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REVIEWS OF Fry's Food And Drug IN Arizona

Evelio Mota

Sometimes a little too many people but that just shows how awesome they're deals are..

Sam Sung

Their App is the worst, very complicated. Downloaded coupon for pistachios. Had trouble at register. Asked attendant for help with their app, she said I don't do that. Needless to say, I left without buying them and other stuff I had. Albertsons App is much easier.

Larry Barnard

Popular store with a wide variety of merchandise. Produce section is first class and checkout moves we.

Belle Marie

This is by far my favorite grocery store while living in Yuma Arizona for over 10 years. Employees were very friendly and ready to help. The store was kept clean and well organize. When it it came to food it offer a great variety including barbecue ribs that my family loved!

Pat Baldie

One big happy family. Look forward to shopping.

lou gutierrez

Really good place to go shopping for a great selection of groceries, bakery goods, deli, sushi, meats, frozen foods and even Pharmaceuticals. However, during the winter months, it is best to go shopping late in the evening or early morning as it is inundated and overwhelmed by snowbirds! Most are extremely rude and believe you are there to serve them. Fair warning.

Kelly Carper

There customer service is daplorable. This review doesn't matter because they are a corporation and they really don't care.

Jc Wright

This store never ceases to amaze me with quality of customer service and product availability and variety. It's great to such a top notch store in the local neighborhood. If you don't have a VIP card, get one and save cash at the gas pump.

Bob Ives

This Frys is half way between Phoenix and San Diego. It has an excellent choice of already prepared foods as well as lower priced gas. We always stop here both coming and going.

Loretta Geisler

Crazy busy but good place to shop.

Sherri Mangis

Clean & well stocked but crowded. Rude shoppers and predominantly helpful staff. Parking lot is horrendous to maneuver Nov-Mar

David Fornof Jr

Great place for quality items. Bakery has amazing fresh loaf bread.

Wayne Nesbitt

Great selections pricing is also great and when you purchase you gain points for fuel price reduction.

Ana Thompkins

How come the snowbirds get the super duper upscale Fry's but the poor people of Yuma get stuck with the regular Fry's? And what's the agenda with the TV at the super duper upscale Fry's always being stuck on the brainwashing news channels? Nobody wants to watch or listen to this garbage. How about something educational or entertain educational. Stop dumbing down America, Fry's.

gregcarslay48 ponokai2

Good store , food help, fair pricing.

Mary McBride

Great store but couldn't find a couple of things and the person I asked was not at all helpful.

Dan Oconner

Easy to get in and out from the deli. Sushi always a winner or a deli sandwich made while you wait. Cheaper than subway and better too.

Guiliana Keson

Great grocery store. A little pricey but for the quality and selections of imported items not so bad. Amazing olive bar too. Very clean and staff is very helpful.

Steve Silks

Always good groceries. They kinda cater to the healthy crowd

Bea Vizcarra

Great produce and variety. Good wine selection. Sushi, soup and salad bar

Jackie Kurio

Good grocery store, crowded

Christine Williamson

Couldn't find shallots, snow peas were paper thin and dried out (should be thrown away) couldn't find frozen sugar snap peas, clerk was grumpy. We need another grocery store to give Frys competition.

Victoria Woodward

Absolutely LOVE this store! We live in town and make the "drive" to go to this Fry's over the one in the city. Love the olive bar and WAY more options when it comes to everything. This store is always very clean, very well stocked, and the staff are very helpful. We recently started using cicklist and LOVE it as well!

Lynda Wilson

Awesome shopping experience. Everyone including customers were pleasant

Dale Evans

Took 52 minutes to pick up prescription??? Try another pharmacy not enough employees????

Kimberly Patosky

Fry's is a clean easy to navigate one stop shopping experience. Lots of friendly workers willing to help and put a smile on your face. Handicap accessible with motorized carts to help get you around. As well as many handicap parking

ruben gonzalez

This Fry's is way better than the one in town. Tons of products and variety, great produce and organic selections. Staff is always friendly and store is super clean. Best grocery store in Yuma!

michelle tarwater

Great grocery store!!! Good prices. Clean. Pleasant staff.

