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REVIEWS OF Aztec Lanes IN Washington

David Rosario

Great food, great condition, less crowded, better lighting & it's very clean!

Edward Waller

It's not a very inviting Place sewing they have open season on Tweakers on their board up there! But now that I'm on the subject I got a real stupid question I bet when that sign was up there the number of retaliation against the business by said tweakers was a big fat goose egg. These are people that need help and compassion some of them might want to try to take your shit yes but others the brain is fully developed as an adult before they ever touch that stuff I can still think cognitively different story and should be helped and not shunned to the point to where the end up killing themselves I speak from experience.

Jamie Daniels

All their balls have holes in em and the pins don't all fall every time I roll the ball and balls are heavy

Katie Kreider

We always have a great experience every time we bowl at Aztec Lanes. We also have our company parties here every year and they are wonderful to work with! The staff are very friendly and accommodating. Two thumbs up!

Foxfern Moss

we came to lightning bowl and it was awesome!!! recommend earplugs, 14$ per person. there was only two ppl working a full house and it went perfectly smooth. great staff !! thanks!!

Eyan Jimison

It's bowling but you can change your name in the middle of the game

Heidi Baker

Great place to bowl with the family!!! VERY clean , the environment is fantastic, staff if wonderful , and even the bathrooms were very clean! Business seamed to be ran very organized even with a busy afternoon it didnt have that chaotic environment!!! Looking forward to coming back!

Carol M

Nice quiet place

Karen Meagher

Didn't go in , walk by when we go walking .

Jeff Sturgeon

Great place to bowl, clean and friendly

Phillip Jackson

Great customer service.

Dean Atkins

Came in on a Sunday night to celebrate my birthday. We are literally the only ones here. My son's first time bowling and even using the lightest ball he's having difficulty keeping it in the lane. We request bumpers for him and are refused because he's 11 and they won't use bumpers for anyone over 10 for fear he'll throw too hard. Too hard? He can barely get the ball down the lane. I ask the guy to see he won't/can't throw too hard. But he won't be bothered. WTH? Nice way to ruin our evening unnecessarily. We won't be back.

Jim Livingston

Small place but Friday cosmic bowling was fun.

Jeremy Scroggins

Aztec Lanes was excellent. Clean, comfortable and family friendly.

Rachel Panek

Very friendly and a fun place to go good help and patience


Love this place!

Eric Boyd

Please don't encourage vigilante violence.

Brandon Hensley

Game was glitched

Tyler Lockhart

Fun place

Rebecca Duncan

We walked in and were met by a very humorless, sour woman who made it completely obvious that we customers were a complete bother to her. We planned on getting a few burgers and going bowling but this woman was so bothered by our presence that we left without bowling. We went to Westside Lanes and were greeted with a smile by a friendly bartender. While we were at Aztec waiting for our burgers, we read the other google reviews and shame on Aztec lanes for the way they treat kids!! It's one thing to act like a complete jerk to a couple of grown people but to ruin a child's experience going out bowling?!?!! Being nasty to an autistic child?!?!!! No wonder the place was empty.

travis carden

Went here growing up from a kid until recent. Dont frequent it as much anymore but from what I know still family owned and great environment as well as pristine service. Great for a 1st date, family night or solo act. Love this place never had a bad experience in all the years I've gone. That says something!


Ridiculous place! As we entered the establishment on a holiday, Saturday night; we were told the whole place was rented for a private party! On a holiday weekend, you are renting out the whole place for a private party. That’s really smart. When trying to talk to the person on the desk, they were “too busy” to answer our questions due to the private party, that was not stated on their website. We were told to go to another lane. Wow!! So this was my first time at Aztec lanes and will be my last. Too bad, since it’s right down the road from my house. OLY/Lacey Washington has proved ONCE again to have the most absolutely rudest people in the PNW, besides the fact they can’t drive, they can’t customer service! NOT surprised at all!! Very Nasty, snarky Attitude and down rigging rude with their tasteless wonder this place only has 3 stars. Go to Tumwater or Westwide. Hopefully this place closes permenetlly so no one has to deal with such garbage customer service!!

Zash Rabinowitz

They have a sign up advocating "Open Season on Tweekers", because apparently addiction should be met with violence. Abhorrent.

Ben Scofield

This is where I bowl for leagues. Owners are always around and very friendly.

Robert Horne

Nice bowling alley.


Clean and comfortable. Up to date.


We had a work party here, with families. It was great! Staff very friendly. One lane set up with bumpers for all the younger children. They had a blast.

