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REVIEWS OF Spin Alley Bowling Center IN Washington

Nicole Ephraim

Service A

Zac Reichert

Great divey alley

Matthew Bowden

This was one of the most fun nights I had with my friends in the last few months. Prices were fairly cheap, food was moderately priced but not bad. Only ~15 lanes, but the place was not too busy for a Saturday night. All of the staff were very friendly. Music took me back, and then the Cosmic Bowling (the 15 minutes of it that we got before our game was up) was really fun. Would recommend to anyone and would definitely go back!

mike marckx

David Katsandres

Miae Aramori

Decent food friendly staff.

Sora Battey

Brent Bowden

Rebecca Hamilton

What a fun place to have a birthday party! I hadn't bowled in years but had a fun time with friends and family here. They have bumpers for the little kids and beer for the adults. The computer automatically keeps score so you don't have to know how to do all the fancy work. The shoes seemed clean and comfortable enough.

Amelia Terry

Kid friendly and good prices and good food. I like this bowling alley.

Jon Mitten

With nice, well-lit lanes and a cozy atmosphere, Spin Alley is one of the nicer bowling alleys in the north end. The staff is helpful when it comes to bowling. Like most other bowling alleys, there is no outside food allowed, and with a connection to a nice little pizza place, you can get pizza and soda, beer and wine to your heart’s content. However, there is no coffee. Coffee is one of those things that adults need when they’re accompanying throngs of children to bowl and have to stay alert and drive children home afterward. The arcade games don’t tell you how much they cost, so you need to blindly pour a double quarters into some of them. Tekken Tag Tournament was in the Killer Instinct cabinet, and the buttons were sticky, so the game wasn’t playable. The sound system is quite nice for the little place. Still, with a little extra care for the auxiliary entertainment and a pass on the coffee from outside, they could easily earn a 4th star.

Erica Holman

Kimberly French

Jeremiah Quinn

Brian Hohenstein

Icedwarf M

The usual bowling alley, with the funny little animations. Employee's were kind and helpful. People next to us kept on throwing balls into our lane and employee's helped us out

Eric Sather

Fun place for bowling. The food side needs work. The food staff were easily overwhelmed and lost track of all orders. All patrons were just going up and getting their cold food that sat and sat with no action from the server. Server had a public meltdown and bolted, I think she came back an hour later.

Stephanie Lynch

Tania and Michael

Great place for kid parties.

Patrick Donolway

Man, What a fantastic Experience! I went bowling last Weekend, 10/5/19 and the younger employee, I think his name was Shaun, was an exceptional worker! Always light on his feet, ready to answer whatever question is thrown his way. Seems to have a knack for mechanical work as well. Definitely coming back soon!

Deyanira Taupier

Shawn Overby

Not very busy easy to get a lane

CJ Allen

We had a kids birthday party here and it was great! Staff was friendly and helpful. Had a "cosmic" bowling with bumpers and laser lights. The food was okay and a bit slow, but overall would recommend this place for a kids party.

SeaTown Savage

Lanes are not oiled, food is disgusting.

Mike Guild

Pretty good bowling alley

Kim Glidden

This is a great bowling alley with a really good bar, nice employees and munchies too. I always have a good time there.

Connor Voelk

Not very transparent with pricing, management was not understanding. I bowled very poorly (60-90) and I normally am over 170 so idk what that means

Lawrence Fosnick Davis

Fun place.

Dianna Hobbs

Kids at the front counter were nice. Super inexpensive. Clean. Busy atmosphere.

Ben Horowitz

Had a blast. This place is perfect. The staff are super friendly. This place will be our spot for now on.

Elias Foreman

Shana McGowan

Shannon Grove

Fun, clean, and super nice

Ian Webb

My absolute favorite place in the world. Mason is the man, and the rest of the staff are nice and always helpful. Maybe one day I’ll break 130!

Johnny King

Had fun. Spent more than I am happy with. The lanes didn't function very well. I may go back someday.