Don Lumb

Great store and prices. Employees are very helpful. They have a great selection and fresh sushi too.

Jerry Richard

Good place

LoveuGod Forever

The store employees are always so helpful and kind!

George May

Very helpful, friendly, outgoing employees and seemed to treat you like you were the only reason why they were there. Made you feel like you were a royalty person.Made you relax and enjoy the shopping trip.

Magee A

I love stopping at this Fry's! It is the last exit before California and gas is a million times (ok I'm exaggerating) cheaper. Also the Fry's itself is very new and has everything you can think of so it's great to stop by and grab a quick bite while on the road.

John Hutton

Never have I met a cashier so rude, not even at a bar. The people you have as cashiers need to be trained better for what ever reason one of your cashiers thought my ID was fake because I had a small crease at the top of my Driver license so she felt the need to bend it in half to the point where I couldn't use it anymore and when I offered to show her my military ID she had the nerve to believe that was fake too. Now I have to pay cash out of my pocket to get a new one and risk getting a ticket while driving because of how much she damaged it.

Lorraine Real

Love Fry' s. Shopped at stores all over the country but Fry' s is the best.

Susan Wheeler

Brenda in the deli is awesome.

Rene Rodriguez

Clean, well organized and friendly and helpful staff

Nina Soltwedel

Very busy place, but they have an amazing amount of space. This means that the selection of food items is excellent. The staff is friendly and helpful. The best advice: be prepared to be patient in finding a parking spot.

Mary White

I am not happy with the check out people who act like you are an annoyance and they really don't want to be working. People like that need to be replaced with someone who appreciates having a job. We spend our money in there so they can get a paycheck, but they just don't get it!!

Brenda Brown

Such a constantly busy grocery store. Sunday afternoon not the best time to avoid the crowds. Good produce and meats.

Raven B. Dogman

They have great food and displays, good prices and quality meat. But the cashiers can be a real problem. Seems like they are tried of people in general and hate their jobs. It all depend on what time of day you go, but some of those people have been there for decades and seem to hate the public. The assistant Manager does not seem to care at all, and is more insulting to people then the cashier. They are insulting and disrespectful to disabled veterans in wheel chairs and carts...which is where my complaint started.

Kevin Redfield

Got things done quick for my wife's birthday but she was still sleeping thanks Fry's

Margaret Crandell

My favorite place to shop. High energy. People busy, happy looking forward toward the future, very positive shoppers. Holiday cheer thick at Christmastime. I find it a bit disorganized and hard to navigate but I am a patient shopper.

Rosalind Frazee

Cleanest store in Yuma.

Teresa White Heximer

Whether you are shopping as a long term resident or a short term tourist, this well-stocked, nicely laid out and competitively priced store is fantastic. Remember to sign up for their member card and save.

Tom Pavlovsky

As for the corporation it's a good one, BUT you didn't make the EMPLOYEES. Today is the day after Christmas, 2017 . I visited with SEVERAL EMPLOYEES who had been there since early this AM. I said thank you for being there so early! The common REPLY was thank you for doing at Fry's. FRYS is DAMN lucky to have such valuable employees. GIVE THEM A PAY RAISE. They are the reason I shop at Frys not wal Mart.

Patsy Irene

We've always enjoyed shopping at Frys in Yuma. Friendly staff and great prices.

Michael Ray

Great customer service, pricing and selection

Don Graber

A great store to shop in.the people that work there are extremely friendly and helpful.

Lourie Kempf

Had to refill prescriptions had major problems with insurance, but Ken made sure on a Saturday that I had enough meds to get through until the insurance opened and we could figure it out. Thanks guys and girls!

Paul Moreno

A wonderful grocery store that has it all! The staff has always been friendly, and the managers are always ready to help. I've never had a long wait in line, even on big grocery days. I really do love our Fry's.

Chris Waldon

Great veggie department, bakery looks good and the store is nice and clean. The staff nice too

Carmie Dixon

Found everything I needed. Milk butter bread mayo shooter cups

Nick Ramey

I always fill up here on the way to California. Great idea to save money, Cali gas is expensive!

