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REVIEWS OF World of Sports IN Virginia

Ricky Boyd

Brian Saravia

Great atmosphere and many options for everyone. Great staff!

Tandra Crews

This is a great place for a family outing. It has something for everyone. Games, bowling, and go karts to race against others. Vey fun!

Michael Harper

Best sport center for kid's

Little Lloyd Lady

Our family fun day was just what we needed! We started out with the bowling package complete with pizzas and drink, shoe rental and 5 arcade cards ($5 each.) We spent another chunk of time in the arcade before heading over to race the karts and ended up spending the rest of our day inside JB's playing trivia, snacking on appetizers and enjoying beverages before heading home. It was a complete day all in one place at an affordable rate.

Roy Allgood

Need to put over size seats in movies for over size people

Darren OHare

Horrible place to see a movie. Went there tonight to watch End Game and some ahole was eating chicken wings and mouthing off. Then he smoked a cigarette a continued to be obnoxious. I left that lousy place and will never go back.

amber carrington

Great place to go for a fun time with the kids

Venessa Pringle

Had a good time at JB's DJ Shakespeare had everyone hyped music was really good. Plan to go again in April to hear DJ Shakespeare. It's a nice place just need little more room for dance floor.

Jimmy Brumfield

Love this place kids love it

Karen Johnson

Great environment, good food, and staff was very friendly.

Tim Gentry

Bruce Newcomb

Excellent movie theater.

Chad the goat maxwell

Have games now and movie theater doesn't smell of meld dew anymore good improvement

Dirik Snead

We had a very good time riding go carts, laser tag, and playing games.

Teo OnEarth

Many options. Bowling, laser tag and more

Charles Mims ll

Better than it used to be but most of the employees are lazy and ignore the customers

Joe Ferguson

The WOS is a POS. The only reason the company is still in existence is because it is only form of entertainment in the area. Many people will still travel over half an hour to visit similar establishment because they're in substantially better condition. Let's start with the movies. Your popcorn is not fresh. It's popped days in advanced stored in trash bags in a rat and roach infested room. The popcorn is not quality controlled. Employees and managers did into it with their bare hands which are barely washed as hygiene seems to be the least of their worries. Jay Burnett only cares about money so he schedules the movie times so close together that the employees are unable to clean after showing resulting in a theater littered with discarded food for the people that shoe up next. The seats are never clean and are absolutely disgusting. You ought to see them when they turn the cleanup lights on. Candy and chips are never date checked. Ice buckets are never sanitized. Restrooms are worse than an outhouse at the county fair. Maybe if Jay cared about his employees and didn't treat them like a disposable asset with a pay of $7.25 then they would actually try to work. Let's move to the arcade. Once, there were ants in the candy claw game and they were not cleaned out. The games aren't regularly sanitized and they're old! You can't just keep the same 15 games and expect people to keep coming to play, Jay! You don't even want to get me started on the "restaurant." Is the food good? Yeah, it's not bad if you're the only one in the restaurant so they can just focus on you. That shouldn't be much of a problem now though, considering there are barely any customers. If you're a smoker then this is the place for you! The waitresses (not roro) look like trash and smell like smoke which is probably because they go out the front to light up and come right back to work without washing up. If it's busy then you better just go to mcdonalds. You'll get the same quality food. You're lucky if you get your food by half an hour. Don't blame the chef, blame Jay for providing awful quarters and not listening to his executive chef when it comes to running a restaurant. Just because you rename a restaurant doesn't mean that it's going to change, Jay, especially with a name like JB's. The bowling alley is alright if you are patient due to slow service (a result of being understaffed. Again, Jay) and faulty lanes due to outdated equipment. The entire facility is absolutely appalling. Nats surround the daft beer and food. Proper cleaning techniques are not enforced. All together, it's just a drab time. There's no fun or excitement to be found unless you get drunk there. Jay, I would understand if you ran a large company, but you don't. You have less than 50 employees. It's not that hard to run a business! You don't listen to your employees and if you do it goes in one ear in out the other. You care about any of your employees. You treat them like dirt, and you under pay them. If a supervisor works there and is only getting paid $8.50 for everything she has done over the years then your a lucky man. You don't need to be under paying Ms. Clay like that. She does more than she should for you. The same goes for Ms. Ragsdale. You treat your employees wrong Jay and in return they treat your customers wrong. It's not a hard concept to figure out. I used your care about the business until I saw how you work. Also, stop with the sexual discrimination. "Women have never blown down or taken out the trash." - Mrs. Roberts. The business will fail. 20 years experience and you still haven't learned. It's going further down the toilet everyday. I hope this review gives you some things to think about. Please get back to me.

