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2450 University Ave, Green Bay, WI 54302, United States

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REVIEWS OF Riviera Lanes IN Wisconsin

Brian Willis

Fun stuff...Monday's are awesome!

Russ Dorff

Great service and great bartender

Dusten Poe

Friendly staff and clean

Kelsea Cystrunk

thats its not a really good place to eat the water tasted like soda the soda didnt taste like soda it tastes ver weird food wasnt that good and its just not a clean place


Was very cost effective and had a good time with friends for only a few dollars.

Tristan Fowler

Eric Schuh


So much fun for family. There's also a bar for grown up time

Slab Bulkhead

Very nice. Well maintained and a great atmosphere.

Tara Satterly

Beautiful lanes and were well taken care of!!

Kyle Milligan

Great place in town if you're looking for something to do. Inexpensive to bowl/eat/drink with your friends or to take your family as well!

XzD Snooty

Richard Maes

You can't beat $1 bowling and $1 shoe rental all August! Friendly customers and friendly staff

sally wheelock

They were open New Year Eve. We chose a $20 package,which included shoes and 2hours of bowling.

Candy Willi

Mike bonjean

Lots of lanes

Mike Stellick


Jessica Watkins

Great place good prices

Carrie Van Winkle

Love dollar days :)

Samntha Tucker

Very nice and knowledgeable workers who knew what they were talking about and didn't have to guess at the questions I asked them. They had smiley faces all the time and went out of their way to see how our game went. It felt very fun and exciting for the kids that is what I was looking for was to make my kids happy And I hate when there's always that one Krabby worker. Their food was good and came out at a good time.

Paola Berumen Vejar

I like it there, I’ve been going there bowling since I was a child and I really enjoyed it. Staff can be a little rude at times and careless but overall, I enjoy going there.

Chris Aerts

great place

Mike Miller

Fun, clean, good value, service at the front desk was a little less than friendly.

Andrew Greve

First off the lanes are terrible. I fell on my first throw, to which management just laughed. Maybe if I had hurt myself they would have cared. There are patrons literally throwing the ball down the lane like a baseball, management could care less. While the prices were decent, the clientel and management were terrible. I will not bowl here again nor would I recommend anyone else to do so.

carol kulow

Fare prices, good food & drinks. The place was very clean and friendly staff.

Angelic Haliga

Nice and clean, a bathroom in the middle, and nice working lanes

Kathy Wojick

Nice clean place.

Lucky Cochran

Dawn Knippenberg

The staff was extremely rude to all the children within the party. Your belongings are not safe. There are no cameras if anything comes up missing.

Al Arndt

Great bowling, clean , friendly service.

Michal Shirley

Had a great time bowling. Lanes and staff were nice and friendly.

Kathy Coopman

Pricey and crowded

kenji Yang

The bowling alley is decent with fair price and some staff there are very nice and reasonable, but there is this one lady who claim to be the manager is a real hater and selectively treat certain groups of customers unfairly. I have been bowling there for over a year now and my group happen to be one of the groups she hates. We have encounter many occasions with this same lady making up stupid rules that don't exists against us. One time my buddy was paying for me because they only process credit card if it's over $10, which is fine. However, we were told if one person is paying for two people we would only get one stamp on our "all you can bowl" coupon. Can you believe it? Even a 12 year old probably could tell this is person and has nothing to do with business. Also, my buddy had his coupon fully stamped and was nice enough to showed it to this lady and asked to start a new one. He would like to save the coupon for the weekend when it's $10. He were surprisingly told to use the current coupon before he can start another one. She said it's the rule, but there is no rules regarding the two situation on the coupon. Anyone could start a brand new coupon at anytime, why not after showing her the full coupon that we would like to save it for later? The only thing I can think of is she is trying to get him to use the coupon on an $8 night when he wants to save it for the $10 night on Friday and Saturday. I feel this lady is being unreasonable and probably has a very miserable life and just wanted to make other people that she dislike miserable with her. On another occasion our monitor got locked up so that we can't skip bowler. We ask them why and she told us all the monitors were lock the same way to prevent people from adding anyone without paying first. We figured out that not everyone was locked, only some are locked. We were their regular customers and have been paying for all of our games. I don't understand why the one lady always treated us so unfairly. The only thing I can think of is that we are Asian. Although, we seem to get along well with other people who work their, just this particular lady (the manger).

