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REVIEWS OF Features Sports Bar and Grill IN Wisconsin

Larry Zielke

Food was good wait staff was excellent. We then bowled after which was fun, but the area is very tight. Great place to take the family.

Rosanne Hatcher-Pientok

We were here for the first time. Got a table quickly, surprising on a Friday night. 3 of us ordered the fish fry, another the nachos with beef, plus an appetizer. Had to send the appetizer (fried mushrooms) back as at best they were lukewarm, worst was some with ice still in the center. Appetizer didn't reappear until dinner was close to halfway done. Fish fry was mediocre/ average. The nachos arrived as chicken, not beef. We didn't see our server again until after the mushrooms reappeared, and my wife was hungry and tired of waiting, gave up and ate them. All the server said was "oh, I'm sorry". When the bill came, turns out the nachos wee wrong because the server wrote it wrong We're not from the area, but we will not be back the next time we're in town

S Larkin

The food and the bartender waitresses was great the place is dirty. The bowling alley tables had food under them, but no one was there so i hope its from last night. The ladys room is caked in dust and i hope its just stains on the floor and walls.

asylum video's

WTH, customer service was ok but when I leave my drink on the end of table and its empty that's a waiters hint to refill lol, what i got I believe was the smokehouse Burger I think it was the title of it, well regardless the burger did not fit the description at all, onions were raw not seared like it said in description.. cheese was not melted pepper bacon was plain I asked for a rare burger, it was well-done I'm mean f your going to ask how I want my Burger done it should b done the way I want it, rare is the fastest easiest way to cook a burger they never seasoned my burger, I guess they don't believe in flavoring, I would think with all the extras on the burger a person wouldn't need a little seasoning on it but since the burger was way way way over cooked where the juices were non existent bacon was plain cheese was not melted onions were raw a little seasoning would of been great, I'm not even going to mention the fries, not worth it how many of you like flies buzzing on your food when you eat?

John Kuschel

Although I now live in Chicago, Features holds a special place in my and my wife's heart. First time in since the remodel, beautiful gem in West Salem. This is home, with a larger TV and amazing service. Love this place.

Gerry Betz

Beer warm, friends jerks, owner pompous, help good, conditions tough, Smiley is THE MAN.

Matthew Dahl

Good was really good and I like the sports bar atmosphere.

Savannah McCoy

First thing you notice when you walk in is that is very loud. We were not greeted right away when we walked in. Our server was very nice and willing to check things for me (dietary restrictions). Food came out in a timely matter, our server did not check on us until we were done eating though. The food was very salty but tasty, reasonably priced and lots of options for sides. Overall an ok experience, would not hurry to go back.

Jim Porter

Decent hot food during octoberfest races

Jeff Walls

Excellent service and they have great thin crust pizza.

Asa Ziebell

This place used to be good. Unpleasant staff, food is blah. Average bar food. Ordered a pizza well done, came back raw. Received a coupon for 10$. Used it tonight on another pizza ordered well done and came back raw again. I'm done with this place. Much better options in town.

Sandy Schoenberger

Part of a very large group from the nearby fairgrounds on a Thursday night. We had a new server who was just learning and we were very considerate and patient. The service was great and we had a great time. Always have a good time there.

Jason Reith

Was fun have bingo every tuesday

Coulee Investigations Process service

Stopped by on the 4th or July had a burger and drinks. Very nice bartender excellent service. The burger was perfect!

Jon Beagle

Busy place, service was slow but understandable. Pizza was great, wings were good.

Tanka Love

We were there for an hour and a half. Hostess never told our waitress we were at a table. Food took forever and was cold once we got it. Ick. Waitress was nice and gave us 50% off. But it’s just not worth it to go back.

Jim Miller

Great food and service

Nathan Erickson

Undergoing remodels. New menu options. I'm excited to see what they do next!

Ann Suter

We had good food and time to visit friends we were eating with.

Coast 2 Coast Transporters

Great atmosphere. Ok food.

kerry lindberg

Very nice place very clean nice people

Janet Horstman

Pretty good food bathrooms are a little nasty

Roberta Stanford

Great food

Bruce Meyer

Great food and atmosphere.

Deb Korn

It was a 'Packers' night, so we had to wait a while to order our pizza. BUT, when we ate it -- it was the BEST gluten FREE pizza we have ever eaten there!!!

Ed Kloppenburg

Good food, good service.

Gary Kozelka

Awesome place. Great food

Miranda Ruben

Pulled pork carnitas were great! Unfortunately, we were there for at least 15 minutes before obtaining a menu myself-which finally promoted service.

wesley schar

This place is ok. Nothing g really special. Worst pool table I ever played on. Though the food is ok it is nothing special, just bar food.

Tyler Fluegge

We went there for a pre dance meal. It was great service and a very tasty supper. We all felt very satisfied with this restaurant.

