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1624 E. Main Street, Puyallup, WA 98372, United States

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REVIEWS OF Daffodil Bowl IN Washington

Skidz 86

Great place for fun in the alley lanes. Thanks Obama!

Samantha Hutchinson

Love the restaurant, good customer service, good food, good prices.

Julie Birkland

I was hoping after our 2nd time eating there I would be able to post a better review but the food again, was awful. We are on a league and were expecting decent food because most bowling alleys have great food. Not the case here. Burgers the 1st time had zero seasoning and so bland it was like eating cardboard. This week my boyfriend had the monte Christophe and he said it was terrible. Way too much cheese, really gooey and gross. We are really disappointed. I hope they can step it up, we will be eating now before we go bowling unfortunately.

Shellie Connolly

Friendly service in the lanes,bar and restaurant areas. I enjoy taking my family.

J Johnson

Fun, family friendly, clean and reasonably priced place.

Josh Allen

Great place and great food. We always enjoy bowling here

Diana O'Neill

Amazing food, generous portions and exceptional staff!

dustin garrett

Here we are, bowling in the finals and of all the lanes in this league, one of the lanes we’re on can’t tell us the speed of our throw. I see you guys posting about all the fancy foods you’re making and all these improvements, yet, simple functions of an alley are missing, in the finals no less. Taking care of your league bowlers seems to be less important than the latest fancy food from your chef. Figure your business model out soon before your league bowlers go elsewhere.... Edit: sounds like league fees are going up to try and make improvements. League fees are already high enough, we will move to a new house to roll next fall. I know others are already doing the same...

Alexis Harste

Haven’t eaten here, just played. Like the convenience of the location.

DK 11105

Cute & friendly. Definitely coming back

paul immeke

Best place to work

Rafael Cruz

Nice.nice.good time...

Chris Dubs

The people at the counter were very helpful when me and my friend took our kids bowling

Declan Swanz

Not to busy lots of open lanes and cool staff and great pricing. Definitely thumbs up high recommend this place for fun and cleanliness bowling.

Heidi MacLeod

Went on a Saturday night and the girl behind the counter was rude and a matter of fact about no lanes being available for the next 2 1/2 hours. She could have been nicer about it.

jeremy reasor

Fun little bowling alley

Harry Farrer

Great place....and super service and food.

Ray Bowers

Fun experience!! Great staff and cold beer on tap..

Jerrod Belford

Hard to get a lane during open bowling times. It's hard to get a lane without making a reservation which doesn't make sense. It should he first come first serve.

Bill Carroll

Fun. Went to niece and nephews birthday party. Was fun and enjoyable.

Samuel Hooten

Enjoy going people are friendly and very nice

Erik Edvalds

The smell of high quality leathers and smoke give a welcoming entrance as you approach the line to check in and observing the 5 people bowling their hearts out. The day was Saturday the 2nd, 9:07pm. My friend and I hope to get a quick bowl in as I live nearby. I eagerly ask the shoe man who seemed less than excited to tell more people that they were booked. "We are booked through tomorrow morning." I found this quite amusing consider the number of people currently bowling(6) combined with the fact there were 5 more hours until they closed at 2am. My disappointment carried me out the door to find another activity for the evening. But not fast enough to not take a quick shot of their "fully booked" evening. I've found it. A company that doesn't want my money.

christopher benger

One of the icons of Puyallup. Great food and atmosphere.

Katie Letson

Awesome spot to bowl

Drew Mosier

Nice place, good pro shop. Deen is quick with drilling, lanes arent bad and the food is quick as well.

LaQrisha Henderson

Love Daffodil Bowl. Small bowling alley and arcade. Has a restaurant inside. Best to call and make a reservation for bowling since it is a small place. Otherwise great place. Kids bowl for free with registration over the summer. Only have to pay for bowling shoes for 2.50 but with 3 kids and no registration it is only like 21.50, so still not bad. Great place, family friendly. We go often!

shalee vance

Staff is really nice!

Troy Stephens

Attended the league bowl and couldn't choose better staff


I really like how well the lanes were oiled. The ball glided smoothly. The place does get busy pretty fast though so show up early. I would also like to thank the staff for being so helpful for my National Guard Units Christmas party.

Jamie Greenwood

So much fun! We came on a Saturday morning and lanes were wide open. Super clean, everyone was nice, great food! Love the arcade games too!

