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REVIEWS OF Von Hanson's Meats & Spirits IN Arizona

John Shepherd

High quality, great service

Jeff Gerber

Great meats and more, reasonable prices and friendly staff. Hard to Alaska for more.

Andrew Wrobel

Great selection, super friendly staff, and treats for me and ones made specifically for my dogs!


Fantastic service and meats!

Dana Pack

If you are looking for places to process meat, skip this one. I have always gone to Millers in Queen Creek but they were closed and I needed to get some deer chilled asap. What a mess! The retail portion might be acceptable, but the processing side is a complete joke. I had three deer to drop and the issues started from the directions I received on the phone. I let them know I was pulling a very long trailer and asked the best way to pull in to be able to get out easily. The guy on the phone said to pull around to the back of the building.....which was a U turn and then a dead end. For those that pull trailers, you know this isn't a good scenario. It then took about an hour to get everything written up which wasn't that big of an issue but the price came out about twice as much as what I was quoted on the phone due to the fact that they did not inform me that they had minimum order quantities on sausage, brats, etc. Still not that big of deal but disappointing. Then I got the call that the deer were done and went to pick them up. When I got to the store, only 2 of the 3 were done......and they could not find the steaks from one of the 2 that were done. I waited over an hour and they still could not find the rest of the second deer. At this point, I decided to return later which they said would be fine since I had to pick up the third deer anyway. I got a call the next day that my order was ready and that I needed to pick up immediately because they were out of room. Luckily, I questioned if the third deer was done and the verified it wasn't and said they would make a note on the ticket that it waiting for completion. A few days later, I got a very aggressive call that I needed to pick up the deer as they were out of room. I told them about the issue and that there should have been a note on the ticket but there wasn't. They agreed that I could pick up complete and said they would make sure to note it on the ticket. A few days later, I got a demanding call from the manager informing me I needed to pick up the deer immediately I informed her of the situation and told her to call me only when the third deer was done. About a week later, I got the call that the third deer was done and that they had found the steaks from the second one so I headed back for another 60 mile trip. When I got there, they could not find the first two deer and I waited about an hour for them to look for them. The guy helping me continued to vent about how crazy and packed it was because "you hunters bring all of your meat at the same time". I informed him that is why they call it "hunting season" but he didn't seem to care or understand. After about another 1/2 hour of waiting, they found the first two deer but could not find the steaks again. At this point, I was very frustrated and was just going to leave and follow up with someone later Then, a bag of steaks that was torn open was "mysteriously" found. It had about 1/4 of the amount steaks that the other two deer had. Not sure what happened but I think someone else might be missing a few steaks. Never, EVER going back to this place

Brenda Vega

I called in asking a simple question of if their bone marrow was grass or corn fed to which the man on the phone said, "Wow I really don't have time for this right now. I have customers here." So I understand the demand in the shop may be high, but don't insult a potential customer over the phone wanting to know more about your products. I would have been fine with being placed on hold or calling in later rather than being made to feel I was a nuisance. I will definitely not be giving them my business or recommend them to anyone. In fact, I would highly recommend anyone looking for a quality butcher shop with excellent customer service to go the The Meat Shop in Phoenix as I have never had an issue with them.

Jason Elliott

Great place for Fresh meats! And dog treats too!

Monica Montez

My husband and I have gone to Von Hanson's since moving to AZ 8 or 9 years ago. We love their meat and buns, and have used them a couple of times for their game processing. My husband took 180 lbs of elk to get processed. He requested to have all but ~20 lbs processed into steaks, roasts, and ground elk. The 20 lbs he wanted to be turned in to their amazing summer sausage. A week after dropping it off, we get the call that it's ready and head to pick it up... My husband finds out they tripled the summer sausage amount and used ~80 more pounds of meat than requested to make the summer sausage. He verified on the receipt that it was correct and that they in fact processed the meat incorrectly. After going back and forth, they valued the meat at around $175 and gave us the gift card for that amount, so we could buy meat from them. Thank you Von Hanson's for making this right! We look forward to using you in the future for our other game processing. (Fingers crossed we get something.)