Ben Hannon

Amazing time had by all!!!

Nicole Bosque

Bowling alley and it was a relaxing place

Carmen Rivera

Great place for kids

Neng Vang

Business hours states Saturday is closed at 12am. There weren't much families there tonight, just a bunch of Asians. We were notify by the computer system screen 30 minutes to 11pm that they are closing and shutting down at 11pm. Rude service from front counter staff. We pay for our time being there and is supporting the business we should be treated with respect.

Kari Lauer

Ok no food thoe

Mike Nier

My son and I have been coming to Riviera Lanes for last six months.. we love the lanes here and it’s a great environment to get your game better. Very fair prices during summer and winter months..

Bradley Stratton

This place is great. For the price you can not beat it.

Rubia Nunya

Music just a little louder but aloverall good expierence

Cynthia Krause

Pretty fun

austin smith

Love the walls


Jeffrey Bowers

The best value for bowling in Green Bay.

Carrie Braun

Fun place to bowl

Janice Coopman

Good bowling

Tom Steiner

Great place to go for open bowling

Sean block

Love it

Lorena Cooper

JZ Viberzz

Great service and there deals are great!

Josh Myers

Good service.

Edgar Guzmán

Great place to bring a group of friends and bowl, the show selection is questionable and not always sure if cleaned out or not.. a little bit loud sometimes with screaming kids, but still enjoyable if not easily pestered.

Sam Engel

Laura Allen

Great bowling deals. Buck Mondays!

Justin Malek

Brenda Caelwaerts

So many nice people here

Rebecca Miller

Been here only a couple times for small family after-the-holiday gatherings. Okay prices, f&b, service, enjoyment; though nothing really above and beyond a typical bowling alley experience, unfortunately. My family tends to lean towards frequenting the more unique or stand-out experience type establishments.

Shannon Martine

It was a nice place, the games were good, low prices, the workers were friendly and helpful.

Sandy Nadolski

Was at the bowling alley for a tournament at least we're nice Personnel for the tournament were very friendly and helpful.

Martin Kyzur

Mary Goulding

The location was clean, safe and enjoyable for all ages. I was there with my nephew and they put bumper strips on the lanes with no problem Everyone was very nice to us and we certainly enjoyed this fun activity. They have all kinds of specials during the week and weekend . In August 2019 each game is a $2 so I would recommend people go all times of the day then. I believe you will enjoy for all ages. Very affordable for families.

Ringo Yang

Melissa Crosby

Cheap and a great time!!


Lead Sled

Had a good time. Clean place. No specials from 8 to 9 but hey, get there before 8 or after 9.

Orion Jones

Judith Light

Luis Gomez

Fred Dorn

Great family experience

Tim Anderson

Bowlers heaven

Eric and Jean Rakers

Cale Pulczinski

Would recommend to anyone.

Derek Younger

Jacob Hameister

Good prices during the week, always a great time! $8.50 all you can bowl is a treat on Tuesdays-Thursdays.

Lauren Gibs

Monday night specials are great. Friendly staff, fun environment. TVs on with sports games on each lane. Updated lanes recently.

Shirley Sáez

Too bring the entire family, we used the opposite end away from the bar, you didn't even see the alcohol from there, they make us feel safe.


Wonderful place to bowl.

Dori Atherton

Troy M

One of the top 2 bowling alleys in Green Bay. Monday Buck night is a great deal. Lanes are clean & has that old-timey bowling alley feel. Easy strikes too.

