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REVIEWS OF Dickman's Meat & Deli IN Arizona

J. Smith

We were at this location recently and had a very disappointed time.

Dianne Wilson

Ugly steaks are the bomb

Amy Huntley

Best butchershop I've found in years.

Pita Lem

The absolute best deal on the best cuts of delicious meatiness :)

Mark Zorer

Good quality meats and great sandwiches

J.R. Guthrie

Best roast beef sandwich I ever had bar none on marble rye

Juniper Sherwind

ugly steak. so tender, you can kick them on the roof. i don't know why you would, but you can. you can also kick soccer balls on the roof. in fact, you can kick many things on the roof. 10/10. would kick

Melanie Logan

There is always a line in this store and for good reason. The meat is FABULOUS. We love the ugly steak and sausages. Big selection of exotic meats. They also have every type of Traeger pellets.

adam murphy

Everytime I stop in Tucson to see family, this is a must go! Ugly steaks are killer as is everything else they have. The service is excellent and the staff is friendly. Shoot, I’m gonna retire in Tucson just so I can eat here often! Don’t pass this place up.

Tammie Cave

Love this place! Best meats in town! Friendly too!

Kyle McMahon

Best deli in town

Glenn Robertson

the absolute hands down best meats in Tucson. Higher grades and exotic critters all for your tasting. You must get the Ugly Steaks. My wife stopped eating filet mignons for those. Better cost, better grades, better variety. You can't beat their meats. every pun intended.

Zak Klemmer

We purchased a piece of wild Alaskan Salmon from Dickman’s- it was absolutely fresh and after baking it wrapped in aluminum foil, with extra virgin olive oil, butter, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper it was the most scrumptious salmon that we’ve ever tasted.

London McDougal

Offers many meats of high quality. I'd say the prices reflect what you're buying. Not a steal but not robbing you either. I have yet to eat here, but it looks decent. I'd recommend coming here for catering and wild exotic meats. Not everyday chicken, unless you like supporting local businesses. Overall you should try this places a few times. Try something you know, something different, and a prepared meal. My next goal is to try their salmon and compare to the wild Alaska at sprouts and see if it's worth it. Dickman's is a good place and I recommend it.

crystal hollowwa

I absolutely love this place meat the way it should be not additives of any kind. Getting healthy because of hem

Tabatha Kiser

Good meat....yum

David Forgey

Best steak I've had in quite a while.

Michael Lopez

Amazing As always

Joshua Monroe

Don't believe those lies from Arby's. This is the place that has the meats.

Karen Delgado

Best place to get any kind of meat!

Phillip Griffin

Ugly steak not what we expected, in fairness could have been my grilling.

Jim Mangan

Great meat selections! The ugly steak is the bomb! Friendly service and good prices. Definitely going back.

Linda Salik

The staff is always pleasant and helpful!

Craig Retzlaff

Great selection! Fair prices. Have Sheboygan brats. Makes this northen boy feel right at home.

Steven Kimme-Hea

Just had the most amazing steak from Dickman's! It's their Ugly Steak weighing in around 12 oz. I won't comment on the steak's looks but the taste was like none other. I honestly don't believe I've ever had a steak this tender even at any upscale restaurants.

Kaye Williams

Love the meat selection. Good prices and variety

Troy Hoffman

I called 20 min in advance for some frenched ribeyes cut thick! They were ready when I walked in. Perfect service.

candis stein

Free Range Organic fresh Turkeys

Scott Smith

First time to this butcher shop, looking for andouille sausage for my Christmas gumbo. Spoke to someone at the counter that told me they were out but would have some in the morning. My wife went by in the morning to pick it up. Opened it up to find not andouille but something they called 'Cajun' sausage, some pork sausage with some Cajun spices I guess, certainly not andouille. I need a butcher to be straightforward, if you do not have andouille, just say so, don't sell something else. Will not go back.

Harlan Wayne

It's OK!

maria fimbres

Awesome!! They have every kind of meat you need. Fresh butcher shop. They also have a deli with a sandwich menu.

MJ Finn

Love the meat! I always get ugly steaks and sometimes try other meats. They have great sides like twice baked potatoes and jalepeno peppers. Store is busy in the late afternoons. The employees could be a little more friendly. I will be back!

Daniel Gragg

Great shop with knowledgeable and professional people. Always get a roast beef sandwich and some ugly steaks.

Chris Compton

Been going to dickmans for many many years (20+) for all of my meat and deli needs. I even order a whole 50-60 pound pig every year and they always have it in and ready just in time for my annual 4th of July party! Their staff is exceptional and they're extremely knowledgable and accommodating to handle any special cut I throw their way! Highly recommend!