Kat Sorenson

Great Butcher shop with anything you could need for the grill or smoker. Amazing selection with really quality meats.

Michael Heier

Great butcher shop. Honestly I mostly come for the jerky, but I know they have great meat as well.

Kevin Mueller

I've seen a couple of negative reviews not sure where that comes from as every time I go in either for meat, advice or seasonings I get nothing but friendly helpful service as well as good suggestions I think the shop and the employees are absolutely awesome as well as the quality of their products and service. Obvoiusly their prices are higher as you are getting top grade fresh meat not prepackaged average to low grade meat... Not for every meal but once in a while it's nice to just have a high quality meal! Thanks guys

Joshua Guest

Great service and the meat is phenomenal!! Highly recommend over any grocery store.

Ed Martell

A mostly meat market but we didn't buy anything. I had never been there but the prices were a little bit High.

Kevin Jenkins

In a land of endless iterations of cookie- cutter shops, this place is worth the drive for any self-respecting omnivore. It features a comprehensive section of quality meats, barbecue supplies (like smoking woods) and Wisconsin/Minnesota favorites( cheese curds).

Jon C

Love this place, best meat shop around.

Fish Smith

Love this place. The butcher shop with all the meats, seasoning, and wood you need to grill. My dogs love their bones also.

Jeffrey Reich

The selection and quality of meat is amazing. Having lived in Germany eover 10 years, I can say that this place rivals even German butchers!

David Jackson

Great service! Fine meats! Friendly staff! We will be back!

Amber Driggers

I love the wide selection of meats, got to try buffalo and elk burgers! My dog loves the pig ears, good sale items and a wonderful staff with an awesome attitude that makes the atmosphere welcome!

Jessica Morenzoni

Aways a great experience when you go in. You get amazing customer service. Plus the staff really knows their products and will help you to get your exact wants or really close to it.

Chip Douglas

These guys are passionate meatsmen. They know what they're doing and have great cooking advice. Their cuts are the best.

Brian H

Great brats, but beware the grill packs. This is the second time I bought a grill bundle only to get it home (it comes pre-wrapped) and discover I didn't receive everything they say is included. The prices on their website are also long outdated, plan on paying $25 to $75 more than indicated.

Jorge Resendiz

Very rude employee.

Larry Prine

It's 6:30 pm on November 27. I went in to get some chicken breasts. I asked him if he could cut them up for me. He immediately said and I quote" does it look like we are a processor?" He told me either a half or a whole. He was rude to the point of being sarcastic or snotty. I have been here before and I haven't had an issue. But this guy... FIRE HIM cause if he treats others like I was treated, you won't have many customers for very long. By the way, I walked out of this store and went to another meat shop. It's gonna be a while before I ever go back, especially if that guy is there. Customers should be treated with dignity and respect, because we can always go someplace else you are not the only game in town.

Heather Martinez

They have amazing bratwursts. Im not a big fan of bratwurst, but theirs are good.

Larry & Shirley Jones

Great selection of meats and super service.

keldeucequar .

This was not a good experience. I called ahead of time to see if they had a whole tenderloin, beef tenderloin, they told me yes. They told me $28 a pound. When I got there the room smells awesome. I thought this was going to be a great experience. Then the clerk, a young man, brought out a less than 4 lb tenderloin. He told me it would be $37.99 a pound. I looked in the cooler and they had already cut up filets for $36.99 a pound. I asked him about it and he said well that $36.99 was wrong. And he scoffed at me saying it's only a dollar difference. He was cocky and rude. Another lady that was there who seemed to have some managerial or ownership interest told me that the pricing had not been changed for over a year. Well if that were the case they never changed the price in their showcase. It just seems shady as could be. I looked at the beef jerky and it looked awesome and I was going to buy some in addition to a 5 lb tenderloin. I ended up getting the tenderloin at Fry's for substantially less than the tenderloin they had laid out there. So I guess it was a godsend in the end. It seems to me some business protocols need to be explained because this was not a good discourse in front of a bunch of other customers that were standing there. It was far less than customer-oriented.

jeff Zacher

I felt like I was in Nirvana. Rows and rows of sausages, Meats, hot sauces, and all kinds of barbecue supplies. The butcher's were very knowledgeable and even came out from behind the counter to help me pick out things. Will definitely be back

Elizabeth Nguyen

I'm a pescatarian. My husband is a huge meat-eater. The store always smells fresh & is spotless! The staff are so friendly and always help me with cooking tips. Personally, I love their Garlic Pretzels. Our dogs love their smoked bones & my husband loves everything else! Worth the trip from Ahwatukee.

