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1411 N State St, Bellingham, WA 98225, United States

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REVIEWS OF 20th Century Bowling IN Washington

Graham Bradley

L.Q. Hunter

John Valone

Alfred Mugho

The place has great prices and helpful workers, but the alley we were on constantly got stuck over and over again. The food was great as well!

James Thompson

Kinda hard to park. Cool bowling alley but a bit small.


It's the best alley around. The leagues are a blast, the workers are fantastic, and the synthetic lanes are amazing to bowl on. Prices for bowling are more than fair. Easy way to save money but have a fun night out. Support your local alley!

Keith Lucke

Great service and good lanes for bowlers. Good and drink available, but not much room for bowlers

Hunter Philip

A lot of pros to this place, location, good beer on tap and accommodating for all bowlers. I'd only criticize not being able to get lanes during league bowling!

R B.

Excellent old school alley and good rates. I prefer wood lanes but if they have to be synthetic, one will want to find them in the sort of condition they're in here. Well maintained equipment also; not a single issue. Already looking forward to my next visit!

Nova Kim

Cool bowling place usually has a good amount of people playing

Maryellen Wiseman

We had a great time and the staff were so kind and helpful to me .Thank you all so much!

Jonathan Kull

Fun times and good local beer options

Matthew Stidham

Kris Marshall

Fish and chips..yummm

Brandon Prentice

Great place. Love the vibe. We bowl once a week and have a blast. It can get kind of warm. I try to dress lighter when I come here. I often see people fanning themselves.

Brant Peterson

Came in and was told that, in a little over an hour, there was going to be a league coming in and they would be using all the lanes. I thought "Okay, a game takes no more than 30 minutes; we will have plenty of time for a game, maybe even two". They told me I would have to wait while they "cleaned" our lane and thought "Okay, why aren't they clean already? Why don't they do that after closing or before opening?" but I was completely okay with it. I'd rather wait and have a perfect lane than a dirty or poorly polished one. He asked for our shoe sizes, and we got our shoes. I put my shoes on, as did the person I came with. So I waited while the gentlemen slowly cleaned my lane, the next lane, and the next lane (probably for the league). I couldn't start bowling because the cord for his machine was still in my way, so I waited patiently for someone to give me the "go ahead" that we could start. After almost 20 minutes of this, the clerk, who I originally talked to said, "Yeah, the leagues going to be using all the lanes, soooo yeah." I was confused because I was already told the league would be there, so I said "So, what you're telling me is I have to come back at a different time...?" and he said yes. So I took my shoes off and we left. Probably 30 minutes later. I obviously can't speak for the actual "bowling experience" that this place had to offer, but I can say the service was terrible, and the disorganization of this establishment was laughable at best. This was my first time at this establishment, and am confused why they would turn away (new) paying customers for a league that is probably going to bowl there regardless... Would not recommend.

Kyle Mullins

Cool oldschool bowling alley with the right modern touches. Balls are a little chewed up, but they work well enough.

Steven Hanson

Well established bowling alley and has many league tournament teams here. Has special alleys for the very bowlers.

Joe John

Great little bowling alley. I go there often. They have food and beer!

Skyler McDonald

Great place to just get away and have fun

Robyn O'Hara-Prentice

The only alley in b'ham I'll roll in. And thanks for having good coffee! These guys are nice, helpful and fun to be around. Well done! Be sure to come hungry and check out the menu.


Dongwon Han

before 5 during weekday: $2.65 per game. shoe rental $3


Corey Packwood


Carl Graber

Crow Chloupek

It's a fun place to hang out and bowl with friends.

Grant Rich

Good old fashion cheap bowling

Graham Johnson

Love bowling here but sometimes the people can be a little snarky. It's the cheapest bowling in town but the equipment is still good. Great place for all ages.

Hypoluxo inc.

Ambiance and Addams Family pinball.

Nicole Tankersley

I've thrown 2 kids birthday bowling parties here since the start of 2018. Very friendly and helpful staff!! It can get a little loud but still lots of fun.

troy kirk

Old place but good times

Jed Andrew

Best bowling alley in town. They actually care about their customers.

Michael Albright

Cool little place to go

Sean Vetter

Fun simple bowling alley. Standard bowling alley food and beer. Has some arcade games.

Dianne Kelmis

Fun with grandkids

William Cooper

Julie Lane

Excellent bowling alley food and beer! They have quite a selection of beer actually. So yummy. The bowling was fun and clean and we only had to wait 15 mins for a lane, it was packed in there!

Trevor Almassy

Classic bowling experience. Beer and greasy food.

Ren Kamps

Danny Carrao

Bowling is awesome, this is a nice place to do it

Babafemi A

Good place to let off steam and relax through it couple of bowling rounds.

scott russell

This is my favorite bowling alley. They freshly oil the lanes each day. Be sure to check for open bowl times, there aren't very many lanes, and on league nights you most likely won't get a lane if you aren't in a league.

