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REVIEWS OF Kent Bowl IN Washington

jeovany martinez

Great food and fun try the supreme nachos

Sorin Cojocaru

Always have a good time here

Daniel Jones

Fun times

Lyna may

I arranged for a few lanes for a birthday party and they never mentioned the fact that I couldn't bring in food and the food they had their is mediocre as well as not set up for parties. I arrived 15 min early to set up, I waited 15 min at the desk just for someone to show up and he was not friendly at all. If you want to bowl just one lane this place is good but for a party i would definetely look somewhere else.

Austin Bennett

Kinda ghetto, and the lanes aren't oiled evenly. I had a hard time finding a ball that fit my hand, although I do have some big hands. But if you're looking for a quick couple of games it's ok.

Tim Leise

Wonderful place. Had mom's 61st birthday there. They made us feel at home and like family.

Chicago KJV

Service was terrible. Ordered drinks for our party and all of the drinks vanished from the bar tenders memory. Front desk guy was rude. This place is very dirty. Lanes were ok.

Kirstyn Brower

You don't get to control the score board and this is the first place I've been to with a timed game. Food probably comes from all frozen stuff. It's a bowling alley, don't expect much lol

Nathan Nutter

Lots of fun, cheaper then most other places.

Lisa Evans

Went because track party for Kent-Meridian.

Robert Carlson

Awesome, great time, great place..

John McGill

Awesome local bowling alley. The service is great,as well as the food and drinks. The lanes are also well conditioned.

Georges Motchoffo Simo

Nice place Had a lot of fun with my family. Not the best bowling alley I've been to though

norm jensen

Bowling here was fun! I told my wife I would call it can't bowl.

matt vincent

Happy staff.....better hope you don't share an area though

Brian Rice

Fun and staff helpful! Free practice for league opening night? Unheard of. Wow

Jonathan Hogins

Smelly, dirty, and poor service. Even if you can find a ball that fits your hand in their very random, heavily used assortment, you might not want to touch them. they were sort of slimey when I went last. If you can, go to ACME or Burien for a better time.


They need to fix the cieling its like falling down you can see leak stains

Curtis Stewart

Nice place for some good family fun.

Chris Hilkey

Cool bowling allwy

Chef J. Noah Martin II

Big place good pro

Gavin Riffle

Great time, clean and nice employees.

Alberto Tarango

I had a wonderful time with friends there for a company party. Very laid back and family friendly place to hang out and have a good ol' fashion great time for sure!

Elaina Matias

Watch for lane 7 it's bowed and it was difficult to find a small ball for my daughter

Dee Anne Cooper

Awesome people working there

James Konzek

Dennis is great! He's a 5 star owner!

Jonathan Aitkins

It's nothing fancy, but it's my favorite place to bowl.

Stop changing My.things

Affordable and super fun

Bill Edwards

A little pRicey and food and drinks are pretty expensive for a bowling alley.

Dafish 710

Good oil patterns

Cindy Heller

Hailey loves cheering Papa on at the bowling alley.

Connie Wallace

Fun times and fun people.

Rolland Gookins

The best desk personal and mechanic and the lanes were awesome

Luann Burke

I really enjoy this alley

LaDonna Massar

Tons cheaper than other bowling allies in the area. It's old but doesn't smell. It works great from the family.

Bill Hazelett

Fun place for Monday night league

Yuliya Moroz

Great place for family time!

Scott Moore

Have not been able to bowl multiple times, becuase the times on the website are not schedualled with leagues.

Dwight Coyote

Kent Bowl prices are good set up is easy food place to take kids. My wife went up ordered fries, 30 mins later never received them. Waitress very nice to my kids very good service over the top hospitality.

Ashley hazelhurst

Best start to the Thanksgiving day EVER!!! The employees here are awesome and I really appreciate them being there and making a new tradition for my 2nd family... we will definitely be back next year and so forth!!!!!

Martin Salas

Needs upgrades. But it's a decent place

Audrey Peters

Relaxing and fun night of bowling for everyone.

Chris Lagueux

Great place for bowling, not a hipster place at all. People go there to bowl and improve thier game while having fun. Totally unlike any bowling places in seattle which are more concerned about feeding you drinks and making money. They have amazing staff and regulars willing to help out with teaching you how to get better. It's the kind of place where they remember your name after the 3rd time there. If you want to learn how to become a better bowler, there is no better place! They maintain everything perfectly and go out of their way to teach if you are willing to learn.

Julie White

Wasn't the cleanest place, but everyone there for the Teen Challenge/Absolute Ministries had a blast!