Hans Znarf

There on a Monday night. Menu typical sports bar. Very slow dinner hour. Place OK for the size of the community. Not bad but nothing special either.

Carolyn Christopherson

Great place to eat

Angela Holinka

Nice brunch, good food, reasonable price!

Travis Braly

Fish was good.

Cameron Kleist

Bowling alley constantly failed and the bartender was drinking behind the bar. Not real impressed

David Stratton

New menu is very limited.

DeAnna raiten

Their pretzel was humungous

Chris Heintz

Great food and drinks reasonably priced. Good spot to catch the game, glad I stopped in.


Very good food and service! Food was extraordinary and we got it in a timely manner. Everyone in my party of 6 loved the food! A great casual dining experience with low prices and a low key atmosphere, would highly recommend!

Casey Caley

Needed to have seating for older people who couldn't or didn't want to stand for the whole time because we would have loved being able to sit and enjoy the concert the performers were great

Jeffery Pralle

Lousy breakfast. Hash Browns weren't very good bacon is really skimpy

Teri Johnson

Best French dip hands down!!!

Thomas Cosgrove

We have eaten here twice so far. Breakfast and lunch on a Sunday. Food was delicious and the service was awesome. Would most definitely recommend.

Jared Cromwell

Good food and the kids loved bowling


Best burger I have had in a long time!

Ken Gorman

2 take outs size of the fish portions were disappointing to size of the fish portion were disappointing.

Kourtney Shaw

We went thru bite squad, and we live 6 minutes away from the restaurant, but by the time we got our, food which was nearly an hour late (after already waiting 45 minutes), it was cold. Fries were cold and floppy, 'loaded' potato skins were cold and soaked with a nasty cheese sauce and like 2 pieces of bacon. Steak sandwich was ok but cold as well. I will most likely never order from there again.

Tony Roberts

Locally owned place that is comfortable and laid back. The broasted chicken is awesome and their wraps are very good. Great burgers. The food seems to be getting better all the time and the owner and manager care about creating a welcoming environment. Good help is hard to find though, but you can tell they're trying. We have had the same great waitress (Kayle?) the last couple of times and it makes a huge difference. It is West Salem's best dining/sports bar option by far...and they have bowling! They also host a lot of events and concerts and have a patio with a flat screen TV and fireplace.

Dorothy Lathrop

Always great

Sherrie Walter

I ordered a hamburger and waffle fries. The food was awful, and there was a string in my burger! The server was friendly.

Joe Smith

Food is average but the wait for the food is excruciatingly slow. Been there 3 times and it has not improved. Music in bar is way too loud during breakfast and they told me they can't turn it down because the owner won't let them.

Susan Groves

Great service! Friendly bartenders :) I recommend the fried cheese curds.

Bill Walsh

This is a great place for Friday Fish!!

Travis Winchester

Good food, fun atmosphere

Nicholas Fell

Great fish fry

Ashley T

Food was bland and tasteless. Service was subpar. Had to ask for our waitress 3 times because she was nowhere to be found.

Barb Eirschele

Good was good, nice place.

Debra Herrmann

Ordered chicken wings and it was over cooked and not wings but nuggets


Long wait for our food. My father in-law said his burger was tough

Daniel Strong

Good food great time my son had a bowling tournament there

tony lampman

Great pizza. Waitress was on the ball.

Tim Pierce

After races the pizzas deal sounded good. But burnt crust. Like big time burnt. Not good at all. The waitstaff tried. But must be poor kitchen staff. To do it over and over.

Randy Stark

Their Food and service are terrible, the bloody marys were even bad. This place used to be great but they've went down hill. I tried giving them a second and even a 3rd chance be no! We won't ever go back!!!

Chris Munson

Great owner great staff no matter how long it's been since our last visit always a warm welcome greeting. Can't be the atmosphere and everything they have to offer.

David Adams

Friday fish soggy and greasy, baked potato cold wouldn't melt butter , S. l. O. W we have had fish at holmen features before and it was great , wish I could say the same for West Salem , but no way , also no dinner rolls , not sure why ,other tables received rolls and salad before the fish , customers should not have to beg for service or ask for the complete meal to be served.

Morbid Grim

Great place to hangout have a beer

Steve Hessil

Our server Rose was really great. Being our first time there and just passing through she was very accommodating. Prices were more than fair and I couldn't believe of the size of the place. The problem was with our food. If you ask how we want our burger cooked than it should be cooked near temp. If you have a special burger make it special. Also, please warm some tortillas if you're serving tacos instead of having a taco salad that falls apart. I like the place, we will be back. Atmosphere and service alone though.

Chris Gordon

Country biscuits and gravy are to be savored. Huge portions too.

Michael Schindler

Good draft beer selection, good food, reasonably priced....

Bill Waughtal

Quick service, great place to watch sports. Food was awesome.

