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REVIEWS OF Dream Lanes IN Wisconsin

Jeff Wolfgang

We took our grandson there, he had lots of fun, the food was good.

Daniel Hoppe

Good bowling Went here for my sister's birthday

R Phiilps

It was a dream to bowl there the cheese burger was unbelievable at pizza pit was so thick and delicious!

Tim Fitch

Dream Lanes is my home alley. I am the captain of my bowling team, 2 years in a row. There is about 30 things that makes dream lanes awesome. I’ll focus on a few of them. If you haven’t met Aaron, I would recommend it. He is great. You just know he has a ton of bowling knowledge. The have great sausage, mushroom, and onion pizza. We get it every week. If you ask my team what they think, they think the same as me. I look forward to my 2nd season as captain. Highly recommend the place!

michelle schmidt

Was a very crowded busy tournament last Sunday. Started promptly, SEEMED VERY well run. The Pizza pit restaurant food looked and smelled amazing. Everyone around us said tasted awesome. Clean inside, bar area big. We'd go back.

Gary Powley

Grandson bowls there, nice allys, good food.

Alicia West

It is a fun place kid appropriate and the pizza is really good they have great deals and I recommend this place for families and friends looking for a good time

Olivia Paige

It's a bowling alley not much to say but I think it was a bit expensive

Bradley Baird

Had a great time bowling but 4,50 a game very high

Paul Baldridge

Oil is good....oil is bad... inconsistent oiling of lanes makes this a 3* rating.

Justin Patterson

Best Birthday spot on the Map for Madison! And Pizza Pit can you go wrong?

T Lo

Bowling is fun. But Pizza pit is hit or miss.

Michael Wear

Great staff Well maintained lanes Great food

Wayne Ok 1

Fun for the kids and adults .

Brandon Godboldt

Good food, clean atmosphere

Mary Jo Walters

kid friendly birthday party. good atmosphere, good prices

Royal Joker

Best place to bowl in Madison hands down, go on Saturday night to get the 2 hour bowling for a decent price and they have Pizza Pit connected to it so decent food for a bowling alley

Poetic Justice

Just a typical bowling alley if you want some basic fun this is the place

Jack Ellis

Great place. Recommend.

Amanda Belanger

This bowling alley is all fine and good. I will return. Generally, Dream Lanes is not a very up to date building, technology or bathrooms...but all in all, gets the job done for a good night in bowling. My boyfriends new bowling ball was chipped in their lane, and they fixed it for free in just a few days and it was good as new. I give them a three because i did have a bad experience once while checking out with a coupon. They made a really big deal about how i couldn't use the coupon since i hadn't printed it out. I was trying to use it by showing them my phone. I think this also shows that they are out of date. Rates are competitive for Madison.

Erik Saynisch

Very expensive and watch out! They will overcharge you on top of it. I was there on Saturday, January 26th and bowled with my kids. We each bowled 2 games @ $4.50 per game which should have come to $27 but we were charged $31.50. Add $9.75 for shoes and our total was $41.25. Luckily I printed out a coupon for $10 off which brought my total to $31.25. Still seems high. Bottom line, it felt like there was a bottleneck of people at the checkout counter and I just paid what the guy told me without question. As I was driving home it occurred to me that I was charged for an extra game unless there is a lane fee or something that I am unaware of?

Jeremy Crowell

Nice Bartender Good Drinks

Bob Edgren

Friendly staff

Benjamin W

Great service may be best ive had at madison Bowling alleys

Aaron Redfern

4.50 per game really in the summer really


The bowling alley was fine but the Pizza Pit was the worst we've ever had and was very slow. Won't eat here again.

carlene enama

Fun place

Karen Raymond


Fractal Monster

Friendly staff, good beer and decent food!

Randy Smith


Barb McCullough

Great lane conditions for Women's State Bowling Tournament!

Seth Rall

Bowling experience was good, beer selection and very good, game room was disappointing, many of the games do not work or eat your money.

Hrushikesh Ghatpande

The lane was creaking and did not offer any good support for hooks.

Kyle Rosemeyer

Very good for being wood lanes.


I'm not SPAREing anything when I say that this was great

Ryan Schmudlach

Just your average bowling alley. With rum and coke pitcher specials and a pizza place attached. No complaints. Would bowl here again.

travis dobson

Great for bowling

Andrew Hoffmann

Everything you could need from a bowling alley!

Frida Jimenez

Not sure if I showed up too early in the day but the balls and the lanes were 10× more slippery than I've felt at any other bowling alley. Was almost impossible to play.