Carl Jones

Needs work

Cash Money

Not much to do the only fun u will have is at gocarting and Lazer tag

Sheena Hicks

Race carts

Ben Owen

Amy Ruff

Great staff, Fun Place. Quaint little town absolutely Recommend for families.

Briaah Peridott

Amanda White

Lily Martin

A great DJSlim!!

Michelle Newcomb

Watched Dead Pool 2 and it was great

Theresa Anderson

The prices have really gone up, little to expensive to go every weekend like I use to go.

Roger Perkins

Great service. Bar is top notch plenty pf big screen tv. 2 dollar draft at happy hr. Bowling, lazer tag, movies. Conference rooms. Right close to 4 good motels. This place is a blast. I have not eating here.yet


Had a great day bowling, karting, and playing laser tag!

Kyle Madigan

Shirley Chambers Revis

Andrew Closs

If you are looking for literally anything to do after work or on the weekend, this is your spot. Bowling, laser tag, go karts, arcade games, they have it all plus an ever-evolving craft beer menu sure to satiate thirsty pallets.

Antonio Anthony

This place was very interesting first time in their enjoy myself they got a nice bumper car I would advise anybody to go if you get a chance and stuff is a great family time during the rain very exciting can't wait to go back again everyone should visit everyone

Kristin Correll

Love the Go Karts just wish it was bigger

Markale Fisher

Christie G

Needs updated.

Darrett Wise

Great drinks

Jimmy Martin

Great place for fun

Ken U

Fun place great for kids

Virginia Taylor


Jason Smucker

Great place to take kids. loved the arcade and go carts

Penny Lacks

The movie theater sucks the chair broke when we sat down and my chair was wet .It smelt really bad in there

Adam Goode

I had fun bowling kind peoples specials on sunday after 5pm.

Jackie Epps Ingram

Not very clean

O'Leary Washington

Really enjoyed myself

Cassie Bryant

Love this place. Lot of things to do here

M A. Reed

#1hang out spot in South Boston

Doreen Roehrs

Having a great time bowling on a league. Staff very friendly.

Stephen Jordan

Awsome place.

new guy

Same world of sports it was 15 years ago. Over priced nasty food, glitchy bowling lanes...

Mark Burrell

Good food, good selection of draft beers and good prices

Erin L

Always fun!

Ryan Engstrom

Great staff, lots to do, go karts, later tag, bowling, a bar and a movie theatre! Wonderful time

Gary B Brown ii

Out dated

Chelsea Paul

Plenty for kids and adults to do

Amy Gammon

Awesome place to take family...reasonable prices...parking great! Lots to do!

Rebekah Dease

Love hanging here with my friends

keets keets

This place is a dump, but it's the only place you go to catch one of two movies in town.

Justin Chandler

Josh Edmunds

William Jones


Cosmic Charlie

Very very expensive bowling shouldn't cost that much..All AMF lanes are way over priced..But it is a nice place

toxicman's game's


Marie Snead

We had a great time! The lane was messing up and the gentleman was very helpful! It was my niece's first time bowling and she had a blast!

Crista Moody

Dennis Davis

Little expensive but great for kids .

Paula Orellana

Great wings!! Love the bartender Chaz Mason!

Lora Ballard

Great restaurant, JB's! Had wing night on Wednesday night! .75 a wing! They had all kind of sauces to try! You can take food into movies if you sooooo choose! Great service!

S. Reeves

What a cool place to bring the family.

Sherrie Herborn

Two Cinemas, indoor go-kart track, bowling and some arcade games

CheyenneandMary Yates

Nice place to take your children and yourself to have fun as a family.

Penny Woody

good food, good drink


Laura Switzer

Love it !!!!!!!! Great place !!!!!!! Had alot of fun bowling

Sarah Hughes

Every year we take our students for an end of the year celebration. They get to go bowling and watch a movie. They love it! The staff is wonderful! They make sure that everything is ready for us and that everyone has a great time. The bowling alley, movie theater and restrooms are clean and well maintained. It's a great place to take the kids (there's an arcade and laser tag too)!

