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7929 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23235, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bowl America Midlothian IN Virginia

Tina Sturm

Mansour Yacoup

It's a good place to play bowling in it. Give it a try!

Leeanne Percell

It was nice not to crowded a good place for me to spend quality time with my son

Toni Williams

Lawrence Osborne Jr

Their games cost entirely too much

Joseph Simmons

Omar Martinez

John Witt

John Head

Plenty of lanes, beer and some liquor

Vera Green-Mines

My son is in a youth bowling league at this location. It always clean, staff is amazing, and the food is enjoyable. The only downside is it's always cold so bring a jacket. They have wonderful leagues for all levels!

Kimmy R

I usually just go cause I'm with friends. The bowling part is fine. But if you order any food it always takes a while. Always

David Schiller

Good lanes. Operate well.

Jeff Fowler

Best place to bowl for actual bowlers. Vintage lanes and machines. Takes you back to leagues of yore. Friendly staff and also a good place for kid's parties. Just go. You won't be disappointed.

Eugene Watts

Good clean fun

Plant Based Penny Life

On a Saturday night, I liked the family atmosphere here. There is no blasting music and blinking light. You can actually bowl and see what your doing.

Paul Matthews

I haven't been there in years, but I am please at the changes. No smoking now, the lanes were properly waxed and well maintained, the staff was nice and professional which all is a change from the last time I Bowled America.

Brian Herbert

Great atmosphere for league bowling

Mocha Love

Kim Bryan

Went for the Thursday night deals. Good, cheap fun!!

Petey Clemmons

Conner Freeland

We're on the way to see if it's even real.

Eboni Haskell

Tee Jay

Old fashioned but very family and I enjoyed ourselves

Serena Perales

Esther Ramos

We enjoyed our visit it was great.

Brian Coffey

Brought a group of 9 employees in to show my appreciation for their hard work. Most of them had been working all day and hadn’t eaten since noon so we decided to order some food as well. This was at 8:30 on a Thursday and the place was dead. The old lady running the counter told us no, she had already shut the grill down and cleaned it. So we went back to bowling. Then she comes out and says she could still FRY food. Well my guys are really hungry and most of them wanted chicken anyhow so they all agreed. Then she said “well, I do have to be back here at 9... and I was gonna close a little early tonight.” Okay, Lady. You don’t wanna work. I get it. She was so unprofessional and lost a lot of business that night and in the future. I won’t be back.

Billy Couto

Very slow folks at counter

Lona Rogers

Sophia Misegades

This was the worst bowling alley I ever been to. No free refills, you gotta pay regular price just for alittle cup and food was awful. The guy behind the food bar is rude and very slow. This place was not worth the money I spent.

K Moore

Nice lanes

Patrick Sullivan

L. A. Stone

It's a pretty good bowling alley but a little outdated. Drinks and food prices are decent and bowling prices are good too.

Ackie Harris

It like

Andrew Aponte

Laura Williams

Lisa Miller

First of all the food servers were very rude and made crude comments as we entered. Secondly we tried to order food and they were too busy chatting to wait on us. The manager was nice but I will not be returning.

Matthew Reierson

Old scoring machines make it look very dated. It was a nice time otherwise

Jacqueline Dobbins


I love bowling. But I don't like waiting 30 minutes for food service

Arielle Andrews

Well, it's a bowling alley. I had trouble finding it at first because it's in, like, a shady looking area. But once you find it, realize you're not going to get kidnapped, and get inside, it's an okay bowling alley. The bowling lanes are kept nice, I guess. And the food is... food. The employees are really pleasant, though. So, that's a major plus. I mean, it's your basic bowling alley. You want to bowl? Here you go.

Mercy Velasquez

Noe Aparicio

Iole Allia

david simon

Senior bowling league is fun

Cathi Glasco

Great family fun clean and nice staff.

Frantz Leveille

Idiot Slayer

Overwatch o

Katrina Butler

Standard bowling alley in need of an update

Ashley Chipman

I really enjoyed myself however if you guys want food I suggest you eat before you get there. The food is very high priced. $3 for a fountain drink is ridiculous


With some minor renovations this place could make a lot of dough...

Andre Hall

O Brownie

while in Richmond Glen Allen area!I love the place the employees and empolyers were awesome but the one employee by drink stand in evening was so rude and I tip the other young lady who was sweet,If you hate your job go tf somewhere else thank you.She tried it.

Haruno Y

Old school bowling alley, takes you back in time. Had a great time with friends. Friendly staff and ample parking. Wish they had wifi though !

joseph marine

It was a fun evening relatively inexpensive clean quiet with a sparse menu but attentive staff.

