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REVIEWS OF TechCity Bowl IN Washington

Mark Cowlishaw

Good place for families during the day, friendly staff

Jorge Coronel

I have had a few birthday parties at this place, and had some mixed experiences. However I have never felt so horribly as today. Turns out they are super busy this month, but instead of rendering that nicely to a returning customer, they chose to first play hot potato when trying to decide who would attend me, and laughter their hearts out at my inquiry about availability. This is a place I'll never be back to, nor ever schedule any event again.


The bowling is fun. This is an expensive ally though. Be weary: they advertise discounts on apps and brews after hours on select days but do not honor them. I'm pretty disappointed about that. Long story short: it's fun but I'm not in love with the place.

Madhusudhan Reddy Avancha

Good one

Asheesh Rastogi

Good bowling alley, food is ok, service depends on the server you getwe, got lucky.

Anthony Conoscenti

Fun leagues, friendly and helpful staff, small pro shop for basic equipment or if you know exactly what you're looking for and want it ordered locally

Rick McFarlane

Fun place, good food, nice staff

Ed O'Malley

Great time with our 9 year old granddaughter. Very friendly staff. Well maintained and fun place

Robert Colling

Phenomenal experience as always. The bartenders are amazing at their jobs. You won't regret dropping by if you give them a chance.

MaryAnn Eccles

Great senior league experience!

Cara Larson

Good bowling alley with bumper bowling, games and pizza. They carry toddler size shoes and have lots of birthday party options. There was a wait for a lane on Sunday night

Paul G

The lanes are good. The leagues are very popular and the lanes are oiled consistently for league. The league coordinator won't give you any say over who is on your team. Only 2 TVs and a lot of the lanes aren't in range to see them which is kind of a bummer if you like sports. The servers are very nice, though the drinks are badly overpriced.

Joey Mcneely

Extremely over priced, lanes are lacking, definitely need a good wax, service is usually very good though

Jerry Campbell

Clean, well maintained, friendly place to bowl with family and friends! The food is awesome as well!

Jimmy Alto

Place was OK service wasn’t all of that there is much better places that you can be treated better

Jaden Stock

Amazing prices after 9! Also they have a good beer selection and good food.

Justin Hylen

Great spot! Went on a Tuesday night and the place was packed! Get a reservation if your bowling before 9pm. It was only $5 for 3 hours of bowling starting at 9pm. Caution lots of kids who dont know bowling etiquette after 9pm.

Jeremy Fuller

Excellent place to take the kids or for adult fun as this place has everything from a huge arcade, pool table, darts and air hockey not to mention bowling and great food.

Jake Schaible

Always a blast. Super busy on the weekends

Arvind SV

Good facility but expect wait times on Friday, Saturday evenings.


this place in amazing and cheap when you visit after 12AM

Rob Simmes

Sunday is league day. If you're not in a league, it might be hard to get a lane. Also, it was dark and they lowered the TV screens which made it impossible to see the lane. Don't go if your main objective is bowling. Prices seem a bit high too. $32 for an hour. Problem is that other than lucky strike, it's the only bowling alley on the east side.

Lindsay Woltjer

Fun place. Manager at the counter was rude to the employees just trying to do their best at managing a crowd. I work in retail customer service, and there is nothing worse than a manager belittling an employee in front of a customer. They were doing just fine, and he was actually making it worse!

Jacqueline Marrero

I had a great time with some very lovely people that I work with and call friends. I am not a bowler, by any stretch of the imagination, but I have found that if the music has a Latin beat; I am scoring points and my ball is straight and true. So ...... MORE LATIN MUSIC, please!

Leah Nielson

Smells strongly of bleach, staff is friendly but did not seem to get along well... Good bowling, not that great arcade, but food is pretty good! Just wish that workers wouldn't complain about their co-workers to me, a customer.

Connie Keller

It was a fun office outing

Manu Batham

Lanes were slow... Food was alright, ambience was alright.

Samuel Patterson

Nothing special, and the place was not clean and felt very greasy. The bowling alleys were fine though, so if you don't mind it being pretty dirty, than it gets the job done.

Swapnil Gawde

New year's party was amazing!

John G

Love this place. Friendly causal atmosphere to have fun with friends, play some bowling or arcades and grab some food and drinks. We usually go late 9-12am you can play for 3 hours for a low low price! They also have services, you can get a custom bowling ball, shoes or join a league.

