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REVIEWS OF Lucky Strike Bellevue IN Washington

Rishabh Pandey

Good arcare good games. Amazing bowling. The girls are so-so

Brody Fitzsimmons

Lucky strike has been a destination since I was 19 and I'm 24 now. It's a great place to let loose with friends where you can do a wide range of activities. From bowling, to dancing, playing pool, to the wide range of arcade games and delicious food, this place is nothing short of excellence. Went here for my 21st as well as my brother's bachelor party. Great place for milestones like those most definitely.

Balaji BABU T.R.

Excellent place for playing snooker

Heather Hankins

We had a bowling/ arcade birthday party package. It was an expensive and high end place for a teenage birthday party. But, you get what you pay for too. The staff takes care of everything so all the customer has to worry about is having fun family time. We had to reschedule due to weather and medical issues and they were very accommodating.

Ryan V

Very good value. We had a work function here. Couldn't have been better. Bowling was great. Arcade has plenty of options. Food was descent for the price. Staff was polite and attentive. Good draft beer selection

wendy zheng,

This is by far the best bowling alley I’ve been to!

Christopher Schultz

I can't say how the lanes were, as I was using them for their pool tables and alcholol. Excellent environment, good condition pool tables not so great on stick selection, I had my own fortunately. Service was top notch and great family fun night or out with the boys.

Faridah Mutesi

You should go there and have a good time.

Charles Shearman

Lucky strike is awesome. One of the best bowling alleys I've been to. They have great food and awesome staff. The lanes look great the way the lighting is set up. I would recommend this place to anyone. If you like bowling and your near Bellevue don't hesitate to check it out

Michael Td Roberts

Lucky Strike in downtown Bellevue is the perfect place to play bowling in a modern facility which is very inviting and entertaining. Lots of bowling lanes, private room, various video games throughout and good service. Saturday nights are pretty ghetto, unsavory clients, OK DJ but there free filtered water near the bar. #localguides

Dharmaraj Patil

Overall a place which you can consider. We did bowling, atmosphere was fun, food was also good.

Vinay Devaraj

Nice alley with good food and beverages

Art Atencio

The music was very good. The drinks were reasonably priced. The crowd was very young. The dance floor stayed full after 11pm. A good first visit.

Chang I-Ting

This popular chain restaurant here in Bellevue Seattle is ok. The service is good and the food has ok. It's above typical Taiwanese places in the US, but certainly not quite to the location in Taiwan. Some of the dishes are Americanized in my opinion. However, the taro and chocolate steam dumplings are most excellent.

mikail johnston

Great place to play arcade games, and have a nice game of bowling. Arcade has many choices, and the bowling alley is very well maintained.

Hannah Kelly

Really cool place! The games are awesome and the prizes are pretty cool too! Lots of fun for families, plus they have adult only access after ten and stay open till two am. Great date night place!

Joseph H

Great place, nice people and was super fun for me and my girlfriend

Nicole Busby

I've been to Lucky Strike for their New Year's Eve party and Halloween party, a random Friday night, and a few corporate private parties. It's surprisingly got a lot of people on Saturday nights and Friday nights are kind of dead. Also the dance floor in front of the bowling area where there are private suites is way more popular than the EDM dance floor in the arcade area. The bar is pretty large, so not too hard to get a drink even if it's packed. The drinks are standard DT Bellevue prices. The arcade is actually pretty fun :). We drunkenly bought a $50 game card last time we were there to play only a few games of air hockey, but we actually managed to come back in the day time and play skeeball with that same card! Another pro about this place is that on weekends they have pretty thorough metal detector and bag checks at the door, making me feel really safe and I appreciate it a lot. The New Year's Party was a blast and I def prefer that over the Halloween party. The costume contest was... Alright... Not a lot of people were even in costumes they made themselves and entered into the contest. The NYE countdown on the other hand was super exciting in the EDM floor.

Josh Oberg

Fun times, bowling expensive, arcade games reasonably priced, drinks good

Jafar Ila

Everything was fine until it turned into a night club. It's a bowling place. Don't confuse your founding principles in order to sell drinks.

Jyoti Panthangi

Family visit onceawhile is ok.

Collin O'Neill

While it was an awesome place and a pretty dam cool ambiance with lots of things to do bowling dancing video games even pool tables I can't get over the prices... wow, I don't drink alcohol the friends I was with do so after buying 4 drinks for them I waited over an hour to finally get my card back and the price.... I'll say again, WOW!