Michael Decker


Nice change just gets really crowded

Frank Sweeney

James Rutherford

I went to JB's, formerly Spare Times, this past Monday and had a good experience. This is my favorite place to grab a brew because there are 20 rotating taps, and that's unheard of in a town this small. They had several Stone brews, the classic Green Flash, and even your typical pilsners for the less adventurous just to name a few. They also do bottles and offer a plethora of mixed drinks. I'm not sure if they still have it, but the best plate that was ever made here is the Prime Rib Pasta. I know they briefly changed it to a steak pasta with some sort of shredded beef...a very poor substitute. Get it back! :) I wish this place could work out a way of pulling in a crowd. They have the largest space with the most taps and have a bowling ally, laser tag, skating rink, and movie theatre all in the same building. How could it fail?! Yet somehow, the crowd seems to be lacking with so much to offer. Jess, the bartender for the evening, was amazing. There were no rowdy patrons. The only bad thing I can say about this place is they need to find a way to bring in new customers or bring back old ones. Truly, the best bar opportunity in town.

Jennifer Rickman

Okay, this place is overpriced to be what it is... also it’s not taken care of that well, the bathrooms are not the cleanest and the movie theater isn’t well kept either. You would think that as much as they charge for certain things ie. the arcade games, laser tag, etc. that there would be more upkeep.. staff is okay, not all of them offer the best service though. This place has just a very unprofessional environment.

Lucas DeMatteo

It is the only place I go to for bowling and I love it. I also love to go carts

Kadija Vines

The service was great. The food was good. The music was great.

Thomas Gathers

The food was great I just hope they create more space in the bowling alley at least get the ball return machine out of the lane

Cole Wale

The World of Sports had been updated! The CRTVs have been replaced with flatscreen HDTVs for easier readings. The staff are amazing people and genuinely care about your experience. The laser tag is very fun, but is only really active on the weekend. Good for a private game, I guess! Sort of the same with go-karts, the successor of the skating rink. Now, to be honest, having a newer skating rink would be cool added on, but I prefer go-karting. The arcade is wonderful. Hours of fun there, could use a few updates and repairs all over. A few new bowling balls, menu update. All over really wonderful night to have!

James V

absolutely incredible staff, and good arcade food and decent selection of games. Just wish there was more to do. Good bowling prices at just 15 dollars for an hour on a lane.


Great place for the kids, bowling, arcade, and go carts.

Taylor Cisco

Cool place to have some good family fun. Go-karts, laser tag, bowling, and arcade all very fun.

golden jr.

Crystal Richards

Really enjoyed our family time there

Rich Pollett

Great shot this morning thanks

Rachel Faye Newby

Lleyton Burkholder

Fun place to go for the weekend bowling and go kart are expensive but fun and the arcade is a blast!

Mark & Becky Griffus

Great place, friendly staff from the front to the bowling alley. Bowling Alley looks very nice, new update? Clean and alot of different weight balls to choose from.

Jackie Macklin

I really enjoyed myself my first time I really enjoy it

Jason Conklin

Pretty good.

Tiffany Rivers

Love going, had a blast


Food was good service was very good and prompt

Sara Self

Fun place to visit. There is bowling, movies, and I think there is still skating rink, not sure.... I used to live in South Boston, Virginia most of my childhood and some of my adult hood. I actually worked here in the Bowling Alley part and theater. Great people to work for too, fun job!

Erin Lambert

Christina Smith

Bathroom were stank and filthy!

Beth Bailey

JBs open Mic was great, lots of talent! Good food, reasonable prices.

Marcia Jennings

food was good

Shiletia Pettus

Flora Harris

Steve Chafatelli

The bar has excellant wings

Terry Gulledge

Great place for the whole family.

Shannon Moran

Nice place had fun kids loved it!

Dorothy Shirley

Love the family environment . Tristan was very helpful. This is a place our family of six ages 5 til adult all had a blast.

Lehman Brother's Lumber company

Mellvinnal Richardson

Love it

jb wilborn

Good family place

Adam Prevette

had a bad experience with service. Me and a bunch of friends preordered tickets for the new Star Wars movie. We were told that the scanner for the preorder tickets was down (they didnt scan anything when we walked in. We handed our tickets to a couple guys in the doors.) And that we'd have to wait 15 mins to go in, which is fine except that the people that didn't preorder their tickets were admitted on time and got to go pick seats before anyone that preordered. which is the only reason to preorder tickets here. Im not super upset about it. I was a little peaved, but It turned out fine. Everyone got seats (small town...)But thats not how preordering tickets works. Thats not good business. Something was said to the person that informed us that we'd be admitted late (im assuming hes the manager) and he essentially seemed to shrug and go back inside. which left us feeling frustrated and feeling like we went through the trouble of preordering for nothing. I understand that stuff happens, but i felt more could have been done to accomadate my friends and i as customers. if given the choice i will probably be going to palace point or danville to watch my movies from now on.