Taquasia Cash

Terranceru Wyche

Always a good place but food is expensive

Josiah Baskfield

Older Bowling Alley reasonable game prices and deals.

Ralph Stephenson

Nice staff. Multiple pin setter problems.

nicole gomez

Great place to bowl on a Saturday night!

Fill Riley

Great music, great prices, this place is a great bowling alley. Consessions are a bit over priced but it's q bowling alley so yeah...


Giving 4 stars because my husband and I still had an amazing time bowling but there's a lot this place needs to do. VERY musty smell to the entire bowling alley. Lanes are old school and give points when they're truly not earned or don't give points when they are earned. The music for cosmic bowling is rather lame and boring especially for a Saturday night. We ordered french fries and chicken tenders, those were a success and super hot. The Bud light draft was so-so. Overall, wasn't what we'd expected when trying to go out bowling on a Saturday, but as previously said we had a great time and that's why it's a 4 star rating. I'll probably spend my money elsewhere next time though.

Katina Melms

Yashima Richardson

I had a great time bowling with my little ones!! The staff was very attentive and helpful when needed! Would definitely take the family back again!

Hala Al-Tinawi


Detric Demond

Not expensive at all. Drinks and food, it's a cool little spot.

Willy O

Lots of fun . . . staff was real nice and the place was clean.

Dwayne Skubon

Tewodros Alemayhu

Christopher Longoria

Awesome great fun.

Ruby Persha

I had so much fun I'm from new jersey but have family here I just love the guy behind the counter was great and funny will be back soon

angella&lamont oliver

deedee garrison

Love it been going here for 10 years my number 1 pick

Ashley Butler

It's a horrible place... needs a upgrade, needs employees who actually know what they are doing.

Crystal Claiborne

Love Thrifty Thursdays!!

Mina Samaan

I called to ask about group rating because I had a birthday party and I had a group of 8. I asked for pricing and I was put on hold 3 times and was never answered. I then called again and the employee then decided to completely disregard that I am a customer asking for pricing and just hung up on me. That is some lousy service.


Great food

Craig Mansfield

They have a summer pass program for children and adults. They have $2 bowling a game and $2 shoe rental.

Gibson Hensley

Michael Webb

Food selection could be better.

katasha woods

Overpriced, lanes continued to mess up. Food was undercooked. It is a favorite pastime for the family but this location was not worth the money.


Brian Clark

Equipment is dated Staff is pleasant

Rick T

Good atmosphere

Chang Tindal

Food price was too high no pool tables

Amelia Easley

Nice staff. Brought about 20 kids there they had a fantastic time.

Barbara Barrows

Good acomodations. Basic bowling with reasonable prices and specials. Friendly staff.

Larry Sprouse

Devesh Bahel

Abdi Mohamed

Good place to have fun .


Lil'keisha Allen

Always have game specials I use the kids bowl 2 games free 2 games free with the purchase bowling shoes parent get one game free

Brenda Davis

Enjoyed my granddaughter's birthday there.

Mostly Snacks Recipes

It's good...had fun with family n friends.. best part dont miss out the fries cuz its delicious

Alice Williams

Lorraine Rivera

pretlow lisa

Easy to get to. Courteous staff

Djuan Holliday

It friendly place and have a good youth bowling program

Dave Woods

It's a bowling alley. Price way too high on Sunday afternoon while nearly empty.

Cheryl Hubbard

It is a normal bowling alley.... no more, no less

Paul Hook

keisha hicks

samantha dyer

The manager was rude. SMH

Daniel Cline

The staff was fantastic. But the electronics were a little bizarre and didn't like to cooperate. It would also return the ball down the gutter in the lane next to us and cancel whoever's turn it was.

Sean Freeman

Thrifty Thursday is the only time worth going.

Princess MacAlpine

Fun times....good place

Josh Tucker

A good experience. If you are spending the day with a freind or just trying to get out of the house, I suggest this place. It is truly a nice environment. The arcade, pool tables, and food are good too. If you are looking for a place to bowl or trying to find a good way to spend and afternoon, try this place out.

Vicki Mills

I came with a daycare group and we were given a faulty bowling lane...number seven. I had to push the reset button after every roll. The equipment needs to be updated. The whole place needs a complete renovation. Other than that, the kids had a great time. I would shut down that lane though.

