to use a different Kroger number and after I stated that it was fine, she still insisted that their would still be a limit. She motioned for a CSM to come over and the CSM, very rude and inconsiderate, did not even acknowledge me or ask what was wrong! She immediately stated that I could only purchase 5 and something about per household before demanding that the bagging employee take the rest of my items away in a cart. Not to mention that once the cashier rung up the sale items, it automatically rung up as the sale price, before I even entered my Kroger ID! Therefore the requirement about using different ID was definitely a lie as well! Needless to say, I will never shop at the Kroger in Benton, AR again!

Carisha S. Tapia

Nice clean location. Organized and fully stocked.

Terri Bunger

Love the in store shopping and scan as you go. BUT I have a massive problem with the clicklist ordering. I used it from the beginny and it was great but for the last THREE weeks it has been a nightmare experience.

Carl Nieland

Still trying to navigate the stores new layout some of it makes no sense to me.

Wil Lawrence

It was awesome as always.

Martha Freeman

The pharmacy although very nice was very slow

Kathryn Goins

Always clean, easy to navigate aisles, super helpful and friendly staff.

Rachel Clemons

This was the worst clicklist experience ever. I used to get my groceries with clicklist at the Tates Creek center in Lexington and they were so fast and efficient. The clicklist center on Richmond Road/Man O’ War was incredibly disorganized and overbooked. There were over 16 cars in line for clicklist, they only had 2 people staffing, and the staff seemed to be in no rush unloading groceries. Kroger had no organization for the car lines and it took forever. If I wanted to spend more than an hour for my groceries I would have gone inside and picked them out myself. I am very disappointed and will never be clicklisting at this Kroger again.

Meghan Harris

This place is heaven! The employees are always super friendly and the store is always clean. My grandmother asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told her "a gift card to kroger." I can get toothpaste, clothes and even some of the best sushi around! All my friends that live out of town are jealous when I tell them about this place!

kara miller

Huge and had everything you coul want and need

Elaine Kelly

Great shopping experience. Employees readily helped me find several items. Thanks Kroger

Melda Brown

Awkward set up. Just don't like it.

Mitchell Banks

I love Kroger

Laura Connair

I forgot my cash back and the cashier chased me down to return it. So thankful!

Rachel Carson

Really great store; they really try to think like the customer. Very organized with great prices (that rarely ever ring up incorrectly, unlike another store I shall not name here) and great food. Also love the clothings and kitchenware. Love this store!! ❤

Lisa Peterson

A very nice Kroger

meshiamitchell .

The overnight checkout cashier Michelle is always cheerful on every visit I make to Kroger. If I have had a bad day, her energy makes me smile.

Dracey Middleton

I love grow is long as it's near my neighborhood that's the store I go to and I love the deals

Chris Addington

Everything is moving around right now, but it's a very clean, well maintained Kroger. All of the staff are very friendly and super helpful.

Maggie Dudgeon

Every time I have shopped here the staff has been wonderful and outgoing! Everyone is helpful and friendly.

charli adkins

Russell is the best meat market manager around! Store is always clean and we'll staffed.

Bettye Johnson

Nicely located,good service. Crab leg where on sale last week and I was very thankful.

Louis H

8:40 (well before 9) and the door near the pharmacy is already closed, typically this wouldn’t be a problem but I’m dealing with an injury so it is very inconvenient.

Scott Brindus

Great prices, location, and selection but usually looks ransacked. This location needs someone to clean the floors and straighten the shelves a lot more. Plus the produce is usually towards the end of it's shelf-life and goes bad quickly after purchase.

Rita Villegas

Our first time visiting the store and we were impressed by the variety of products offered. The store had a fresh feeling and everything was very clean. Loved Tera, she was the best checker I have ever encountered. She was friendly, personable and just provided us with a great customer experience. We even went back a couple days later and stopped by just to say hi to her!

privategardener .

not my regular Kroger but still very nice.

Glenda Williams

Love shopping at Kroger. It's a one stop shop for everything you need - food, gas, medicines, housewares, pets, jewelry, and clothes.

cheryl davis

I enjoyed shopping at this store

Douglas Ackerman

Seafood and meat markets are awesome

Alisha Sherman-Waters

This is my favorite Kroger location..always clean ...very friendly environment..helpful and nice employees...well organized....great selection of clothes / shoes & household products...this is a SUPER Kroger

Joyce Smith

Always clean and friendly. Would get a five star except for the fact that they sell out quick of the weekly sales items a lot even on the first day or they didn't get the item or you travel 25 miles home and realize you didn't get the deal that the sign said. I realize you have to pay attention but when your buying over 80 to 90 items you miss one here or there.

tammy keller

I absolutely love this grocery store and I think that this particular location is the best one over all the other locations. It is my most fav grocery store. And i usually am not the one that gets enthused to go to a grocery store or gets excited any at all about going grocery shopping(actually I always dread it). But I do actually like going to Kroger, and for many reasons. They have great customer service at the front desk as well as the casheirs being helpful to get your grocery shopping done in a surprisingly timely manner, and even the stockers that work late at night are helpful by noticing u looking for a particular item, by nicely# asking you what it is that u are looking for and immidiatly points you to the correct exact location. This particular location even had a few things that were a plus that I didnt even know they had/did until last night, like they had a kiosk that buys any cell phones you no longer use anymore, they also had another kiosk that buys your giftcards for a tad more than 50 % of its worth that you dont want, plus I didnt know about the great selection of hair care( they even have a great selection of hard to find unique salon hair care), they even had clothes( really nice clothes and a bigger selection than most little fashion stores that are in the galleria mall), their prices on all their really high quality merchandise are so low they cant be beat by any of their competitors, and they have the hugest selection of fresh fruits and veggies(that are top quality) among all the other foods they have, it was amazing to see such a grocery store. Actually I dont think grocery store accurately describes Kroger, cause its more than just a grocery store, its even more than a one stop shop. TO SUM IT UP: THEY ARE YOUR ONE STOP SHOP PLUS MORE....AND MORE AND MORE.

Kita Johnson

Very bright and clean...clothes are a little pricy but I guess you pay for the clutter free shopping experience...the bar and jewelry store was nice but over rated.

Joe Ammons

Clean, well stocked, well layed out.

Rebecca Boyko

Kroger is my favorite!! Always clean, fresh produce, and the staff is friendly. I live by Meijer grocery store, but I hate it, so I drive extra 10 minutes just so I could shop at Kroger. (Kroger please open a grocery store in Hamburg!) The only thing I don't like is the parking area, it's really crowded all the time.