Roger Meader

Great fun, very good food and service

Jasmyn Sisco

It's an alright bowling alley. Good prices. There's definitely a home-town feel to this place. The facilities are older and it shows. The desk attendants were pretty busy socializing each time we needed help with our lane malfunctioning, to exchange shoes, or just to pay. I don't usually have a problem, but they were a little dismissive. That goes towards the hometown feel of the place, I guess. The bar service was alright. We ordered a pizza and it was okay. We probably won't return to bowl here, just because we prefer Acme in Tukwila, and we don't bowl often.

Robert Bottomley

My wife and I come here for lunch in the dining room. The food is good. It is like a small cafe in style and atmosphere. The staff is friendly and helpful. Plus, you can burn off some calories playing a few lines bowling.

Faze Sam

Really nice place nice workers but i wanted to put 10 stars but i couldn't thats my problem

jin im

Nice place will go there soon

nw guy

Been coming here for several years as a league bowler and just bowling with friends and family. Sounds like new owners have stepped up to try and make some changes. Some good, some not so good and some balls still being dropped. The new lights in the back parking lot are awesome. I've always felt uncomfortable leaving my rig parked out back and never let my girlfriend park out there. Seems like there are some new food options, though the staff is super hit and miss. I've definitely had my order forgotten and spent 30 minutes wondering where my food is. Though, my biggest frustration is with the lanes. 1) The oil is so hit and miss. No idea if there is a fix or even a reason it's happening. That rolls over into some of the lanes being so filthy that I've had to wipe my ball down because it's covered in a weird black substance. 2) The speedometer/radar. It's so helpful knowing the speed of your ball, yet several lanes here lack this simple tool. Super frustrating. I know the owners can only do so much on any given day, but I really hope they understand the importance of taking care of their league bowlers. Our league has dropped four teams in the past two years and are bowling elsewhere, if things don't change, I can see my team looking elsewhere as well. Also, appears as if you're paying for reviews and it's kind of sad...

Shelby Miller

Uber friendly staff and the junior league program is great! They have 24 lanes, but it's well attended, so it can get busy. We just call first to make sure there's open lanes.

Smithfamily Organics

This is the bowling alley I learned to bowl at as a child, they have lots of lanes it's a clean environment and they have a reasonable variety of games. The staff is friendly and always accommodating. If you have a big party it's better to call first because they can tell you the best time to come in for the best price they are %100 customer first!

Patricia Brown

Pretty much just like any other bowling alley. Long islands arr way too expensive. Overall decent place to bowl.

Kate Crandall

This was a fun place to discover, I have a special needs child and as a field trip with her school we went bowling. They have wheelchair accessibility and special equipment for kids to help them bowl so they can enjoy the experience of bowling.

Tim Dabner

Love this place! So many good times.

Tamy Gutierrez

Fun time! Food is a little spendy but fun time none the less.

Huck Finn

A friend of mine made a 2 hour reservation for 5 lanes in order to accommodate 20 people, most of which were family from out of state. We arrived about 15 minutes early to make sure everyone could get shoes and handle whatever other business was needed. As my friend was attempting to get the lanes and pay, he was informed that the reservation had been canceled. When asked about who canceled the reservation the clerk couldn't provide an answer, she said it "just happened". He attempted to get more information and eventually the truth came out that she canceled it by mistake since she was new. With 20 people waiting to bowl he asked how they planned to fix the situation. She said there was nothing they could do, and it would take at least 30 minutes to get the lanes together. He asked to speak to a manager and was told there was no manager available. At this point my friend became understandably more upset and his tone changed, but he refrained from using any profanity in the presence of the children in the group. The other person working behind the counter heard the change in tone and said, "you can't talk to people like that". My friend, who had been very polite up to this point was stunned. He asked again to speak to a manager, even if by phone. They reluctantly started to "try and find" a phone number but insisted nobody would answer. By this point about 20-25 minutes had passed and we were no closer to bowling than when we had arrived. Suddenly, another man appeared behind the counter. HE WAS ONE OF THE OWNERS!!! They said no management could be reached, but one of the owners was right behind the counter bowling the entire time. My friend spoke with the owner and the owner apologized, but stated nothing could be done to compensate our group for the inconvenience. Eventually he pulled out $40 to help pay for our bowling, but only after my friend had already run his card for the full amount (about 40 minutes after we arrived). That was bad enough, but the restaurant accidentally charged me $2015.00 for a thing of fries and two sodas. They eventually refunded the $2000.00 difference, but that didn't change the fact the debit overdrew my checking account. Luckily my bank understood the situation and reversed the overdraft charge, but if I had been somebody else, that may have really messed up my finances. Overall, rude and incompetent staff that willingly lie to customers to cover their mistakes. And the prices were ridiculous, $380 for our group, $340 after the owner chipped in $40. Not worth the hassle.