Senthil Arunachalam

Fun to spend time on weekends

John the XCAR

Fancy bowling alley with a bar. Not my scene but you might like it.

John Salguero

As an arcade/dance club/bowling alley it was great. Comfortable seating, staff is friendly and good looking, food is exactly what you'd expect (not particularly good for you, but still tastes great). Definitely would recommend.

Gabriel W.

Fun, clean, great place. Something you should keep in mind, however, is you pay by the time, not by the round. For us, 2 rounds was about an hour and a half, but just consider that before coming. As any bowling alley is, it is pretty dark, so keep that in mind as well. I enjoyed it very much.

Vishal Kumar

Good place for kids

Baltazar Beta

It's a good place to relax and have some fun

Jakob Kubicki

This place mixes bowling and an arcade for a very fun time. Unfortunately when I was there about half of the arcade machines weren't working. Otherwise, really fun spot.

Nate Larson

Cool place, but HELL LA Expensive. Just go and play and have fun, then worry about the bill later. Bowling balls they have there already look like they've been rolled down 20,000 miles of bad freeway.

That French Guy

Good alley, the crew isn't great though

David Rodriguez

Bit pricey but the food and service was excellent

Jessica Gombasy

A very fun place for a date night! My husband doesn't care for bowling, and he even loved it! Great food (the Cuban was great!) And the drinks were good too! The food and drink is a bit slower than I'd expect, but that may have been a fluke. Great place, we will return!!

Andres Rivero

Cool, could be quieter. Especially in the non party time hours.

Mike Jones

Nice place ...great set up ...Angry Orchid on tap

Genoviva Shelnut

Amazing place to hang out with friends!

Shelley Rose

I went just to dance. Great DJ's and crowd. The bouncers walked me out of the building made me feel safe. The bartenders were on the rude side. If you can't handle a big crowd of drinkers get a different job. I only had 2 drinks and my second was towards closing and was full they either just snatched it up not saying anything or someone took it. Either way I told the bartender and he was just rude, I didn't want him to give me anything just acknowledge it. Hey bartender get into a different industry and stop treating women as second class citizens.

John Harrison

Actually 5 star establishment for entertainment, cleanliness, food/drink options, and service. 4 star for bowling (real bowlers probably want to else where), and 3 star for price. Overall great time.

Peter Glenn

Great place with lots to do and good food for a bowling alley. Came here for a work party. Would definitely recommend to others.

Damaris Davis

Great location. It was definitely a fun night out.

Liz Llamas

Loved it good drink's, good music had fun


Take my kiddo here to play the games often. And it is a great place for company party's. They got bowling, food, booze, and arcade games.

Ingrid Boone

Fun games and good chocolate milk.

Darren Gertz

Fun! Friendly staff, clean environment reasonable pricing all things considered.

Santhosh Divyanathan

Unprofessional rude staff ..pouncer should know his limit &should learn how to talk with customer...

pradhuman swami

Fun place to be during weekend nights.


Like Dave n busters! Pretty much a great place to be a big kid

Daniel Greene

Good prices lots of games for all ages wich equals lots of fun. They clean this place often and decorate for different seasons. This is a must stop for families

mitzy zavala

The bouncer accused me of having a fake id, he didn't question or anything (like you are supposed to) just flat out told me he wasn't going to accept my id because he was confident it was fake. I had to bring out my DACA id to prove it wasn't faked. Super unprofessional.

Wayne Levinson

Bowling here is great. The places gets really busy on Saturday and they will not accept lanes reservations. If you're planning to bowl make sure you have a member of your party go and check-in for a table 3+ hours before everyone wants to get there. Also the place turns into a night club atmosphere at about 10-11pm on Saturday. Other than that the place is super chill

samuel Mata

Took my daughter here! She loved it! We had lots of fun! Its not the biggest arcade but will keep a child busy for a couple hours!

Bora Yalcin

Cool place but needs to get updated. Bowling balls are 20 years old.

Andrew Bassett

Pretty small bowling alley so expect to wait for a lane. But, otherwise fairly nice. Also, expensive overall even for Bellevue.

Mitch Dore

Lucky is a nice place to have fun in Bellevue.

Noel Tiongson

Great place to go on a first date. Or take your wife out. Music is on point and it's nice to have security around.

Ben Talley

Great place. The staff here are incredible as well as the food

Gary Davis III

place has awesome games good deals. but when it turns into a club on Friday-Saturday. it really does suck. Everyone think they are to good for you. you are partying in a arcade/ bowling alley come on now. get real.

