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3485 Winchester Ave, Martinsburg, WV 25405, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pikeside Bowl IN West Virginia

Jameson West

Fun place to take the whole family

Kathleen Stickel

Erik Gavin


ZaPz FuZion

I love this place, and it is nice and clean too.

Amandah Skaggs

Terrible, we were turn away. I had a family of 7. I guess this place doesn't like money. I will pray for new ownership or there closing. We went to Northside in Winchester Va. They provide much better service and care about their customers.

Nicholas Hill

Just Ok Lane got jammed twice in 6 rounds Not a great selection of 10lb balls. All the holes are too small for men. I like spinning the ball and haven't played enough to spin 12lb balls. Fun day though!

Beck M

Myself and 5 friends came into this establishment Saturday night for their "Laser Bowling". We are all in our mid 20s, and wanted to do something fun and different rather than the typical bar scene or dinner and a movie, so we decided to come here. BIG MISTAKE. Lanes constantly malfunction in the middle of your game. We had to stop 3 times before the entire thing crashed. Once it completely froze/locked we had to leave early, as there were no other lanes open or available, but they WOULD NOT ISSUE REFUND on site!!!! We were told by the attendant at the front desk we had to come back when a manager was on duty. 2 Days later we got our door cover back, but establishment refused to refund shoe rental. DON'T GO! Just not worth it.

Jonathan Stambaugh

I won

Jay R

Convenient location. A bit run down. Staff is mostly friendly. However, they give the impression that you are bothering them by being there and having them do their job.

Randy Young

Great place for affordable family fun!

Toxic Minion

Anna Bennett

A little expensive but worth it. The food is pretty good also.

jean green

Young_Aviator_Dave SharkTube

Great place to have fun

Sheila Sickler

Great place to bowl.I love duckpin and the staff is awesome.

Meaghan Nicole

Love this place. Love tht theres a big variety of arcades too

d wood

Ew expensive ew the ladies in the bowling league are mean and I dont like the setup and the way your treated in there anymore.. worst 80 bucks I ever spent. Coupons or vouchers in hand before i ever return. Yall can send them to my address upon request if you decide u want to refund my *night to remember family bowling * yay not.

Alaina Schippers

Matt Engle

Margaret Johnson

Took my kids as this is the closest bowling in 30 mile radius. It's fairly inexpensive no frills bowling. Clean facilities. Not the friendliest customer service, but for the price you can't demand concierge services, and really it is no different than I would have expected elsewhere in Martinsburg. A bit of a wait for a lane but we came on a busy night. The arcade is decent and good for kids if waiting. The arcade could get expensive and has a muted chuck cheese appeal. The machines were in working order. We didn't try the food so that I can't rate. We will return.

Michael Wiggington

candace gibson

walter tomlin

Great place to good for children

Frank Carini Jr.

They have 10-pin and duck pin bowling Lanes, pool tables, air hockey, and a family arcade.

Rob Renner

Bad music people gossip an run there mouths way to much my wife use to bowl there all the time but stoped do to all the rap music an gossip.

Julian Pfouts

K Byrne

Standard bowling alley. A bit dirty but overall okay. AC was out or not installed except in the bathrooms.

Logan Jay

Very fun experience, good pricing, especially for the Laser bowling on Saturday nights!

Daniel Swain

Staff was very police and helpful and 99 cent a game for 5 children was great

Butch Magnum

Clean lanes, well priced beer, and very friendly staff. The sensor was a bit funny and would sometimes not count my pins. Minor annoyance, but still had lots of fun.

Anthony Piatek

Lots of fun. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Timothy Coburn

Extremely outdated but still lots of fun. Good deals occasionally making it an inexpensive family fun night.

joseph dunham

Terrible pizza, some staff were very nice and some were very nice and welcoming. Equipment and Lanes are getting wore out, been going for years and nothing has changed. needs a remodel.

Jacob E. Turner - BishopStarz Animations

Kenan G

Affordable bowling.

Gary Cantu

Place looks and feels old school, which I have no issues with. However, I’m giving it a 4 stars because sometimes our lane wasn’t recording the correct score. We didn’t care much since we were just there to have fun. But if somebody is serious, I can see them getting annoyed with this. Not sure if it was just my lane or happens across all lanes.