Cosmic Gaming

Probably the best place to go bowling

Chris Clark

Outstanding owners!

mike forrester

Went inside to order a quick bite to eat. Had my dog with me, on a leash, was already planning on waiting outside with my dog, while the food cooked. And the owner Dan wanted to show how rude he could be and tell me to get out. Zero customer service skills, I guess he's got that big head mentality of being the owner, sorry Dan but customer service applies to you too, not only ur staff. It took me 30 seconds to order and pay for my food and only 10 seconds for Dan to show he lacks in customer service. Good luck to you Danny Boy

Nathan Woodbury

crappy outside, awesome inside. Really spruced up and modern feeling interior. great experience.

Katherine Wilson

Showed up at 9 pm lanes completely open and we were able to fall river told you have to wait until 930 and we have to make a reservation or wait until somebody doesn't show up not very happy with that

John Raben

Great service. Good people. Kids loved it

Michael Erickson

Fun bowling with the kids

Squin !

I was excited to check out Aztec Lanes, as I'm moving within walking distance to them in the near future, but after seeing them advocating violence on their marquee I think I'll keep making the drive to the west side or Tumwater -_-

coachlunk Rubio

Fun place to bowl. Good family atmosphere never to long of a wait. Lots of food choices. Good beer selection

Ashley Johnson

It was ok

Jason Cameron

Brittany Catello

Wouldnt let my niece who is 11 use tge gutter walls just because she wasnt under ten while my 8 year old niece was 8 and used it making shots while the other kept getting gutter balls. After trying to nicely ask and explain to them how it wasnt ok and it was putting the otger child down they just gave me lip and the stink eye and didbt even care about the childrens feelings. Staff was rude and you cant even brjng ur own snacks in the place even if ur kids are glutan free . Go somewhere else. This place is small and sucks and needs new rules and staff.

Shauna Rohloff

Family friendly fun, great decor.

Robert Campbell

My groups have truly enjoyed bowling at one of the area's gems. Beautiful interior. Great equipment. Delicious food. Owners make you feel like family. Never had a bad day there. All smiles.

chelsie lynn

Not as many lanes as West side lanes but still small and updated. Expensive food and drinks.

Joshua Robb

The latest remodel brought this place out of the dumps to what i would say is a VERY clean and complimentary smaller bowling alley. It is run by a very pleasant family who do any and all of the work as well as do everything they can to make your visit one which would cause you to return. The food is as it should be, hot and made to order. so if youre expecting the 3 minute fast food bs, you wont have that here. its just good and grubby, the way it should be. I like that it is clean at all times and even the mens bathroom is always neat and fresh. The lanes seem to do their job too.... the ball gets bowled and it sometimes even hits some pins lol. so all in all its basically fantastic. only way its not is if you went in with an attitude to begin with.

Kurt Abersold

They like to blame their problems on less fortunate people. Go to Westside Lanes, they have better nachos anyways.

Jennifer Figueroa

Clean and comfortable.

Sara Shusta

This place is really fun and the staff are really nice. Will be coming back again to try the food and have some more fun! Prices are pretty cheap as well!

Natha n

Completely out of touch with the local community, advocates violence against "tweekers". Do not support this place, phase them out.

Alli E

They only serve a few wines and beers. Westside lanes has a full bar. So it's supirior floor sure

Kayli Robles

Really positive experiences here. And the fries are awesome.

Erik Porter

Great owners, dedicated youth programs over the years, competitive leagues. No point fixing up the outside because of the frequent vandalism. Don’t judge this book by its cover.

Samaton 2000

Amazing place. Amazing food. Amazing lanes. I have yet to have a single problem here, other than having too much fun!

timothy moisio

Family fun!

Nikholas Hubbard

Fun little bowling alley, we had a great time!

tabitha dixon


Hunter Jeffreys

Not bad, not great, good place for bowling

Shawna Lawrence

Always nice & friendly!! Best place to bowl!!

Ryan & Ebby H

Very good experience, the food area was very nice, they remembered what we ordered each time & the bowling lanes are great.

James Cisco

Brand new equipment and great food

Karen Lay

We love Aztec Lanes. Great customer service and fun.

Becky Smithling

We've had my step daughter's birthday here 2 years in a row, the staff is so friendly and accommodating and we have a great time every year!

Michael Stone

Very friendly clean.nice atmosphere

Bobbie Garver

Locally owned. Clean, friendly, fun bowling alley.

Syren Nagakyrie

Advocating for murder in the community is unacceptable, especially for a place for children.

Todd Crenshaw

Fun Place!

Åsa Uhl

Great place with great staff.