Matthew Latterell

As far as the video games go I really like the place I did not play bowling alleys or eat there though so I have no idea on that aspect

Mr. E

I went to a show here specifically to see the headliner Birthdayy Partyy. The website said it ended at 2 am. I got a stamp on my wrist when I went in, then went back to my car for a bit while the opener was still on, then came back around 1:30 am when the headliner was on. The entrance was gated off and they wouldn't let me enter.

Daniel K. Ofori-Dankwa

Fun place with a lot to do

Emjay Byers

great place for groups of friends to have a good time.

Ramananda Kumar Janamanchi

Good place to relax.


I had a company team event here a few weeks ago and worked with their Event Manager Jeannie. She was fantastic and flexible. I gave Jeannie my request on budget, headcount and expectations. Her response time was fast. That wasn’t the only best thing about the initial negotiation and contract process. Her staff was also on point throughout the event to ensure our guests were checked on frequently. We had an issue with the bowling monitor on one lane and our waitress Raquel immediately took care of it. The seats accommodated more than everyone in my party and they were also well kept and cleaned down.

Tangela Trammell Jones

Love this place but the music is not keeping up with the time

A Amanda

Fun arcade and bowling alley, which transforms to a popular dance club on the weekends.

Pa Sha

Great place to have a company retreat at. Place is quiet enough for everyone to have a conversation and the fun never stops, for both the adults and kids.

Joe Prime

My kid likes the arcade here. Didn't actually go bowling but played lots of games. Also I like the idea of virtual tickets linked to your game card.

Rajeev Bector

Food is highly avoidable here. It's a good space to get a bunch of people together but I wish they had a broader drink selection and upgrade their food quality to match what much cheaper places seem to be able to offer.

Noushin Maktabi

Fun place for kids and adulys. Food arcades bowling and drinks all in one place


Over crowded mess.


Fun place to dance and drink... Beautiful people everywhere. Nice doormen.

Judy Rae

If you're going to bowl, play games then this place is fun. If your going to dance and listen to music not so fun. They are trying to grab too much of the Bellevue life as a one stop shop. They need to embrace they are a bowling alley and yes they have arcade games, just like every other bowling alley out there. If you want a night club this is not the place, try the Parlor upstairs. If you want to play games buy an Xbox. Again, place is fun if your in the city and want to bowl. Staff is friendly and the bathrooms facility are clean.

Noel Gosal

Quality video games. Tickets are all electronic.

safil sunny

Went for Telerik party. Food was okay but overall experience was good

Asad Khan

Nice and clean place for bowling

Conny Thom

Wow! So much fun! Danced the night away and celebrated a birthday!

Fredy Lopez

Pretty cool, upscale adult play area. They have an arcade, a bowling alley, and a club/bar area. Expect to pay more than your local bowling alley if you want to bowl a game or two though.

Dennis Jennings

Nice bowling ally food price

syl barcena

Nice place to play games & bowling.

Tanner Puhlman

It was fun just wish they had more options, and maintained machines a bit better. Enjoyed my time and loved the car racing games.

kaushal kumar

We were here for a team outing and we enjoyed it to the fullest. The bowling alley length is on the shorter side and the balls are very old and have grooves in them. Makes it challenging to roll it straight.

Kim Uttley

Cool place. Had a private work event so we were able to get a few lanes and a bar to our group.

Luke Hartsock

Bowling is great, family friendly with good food and drinks. A bit spendy, but that's what you have to expect in downtown Bellevue (can't imagine what their rent / lease terms are!?)... The arcade leaves something to be desired. Not many real arcade games (i.e. video games) a lot of chochky games for tickets, games of chance etc. That side of the establishment is a bit hackneyed. All in all a good place to take the family (but not on a budget

Amazon Prime

Very good place to play fun arcade games & go bowling

Manan Pancholi

Awesome place to dance the night away with an awesome crowd.

David Han

I was surprised to see that lucky strike pretty much turns into a night club during the weekends and it was packed! Also loved how there were two sides with two different genres playing so you had options. They played bangers all night so it was definitely worth it.

David Burg

Just not at the level of quality place, food and entertainment I appreciate. Young adults, teen and kids will certainly have a very different perspective of the same.


Great place to enjoy fun with family and friends!

Yaani Mani

Where do I even start... The lane was literally tilted, there was basically no oil, and the price was ridiculous. I would never recommend this place to anyone and it was such a disappointment as someone who enjoys bowling so much.

viswaratha reddy

Friday night dance floor is awesome!

chandler smith

Best video arcade around

Tracy To

Lil guy loves this place

KatMat N

Great game place for bowling and other games. Kids love it too.