Miles Treleven

Dream Lanes is the only place I bowl. Unlike some bowling alleys, it's not overly-fancy. It's clean but also aged in (what I find to be) a very nice way. The Bowl Your Brains Out special is well worth the $6 per person. The two hours of bowling with shoes included is just enough for a comfortable three games with four people on a lane.

Thomas Simms

This place is fun.

brian hillson

Bowing is fun here

Brenda Schultz


Ashley Rivera

Fun place to take the family

James Marlow

Friendly place to go bowling between staff and fellow bowlers who frequently visit, Great service, never too busy

Monica Mastin

Complete waste of time. Robin, the guy who helped coordinate our fundraiser that we held here completely fooled us out of the very little money we made for our girls cheer uniforms. We may not be able to have uniforms for our girls. I will never have a fundraiser here ever. Hopefully we can make up for this loss of money and time before our season starts.

Lisa Caras

We went on a Saturday afternoon and had no problem getting a lane for open bowl. We should have done the open hour of bowling instead of buying each game. The place is clean and friendly.


Many lanes, good specials, staff has always been friendly. They have some land with automatic bumpers that will go up when it is a certain person's turn. The pizza pit inside is good. Make sure you print any specials/ coupons. The $10 free by signing up on there website is only good for 30 days and you need to spend $20, and you need to print it.

Mason Maeder

Kind of run down and food is expensive and not very good

Evgeni Natovski

Майстора на боулинга посети и този град :)

Freddy Machado

It has everything you could possibly want out of a small bowling joint.

Nick Parrish


Eugene Williams

I was disappointed when I was charged two different prices when ordering adult beverages how ever my kids and grandkids had a good time and Friend's just saying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maggie Ebert

It was a nice place very clean.

Scott-Deb Lackas-Wallace

State bowling tourny this weekend. Bar staff were great and fun. Clean bathrooms and alleys.

Coleen Koditek

It's a bowling alley, what more can be said. The restrooms (women's) could have bern cleaner but I get it, there was a tournament going on. Bar area music was way too loud, couldn't hear the person next to me.

Andrew Terwilliger

It's the home of the non malicious BOOM!

Michael Holz

be aware they don't serve food. they allow attached pizza pit as only carry in. pizza pit was not open the day we were there.

Erik Norsetter

I love dream lanes is good place to bowl

Annalise Berlinger

I really wanted to like this place, because it is so close to my house. However, it was such a disappointing experience. I walked all the way across the bowling alley and could not find a ball that was a good fit, they all had the finger holes really far apart or the finger holes were so small my fingers couldn't fit in them. The only balls that I could find that fit were 14lb. I went to the desk where I saw they had a whole rack of more like 8 or 10 pound balls, but it said "for small children only" but there was a whole rack, so I asked if I could use one of those and they said oh your fingers won't fit but I could tell that they have some that would and they just kind of shrugged at me. But I still wanted to have fun so I continued bowling, but these lanes just felt off. The pins wouldn't bounce, and everything was more greasy than usual. I will say, the staff was, overall super helpful and polite, pizza pit being next door was great (delivered right to the lane), and the prices were fair. I'm going to give it another chance because I'd really like to find a good bowling alley close to home.

Tyler Logan

Best bowling alley in Madison. Well maintained lanes and pinsetters. Good pizza, cold beer, friendly professional staff.

Brian Kammerer

Great selection of beers on tap! Cheap too!

Darius Monk

Have had many Wonderful times with friends and family at Dream Lanes. Thank you. p.s. I LOVE the Curly Fries!

Chris B

Strikely awesome

James Robert

This bowling alley is a dump run by a crabby old man. I went on the website to check out their special for Glo bowling on Friday night and was excited to see the video showing all the cool lights and the fog and the loud music promising at great experience. When we got there was anything but great. For the first hour they were playing old style classic rock music and the supposed light show they have only consist of black lights and a few of the multicolored disco lights. No fog, no strobes and and overall ho hum experience. At 10 they started playing urban rap music which was garbage but at least it was from the last decade. I also signed up on their website for the free $10 off coupon and was denied use of it because they said that the $9 per person bowling rate for Glo bowl was already discounted they couldn't give me another discount yet the coupon says it's for ANY type of bowling, glow bowling included; with a purchase of $20 or more. Regular price is $4.50 per person per game and $3.75 for shoe rental. These prices are outrageous and the highest price I've ever seen for a bowling alley. Will not come back

Matt Palmer

Fun on the work bowling league.

Rita Crawford

Was great , Fun , clean , Service was Excellent, also Pizza Pits pizza was Perfect

Richard Lee

In need of a renovation

April Elliott

When did bowling get so expensive?