Sam Beresford

hateful to autistic people? HOW RUDE. Not like it matters who uses a lane, fat lazy owner probably just didn't feel like putting the lanes down. lazy. NOT like bowling I'd super popular, who gave you the idea you should crap on family fun time? must launder money for someone if you really don't care about a customer experience enough to bend the age rules a bit for an autistic person.

Aaron Sanders

We came 11:25am and nobody there and it closed. There no info or notes why they not opened it wasted our time even 4 other vehicles left cuz of that. Also I did called but no one answer at all

Alana Jordan

I'm surprised at how nice the seat/couches and display boards are. Super friendly staff. All around a great place to go with family or have some reasonably priced drinks and bowl. Friday nights 9:30-midnight, $14 unlimited bowl.

Kyle Jorgensen

Chad Johnson

Nice clean fun - lightning bowling 930 to midnight fridays

Liane Behrens

Hateful business that does not care about its community, especially vulnerable peoples. Advocates violence.

Savannah Botwinski

The bowling was great, aside for them nor having a ramp for young children to roll the balls. It was disappointing that the super nachos didn't have any meat and got cold quickly, but the chicken strips were good. I ordered a organic pale ale, and it was skunked- but my husbands corona was good. There was both negatives and positives. I would go again for the bowling, possibly even recommend to a non picky friend, but I don't think I would ever say "that place was great". The service was above par, all employees were clean, respectful, and helpful.

rodger smith

This is by far one of the cleanest and coziest bowling alley's I have ever been too. There are only 12 lanes. The computer is touch screen and the overhead display allows for full names instead of 3 letters. The couches are very comfortable and the chairs are as well. The parking lot in front is terrible to park in and the slot at the end closest to the crossroad blocks your view going out on to the main road. The parking in the rear is a gravel lot with concrete parking blocks to mark spaces, there are pot holes in both lots. The food is good with decent concession prices, but if you use a card it is a 5 dollar minimum. It cost 4 dollars per game, and 3 dollars per shoe rental. They have a vending machine for socks and wraps and stuff. The reason I don't give this place a 5 is the service. Almost every time I have gone here they are doing a tournament that was not on the schedule. Today it was due to the west side lanes being closed from power outage. The guy behind the counter was very rude about it and made no mention of the tournament, just "It says at the bottom of the website, call for lane availability". True, it does say open bowling at 6 pm, and it does say that at the bottom of the website(which could use a bit better formatting and coding), but the way a business handles changes like that and customer interactions can make or break an experience. The way the employees act and talk is very lacking in good customer service. Excellent facility, not excellent employees or owners.


When I was in college me and my friends would come here for bowling. They have good prices and usually have an open lane or two whenever you come in. My friends and I never had to wait for a lane.

Cyndi Dean

Dawna Cain

The only thing bad was we couldn't bring a birthday cake in.

Conner 7890

When me and my friend went the people who worked there were super rude!!!!!!

Sam Miller

I went here for a birthday party one time and had a good time. However now they seem to be advocating violence on their reader board out front. If Substance use issues in the community bother you there are ways to promote recovery in a community. Having a sign that says “Open season on tweakers” is harmful, and frankly dangerous. If I business promotes violence against any population I won’t support that business.

Joey Hann

Open season for tweakers? Apparently threatening the lives of people with substance abuse issues is OK with this establishment.

Steven Haworth

Awesome service, when anything happens with the lanes, wow fast fixing problem, not like other bowling alley in Olympia or Tumwater. Thanks Aztec proprietors

Jerad Brown

Closed when their site and voicemail says they're suppose to be open.

Nick O

Nicest bowling alley around.

Sarah Griswold

Recently renovated and they did a wonderful job. Very family friendly. The staff is also very nice. We had a wonderful time here.

Carlos De Leon

New scoring system and big screens

Mike Eekhoff

They've recently upgraded the inside, so even though the outside might not be much to look at, the facility is a great place to bring your family or friends for the latest in bowling. Great place!

Mike Mendoza


Scumbag owned bowling alley that advocates violence against drug addicts. This place needs to be put out of business. Perhaps it's time for "open season" on this p.o.s. establishment?

Wade Bulloch

Kacey Nedrow

Fun and friendly and not to packed.

Cameron Arnold

Good crowd and fun place

Aubrey Sorell

Great. Very fun. And really good food

Andrea Bahena

Worst bowling alley ever! Very rude and disrespectful. I was being rushed at the counter even though there was no one else in line and I brought a big group of people. When I asked for bumpers for kids the person was very short and annoyed. Never coming back. Any other bowling center will give you better customer service.