Jon Gouy

Tammy Pullis

Good inexpensive place to come to bowling


Came here for my daughter's birthday,and the computer system was down,so all the people bowling were bowling for free,and we could not get on a lane because of a computer glitch,I guess in all fairness it probably was not there fault,but it is just funny that the one time you go to a bowling alley for the first time you can't even bowl.

spaghetti. exe

The staff was just the worst, they got angry at us for arguing to get our money back. I’m never coming back to this place again. They charged me when they weren’t because I had gotten the season pass but apparently they need the receipt and it was on the sign kids under 16 bowl for free but no, they made me pay and I’m under 16.

Sarah Tattersall

Spin Alley isn't worth the visit. I was hugely dissapointed with the outdated bowling alley, their new pricing model, and the employees attitudes towards me. Unless you're truly opposed to driving to West Seattle I'd recommend going to West Seattle Bowl instead, and here's why: West Seattle is considerably less expensive and offers more for your money too. It has better game play animations, different game play modes other than ten-pin, and automatic player-customisable bumpers. Additionally as of 01/31/2019 Spin Alley's new pricing feels dishonest. Their prices are advertised as per game, but if you miss scrolling to the bottom of the page for any reason you won't know that they're actually per person per game. I have no idea why they don't just write 'per person per game' when advertising their prices, and as such I mistakenly wound up having to pay $90 for four people to bowl for an hour and a half. When I expressed my confusion about the price at the end the staff were very condesending and it took them a while before they even told me about their pricing model. They also straight out lied and told me they were the cheapest. Overall I'm dissapointed with this bowling alley and would recommend to take your business elsewhere.

Alejandro Arias

K is for Keegan

Harley O'Neil, Jr.

It is always the best.

Monica Menchaca

Super clean space with friendly staff, makes bowling super FUN!

Mark Ernsting

Colene Anderson

Went for an afternoon special weekday. Shocked when told we could not use bumpers cause no one was under age 10. My son, 21 and uses bumpers everywhere else , including UW HUB. He has special needs and did not have a good time gutterballing. So we only played one game, then left. Not coming back. Ridiculous, manager scared bumpers will be ruined by teens. Other staff, the younger ones were nice.


It's bowling, fair price and fun atmosphere. You should go and bowl at Spin Alley!

Christopher Murcia

The cashier was just awful


Jesse Tyler

Had a great time, went back tonight and was super fun. Didn't catch the employees name that offered to bowl with me and my fiancee but he was great. Good people fair prices.

majed boos

Tanner Bush

Awesome. Good prices. Friendly staff. I'm here right now 2/7/2017 it's 1:15pm and the gentleman working here has a great sense of humor and he's been super helpful. I never leave reviews. Ever. But this place had some negative reviews, and I wanted to inform people this is an awesome place! Thanks guys, you have my business =)

Evgeni Natovski

Dovolen sum :)

Juan Manuel Guiriray Gonzalez

Muy buen lugar para pasar el día buen bar buena comida y es bastante accesible. Buen servicio y económico lo recomiendo

Sean Hill

karl gerde


Amanda Arreola

The Most expensive Bowling Experience... Dull atmosphere I will never go here again

Sean M

Clean facility with some good food choices available

Chris Battey

We had our son's birthday party here, and he had a great time. The people at Spin Alley made it easy for us and fun for everyone!

Nils Janson

Pretty small so it's feelt crowded.


Very Nice Staff. I love to practice here. Leagues are a blast here. Every one knows each other. Good food and drinks!

Matthew Hopkins

Great place to come and do some bowling. Staff was friendly and didn't even charge me for my shoes because I knew one of their regulars!

Nia Ruvalcaba

It was our first time here, pretty affordable 3 people played at $5.50 a game, if something went wrong, the staff was on top of it. We had a pizza and my husband had a beer for $24. We did have a lady reprimand us for how my 2 year old was using the rail to help her bowl, but later she came back and gave my 4 year old some pointers on how to bowl. Other than that. We had a good time.

