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SPOTSYLVANIA TOWNE CENTRE, 51 Towne Centre Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22407, United States Located in: Spotsylvania Towne Centre

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REVIEWS OF Splitsville IN Virginia

Phyllis Redmond

Had awesome time, highly recommend it.

Joseph Auala

Good food and drink, not great for actually bowling.

Marcy Mendez

Time spent well with MY grandchildren

Amy Vurganov

Visited the first time last week with family who were visiting from out of town. We had tried to reserve lanes for 2 hours as advertised on their website. Called the day before and were told someone would call us back, nobody called. We explained this at the front when we arrived, but they wouldn’t accommodate us. All 7 of us bowled on one lane. We also experienced multiple problems during the game and had to have things reset. It was super frustrating. Won’t be going back.

Joe K

Service was outstanding from the time we walked in the door. Front desk made us feel welcome and our server was pleasant and attentive. This was a very good experience.

joanne culpeper

Very nice atmosphere, good food, love the concept

C. Autrey

Good fun and good food. Friendly staff.

Barbara Ulrich

Good second place in Fredericksburg to go bowling. We all need to have more than one place to go. Even if a different name then them.

Dandzra Augustine

MAN!!....All their food selections are OUTSTANDING!!, And you can take it over to the movie theater with you

John Kassouf

Promised waiting time became double.

Michael Wilson

Great place. Family had a blast here.

Pat Altman

Short staffed on a Saturday night. Took 15 minutes st the bar to get a drink order in. Serious lack of management

Jonathan Greenstein

Great place to catch a few frames before or after a movie. Bowling, pool, drinks and decent eats. Combination bar, bowling alley, pool hall and restaurant adjacent to the movie theater. Gluten Free options are available.

Sharon DeSouza

Great place to catch up with friends. Nice happy hour selections as well.


A little bit of everything and nice location to the mall. Three Bowling lanes a tight, but hey it's still fun.

Sue Blum

Bit of a problem with alley, after a rough start we had a blast! Server staff is quite young and inexperienced.

Hiren Patel

They have great service and ambiance but wish they had the AC running a bit cooler when we there.

Amy Carrasquillo

Hands down - best experience! I went with a party of 12 for my daughter's 8th birthday & the staff was fabulous!! From the moment we walked in & I was trying to wrangle a gaggle of kids, they were getting everyone shoes & working with me to determine the best cost. Alissa our server was so sweet and patient & every person that ran food & drinks out for us were all smiles all the time!! Constantly clearing out plates, offering refills - Super friendly. They were genuinely happy - ppl that truly liked their jobs & wanted to be there. It's rare & so refreshing. Even at the end, when getting a refund for a couple of adults that didn't end up playing, they kept apologizing for having to wait a couple extra minutes to be refunded. Manager was efficient & super kind. I was just so impressed!! Get staff! Great prices! Food was really awesome too.

Dan Boelsche

Good food, service a little slow

J. Fitz

Fun place to come to for both adults and kids! The food and drinks are really good. Prices are fair staff is very nice! It’s an upscale bowling Alley. You can have the bumpers on for your kids and they come down when it’s not their turn. You can also win free games if you get a pink pin the the middle! Even really young kids can do it they have ramps to help them push the ball down the alley! Great idea for a date night as well

Iris Chacon

Great price for movies.

Jessica Maino

I am just awful at bowling, but I absolutely love the burgers here, and my hubby likes to bowl. Wonderful place for a nice date night and family get together.

GunFighter 90

Great atmosphere for family and friends

Emmett Quattlebaum

Bowling, movies, bar, atm. Food

Heather Nicole

Always fun place to go! Other than being super crowded, its a nice date night spot!

Rita Geary

Great place. Nice and clean. Recliner seating!

Brian Ball

Great family fun

Saint Nic

Great atmosphere food was good the bartender sucked couldn't fix drinks to save her life. How do you mess up a classic drink like long island ice tea we sent it back.