Dave Ford

Great food, very clean location

Walter Wright

Nice little bowling alley. Good food.

Michelle Morales

I love the Daffodil Bowl. It is always very clean in the staff is always willing to help. They make an effort to reach out to the community and offer things for Youth and seniors all the time. Highly suggest that if you're going to go out and have fun with family or friends that you consider going here. And I cannot forget to mention that the food in the restaurant is super inexpensive and fantastic

Connor Holtz

Great Bowls. Those are the words I think of when I think Daffodil Bowl. Cereal, Soup, even a nice chowder? They have your bowl. Surprising lack of Daffodils. Disappointed. One star.

Kristina Hoover

Good fun, clean, nice prices. Had a blast. Hadn't been in over 15 years and it looks great! Definitely looking forward to going back.

Jane Smith

Fun clean bowling alley with decent price for bowling and food

Tracy Beach

New owners have put a lot into making this place even more fun. Occasionally I can even bowl decent.

Scarlett Night Realm

They care more about social etiquette than they do about treating their customers with respect. If you care about ridiculous baby boomer social "decorum" then feel free to patronize here. If you're looking for a more relaxed bowling alley that is understanding of various personality types, then take your business elsewhere.

Donnell Ewing

Service needs some help. Lanes need some serious maintenance

Lee Damoiseaux

Good service and food.

Charliemarshhd Marsh

Nice family style bowling alley with a decent size restaurant and separate bar

Edward Wiliams

Food is amazing! What a surprise!

Mike Spence

Fun and inexpensive bowling.

Andrew R

Over 20 lanes. Well maintained. Food is down right delicious and a full bar. Pro shop is very small and feels like its packed when you have a few people in there but can get things very quickly.


This place is great. Bowlings fun. They have some of the best fries ever. However, the service to actually get started isn't the best.

maureen kesler

Great time Autumn's soccer / fundraiser. Good time had by all. 5 baskets won by family, not bad!!! Luv U Autumn!!!

Heidi Brower

Fun for all. Sometimes we had issues with the reset not working.

pin dropper

Allways good service great pro shop guy nd allways good lane conditions

Seth Clark

This is the best bowling alley in my opinion. If you haven't tried it you should. I come here Saturdays and Sundays and there are really kind people here. No other bowling alley can beat this one!

Pam Maduro

Food was fantastic. I love their chicken wings

William Nelson

Nice people and good food

Laurel Svingen

I had a great cheese burger and fries. One of the best burgers I have had in Puyallup ! Bowling night for hubby..

Jennifer Ingraham

It was our first time at this alley, we paid $100 for 1 hr rental spent the majority of the time in line trying to get one of the workers to fix malfunctions half the time they would act like it was just us...pins never set right, skip players. We got 1.5 games in before our time was up. Ruined my daughters night out for her birthday and they could careless. We will never come back here. Better off driving the hour to acme in Tukwila.

Ed Creson

The hamburger meat was really thin They say they got new owners The old owners had thick hamburger meat.

Kami Kelly

A great place to eat breakfast! I always go when I visit Puyallup. The waitresses are nice and the waffles are heavenly. Even pouch is pretty awesome. Has great fries. Only been bowling there like 3 times but it's very fun

Mariah ElainnaDee

Love this Place

Amanda Smith

We love this place, for friends and family fun. The free bowling for the kids in the summer is awesome. They have clean shoes, decent bowling balls and good lanes. We will continue to come back for lots of events. The restaurant also has great food. Good pizza, burgers and even Monte Cristo sandwiches.