Lillia McCandless

Nice place, good service

Cooper Hansley

Nothin like some good ol bowling at 20th

Kinsey Underbrink

Fun, family friendly bowling place. Wish there were changing tables in the bathrooms, and the place could use some updating. But, definitely delivered a fun bowling experience.

Destinee Hardenbrook

I went here for my birthday had a blast. Iiked it there played some arcade games that was fun and the food there is good would recommend if you have the chance

Evan Oedekerk

Super nice people and great price for bowling

P J Creelman

Quirky and quaint. A fun place to play, and family friendly. and drinks are reasonably priced. (Food is, too.) Also, compared to bowling alleys in larger communities, the pricing is exceptionally competitive.

Jenna McCarter

While I had a lot of fun here, our lane kept messing up the scoring and I didn't notice until about half way through the game. When I asked the employee if we could start over on a different lane he asked me with complete disbelief if I wanted to start fresh after already both taking several turns, as if we were taking advantage of the bowling alley with our game that's score was completely messed up, and it was worth about $2.50 even if it hadn't been messed up. But we couldn't tell what our score was because it kept messing up every round since we noticed, so it had probably been messing up before that. The machine basically wouldn't pick up one of the pins, so sometime people were getting strikes who weren't supposed to, or getting extra turns. Anyway, the guy ended up resetting our game back to the beginning. But I thought it was hilarious how much he apparently wanted us to pay $2.50 for a totally messed up partial game of bowling. It was super fun to go bowling though. Can't wait to bowl again!

Chris Hager

Have been bowling here for several years and I can't imagine moving to another alley. The lanes were redone a few years ago (synthetic) and they are some of the nicest around. Going to other alley's I realize how spoiled I am with 20th. Great staff make it an awesome place to hang out and have a great time with friends. Food is good and reasonably priced. Beer selection is plentiful and some of the cheapest around.

Elaine Milam

Great bowling lanes. Fantastic music. Great fun. Facilities are old and well used. Bathrooms could use a little more cleaning, but still had great fun.

Michelle Kellogg

Had a blast fun place

Jeremy Ewing

Everytime I go it's always fun. Especially with family

Nicolas Paz

Fun place for spur of the moment bowling!


Great beer selection and cheap daytime bowling

Lee Tooh

Without a doubt the best bowling lanes in Bellingham. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is great.

Mitchell Tinker

Screamo and emo punk music played for an hour and a half straight. If you like Asking Alexandria, this place is for you. If you like good music, this place isn't for you.

sacha nerson


Super fun at 1 in the morning!

Selah Galeano

I will never go there again and will tell everyone I know to avoid this place like the plague. The lanes we rented broke several times and the staff were the rudest people I have ever encountered. The employees seemed to be put out that anyone was there at all and they didn’t want to work. The video games did not work and there were no signs on them saying out of order, so we lost money in several games that didn’t even work.

Kim Catrain

Fun blowing alley. Only serves beer, wine and ciders for drinks for 21+.

Robear Martian

There were balls and pins, I even knocked down a few of them

Rachel Rothberg

Great for parties or spontaneous bowling!

Alex McCoy

Every time I go here I have a terrible experience with the staff. I brought in a water bottle, which was snatched from the table behind me. Only after I followed the cashier did I get an explanation: he sneered and me and said “no outside beverages”. There’s a nice way to enforce that policy, but he clearly didn’t care.

Samantha Lundberg

My little family and I loooooooove to bowl. And we only knew about this place when we first moved into town. And I’m not kidding, both my kids got better practicing here. They were open every time we came and had the correct shoe sizes and weighted balls. I would absolutely recommend this bowling alley! I haven’t tried the food! But I will. And everyone so far has been so nice.

Alexis Romero

David Drayer

Justin Symington

Really priced lanes, convenient location in downtown Bellingham. The bar has a solid selection of beers, and lots of kids friendly features like bumpers and a ramp. Good clean fun for everyone!

Jake Sutton

Salvatore Cindrich

Nice Lane with nice employees. It can get a little busy sometimes, but what else is there to do in Bellingham?

Fabio Rojas Lizárraga

Great place, good location, cheap prices, and free parking for costumers.

cj peterson

Philip Samuelsen

Great spot!

laura miller

Eh, not impressed. Could use some cleaning up, and updating.

Katie Raap

Great movie theater with friendly staff!

Sarah Foley

Jessica Bowman

Great place

Tim Diffenderfer

John Brunke

Guy at the front desk was chill. Kitchen staff were nice and commutative. The women in the kitchen made an excellent meatloaf sandwich. Only complaint is the actual lanes, out dated and buggy software. If the lanes are not out dated then the assumption was made due to pins not getting properly reset more then 4 times, leaving us with no pins to hit, resetting pins the second frame or not resetting pins. It still was a great time with great staff.

benita Julius

Like moonlight bowling

Conrad Weems

If you are looking for the traditional American bowling alley experience, this is the place. However, they don't really add anything special. The food is about as good as you would expect from a bowling alley, and the style looks like it was the 70s when they built the place. So you know, a normal bowling alley.