Briana E

Mary Lee

Great place to bowl during their special hour deals.

John Sweeney Jr

Bowled in the 2019 Knights of Columbus State tournament there. Everything went well and had no problems and very satisfied with everything!

Zac Nelson

Rory Crocker - MacMillin

Miguel Grijalva

(Translated by Google) very well (Original) Muy bien

Kira Cook

Good bowling deals. 2 hours for $20. Couldn’t really tell who worked there & who didn’t, staff need uniforms or something. Drinks were ok, but staff was friendly.

Theresa Degrave

Dustin Drake

Angela Spielman

$1 days was a great value - we had a large group and they were very accommodating!

Brennen Boll

Friendly staff with a retro vibe

kathy guillett

Awesome time we had a blast

Nathan Arbuckle

I've been going to Riviera for over a year once to twice a week and i enjoy myself everytime i go. The staff is cool and never puts me on a lane next to children. Drinks are a bit expensive but its a bowling alley for christ sake not a dive bar. I have never eaten here but its seems to be pretty straight forward food wise. All in all a solid fun bowling alley.

Kevin Johnson

Always have a good time here. Workers are very friendly

jackie anthony

Had a young girls birthday party and it was wonderful. Enough pizza and soda .the staff were all very kind and helpful all in all a great recommend it anytime

David Arrick

Ashley Le Sage

Monday night $1 games, shoe rentals, sodas, and fries are a great deal for the wole family. Great atmosphere with showing the games on tv and service to our table was very welcoming and convenient. Clean environment. Usually spend about 1.5-2 hours here a few times a year.

Wolfman Demon

Michael Corsten

Fun fun fun

Armando Rodriguez

Erik Larsen

Good times, good prices!

Jeremiah Paradise

Talon Peltier

Bad food and bad service but cheap prices

Kyle Bunker

Awesome deals and meals too

Erica Murray

It was nice inside but no pro shop!

Na Vang

Sue Mikolajczyk

Jennifer Yang

Great bowling alley, good price

Wesley Damys

Great and friendly staff

Yulanda Wright

I was here tonight for my son’s birthday and one of the waiters who is up at the front desk who look like a Teletubby and the manager with the blonde hair were very rude and nasty I had a problem with one of the waiters and I attempted to tell her the manager what the problem was and she cut me off didn’t even care to address what the problem was and just simply say oh I’ll take care of it how are you going to take care of the problem if you don’t know what it is I will never be back to this establishment ever again and I wouldn’t advise anyone else that’s just my opinion . A piece of advice to the waiter at this establishment you ought to watch how you talk to people‘s kids because Green Bay is very small . Not only that as were leaving then she tries to hide behind the wall so we couldn’t see her just know God just saved you tonight !

Will & Emily Simmons

Great, fun family environment. Thanks for the amazing hospitality. You took in these two Vikings fan like one of your own.

Chris Sanford

Always a good time

DarkWolf editzz

Great boring ally dose charge for refunds but over all good places to go with your family

jake tomes

Rude staff

Beverly Ann

Great time

Mike Potter

Nice family place great deal prices

Marlen Casian

Donna Jacobo

Chue Yarttng

Like it

Jeremy M

Sherly Rodriguez Lugo

En lugar donde puede ir en familia y ahora en agosto todos los días los juegos, los zapatos , las sodas y las fries son a $1 . Un buen lugar para estar en familia.

Ava Wilson

Kevin McReynolds

Rosario Borja

Staff with green hair was rude

Timothy Olszewski II

Nice ally

Tania Huycke-Phillips

Big place with lots of lanes. Husband likes to go on Mondays - $1 per game. Tasty drinks at a small bar. Small menu of fried foods.

leah haglund

Had my daughter's birthday here and it was the cheapest, but most fun party she's had. Love that they have ramps for young children and a bar for adults. The package they offer is perfect and the staff is helpful.

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