Penny Andrews

Cool "unusual" meats to try, great "regular" meats, their Ugly Steaks are the best steak to ever touch your tongue! Ever.

Curtis Gutridge

They have the best meat in town

Marty D

Seems like a solid overall butcher with exotic meats. But they claim all their non exotic meat is 100% grass fed which is a ridiculous claim without any documentation or labeling and the two staff I asked didn't seem to understand what that meant


If you aren't offended by quality raw meat, Dickmans is simply the best Tucson has to offer. I own a Traeger grill, and Dickmans the best quality in town. If you've never visited, here's a tip: There are two lines, and they're always busy for a good reason... People "in the know" visit for a Jan's, or an Ugly." Both are simply amazing cuts you won't find anywhere else. Never cheap to visit, but they're the highest quality you'll find anywhere.

Rebecca Crane

Great meat. Awesome prices.

Jeffrey Adamson

Great product's and reasonable prices

Chad Mason

Great selection. I love the huge dog bones

Daniel Coogan

Great staff and great food.

Derek Tuttle

Love this place! Best meat market in southern Arizona. The tri tip is awesome. Jan's special steaks are great and inexpensive.

Teresa Hope Miller

These folks pulled me and my husband out of a punch. The dang cab didn't show. We had some quality meats.

Greg Durnan

Just wanted to say how much we love Dickman's. We live out in Vail and came into town on Saturday before Easter, thinking we would stop before they closed. We were not aware they usually close an hour early before holidays and got there at 5:30 pm. The store was closed but (and I'm sorry I did not get his name) the owner/ manager opened up for us to get some of their famous ugly steaks! Can't say enough about businesses that care about their customers so much as to do things like this! Thanks again!

Emmanuelle C.

Cosmopolitan feeling grows huge in this grocery store, it is a unique place that l was surprised to run into! If you'd like some rattle snake, python, camel or ostrich meat for dinner, you'll find it there! I loved the aisles and abundant choices of everything. Prices are reasonable except for coffee!

Bobby Burrow

Great butcher shop with some of the best steaks we have ever bought.

james hagquist

Every person who helped us was very helpful and courteous. They even carried the meat to my car and loaded it for me.

William Allen

Best Service in the STATE

Envy Nova

If you like eating expired meat and chemically treated steaks it's for you

Sean Celey

I know I've reviewed before, but this is the best steaks in Tucson. Excellent customer service. Always helpful. Tons of other selection to help you cook or bbq w the best of them RIP Dave. Always miss you bro.

Ramses Cruz

The most delicious animal murder EVER

Matt Mishko

Not the cleanest looking place, but great variety of meats. Lots to put on your grill or smoker! Try a 20 lb brisket or make some jerkey!!

Andy Farber

The best meat

melissa and ricardo Coppola

The best cuts of meats , always friendly staff and a great selection

Richard Knowles

I love shopping at this place such a large selection of different style of meats

John Diller

deli suks bad...sandwiches are a rip off.....potatos suk...they don't care about quality or value just profits...

Jose Marrero

Very very good!! Those ugly steaks are my new favorites.

Jane J

Just went to the broadway location to get me some ugly steaks, just got extremely grossed out and walked out of the place. The worker that was helping me decided to use his bare hands and jaundice looking fingernails to handle the meat. After watching him touching the steaks I walked out and called the manager (Robert) his comment was if you want them to wear gloves you could always ask. Well that’s funny because all of the rest of the workers grabbing steaks did not bare hand the steaks.

wesley knight

They lost my meat for my deer I brought them will never do any business with them again. Do not use them for processing game meat ever

Lorraine Garreau

Best place to fresh deliscious meats

Dave Fowler

Awesome old school butcher shop

jessohoh .

Great selection of meats and very helpful staff

Art Panzer

Awesome steaks, chops, wonderful service

Richard Barrett

Try the "Ugly Steak".

Edward Pedley

Love those Chicago red hots. Super deal on ground beef. Everything in the meat case looks very good. Interesting selection of exotic meat.

eulalia riffle

Dickmans is the place to go. They have great ugly steaks, fajita meat, I drive out of my way to go to the Broadway store.

Dava Hopson

Sandwiches are fresh, lots of variety of topings and delish sides, the bacon potatoe salad is incredible, could eat a bucket of it! The staff friendly and patient while I was wishy-washy about my order. If your into exotic meats, (ostrich) this is the place.