Stacy Paull

Fun bowling, but the whole place needs to be typical bowling alley

Ken Eggert

chris scott

Lori Sampson

The lanes didn't work half the time and the guy behind the desk was more into chatting with friends than making the lanes work again. You really shouldn't have to beg almost every throw of the ball to reset the lane. Super frustrating.

Daniel Park

Jahnel Burgess

Fairly typical bowling alley with lots of lanes for parties, families or friends. It is pretty outdated, seeming to not have any updates since the 80’s. Has some food, beer and wine but they seem good about bringing outside food. Would love to see this place renovated

Jon Glover

The world needs more bowling alleys

Brian Aronson

Nice place for family entertainment


Awesome place! It was bright, lively, and had great music and fast, nice service. I saw a lot of bad reviews of this place from about a year ago but I think it's changed. It was a good price and had an updated system that didn't require any input by the customer (it also had funny animations when someone had a spare, strike, or gutter). We had a great time. There were lots of young people and families. We didn't have any food but they did have a decent looking cafe/bar off to the side.

Isaiah Muffenbier

Always a great spot for casual exciting fun, and a good cheap date (;

Kristi Silk

Great place to bowl, good food and beer selection

Zack Rollins

Fun atmosphere, reasonable prices, wonderful staff! Good food as well

Kyle Keefe

The bowling alley is old and the employees are terrible. The employees make a non friendly atmosphere which ruins the fun. Oh and if you forget your ID and you take a drink of beer, they kick your entire group out and throw away your full pitchers of beer, no refunds. I won't be going back.

Jacob Tully

It's what you want out of a bowling alley.

Eric Simmons

Really like the lane conditions. Well maintained. Only 16 lanes but the place is clean.

Sam Kaplan

Fun Bellingham activity for any night. The wait can be long, but food and beer is available while waiting.

Carol Winikoff

I had fun watching my co-workers bowling and the company of the non-bowlers.


Classic wooden lanes and helpful friendly employees! Our kids bowled with a purple dinosaur ramp

Christine Hall

Best alley in town.

Arnold Gallows

Iain Davidson

Super friendly staff. And lots of fun things to do. Decent cafe with burger/fries/salad area and drinks/soda/water/beer/ipa ... can take it to your lane too! Don't forget to bring a handful of extra quarters and dollar bills for the music juke box ! :) lots of free parking across the street too.

Jackson Snyder

I give this place 10 pins up

Katie Knutson

Amanda Sellman

Went here with my friend last night. He has a service animal that he needs for his disability. The "manager" denied us service because he didn't want my friends service dog there. It is against federal law to refuse service to someone who has a service animal because it is discriminating against that person who has a disability. i.e. Title II and III under ADA. Maybe the "manager" didn't know about this law, however when trying to explain this to him he let us know he'd be happy to call the cops to kick us out. Terrible experience, and I do not support any business that is going to discriminate against others. Surprised this happened in Bellingham tbh **update: owner responded to my comment saying it was regarding alcohol. Nobody in my party ordered alcohol or requested alcohol. We only requested a lane to bowl which we were denied because of the service dog.

John Silk

Great lanes


Took the kids here and had a great time. All the staff was very nice and professional. Food was typical bar food. They also had old school Pac man game. Definitely coming back.

Arianne Detroy

Had a blast blowing with our friends!

Royce Civico

20th Century Bowl has the newest lanes and friendliest staff in the county.

Joseph Santos

Favourite spot to bowl with friends! Jukebox and a few arcade machines!

ND Goob

Good times

Nick Bey

Novica Gavrancic


A Google User

Milo Price

Bowling! The TVs have those great old cheesy CGI bowling pin animations from the 90s.

Paige Walker

Parker Grady

Alexis Clock

I went here with a group of friends to bowl but we wanted to have a beer or two before we got started, so we go up to the bar and order a pitcher. The guy rudely asks which lane we were on to which I responded that we haven't started bowling yet and wanted to enjoy a drink first and maybe some food. He proceeds to explain to me that we weren't allowed to order beer without first purchasing a lane for bowling. I explained that we weren't ready to bowl and wanted to drink our beer and eat food at the tables first. Again he was very rude, and he tells us that they aren't a bar and the only way we were going to get beer is if we were occupying a lane at the time. I told him that was bad for business and that he was turning away paying customers. Needless to say we were very put off by the experience and decided to take our business elsewhere, and I hope you avoid them too if they still do business this way. I really hope this behavior wasn't condoned by the owner and that this problem has been rectified since my last visit. If it has, I would be happy to give them another chance. If I want to enjoy a beer and some food at the tables before I purchase a lane for bowling, that shouldn't be a problem for a paying customer and I shouldn't be rudely turned away.

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