Christy Saltz

I love being able to go to this one stop shop! This is one super center you will not feel dread walking into or out of! The staff are always helpful and very proactive in making your shopping experience the best it can be.

Clayton Moore

I prefer this store for my clicklist pickups as there is a covered, dedicated section to do this. Saves so much by eliminating impulse buys.

Sandra Penn

It was clean, bright, and uncluttered.

Lewis Cammi

Awesome place to get your groceries

Ivan Motes

Huge selection of meats, cheeses, breads, dairy and produce. All are kept well stocked. Be ready to be amazed at the clothing, small appliance, household, toy and Pharmaceutical sections. Sushi, deli and Starbucks counters and even a florist. This is a department store masquerading as a 'grocery store'. The employees I have dealt with have been friendly.

Jerry Watts Shooting

Would be five stars if not for the click list employees plugging the aisles with their huge carts and the closed checkout lanes when the open ones are lined up into the beer. Other than that it's a good store

Gg McDougal

Kroger is my number one store. Thank you all for making it that way. Happy Holidays.

Christina Addison

Not my favorite Kroger but its nice!

Emily Ledesma

Great selection! Great prices!

Rick E

No vegetable deli anymore? Comeon.

Loren Morris

Busy place, great selection, easy to shop with Scan and Go.

Wilma Fletcher

It was great , first time I really been in to go through all of the whole store, I will return.

Dennis Fulmer

I like to see Kroger Marketplace that has everything you could ever want has a great sushi bar

Jody Spicer

Always welcome at Kroger!

Gilbert Boardman

Large well stocked store with friendly and helpful employes. Better than any grocery store in Hot Springs.

myron addison

Amazing store, amazing prices!

Karen McAdoo

All the veggies were fresh & great sales on lots of items

Jamesthunder92 jamesghd555

It's big and very spacious.

Mary Kryk

Shelby was very nice and upbeat with great customer service. Store was organized, but parking lot was filthy with trash everywhere. Carts needs to be taken in.

Shannon Patterson

Can't find anything anymore, but the employees are great.

Mary Hammond

FINALLY found the breakfast burritos I've been searching for. Happy Happy Happy

Willie Parsons

Great store, clean, friendly, helpful staff.

Britney Vestal

WOSRT EXPERIENCE! I selected a table online for pick up and when my husband went to pick it up they told us they don't know why we were able to select this seasonal item (which was a PATIO TABLE in JULY) and that they didn't have the table to give us despite the online charging me and sending me emails and texts saying the item was ready for pick up. I called the 1800 customer service number and after being on the phone for OVER AN HOUR all they could do/offer me was a chunk of fuel points that I could use to help save me a little bit of change on ONE fill-up of gas. Are you freaking kidding me??? I will not shop at any kroger again. This was a HUGE waist of time and the customer service both in store and over the phone were completely worthless.

Donna Pounds

If there were negative numbered ratings I'd use that. My husband and I typically do our grocery shopping at this Kroger on Friday night after dinner. Tonight when we finished our shopping, about 9:10, we could not find but one attended checkout line open and she informed us she was closing after her current customer. We went to self check where we waited our turn in line. Our kiosk was very unreliable, as were several in the section. One attendant, Jacob, was fabulous, but had more dissatisfied customers than one associate could possibly please. I went to find the manager who told me there were lanes open and there HAD been lanes open. I asked if he could sent someone else to the self serve area to help and I was told no. I admit I was frustrated, but he was argumentative and unhelpful. When we left there was one attended lane open, six self checkout lines filled, and 8 customers waiting to be served. Again, this was not midnight, but just after 9 when we started. We won't be back for a while. Publix will be glad to take our money I'm sure.

Galaxy Fox

Would give a zero if I could. Management is the worst I've EVER seen in a retail store. Get your stuff together, treat your customers and employees better. If they had completely different management, I'd give 4 stars. Great store, horribly managed. I wouldn't recommend going here.

Brittany Corman

Its SO BIG, I love Kroger Stores. There clothes are affordable, and I can get everything in one swoop!! Lol

Jacklyn Cox

So much better than Wal Mart

Susan Looney

Got glass and shop there. Good place

Alexandria Holloway

Used ClickList for the first time today and it was such an awesome experience. The employees I interacted with were very friendly! I will definitely be using ClickList again!

Christopher Brown

Always clean and stocked ..lines not that long

Ashley Ridgeway

Very unhappy with this place. Rude employees. 1 of the cashiers a young girl threw something at her young bagger who was a guy as soon as we walked by in turn hitting my 2 year old son with it. She didn't say sorry or anything. I know it doesn't matter but we will never go back to that Kroger the one in benton is much better and has cheaper meat anyway

Adam P

The famed "largest Kroger in Kentucky" is clean, well laid out and always friendly. Only a few detracting issues here...their beer selection, while phenomenal for a typical grocery store, lags slightly behind other Krogers in Lexington. Other issue likely isn't their fault, but the parking lot is a maze of strange medians (that you can't get a cart over) and blocked off areas...god help you if you forget where your car is or want to get out of there on a Saturday.

Thomas Spence

4 stars for availability of products I want and for pricing. One star for rude rude rude Alice in customer service; she acted like I was bothering her precious time to give me a little bit of service.

K. Aurora Adney

Generally good. Today the white lady stocking the cold cuts was rude. The regular lady is always very sweet. I don't buy roasted chicken there because it's never completely cooked. I'm also annoyed that they stopped carrying Shar gluten free bread. What is left has ingredients I can't eat. Also, no gluten free buns. The healthy options were diminished after the (disappointing) reset.

Amber Evans

Too big, milk a 1/2 mile from the veggies. Service is good but I don't like all the changes. I want to buy groceries not clothes, jewelry and furniture.

joshua smith

This place always has what I need. Plus all the specialty diet items I need as well. Don't forget to get your kids a free cookie from the bakery!


Always seem to have a hard time finding what I need. The grocery area is organized in an odd manner. Also, they are frequently sold out of what is usually always in stock at other stores (eg, Totinos three cheese pizza). And they let that obnoxious Blue Buffalo pet food rep stalk and harrass customers in the pet aisle. She claims your dog will get cancer and die unless they eat Blue Buffalo. She can't/won't cite any peer reviewed studies, though.

Brittney Mariner

I love that everything is always well organized and can be found quickly and easily! If I can't find something, there is always someone friendly who is willing to help me. I can't say enough about this location at Alcoa!