C Dye

Terrible customer service. Don't waste your time and money at this place. There were 10 lanes open and non-operational. We were told the wait time would be 20 minutes to bowl but we decided to wait. After 30 minutes we asked how much longer only to be told that they'd originally told us the wrong wait time. We were told it would be another 20 minutes at least. We were very displeased and decided to leave. Upon asking for a refund, we questioned why the 10 lanes were not being used. They said they were holding a few for some reserved parties later in the day and others still needed to be cleaned, which noone was currently doing. We asked for a refund and my husband informed them that we would not be back so the man at the register said, "That's ok", and never even offered an apology. We will not be returning. I don't pay for poor customer service.

Brett Hopkins

Always fun! The food and drinks were on point and it was fun to be able to bowl right before going into the movie. Our waitress even took the time to let us know were getting close to movie time!

Chris Hawks

Our waitress, Lexi, did a great job. Area was clean, our drinks were never empty, and she even got us to go cups for our drinks. Amazed by the attention to detail displayed. Will come back again!

jools y

We are Aussies and were here for 5 months a few years ago. Have very fond memories of this place, spent a lot of time here as we were staying across the parking lot at the Residence Inn. Fabulous staff, food and drinks. Thanks for the memories!

Jacolby Washington

Nice place but they don't have a lot of lanes so there's always a wait at the times it would be decently busy.

Frank Broadway

First time in my life i bowled and I won. Thank you. But they have killer burgers and drinks. Highly recommended.

Kellie Somerville

I GIVE THIS PLACE NEGATIVE 10!!! Yesterday, my family and I decided, like we do every Sunday, to go to the alley to allow the kids some time to wind down before the start of the week. My spouse made it there before I did, so he was already sitting in the dining room at a booth with drinks for everyone and menus. He notified me at the time that there were no lanes available at the time for bowling, but that he had reserved a lane, and that they would let us know when it was ready. We got the phone call about 15 minutes after I sat down letting us know the lane was ready, and that we could move. We moved all of our drinks along with the kids to the other side of the alley where we were given the lane and proceeded to order our meals. The kids start to bowl (we paid for 1 game, as we knew we wouldn't be there long because we had other errands to run after), and they inevitability finish up, right as the food is being delivered to the table. Within 2 minutes of our food being brought to us and we start to eat, the server comes back over and ask us if we "could please move back into the dining room". I looked her directly in her eyes and gave her my firmest, most sincere "absolutely not". I told her that we were NOT moving, that we had already moved once, and that we had no intentions of shuffling our food, drinks, and children around for a second time. She explained that the lane (that they placed us at, mind you) was reserved and that they needed it. I told her that that was not our problem; that if management and staff planned poorly that we were not going to be inconvenienced because of it. I pointed out 5 other lanes that were not being utilized at the time (lanes 1,2,3,4, we were # 5, and 8.) and that she should ask one of them to relocate. I informed her that we had paid for our game and that we are now enjoying our meal. She goes to notify the manager. About a minute later, 2 "managers" come over, one sloppy little boy probably graduating with my daughters class NEXT year, and a girl who clearly wanted to be the stereotypical idea of a "black woman" and began to tell us that we "have" to move because they need the table. I asked her where in writing does it indicate that once people are finished with bowling that they must vacate the table in the middle of their meal. Her response: "I'm TELLING you that's what you're going to do"! I say "Whats your wager? - I'm not moving. Sorry". She then states that if we "did not move immediately, the police would be called". I told her "we'll wait, we're not moving". She walks away - never comes back. The Spotsy mall cop (laughable) comes in, and tries to find out whats going on; I explain. Shes pissed because these "managers" have wasted her time. She then lets me know that the "managers have called the sheriffs' department, and because you did not move, you are TRESPASSING" Really?- Ok, Starbucks. My response? "Great - I'll wait for them too!" As we are finishing up our meal and waiting, another (more reasonable) manager comes over to find out what is going on. I explain again. He is flabbergasted and annoyed because he understands its nonsense; the detriment that can come from a slick mouth child put in a position that she and he were obviously not trained or prepared for. He comps our entire meal. We ask for the server to come back so that we can tip her. She was annoyed. We collected our things, went to the front and waited 45 minutes for the cops who never showed up. I asked, "Where are the police, we've been waiting to speak with them". The young idiot manager who initiated this entire mess says "Well, I wasn't involved so I don't know whats really going on". Huh??- Am I in the twilight zone?! The embarrassment that we endured due to poor management was is enough to warrant this place ZERO stars. I will NEVER spend my money here again and will notify every person I come in contact with about how disgusting their customer service is and how they treat their patrons. A suite will be filed.