Jeremie Watson

Disco bowling was awesome af

Sara Myron

Ive never written a bad review before and while the inside is nice enough, the service here was horrible. I came in with my life skills class (special needs) for a field trip and they were extremely rude the whole time. Along with all of the rude comments throughout our half hour there, they wouldn't put up the bumpers for the kids because they were "over 10 years old" but they were obviously special needs! Who cares!! We will definitely never be back as a class, and I will never be back on my own. Horrible!!

Star lord32

Amazing place, wonderful employees definitely going back soon

Andrea Martinez

Ok made me mad when i ordered 8 mini corndogs for $4. And she said mustard or ketchup .50 more if you want both. Really gosh!!

Moni Dae

Not friendly

Justin Allison

Fun place to play

jl hatlen linnell

I saw your sign calling on neighbors to murder "tweakers". This is not a funny joke. Addiction to meth (or any other drug) is an illness - potentially deadly in itself - whose recovery process is only hobbled by dehumanization, insult, and violence such as this. I know and love people who have been ensnared by this addiction. Both have taken strong steps in their recovery, one raising a child who has had a wonderful, loving and vibrant life with her because those close to her offered loving support and guidance while she worked to rebuild her life. Another is a person several in my family (including myself) turn to for support and live ourselves, and have been proud to see his process through addiction recovery bring out the best in his character over the longer arc. Words like yours, in the wrong moment, could indeed have killed either of these people. While I assume, based on your words, that pleases you, I hope others find a better place to bowl, where the management doesnt direct violence to those in crisis.

Angela Kirkpatrick

We have had a good time in the past at Aztec lanes but don't feel comfortable going to an establishment that has something as distasteful as "open season on tweekers" on their billboard.

John Smith

Family place to enjoy bowling with family and friends.

Kelsey Blain

This place is weak.

Erica Van Lierop

Super clean, nice interior, great food, friendly owners that give back to their community....what's not to love?

Katherine Rodriguez

Very nice place and the workers are very friendly

Elizabeth Sullivan

The "open season for tweakers" sign is pretty unprofessional. They're people. I love bowling as much as the next person. I'm not sure why they felt they had to mix dehumanizing jokes and bowling? Not seeing the relation, but either way, there's tons and tons of other ways to joke without kicking people who are down.

Jerilee Brixey


Troy Goracke

This was quite possibly the nicest bowling alley I have ever visited. It was well lit and comfortable. Shoe rental and game prices were quite reasonable. Less than three for shoe rental and per game. They had beer, wine, and snacks available for sale. All things considered this was a great place to bowl. Give them a try.

Ryan Garrison

I like the new furniture. The area leading up to the lane seems short, and the pins seem a little dead. The digital scoreboard kids game were great.

brovolver 15

The best time to go is Friday night they have music and lights its amazing IGN 5/5

Treytaco 360

I had a great time! One of the best bowling places I've been to.

amy leigh

Rude staff. We came with our daughter to use our kids bowl free coupons that Aztec participates with. We were told, not in a nice way, to come back 4 hours later, because they only allow 2 lanes to be utilized for that purpose. The woman we spoke with was very impersonal and seemed irritated or bothered to even have to tell us that tiny bit of information. Unfortunately the only option to use these coupons. We won't be going back, not to use coupons or otherwise you would think they would be more willing to accomodate 2 adults paying full price along with a child using a program they voluntarily participate in. And the woman's sour attitude to us, was awful. We ended up driving to west side lanes where the staff actually make eye contact, smile, and go out of their way to be kind and helpful. We also ended up buying food while we were bowling. Loss to you, aztec lanes. Fix your staff.

Shirley Miller

Very nice place!

Kameron Reyes

Much cleaner than most local lanes

Kathy Reinhofer


rebecka regan

They claim to be a family business but I would be horrified to take my children here again. It's worth going to West Olympia or Tumwater instead. Not a fan.

Patrick Gilmore

Advocates violence and murder. No response about the awful sign posted. Making jokes about violence against underserved community members is atrocious.

Josh Bailey

The outside could burn down and it would look the same, but the inside is modern and clean. The staff were super friendly and helpful. We came in Friday evening and it was an eye opener how great this place was. If only the rest of Olympia could be half as great this place. Hey, rest of Olympia, this is how you do it.

Juan Jenn Aüe

Straight Garbage!

Jesse richardson

No place to park, parking lot being used as used trailer sales.

Bonnie M.

Really impressed with this bowling alley! Spacious seating at each lane, plenty of table space for drinks. The house balls are in good condition, shoes are clean and new. Lighting bowling is a great Friday night activity, priced right! Cheap drinks and clean bathrooms.