Robert Gurrath

Go in here a often for drinks, bingo, bowling, and food. Nicest bar and grill in west salem in my opinion and they are currently renovating to make it even cooler.

Shawn Adler

Nice place, quick service and great food.


Huge shout out to Nick and Marley! Great customer service and showing a great time in west Salem! Please don't lose em!

John Pyatt

Food was good, service was excellent (thank you Owen). A good time was had by all.

Michelle Martin

Went for Friday fish and shrimp night..shrimp was great but the fish was greasy and inedible.

Cinnomn Cinnomn

Broiled fish was terrible

Ian Bissinger

On a busy night the service was a little lacking. The ghost pepper cheese is almost mild heat.

Bruce olson

Changed the menu. No longer my " go to" place to eat. Chicken was okay.

Angle On The Bow

best burger around...go there and eat one!


Never had a bad meal. Great breakfast, excellent pizza and carnitas were pretty good.

Sarah Boylan

Average bar food. Nothing special. Nothing fancy. Go if you want a burger, cheese curds, fried things or pizza. We went for lunch so did not get to partake of the bowling or beach volleyball, but both were available.

Joshua Goede

It is a nice place. Loved Features Fest. Ate before the concert. They were still friendly and service was quick.

Ruth Benzing

Excellent Easter buffet!

Laurie Coffin

Great food and atmosphere.

Tom Marshall

Went for breakfast. Took 45 minutes to get our food. Waited forever to get our bill. We were there for a hour and a half. Poor service

Tureene Renae

Our food was great and our waitress was pure awesomeness. Will definitely stop again when I'm in town.

Joanna Grochowski

Pretty Good food with a relaxed atmosphere.


Good place to eat. Only minor issue is the waitress grabed the cup by the top where you drink. Food was good, burgers, wrap. Glass if pop was small but there are free refills so not an issue, especially since I never drank it all but my kids refilled 3 times.

Ami Burghagen

So I thought you would like to know.... We are from the Sunday bowling league. We got here at 315 bowling starts at 330. The floor is filthy from a birthday party. There is cake, pizza, tinfoil, and chocolate frosting on the steps and in the seating area. Bumpers were not put down until 340 so we lost out on practice time which we did end up getting back. When I asked the staff which was a young guy and girl to sweep the floor and they gave me a funny look. 15 minutes later I asked again to sweep the floor and it finally got done with a disgusted look. All in all, this will be our last year bowling here. I will be adding a review to your Facebook page and website. Thank you for your time.

Julie Henderson

Our server was one of the best. Would go back there just because of her.

Kristopher Hansen

Great atmosphere and food to match...


Very good food and nice staff.

Davide Jensen

Fun atmosphere. Great ownership and friendly service. Pizza and bowling was fun and delicious!

Diane Jorstad

Consistent good food and service.

Kathy Jacobs

Waitress was awsome. The food was great.

Holly Thomas

Thank you for allowing us to host our Mom's 80 birthday party. Short staffed but we managed with some help

Michael Garcia-Rondon

Good food and atmosphere.

Calamity Jane

Service really sucked. The bartenders were not paying attention. The cheesecake was frozen

Brian Burr

Good Food, Comfortable atmosphere and Great food.

Michelle Austin

Great food and service.

Danielle Saltzman

Very good fries and up beat

Joseph Schilling

Awesome concert and great service

Larry Forster

The food was great would definitely go there again

Megan Stetzer

I got the firehouse burger. suppose to have pepperjack cheese, jalapeno chips, a jalapeno cream sauce and cajun seasoning in the burger. in reality it had no flavor, no spice, nothing... the wait staff we had was super friendly with what I assume are regulars as she knew them by name and knew their orders, but pretty much brushed us to the side. probably won't return...

Robert Phillips

Had the steak special and was surprised at the quality. Much better than anticipated.

Tracy Kasten

Very uncomfortable. The temperature was very cold and when the food came it got cold before you even could start eating.

Jason Lassen

We have eaten here numerous times and been to several concerts and events. the staff is always friendly, the food always tastes great and the atmosphere is perfect for us. I highly recommend this place!

Eric Ristey

Rose was awesome waitress very pleasant Jason was as he always is very outgoing and a pleasure to talk to.

Tayler Swenson

Horrible ! My steak was like it was just took out of the fridge and sat on a burner for 30 seconds !

Sara Stanek

Great bar. Nice bartender. Very good food. Reasonably priced. Didnt bowl but looked cool in there.

Jake Robinson

Positive atmosphere and great food!

Robert Preeshl

Good food and great service!

Susan Rindner

A comfortable place for lunch with a friend. For some reason we were extremely bothered by flies...they provided such with a fly swatter but no flies would have been better.

Michael Walter

Food was not good. There was about 3 other tables with patrons and our food took a very long time to get to the table. The Holmen Features is so much better and the staff are more friendly.