Musab Fadul

Ricky dizzle

Great atmosphere, low to average equipment. Lane conditions not suitable for high end bowling gear. Floor and approach dirty, lane conditions poor, pin rack and ball return in poor operating condition. For fun bowling with house equipment (house shoes and house balls) this place seems perfect. I'm new to the area and need a new house to call home. I called spin alley and spoke with a gentleman who was well versed in our discussion topic which led me to believe I've found my new home. When I arrived and checked in to rent a set of lanes, I was confronted with a very rude and unprofessional woman. As I waited at the counter for service, she ignored me and continued on with her private conversation. After 6 minutes of waiting, I finally asked if their was another person working that could help me. Her reply was rude. I planned on practicing at least 10 games but the lane conditions were too poor and my ball kept getting stuck in the ball return. I was there for almost 2 hours and only bowled 2 games. Maybe I showed up on a day that this house is not maintained. Maybe not. Either way my experience was less then desirable.

Alan Loveless

Great staff and bowling. They always go out of their way to help.

Beverly Hawkins

Great appetizers

Kelly Delahunty

Service could have been better.. classic bowling alley though.

Adrian Zakrzewski

Egirl Kalamanani

First time here with the kids. Loved how small and clean it was. The restaurant wasn't open and I had hungry kids so I was able to bring in snack to tie them over. I definitely will bring the kids back. Very affordable outing especially during the summer since I signed up for free kids bowling program.

Dante Cobb

Me and my children loved it. Not to busy, very clean, and had enough equipment for all sizes!

Noah Bleeker

damn bro i really won $10 at my youth group and didnt even do that well

Michael Peterman

Good family bowling alley.

Garrett Landry

A smaller bowling alley but they've done a lot of work on it over the last few years to improve it. Their cosmic bowling has improved a lot and is quite fun. Check out the place. They have good food too

Jennifer Shackleton

drren ercksn

Small place, Kid friendly, clean neighborhood

Randal Southam

Compared to other bowling alleys in the Seattle Area, Spin Alley is very nice. Clean, modern, comfortable, and reasonably priced. There are many HDTV monitors throughout the entertainment center and the staff is very helpful and friendly. Really a cool family-focused business.

Betty Ireton

I'd rate this no stars if I could. We held our 6 yr old's bday party at Spin Alley last week. We made the booking 2 weeks in advance and paid our deposit. On the day of the party, we show up at 10:45ish only to find out they open at 11. How were they going to give us our full hour of bowling, if they open when the reservation is made for. 10 min before 11, the guy tells us we have a problem. The cook does not arrive till 1pm. Our party is over at 1. The party package includes one hour of bowling + one hour of table rental + 1 pizza + 1 pitcher of soda + bowling pin for the birthday kid. Seeing as to how I had 10 kids with me (I paid for 2 full packages), we opted to move the party to 12, so the kids still had their pizza party. We haul everyone to the park for 45min then make our way back. We get bowling, and 30min in, the kids are hungry. So at 12:30 I order french fries, and mini corn dogs, since the guy can only make us fryer food without the cook. Bowling ended at 1 and for 1/2 hour we had nothing to do!! I had to make a whole lot of change and let the kids play on the arcade games and buy junk toys from the vending machines. Our pizza arrived BEFORE the fryer food. Fryer food was cold. It took 1 hour to dump frozen fries in the fryer and bring it out to a starving party of kids! The cincher…..they charged an automatic 15% tip!! DO NOT HOST A PARTY HERE!!!

Amber Avery

Been here 2 times. First time was with a group on 3 years ago. They were rude, and had terrible service. Went again and was happier with the service No food in house. But they have food from neighboring restaurants that bring it to your table.

Tai Davis

It's small and out of the way but its ok

jared gamble

The arcade games haven't been fixed in over a decade. Which is a basic summary of the ownership's comprehension of customer service. Why be satisfactory when you can do the absolute minimum possible to get people in the door?

mark hovland

One hour to get a burger. Bad service

Ramun McCallum

I'm so glad to have discovered this neighborhood gem! Classic bowling alley with food, beer, an arcade, and lots of lanes. We were able to walk in Friday evening and get a lane for the family. Friendly staff and quick service.