Justin Raney

Julie Clark

Really out-of-date bowling alley. They have duck pins for the little ones. They have a nice atmosphere and also have an arcade. The prices are a little high

Ronald Neff

This is very nice place to have around since there isn't much to do as it is. It would be great to see some updating here. But all and all its a good time

Andrew Justice

Typical bowling alley. Nothing fancy. Good prices if you go when its during their down times.

Elizabeth Yutzy

I’m gonna be real with this place; the lanes are not straight, they are bumpy, and slanted. The staff seem like they have no idea what’s going on. The food was not great at all; it was over priced, the kitchen is a health code violation, not to mention is right next to a bar. Not a very good place for kids at all.

Brittany Kretzer

Pamela Vincent

Great family fun atmosphere, clean environment, great selection of deals! Cant wait till 99 cent games start!!!!

Linda Groft

Wonderful celebration of life for Jamie

Richard Turner

Gave me a bad pair of shoes. Maybe a RACE THING I DON'T KNOW.

Mia Lee

Nice and cheap place. My family wants to go back

Yvonnedra Rippeon

It's very warm in here

gonehunting pa

This place is awful!! Paid for one hour bowl. At least 20 minutes lane was broken. They moved lanes and told us they would take care of us at end of game. New lane same thing. They would not refund or do anything.

Wayne Yarn

It was my first time there, and I was very impressed. The lanes were dressed properly, the area was clean, and the Staff was extremely friendly. I will be going back often.

Bruce Morgan

Got to the front door, saw a huge sign saying "no weapons allowed, we do not recognize any ccw permits". Obviously they discriminate against law abiding citizens who completed a $100 firearms training class and passed an FBI background check. I guess they only want criminals patronizing their business. I'll take my money where it's welcome...

Russell Annis Jr

Very good customer service

Kendra Hite

really really fun for family time or justr hanging out. Love the food. So fun but little to expensive.

Dena Bender

Great place to have fun

Frank Edwards

Good place good entertainment good workout especially with kids they do take their time and even willing to help if need be lot of kids run through there though only shortcoming to it good customer service

Roy Newcome

Excellent place to bowl and shoot pool. 10 pen and Duck pen bowling. Free handicap parking and entrance with bathrooms available. Restaurant inside. Lockers available in restrooms.


Nice bowling alley little pricey..For 3 of us 70 buck for 3 games plus shoes.

Lacey Smith

Nadine Karman

Forgot how much fun it was. Check out the special deals.

Meghan vernier

Tara Smith

I only gave it 1 star bc u cant rate less!! They do not want to give a refund, but apparently do not want to fix anything i had to complain about the same thing 4 times all 4 times it was supposed to be "fixed" but still wasnt so i asked to be moved to another lane and still had issues along with several other people who were also complaining about the same thing

Rebekah Moreno

Damian Cruz

Outdated. Good environment and polite staff. Repeat customer

Jay Eggler

Very affordable entertainment and military, fire & police get free shoe rental.

Kevin Remsberg

Go anywhere but here! Horrible lanes & even worse staff!!! A young group of freshman students from Shepherd College went bowling here and was under the impression that it was .99 cents a game rather than the $4+ rate it was for the evening. Employee let these students bowl for 4 hours without ever letting them know that they were racking up a $200+ tab (There was roughly 20 total people in the alley so it's not like this wasn't observed). I asked the employee if he would rent a lane for 4 hours as a one-time exception given the circumstances and he refused as he stood there on a laughable power-trip. In closing, you would be better off staying home and playing Wii bowling rather than coming here. Would love for someone to open a nice, updated, bowling alley and put this place out of its misery!

Gary Sanders

Nice place for family fun.

Bettie Burkhart

Good place to go and have fun

K.D.C MusicZ

Stephanie Simpson

Floors are very slippery.

Bill Robey

It's okay

Kristie Pittsnogle

Had a blast with my man and brought back memories

Jim J

The worst bowling alley ive ever bowled at. The computers couldnt keep score correct. Almost every frame was wrong. Switched lanes and same problem. The employee says this is an ongoing problem and the mngr refused to refund any money. 4 people $60 for 2 hrs. Lanes were also in bad shape. I will never go back

Tessa Campbell

Nice setting but duck pin lane barely worked.