Stephanie Tran

$10 (including shoe rental) per person on a Sunday night. Need I say more? Bartender: you made the best vodka lemonade I’ve had. Usually it’s too concentrated but you diluted the drink with water and it was so smooth and delicious. I appreciate that. Came at 9 and left at 11pm. Unlimited bowling. It doesn’t get any better than this. Clean restrooms = icing to the cake.

Karin Rogers

Delilah and Sarah

kunal bhandari

We had a nice, terrible free experience here. Oreo shake was amazing. Friendly staff, fun lanes. On the older side.

Michael Frye

Every employee I encountered was shockingly rude and disrespectful, particularly behind the front desk. Prices were steep. The bartender kept us waiting for a long time, and botched my girlfriend's order. Fun was had, but these people sucked.

Dmitriy Tonyuk

Good x-bowl on weekend nights, bar is pretty good as well. They can get quite busy on weekends, especially if the weather is not suited for much outdoors activities. The main suggestion is to request a good playlist as some people like to play dinosaur music or Bieber, and that's just not OK in 21st century...

Tarun Reddy Singireddy

Good place for bowling with good lighting, and their are many boards to play and with good offers....

Nicole Binette

Lanes are pretty available except for during the weekends. Get ready for some "cosmic" bowling!

Magdalena Espelien

Great place for birthday party. Kids _LOVED_ the pizza (not greasy, perfect crust, perfect amt of toppings, not soggy). Very nice arcade games and quality bowling for kids and adults....There's a separate area for alcohol.

Behnam Gh

Fun place

wei wang

I like this bowling alley we always go there but the staff is not it great!

Shawn Darmousseh

Came on a Monday night, not busy. Lane failed to reset pins and they switched us to an adjacent lane. Then the adjacent lane had problems setting the pins... Hope they fix these issues :/

Devon VanderVate

Great bowling, good drinks, music has been too loud for 10 years, dial it back just a notch so you can hear the person right in front of you

Austin Jenchi

Fun bowling alley, especially in the evenings with the lights set up. Great time with a group of friends. The food ranges from good (bacon/cheese fries) to average (hot dog), but is a little pricy.

Eliseo Aguirre Bautista

In the biginig it was good experience, while the game and ordering drinks, we've been here for so many times, but today 09/29/19 there was a lady that gave my friends and I a not really good experience. She didn't want us to serve more drinks after 3 ordered. Whene the others table next to us were getting more!!! Privilege on white people??!! Really. When we all suppose to have equal right!!

Riya Dangi

Nice place.Good environment

Melanie B

Well organized leagues and friendly staff

Justin Sumner

Bowling is too much fun

Mitch Dore

First off JIM IS AWESOME! Great customer service and very nice funny and kind! We came in at 8:45pm for our first time ever visiting. Jim gave us the more affordable evening rate that didn't start till 9pm. Was really considerate of him since we didn't know and had never been. Bowling alley was clean and very fun! We had beers from the bar and then ordered nachos and sodas. They had all kinds of concessions even slurpees! I can't recommend this bowling alley enough. We drove from Issaquah to come visit and it was worth it! Thanks Jim for the excellent customer service!!

Vivek Gupta

Good place to pay bowling. Enjoyed a lot.

gd truex

Always a fun time

Sean Murphy

This place was awful. From the moment I walked through the door everyone was rude. The prices are ridiculous and you can’t pay per game. I paid almost $40 for one hour of bowling. Which was about 2 1/2 games because I spent so much time waiting for the tech to get my ball. It was stuck several times. I will never be back. You can bowl for $3 per game at any other bowling alley.

Sanjay Yadav

Decent n reasonable .Good customer service

Sara Cz

bowling is nice. food is expensive and prizes are cheesy

I need friends, but

Good food, fun bowling, only problem is the employees are slightly unfriendly, other than that, 4 stars!

Nicholas Zulueta

Good food and nice upkeep, but if you're looking to practice a few games you might want to call ahead to see if they're doing pay by game open bowling. Otherwise you'll have to pay by the hour. Wish this alley did more of the traditional style, but I get it. Alley has to make money to pay for all the cosmic bowling lights and screens. Guess I'll just practice elsewhere...

