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4000 S Poplar St, Casper, WY 82601, United States Located in: Sunrise Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Sunrise Lanes IN Wyoming

Josh Franklin

Have been there a couple times and have yet to have a good experience. The atmosphere is outdated and trashy, games are overpriced for the quality of lanes, and the staff is always rude.

Robyn Archer

Love the light show

Lance R

Doors open AC off. What kind of business does that?

Chrinda Lewallen

kriston arneson

Patty McKenzie

Fun place to enjoy with friends and family.

Dusty Estes

Melissa Dominguez

Jessi Brawner

Cole Hart

Matthew Bowers

Great place food and workers

Sofia A L

Enjoyed it a lot!

Kaleb Willis

Love it and always busy tho.

warren byer

Monique Arellano

Samantha Carpenter

Big C Dog

I took my family to bowl last week, I found this bowling alley to be filthy, and the staff to be incredibly lazy and rude. One of the tables was covered in plates of crusty old food, and when I asked the girl at the counter to please have the table cleaned off so we could use it, she sighed, then rolled her eyes at me and moved the plates from one table to another instead of cleaning the table! Disgusting! So we didn't order any food. Don't go to sunrise lanes! If you do, bring hand sanitizer and a get a tetnis shot!

Clinton Reardon


Really cheap. But alot of waiting with only one person running everything. Shoes are in horrible condition. But was fun.

Beau Bertagnolli

Fun place.

Vimby 210

Food is ok, needs a facelift

Chris Jereb

Rundown approach. The guy was nice at the desk. Defiantly not what it used to be

Derrick Davis

Staff is awesome, and lanes are in great shape. Perfect for family or friend outings.

Dan Polzer


Lorraine Lewallen

We had our grandsons 4th birthday party here. The staff were great,,they were friendly & professional,,there was another birthday party at the sametime as ours & they still made sure we had everything we needed.

Melissa Dimas

Older facility, very plain menu, but the staff is nice


Chyree Durgin

Melanie H

Great space, and the food service from the restaurant is fantastic. Management goes above and beyond to ensure their customers receive the best service possible.

Connie Barberton

Fun place for my grandaughter.

Leonard Kosirog

Deborah Hert

Dean Costello

Bad lanes

billy bob

If I could give this place no stars I would 50$ and everything was broken the lanes weren't working correctly and the employees there are extremely rude asked them to fix the lane and the girl rolled her eyes at us and told us to fix it our self's never again will we every go back let's see if I really get a call from the owner

Ed Mclellan

Owners a Rupp off artist. Been in business for a couple years ripped off his employees and his machines don't work..up date 4/4/19 . New owners are great can tellbthey actualy care about customers and the ally good job

Tony Turner

Shelly Cohee

Went for a Christmas party, it was freezing in the bowling part

Paul Meacham

Andrea Maier

James Box

Heather Snead

Violet Aragon

Molly B

The staff was nice. They had issues with all of the machines. We used. The whole point of bowling is to be able to keep track of the score. When the machine continually malfunctions that takes away some of the fun. They could use an update. We had the place to ourself for quite some time and then other customers joined us. Wouldn't have been worth it if we paid full price but we got the buy one get one deal for Tuesday night

Shea Lewis

A/c is broke so just expect to melt while you bowl

Kristen Clubb

Had my daughters birthday party here, and we had a blast!!!

kevin herrera

tom hanes

Titus Brewer

Not friendly at all, prices are way high

marie magrum

For a birthday party I would recommend El Marko Lanes... they provide a better food menu

Leda Rudbek

Jerry Rodriguez

Lane Steffens

Tanya Sorrells

This was the best bowling alley I have ever been to. Even though we got to push the reset button a lot it was a blast. They have plenty of the things to help the kids bowl and the pizza was amazing!!!

Rena Schmidt

Was not at the lanes.but at the restaurant Wiskey was good food and service..