Austin Lyons

Horrible service when I called the bowling alley at 8:30pm to see if they had open bowl on a Friday a gentlemen stated that open bowl started at 10pm we got there stood in like for 30 minutes to get up to the counter to have a gentleman tell us that we needed a reservation or that we had to wait for them to place all the other reservations before we would have a chance to get a lane. Thanks for waisting my time on my date night that we don’t get very often. Won’t be giving my service to this place anytime soon .

Rebecca Bearss

Moonlight bowl is awesome!

Will H

Great prices and friendly staff. Kids had a blast.

Ashley Leong

Always a good time!

Jake P Pederson

I like their bacon cheeseburger and fries take out & in,. Games ,*bowl, & more

Krissy Carmel

Machine ate my money.. and basketballs were waaay toooo flat

Terrilee Dewey

So much fun. It was my first time bowling and I was horrible but my kids had a blast. Haha!! Registered online- so easy!! Fun! Will be back.

Joshua Hatfield

I've been going here since I was a kid, and its pretty much stayed the same except for that it's gotten much cleaner. Friendly staff, fire nachos and Mariah in the bar is very nice!

Sharon Mefferd

Food was great, plentiful. Service was wonderful.

Roger M

Prices are good. Has a nice little bar.

Steven Haworth

Fun watching the pro-amature tournament and really liked bowling Lanes. ONLY wish management or PBA director did something about one lady bowling hitting the equipment and scoring panel whenever she didn't get a strike. Not the equipment fault, she looked really dumb everyone she did it!

Joshua Pignotti

Great family fun.

Dalton Dyer

I enjoy the atmosphere and the fact that there are 31 lanes instead of the rather unimpressive counterparts.

Joshua White

It's a bowling alley. Granted it is an institution in the area but it's still a bowling alley. Dining, booze, and bowling. Everything you need to fill a night or afternoon with excitement.

Kyle Lynn

The food is far better than it really needs to be. The drinks are strong. The staff is friendly. Great place to spend a few hours.

Vanessa Ferdman

Bowling was great. We bought a birthday package including pizza and the pizza was nasty. They lost our nacho ticket so we didnt get those for an hour since the pizza was so gross. Other then that bowling was fun and just would have skipped the food

Charlene Chaussee

Owners need to think about upgrading the bowling alley. Was a league bowler until they decided to up the cost for leagues. Had bowled there for over 30 yrs.

Kathy Liese

Walking into this place was a blast from the past. 1985 to be exact. Not much has changed. It even still smells like cigarettes. Fun though.

Shana Jensen

Went for a birthday party. Kids had a blast. Was impressed with the size of the party room. Friendly staff and the fries were delicious. :-)

Luke Racey

I have been coming here once a week for almost the last 3 years, league bowling, and just since this last fall league has started, almost the entire server staff has changed and they are horrible. I'm lucky to see our lane server twice a night, she never comes back to check on you and I am constantly having to go to the bar to order drinks and food. The new owners need to quit hiring their idiot friends/family, and get some competent staff again.

Lady T Brooks

Nice place granddaughters 19th Birthday . Had lots of family fun.

Sam R

Great place, they even have an AA meeting upstairs at night. Good people.

Kevin House

Great family friendly place, always enjoy going here. Great food too!

Angely Miles

It was fun. Decent food and drinks but it takes a long time for you to get a drink.

Geoff Towle

Great place to bowl with the family!

Sterling Maxum

Great alley, and super friendly staff. Not very expensive either.

Lane Hill

Food is good and priced well. Fast service during the tourny on Sunday morning

David Dierks

Great atmosphere, cozy bar,and good food

Joe Ansteth

It's a great bowling alley I think it's one of the best local bowling alleys around at least one of the safest lanes are great sometimes have great deals just asked front counter for what is available good place for kids also or adults having fun advise call ahead of time make sure that the lanes are available

idk im boreddd - ali

Great and helpful staff. I was there for a birthday and they helped the adults with everything. Clean and great music.

Deena Kasperson

Fun place to enjoy friends and family. We signed up for the kids bowl free for summer and it has been great! The alley is a little dated, but that never distracts from a good time. The staff is helpful and not grumpy like I've experienced at other bowling allies. There's a small arcade that gives tickets for prizes for the kiddos which can be fun for a short time because it's $$$, but I haven't found one that's not. Food is typical bar food, nothing exceptional, but the price is right on for what's expected.