Michael Shields

Steve Grappo

Nice local alley with micro brew, Italian and Asian food options.


Bowling is always fun, and who cares if you can't get a strike. While you are trying to keep out of the gutter, treat yourself to a great meal at the in house restraint.

Heather Johnson

Great family bowling alley!

Roy Mannix

Clean, small but big enough, great environment. Exceptional service. We will be back

James Fleming

tulasi ram

Greg C

Staff are nice, facility is clean, food is yummy, and we always have a great time here.

Sue Hewett

Went there for my granddaughter's 20th birthday with the family and had the best time in my life. I did better than I thought since I haven't played in a long time. We paid so much money but we had fun so I have to look past that but I would never go back on a day where they don't have a discount because it was a shock to get our total.

Cathy Cartoon

Rhonda Hunter

Service was top notch. They were busy and still were quick to respond to issues.

Lindsey Honka

Owen at the desk was very nice, welcoming and pleasant. He had a great energy. The service was fantastic. We will definitely be back. Our experience was great!!!

Kevin Work

Had a good time rolling a couple games with my buddy Vin.

Damon Pistulka

Spin Alley is a great little neighborhood bowling alley. We go there with our teenage kids just because it is a great place to spend some time having fun. The TV's and lane graphics are great. Food is good as well!

Jamie Cook

Why time limits on the lanes software?

Bruce McLaughlin

Great bar for our friends bday party.. Played our music as requested.. But Damn the lanes SUCK... BAD! no oil... Your shoes STOP. Zero slide. Beat kind of alley doesn't slide.. The balls gave zero oil in the lanes.. .. Again none! Come on guys.. Make it half way decent.. Lanes SUCK!

Sarah Taylor

Brian Starr

This bowling alley is okay. I do think it requires a bit of maintenance, and for the price they are charging, maybe an update too! The first lane we were at broke down and then the pins kept getting stuck in the gutter. Overall this is a fine place to go, but don’t expect anything too fancy. (The staff is friendly and courteous.)

Waren Taylor

Awesome place Very fun and family friendly place Highly recommend to Family fun time here

Nicolas Peggy

Fun place especially the cosmic bowling. They also have all the old video games like Pac Man and Donkey Kong.

fischer evers

Great service great bowling alley

Robert McClure

Super fun atmosphere and friendly service

Caleb de los Angeles

Pretty stellar place for bowling. Isn't super crowded, loud or busy. Had one hickup with a lane not working, but the system figured itself out. What can you expect of a bowling alley? Definitely would come again.

Kenrick JORUS

A bit old, which bowling alley isn't? We had fun, it had been a long long time since I had gone bowling.

Connor Rhead

The arcade machines never work and you never get your money back.

Jessemine Fung

Cute place that is a throw back to the good ol' days!

Daniel Black

So fun! Great alley for cosmic night.

Shaddow Dembitsky

Maia Hammy

It's bowling like you remember as a kid-- small set of lanes, get your shoes and pick your ball, have some fries and a soda while you play with friends, and eventually get out of the way for league play. Easy to hang out and watch. Does get a little loud at times.

Shawn Frank

I have always enjoyed going bowling here. It is always clean, and the staff is friendly.

Connor Pittman

Whoever closed on 8/8/19 is the best employee ever. Such a kind guy! He was super nice to us, and went out of his way to make our night better. Plus he offered to wait with us until our uber arrived. Please promote this man! Also let us know what his name is so we can thank him personally.


Good bowling alley, karaoke was WAY too loud. Had to practically scream to talk to my friends

JeTCaR Btw

Fun bowling alley! Lots of different food and arcade options too for those not wanting to bowl. It is clean, and the staff are friendly.

kevin anderson

I have been in one of the bowling leagues here for four four years, and its a great place, it will be exciting what the new kitchen does!