Nicholas Charnell

I will no longer be going here. I thought this was a family friendly establishment, but with the recent billboard stating it is "open season on tweakers" I was wrong. This is not a business that I want to bring my family to, or give my money to.

Daniel Baxter

Fun place workers are nice people

Wesley Abraham

They have remodeled everything, great place for family fun.

AhhMeSoo Hobie

I like it here. Dan is a good guy. Definitely verify he's got everything open to the public ahead of time though.

Alana Lovaas

Not family friendly. They are promoting violence. Their sign reads "open season on tweakers." Would you feel safe someplace where they advocate for murder and think it's funny? Hope you don't wear sweats or mumble something to yourself there - they might mistake you for someone they want dead.

Kylen Sanchez

This is such a great place ive been bowling here since i was 5 everyone there is so nice i would allways recomend this place for anyone

Alan Place

Wifi not working, unable to plug in any device while sitting back eating.

alexis austin

Unfortunately this business shamed people with a disease of addiction. I can not recommend this business.

Sam Johnson

owners/workers are ok with dehumanizing our community members, and actively call for violence against people who are struggling. I will never go here again.

Noah Vargas

Service and attitude suck

Gretchen Messelt

I didn't go there. I was only waiting for the bus.

Wyatt Pohrebny

Its alright. A little renovation would be nice.

Kyra Freeman

deaderer 000

Very nice. Clean, and the staff wasn't overbearing trying you to buy more stuff

Teri Watson

Great staff fun enviroment

Dylan Brachtenbach

I feel grate the i knpw how to bole

Kristian Bullard

Very rude staff. Will never be back


Greg Werner

An old bowling alley that has received some remodelings. The food is average and the people that work there are friendly.

Kimberly Tovani

I took my daughter and 5 friends to bowl during lightning bowl on Friday at 9:30 pm. It was so fun-the colorful lights, music videos and you can request videos/music.

Sheree Spindel

Kids bowl free too free games every day Tuesday thru Saturday $25.00 great deal

Barbara Bullard

Saw the sign recently. It was beyond poor taste to proclaim "open season on tweakers." We're all human. I won't be coming here for recreational entertainment anytime soon.

Michele Eskridge

Dirty, owner is only out for self. I would never take my children to those lanes again!

Colt Fry

Fun place to bowl.


Their signage advocates violence against folks struggling with addiction and mental illness.

Terry Edwards

Nice little bowling alley.

Emmaly Wilson

Bowling here is good. The place looks recently remodeled and has very new equipment. The person running the desk was rude and she didn't seem to enjoy being there whatsoever. We had fun anyway, despite the grumpy staff person.

Trey Bacon

haha yes I would feel safe in an establishment that has that sign. tweakers=trash. no argument. it’s clear you people haven’t know any...and if you do and you still feel the need to rate this place based of a sign it’s because they haven’t stolen your belongings or tried to hurt you for drugs. Ignorance, grow up and stop acting like kids with your feeling hurt on a business review. This is a great place.

Barbara Garrott

We have great fun here. My husband has been in a league here for years. Food is great, too.

bruce antonowicz

Burned pizza three times in a row

Christopher Gombosky

Awesome family owned and operated alley! Good deli food. Recently remodeled and updated scoring machines. Pro shop

Amanda Mahoney

Very rude

Walter Dale

I enjoy bowling there and Dan the owner and his wife make you feel welcome there.

Raven Miller

We had a great time. Good place for children and adults.

Rebecca Holmes

Fun place to take a group of kids. They even have a "mom approved" playlist of music videos that play on the screens. Super clean, good food, good prices, nice clientele.

Nate Waters

I love lightning bowl on fridays

Candace Mullen

Today I called Aztec lanes and Westside lanes for My daughter wanting to have her birthday at a bowling alley. For 1, Westside lanes customer service was a 10, super nice and willing to answer all my questions without being annoyed. Aztec is a 2 because April seemed rude and impatient. She didn't seem happy to answer my questions like I'm supposed to know the answers already. She sounded annoyed like she doesn't care about her customers. Westside lanes were way nicer to me over the phone, even with all my questions. Also westside lanes let's you pick how many lanes you want. I needed 2 lanes for my daughter and her friends and 1 lane for my younger son, my husband and I. Aztec lanes wouldn't allow that. She said you only get the lanes for the birthday. Well, that wouldn't work because my son wants to bowl too. And bowling with his older sister and her friends wasn't going to work. Thank you westside lanes for accommodating our needs.

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