Rick Nelson

Great family fun

Wyatt Delahunt

The bowling part is alright, but I tried to order a simple drink and they couldn't make it for me because there "wasn't a button" for it.

Cathy Nelson

It's bowling alley what can I say it was fun

Cha Cha Real Smooth

Fun place to go on a rainy day when you have nothing to do. Also great for kids birthday parties. It does, however, have that bowling alley smell.

John Shefcik

Great place to bowl but stay away from the food. And all the Owner can say is Wow Thanks? Guess I should deduct a star for poor customer service

Susan Pompeo

Food was great!! Those home made potato chips were SO yummy!!!

KyLee Denning

Fun for all ages and very reasonably priced, not a ton of lanes and they fill up fast so get there early!


I have held my sons birthday here for 3 years. Great every time!

killaCam Arnold

Good na meetings and bowling

NATE heiderscheid

The lanes are pretty good, but it seems like they cater to leagues. Almost every time I've tried to bowl here I've been turned away. They should leave at least Saturday and Sunday for open bowling to people that like the sport but don't want to participate in leagues.

Brian Williamson

Super fun bowling alley. Awesome to locals & they always have a lot going on, but they never ever have lanes available for spur of the moment bowling days (hence their popularity). Call well in advance if you want to bowl here. NEVER show up on the whim, you will be turned away

Ethan Young

Awesome serving staff and solid community!

Paris Edwards

Pretty cool place. Small but plenty of lanes for bowling. Apparently the restaurant is quality because we could not find a seat.

Yvonne Frazer

My husband and I brought my MIL for lunch today. We have been eating at the bowling alley for many years. I have to say the cook today (I believe his name was David) was awesome. Each one our meals was cooked perfectly. Not one complaint. How often can you say that? I hope he is cooking every time we eat there. Thank you, David.

Mike Luckenbach

This place is awesome! I haven't even Bowled in over three decades. I hang out there quite a bit because my friend Bill told me it was a cool spot to find friends and fellowship. He was absolutely right.

Zach Helgren

Clean and up to date except for the computer system. Very well lit when need be. Pricing is a little high.

Leonard Anthony

Great ally with good food and some awesome leagues to bowl for everyone theirs a league for u here at daffodil and mean Dean's pro shop has everything you need to have u striking like the pros

Christel Paul

Wonderful place for bowling and service.

Ivy O'Neill

I've always loved coming to daffodil bowl. One of the cleaner bowling alleys in the area. Its not too terribly loud or crowded. Pricing is decent, but sometimes they have good specials.

Linda Lee Lee

Minus the food prices, the Daffodil bowling is awesome! It allows people to do 2 free bowling games in summer. That seems pretty fair. #1! Go to DB in the summer; Daffodil bowling is located in Puyallup WA, USA. >_< ¡DO NOT WAIT!

norman Taylor

Had a great time.

Nick Brodeur

Great experience. The lanes are nice, the equipment was nice, and the place is clean. Didn't try the restaurant or the bar, but the bowling was fun and inexpensive.

Mandy Paul

Very nice people, and environment. Kid friendly, and safe, as well has everything needed for all ages. Definitely will be going back. Great atmosphere, great attitude from employees, safe environment to be in, all around a wonderful place with wonderful people. The music they play as well is not bad, or to loud(of course it is loud, just like any other bowling alley and what-not, but it is not excessive). Great for parties as well, and not to expensive either. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

Loren Petersen

My better half in the kids and I try to go down there at least once or twice a month. Lot of fun especially the bit night polar night bull whatever you wanna call it

tiffany brandelmayr

The staff goes above and beyond to make sure that you have a great experience. Super helpful and friendly, give great advice. Plus bonus it's air-conditioned

Doc Torrey

Great place to eat and have fun at in on place.

Kim Ungaro

As always we had a great family Breakfast. We celebrated Four generations from 3week old to 70 yr. Old. We are welcomed with Happy Smiling waitresses. The food is great an if any problems they handle it fast with no problems. Its many years we have been coming and plan on many more with new generations to follow. Thanks Cooks and Waitress.

Chris Charest

Good solid old school bowling alley.