Nick Snyder

As a regular of kent bowl I find this to be a pretty solid bowling alley. It has reasonable prices and a nice staff. The machines and quality of the lanes is good. They have a pretty fast approach if you care about that sort of thing it is a bit run down as far as age. However, I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a nice place to have party or just bowl a few games.

Abraham Cuevas

I liked it. I go there every once in a while and hang out. No long wait like other places and it's decently cheap!

Dan Woods

Good old fashioned bowling

Sarah Rogers

Welcoming to Special Olympics athletes

Kathi O'Rear

Clean and friendly.

Donna Mills

It was great

aisha miller

Small I believe this is a family-owned place inexpensive and the food is a 1 on a scale of 1 to 5. The employees seem like people who have been working there for a very long time I believe it even has a bar. Good place to visit if you don't want to bowl and pay an arm and a leg like Acme and round one I think it was 40 bucks for 6 of us to bowl for an hour

J Dean

Lil outdated but who cares? The environment and staff made up for it


I enjoy playing here

Joran Johnson

Good bowling lanes with good food!

will james

Did not have any bowling balls to fit my hand

Arieanna Cortes

Had a great time with the family. Its pretty old school in there but the foid is good:)

Shawna Tovar

It is still fun to be here

Stephen John

Looks better in the inside than the outside but the bar isn't very high. It's an ok place to bowl. It meets expectations.

Brian Thomas BT

There every Thursday for league night

Ashley Wintermyer

Kent parks has little get togethers there so the disabled community can bowl and make friends. Its nice for them. They have a blast!

Juan Montelongo

Fun environment for family and friends real respectable towards one another, the food is Also slappin!!

Michael Rafalko

Great place for a good time. Looking to bowl. Here is the place

Pedro Torres

Nice for passing an enjoyable time with family and friends.


Nice place. No waiting most of the time.

Greg Laurel

It works. It serves its purpose of being a place to bowl. The problem is that I suck at bowling. But that's more of a me problem.

Craig Hanson

No frills bowling alley, you are there to bowl. Always have a good time.

Harry Holland

Nice friendly people. I was very comfortable

Steve Hall

Don't let the outside fool you. Inside is well kept and clean.

Pamela Carino

Price are good set up is easy food place to take kids

Alberto Hernandez

The service is garbage. The bartender is an absolute douche. She is super rude and made our night terrible

Wendy Garcia

Kent Bowl hosted a celebration of life for a friend and they were awesome hosts! Thank you!

C. A. Martin

Mixed bag. Nice scorekeeping, but chintzy in many other ways.

Jeff Levy

Great lanes. Great ambiance. Balls could use a refresh. Lanes are well-oiled, and scoring is accurate.

Julie Friend

Fun time for kids and adults alike. It's an older bowling alley so has that funk. Everyone was nice enough, just not friendly.

Stan Boggs

Best of the Last


Great service ~~~~~ really great with seniors ~~~~~ old bowling center but they really make a effort to make your visit good

Joe Dellosa

Friendly workers fun place to bowl

Suzette Ennon

Nice place to take kids for bowling parties,

Brian Glenn

If I could give 0 stars I would. Overpriced on everything from games to shoes and food. Won’t recognize league discounts either, unless your in their league. I will never go back.

Jacinda Chaney

Had a great time!


We were looking for an old-school alley to visit with our sons—one with primarily bowling and not an overwhelming number of video games, flashing lights, and other stimuli. I am grateful to have found this establishment, which has been in operation since 1958! I would have given it five stars if the staff were friendly.

Patti Turner

Been going here for years God place for kids family and money bowl for adults good drinks .

DeeAnne Cooper

I bowl every Sunday! Love this place!

Robert Dybas

Zab is gone, but his legacy lives on!

Darlene Bell

Over priced

Mike Miller

Beautiful & clean indoors:-)

Kevi Britt

great place to bowl like 300

P aul Swanson

Great entertainment friendly staff

Chuck Saa

friendly staff

DaKine HMan

Great staff. Very helpful and check their bowling specials


Friendly staff and always accommodating. Always fun leagues to join

Mely Fernandez

We came in with a group of nine around nine pm. It was relatively busy but not too bad. My husband went up ordered fries, 30 mins later never received them. Waitress claimed that the lane we were in wasn't "lit", yet none of them really were. Luckily, when he did receive them they were still uncooked, hooray for us. So I figured maybe we can go to the bar and get a few drinks. Nope. Asked the waitress four times for a shot, ignored. Second waitress was upset for whatever reason and just blew us off. When it came time for the tab we were almost rung up for a higher amount than what we ordered. I understand that times can be tough especially if it's crowded, but that shouldn't be reason for giving folks bad Service. That's specifically why we went here because we enjoy bowling and honestly their prices aren't horribly expensive.