Char Zahm

They have so many items to choose from plus their employees are super friendly and helpful I'll continue to shop with them till we leave in the spring

Laura Erickson

I enjoy shoping at Fry's. I stop off & taste the cheeses. I've tried cheese I never would've otherwise. They're inexpensive &variety. Pharmacy on site.

David Haines

Always good price's and friendly staff.

Matt Ott

Good prices.

Chase Nachtigal

Good friendly staff. Awesome selection in the deli, meat department, and bakery. Produce is fresh and very clean. I save a lot of money from the weekly sales and even more with the gas points! Frys is the store to shop at!

ralph cline

Like them very good

Donna Mead

Friendly staff, good deals but sale items are not always stocked or ordered to accomodate when winter visitors are here.

Lauri Kittelson

What a great store and employees were helpful from the bakery to the meat counter to the cashiers. Clean, well stocked- plus some extra treats such as a stir fry and sushi bar. Nice!

chris offutt

Best one in town. Staff is amazing and friendly. They actually try and go out of their way to help you and not hide. Store is always clean and well stocked. The store manager should be proud. Because of that I will pay more and drive out of my way to go to this store.

Dominic Lopez

Great place. Good decent prices. Clean and well kept. The VIP card is worth it, especially for gas. I have to take 1 star away, not against the store. But against the people who come here. Never have I seen so many rude people in one location. Majority of the rude people are of the senior type, but they are very rude and no manners. I'm not a worker there, but I can only imagine how how rude they must treat the workers there if they treat people so rudely.

Cathy Young

Great store. Looked fairly new because of the placement of the different departments. Store was clean and clerks friendly.

Sandra Daigle

All I can say is I love Frys

albert valadez

Better than Walmart

Richard Hamilton

Bad service in the pharmacy. They were more interested in closing for day than servicing drive up customers and the phone was disconnected They need some customer service training and some management attention

Helen Powers

Well stocked and busy, but friendly staff.

Ron Lund

The food part of the store is fine but gets extremely crowded during the winter. The pharmacy is outrageously priced and pretty slow on service.

Judy Robertson

Good place to shop. This is my first awareness of Fry's using on line coupons. As I checked out I was informed by the checker I could not use them because I had not informed her before the transaction began. She was speaking to someone on the phone as my turn came. I had no opportunity to tell her without interuping her conversation. Less than perfect exchange!

brandon wilson

One of the best grocery stores we have in Yuma everybody so friendly way better than Walmart and they have enough lines open to get in and out

Jesse Ramirez

Nice store. Do not get the Chinese food. No flavor at all. Pay the same price at a Chinese restaurant. Noodles, bland rice is clumpy and bland. There was no flavor. The soy sauce didn’t help it either.

James Hammer

Not happy with quality of produce. Two weeks ago I purchased a bag of red grapefruit, got home and found two rotted, one with mold. This week, bought Private Selection Petite Cherry Tomatoes and ended up throwibg most away as there were many in the container that were extremely mushy and tasted awful. Also a Pre-made Kroeger Cranberry Salad that I opened today and lettuce was slimy...only five days old. I'm sure they would have taken them back, but it's such a pain to keep running back and forth because of issues.

Jazzy Z

I love this store, it has so many options and it always has sales. This is my favorite store to shop for quality food

Diane Bloomfield

Great organic department and wide variety in all departments. Great meat sales. Only annoyance is the parking lot, but not horrible. Nice store.

Dave Davies

Good selection staff very friendly

Robert Crow

This is the largest, well organized grocery stores I have ever been in.

Veronica Butler

I love love frys! Only place I shop!

Pat Downs

This is the 3rd time we have used the online grocery shopping. The convenience is fantastic.

Angela Hamilton

Got a chicken dinner. Good food. Good price. Will definitely do that again.

MaryYork York

The employees were all very helpful when I needed help. Cashiers were friendly. Grocery packers were nice and and helpful. I didn't have to wait long they had grocery packed in no time. The building was nice and cool and clean. Everything was stocked well.

Roy Smith

Awesome store they had me in and out fast.I check out within 10 minutes and this is the busiest time of the year. People are friendly awesome and want to help.

