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REVIEWS OF Restaurant Depot IN Arizona

jordan jordan

Bill Peppel

Stopped to determine if open to public and determined was not even though could not find anyone to speak with. Sell in volume to restaurant.

Corey Willis

A great place for wholesale food needs

nigel zhao

the worst website and store, the poorest service

Sandy johnson

John Williams

Nice and clean

juliann mcghie

David Edwards

Roman Viveros

Phulpreet Singh

People are friendly and most of the time they have what you need!

The Javo

They have the stuff you may need in a pinch

joe liu

Bad customer service

Eric Miller

Only came here once with some friends who have a business and a card. I was very impressed with all of the selections, prices and quantities offered. I never knew places like this existed so it was fun for me. Met some people from a place that I eat at.

PiranahKill .

Judith Salazar


Vic Solo Gil

I count on them regularly. I'm glad they're close by, and we'll stocked. The friendly service is a plus.

Steven Gerner

Great prices and friendly service. They only receive new shipments twice a week, so they can frequently be out of popular items

Rachel Lenz

I run a small bakery business at farmer markets and similar events. I don’t have a brick and mortar location but I do parties and am available for events to make vegan and non vegan treats. I came here for the first time today and the woman at the front door Sharon, verbally berated and abused me telling me the general public wasn’t allowed to shop here and that I’d need to show her I was a legitimate business to walk in the front door. She was rude, abrupt, and told me I was not a legitimate business owner. She rolled her eyes at me multiple times. She asked me what documentation I had to come into the store and I told her I had a business license at home, ready to ask her how I can get a membership she cut me off and her response was to laugh in my face and say, “You’re not a real business. You can’t be here.” I will never shop here. Better yet, I will tell everyone I know how rude this woman at their front door was and how she represented restaurant depot as a cruel and small business hating store. Sharon gave me a mission today with her attitude... to tell everyone in the industry not to come here.

Eric Robillard

David Howell

Noor Salih

Ali Amundson

Worst check out system ever. Only one person counting carts on a Friday with 5 lanes open. Took 20+ minutes just standing in line

Paul Mayle

I dont know what has been going on but they definitely need better management.

Oscar Galindo Local Guide

Is great place for all the owners of restaurant to save money.

Beth Riley

Love this place!!

be l.

Not open to public. Rude employees

Franchesca Gonzales

Don't expect any customer service especially from the lady manager. I've been coming here for a year and every time I ask for help I get a the eye roll and very little help. They will just act like they don't know. Oh and be prepared to be in their way the entire time you're trying to shop. They will practically run you over with the fork lift and block all the aisles with pallets of supplies. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen... I'm sure it isn't the first or last.

Barbara De Rosa

It was okay. Used to be so much better. Prices have gone high, everything is always moved around and because I have not been there all summer they deactivated my card and I had to activate it again


jon saunders

RF The Great

Employees are rude and an appreciative of customers

Tina's Cafe

The cashiers always seem stressed out and dont even say hello, but people work on the floor are nice and friendly. The store is always clean and organized, the managers are awesome too.

Jessy Silver

Nice meal

Sonya Zambrano

Ed Herrera

good selection of products for restaurants. Rosa is the best

chihuas454 .

Great stuff good prices except Jeniffer on the cashier she is very rude and disrespectful first time here and bad experience. Good luck manager said it’s been happening very often with her. Maybe she needs a new job.

Dustin Wynn

Juan Perez Gonzalez

Chris Krauss

An amazing store for food and restaurants!

Levon Russell

Great prices on almost every thing in the store!

Basher Alzouabi

tony costantini

We’re to start Expect to run for your life from fork liftsI stoped shopping there for the most part because the unsafe conditions of almost being run over several times by fork lifts. The service is horrible the Waite is horrible! I told the manager about the fork lift problem he said the guys won’t work at night that’s your excuse for endangering people’s lives!

Debbie McCree

Deb Harris

Jessica Walker

stan an sam chaffin

Rude! Worst commercial store around.. dirty and disorganised!! Do not go to this store!!!