Daniel Robbins

It was great nice people

Andrea Calhoun

Went here on a Saturday evening. The game was pretty expensive but I guess that’s normal for the day of the week. Wouldn’t recommend the bar at all. Super expensive for a small drink. Paid almost $20 for 2 AMFs that came in a short, plastic cup. Those aren’t even that expensive at a real bar where you’d get a full sized drink. The music was super out of date and so was the whole location. Also it would be nice if they had sanitary covers in the restroom for the toilets. Probably won’t be going back.

David Craft

A simple venue in acceptable condition. The staff are friendly, the shoes are surprisingly comfortable, and the restrooms are clean. However, the ball selection is quite disappointing (expect higher weights and small holes, most with rubber grips), the consoles and chairs weren't in good condition, and the place smelled strongly of cigarettes. The prices are somewhat high, and especially so for the food. Expect (cheap) frozen pizza and frozen chicken "strips" at premium prices (nearly $14 for the pizza).

Conner Anderson

Staff was very unfriendly at front desk. Acted very dismissive when trying to get my group set up Bowling lanes aren't that great, either.

Dawn McPhee

Kinda expensive to bowl! We had 4 adults and 3 kids it was $77 to bowl 1 game! We went to order some snacks and the food window was shut down for the night already, an hour or so before the bowling alley closes,which kinda irritated me, because then we had to purchase tiny bags of Doritos from the vending machines for $1.50 each! And they were the lil lunch bags that u buy from Safeway! Talk about rip off! Then the lil toy n joy machines that u put quarters in for candy or prizes were eating our quarters as well, so all in all, I feel like I spent wayyyy too much money for 2 hours of "family fun"...

Christina Hewitt

A fun time. It's rundown, old school bowling. Easy to grab a lane, a bargain compared to other bowling alleys.

Curtis Olson

Haven't been bowling in a while but when I went here it was clean and fun place to spend a few hours. Had a blast with my wife it was her first time bowling.


Love it... even though I always spend too much


The atmosphere is dated and old. The sign says serving Kent since 1956 and it shows; from the old equipment, uneven oiled lanes, and balls with no weight size and finger holes drilled for kids( if your a man with adequate sized hands good luck trying to find a ball). The one upside to this bowling alley is that they spent money on remolding the bathroom and do a good job of keeping it clean. The pricing cost more than nicer bowling alleys that we have went to. We spent $45.10 for three games with shoe rentals for two people at Kent bowl. Other bowling alleys cost us 35$ for the same thing and we get a better atmosphere with music, frequently oiled lanes, balls that have weights and finger sizes for all ages. I do not recommend this bowling alley if you are serious about bowling. I don’t know if they are going out of business but they need to change some things before I ever return back.

Marissa Patterson

Super fun, good pizza, it was busy but we didn't have to wait for a lane (Saturday night after league bowling.)

Julie Courey

Really. great people there

Brian Babcock

Old school but still nice. Pretty expensive per game fee.

Calvin Azzola

Good bowling alley but avoid Mondays due to bowling leagues.

alaina sanitate

It's super outdated they need a major upgrade. If the bumpers are up for one person they are up for everyone.

Brant Korpi

Amazing set up and awesome tournaments and allies

Leon Charboneau

Good place to bowl we have a great senior League

Tim Aitkins

Very nice

Heather Kennedy

Loved it!!

Danilo Jaksich

Was fun and easy exercising but I loss to my grand child

Summer Rain

Love this place! Its a old bowling great employees and even better bar service. Len is a hard worker, knows just about everyone and can answer all your questions. Prices are fair and they have bowling deals on Wednesday and Sundays at specific times. Julie in the bar knows her regulars and is always smiling. It's not as aesthetically pleasing as ACME but it is a lot better on the wallet and the environment is less chaotic and more relaxed. You will not regret checking it out!

Katina Lenander

I've been going since I was 9 yes olds love this place great staff

Erika S F

It was fun


Very nice staff ... Waitress very nice to my kids very good service over the top hospitality...

TJ Crowley

Like this place. Will go here again in the future.

BJ Buck

Came here on vacation and was a very nice bowling alley.

alissa williams

Wooden pins and awsome people.

Sarah Self

Absolutely the best bowling alley in town.

Amber Ayers

New Sunday fun day place to go!!!!

James Maier

Awesome bowling alley. One of the cleanest in the 2 county area

Brandi Martin

I took my daughter there it was nice and quiet. The owner was really nice to us. I would go back there anytime.