Ken Black

Super store with great selections. Outstanding fresh veggies, clean, food court is wonderful, it really tastes good, and good gas prices at their lot gas station. Even better with the Kroger card.

Charles Almond

Wonderful collection of organic Vegetables and fruits. Has everything from groceries to clothing. I would highly recommend this store.

Billie Drennan

Great store I found almost everything I wanted but it is crowded they have alot if stuff but my son doesn't like crowds so we got what we needed and left

Paul Lane

self checkouts are not customer service. 11:30pm

Leah Padgett

Clean. Navigable. Well stocked.


It WAS wonderful when it first opened, but Really has gone down hill lately some cashiers are so impolite and force u to put ur groceries on a certain area of the conveyer belt and just plain hostile towards customers.

Chelsea Young

Can find what I need 99% of the time and there are always great deals going on.

Steve Ham

Excellent service in the deli! And great deals on the food and medicine. Got thru the check out fast and easy with the bag as you go.

J Simm

Good place to shop. Watch the produce for mold though. We have gotten moldy berries and peppers through clicklist. They have the best selection of organic foods in town.

Roy Swygert

Great place to shop. Produce and meats are always fresh. Only drawback: you must know where things are because there are no associates to help you find items.

Kelly Caldwell

It's too big and Google pay didn't work

Tamara Parker

Great place to shop! Employee's are nice and very helpful. Aisles are clean free of clutter! I recommend this location to anyone that shops at Kroger.

Shakira Walters

I came to the deli to buy a sub and the light skin lady forgot to put bacon on my sub. When I asked could she just warm the bacon so I can put it on my sub when I eat it she said no, wrapped my sub and gave it to me.

Pat English

Great Super Store, prices and BOGO, and buy 5 save 5, love Kroger!

Jacob Cary

Fast in and out store for me. We have shopped here many times now. Friendly and helpful staff. Its like the Chick-fil-A of grocery stores. Great fuel points. I saved $1.05 off gas last week.

Garnett Coy

24 hr, has cat food also!

Jacob Travis

The people here are generally nice. Decent selection, fairly priced. They have good sushi and a decent hot bar.

Tanya Morgan-Huff

Only three check out lanes open! Very disappointed in Kroger.

Thomas Short

You can find everything you need here so go check it out

Cindi Bruce

I love this Kroger! It has everything. It actually reminded me of a super Walmart. But I actually think it was a little bit better. I plan on shopping there again.

Fred Wilkins

The staff is great, but the prices are outrageously high. Quit ripping us off, Kroger.

Tressa Rowell

Rude self check employee, not impressed, will go to another Kroger next time

Kendal Dotson

Every time I go to Kroger I have issues in the check out line with prices and sales not ringing up correctly. The team members are barely polite at best and not often helpful at all. The self-checkout screens always freeze on me and I am unable to enter in produce items and my i.d. number so I can get my rewards. I continue trying to shop here because of the rewards program and great prices but I always leave extremely frustrated.

David Thompson

Almost a one-stop shop. Spacious aisles and a variety of purchases options.

Austin Aldridge

Great place to shop ,the store has everything you need, and more


Best store around.

Amy Burks

Always pleasant and nicely stocked! We love it, it's our go to grocery store!

Memo D

Horrible click list service and a super rude curly redhead at the cuatomer service desk of all places. She makes it well known she doewnt like helpung folks. Always late clicklist orders and they dont call to tell you. Kinda have gotten used to calling ahead to check. One time thwy told me come back in 15, I did then they told me 30 more, when I got back they said it wouldnt be ready at all, went in to complain and it turns out it was ready the whole time and had been for 2 hours. Guessing it also was set out too long bc all my meat had turned brown suoer quick. Every visit they will be missing an out of stock item then I go in the store amd find it on the shelf. Theyre super busy but I guess have the attitude they can afford to lose folks especially since the recent policy change company wide limiting basic civil rights of some folks. Plan on finding somewhere else now that they decided to say F civil rights.

Robert Braun

Only person that wasn't rude was the door greater. I ask for help in the self check out line. Was told you just gonna have wait, in a smart ass way.

james rowe

Negive 5 ecoli out break and no sanitizer for self check out

Anthony Looper

Very clean and well organized store...had everything I needed...a truck drivers dream to be next door.

Mehman Sadigov

Quite big, clean with friendly staff

Jeff Womack

This store doesnt care about normal customers. More worried about there online customers. Cant get up and down the rows because of the employees pulling all the online orders and the shelves are empty most of the time.

Esther Simonds

Always great customer service

Wonda Farmer

Everyone should try Kroger Clicklist service it's the best for not wanting to deal with a crowded store.

Dylan Gorski

I go here a lot and while it may not look the best or be the most well laid out Kroger in Lexington, they have everything you need at great prices. The staff is great and it's where I find myself most of the time when getting groceries. Definitely a good place to go for groceries.

Derek Johnson

Good experience. I was in and out pretty quick with my groceries and got everything on my list.

Carrie Riley

Always a great visit!

Melissa Powell

Kroger staff is very friendly. Every time we see Quinterious (spelling?) He is always smiling, curtious, and helpful!

Carl Weixler

The baggers suck @ check out & clicklist.

Amber Wood

"""STOP BUYING CHICKEN FROM THIS LOCATIONS DELI"""""my name is amber i bought a savory roasted chicken that was raw i did not eat it tossed it in the trash i hope this location picks up their act.because raw food is not something you should serve to your customers kroger better be luckey i did not call the health department

Rosemary Drake

Looks like they are going to do scan your own groceries. If so , I won't be shopping at kroger's anymore. I don't work for Kroger.

James Bentine

Clean and great selection

Golfer 71909

Kroger is a great store except for an inept seafood selection We have to drive up to Whole Foods to get decent seafood. It's a shame.

Michael H

This is a larger Kroger with groceries, clothing, housewares, a jewelry store,and more. The store is always clean and generally well-stocked. The staff are excellent. Management is quick to open up more lanes (even manning them themselves) when things get busy.

Ian Michael

My Top Pick for groceries! This Kroger has a great selection of foods and home goods, without being a size that’s completely overwhelming. Their Deli and Produce sections are large, diverse, and fresh.

Samuel Reynolds

Best option for produce in Conway. Good selection of all the things.

Matthew Grider

Wonderful grocery store with tons of options. Much cleaner and more organized than the one on Oak Street. I love the Kroger app as well because of the digital coupons.

Gabrielle gipson

Excellent in every department. The employees and prices!