Nicholas Travica

Consistency is a selling point for this place. You always get what you expect when coming here. Sadly no more but Thankfully no less.

jeff allison

I love the location of lucky strike. Its in the heart of Lincoln square. Great place for the family to bowl, play video games, or have a burger.

Nilesh Shah

Very good place for bowling

Aly DeSimone

This place is a rip-off. Wanted to make a reservation for Saturday night prime time at 9PM. Firstly, they advertise lanes are $65 online when you go to make a reservation. Then, when you get there it's somehow $60/ hr per lane. You are required to pay 50% online when you make a reservation. When our entire party showed up, the cashier said it was $60. Now granted, I didn't speak up at the time of payment the cashier should have seen that $30 was already paid and only $30 remaining was due. Red flag. That's $90/hr for 1 hour bowling we did. The cashier was talking very fast and I'm sure that's how Lucky Strike gets you to spend more money. Kinda swift just like a car dealership. The online reservation system advertises that it's a $20 food & beverage minimum per person when you get there. Well, our server only showed up once and never came back. Terrible service. What $20 min? That's a joke and needs to be edited immediately. Sorry not going back. I can go to a crappier bowling alley with wider lanes, more lights, and better service.

Wander Tot

Super fun environment! Love talking wth the show guys! They are funny, and are great assets to the team and experience:)

myhre eng

During the day great place for the family on the weekends it is a nightclub

Mike M.

The bowling balls were all dinged up really bad. Other than that this place was pretty good.

Nachiket Dani

Overpriced, overhyped. Definitely more places out there that are wayy more fun than Lucky strike

Nathan Rasmussen

Overall not bad, but they need better video games!

Stephanie Jones

Lots to do, drinks, food gaming and dancing! I only deducted 2 stars because a particularly nasty bouncer yelled at me for taking off my shoes while I was sitting down.


Just for the record I will never be coming here again. Let me give you a recommendation: try Suite instead for a different night club, nicer place and better drinks. Food is actually edible too. Lucky strike staff is incredibly rude and if something goes wrong they have a "screw you" attitude, no customer service whatsoever. I'd say skip this place if you can.

StickyFn gerz

I really loved this place and would enjoy on going again.

Crystal McClelland

Had a great party In the private bowling room. Service fron Scott and Raquel were great.

Margarita Pavlyshyna

Great place and good time spend. Make sure you have your ID with you as they require you to be 21 to enter since there is a bar

Zack Ray

Very well-kept bowling alley. Maybe I only think that because all I have to compare it to is Kenmore Lanes before they made it non-smoking and Tech City but hey. Arcade is all right but likely is a lot better now considering it's been awhile since I've been there.

Brianna Kadem

Had a really fun time bowling here. The place is nice and appeared clean. Only complaint is the food, the burgers tasted frozen and overall weren't good. No one in our party who had burgers enjoyed them. Expected a little better for what the cost of them were. Go here for the experience and fun atmosphere and maybe eat somewhere else.

Paul Brown

Atmosphere is unbelievable.... Great arcade, Great Drinks

Gervase Henson

Great atmosphere and good food. (A little too dark to see the markets on the lane though.)


Club/bowling/arcade mix. Weekend night fun for adults and family friendly during the day

ICe Kofi

Family friendly fun spot to hangout for the day. Lucky's is located in a very nice area within the mall.

John Mc

The pace is fine. Some of the clientele are total douches.

Shenica White Scarpino

My family loves coming here whenever we are in Bellevue. It can get very busy on thr weekend so book ahead if you can.

Mike Ploeg

They only cater to one kind an my Ariat hat wasn't allowed but many other guys had hats with basketball an baseball teams on it an wearing them I think they are scared to tell people no hats! An they don't know what lines are when your waiting to get a drink. They serve any an everyone that just cuts an shoves there way in. Not a very professional place what so ever!

Michael Westover

Fun, but the whole place is a little worn. Needs a refresh.

Brian Baldridge

Place is amazing. A little pricey, but well worth it. Leagues above your normal bowling.

Michael Barto

I've been here a few times and while it is not cheap, they provide a really good experience and atmosphere. Four of us tried to bowl two games in an hour which in hindsight was a little ambitious, but we came close. The staff were very kind to let us finish the last frame for the last player when we ran out of time. The arcade is also awesome.

Amit Dey

Comfortable seating was a highlight as compared to other bowling venues.