Ray Conlon

Anyone passing through Yuma and needs gas, quick meal or Starbucks coffee this is the place. Clean and affordable with hot food or sandwich choices. It sure beats the fast food junk in the area.

jay mickley

Best grocery store in Yuma

Aaron Rodriguez

Friendly and helpful staff along with stocked products. The checkout process moves fast due to the quick and eager workers that are always able to assist. Fry's Food and Drug also implement a customer reward points system for when you shop at their marketplace. Meaning you payless for more ultimately. Overall, it is quick, simple, and by dar the most effective produce store that I have been to in quite some time.

Patricia Wishard

Great place to shop

ricardo mora


Virginia Hamilton

The employees at Frys are far and away the nicest people I have ever encountered! I can not believe the number of times they have suggested buying one more or one less item to qualify for their weekly sales. Produce is always fresh! Fresh veggies are always fresh and clean. Great store to shop in!


Wonderful, clean, well stocked store. Go early, it gets really busy in the winter.

Bobo Rain

Good wine selection, good bakery with freshly baked bread among other things. This place is always crowded but you can't beat their selection.

jean norenberg

Great market! Lots of great sales. Fantastic bakery with fresh items. Good prices on meat. Very fast service, friendly and helpful employees available to help. Store is clean and well lighted.Lots of free parking, and handicapped spaces.

Monica Baker

Wesley in pharmacy department had the terrible customer service ill never shop here again. Usually you guys have amazing people working for you but this experience sealed the deal for me wont ever come back.

Diane Robinette

Nice and clean Happy worker's. Went right through fast withoyt winter visitor's. Prices good. Except gasoline.

Delija Marts

Grocery part of the store is excellent, however, pharmacy department the employee who took care of me, I thought was rude. I was in line about 5ft away behind another customer. The cashier asked if I was with him, when I said no, she said you need to back up more. Not sure what she was talking about, but I had maybe a ft before I would back up into the shelve. Good thing I dont use their pharmacy regularly, I'd have to find another one. I should have gone to Walgreens instead but was in the store already and thought why not. Never again!

Douglas Gordon

An excellent supermarket, by far the best in the area. Good prices, crazy specials! Today I bought green grapes and asparagus, both were 77 cents /lb ! And the fruit and vegetables arent wholesalers throw-aways either; very very good quality. Thomas' bagels, buty one get one free; occasionally coke two litres are 68 cents... Specials like that every week. They also have a very nice deli; boars head brand products, even Swiss cheese from Switzerland which is one of my favorites. Olive bar, bakery... Even if you're just passing thru the area, stop here. You won't be disappointed.

Kathalina Siemens

This place is awesome they have everything that you need all and one place one of the best food stores here in Yuma

Kathryn Shaffer

This Fry's is like my second home. I love shopping tgere. They have everything and then some. They just added Murray cheese, have a cheese bar, free samples! Yay!

Juan Jove

Clean and well stock. They carry a wide variety of products. Employees are helpful.

Carol Horsley

Veggie Dept. man was awesome, helped us with fresh artichokes... Yay

Lind Skanter

I spent 4 months in sunny Yuma, AZ to escape cold, snowy weather in Boise, ID, where I reside. I did all of my grocery and pharmacy shopping at Fry's Food & Drug while in Yuma. The store is quite large, providing spacious aisles and endless choices for food selections of all types. The employees are friendly, professional, & willing to answer questions about products or services offered. Their prices were pleasantly competitive and often less expensive than where I shop in Boise. I will be returning to Yuma again in November and will definitely continue to shop at Fry's.

Candy Delcamp

Found items I was looking for easily. Great variety of items.

Dennis Uphill

Excellent food and merchandise store. Reasonable prices and fresh vegetables and meat.

Bryce Jackson

Clean nice store, good prices...... But checking out on the other hand, there is never enough checkstands open, and they replaced more with self checkout.

Luis Perez

Very helpful staff. We once forgot to take our bag of tortillas and went back several hours later to pick them up. Reyes was very polite and remembered us. I also like using the new Click and Pull shopping online. The fuel points definitely make me want to shop here more often as well.

Keith Parker

too much junk in isles, very sneaky ads read very carefully, prices highest in Yuma, we have tried them off and on for several months and have desided to drive to Walmart or even into Yuma rather than putting up with their prices, crowded isles and high priced produce. not worth the trouble.