Kay Johnson

Great, helpful employees, clean and a pleasure to shop there :-)

Janice Clifton

A great place for fresh air and sunshine with fresh foods and smiley faces

Douglas Cherry

I call this story the Kroger Major as there is another smaller store on Oak St. It is always an adventure for me at the Kroger Major. The staff are always helpful and cheerful. Truely a delightful experience.

Anthony Cresswell

It was very clean and well stocked with supplies. The employees gladly to help customers out.

Shantell Collier

I love this place! This is the only place I go to for groceries. Produce are always fresh and clean. Items are well orangized and easy to find!

Kayla Bryant

I wanted to let the people in the Bakery know they did an AMAZING JOB on my daughters unicorn birthday cake. It was beautiful

Shanetta Maddox

Clean store,fast,friendly workers.

Sajjad Carter

Rose Reams

Love it! So nice with big wide isles. All the islands of different foods. Just anything you want or need. shopping there!!!

Cynthia Behrens

So happy with everything about my shopping experience at Kroger. Loved the quality and I saved so much over other stores

Kait Nichols

The only place I go for groceries. I love their seafood section and fresh options. All aspects of this store is really the bomb.

Tommy Trussell

Good grocery store, large selection, and the place in town where you're most likely to run into folks you know. The aisles are wide and the store is clean. Some times of the day there may be lots of human checkers as well as a dozen self-checkout stations. It's too big to get in and out of quickly, though, and to get the best deal you have to be prepared to go all over, around the things you're not looking for. (Like at Walmart.) And of course you have to sign away your soul to get the sale prices with your loyalty card.

Lauren Ryan

It's no surprise that Kroger is wonderful. I always have a pleasant shopping experience here.


This Kroger has everything, better price and variety than anywhere else

Shamekia Robinson

Great place to shop n customer service was great

Josephine Little

I love Kroger!!! It is my Fry's From Phoenix, Arizona. Plus they have Death by Chocolate

Brett Cowles

Good luck ! Too many people

Bill McCarty

This is THE Kroger to go to. Friendly service, massive selection and the new Scan-&-Go is the way to go. Having a running total of what you have spent (including tax) helps those of us on a budget. The Employees apologize for making you wait, even if it is just for a few seconds. I was not thrilled about moving to Conway, but shopping here has begun to change my mind. On an additional note; get the Summer Slaw from the Deli. You will not be disappointed.

Gina Goad

Great selection; attractive store; clean restrooms; helpful employees

Philips Smith

Great place to shop. Always helpful people arround. I go there once a week.

Kathryn Friedlund

Love kroger and they have great sales. Crazy that they carry clothing here! Sometimes the sales can be a time drain, looking for your 5th item so you can get $5 off :)

Nirav Patel

Always clean and nice! It does get very busy sometimes, we now go after normal hours to avoid the crowd. Their self check out kiosks are one of the worst I have seen. It doesn't recognize what is scanned and constantly notifies agent that we need help.


Pros: Great selection of health foods and drinks, great meat and deli departments, very clean Cons: expensive (No really. The kroger card only marks things down from an obscene price to a semi-reasonable price), items are not placed intuitively, there are many basic food items that should be in absolutely any grocery store that you won't find here (don't be surprised if you end up having to drive to walmart for one or two items), staff is not very helpful for the most part Unless you're health food shopping or looking for good cuts of meat, just go somewhere else... anywhere else

Alesha Jefferies

I love this Kroger! Every time I go, it’s a good experience. It’s a great one-stop shop for everything I might need. Plus, the deals are great.

Austin Rockenhaus

Great selection. The staff wasn’t all that helpful, to be honest. I needed help finding barley, and more than one employee told me it was by the oatmeal, which it wasn’t. If they had come with me to check, they would’ve see that.

Shane H

We refuse to use self checkout because we do not receive any payroll for checking our own groceries and to preserve jobs in the natural state. The Starbucks is a good option. The checkers are all friendly and very knowledgeable. This is the best Kroger in Conway.

Savannah C

Big Kroger! Delicious fresh seafood

Randy Staggs

No salad bar that sucks


Very understaffed! 1 person for checkout. When customer service desk was asked why there were not more lines opened. He replied cutting cost and that only 1 person was scheduled as checker even though the line was 6 people deep with buggies full of groceries. I replied why would this happen during the Christmas holiday season when it is a fact that people will be there getting groceries for their holiday meal. Totally unacceptable!

Chastity Haines

They have more selection than the other Kroger stores near here. Wider isles and with the marketplace you can find anything you need at a great price. This helps my duel.points are up fast.

Teresa Bush

Great store but needs more check out lanes open.

Reverend Eric Ha

people are always friendly. Matt Dacey(who i think is a manager) is an awesome asset to the company

david lichtefeld

Great. New age

Sara Newcomb

Love this Krogers so much more than Walmart. Usually if I go in at certain times and I can't find something there's workers on the floor that can help me find what I'm looking for pretty quick. I've only had one bad encounter with one person but I'm not giving it a bad rating over that one person. Because I love this Kroger so much! I love the points you get for shopping there last time I got $0.10 off the gallon

Annette Figueroa

I love this Kroger very clean and in order...Also the cashiers are nice and polite to me

Col. Jordan Palmer

Do not expect them to have everything you are looking for and do not expect the employees to he any help at all, even if you ask management for help.

Ximena Luzuriaga

It was hard to find birthday candles... The rest were well located

Janet Dennis

Love the availability if vegan and vegetarian foods here.

Lilly Keefer

Love this place, great service.. been a costumer since was open...Mrs Lilly ,the manager there, she's fantastic, she always go the extra step to find stuff when I need it. Thank you.

Stephanie Burkes

The store is always stocked and clean. The only problem is the parking lot situation is awful.

Beverly Mills

When ever I go to Kroger its good

Seth Barger

Love the store layout, atmosphere, and selection. Customer service is about as good as anywhere.

William Carter

Easy to get what you need and get out. I appreciate that!

Wade Tatham

Very nice place to shop. 1000% BETTER Than Walmart!!!

Margaret Dunn

Everyone so nice I know most of them by name... I love the fuel points, mix & match deals saves $$, the prices are unbeatable, & I enjoy your Starbucks while I shop... It's my One Stop Shop, I try not to go anywhere else

K Weck

Great experience. Met this really really cute girl there and we made out a little in the parking lot. Dont know anything really about the store but, the parking lot is lit.

H Ev

I went to Fred Meyer Jewelers and as usual great service.