Ricky Colon

Fast Friendly Service, Beautiful cuts of meat, slightly more expensive than a grocery store, but for the quality of meat, they have fantastic prices.

Eric Singleton

Brought our javelina in for processing mind you we already boned out all the meat, told staff we wanted mostly summer sausage, the rest would have to be brats, because according to the employee there wasn't enough for all sausage(which i's a surprise to me, since I've never had that problem before, and this turn in was way more meat, all 3 of us tagged out with good size pigs.).. my buddies game bag was also frozen to meat and they said they'd make a note to return it to him, upon pick up... well low and behold when it was time to pick up package not only was it wrong, and way more exspensive than last time, but they either lost or tossed out his game bag,... we're gonna take our business somewhere else for now on... this place is Not Hunter friendly.

Kelly Bigliazzi

I felt like I was in the Midwest all over again. GREAT service, super friendly and helpful. Everything they have suggested has been fantastic and I haven't been disappointed yet. They have a huge selections of sausages and bratwursts and the jerky is out of this world. All house made. I sound like I work there but I've been looking for a meat deli since we moved from Illinois.

Stephanie Scarim

Omg this is the best meat shop ever. Dee was super helpful and nice in helping us. They let us wander around the store for a good minute without too many questions as we took in everything (our first time there.) Best part is that I have food allergies and EVERYTHING was clearly marked if it had additional ingredients in it. 150% worth the trip (which isn't bad) and the prices are very reasonable and comparable to Fry's. 14/10 will go and buy food again.

Jon Kemp

Best butcher shop in Phoenix

Pete Steingraber

Store 5 stars. Employees 0 stars. In need of serious attitude adjustments. Everytime I come here it's like I'm inconveniencing them to do their job. 4 employees standing around the register talking. No greet, waited 5 minutes in front of the meat counter and someone finally came up "can I help you?". All around rude. Sadly I referred someone here and they had the same experienece.

drake patrick l gilliland

Can't beat this place. Best, most friendliest service you could ever ask for or expect. They've got a fantastic selection of meats both fresh and frozen. Used to have some amazing German beers, but that's just minor.

Mando Rivas

Craft beer, wood for smoking, good meat selection. Have yet to be disappointed.

Scott Tanses

Great butcher shop, great cuts of meat, great service. You want quality, shop here, you want cheaper priced meat go elsewhere. I won't go elsewhere...

Joseph Shargani

Great selection of meat, drinks, and spices.

justin sandusky

Great selection of meats, knowledgeable staff, great tasting sides, and awesome beer selection. Pros: Great quality meat, and they'll advise you how to properly prepare your cut. Lots of local beer and wine to choose from. Good selection of loose wood for smoking purposes. Expert advice, these guys love what the do, and they know their meat! Cons: Prices. Their meat is a little on the pricey side, but you'll taste where the extra money went. Some times, their beer is past it's prime.

Mike Geller

Extremely nice selection of very high quality meats. Friendly service and great prices

Jeffrey State

I have been coming to Van Hanson's for about 8 years and I can tell you they are consistently high quality. The one draw back $$$, but you are getting high quality and great service. You can pick up more than meat. Wood Chips, Wood Pellets, Various hot and bbq sauces, beer and wine, and more. Suggestion get on the email list. and watch their special then don't miss them.

Gentry McWherter

Great local meat market, awesome selection and customer service!

Jason Williams

Old fashioned butcher, great dog treats.

Brad Betenson

Best ever! Get the cheddar and jalapeno elk sticks!!

Meleah MacNeille

Loved the service. The gentleman who helped us was super friendly and told us all about their specials.

Evan Richardson

Awesome customer service. Great selection of quality products.