Semaj Forney

Tomas Leal


Naiya Annor

Eddie val

Great service, just make sure you go on Wednesdays, due to free games opportunities

solesito López

This place is ok if all you want to do is bowl. The food is not great but it's ok. The prices I thought were cheap and there wasn't a 50 min wait time when we arived. They do have a lot of lanes.

Jeremy Collins

Not crowded and lots of fun for my kids.

Stan Becker

Nice place. Good service.

georgiana hunter-wilhite

Brandon C. Adkins

If you live in North Chesterfield. This is the best bowling alley in town. They have their liquor lisence now so they have a full bar. It was fun and the service was nice with a smile. Let's GO BOWL America 804!!

charlene pollard

Venue is out dated but bowling is bowling i guess

Efrem Percy

Great place to take your family

Lawrence Hall IV

This is a great place to go especially with late night bowling. Drinks are good too. I still have not won the trophy from when I go to bowl with my friends. I should Mark this as a one-star so maybe they can rig the pins in my favor

Michael D Halsey

Nice employees, clean,and the cost was reasonable.

cameron graser

Great bowling at a great price with food and beer available

Johnae Beyburke

Courtney F

They didn't have the grill on. If you're going to be open, be open all the way. It's disappointing when you can't order what you want from the menu. I could not get a cheeseburger or breakfast or even pizza.

Kenne Gaines

Nicholas Matalan

Aaisha Ford

It's an out of date bowling good deals... food is blah and over priced and no refills on your drinks at all...the dude at the counter is rude!! Spent like 40 bucks to play and 27 to eat not worth it at alllllll!!


The staff was nice but a tad slow with service on fixing issues (i.e. lanes going dark, answering questions about pins not clearing/resetting. ...LANE 10)

Minah Harmon

A great experience for my friends and I! I used to come here all the time with friends and family when I was younger, and it was so much fun! A great place for hanging out with friends and family. Costs for food is a little pricey; if you plan to buy food, I suggest bringing at least $15 if you have a large appetite. Heads-Up: The arcade only accepts their tokens (I made the mistake of inserting quarters, and I didn't get them back). And if you want tokens, you have to bring either quarters or dollar bills for the token machine. The staff were kind and pleasant as well. The equipment was a little outdated, however. Overall, a pretty enjoyable experience: 3 out of 5 stars~!

tiffany Ralston

The restrooms were clean and the manager and employees were friendly and helpful. The tables were clean. I cannot give five stars due to the food service. When I finally received my order, it was wrong and cold. When a replacement was finally made, it was bland and cold. The manager was very polite and helped to remedy the situation.

Casey Landes

Nice people, good help, little over priced on food, paying price good

Jason Jones

Shaun S

Would bowl again!

Rita Spence

Great place for family fun or date night. Area for children's birthday parties too. The food & coffee is tasty too.

Sherry Stokes

Chris Taylor

Nice facility and plenty of parking!

Sassy Lexi

I love that place and I will go there again to do bowling

Sabrina Spence

okay but a little dated. bathrooms need a revamp.

Bryan Williams

Can't beat the price for bowling.

courtney johnson

Starsha Crawley

ANGELA Winstead

Had fun with the family for our grand daughter 4th birthday!! Clean and friendly not to busy.

Willie Williams

Nice place n convenient for my bowling needs.

Kobie Crosley

very helpful customer service, easy to make reservations online and great pricing options!

Christine Yager

Rachelle Lemons

Do not recommend at all!!!! horrible service and everything is broke!!!!!!

Donald Diehlmann

Bowling was ok, but either the shoes need working on or the lanes need it. Shoes were sticking and it was difficult to get a rhythm going.

Jonathan Stephenson

Sean Summers

Nice games good pricing and clean shoes new

Bryan Henley

It seemed to be a decent place until we ordered food, by far the worst service I've ever had. We never got our food, so I asked for our money back. On top of that, an announcement was made over the loud speaker about us not being happy about our service. Then we were taunted by the cook and he wanted to fight us. We finished our game and lefted.

Tim G

Ordered some chicken tenders and they were half cooked on the inside. Besides that it's an old bowling alley that needs to be updated and they had a good deal on games.

John Scott

Too expensive and rude staff

MaryAnne Snavely

Brought our office for an office night away from work. We had a blast and the staff was so kind, accommodating and friendly. We will definitely be back.

Donald Jackson

They did not have any beer The Landing conditions what's good


Older bowling alley

Sharon Norwood

They turned off the light while we were playing a game. They need some serious updates... Usually when a bowling alley turn off the light they have lane still lit so you can see your arrows on the floor.

Sara Rich

Quacious Moore

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