Bonnie Spalding

This was the best store I’ve been in like for at least 3 years. I found it two days ago. And I was blown away. It’s so clean roomy, the floors everything was shining..... the fresh meat

Peggy Sparks

Kroger's employees are so nice, and the baggers

Deborah Johnson

Was overpriced and not enough lanes opened

Christine Dye

Wonderful store, a little bit of everything

Adam Johnson

Very well stocked store with selections in most categories. Very well staffed. Always have friendly service.

Mark E

They seem to have everything there!!

Bryan Williams

More bathrooms would be nice.

Lisete Sammeli

I love their cheese selection on 96. Love their bakery and how clean everything always looks. It has a Starbucks inside, flower store, and jewelery store.

Elie J.

This is a very friendly location and they pretty much always have really amazing samples at their sample carts!

Harold Burke

We are very thankful, blessed to have a 5 STAR Grocery store in Middle Georgia such as Kroger Marketplace. However, all of the Kroger grocery stores are well stocked for your needs. If you want fresh vegetables then you must come to the Kroger Marketplace. Kroger have a large variety of fruit, vegetables to include frozen vegetables also and much, much more. The grocery store stays well stocked 24 hours a day. Here's the deal, once you purchase a hundred dollars of groceries and you have a Kroger card, you will receive one hundred points towards ten percent, (10%) off of your gasoline purchase. Check it out, the Kroger card automatically gives you three percent, (3%)off of your gasoline purchases every day, all day. Ok, one thing I know, we have to eat to live. Therefore, we have chosen Kroger for all of our grocery needs. Harold

Walt Howington

This is my favorite Kroger to visit. I'm not from Lexington but this place has everything, if I'm looking for something special I visit here before I trek into the speciality markets. A good percentage of the time they have what I'm looking for.

Dieatria Long

One if the best Kroger in Arkansas

victor martinez

I drive a truck and there is a truck stop I can walk from to shop here and I really like Kroger, it is just as good as other chains and the store is nice, you can get hot food and sit down and eat it if you choose. I got the Kroger card and I get things on special that save me money. Restrooms are always clean, staff is always friendly and helpful.


Used to love Shopping here. It was a welcome change when I swore off Walmart. The reasons I refuse to shop at Walmart any longer are: ridiculously long wait times to checkout, rude employees, not ENOUGH employees, and items constantly out of stock. Kroger used to be the antithesis to all these unsavory things. They are now the embodiment of all things Walmart. It is a shame. HEY AMAZON, when are you going to gear up Amazon Fresh in Lexington??? It can't be soon enough.

yair rodriguez

Good place to get groceries.

Mary Kennison

Wonderful! This store has so much varity, the largest Kroger I've been in.

Leslie Dickinson

This Kroger always has incredibly fresh produce and a variety of healthy choices on every aisle. Thanks for helping me pull together this quick summer meal!

Dennis Stanton

Decent selection, clean, rather see more food and no clothes.

Colleen Arcury

This is the biggest Kroger that has everything I need, however they changed everything around again and it was a pain to find what I needed. Apparently this is done every three years. I'm done now. I may just go to a smaller Kroger's next time. I never thought that I would say that!

Daniel Hanselman

They even opened up several more cashiers to get everyone handled timely

Lauren Umberger

Me and my family ordered a catered meal for thanksgiving. When we got it all the foods need cooked and assembled. The stuffing that we got was in a box but it was still in bread form. Then the turkey will take 2 hours to heat up. The only thing that is ready to eat is the pie. Everything else is not ready to eat or not easy to just heat up. Would not recommend.

Charles Glankler III

Went in store and was told I couldn't use coinstar


Love this kroger! I dont shop anywhere else.

Lisa Smith

Great service, love the seafood department- lots of choices- thanks

Danielle Domina

Loved this kroger! Used the scan and go for the first time and it made it so much easier to shop. Will definitely be going again.

Robert Jones

Computers down in pharmacy call before going

Amy Emerson

Just ordered my daughter, Brianna's, "Trolls" themed birthday cake. I accidentally pushed the wrong button when I called Kroger and got the deli. They were very pleasant and offered to get someone in the bakery. Ms. Cindy then picked up and gladly took our order. She was very helpful, kind and accommodated all of the birthday girls requests! Nice and smooth!

Karen Coleman

I used to buy three . Or more Caramel Macciato Nestles creamers every week. Now, you Never have them and the label is off the shelf. Why? Youre making me spend more time at Publix. Again, why did you stop carrying it. The manager said he would get it in, but hasn't after over o month.

Lee Hunn

No complaints. Fair prices and they always seem to have what I want when I want it. I don't know how you can improve on that. : )

charles rodgers

This is the only place I get my groceries. I also use the pharmacy. EVERYONE is excellent. Selection of food is great as are prices.Go check it out if you haven't been there before.

Sue Viecelli

Great selection of foods. Excellent produce department. Fuel points and great sales

Curtis Earp

Usually I love the new Kroger, but lately anytime Saturdays & Sundays the store is out of a lot of items. It is not clean either on these days.

allen lindsey

Very large almost department store sized store.

Joanne Wright

Best deals in town. Great prices friendly staff!


This store is horrible. I went there for the first time, and I will never go back. I tried to use a few coupons to save money and the cashier and manager would not allow me to use them. The cashier and manager was very rude and hateful. If the manager felt that I was saving too much, she wouldn't allow me to use the coupon. She said using coupons was like paying me to shop. Who does that? She made up rules as she went along. Needless to say, I told her to cancel everything and they could put it all back up. I took my money elsewhere. If I could rate this store zero stars I would.

Gary E. Michaels

I am a handicapped person. I ran into Steve at the end of self serve checkout aisle. He in turn brought Tanner to me who picked up my order. Accolades to all. Thank You so much! 8

Glen Rhea

I'm a total Kroger Konvert, I haven't been back to Walmart on a regular basis in years. No regrets either, much better service here and a better selection IMO.

Heather Ritchie

Love Kroger! Great shopping experience! Not a huge fan of the clothing section especially right there in the front of the store. I liked of furniture section a lot more. but still love the store, the prices can be a little high but it has a lot more variety than wal-mart does.

Barrett McAlister

Wide variety of high quality breads, meats, cheese's, fresh produce and flowers. The made to order food is good, an eclectic selection of craft beers and sodas, but the best thing is the tiny shopping carts which allows my brood of heathens to help shop instead of fighting over whose turn it is to play on my phone or poking each other!

Astarre Gudino

It's always got what I need

Connie Tucker

Went in for shoes for my husband and didn't have size 12 in the ones we wanted that were on sale but I found a pair of Capri's I love them! I'd definitely go again!