Kristen Deskin

LONG wait with many open lanes, very frustrating

G Xu

Love this place. Lot of fond family memory's of bowling night.


Fun, entertainment ,party... All in one

Vanessa Lattin

I'm a terrible bowler, but I love this place. I brought in a large group for my husbands birthday, and they were incredibly accommodating and helpful. I didn't make reservations in time, but we were still all able to get in and have a great time.

Sadaf Shayan

The snack was super low quality. I became sick after having their nachos.

Hunter Krech

Seriously make the trip out to kenmore lanes if your looking for a better atmosphere.

Vijay Govindarajan

Amazing neighborhood bowling place!

Honest RC

I love this place

Brian Trevethan

The facility is great, but the prices are WAY too high. $30 for one hour of bowling is crazy. Kenmore Lanes is a much better value.

Danny Carrao

Fun place, you won't be disappointed

Ace Momo

Love this place,the music the play is great,the bar is near the bowling lanes,l.The light up in there is amazing makes anything glow,love the set up,great for going with family or friends.Always fun to go there for some good ol fashioned bowling

Ale Cubillos

The place is too dark, they have rock/grunge music playing all the time. It'a not a fun place to go to with your family, specially seniors, the atmosphere gets you stressed out and you don't enjoy bowling, you just want to get out of there. I prefer white light bowling alleys

Michael Lerner

Fun atmoshpere always a good time with my friends. Bartender is awesome!

Pooja Shukla

It’s fun place.. It’s worth going there.

Steven Wagner

Good place to Bowl!

Pamela Martino

had a blast, but the prices are kinda high. $30 for an hour is insane lol. more than likely I wont be coming back

vamshi kalwa

A very family friendly place to have fun

Aaron Rist

Great place to have fun, and great employees.

Steve Shelley

Great staff,good food.

Seth Oberst

You guys need some pinball machines!

Tammy Kenney

Greasy balls and sticky floors

Jason Bryant

The bar was pretty good and the service was excellent from the bar and food services.

Anamaria L

Fun place to be on a Saturday night. A bit too loud after 9 pm and a lot hotter than it should be, especially in the mini-golf area. It can get really busy and the wait to get to play and to actually play can be a bit much especially when there is no aircon.

Rafael Toniazzo

Not expansive, good bowling!

sai nath Reddy

Good place to spend the evening.

Ken Egozi

Rude and unhelpful staff

Joe Clancy

Jay behind the desk was very personable.

Alex Hennis

It was my first time bowling in quite a while. No complaints. We had fun

Ivan Khrulenko

Bowling is fine. Arcade is not so great, but ok. They don't serve food/drinks at lanes. If you want a beer you have to go yourself. And no, you can't take a pitcher of beer. Pints only. Want fries along with beer? That's another window.

Dileep Kumar Kompala

Good place for hangouts...

Alan Gill

It's a family oriented place!!! Take the whole family!!!

PerfectlyRiver AtPosh

Bowling alley, plus prize games! Perfect for family fun

Jithendra Reddy Tippugari

Love this place . Especially the 15$/person offer after 9PM on fri/sat/sun

Gowtham Chandra

Lovely place to hang out with friends especially the deals you get thru groupon worth the time and money

Scott Powell

Great bar tenders. But never the same experience or menu when i go.

Luke Derome

We had a group of 8 people so we ordered a bottomless soda because one soda per person would have been like $30 so we got one big on e and we got 1 refill before they told us no more because they “knew what we were doing” but we ordered a bottomless soda and only got to drink 2 sodas on out “bottomless” soda.

James Whitman

The staff was very nice to us they let us finish our game even though we only paid for an hour we still had three frames left and they let us finish so we thank them for that and had a great time

Vegan Lady

Just another bowling alley. Nothing negative nor positive to say about this place. They serve food at the bowling alley, but their menu doesn't have many food options for those with dietary restrictions. If you want food eat before or after, as outside food is not allowed. This place is really close to Microsoft and therefore it can get really busy for team outings on work week nights

David Malekar

Great atmosphere with lights, music and video. Good selection from the cafe. Arcade section is pretty large. You win tickets from playing games or while bowling. Definitely a modern bowling experience.

Hemalatha Velappan

Had a fun weekend there! Clean and fun filled place

Irfan Sheikh

Best bowling place in this area

Evanne Ellis

Decent prices. Nice midnight bowling setup. Good arcade. Decent food selection.