Chris Hatfield

Was ok ,just be careful if you bring your game there was robbed out of 2 roast from my deer...

Dottie Dripps

Vast selection of traditional and unique meats. I highly recommend the ugly steaks!

Mario Somoza

Excellent service and great cuts of meat.

Kevin McGuire

Went to pick up a sandwich order and the guy was very rude and when i asked for a bag . He said' you really want me to put in a bag , really?" then went and moaned while he had to look for a plastic bag

Goofy Mom

So I walked into Dickmans on the eastside for the first time ever today. Not sure how I could be a Tucson lifer and never had one of their "ugly steaks". In any event, that is what I went in to purchase and I was helped by the manager Jeff , who I found out was one of the owners sons. I told him that mom raised you right, so polite and respectful. He said she would love to hear that and I told him well she will cause I'll be posting my experience on yelp. Anyway walked out with more then just the ugly steaks, had a very nice shopping experience and that goes along way in my book as to whether I come back again or not. I'll definitely be back and it's all because of the staff and how friendly and willing to B.S. with you while waiting on you. Thank you for being what a business ought to be run like!

Finn Jake

Go here for the meat........ but not for lunch. Their meat selection is the best. And the ugly steaks are out of this world. But... for the king of meats in Tucson, they can't make a sandwich to save their life. That's like... having the finest steel available and building an outhouse with it. Sandwich was SMALL, with seemingly store bought bread, not toasted, with generic bland ingredients. So.... buy the meat take it home and make your own sandwich.


The ugly steak is unbelievably delicious

Patti O'Connell

The best place for meat of kinds. The Ugly steaks are YUM and the marinated carne asada is wonderful. Going to be a great weekend!!!

Bubbas ass towel

Great selection of meats both the standard and exotics. Very friendly staff

John Raymond

Service was quick and my product was prepared excellently.

Steven Mummert

Still pretty good but getting a bit pricey

Bob Knotts

A source for all sorts of meats, very good quality. Some of the best ground meat around .

Loren Makus

Every time I have been here the customer service has been excellent. Got some ugly steaks and some beef and bacon burgers. Loved the steaks, as usual. Haven't yet eaten the burgers.

Terry Trottier

Best deli I' ve ever been to.

John Bass

Try the ugly steaks

Tim Siemsen

Make your way to Dickman's and you'll thank me for the recommendation!

Preston Jones

Great deli! I come here for the ugly steak! They have that and way more. I would recommend this place.

Elaine Witkowski

My husband had the tuna. Very good. 6" Tuna had enough meat for a 12". I had a Reuben. It was like double meat at any other place. Enjoyed the tables outside. Staff was pleasant. Very busy! Will have to try the meats next time!

Scott Cordaro

What a great place great staff great product

Dan Pelot

Good people never had a bad experience. Never seen anyone standing around

Clayton Andrews

Ugly steaks are incredible. I won't go anywhere else for steak. Staff is so friendly and willing to explain any cut or seasoning question. Awesome place.

Nick B

Best meat in Tucson, PERIOD!!!

Sam m

Not sure I get the allure of this place. Wasn’t keen on the ugly steak. Odd oft taste. Got some fancy over priced brats. Way over seasoned. The prices are high, a tad unreasonable. Most of the seafood is expensive Asian imports which I don’t trust.

Garry Morris

I needed a pair of "packer" briskets to smoke for a large dinner party I was having. Dickman's had exactly what I needed, and I got Certified Angus Beef Briskets for less than I could find anywhere. The meat quality was amazing, and after a long smoke practically fell apart - gorgeous. I'll be utilizing Dickman's for my major meat needs from now on.

Patrick Pinda

Great selection of meats some of which are quite exotic. The "Ugly Steaks" are a must-have, they turn out extremely tender.

Kelly Rosaschi

Anyone who leaves less the 5 starts has never had their ugly steaks.

Pcclea .

Employee was on something and was rude. This place use to be such a great place for quality food but after today, I will be looking for a place that supports a drug free environment where my food is not touched after running their hands through their hair, face, nose and mouth.

Edward Nadenbousch

Great steaks are here.

Charles Young

Need meat? This is the butcher store you want to visit. They have everything you need and exotic meats if you are looking for such. Just can't get over the ugly steaks because they are better than any steak I have ever had at a steakhouse. Tender, delicious and large for grilling at home instead of going out. All my friends love them but I don't tell them they are ugly steaks, just the best steaks you can buy for your friends. Sometimes I pick up a sandwich to go and have never been disappointed with any purchase I have ever made there. GO FOR IT!