Amy Fuller

Just wasted 20 minutes trying to get checked out at a cash register with only a small buggy of $100 worth of groceries. Just my luck the scale to weigh produce wasn’t working which seems they already knew of this problem. Had to reload everything in the buggy go to another register which was locked and had to wait forever for someone to come with a key. If I didn’t need the stuff I just spent all this time trying to find in this giant size grocery store I would’ve left it here and walked away.

M. Lois Campbell

Great this Kroger is the Best ever

Mantis Tobaggan

Click list here is a joke. Put it in at 11, pick up between 6:30 and 7:00. Cool. Get a call, won’t be ready until 7:00-7:30. No big deal. Yet here I sit 25 minutes after making first call and still no groceries. I could have went inside shopped bagged and been back home in the time this has taken. Will never do click list again and may alter where I buy my groceries. Piss poor Kroger, piss poor.

debbie mckenzie

Friendly and well stocked.

Francis D.

Clean , Clean , Clean unlike WM. And Doesnt have any Pallets of STUFF in the Middle of the Aisle like .... Wallie World .

will fraser

Michael in clicklist(the dude who brings it out) is great. Always super nice, makes sure to be incredibly careful with the fragile items and a good dude to talk to. He even brought treats out to my dog. On top of that we'll talk sports while he's loading the car. All of this is coming from someone who *hates* going to the grocery. That kid deserves a raise...

DebbieK VJ

Values and excellent customer service.

laren bourough

I have reservations about this Kroger, but they have most of what I need. I love the clearance aisle! Sometimes the produce is very lacking, and they have an ok gluten free selection. The staff are in general not overly friendly, and i don't really like the fact that there's a bar in the grocery store, makes it seem like a trashy place. Not to mention, you drink and then drive home... don't think it was thought through too well..very disappointed. I don't care to shop here, but it's close and affordable, so I do, but when I can, I shop else where.

Christine McLoon

Love this place. Has everything you need or want.

Alexander Boehm

Food is good, prices are fine, but the service is hot garbage. Shopping here is a miserable experience nearly everytime and here's why- They don't have any manned checkout lanes open after 9pm any day of the week. Look, self-checkouts are great if you have fewer than 10 items but if you're trying to buy two weeks worth of groceries... lord it is one of the greatest tests of patience in this world. Scanning items is so painfully slow since you have to wait for the scale to detect each new item in the bagging area. Then it constantly gets errors for undetected our missing items in the bagging area. If this weren't enough you are constantly plagued with errors that require an assistant, which takes forever on nights like tonight when there are 25 people trying to check out on 8 self-checkout lines. Tonight I needed help from an assistant: 1. Because I scanned 22 items 2. Because I bought alcohol 3. Because I scanned 42 items 4. Because there was an undetected item in the bagging area 5. Because there was another undetected item in the bagging area 6. Because the machine froze thinking there was another item in the bagging area, it couldn't be cleared, and I had to check out at the register at the front of the self-checkout machines. Bottom line, what could have taken me 5-10 minutes in a regular checkout took 20-30 minutes with added headache. I felt bad for the only two workers staffed up there.

Jae Jae Clay


Ginny Andino

Everything about this Kroger marketplace is good. The Little Clinic staff is friendly, the service is fast. You can get the medicine at the pharmacy, and over the counter. The sales on seasonal items from attire to household are ongoing. The produce is fresh, the deli and bakery are excellent. Look for the yellow manager special tags for additional savings.

Elizabeth York

Love shopping here been shopping here since 2009.

timothy germain

Everything is always fresh

Amy Nowa

Normally I give best marks for a Kroger store but when I visited this one they must've had a day from hell

Jerry Williams

Good place to get just about anything.

Jack Barlow

My favorite store shop 4 - 5 times a week!!!

christina stewart

Friendly cashier!! Trying to dodge all the carts & crates that the Kroger employees had scattered in just about every aisle was NOT fun. However, they do have to 'restock & straighen'...but there's got to be a better time than 9pm.

John Martin

The only drawback is the fact that sometimes the number of cashiers is low and the self checkouts are full.

Russtina Green

The Bryant Kroger is my favorite place to shop. They have everything you need. Sushi bar, floral, Starbucks, an outstanding wine department, seafood and so on. You can get your prescriptions filled without having to wait for more than 10 minutes. They do have a drive thru. I have had several cakes made for parties and I get above and beyond what I want. If you like organic fruits and vegetables this is the place to go. This Kroger has a fuel stop also.

Devon Romriell

Normally don't have problems here during the day, but when I get off work during a later shift and stop in to grab some beer and cigarettes I sometimes run into a heavier set bearded guy that is fine until I ask him for cigarettes. For a while (2 months) this guy told me they lost the keys. I've managed retail locations long enough to know that this is BS. This is a good store and most of the night crew is solid. Just a shame they have one employee bringing them down

Hannah Sams

I didn’t catch the employee’s name but I called the floral department this morning around 9 am to order balloons for a birthday party. She made sure to check they had the balloons I want and asked if I was using them as a backdrop so she could ensure the balloons were the same height. I was made aware of any extra cost like weights. Especially on a snowy day this made my life easier!

Phillip R

Nice store. Big selection. Just about anything you need.

Acire Shanta

I love the open atmosphere. My children love going with me. It has everything from clothing to grocery. Fast check outs is a plus.

Patricia Furlong

Great place to shop

Parilee Bijou

It's open 24/7.

Ashley James

Deli food is pretty good. They had a sale on the rotisserie chicken for $4.99 until 4/19. Employees are helpful and polite.

Jason Davis

Cool store, nice shopping atmosphere.

Whitney P's Adventures

There is SO much stuff here! We spent 1.5 hours and only saw about half of everything. The people were cordial and helpful and everything seemed clean and orderly. We will be returning.

Chris Guy

People forget they have other choices than...that one place. This Kroger is great for groceries and other supplies and price is within the same range or better than..."that other place." They have much more here than groceries. You will need to venture out a little and go check out the store. It's great.

Tessica Brewer

This Kroger is always busy but they typically have plenty of cashiers for fast checkout. They have clicklist pickup and almost always have good clearance sales on food throughout the store. Nice employees, I almost always am asked if I have found everything I need or need any help when I'm strolling the aisles.

General Dexter

Excellent market, owner was very helpful showing me all the nice products in the store. Loved the ready mix for Apple crisps, even they lay in the market milled the wheat! Fresh and new and GEORGIA grown, wonderful shop in a great location?

Annette McCullough

Good just No big sales as normal

Mahlona Bowdon

Nice store. Clean and bright. HUGE variety of things.