Lisa Simpson

Very nice local meat market. Meat is fresh and great quality. You pay a little more, but it's totally worth it. My husband loves the beef sticks.

steve bailow

Awesome meats and many other unique items.

Kari Ziebell

This place is Amazing. The best butcher and deli in town and the go to place for barbecues and parties.

John Killian

F for FAIL. I cleanly killed a mule deer in January '19. Caped it and brought a beautiful clean 100lb carcass to Von Hansons. Told these guys I wanted my BACKSTRAPS in STEAKS, the hind quarters in jerky strips and the rest ground with pork fat for sausage and ground venison. SIMPLE right? Well they screwed up! NO STEAKS among other things! I'm no city slicker, I've been to real mom and pop slaughter houses before. Von Hansons could learn a few things. 1 Packaging: Thiers sucks. Maybe they effed up and knew it so the did the laziest package job ever. 2 Labels: The only thing I brought home and knew what was, was the Italian sausage. Nothing else had a label. 3 Portioning: Every tube of ground meat was too much weight. Ppl would rather open one or two tubes and use all the meat. Rather I had to thaw one eat a portion and either keep in fridge or refreeze. In addition to the two previous issues all my "cut" meat was in 4 rather largely portioned bags. It took until just today as I write this to know that I had no steaks because I gave these guys the benefit of doubt....Now after finally thawing the last bag of cut meat did I truly find out that all my cut meat is cut into jerky strips. Truly my heart sank as all the hope I had literally drained while picking through the bag of thawed deer meat which was cut into jerky strips.... So needless to say save yourself time and money and go somewhere else. Dont shop for meat here, it's way too expensive for what it is. Dont buy beer or wine here, it too is priced above what it should be. AND DEFINITELY don't go here to have anything cut because they will only disappoint you. Signed John

Jo Dean

The best meat in town!

MrsJSchroeder .

Best meat in town! Try the garlic jerky!

Dustin Norris

Been there countless times and never have bad customer service, staff is always super friendly and a tentative to everyone..not to mention the meat is the best in the valley

Gene Cheek

Great got our double smoked ham and doggie treats!

joey Bailey

These dudes are awesome. If they don't have what you want, they find it for you. Very knowledgeable. Excellent selection

Lisa van Leeuwen

The only place to go in chandler for sausage! Amazing assortment of specialty sausages and other meats, sauces and local brews. Our favorite is the Green Chili Cheese or the Big Poppa, Arizona Cardinal with cherries and chilis is great too! You really can't go wrong with this place.

Shawn Kearney

Love this place, they are our local butcher. The meat is not cheap here, but it always high quality and well trimmed. Also a decent selection of higher end beers for a small place.

Mark Siaotong

You can find meat cuts that are not available at a big box market. Such an item is pork belly. I got a slab for a great price. Employees are generally friendly and helpful.

John Larrabee

Burgers were excellent. Can't wait to try the brauts tomorrow. Our furry friend is munch down on the dog treats as I write this. Everyone in this house is happy.

Amjad Marridi

Terrible bait and switch on their game processing. AVOID !!!

Average white

For those who say the prices are worth it I disagree.. bought SELECT plate ribs at $11.99/ those are some expensive bones!! I'd rather shop around for a better price and get at least CHOICE grade meat.

Genevieve Williams

I love their jerky, salad and bbq skewer options as well!

John Tenney

Wide selection of quality meats and grilling products. Very knowledgeable staff too! Will definitely be back.

Jim Brown

Best quality meat in the East Valley. Steak to brats, chicken, summer sausage, and great jerky. Go explore and you will not be disappointed.

Andrew Fasbender

This place is awesome. Great service and very friendly. I will continue to enjoy coming here more often to get my meats. Also they have a large selection of frozen and none frozen dog treats. My dog absolutely loves them.

Jonathan Steichen

Great shop, very knowledgeable. The dogs love the tendons and pig ears. The chicken breasts are better than any I've ever had, pretty much the only place I buy chicken. The beer selection isn't what it used to be, but it's a minor squabble.

Dag Grudem

Aside from AJ's, theonly place you can buy walleye.

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