Michael Catron

Grate as always! Best grocery store in Yuma.

patricia langston

Very friendly, clean and easy to find what you need. Also a lg variety. Groceries, liquor, wine, fresh meats, deli, bakery , and hot foods.

Michael Robinson

Very nice place, very clean, knowledgeable staff, but they have kinda high prices but it looks like it's worth it. I would recommend anyone to do their shopping here

dani killian

I love fry's!

Duane Hostetler

We always appreciate Fry's food store very nicely set up very friendly people happy food makes for a happy life style Lord bless you as you buy groceries and eat them...

Kristina Limon

Very busy but we'll stocked. Good variety and specials. Great bakery and deli.

Robert Pugh

The bin the grapes were in should have the wheels locked, so people like me that lose their balance at times don't roll it into someone's feet or legs.

Dale Baker

Great sore. Well stocked

R. M. H

Great salad bar but never opens on time. Sign says it opens at 9am, but usually it is set up at 10am.


For a genetic super market , it's a good place.

Gerry F

Better than the other Frys in town, with a good selection. The bar they had in the store last year is now gone! But a large selection of liquor. The store itself is hard to see from I8, The Frontage road or Fortuna Blvd. Hidden behind a Burger King, Goodwill and a number of stores. Nice deli area with Starbucks, a sushi area and a place to sit and eat. Like most Frys the bathroom need to be redesigned to be less grungy and many of Frys bathroom are poorly kept. Go see a Walmart bathroom.

Alan guy

First off the produce prices are inconceivably low. Strawberrys 4 16 oz containers for five dollars, I don't think you can get that deal anyplace in the country. Really great grocery store. Well organized, if you can't find something the app is always spot on. Always clean. Always well stocked. The staff is very nice and helpful.

John Razmus

Go at 0730, no one there. Quick in and out

Dave Harris

Decent prices for the area and excellent selection! if you're a bargain hunter and keeping an eye out for the store brand and they're special buys that you can get by having their Club card, which is free, you are able to get lots of pretty good deals at Fry's.

Sean Weaver

Great place. Friendly workers. This particular location is by far the best. They have a great selection for any taste. You like cheese from around the world? they have it. Great bear and wine selection? They have that too. They also have great sales as well. If you're hungry they have a nice Chinese food counter, and also sandwiches. Thirsty? They have a Starbucks, although it shouldn't be surprising at this point. I'm pretty sure that if we go to the moon again there would be one ready and with a latte. My family loves the sushi selection. Truly this store has it all.

Leticia Martinez

I go to this place instead of Walmart this place has more lines get you in and out if they don't have one open they will open one to get the people out Walmart is very unfriendly compared to this place I would say this is my new grocery store

Eva Paris

Friendly and found everything we wanted

Linda Witherow

Great displays, clean store, and has a lots of variety. Great place to shop.

Stephen Loveless

Looks like there is a lot of product but only what they want to sell. You might not find what your looking for they stock limited amounts run out frequently and you will have to waite till the next shipment. Somebody has a beer monopoly here. Probably the distibuter.

Mike Corless

Great to be back in Yuma and great employees to welcome you back for the winter

Laurel Adair

Great food choices. Super clean. Friendly staff.

Adam Diaz

Definitely the best grocery store here in Yuma they have everything under the sun

Jimmy Smith

Great prices and selection.

Billy Paul

The 2nd time here in a row where there were only a few registers open and only 1 bagger. I expect much better customer service at Fry's.

Steven Price

Clean and well stocked grocery store. They also have a great deli and Chinese fast food line.

Arthur Wood

Outstanding store most helpful reasonably price very VERY cool

Mercy Reyes

Store & restroom were really clean. The self checkout was user friendly and super fast.

Tara Brady

Large store, good selection. No grass fed beef or hams without nitrates. Good wine selection. Very good prices. Decemt organic selections of produce and packaged foods.

Lisa Marlin

I would say one of the best supermarkets here in Yuma they have everything you could imagine and enough cashiers to get you out

Ladonna Toth

Bakery no longer carries danishes. Also dont like slicing my own bread. Starting to carry too many healthy foods. Since moving all the locations takes me lots longer to shop. Lots of check out lanes. Checkers very friendly.