Janice Dodson

I ordinarily love everything about Kroger- merchandise, pricing, employees- everything. Today, not so much. I could smell the meat case very strongly- and I have a poor sense of smell.

Renee Santana

Every time I am in this Kroger, which is once a week, I feel like I am in a mine field. Always something in the aisles. Every single aisle. I understand restocking must be done. But, maybe do it on hours that aren't busy. Before 8am and after 8pm? Or stock a section of the store at a time. What I really don't understand, with all the empty boxes laying on the floor, is why a lot of your shelves are empty. Also, to add to the dodging of boxes and trash, the carts for click list are everywhere. Trying to navigate around this store is a nightmare. Since the "renovation " a few months back, I feel this store is a disaster. Today, I honestly contemplated going across town to a different Kroger, or shopping at Meijer. I love Kroger. I live the Kroger app. I think click list is great, unless you are doing the mega sales, because it can get messed up real quick with click list and mega. I prefer to shop in store, but will use click list if need be for a busy week. Please get your store in order. This has been going on for months and it is becoming unacceptable.

Lativia J Thomas

Clean and nice they are the best!

Sunni Davis

The first time I walked into this Kroger after moving to Bryant I literally thought I'd walked into the wrong store. I went in the entrance farthest away from any of the other stores in the strip center and was immediately thrown because I was looking at clothing and shoes so I mistakenly thought perhaps I had wandered into one of the other stores and just didn't realize it LOL. Once I got my bearings and realized I was in fact inside Kroger I literally shrieked because this Kroger is so freaking awesome! Like I could not make myself leave I wanted to see every single thing in the store because they had so much! They have home decorations, clothing which is actually nice clothing and some of it is actually kind of high-end and some of it was actually great quality but on sale for some really great prices, they have an entire section of wall space for Razorback stuff and it was really nice like purses and really great quality t-shirts and things like that, their toy section ridiculous, their seasonal section is in the back right corner and it is always filled with not only really great items that you feel the need to put in your cart and take home with you but the prices are actually very reasonable, and there's also candy back there so that's a bonus lol. I really just can't say enough about how much I love this Kroger, they have an excellent organic fruit and vegetable area and next to that is there vegan / gluten free organic / special dietary needs section and they carry some incredible stuff that you literally will not find at other area Grocers. The ethnic food section is amazing because they carry things that for me I've never heard of but have definitely tried now and scary things that I haven't seen in years at other competitors. Their Deli foods are absolutely amazing and if you like soup or even if you don't definitely pick up a container of their soup and you will not be disappointed, I don't even enjoy soup that much but I can't stop eating their lobster monstrosity that they have back there it's delicious! You can get fresh sushi, I say fresh for Arkansas I realize it's probably not like caught that day LOL, but they make it there in the store and will also make it to order. They have the best selection of gourmet cheeses that I've seen in a grocery store in years since I lived in the metro area in Little Rock. Y'all, seriously just stop reading this review and just get your butts to the Kroger Marketplace because seriously you're missing out if you haven't been yet. Chances are real good you'll probably see me there in the deli area scoping out the soups and cheeses

Kathy Baker

Click list is awesome. Love not having to get out of my car with all the kiddos

Jeff Corzine

We shop there all the time, there the only place that sells my favorite ice cream, but the people who work in all of the different areas, know there jobs, and if they can't find what you're looking for, then they will find the person who works in that department and they make sure that you are taking care of. It's just such a great place to shop, who likes to go grocery shopping right, but it just seems that you know that these folks are gunna make you feel good and make you smile. We love Our Kroger!


I went to Kroger's today located on Highway 96. They have the Smithfield's bacon on sale for $2.99, regularly priced at $5.49. The sale ends today. When when I scanned it at the self checkout using my Kroger's Plus card, it rang up $3.99. Due to the long lines, I paid the bill and went to the customer service desk. The cashier acted as if I was bothering her. She asked if I used the digital coupon. I said no and she said that's why you didn't get the discount. Not once did she bother to explain what she meant by a digital coupon. Because of her detached attitude I didn't feel comfortable with asking her questions, so I left the store. I left without the discount but came back after my sister explained to me about how to obtain it. I ended up being waited on by the same cold person. I told her that I downloaded the app but didn't know how to use it. She offered absolutely no assistance. I had to figure it out on the spot. She acted as if giving me the sale price would somehow impact her pay check. Now I remembered why I stopped shopping there, the customer service sucks. FYI, double check with your receipt. Another item I purchased was advertised as being on sale and it rang up the full price. When I told the worker on the floor she told me she couldn't leave the front to go check. She was able to find someone else to do a price check. I showed him the sale sign. He told the cashier and she acted as if she didn't believe him. It was ridiculous. Besides dealing with all of their crazy coupons and advertisments, you still have to jump through hoops and put up with sales staff who act as if they're doing you a personal favor. I'll just stick with Publix and Walmart. Publix is 100% more friendlier and Walmart is much cheaper.

dee hester

Nice was in and out

Zack Ide

I am from the Pacific NW and used to love shopping at Fred Meyer, and now that I'm in Arkansas I'm glad that Kroger is here. They have a clean store with a large selection of grocery items. I'm very busy and so is my family, so we love the fact that we can order online for pickup, or even have the groceries delivered to our home. If you haven't tried one of those services, I am sure there is a credit for you to try it for free (or for a very low price). I highly recommend that you do, because it's a total time saver!

Dee Elkins

Very nice , upscale, store. This was my first time being there and was kinda of overwhelmed with the variety and selection of a number if things. They also had clothing and household items.

Sandra Huckaby

This place is Awesome..a one stop shop! Also great sales and great prices on a wide selection! Thank you Kroger Marketplace!

Tasha Denning

The place is horrible.

Deana Smith

Clean and beautiful store, fresh food everywhere.

Lisa Alonzo

Has any and everything that you need! Employees are so polite and helpful!

Desha d. Just me

I love this store but their my / mo mochi bad is nasty! It taste like they cooked in the hot sun and then tried to freeze them. Mochi shouldn’t taste like that!

Douglas Andersen

Health food section is gone, but the sushi maker is still making sushi. For a grocery store, the bakery, deli and cheese sections are superior. Also has pharmacy and a large selection of general merchandise.

Christine B not go in there anytime soon. Its a disaster! Used to be my favorite store..not going back...the new layout is going to be terrible.

Doris Greer

Great!!! Store clerks were very helpful

Becca Hawthorne

Great deals and friendly staff.

Stacy Logan

Very nice market with lots of varieties in every item.