Laura Mitchell

Way afternoon with the family.

Scott Gingrasso

Relaxed and friendly people.

Nikki Holgate

We've been here a few times and have always had a great experience. Friendly staff and quick service. I love how retro it is.

Rachel Hollingshead

Very friendly and helpful

James Waggoner

Lots of fun and lots of space to have it in.

Conrad R.

Love this place go here at least once a week

Lisa C

Fun local place to bowl with family and friends.

Khalil Al-Athaar

Great prices on liquor. Pretty basic lanes


Had an amazing experience! I came with a group of 40+. The service was smooth and steady! Definitely go back again!!!

Brad Rutherford

Great deals on tues night

Deborah Bjurstrom

Kitchen staff comes in whenever it feels like it so long wait for food. Smells like cigarette smoke. Food is way over priced.

Manbir Dhaliwal

Not a bowling place I would recommend. My wife was looking for lighter bowls n didn't find a single one. When we asked the guy at the counter, he said this is what we have.. Then we hit their bar n asked for draft shock top n lady poured in plastic cups. REALLY!! Just ignore this place

Carol Denison

Cool quiet great lanes and staff to help

Justin Worthen

What's not to like it's bowling

Mike Double You

If you are hard up to bowl, this will do. Prices are high, equipment is all but completely worn out, and the building screams of rebuild or tear down. We had to constantly reset our pins due to worn out pin setters dropping and knocking pins over. There was standing water on the restroom floor. Something marred my ball either behind the gate or in the ball return. Top this with employees that treat you like they could care less if you ever came back or not......let's just say we won't be coming back. I'd rather drive further to go elsewhere.

Brian Humphries

Great family fun, open to anybody looking to join a league or maybe to win some prizes. Clean and staff are very nice. Also has a small enclosed bar/restaurant. If you get the nachos, you best bet bring a friend!

Ali Ali

I loved it. Great dishes yummy sandwich and great place to play bowling

Christian Oshiro

Great place except the building is falling out of repair and the machines are a bit antiquated. I came with my church and we ordered fries and when we bit into them, legit almost everyone burned their mouths. HOT HOT HOT!!!!!! The service was top notch and the prices were reasonable, maybe just a bit higher than usual for the food. They also had a Five Star check in thing where you put in your phone number, but I asked if I could put mine in and he said “No, you had to buy something.” That kind of made me confused because we spend close to $40 on bowling and I personally bought 2 soft drinks too. To close off, I just wanted to say that I had a great time bowling and well, mostly nice service. Thank you for having me Kent Bowl and it was a very enjoyable experience. :)

Jeremy Peddle

Saturday night and the lanes were pretty much oil at all. They definitely need to step up there game.

Nicholas Brown

Wouldn't even bowl there,..couldn't get past the pricing & it's a dump

Anita Pedro

Fun place for family

steve merry

Very nice, clean and well maintained. Considering it hasn't always been that. Friendly helpful staff. Very reasonable prices.

Dogster Doolittle

Pretty good old bowling alley. This place has been here as long as I can remember and still stands.

Rhea 0001

Place is old and smells like mold. The "regulars" are so rude and pushy there.

Claudia S

Great price, super clean, and always find an open lane. Shoes are pretty new and surprisingly comfortable! The only downside is most of the bowling balls kinda suck, super heavy and holes on some of them are awkward.

David Facey

I gave it a low rating because the equipments were old...but it is a good place to bowl and the staff were friendly and help full...

Ray Felts

Nice place.

Vanessa Estrada

Food okay and lanes kept messing up not very good service

Wendie LaBarge

Here for a kids birthday party. Lanes are great and the waitress, Julie, was friendly, caring and helpful. Great place!

marie torrez

I liked it but had to wait for 20min for a line. Son had fun. Am going again.

Michael Yost

Needs a face lift inside and outside, but still a great place to vowl

Norman Giannusa

This center is clean and treats their customers like family. Robert and kevin work the front counter and are pleasant and Accommodating.

Saeed Noori

The price is very high and the bowling tables are very low quality. Not worth the money

Michael Newman

It feels like a bowling alley that has run for a while. I would call it very much a "local joint" where the building feels old and the place felt homey. The bar in the back with the bad food sold me on it as an adult, and the weird customized bowling animations on the screens sold it to the kid in me. If you're down to bowl this ain't a bad option as long as you ain't lookin for Ritzy vibes.

Tyler Guthrie

This is a pretty nice bowling ally. The specials are really nice. The bar has good drinks and every seems pretty nice. 7/10 would bowl average again.

Jeffrey Hopkins

Fun place

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