We brought a large group of hockey kids and parents without notice. The server was excellent and the food was even better. Great place!

Andy Krzebietke

Good bar food. Cheese curds here are light and crispy with tasty marinara sauce.

Jeff Nelson

Staff is very friendly and helpful. And the food is delicious! Yum!!! Plus the had live music when we were there!

Brandy Holter

Great food and wonderful service

Jeff Harvey

Lunch was good, service was slow.

Travis McDonald

Always love this place, fun people, great food, and cold beer. Badada da da da, theres a winner

chris derry

Great food and atmosphere

Julie friske

Great food huge breakfast.

Dominic Callo

Customer service was good and the food was to but the manger was being very selfish and not caring for his customers

Elaine Price

What a ROCKIN night with Sawyer Brown and the other bands! Woohoo!!!!

Lee Cline

Decent pizza, lot of fun bowling.

Dan Spaulding

Good food and service

Nick Popoutsis

We love going to features it's a local business for us and the wait staff is awesome

Linda Wagner

Very good fish on fridays

Tim Deutmeyer

Big place! Alot of fun

Gina Thompson

Great food and atmosphere!

Aldwin Hansen

Awesome place

Teresa Schnitzler

We ate outside on the patio, and it was lovely. Good food!

Brenda Wood

Nice atmosphere and great food.

Tammi Torger

Heard about features on TV and decided to try it. Omg so worth the trip. Excellent food. Fun area to be. The staff was amazing. Definitely going back many more times. The atmosphere was relaxing to be in.

Shane Rolff

Busy, decent service. Average food. Overcooked chicken

Justin Fish

My wife and myself took the kids bowling on a Friday night not knowing about their Glow n Bowl special. We had a great time and although it was late. We asked if they could make a couple orders of fried cheese curds. Expecting a no because of the time and having a feeling that the kitchen was being cleaned. To my amazement the staff had no problem making them. Overall great staff and food.

Mary Rhodenhizer

Delicious Pizza! There no e better. Great service.

Lindsey Smith

Received my breaded fish warm, but watery and mush. The brought me another order, it was a little better but not much

keffer fotheringham

Friendly staff, good food.

Dirk Larson

Stopped by for lunch there was three tables waitress brought our drinks and never came back to take our order. Waited about 15 minutes watching her sitting at table talking finally got up and left walked right by her and she never realized we left. To top it all off she was talking about October fest. Have been there before and service was not the greatest that time but it was busier so I thought I would try it again. Boy I was wrong won't go back. Beware

Shane Lambert

Every time we eat here the staff us friendly and attentive. The food is top quality and we never leave hungry.

Dan Mish

Great food!

Leland Johnson

Very good food. Staff was friendly and got our orders right.


Good food and clean. Friendly fun environment

Nicole Groth

A must stop for their winter hot drinks

Toni Vankirk

Bowling alley kept messing up so we left

Linse Bauer

The pizza was pretty good but part was lost before being brought out to our table, staff did make it right and gave us another pizza on the house but the second was not as well cooked as the first. Both were good though. My kids bowled and their shoes were in great shape they used bumpers and a bowling ramp type tool for them to line up and set the ball on and push down. I thought that was cool. Some people’s shoes had some major wear and even holes but other than that it was nice and fun for the kids! We were there at a very quiet time of the day so basically had the bowling area to ourselves most of the time.

Dave Low

Food was only satisfactory during this visit compared to previous visits when we rated it very good to outstanding. We'll try this restaurant once more hoping to find the excellence we had grown to expect.

Philip Doherty

Cheese curds were amazing

Kimberly Haas

Friendly service

Dustin Huffman

Yesterday with my ribs...I would have given a 2 star for quality...staff was awesome. ..Jamie my waitress awesome and such a smile....came back the next day. (Today) ordered a black and blu burger. ..Medium rare....O.M.G...The best burger across this nation that was fresh and so juicy. .5 star for the cook...pleasure to be in town and glad I gave them a 2nd chance. ..4 star over all..miles of smiles..

Fran McCoy

The pizza was really good. We met some friends and let the kids bowl while we watched and ate. There was a mechanical problem with the lane, but the kids did get one game in and manager was very nice and gave us coupon for return. We will be back, not only for the coupon use, but because all of us had a great time

Aft Blackdeer

Bowling here was definitely fun! The staff was very helpful and nice!

Leslie Gonia

They have an awesome birthday special that includes a drink, a meal, a desert, and a game of bowling. The ribs are amamzing! However, the chicken wings kind of suck.

Donald Rackow

Great staff and the food is always amazing

James Wernicke

Had the special Eden Burger, a sloppy delicious mess

James Zibrowski

Very good breakfast


Helpful staff and a nice atmosphere, they just might need some more kid's shoes though....

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