Jason Davis

Ugly steaks. That's all Inhave to say. You will thank me later

Randy Marcum

Very good local meat market.

Karen Bryan

Unexpected expense!! VERY expensive!!!

Kimberlie Brown

Love the quality of the meat anf great staff


Best cuts in town.

Sue Earley

Friendly and helpful staff!

Rowan Cross

Ditto to Robert Cross lol. Absolutely amazing

Kathy Henely

Fabulous as always

Patrick O'Hair

Best place to get steaks. Love them Ugly steaks

antonio rivera

Great selection,staff is extremely helpful and polite. Prices are little expensive but the quality is amazing. Hey you get what you pay for

Monique Huber

Excellent customer service they had the gyro meat that I needed for a big party

Nicholas Baumer

Great place. A little slow; it took about twenty minuets for them to put together my meat package even though I called a day ahead. There were weight problems with some of my order and there were items missing. Even with all of this, they have the best meat products in all of Tucson! I would recommend them to everyone, just expect a little wait for your meat package.

Bridget Thompson

I've been going to Dickmans' since I was a little girl. Now that I'm a mom who loves to cook, I, myself, shop at Dickmans. The fresh meat they offer is fantastc! I bought a couple of 5lb whole chickens there last week, and I have never seen a chicken trimmed so well. It ended up being the best chicken I've ever made. I bought some shrimp there, 6-8per lb, and they were the most flavorful shrimp I've tasted since I was young, (I'm a big shrimp lover). Now, I have yet to try any of their sandwichs but they have this ham salad that is so good that I NEVER get it anywhere else. And not to mention that the staff at Dickmans' have always treated me kindly, even if I have 1,000 questions to ask. They have alot of hard to find meat there as well, like rabbit and even kangeroo (which I haven't tried =p) Anyways, if you had a not so good experiance at Dickmans' in the past, I encourage you to give it another try, I know I won't stop going for a long time. =)

Sarah Strachan

I went to Dickman's with high hopes. We opted for the lunch special one Satuday and the girl that took our order seemed annoyed to have customers. There was a distinct smell of old meat looming which made us decide to get our order to go. While waiting for 15 to 20 minutes, we listened to a man who must have been the owner or manager, loudly berate the staff and begin clunking around in the walk in refrigerator and talk about what should have been thrown away. Boxes came out of said refrigerator rather quickly, giving the impression they'd been thrown. When our names are called, we were relieved to be leaving. The atmosphere was awful, the employees unhappy and appearing to hate their jobs. When we were handed our saran wrapped plates, I noticed my side was missing. I had ordered a pasta side. The boy helping us at this point said it was wrapped with the other sandwich. It took us a minute to explain both sandwiches were to have sides. He wanted to know which employee took our order, looked at the order form, muttered something and packed the pasta salad. When we got home, we noticed the sandiches were mostly bread, little filling and not good. We threw most of the food away. We also picked up one of their take and bake meatloaf, which was equally disappointing. It would have been cheaper and better to make it myself, and my meatloaf is not very good!! I will not go back to this place.

letty schlieper

You have to try their sandwiches and double baked potatoes. Deliciousness.

Wyndom Newman

Best Sandwhichs in town!!!

Robert Hilla

Great place to buy meat especially specialty meats


First time here. Bread was stale and sides seemed like they were from days ago. Ate it anyway because I was starving. Pastrami was good. Customer service could improve and my questions could have been answered more politely. When I paid, the food was handed to me over the counter too quickly and one of the sides fell because he gave it to me with such force. apology. I let it go because I just needed to eat, but now that my food is not very good and poorly made I will leave this here. I DO want to try their ugly steak though.

Shannon Swift

Love love love this store

M. Hay

Awesome assortment of meats with just about every flavor of condiments you can think of, deli side is mostly Boars Head. I had a 12 inch hot pastrami sandwich that makes a Subway foot long look small.

Preston Schmidt

Ugly steak! Great side dishes too!

Robert Daily

You can't leave without checking out the spices.

Sue Jessup


Andrew Perez

Service is great and they have the best meats in town! That's not an exaggeration

Jeff F

Walked in and it's packed full of meats and deli delights. Sausages, cheeses. All types of meat. Beef, Pork, Buffalo, Chicken,Fish, Shrimp,Alligator,Qual, And more. Just a short wait as this place has a following. Staff took great care in getting all the delicious items I picked out of the Deli cases. They have sandwiches too. Prices are reasonable. Check this place out!

Tom Z

Amazing selection of meat. My advice: get their bratwurst (they're from Wisconsin so they know how to make good wurst) and some ugly steaks. Thank me later.