Rob Masterson

Top notch establishment lanes were available immediately staff was friendly and the place was immaculately clean

Mathew Bryant


This establishment is very affordable, compared to el Marco, and the staff are much more friendly and make your visit as fun as possible. If something had gone wrong they worked fast to fix it and apologized profusely. They do only have a certain few things in their concession stand, but the bowling alley is conveniently attached to a bar and restaurant. Sunrise is supposedly undergoing some changes, making the whole business look more up to date, and giving it a comfortable vibe. I will definitely be bringing my friends back more this winter.

Pete Gatza

Jared Boles

Came with the family. It was freezing inside. They would not turn on heat! Ran out of nacho cheese. Balls are chipped up, broken bumpers, this place is a joke

Clint Clore

The best place to bowl in town.

Donald Scott

Great place to go burn sum time

Thomas Althoff

Michael Nelson

Place has gone down hill over the years!!

Mysti Dawn

Had my sons birthday party here, and everyone had alot of fun. It was his 4th bday, so the kids kinda lost interest in bowling but still had a good time!

Andy Smith

Meryl Matas

Eric Gladman

Awesome atmosphere. Stayed open late and let our group finish bowling.

C.R. Patton

jordan crow

Judith Ostrander

Isidore Lewallen


Gary Derbish

Went here for my birthday; the font desk person was also the kitchen person, so we waited for like 10 minutes to get in. They didn't have my or my daughters shoe size (we have normal shoe sizes), and they gave my kids a 7 pound ball to share. They said it was the lightest ball they had, and my two kids couldn't bowl at all. The machines were faulty. There were several lanes which weren't in use anymore. My lane's machine would often take a few pins when they went up. The worst part however was that it would take around 10 times longer to place the pins. We paid 25 dollars for 4 people to bowl and all we did was wait. The seating was wooden chairs like from a yard sale, and everything had the feel of the establishment didn't want to invest any money back in their business. Very rundown and pathetic. This was the first time I've ever left a game of bowling before it was over. No fun! I wouldn't recommend it.

Theresa Williams

Best place to go bowling. Love it

Joyce Hurlbut

There are always lanes open

C Brusig

Mason Unknown

Had a lot fun with my friends here and great experience

Stephanie Neese

It was fun time . Air conditioner was not working with super hot in there

Glazier's Gaming

Alright spot. Lanes have some problems but staff was accomodating

Frankee Foley

I went there with my son and his friends. He ordered some cheese sticks to snack on while bowling. It took them 2 hours to bring them and that was after giving the first ones to someone else and instead of refunding the money he was still charged for them and told he couldn't send them back..

Mike Slagle

Friendly staff older. equipment lanes didnt work all the time but still a good time

Jr Hild

The staff was extremely careless and it took 20 minutes just for someone to notice I wanted to order some food. Not very good.

Genna Pickett

Great management and staff!!

Autum Parker

Darlene Poppe

Only thing good about the place was the awesome young man making the pizza's!


Marcus Galvan

Wasn't a fan, felt dirty, atmosphere was a weird vibe, bowling balls out of shape. Not a place I'll come back too that's forsure.

oat man

Not that good and I love bowling

Jordan Clark

Really th only bowling place i go to.

Reece Day

Great service and good fun

Travis Bougie

Fun fun fun

Mike Story


Greg Moline

Seems like the lanes are consistently breaking down... and staff is less than helpful

Valerie White

Nofux Givvins

Drunk people arguing in bowling area and not being told to leave..same drunk people in parking lot taking shots from a bottle and making a scene right in front of the entrance

Andy vector office grand

It was a fun environment to be in and the lanes seem to be in good shape

Grim Tim

Christopher Madden

Christina Olson

Desiree Widel

The staff was very rude the food we ate was not one burger was Mollie and the second burger was raw. The prices where way to high for the poor food don't think we will be back

Corey Wambeke

Travis Taylor

They will rent you the lanes but better bring your own balls cause they have only a few to use. Was pretty disappointed.