Jerry Smith

Fun for the whole family

Malia Ambata

Rusti Beauchamp

Chinese restaurant inside building great pizza, burgers are pretty good too.

Abhishek kumar


Jeremy Sea

Clean with friendly service, a full bar, and really good pizza.

Nathan Wheeler

Brandon Dang

Very fun, neat and organized every single time I went there. The employees were very friendly and polite which helped my experience. The food from the restaurant isn't really the best and wasn't cheap. There weren't many people there when my group of friends were there. Prices vary depending on the day and time that you are bowling, but the rates weren't terrible.

Ramon Saavedra

The food is amazing I love beef Ginger stir-fry

Cora Martin

Lynn Kocher

So much fun. Love Jean.

William Henkens

We had a blast. Really good pizza too!

Lianah Shrope

Great Place! Good rates! We had a wonderful time!

Jen Bowhey

Air conditioned, clean, good people, great pizza! I recommend the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza with Tomatoes and Green Onions- it's divine. Gutters and other helpful stuff for kids including light balls 4-10 pounds. Can't say enough good things about this place!

Andie Plasterer

I have been to this alley two time. The first the cashier was rude about my daughter needing to change the shoe size and the restaurant would not remake the food because they messed up on it. Today we went again and the restaurant was nice they help us right away but still the cashier was rude. He accused my daughter of not putting money in a video game and treated me like I was a piece of crap because I was trying to get things out of the toy vending machines and it did not give it to me. He asked me very rudely did u even put money in the machine? That is not how u treat a paying customer.

Connor O'Neil

This is my favorite bowling alley because it is family friendly and always seems clean. Although it can be super busy on the weekends, I have gone to several birthday parties, new years parties, and hosted a few get together here. Every time I have gone, the food has been good, the bowling has been fun, and the service has been good. Totally recommend it.

Cathy Brennan

Nice place to bring small kids.

Ashley Hill

We spent the evening here bowling. The food was great and the staff were attentive and kind. The manager, Brayden, took song requests and was generally very accommodating. We will be back!

Andy G.

Fun local family vibe. Next door to two mediocre restaurants. Some video arcades, table hockey, and several bowling lanes. Close to an amazing beach park (Richmond Beach Park).

Matt Smith

Andie Solar

Loved it with our 6 year old! Staff was very friendly and it was very clean..I'm not sure why people keep saying it's outdated in reviews.

Stacy Who

Great people, good times. Small bowling alley, big heart!

Keerat Sharma


The place was surprisingly clean for a bowling alley and organized too! What I wasn't happy with was the service. We had a ridiculously crappy incident with some of the staff from there...while the owner from the restaurant attached tried to make up for it it still just put stress on what was supposed to be a fun stress free night.

Daryl Ducharme

Great place for a party. Kids and adults can have fun.

Pinky LaFata

Kristina Wishart

That One Guy

It's a family friendly family owned business that is a great experience from beginning to end. Great place I plan on going back very soon

Carol Ford

Thomasa Mccown

we always have a great time here!

Joan Twan

Great place, nice staff, very good with special needs children + I just learned today that all business profits are given to charity. They have my support.

Mary Dalton

They failed to tell us to register first in order for kids to bowl free. But they had a huge sign outside that said, " kids under 16 bowl free all summer" We even stood at counter and my grandson said well kids are free. Later they claimed they didn't hear us and the sign said " ask for details". Very Poor customer service!

Nitin Chopra

Love this place. Brayden was amazing. He helped teach the kids in the group how to bowl. First time visitor turned into a long time customer! Small town neighborhood feel! Thank you again guys for an amazing time. #a+ #lovedit

David Facey

Nice friendly people...Not busy in the a.m. week days...Not sure about weekends..


Great cosmic bowling! Make reservations though....

Dennis Mahoney


Mildred Edwards

This place is a blast

David Bechtel

Lisa Rogers

So fun friendly staff

Ralph Sorensen

Ate at Ginos pizza and pasta. New set up. Foods ok. We had pizza. Not a frozen pie.

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