Bobby Eaton

If you’re a truck driver and you’re delivering to this place it’s the worst! No bathrooms-going to callOSHA on them!! Make you wait forever.

joe cortez

Big selection on all kinds of items for restaurants.

Tony Mangione

I basically like it but it's frustrating glancing at their add and thinking something is on sale due to the large bold red font when in reality it's the 'case' price, not the individual. Bad practice -- definitely needs improvement!

Homra Gul

Receiving office is too lazy. Keep me waiting for 2 hours for unloading one pallet.

Wassim Bacha

Juan Chavez

Rick Durfee

Awesome restaurant supplies for catering and big jobs, and large tubs of ice cream.


Never ever ever enough staff to handle the customers. We are owners who could either be working or making money but instead am in line because their labor staffing sucks

Eduardo Luna

Arthur Sana

Clint Saunders

Couldn't run my bar without you! Thank You

Mahmoud alzahri

Guillermo Urbina

Wait to long to get unloaded

Richard Harris

Neil Hilditch

Arrived at 08:40 and told my appointment was 14:00 I was told they only took by appointment times and was turned away. Dock doors were empty on and off for about an hour. Finally came for me with door assignment at 13:40, when I saw the times of other drivers in/out times on the clipboard I complained ... obviously to no result!

Ebrahim Al Seragi

Tammy-Ann Vander Hoek

I love this place. Its the best place for all food truckers to go to for inventory, supplies and some restaurant equipment

Nicole Voorhees

Monika Moody

Martin Wong

Staffs are friendly to help me find the items

tierza h

yuridia rojas

Ken La Civita

herminia garcia venegas

Jason Lattimore

Well so far I'm not impressed...I've been trying to call to ask a simple question because I'm about a hour drive away so can't just pop you think I can get anyone to answer...not at all and I've been trying all day...

Nick Merth

John Greer

Anna Carpenter

MH Lee


Mr. Shooze

Best for restaurants

mI me2

Make you wait over 45 minutes for a lumper. Im a trucker on schedule. Popr customer service. Very slow no one rushing. Ill be late cause of them.

Joel Lopez

Souk Vannaheuang

ben acio

Sravya Madhuri

It is a one stop shopping for food,groceries,vegetables everything great stuff good prices

Louis hatsiandrou

Maria S

It was a quick shopping trip. The store is clean, not very organized but easy to navigate through considering. The check out guy was very nice and i got a free sample of this delicious Italian ice. It was so good. I had to buy some. This store is smaller than the one in Phoenix but still has all the same great stuff you need for your business . Check it out. Easy acess in amd out of parking lot. Though tje parking lot is a lot smaller tham the one is phownix as well. But definitely not a deal breaker. I think the employees are ni er tham the phoenix location.

Mary Oliva

J Musti

Tyler Bailey

Owais Ghori

Kevin Escobar

Tariq Niazi

Excellent products and excellent service for food business

Horst Schlembach

It was a total disaster like usually, shelves empty, long lines at the cash register

Michele Davis

Love this place

Frieda Acio

Toby Martin

T Kleine

Been there a few times and you have to look with a new outlook from any other way at shopping

J Stacy Morales

As a truck driver I can tell you it is one of the worst "receiving" experiences of my 12 years career, some of the worst people to do business with anywhere, incompetence and a lack of consideration for truck drivers should be their motto, pray you don't get a load there, they couldn't pay me enough to comeback

Deepak kahlon jatt

Really really bad management at least they should know how to talk managers ***** I don’t wanna use bad language but I think it’s fair if bad language is used for them

Roscoe Smith

kamran kamranian

Lets be fair, if This place is NOT for general public why then giving it low rating? per their policy they can’t service you please be fair and dont kill the messenger. It’s complicated more likely because of the way TAXing set up for businesss Vs general public. I have been shopping here for years and except few times they ran out of some items, they been great specially employees are always willing to assist. I would recommend them to any businesse.

Juan Rupert

Another fascist business...that only caters to money. If you dont have a business you can't buy items there.

Pinedora Farms

Always LOVE our trips here!