Handbag Annie

My teen nephew was happy. Kids are happy. Adults happy.

Lorraine's Survival guide

They are racist and their machines always have an issue. Food price is decent though.

Blaine Simpson

friendly service. 10 pin and duck available. bathroom not modern but clean and maintained. Lane problems addressed promptly.

True Reviews

This place has potential if it updates itself to stay with the times. Lazer Bowl nights are lively and fun, as are other "theme" days. However, the rest of the time this alley shows its age. The music is old, generic, and somewhat annoying. The equipment is old. The alley itself is relatively clean but the facilities are old in general. A modern renovation would do wonders and easily bring some life back. Unfortunately, in its current state, this bowling center is much like a stamp collection: it will attract a very specific, niche crowd in the older age range and not much else. This is definitely not the spot to hang out with friends for the college and under crowd or meet for a weekly good time for the middle aged and young adults. Some of the busiest and most profitable times for the alley are nights with modern music and lazer bowling, so we're not quite sure why they don't take advantage of this type of environment more often than they do. Prices are alright, depending on the time of the week they're either a great deal or slightly over average. Food is good for a bowling alley (don't expect too much). Overall this could easily be a 4 or 4.5 star alley if they would just update to stay relevant, but is no more than a 3 star in the current state.

Emily Ekegren

My guys loved Pikeside and can't wait to go back. Great arcade, good selection of food, lots of deals. My boys LOVED duck bowling! This will be our new regular bowling spot for sure.

Redneck Bowling

This place sucks now! Music is nothing but rap. To many people run there mouth about ur business. Drama starts way to much. Gossip always going on. Music is way to loud to concentrate on bowling. Left there with a ear ache. I refuse to ever bowl there again till they fix these issues. Iv bowled there since i was little grew up there. Its went down hill.

Ravena Rowland

We've been here twice now as a family and had a wonderful time each visit. We ordered 3 orders of fries which were delicious as my daughter is picky and she loved them!

deborah schlosser

Good place to hang with family

William Stevens

Stephanie Borsos

A/C was broken but it was a decent time anyway.

trippy drippy

It was amazing the staff is great I can't think of a better place to bowl at

Jordan Snow

Been around forever. Lots of fun

Ken Clohan

Dawn Baker

JG Lule Santoyo

Elissa Lev

Every one was nice and polite, fun time doing duck pin bowling with the little ones!

Jose Rodriguez

Not a bad bowling alley. Needs a little updating. Nothing really unique to set it apart from other alleys.


We had a birthday party there awhile ago and it was terrible. They barely had anything set up for us. The people at the register acted like they had no idea how to do their job. The food was horrible and not worth the money. The screens for bowling were busted and the ball return stopped working at one point. We had 2 hours and for 12.50 a person it was not worth it.

Monica Carey

Ron Kreckman

Had a great time bowling with my daughter and grandkids.

Jay Man

I just feel old when I come here. It could use a modern touch, especially when it comes to music. I get sick of 80's music. Lazer Bowling is great though.

Crystal Klasen

Had a blast with the family

Draven Mckee

Great place very fun

Kody Welch

Decent bowling for the area. Prices are fairly reasonable.

Sandy Bash

Just opened so nobody knows about it in Berkeley springs a great place to visit for a weekend.

Dye Hard

Its super loud music... it busted my ear drum. Too loud to go on a date

Laura Young

Amber Priest

Zandria Lansdowne

Very nice people. We enjoyed ourselves

Kathy Cloud

Ate there

Jwee Hinchman

The ac was not working tonight

The French Home Team at Keller Williams

At least 5 lanes did not work. Or the screens were broke. Very expensive for poor quality.

Amy Hetrick

The service was excellent, staff was friendly! My son had wanted to bowl for his Birthday, they made his first experience bowling absolutely amazing!

Emmalynn Smith

Because it is crappy

Gray Silver

Definitely reccomend the laser bowl

Debbi Watermelondria

Waited 1 hr. For our food. Finished bowling by the time we got it!

Myranda Hill

Affordable bowling

ira siegler

Quarter Frank

Zane Elliott

Ball selection wasn't all that great, fun place to bowl tho

Patrick LoPiccolo

This place is outrageously overpriced. I used to love to go bowling but it'll take most of your paycheck to brimg your family here.