Country Rose

Horrible customer service food was horrid. And the staff we're rude

YoungFireSage GamerGirl

Britany Freeman

Flame Wing

It's a verry good establishment even tho I lost

Melissa Apel

D. McKinney

New owner same bad lanes

Jennifer Feather

Great bowling alkey

Adam Haberman

I loved it

Shelby Middaugh

amber rodgers

too light, music sucked, boring, unpleasant staff

John d

Needs a lot of work

Scott Buttocolla

Went with the family for their Lazer bowl. The staff is very lazy but that is what you get when you hire kids to work I guess. Loved the fact that the bumpers for my kids were busted up and only partially stopped the ball. Half the bumpers on the left side of the lane were missing and had a space between a 2 foot section and then another section that was roughly 8 feet long. The pins wouldn't reset multiple times because the sensor wouldnt activate and according to the staff we had to push a button to reset it ourselves. Not much of an issue except it happened every single ball and it wasn't just our lane. When I went to pay I had to wait for an employee to show up so I could pay. 15 minutes I stood there and when I was finally approached the employee couldn't even check me out because he wasn't authorized to do so and I had to wait for the other employee who was busy. When I discussed the issues with the authorized employee he shrugged his shoulders and said "yeah the place is old and things break, you owe this much". We won't be going back.

Jennifer Jones

Sandy Sowder

We got here at 7:30 on a Monday. After telling us they were open - the staff of 5 decided to close as there were “no sales today”. Great way to make sure it stays that way!!!

Dustin Dixon

Fun for all ages

Josh McConkey

Mike Chappell

Great experience! The staff was very friendly and helpful. It was a hot day and they had it nice and cool inside. It was a great place to spend the hot day at very reasonable prices.

April Willford

Disappointed. No bumpers for the kids and the lane that they put us on kept dumping the kids' balls into the gutter about halfway down the lane. Won't be going back.

edward dach

Kim Corbin

Great staff

cody dennison

Staff is friendly and they're upgrading everything

Karley Hoelscher

Brenda McCoy

Sally Crank

The staff there are excellent. Great prices. The equipment is very dated and the balls have pockmarks so bad in them that they do what they want when you roll them. The snack bar is kind of limited. I would not recommend the nachos. The cheese has a strange sweet flavor. There is a restaurant connected right to the bowling alley where you can get pretty decent food. There a are quite a few alleys. We were there on the day before Valentine's day and the place was empty at 6pm. So some nights it seems you get the place to yourself. Especially if the weather is bad.

Stephanie McConkey

Ben Goddard

Had a blast with red pin game

Robert Dosh

Do not go to this establishment! Everything thing you can possibly think of will go wrong! Not kid friendly and you will be disappointed and disrespected! I will find you Sean! Gou know who you are! You don't talk to my family like that!

Ryan Axthelm

Lindsey LeVeck

Matthew Gadd

I love this bowling alley


Got my ass kicked by my date but otherwise nice place.

Clyde Kinard

A good time was had by all. Lanes in great shape and the food and drink is great.

Cori McAdams

Natalie Heigis

Taylor Wilson

Joshua Ecklund

Dated equipment doesn't always work well, ball doesn't always register so you get 3-4 chances on each turn. Second game the computer removed 2 people from our party randomly which basically ruined the visit. Won't be back.

Trinity Mclaughlin

Walker Stoneking

Very dirty

Sara Hollsten-Redding

No a/c, very uncomfortable. Left to go to another place

Theresa Counts

Tiffany Raver

Carlos Cazares

Good place leins don't work that good

Emily Hicks

Fun and family friendly atmosphere. Pleasant staff. It is usually very busy.

Christy G

My husband and I just played a couple games with our 4 year old, and we all had a wonderful time! Great place!

Nicole Coleman

A Bowling Alley. Not bad...not great..just is..

Amanda Murrell

brandon shea

nate williamson

Ray Parnell


Brian Sanders

Bowling pins would fall when being reset. It was also hot in there. But the price is good.

Dylan Olafson

Michael Hayward

Out dated and the bowling shoes were worse.

Heather Umbenhauer

Micah Dierenfeldt

When we arrived, there was one person working the lanes, front desk, AND concessions. Worker was helpful and worked as quickly as possible to help everyone but 3 hats is a lot to demand of 1 worker. If going just to have fun with friends it is a great time. BUT if you want good bowling, the balls are very worn and several we grabbed had cracks in them. Shoes are there worn and most are torn.

Ryan Wenger

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