Michael Salazar

All the good employees have moved into management but are not good leaders and now the regular staff sucks

Pedro Rodriguez

yvonne fierro

Ashura Ryu

The RD is good place to do bulk shopping for supplies. They have reasonable prices and very friendly and helpful staff if you are having trouble finding what you need.

Mike Wells

The place is always out of stock of something. Most of the workers walk around like zombies, the older blond lady at the front desk is down right rude.

Fabio Rocha

Long check out lines

Jennifer Ho

Out of items recently purchased. Almost never carries the same brand of frozen shrimp. Chicken seem old. We buy it in boxes/cases & it seems mix & match box. Some bags are okay but some are so old, when you filet, it falls apart. Almost making it impossible to filet for grilled chicken. Prices aren't that affordable. Great for bulk purhase but unable to tell if some of the items are in good condition.

Cliff Hoffer

Hermes Maldonado

Called and asked if they carry block whitener and 2 people said no. THEN, they asked me what it was for. So you tell someone "no we don't have that" without knowing what it is? Brilliant. By the way, here's a picture and it's description.

Arthur Hutchinson

Anibal Abayneh

Jace Sanders

Jason Tomerlin


visited with a previous employer and this place had everything a small business to a local large business would need. As a reply to one of the previous reviews: the website specifically states this is a wholesale only business that you must sign up and have a membership to use. " Restaurant Depot is wholesale only. To qualify for a free membership account, on your first visit you need to show a valid reseller's permit (business license) or tax-exempt certificate (for a non-profit organization) and show proof that you are authorized to purchase for said business or organization."

Scott Kieffer

These restaurant Depo at least everyone I have delivered to suck east coast where ever . Got here to this one at 12:44 pm on Wednesday my appointment wasn't until 4am Thursday . I had only 20 cases of product for them and the lazy receiver when I got here Wednesday said he was swapped and could take 20 minute to pull off 1 pallet with 20 cases on it. Now it is Thursday 4:16 am and no one is answering the receiving door . This is the type of crap you deal with with these people over 1 pallet .

Amanda Rubio

Wish they carried more baking supplies but staff is very friendly and helpful!

Adrian Juarez

Luisa Flores

Nazim Muhammad

The Restaurants Depot is well stocked and have a Great! staff, I'd like to call it (The One Stop Shop) where the People are very Kind, Nice, and will help you find what you're looking for. I brought a potential customer and to look around the store they were amazed and we'll be back! So many thanks. (Pop's Seasonings) Nazim


Many products you find here really cheap.

Rod Barnett

Good people working there but corporate management doesn't give them the tools or the systems or the mid-level managers to do what it takes to save the customer time. As a result the customer has to ask to find a lot of things wait in line excessively while they look at their books four items that should have been in the system that are not and they don't have a price on them pretty unprofessional at a corporate level

Christine Marie Bustamante Barraza

James R. McCree

I love the place ...very reasonable prices get in where your money fits in ....

Jason weinstein

I just plainly love this place customer service is always awesome.

NBA LIVE Mobile Yang


Jil Varreto

Ryan Rinaldo

Kathy Ransom

Adetoun Ayo-Adeola


Carmen Hernandez

Pretty good prices

Yunkyoung Lee


Helpful staffs.

Dave J.

Do not go here, needed equipment and they lied about the price. Talked to the manager and she said she is sorry which I appreciate but not paying me for my time or gas!!

Cassandra Butler

Alma Gonzalez

I've always had great customer service when I go. From then getting things off the top shelf for me, to checking back stalk for things, etc...they have always been great help and they always have what I need. I haven't had any rude encounters with any of the employees.

Gisselle Soto

Alex Medina

Go there alot great customer care and service

Steve Martin

Justin Tabio

Sharon Park

Billy Escobar

Long check out lines only 2 cashiers

Yonas Beyene

The best place to buy restaurant inventories

Jen Baker

gerardo portillo

Jared Gardner

Slim selection high price. It could be nice to pick something up on the fly but the 2 times I tried that here they didn't have what I needed.

Myongho Lee

Charlie Tung

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