Allan Whitaker

This is the smallest Kroger I know of but I love it. In and out with great deals and super friendly staff.

Joel Valenzuela

Why are they always out of organic sweet potato?? It’s somewhat disappointing. Both stores. They really need to stock a little extra just like the broccoli.

Tommy Wise

Nice Kroger store. Good employees and good selection. Doesn't smell funny like some grocery stores and you can buy shoes or shirts.

Brenda Duvall

They have everything! Staff are great except for one of the customer service desk employees. I can spend hours in there. Great sales and fresh produce.

Anthony Harris

Excellent and clean store with wonderful customer service. Love coming here for all my shopping needs.

Teresa Walker

Nice place

Nancy Morris

Love shopping here. Always have everything I need.

T Powell

Love this store!

Dennis Johnson

Good selection and prices

MsPatricia Wright

The food is so fresh and the people are so family like. I love going to Krogers

Michael Benson

Clean, great service and wonderful staff. I was asked five times to help me find products. In short five stars!!!

Derek Mayo

This is my favorite place to shop for grocery's in Conway. The store is very large and well stocked. The selection cannot be beat. This combined with the gas station on site make it a great one stop shop!

Anna Holstead

I frequent this location at least once a week. It is very clean and well stocked. I usually do self checkout and rarely have to wait for one to open up.

Mandy Zepeda

I don't care for the layout of the store. The clothes are taking over but I never see anyone in those isles or buying clothes. I had a hard time finding anything on my grocery list in the produce section. It was all there,just hard to find. The cashier was very nice and pleasant though. That seems to be rare in today's world.

Mister Bogartis

I met friendly employees willing to help. This was a good first time experience.


This USED to be the best grocers in Conway. However, it has gone downhill so much. They reduced all the things that made them unique: the olive bar, the sushi bar, the salad bar, the recipe of the fried chicken and diversity of precooked foods. The bars are still there but everything is prepackaged and no one is actively working on the food The amount of workers they have cut is so high that there aren't enough checkers, there are now towers of things that need to be put away that just wait because they don't have enough to shelve and the ones that they do have are kind and helpful, just horribly limited. Yet, the prices are still astronomically high! Obviously management's concern is now ONLY to turn a profit. In the past, I shopped here without minding the higher prices because of the quality of the produce, the cleanliness, the well stocked shelves and the wonderful staff that were aplenty, who were amazing at customer service. If I want self checkout, limited, tired workers and a bad shopping experience. I can go to Walmart. At least it is cheap.

Madeline Hogan

Such a clean location! Their grocery pickup option is excellent. Extremely convenient and great for when buying in bulk, especially for hospitality events. The staff is very helpful and professional as well! Makes for a great shopping experience.

Dianne P

I really like shopping there but font get to Conway but maybe twice a month.

Claudia Weaver

I love the convenience and the staff is always helpful and friendly. I just wish they carried more healthy options for diet restrictions. I can find products at a Kroger out of town that I can't get here. And I don't like having clothes and shoes at a grocery store.

Han O'Shea

Good selection of merchandise. Great perks. Love the smell.

Nicole Wise-Pruitt

Great cheese selection and olive bar. The meats are always really good quality and they have a great seafood selection. The store pickup for my groceries is the best. No more grabbing a bunch of stuff I don't need!

Karen Fisher


Mike Heath

Great grocery store. Massive selection, Fresh Sushi, lots of fruits and veggies, clothes, jewelry, and home goods. Overall great store!

Heather Collins

Wonderful place

Jesse N

It was just an average Kroger shopping experience. The people were friendly selection was good

Jason Wilson

Not enough cashiers...the self checkout is ridiculously annoying. Store is constantly changing how its organized. If it was so convenient, I'd shop elsewhere.

Mark Springer

Busy but had the items I needed

Nina Ann

Seriously the best Kroger I have ever been to. Friendly employees. Always clean and organized. And great organic selection.

Sherree Moran

These guys have been known to order us out of stock items on the spot!

Emmer Williams

I like Kroger Marketplace. The fried chicken is awesome. The best in town.

Jon Pease

If they would stop resetting the store I'd give it 5 stars. Well stocked for Kroger.

James Methvin

Best grocery store around. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly!

Bill Speak

Great place to shop...Advice today...Get a Kroger card...Get your free Friday downloads...

Xander Phifer

They have a wide selection of many products, including clothing and holiday specific items. Its always clean and inviting. They even have a spot right at the front door for milk so you don't have to walk through the entire store to get it! The salad and soup bar is excellent... And if they are out of a topping for your salad, just ask and they will replenish it! Soups are great! Especially on a cold winter day.

Barbara Luningham

Had $137.00 worth of merchandise in my cart at 7 a m. No checkers. I had a huge paper towel and bathroom tissue plus all my other groceries. Had to self check, register kept freezing up, malfunctioning, called for help 5 times, finally the one employee for self check, who had no other customers, came, punched in numbers and left me with ripped bags, bottles hitting the floor, had to undo bag of apples because the scanner wouldn’t scan in the bag, there is not enough room for bulk items or the amount of things I had. The employee stood silently and stared at this 82 year old struggling with the items. Never offered to lend a hand. Sorry, I cannot do that. I need to shop early due to hubbys condition of not needing to be left alone. He sleeps later.

Carol Lynn

The only thing I wasn't real pleased with was when I checked out, I was not pleased with the way our groceries was bagged and put in the buggy.

Jeff Thuesen

Need way more checkers...waiting in line now for 15 minutes

Kim Funkhouser

Right after the holiday is not a good time to shop because they haven't restocked the shelves yet.

Paul Neal

Great place to shop for groceries.I like the deli for hot or cold food..

nick phillips

Excellent help from the meat department worker Bryan. He was very helpful, and steered me to some amazing shrimp!

Raul Iglesias

Nice, clean, not too crowded.

Linda Baier

Really nice store

Jeannie Mayhan

Great service in this market. Well maintained, clean, friendly staff.

Tommie Hafner

Very good service friendly Great selection of produce

Carl Doze

The guy in the meat department suggested screaming like a yeti.

Kenny Ray Carder

absolutelylove LOVE, that place. wished we had the same marketplace in our city. The store is worth coming back soon .

Sheron Henderson

Great staff great store

Charlene Simpson

So wish they'd build one near Sams Club in Conway, AR.

Leon Caldwell

Quick, easy, and cheap. A Lot better than going to Wal-Mart.

Sandie Nadelson

Love the scan as you go shopping. Makes grocery buying a breeze!

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