Marcos Cristófano

Very good place to enjoy with the family.

Bonny G

Food is ok, server nice, food delivery did not know where to deliver the food. Saw are order around and around for 5 minutes before it got to us.

Leon Brown

It was hot outside and just as hot in the bowling alley

Hadley Deputy

I walked in with a group, which had people over the age of 18, and was immediately refused a lane for no given reason. Then a family with a bunch of small children was aloud in to play. I'll take my business elsewhere thank you.

Taryn Hogbin

Good food and the bowling alley is really nice. It does get very busy.

Julianna J

Came by today and thought the food was delicious! A little bit of a wait for food but still good! Loved it! Recommend the chocked sandwiches.

Aaron Ewert

Fun place to hang out. Food is pretty good. Sirloin sliders are very good.

TuNerGuY -_-

Great place to see a movie or bowl shoot pool

Mark Gaddie

The food is really good and you can bring it to the theater if you wanted. A little bit on the pricey side but it’s worth it. I really like the overall atmosphere with neat music and friendly staff. However, The staff could be a little bit more organized. One time or another, they have either forget about me or gave my meal to someone else by mistake.

Mike Webster

Fun for the family but very pricey. The front staff needs a little help in professionalism.

Jack Roberts

Lots to do. Great food!

D Hastings

I am not really a bowler, but I like this place. It gets pricy, but the discount Tuesdays are really cheap. The food is pretty good and they serve you at your lane.

Tara James

Great hospitality! Great fun! Great food!

V Bailey

Love this place great place for the entire family.

Kevin Taimanglo

I’ve been bringing my family here for fun times for a while now. I’ve held my oldest 12 bday part here, my daughters and I have been bowling here, we have been to the movies, I’ve been here on outings with my friends and I have no room to say anything but the fact I enjoy this establishment every time I come with my family and friends. That’s your basic review but I always like to put something specific about my reviews regardless bad or good so you know I’m truly talking on my hands on. Last night my daughters and I are out on our outing and we chose to go to the movies here ofcourse and we ordered our food from the lanes bar to take to our movie (I love that you can do that). While waiting on our order; which was prompt as usual and never disappointing; my daughters showed interest in the Injustice 2 video game they had on display and the bartender I watched as he watched them and their interest and as soon as they can ask “Daddy can you play this,” he was right there with two play station controllers and I couldn’t have been more appreciative by the attention he had and the good job and good vibes he carries as well as the manager I believe helping figure out how to get the controllers synced and all and the politeness and respect shown by the waitress. Y’all helped a dad make my daughters feel special GREAT JOB

Ronny Thai

The service was very poor. For it being my first time I was not impressed at all. We were there for 20 minutes and not one employee asked us if we wanted a drink or any food. We saw another group get a lane after us and probably in about 5 minutes someone asked if they needed anything. I'd understand slower service I'd it was busy, but it wasmt at all! Honestly, you're better off going to amf bowling for some better servic . I wouldnt go back here or recommend the place at al .

William Brooke

I like the bowling. I think the food and drinks are a bit high for a bowling place. The burger could be more juicy.

Christopher Stone

Took my son bowling for his birthday. We had a great time.

Margie Dudley

Most likely designed for an adult crowd. Bar and food service at lanes. I was there with 4 grandkids. Food prices pretty high. Our lane broke down and it took more than 20 minutes to have them switch us to another lane and had to start over because scores were all mixed up. I am sure the establishment would be great for adult bowlers and leagues. Not really kid friendly.

Timothy Fincher

A great atmosphere that bring good times. Playing pool or bowling here makes for a great afternoon with friends or family.