Sarah Preston

The experience was great would go back again

Ryan McKee

Friendly bowling staff and patrons

Chuck Stankovsky

Great fun bowling alley.

Karl K

Lanes are kept in good condition and food plus drink options are good.

Pradeep Karmacharya

Cosy bar with a.pool game

Precious LaShore

Fun environment

Justin Harding

Picked up my daughter

Melanie Zimmerman

They need to update the place, still the same environment as it was in the 90's

Greg Smith

Evan Grieshop

I did not know this alley existed until a few days ago. I went there to bowl because it's close to where I live. The lanes are nice and the prices are extremely fair! Only thing I would change is that they would/could ask if you want to be near large families. I love to bowl and am competitive with my score and it's not the best scenario when you have families with kids throwing bowling balls down your Lane in the gutter.

Damon Baldwin

One of the last bowling alleys in the area to have real wood Lanes. For that reason alone it's always my first choice

Lee Wallander

Amfam Thurs. Bowling league

Shanna Simon

I have always liked this place the people there are really nice and they don't care about color. I will tell anybody to go there and have a good time. the food was okay did not try all but did not like the taco Mimi.

Nick Eschmann

Good time! Who doesn't like an afternoon of bowling...

Bart Garey

Great atmosphere

Rebecca Sargent

They just high as hell. But it's nice and quiet.....

Kelly Fitzgibbon

Well since you ask Maps, I was only there waiting in the car while my sister ran in to pick up a pizza we ordered from Pizza Pit that's inside but thanks for asking anyway Maps.


Alright bowling alley on the east side open a lot of hours. Wood lanes, strong back ends which makes scoring easy and the shot forgiving. Robin the owner always is working hard to make bowling fun and get people in the door.

Rachell Mixuxi

To have fun with family!

Phil Leighton

Great bowling center.I have bowled there for over 60 years and coached junior bowling there back in the 60,s and the 70,s.I bowl there in 3 leagues now during the bowling season .The owner takes very good care of his bowlers so it makes you want to come back each year.They just installed new synthetic Lanes so to bring the center up to the modern lane conditions for today's bowling.They have great pizza with a Pizza Pit franchise in the center.Phil

William Fisher

Customer. Friendly

Bri's Page

I go bowling here every Saturday. There is free WiFi here and helpful staff.

Lukas H

A great place to bowl!

Mario McCullum

Real mellow place to bowl. Like the way if your bowling with kids the gutter rails pop up on the kids turn. fair prices. Decent food and bar.

Craig Gault

Smaller and nice.

Louis Loeffler

Nice staff, clean lanes, reasonable prices

Kristopher Kuper

Wouldn't honor emailed coupon, place is a dump and manager was extremely unhelpful

Kurt Kraft

Great place to bowl. Good service.

Sneha Sadia

Great party and service! Celebrated my sister's birthday. Food is fantastic.

Scott Hurda

Good times, great people

Daniel Porubsky

Seriously searching for The elusive 12 strikes in a row.

L3E6D9 9D6E3L

I was here for an employee party and I had a great time.

Geetika Nehra

Great place for family hangouts!

Darren Green

Lanes are nice, also great food and the service is great. I also like the bowl til midnight on the weekends

Evanne Ellis

Cosmic bowling is a bit of a let down. Need louder music and darker lighting to appreciate the fun lights!

TJ Fedikovich

Nice place but can be busy. Make sure to call in and see if leagues are going on.

Sean Duffy

Bare bones bowling with a nice game room for the kids. Bar, but food is attached in a separate space.


Fun family atmosphere. Went for State bowling so it was understandably crowded :)

Jeanne Snow

Love the feel of an older bowling alley. Excellent customer service!

Larry Miller

Friendly people, fun game!

Rodney Volkmar

Had a great time, it was Dina's birthday

Lora McKeown

A little spendy

dan h

Forgot how much fun bowling is lol

Xavier Casto

Best Pizza Pit in Madison, shame they're not open earlier during the week.

Merina Witz

Good bowling, decent prices

Mike Brabender

Great place for a family get together.

Jesse Ransom

Great place to get a drink and have some fun

Jennifer Alston

I love Pizza Pit pizza! We stopped for a bite to eat after unloading our truck. They had a nice game room for kids to earn tickets and the machines took quarters instead of tokens. Great customer service and great prices. I highly recommend this location.

Marcus Johnson

Fun for whole family, cant beat the bowl your brains out deal!