Lynn Martin

Good breakfast. Good drinks. Fair pricing! Usually cold and can be noisy

Angie S

Mrs some friendlier employees but it's bowling, it's still fun

Tim Turvill

Hardest place to get an overpriced beer while bowling I've ever seen. I'm 69 and to get a beer they want you to show a drivers licence ( like ya can't tell I'm old as dirt?) and wear a wrist band. I bowl in a league here and they do it EVERY time - like they don't recognize me?? They started this policy a few weeks a go and it SUCKS!

kevz zetk

best bowling near me. if you have to decide between this and the one down Pac avenue then it's 10 times better! obviously nothing like the cool bowling alleys in Seattle and Bellevue but it gets the job done.

Jill Rossetto

I would give no stars if possible

Paul Immeke

Great staff and best restaurant cooks in town

Richard Myers

It's a good bowling alley. It is one of older alley that is very well maintained.

Cody Galloway

I love there chicken fried steak I use to eat here every weekend now can't afford to eat out as much but highly recommended still go boiling here too great as well but more here for the food and drinks they always have cheap strong jello shots 2$ 3$ not bad

maryann wingate

This has got to be the worst bowling alley in the area!! The smell as soon as you walk in is most disgusting. The food is terrible. Not so sure what people are eating that have a good food review but we had pizza and wings and I didn’t even feel they were fit to take home to my dog. If you want to enjoy a little football or sports while bowling, that’s a joke..... every 6 lanes there is a very small small tv to view. To say the least i will never return here! If you are looking for a nice relaxing bowling experience that doesn’t smell like grandmas attic, has great food and plenty of nice size tv’s to view your sports while bowling, try Paradise bowl they rock the socks off this ghetto place.

Cameron Daves

It's great. I go with friends and family all the time.

Larine Leanne Haase

Loved the waitresses. Kind, good spirits and good breakfast

Todd Roney

Great junior bowling program. 11 and under division(7 4-person teams) & 12 & up (9 4-person teams). Perfect for beginners and experienced bowlers. Also, very inexpensive. Thanks Daffodil, I see us bowling here for many years to come! I already love this place.

Sirena Strong

Had a blast tonight

fortnite only

It was my first time bowling and and it was a really good experience

Daniel Denning

Great place leagues are fun and amazing!!

Kevin Bolt

Very busy during leagues & special events. Not a bad establishment but some patrons are obnoxious & block your path.

Melissa Olsen

So came here to bowl with my three boys, had free bowling coupons upon arriving I had realized someone stole my money and all I had was enough to pay for two shoe rentals. The gentleman behind the counter informed me about their kids bowl for free deal going on so I signed them up and he helped with mine and my youngest shoe rental so we can all play now just gotta not run out of gas to get home I hate thieves BUT LOVE DAFFODILL BOWK TGEY ARE AMAZING THANKS TO THEN MY KIDS HAD A GREAT TIME.......THANK YOU

Anthony Rodriguez

It was stupid fun even though I made like 4 gutter balls and even better cuz they got 75 cent condoms in the men's restrooms.

misty Edling

Great atmosphere, clean environment inside and out. Great place for a night out with friends or family. Lots of fun!!!


Good food, low prices

Janice Cughan

Has gone down hill. Having only one waitress in the restaurant while the other one is working the lanes is ridiculous. You have lost a lot of customers because of this. The last 2 times I was in there, I received poor service and each time I received my food there was hair in my food. I can't eat after that but my meal was never comp. I used to be a regular for years but with this kind of service makes me go somewhere else. It will be if not ever will I be back.

bmwman yep

You should now the laws before you tell people what they can and can’t do.

Joshua Anderson

Rented 2 lanes at 75$ an hour...literally had to wait 10 mins plus and still never found a drink server?


I am the secretary for the Guy's & Dolls league on Sunday night. It's a fun atmosphere and filled with alot of great people. The service there is great. The place is clean and they have good food and drinks there. Stop by and check it out.

Zach Latta

I got a high score of 167 there so how can i not love it lmao

Rachel Dunn

The restaurant in there has pretty good food, good size servings, with really good prices. It's got a cozy feel in there.

Margaret Wunderlich

A fun way to spend time together with friends and/or family! Good food and the restrooms are clean. ☺

Ronald Smith

Fun place to get together with friends and bowl, clean and kid friendly. Foods not to shabby ether

angela ORVIS

Great customer service, the guys at the counter are on top of it and quickly fix any issues!!! Food is pretty damn good/fast and the beers cold! Plus the arcade is pretty good for a bowling alley....

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