George Jarrow

Good place and it has a movie theater attached more places need to be like this one.

Joanna Greenwalt

Me and my family go to splitsville every week we love the food but the one pizza I got wasn't that good and that was the firehouse I will not get again

Steven Szabo

My wife and I are here every week almost. Enjoy the opportunity to have a drink and then watch a movie

Mob baby

Loved the bowling!

amanda woolner

how does this place have 4 stars?? bartender couldn't be bothered to actually take my order after sitting there for 3 min. she and other waitstaff sat at a table talking while my father and I waited for service. Also there was a total 9 other patrons in the place. food was good. service not so much.

Dennis Woods

If you want to bowl go to a bowling alley. This is more of a place for children with a bar for the adults. Lanes are very cramped. If you do go avoid lane 1 as it is suitable for a child bowler only. If I want to bowl again it will not be here. Otherwise the place is fine just not good for bowling

Heather Juarez

I took my son there with my father to eat before the movie and we were looking forward to having lunch and when we got there it was so disappointing. First we weren't greeted my dad had to wave someone down. Then the server told us that half of the menu wasn't available due to lack of someone cooking on the flat top. I'm a manager at a restaurant and I cook on several occasions. The food was great but lack of management was disappointing. Again I'm not blaming the server or the cooks the management team needs improvement.

Edward Wilcox

Awesome idea but the per game pricing is far too expensive. Maybe have a play and eat combo like dave and busters. Bowling should never be as expensive as going to the movies

Bernie Harrison

Good food, ok service, nice place.

Lisa Taylor

Good food, fun atmosphere

Randy Pinneta

Had a great time bowling with the family. Got in early enough for the happy hour specials which made the night pretty cheap. Will be coming again!

Lakesha King

Awsome time....

Erik Cook

Nice place great service

gregory norman

Food was pretty good and waitress were very attentive without being over the top.

Donald White

This place is awesome and really gives the 1950's vibes, with cheap bowling, good food as well and everyone that's there is super nice!


Good service. But they need to do something about how they rent out lanes. We paid for an hour and after the hour wanted to add on more time. They told us that we had to leave the lane and sign up and wait all over again...and we just ordered drinks and food. Only reason for 3 stars

Dan Butler

Good food and environment!

Nancy Kintner

Sat at the bar. Enjoyed cocktails and fantastic sushi. Our bartender was really nice. Great atmosphere.

Angele G. Caldwell

Hands down this is my most favorite bowling alley in fredericksburg. Great food and fun

Brandi Witherspoon

Looks like a nice place from the outside but the bumpers don't work on most of the lanes and our lane glitched partway through and we had to wait more than 5 minutes for them to even come over to fix it and there were plenty of people working just standing around talking . I expected more out of such an expensive looking establishment. The girl working also seemed irritated she had to get balls out of the gutter multiple times for my younger daughter. We specifically asked to use the bumpers but we're told 'they don't really work unless you're on the 1 lane that's already in use right now ' Disappointed because this was for my daughters birthday and it wasn't fun because she just kept getting gutter balls

dj doxblox

Fun place! Video games, Pizza and wings to die for!

Mohammad Ajmal

Moody and disrespectful service staff. Waste of money

Hunter Roth

Amazing food and workers are really nice

Harry Prassenos

Very enjoyable atmosphere. Restaurant quality food at a bowling alley!! Good staff, very helpful. Family love the experience.

Zeb Fox

The AC was broke on one of the hottest weekend nights of the year. Staff dir not handle it well.

Sergio Pena

IT was great I had a great time

Kellie Thompson

Besides the long wait, we had a great time.

Kasper Kaz

Lanes are rigged! Impossible to bowl a perfect game.

Brandon Katz

If you bring your kids, keep an eye on them and don't let them run around unsupervised getting in the way of other bowlers. Otherwise a decent place if people watch their children instead of having their noses stuck in their phones!

Denise Randon

Very nice Family place,

Patrick Day

Staff was great place very clean and the best loaded fries .