A Boerum

The lane we were in had tech difficulties and our time was not restored. We paid $40 for 1 hour and lost 10min to the repair.

Steve Yegge

We bowl there a few times a year. It's a pretty fun place. The equipment is pretty good and the staff are nice. Actually the food and bar are pretty decent too, come to think about it. For bowling food, anyway.

Nachiket Dani

Good place and great atmosphere

Kelly Luxem

I love this bowling alley. They are infamous locally for their Cosmic X Bowl which features a DJ that plays hit music with music videos on big screens, colored lights, fog machine, etc. This is only for certain times a week. They do have reasonable prices especially when they have specials. Look at their website for deals. But even without a deal, you get standard prices compared to everywhere else. They do have pretty good food considering they are a bowling alley. This is generally my friends go to bowling alley.

Marie C

Unexpectedly long wait times for bowling and we have ran into rude employees before. Today's were nice however. Not much (fancy etc) but convenient.

Emilia Borisova

The bowling place is a lot of fun but some of the arcade games malfunction

Meleah Bailey

New to area and have tried to bowl without success on two occassions. Both times we arrived there were "no lanes left" and league starts in about 10 minutes. The gentleman at the front has been very unpleasant on both occassions without so much as making eye contact. The first time we encountered how poorly he treated another female staff member (who was flustered, but lovely) we agreed that although unprofessional and uncalled for, we did not know what he was dealing with personally and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Although we live right down the street and love bowling, the mistreatment from staff has been enough to keep us away from TechCity. Call me when there is new ownership and staff.

dandu sravani

Fun place to hangout with friends, but the food is lousy

Raith Arcana

Awesome bowling joint with lots of extras like a wall for playing arcade shooter games

Himanshu Sharma

They are open till 2am and cheaper from 12-2am 15$ per person.

Dmitry Kudriavtsev

Decent bowling... Food is very overpriced so I did not order.

Mike Koss

A decent enough bowling alley. I found the lanes not properly oiled (too oily down full lane length). And rental shoes and approach very sticky.

Rahul Vijayaragavan

It was a best place especially during xbowl.

team zero

If i could put 0 stars, i would

The Crouch's

Went here for my son's 7th birthday...we had a blast! Love the bumpers that go up and down, the music and atmosphere was great, good food, and fun arcade area. Overall, fun family experience!

Jared Wengert

Over 30 lanes, a friendly staff, and decent food. It's certainly worth a visit (pizza and wings were liked most).


Good place for a family time

Cole Jones

Good Lanes. Come after 9 on a weeknight for cheap unlimited bowling

Tyson Brady

Whenever we want to go bowling, we always go here. The best is midnight bowl, cheap for two hours of bowling. The DJ'ing is a little nerdy, but its a bowling alley so...

Anastasia Whitaker

Great family or any kind of fun! We ordered the Cider Seattle Beer and a sampler appetizer. It was so good, we ordered two! Good size for $10 , plus with an hour of bowling, perfect timing combo!

Mohammed Kabeer

Best available option in Redmond

Mahyar Sajadi

Very warm and lovely place. Good for family and children.

Hemanth Vemulapalli

DJ effects are good.

Ryan c

The bowling and group rates are great. The school tours are a lot of fun. The food could use some help.

Aaron Greene

Little bit expensive but beautiful lanes.

Aarushi Gupta

Good bowling ambience

Dan Dehnke

Good prices especially friday and saturday night for cosmic bowling

Dustin Repp

Best bowling in Kirkland! Fun for the whole family. Classic bowling alley atmosphere.

Sne Grace

Had an amazing time, friendly stuff and busy place

Bill Kasprzyk

Fun times with there disco bowl.

Max K

Music was too loud!! I was excited to come play the arcade but as soon as I walked in this place my mood dampered as the music was so loud I could not here the person I was having a coversation with! Besides the music being too loud, we got a bonus on one of the arcade machines and we did not recieve the 527 tickets it said we would! We got 3 instead. Did not even bother asking an employee to either get my tickets or fix the machine because I would have had to yell for them to hear me! Would not recommened coming here unless your ears are already damaged. Yikes!