Connie Cole

Great family environment with LOTS to do and the food at JB's is AMAZING!!! It's like a second home to me.

Carol Vicks

They have a lot of stuff to do

William White

Great place for family fun

Teresa Stevens


Nikki Barnes


Dale Keeton

Patricia McPeters

Love bowling with church

Brad Mccain

Great place great atmosphere and great food great place to take your family

Melissa Mccullock

Wow is all I can say really. Rude Staff when you can find them.

Alex Hatfield

Megan was the homie.


You will enjoy bowling, cart racing, & much more. It even have an inside restaurant. This is a good family oriented place.

ramkumar jayaraman

A good hang out spot that south Boston has to offer. They have lots of specials. Visit often to get the best deals.

Timmy & Sophie Conner

Nice, not to crowded


Yes we were there in early evening 4-5pm....wanted to bowl not play arcades, Lazer tag, etc...... And the music videos I was ashamed to see as a 30 year old married man! Took 1 look and horrible! My advise to people reading reviews looking for a nice time- look elsewhere!

Shaunta Salley

Mary Moses

Love it lots of fun

Dameon Fields

Great place for parties

Jonathan Murray

The food was pretty bad. Nachos not worth the $8 price tag.

Paul Sinerco

Great indoor track and large bowling center. Helpful staff

Randy Sutphin

Reasonable place to take family for fun.

Julian Ceballos

man2 man1023


JP Swey

Always enjoyable

Justin DeMatteo

All good.

Temicca Terry

Ashley Bryant

This place has fun for every person in the family with an arcade and bowling for the kids or maybe the go-karts, laser tag, or kid specific movies for them as well! Don't forget that the adults can have their bowling fun too or racing on the go-kart track! There is also a Bar/Grill for the adults to chill out, relax, eat, and drink something age appropriate! Point is this place will fill your needs with a friendly staff that's willing to help if you ask them!

Donald Neavin

Theatre doesn't have stadium seating

Danella Davis


janice velazquez

Lamar Green

Great Go-kart Racing Ring, and a fun arcade full of different kind of wonderful games

Eric Plapp

Go Karts are faster than thought they would be! We didn't break the sound barrier, but had fun with the kids. Arcade is pretty decent, might be better if they changed out the video games more though.

Elle RNY

Everything about this place was amazing. The bowling alley, small arcade, lazor tag, go carts, even the pizza! I will definitely return if I'm in the area again

Tina Green

Have tons of fun here

Rob Simmons

Bartenders were great, food tooooook forever, wings and a salad. Ended up getting them to go, it took so long

Jackie Derricks

I bowl league

T Cochran

Small town fun! Old skating area converted into go cart racetrack, bowling alleys, video arcade, food grill for snacks.

Roger Tuck

Nice place for bowling etc

Fredo Santiago

Need one in chase city.

David Morningstar

Great place for the Family

irish jeepgirl

Great place to spend an evening with family & friends

Aaron Chandler

Recent bad experience with the movies. 1 person handling concessions with alot of impatient people. He had no help and was struggling bad. He was polite and nice despite the rush. He called in for help on his cell several times with no answers. Made the popcorn, ran over to make drinks, ran down to take your money then ran back to start over. I think that fellow deserves a raise. Movie was supposed to start at 4pm. MEG Movie started at about 4:40p with no audio. Also, no info/announcement about what was wrong until about 435pm that they were having technical difficulties. Took a few minutes to fix audio after video was fixed then started the movie over. I get that technical difficulties happen but inform your paying customers a bit sooner than 30-35 minutes. Also, popcorn was far from fresh and 3 drink choices were out. For $13 for refreshments, I think fresh or even close to fresh popcorn should be a must. I get it about drinks being out, it happens. I think my family movie outing was a very poor experience and felt I should share so maybe management can read this and make a few changes. I'm sure I'm not the only one that felt this way that day.

Tina M Foisy

it was ok but wish it had more going on. arcade was small

Ernie Hackney

A nice environment to meet good friends

Becky South

A little bit on the expense side. The movie theater is not good, feels like an d high school. The seats are old and suck. The snack area cold be better. Seams like they pay more attention to the bar and the bowling alley than they do the theater. But there is plenty for the kids to do if you can afford it.

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