Greg Walker

Watched a movie here and the reclining seats were really comfortable

Sara Dixon

Great fun for family. Great food and service


We had our work Holiday gathering at Splitsville and had a great time.

Steve Labus

Great place for a date. That Mediterranean pizza was that deal. They need better on tap selections though.

David Jordan

Went in tonight, just like every Friday, to bowl and it's closed for a private party. They didn't post anything on their website.

Krazie Kunzies

The family and I had a great time. The prices werent bad at all. We went as soon as the opened at 12, probably the best time to go with kiddos. 4 adults and 3 kids for 1 game and shoes was about $60 i think. . One game took about 1 hour. The food and drinks were pretty awesome too and our server was so very sweet. We will definately be back

allen prickett

They botched our food order twice. We decided to take the food despite it being wrong. The approach was extremely sticky. Nearly fell down face forward because I did not slide. They gave us a $10 discount for the food. We spent over a $120.00 between the food and bowling. All the manager had to say about the lanes was sorry. Definitely will not be going back. Worst bowling experience ever.

Salina Hunter

I wish the hours would change. I homeschool my children so it would be nice to be able to bowl in the morning or early afternoon before the crowd. The staff is not that friendly but the wait staff and managers are very cordial. The food here is better than restaurant food!

Heidi Buckley

Lane 8 kept breaking down on us... cool spot otherwise. Food was good.

Jeffrey Ruiz

Definitely worth coming here! The place is very nice in appearance, and is a overall good experience! Wether you walk in from the attached movie theater or one of the three entrances in the front, you'll be greeted by an employee! Whether you're the for just the food or the bowling ot both judt remember to bring your wallet cause it is not cheap, unless you are active duty or retired military on Mondays they have discount bowling aswell as specials for food for all guests on certain days and hours! If you happen to have a birthday they'll reserve a lane or two for you, friends, and family! After getting your bowling lane they'll direct to your lane! Each party only gets two rounds of bowling max. After getting to your lane and setting up the scoreboard and you got your shoes on, you'll be greeted by a waiter or waitress to take your order! You can chose from a variety of appitizers, sandwhiches, pizza, and many more food items! The bowling is great never really have any problems with that, and the food is quality food for the price, but could be a bit cheaper! Other than that, I would recommend this place for a family reunion, a night out with friends, and just to have fun with the family! Another thing to note is that they also have pool tables if you wanna change it up and try your shots out with pool!

Cherie Smith

Just should allow people to make reservations days in advance. Long wait sometimes. We waited 1.5 one time.

courtney blasiol

So the food is pretty delicious but each time I've come the service is pretty lacking. It's seat yourself seating so no one knows you're there. Tonight it took 30 minutes to get a menu. Then once we ordered our food came out at random times so our whole party was eating at separate times and not together. My poor little girl was totally forgotten about and her food took over an hour to get to her. No one really stops in to check on the tables either. Wait staff is very pleasant, kind, and friendly but I think their system is far too randomized. I've attached pictures of my very hungry child crying as she had to watch everyone else eating while she waited for her macaroni and cheese (her sister's Mac and cheese had already been brought out)

Amanda Booze

Only complaint: foods were expensive

Rachel Sweeney

I ❤️ LOVE ❤️ their pepperoni pizza!! The mozzarella is so fresh and gooey and the sauce isn't too sweet. The bar makes a good Sangria!

K Dyson

Our server Kaitlyn was top notch! Items were anticipated, drinks were filled quickly, food items came out as prepared and she explained that to us when ordering. Great visit!

Nicole Ramos

Showed up to a 3 hour wait. Needless to say we left.. it was on everyone's mind on a Tuesday.

Carol Hart

Excellent except bathroom and ramps are hard to get up in a wheelchair and food expensive and bowling is too except on Tuesday

Debra Riggle

Had a blast bowling with my daughter and friends. Great environment. Fairly priced

Joanne Howell

Really nice staff...lanes are really short and ball returns are too close to the lanes.

Jake Obenhein

I like it. Great bowling alley. However I would prefer if they get rid of the game limit (max 2) and the age requirement (under 18 must be with an adult to bowl). Otherwise, still a great bowling alley, great food, great service, and I especially love their sushi.