Melodie Watkins

Renee Ma R Tin

Megan Cibula

Hours say open until 9- I called for pricing at 6, get here at 7 to be told they’re closed by a rude janitor standing outside the door or so that is what he said he was.

Andi Esposito

Super friendly staff, always a fun time

John Houchins

The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Michelle Fowler

Needs updates

Justin Bell

Nice clean quiet facility

Jasonk Watkins

David Wilder

Good family fun with duck pin thrown in for variety!

Ni kita

Computerized ten-pin and duckpin bowling; however, place needs updating. It isn't in the 21st century.

Christine Olson

Fairly inexpensive bowling. It's a laid back environment for having fun with family and friends. They have special deal packages for bowling, drinks, and pizza. It's fairly clean and the music isn't too loud.

Wally Gator

They have an arcade a food bar bowling and duck pins it's a great place to go with family to spend a few hours

David Allen

staff are nice. The place was run down a little but not bad. we had fun.


Much improved since I started going!

Mike C.

Worst bowling alley ever ! The lanes aren't oiled consistently, sparadic hours, food is lousy. The ball return chewed up one of my brand new bowling balls and they couldnt have cared less. Save your money and go to Northside, or Hagerstown.

Sweet Jillian

Bowling was good but bad service

Samantha Dehaven

Karl Philhower

Fun for the entire family.

Jason Meiers

Bowling is okay here. Not the worst place to bowl, but certainly not the best.

Dylan Applegate

Great place to go and have fun.

SherlyNoHappy S5

I love this place. The staff is always cool, they serve food and drinks (beer included) for reasonable prices. The quality of the place was up to standards, and the late-night black light bowling is a ton of fun. I'd suggest wearing clothes to reflect that. Good music, fun bowling. Very happy. :)

Alan Johnson

Good food. Friendly atmosphere.

Kári DeLee Money

Kids had a blast just at the arcade. Wish the price to bowl wasn't so high, they charge around 4 per game, per person. Plus 3 dollar shoe rental per person. -_-

Trevor Ferrell

It is fun

Debbie Mummert

Very pleasant customer service at snack bar and counter. They are very helpful with there nightly event's. I rate it from 1-10 a. Big 10+

Bessie Johnson

Not crowded, very friendly staff

Eric Morgan

Absolutely horrible! Our machine was messed up and they did nothing to fix it and lets not even talk about the cardboard pizza they serve.

Jadon Kline

Only bowling place around. It's alright. Pretty old school.

Casey B

It was really a great time! We went for my oldest son's birthday and, he has a total & complete blast!! Most definitely fun for the whole family! It wasn't too packed. The 1 thing i would say is the food and beverages can be a bit pricey from what i can remember. But, bowling isn't too insanely expensive.

review that

Great place to have a fun afternoon

Joseph Edelen

Bowling is Ok, but don't play arcade. Several machines take your money and they do not issue refunds when you lose it. I think its a ripoff, how better to take your money and not be responsible for it. Nice response, exactly what was expected. We were there for my nephews party, kids do not pay attention to signs, they just wanted to play the games. Don't worry, we will not make the mistake of going there again, and you can bet that I will share that information with everyone I know.

David Thompson

I really like bowling at Pikeside. The lanes are clean. Food is good and priced fairly. Staff is very friendly.

Frank Greenwalt

DevilWolf Wv

Its 11pm and they are supposed to close at midnight but they are already closed when i got here at 10:30pm what's the deal with that fix your hours

Kyla W

Marissa Patterson

Dominic Scatto

Typical bowling alley, very clean and neat. They also have a bowling game called "duck pin", which is interesting and fun.

gwen wynkoop

Long waiting line to check in. Very unorganized. Wish tgey had extra help. But very clean .

Shane Cantrell

Terrible service, if you can get anyone to help you at all.Old, out of date, uneven lanes, not very clean. I could go on and on.

shelly cook

Absolutely love coming here! The staff and customer service here are awesome! Very clean, great arcade, great lanes and great food! Highly recommend bringing your family here, u won't regret it!

Klay Davis

The place is a tad run down but still fun.

James MacKenzie

Equipment issues caused delays which means troubles when you have 6 kids

William Brown

Bowling was fun and fairly priced

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