Kyle Kern

Not a bad spot to meet up for a few drinks and low key games

Brad Jones

Nice spot for a little fun and drinks. Have been here a few times just with friends and a corporate event in the private space. Pretty good food and service.

Mike Danner

Decent food. Fun games.

Sterling Gurney

Ghastly prices! Friday is $50/hour per person. Lemme get this straight. $150 for two kids and me? Thanks but no thanks. We left.

Kelly Welch

For a free to enter place, it's great!!! Just a little too loud on the dance floor

Kerry Smith

Super nice and friendly staff.

Varun M C

Nice ambiance and a lot of lanes, friendly staff and good food. A tad bit expensive.

Amal Dev

Great place to hang around. Very good bowling alley and food and drinks was too good

Mike K

My kid loves this place. Cool games. We always have fun.

Vitaly Gerasimov

No so bad

Nicole Solano

We booked a 2 hour party package at Lucky Strike. While pricey, they made the experience super easy and super fun. Food and drinks were replenished at a good pace. We had an ice cream cake they even kept in the freezer for us. They definitely made the surprise party special!

AVG 0603

Nice place to hang around and do shopping

Brian Cornell

Strange for a bowling alley, not what I'd expect. The food was really good though and it was fun. I was there for a company event so I have no idea if the prices are reasonable.

Kelly Carlisle-Hunter

Loved the Private Boweling Lanes and Awesome staff!

Ron Hubbard

Great party. Good food. Fun bowling.

Idiot Chris

The lane was broken 39% of the time, but the wings were great.

Ryan Johnson

Had some fun with our niece in the arcade portion, very crowded and so-so game assortment. Drinks and food at the bar, also mediocre. Didn't bowl. All-in-all nothing terrible but nothing stood out.

vic tha

Just not my thing, probably perfect for young people

Alex Grant

It's a good time! The DJs were trying a little too hard and switching the music every 30 seconds, but there's plenty other stuff to do if you don't like that

Scot Garcia

Staff was excellent, drinks were good, and the games were a blast.

Carmelita Calo

Family loved the food. It came fast enough, before our movie and it was so good. Hubby was surprised how good it was.

Steven Martin

Nice party area. Food was good. There could have been a bigger beer selection though.

Rai Friedman

Fun arcade games, all ages can have fun! Awesome start wars x-won't fighter game!

Cassandra Riehm-Pazos

Danced during the 21 and over after 10pm night. Had fun. Good music. 2 dance floors, each with different vibes.

Fabiana Orben

Would not recommend to anyone .

Miranda Newcombe

My kids and I love it here! It is an awesome bowling alley and arcade combination! It is clean, well run, everyone is friendly and helpful. Even the food is top rate! I highly recommend going here.

alex bezuglyy

The bartender here really hooked it up with those AMF's! They were so strong that my friend was asked to leave because he couldn't stand anymore!

Toni Hollis

Love the atmosphere. Great private area for private parties. The food was super. Fresh and really tasty.

Shawn Woodard

What can I say about Lucky Strike. It was great my wife and I wanted to relax and unwind after our tulip farm adventure and we had a blast!! The guy behind the counter was polite and got us our bowling shoes and set us up with 3 games. A lovely bartender came over to our lane.We got a few drinks a pizza and some fried macaroni and cheese bites!! The Mac& cheese bites were off the chain!! Its a great place to hangout and have fun. I highly recommend Lucky Strike when your in bellevue for sure!

Annpowerplay Ward

Kid leave at 10 PM that's great so adult's can play

Roy Kowalski

Lots fun bowling, full bar, great arcade for the kids ( and adults too)!

Norman Vadnais

Great group fun!

Ajit Bhalla

Fun joint. Turns into a night club in the evening.

Brandon O'brian

Friday nights at Lucky Strike in Bellevue is pretty weak but the good part is theres free water near the bar.

Huy Nguyen

Super fun. Open at 11am ;)

Jing Li

Hosted a happy hour corporate event at Lucky Strike for ~30 people. We rented 2 bowling lanes and the 2 pool tables for the evening, and such had a blast that we ended up extending our event for a few more hours. We got an array of appetizers to share - loved the fried Gouda Mac and cheese bites! Subtracting a star as Lucky Strike didn't have great vegetarian / vegan options with actual vegetables. If you want to get a veggie tray for your event, you'll need to order ahead. If you're hosting an event and debating the regular bar package or the drink tickets, definitely go with the package as the drink tickets are a bottleneck to manage with a large group.

Cristyan Quintero

Great place... amazing service

Jagdeep Singh

Dance starts at 10 on a Friday night. They need to start earlier

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