Kaila Lackey

Very nice people but the past 2 times I've been there the lanes stopped working in the middle of the game and they move me to another lane and that one will stop working too I guess the lanes dont like me

J Southerland

My children always enjoy the bowling, food us good for the price.

Mike R

Good food and drink, will go back

Kathy Kamanda

It sucked.... the wait was long and we had to wait for our server for far too long.... we arrived at 6:30 PM and finally left at 9:30 pm , more then 3/4 of our time we waited .... very bad experience overall

melissa j

Absolutely love this place. Great food, great drinks service can be a hit or miss at times and food wait times can be a little long but this place is amazing.

Karla Breeden

Excelent evening with family and friends. Wait staff was terrific! Bathrooms were clean. Bowling was fun! Wish we could old school keep score though. :).

Sydney Kaetzel

For what it is, you could compare this place to something like Dave and Busters but instead of arcade games they have some bowling lanes. The price was decent and the food was pretty good. Overall, I just came in to eat because someone told me they had really good chicken sandwiches. They were right! The chicken sandwiches were delicious.


Wanted to eat before seeing a movie at the attached Paragon. The food has gone way down hill, and the waitress was inattentive. Food was greasy. I think the fryer oil needs changed as that is all you could taste when eating the fries. Everything was bland and boring. We waited close to fifteen minutes for a bottle of ketchup. I won't ever go back, no matter how convenient it is.

Jules Stewart

A good vibe for the fam

Anthony Brown

Atmosphere was pleasant and it was a good prestop to going to the movie. I ordered the chicken wings and they were very good. Seasoned just right and my server, Katlin, was very attentive.

Brianna Williams

Good food and drinks but could use more lanes. It gets very crowded and noisy at times

Bryce Morgan

Good bowling. Okay food. Pretty good service. Fun for a bigger group.

Jamie Gleason

It doesn't even deserve 1 star. Terrible service. Paid top dollar for no liquor and all juice. They put 20 people on one set of planes when they knew ahead of time how many people were bowling. WORST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. Never going back.

Johnathan Davis

Loved the atmosphere of this place. Very fun

Lanie Ratherdale

Service was horrible. We were told the wait for a lane would be anywhere from 30-40 mins so we decided to get a table to eat before we played - we then were told our lane was ready about 10 mins after we sat down and our food was already ordered. Once moved to our lane, we asked repeatedly for refills on our drinks... to multiple employees (including the front desk & bartender), yet we were never actually brought a refill for the drinks we were actually drinking. I got Diet Coke instead of regular and instead of another Long Island Ice Tea, we got a regular Ice tea. Our kids meals were inedible and though we asked to speak to a manager after our check was dropped off, we left after 20 minutes of waiting for that - leaving exact change in hopes of getting the point across that we were unhappy with the service.

William Mikeal

Good place for pool, food, movies, spirits, and general recreation

robert gonzalez

Pretty cool place to bowl, the foods not bad either. Nice bar as well and they always feature sports games on the TV's.


We didnt bowl this time around but sat at the bar as we waited for our movie to start next door. The bartender was a very nice guy, drinks on point, and being able to play Injustice 2 and 2K was a plus.


Bowling is more for kids than adults. The bar is nice though. I find the term "Upscale bowling" dubious when screaming kids and rowdy teens are 2 feet away from you.

Tim Welty

The food... is amazing. The bowling is great, and its connected to a movie theater. Great family night out or even better date night!

Kaliska Horn

We went for a birthday party. Great service and great food!!

James Allen

I read a bunch of the reviews and can't say I've had the negative experiences others say they have had. I noticed most were good. It's a fun atmosphere and my kids always have a good time. Food isn't bad for a bowling alley. Have also been on dates here with no problems. Always fun.