Kirsten Schultz

I love Dream Lanes. Every time I'm there, I get treated well. We love going on Packer game days, when they have their $1 margarita and soda promotion. Shoes and games are also a dollar during the games. Even now that I live over on the west side of Madison, I still will drive out there to bowl. Having Pizza Pit attached is nice too, though now that I'm gluten free I won't really have any food options within the center. I would love to see Pizza Pit develop a gluten free selection, but that is an issue many places. Overall, Dream Lanes is the best bowling alley I've been to - and not just because their margaritas are strong!

Natalie Miller

Nice quiet place to take the kids in a rainy day.

melody robbins


chris h

I love having a cold beer and ordering something from Pizza Pit next door and having it sent right to the bar. Plenty of TVs to watch the game.

Chief 24

Love it

Todd Finkenbinder

A little off the beaten path but always. Lean and the people at the desk are always friendly. Plenty of parking and a pro shop, bar and pizza restaurant are built in.

Roy McGowan

Food was the worst

Brandon Sherrod

Brian Kocken

I've been doing one of their casual have-a-ball leagues for a few years now, and the staff is always great. The lanes aren't the fanciest and the food (an attached pizza pit) is only ok, but I always look forward to league night here.

Sue Bonnett

Dream Lanes was one of our houses to bowl at for state tournaments. It accommodates a large group for the event. Very good service

Aaron Johnson

Staff just seemed like they wanted to go home ,but otherwise they always have the game on and and pretty reasonable.

Maria Lopez

We went there for a family fun night, we got there and were deciding what bowling deal we should do and then the old guy with the belly and tattoos on his calves rudely tells us to hurry up without actually trying to help us. After all that, they mixed up out food plus bowling deal and we went up to the counter to change it and the same rude guy was being an ass about giving us the wrong thing. He ruined my night especially because he DIDNT help us at all. He was the only guy with really bad customer service experience. Not satisfied at all. I'm actually never going back there just because of him.


Amazing service may be the best ive had at a area bowling ally

Jim Palmer

Had a great time last night at Dream Lanes. $8 for all you can bowl and free shoe rental. Beer specials were great and it wasn't crowded. Recommend to the casual bowling enthusiast.

Alley Marsden

The lanes are dirty, balls come back gunked up, the balls get stuck constantly, terrible place to go bowling

RoadKing Mike

Was bad other than the drunk Asians next to us

Meghan Caylor

We had our first Bowl-A-Rama Fundraiser with Dream Lanes. Jeff was very helpful from start to finish in all of our stages of planning. The day of the event, the staff were very helpful, flexible, and accommodating. Everyone enjoyed the pizza, pop, & pins deal from the Pizza Pit. I highly recommend Dream Lanes for your next gathering, event, or fundraiser - you won't be disappointed!

patricia achilli

Nice lanes, friendly staff

Jay Raffel

Great atmosphere

Anthony Wakeley

Nice place plenty of lanes and reasonable price

Aleesha Flowers

Needs alot of attention in the game area. Waste of money on broken games

Billie Jo Steffen

All was good for State bowling.

Jessica Werner


Mary Xiong

Great for kids and adults.

Pat Bratz

Very good food and very busy

Julie Anderson

Sunday nights $5 bowling w/ shoes for 2 hours you can't beat the family fun.

Rachael Bannach

Very rude! Was told after we arrived that since our party was not there right away at 530 that he would not give us the lanes since a bigger party "could" come in and they would lose money on us! Way to treat a group of veterans!

Jhelen Torres

Roy and Courtney Blanco

Older place, but fun and quaint.

Jay Tolbert

Good local bowling alley. Full bar lots of seating and pizza pot right on site. Great gyros

Jamelia Christopher

Cosmic Bowling was awesome! The bumpers weren't working so they gave us a free game. Really helpful staff and good food from the pizza pit in there. Definitely going back!

Meg Reppart

Went the for a fundraising event. So nice of the owner to let this college student use the place for a great cause. The game was fun and actually the pizza was great for a bowling alley! Only suggestion will be, maybe organize the noodling balls by weight or indicate it on the balls. It took me a while to find the weight I could throw. Definitely will come back again!

DaddyDean Nett

I love their Sunday morning special! The earlier you arrive, the cheaper your cost!

Eric Proces

I bowl here in a league and it's a decent establishment. People are good. Food provided by Pizza Pit so depends on your opinion of that establishment. They have been making some updates recently which are nice, but I give it three stars because the machinery (scoring, ball return, pinsetters, etc) is aging and needs replacement. Watch for scoring errors, dry lanes, and ball damage. Otherwise a good place to bowl.


It twas cool

Paula Johnson

Lots of fun and good service

Ken Anderson

Friendly but older

Sara Guzman

Nice place for fun!!

Cathi Angus

My daughter loved these lanes and bowled really well for state tournament

Bruce Herro

Very friendly employees and good food

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