Josh Massett

Good service. The dryest lane I have ever played

Iesha Honeycutt

JoAnn was the awesome party hostess for the boys' end of year soccer party. She really took care of us. Everybody had a terrific time! Thanks JoAnn!

dhiraj gupta

Great place for happy hour with friends

Chloe Fredell

Went here on a field trip. It was ok, but my friend got hurt and it was really crowded. Also their food is overpriced, and their bowling balls are really greasy. I don't think they clean them

Mohana Sundharr Ekambaram

Great fun bowling. Lights, music, smoke effect, family friendly.

Anirban Chaudhury

Good place for bowling..bit very crowded on weekends...

Priscilla Finch

A little overwhelming, but great fun

Vitaly Krew

After 9:30pm they host x bowl which is unlimited bowling until 11:30pm with a live DJ. Very fun!

Martin Pagel

One of the biggest bowling alleys left, latest equipment, great fun

S Mullai Arasu

It is a nice place to hangout with friends and I had fun

Sukeerthi Arya

I love there pricing. It's huge. It's more fun at night with all radium lights :) just love hanging out here on weekends

Lars Oldenburg

Tech City's a fun & great place to go bowling or to have BIRTHDAY parties & whatnot.

B Cruz

Great place for younger adults and teens. As an older adult I felt safe and blended in well while bowling. Good selection of bowling balls and they didn't get sick in the back stops! Staff was nice too! The bowling station spit out little tickets for kiddie arcade stuff. It was nice to end the Night by giving those tickets away to a random child and his dad.

Fred Wiesinger

Fun bowling center. Make a reservation though. If neon lights and loud music aren't your thing, make sure you check first about what times will be good for you.

Amanda Picard

By far the cleanest bowling alley I have ever been to! I will 100% be recommending this bowling alley to family & friends. The atmosphere is fun for all ages. Such a great place for family time! The kids that are not so much into bowling enjoy the gaming area. The adults like that there is a bar and the food options are great! The staffing was fun, energetic and very friendly. Enjoyed the music, lighting, overall a gem of bowling alleys! Will be returning again here soon!

James Morris

Super disappointed. We've been going there for years, and my son has spent countless dollars on their stupid games. Even the ones I explained to him, are impossible to win. So what happened? He won the Roku4 on the game. They don't keep the prizes in the machine for obvious reasons. He told someone at the counter, and he said, "yeah, sorry, we don't actually have that prize available. Here are your tokens back." 4 tokens for 1000's of game plays to get there? Rude, disappointing, and now you've lost us as customers for good.

Komal Singh Parihar

Great kid loved it

Robert Dawson

Overpriced for simple bowling.

Larry Jackson

Took my daughter for a birthday party. Had a great time with the other parents who stayed. Feel sorry for the parents who dropped and bailed. They missed out.

Der Xiong

It was empty when my family came in. Which is always nice. The steep stairs to get down to the alley sort of stinks though. The bowling shoes does not goes well with it (as someone who fell down)

Usama Shakeel

Great place to hangout with your friends. Memorial day weekend on a Sunday night, not too crowded. Food was good.

Trevor Eckhoff

TechCity is great but expensive to bowl.

Connor Wildey

Love this place! Prices are insanely good, especially on week nights. They also tout one of the best old fashioneds around. Food is actually pretty decent too.

kay s

It was so fun and a amamzing experience. We all loved it.

Ken Paterson

Normally great here. This time ball return took forever.

Karen Mayoral

It was so much fun, I hadn't been there in a while. My boyfriend and I paid 35 for one lane, plus shoes (it was 4 people in total). I think they take reservations over the phone but we just arrived 35 mins earlier, put our name down on a list, paid, and they gave us a wristband. In the man time we played at the arcade. From 12am-2am they have a DJ in the middle of the lanes. The music can make you want to dance. Super chill. They have a cafe and a bar. We ordered onions rings and coffee milkshakes. Overall a really fun experience. I'll probably be coming back soon

F Fellini

Good time and perfect neon place

Lisa Gergen

Great place!

Travis Willoughby

Put the bar area back to the way it was! Everyone working here is amazing but they remodeled the bar and ruined it :(


Ken has to be the most miserable customer service encounter I've ever dealt with. This alley is the closest to my house so I've brought my family a few times and each time Ken is even more of a jerk. Other lanes may be a 10-15 minute longer drive but trust me, it's worth it not to deal with the environment the Ken fosters. I'm assuming he's in management of some sort because that's the only explanation on why he still has a job.

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