Travis I. Sivart

Fun and delightful for adults and young folks. Connected directly to the wonderful movie theater (which offers more than a dozen screens and comfortable seating) Splitsville has many lanes for bowling, a full restaurant, a full bar, and more. It brings to mind nostalgia and the fun of bowling manit cherish from their youth with the ambiant sounds of balls rolling down lanes, shouts of excitement, and laughter. The decor and employee outfits support this feel with a wonderful theme that takes you back decades. They also had very clean bathrooms. The food is a bit overpriced, but was well presented and tasty. Adults can have alcoholic beverages that cover a wide variety, but they also offer delights such as root beer floats. The staff was very pleasant and helpful from the time we stepped through the door, while we waited for our lane and had drinks and appetizers, (except for the one waitress who said we had to close our ticket before going to bowl, after we had been told different by other staff) while we were bowling, and all the way until we returned our shoes and left for the evening. We'd recommend it for all ages whether if you're with the family, a group of friends (we had 6 of us), or just s fun couple outing.

Hunain Sheikh

Good staff. But dont like the lanes. Too tight and clausterphobic

aurelio conley

Amazing atmosphere, good drinks and service

Frat Kharismatic

The customer service is horrible unless you ask to speak to a manager. It is always crowded at this place.

tim thompson

It was ok certainly appreciate them hosting the hard hat for the Builders Association thank you

Wayne Browning

Great prices on food and bowling. The food was really good: pizza, fries, wings, and good prices on drinks. Our grandson celebrated his 16th birthday along with 6 friends and 5 adults.

jay cooke

Great venue, excellent service, and spicy tuna roll! Love it!

Sydneyyy Neizer

it was big and fun to go to!

Don Nuckols Jr

Great food and atmosphere

Crystal Ryan

When you drive 3hrs to visit a place because they were wonderful last year only to be ignored for 10min then you must touch a waitresses shoulders and steer her in your direction all the while explaining your issue with no service then you get repremanded for touching said waitress by the manager who insisted i should have searched for him and not touched anyone. I simply touched her shoulders and steered her in our direction i wanted a great time i got poor service then repremanded but i didnt scare her so bad that she turned down the tip my husband gave her even though i had to hunt her down myself. 3hrs we drove 3 hrs and i was expected to find my own server and made to feel bad because i touched her shoulder and said we have been waiting 10min and passed by by several waitresses and waiters idk i just wanted to be acknowledged sorry i thought that was their job i didnt hurt her i didnt accost her and i didnt push her i touched her damn shoulder and wouldnt have had to if i wasnt ignored but the entire wait staff in an empty dinner area while the table next to me had someone stop at them 3 times

Shawn McNabb

Rented a pool table for an hour tonight. Hostess pre-bussed table from previous guest before my wife and I started playing. During our entire hour playing nobody came by to see how we were doing or if we wanted to order anything. The dishes from the previous guest were still sitting on the table when we left. On our way out we stopped by hostess station to let them know our dissatisfaction. While the hostess did apologize, a manager should have been called to make this right by us. 1

shawn freeman

Great family time! Go for $2 Tuesday.

Sara French

Marli the bartender was awesome. Drinks over priced of course. Clean bathrooms.

Ryan Rehberg

Bowling lanes had zero grease and nobody would do anything about it. Great food and friendly staff, but they sucked at the one thing they should be good at: bowling.

Bill Camp

There are better pool halls and bowling alleys in the area. Kids enjoy hanging out here as there is not much else to do in such a small town. Their cheese fries appetizer is delicious, however.

yolonda sayles

AC was broken..had to find a waitress to get drink orders. 30 minutes after we arrived she came to the table. Front desk said they were aware that ac wasnt working properly throughout building. I called to speak to a manager the next day and he said "the ac wasnt broken, I didnt think it was that hot in here, well maybe one of the units isnt working,but it wasnt that hot outside"

L Br

Great customer service and great atmosphere

Chuni Swint

Fun place to go while waiting on movies. Good was really good too.

Dana AbuGhazaleh

Nice bowling place... Clean & great service....

Rachel Sullivan

The slider burgers are delicious. The service is great. I did my best to stay on the carpet because they over wax their floors. The last time I was there to meet friends for a birthday dinner I sprained my ankle when slipping on the freshly waxed floor. The manager was nice enough to get me a cold pack for it.

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