Tom Sawyer

Excellent place to get fresh meats for the grill. Definitely try the Ugly Steal if you haven't already. It's well worth the price.

Viet Mai

Don’t bother dealing with this location... Extremely horrible customer service... Asked two questions about specific cuts of meat, the lady serving seemed agitated that I wanted to know more to better feed my family. I’m sorry we are not all meat experts... It’s not our job profession. Which is why we count on the experts to give us advice on the best quality cuts to ensure customer retention. I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Robert Cross

Went in here for the first time last week and the way the staff treated me i felt like i was an old family friend. Everyone was incredibly nice and so very helpful, we had a little tour and were told all about specials and different options for what they had to offer. My girlfriend and i ended up getting lunch there, we both had their homemade roast beef sandwhiches and my lord they were absolutely delicious. I instantly told all my friends and family about how great they are. Im gonna be known by name there soon cause this place is a mecca for meat. Cant wait to go back and get some gator and kangaroo.

Jeffrey Ritman

Awesome service and great food also a terrific array of sauces and spices..

Derek Mitchell

Meat was labeled wrong and on top of that just unwrapped sons more wrong labeled meat and there is a fly packaged in the meat

Nancy Boyd

Love them. Thdy understand what I need. GO THERE!!!!!

Angela Standifer

Fantastic meat market and deli, family owned and operated

Joshua Groch

Came in the day before Easter at 530pm and didn't realize they closed at 5pm for the holiday. The one employee stayed and helped many customers with their orders. Outstanding service along with great food. Thanks

Aluf Kwabena Bey

I Love This Place...Best Boudain West of Louisiana...

Skye Moyer

I’m not sure how this place still has as many stars as it does. Just having boars head meat doesn’t make a sandwich shop amazing. The smell coming from inside this place was horrific. The meat counter featured many cuts of meat that were turned or turning soon and the frozen section looked like great grandpa‘s long forgotten deep freezer. And $5.99 a pound for chicken? Get outta here... Staff could careless if you enjoy your meal or not. 5 of them there and not one asked how my food was or told me to have a nice day.

Timothy van Loon

The ugly steak is legendary. Huge selection of meats and the deli is spectacular.

Bruce Balensiefer

Dickman,a meets has always been awesome!! Ugly Steaks for days!! The Best!! Gotta try em!

fencerider .

Great selection, and very clean. The Fajita, I mean ugly steaks are awesome.

jean Wylie

Excellent sandwiches at an excellent price. You will pay more if you go to any of the chains or any of the specialty restaurants ( hint Bread ...). Best sandwiches and side salads in Tucson. AND you can get cheese curds from Wisconsin, as well as meats, condiments, & mesquite charcoal.

L.W. Paris III

Always a five star experience.


Great food and great customer service

Craig M

This place is awesome. I’ve gone back for lunch 3 times in one week. Great sandwiches made to order. Incredible selection of fresh beef, chicken, pork. An entire freezer full of all sort of exotic meats. I hear the ugly steak is the way to go. One of these days I’ll have time to grab one.

2047tommy thompson

Great selection

Sting the Scorpion

Love this place. They carry scrapple.

Donald White

Asked for a boneless butterflied turkey breast - Don says " No problem". It was SUPERB!!

aleathia dowell

The ugly steaks are amazing and great customer service

Keith Gregory

Best place in town

Tim Vande Zande

Out of bratwurst again

Laura Howe

Awh man I love this place!! The steaks are amazing and let's not get me started on the burgers there!! Oh geez!! They turn out so great!!

MC Richards

You Tucsinians are blessed having such a great meat market! Our friends turned us on to this Ugly Steak. Wow! Best steak ever. Now we go back home to Kansas and only have access to grocery store meat!

Heather A. Strong

Ugly steak. Get it. Grill it. You won't be disappointed.

Kelly Panzer

Awesome meat and great customer service every time

syknoobwoo .

Best deli sandwich I've had in years and by far the best in Tucson.

Brianna Figueroa

Best place in town for quality delicious meat

Joanna Kvidahl

Best ugly stakes & love their twice baked potatoes

Matt Martinez

Get a ugly steak

kingklay86 .

Very nice mom n pop butcher shop... hop in give it look see..

D Hingst

very slow service for lunch and orders not right

Gregory Heinen

Ya der heh. I'd do anything for da Packers heh.

Matt Mullen

Great deli / butcher shop on the east side. The ugly steaks are a must try. They also carry a large selection of exotics if interested.

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