Carol Marks

Poor customer service. What happened to making the customers happy? I wanted to purchase a chicken salad. Not difficult one would think. It's as if I was asking them to do their job!!! Maybe they should get a brush up on there job. Take them back to training day.

John Smith

Excellent grocery store, especially if you have a Fry's card, lots of good deals. Also this store has an amazing sushi bar run by Mr. Kim. They have a prepackaged sushi bar but Mr. Kim will also make your order fresh and he's always really friendly and helpful if you have any questions about ingredients. I now come here for all my sushi needs instead of the local sushi restaurant. Better service and quality of the fish is much better as well.Thank you Mr. Kim!

John Stewart

Great place, amazing prices on outdoor furniture

Linda Steiner

My first time to Fry's and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised I am physically challenged and need a motorized cart I go to Walmart and I have to wait a half an hour 45 minutes even an hour to get a cart but Fry's has plenty of carts more than enough carts 4 customers. The shopping experience was wonderful pricing is great I just really had a good time and it's convenient for me because it is on the east side Yuma no negatives here everything positive

Robert Teel

Great selection, great service, mostly good prices. Shop wisely and this is the place.

Lyle Davieau

Excellent store with wide variety of good food, deli. Get their VIP card and save lots of money. Great store!

Joe Gorski

They carry everything!! Very large grocery store with lots if variety and specialty items!!

Susan DiBlasi

I was shopping in the store today when I slipped on a puddle of some type of oily liquid. I was able to avoid falling thanks to the shopping carriage. I hurt my shin and neck from tensing up. There were three workers standing a few feet away chatting. Two of which appeared to be managers. I informed them and they just said ok thanks. Not one of them asked me if I was ok. One of the ladies that I told happen to be the stores Assistant Manager Deann. After walking for a short time I decided to go to customer service to request an accident report after my shin was throbbing and my neck pain was getting worse. Incredibly disapppointed with my Frys store

Laura Farnbach

This is a nice big market and one of our favorite stops when traveling through.

Steve Graham

This Fry's is always busy. It has a big lot so parking isn't poor. The check out line is speedy offering traditional and self. The grocery is large with lots of options and isles. There are food court options including sushi. Salad bar and olive bar. Large assortment of cheese and dried meats. Highly recommend shopping here!!

j j deluce

Very clean only thing starbuck you waited 5 to 10 minutes

Free Bird

A Quick stop between Arizona and San Diego, get your gas using your points, pick-up something to eat from the deli or fresh fruit. Everything you need for a road trip Break! And a lot cheaper then a Circle K

Ashley Thompson

This Fry's can get a little busy in the Winter, but it wouldn't be as awesome as it is without the financial support of the Winter visitors. They have a great whole/natural foods selection and the produce is great. I also recently ordered 500 cookies for the Crossroads Mission and they were only $60 total! I appreciated the price and the customer service was wonderful. The people at the Mission LOVED the fresh cookies.

Becca Rivera

Love coming here because I save on groceries a lot more than I do at Walmart due to better coupons.

Kathleen A. Lowery

Great as always.

David A

We like this store over the one in town.

Stella Patrick

There is enough rooms for people and food. Clean with fresh produces.

David McColm

Easy to learn layout for Seasonal visitors, and Year-round Residents alike.


Terrible customer service at gas station. But inside Tom is the best. check out attendants are nice. Gas Attendant really had no idea what he was doing or talking about. Had never seen a paper Id before then? I’m 25 years old and had a temporary id. To buy a cigarillo. he thought it was forged or something. Come on bro, obviously you don’t have a license;)

Kendra Crispin

Easy stop on the route along I-8. All with the great Fry's service and experience I'm used to at my local ones. I found this by looking for good gas prices on my way to San Diego, and was pleased to earn fuel points and be close enough to the California border to be able to fill my tank in Arizona only. Saved money, and got vital snacks to let me keep going to and from my destination.

Daisy ChaveZ

Great I love shopping at frys there's great quality of meat and fruits,vegetables so fresh and delicious I I honesly recommend it

Margie Long

Was great lots of snow birds in the Yuma foothill frys

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