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REVIEWS OF AMF Williamsburg Lanes IN Virginia

Melissa Houchin

Been going here since I was a little girl. Amazing staff, clean alleys. An awesome environment to go bowling!

Ally Short

I don’t think you can give no stars, but if I could, I would. Where do I begin about my experience? The staff was extremely rude, the lanes kept malfunctioning, the food mediocre, and the lady forgot the karaoke machine. My friends and I’s lane was shut down because we accidentally hit the sweeper when it randomly came down mid bowl. One of the workers started talking to us like we were children and claimed that “we didn’t know how to read a simple banner.” Finally, the lady turned our lane back on but she kept giving us glares and at that point we couldn’t have any fun. Thank you for this awful experience!!!

Terryl Chandler

Hot as hell in there but very nice people

Kathy Cavicchi

Clean and nicely updated with a new menu as well as a good lane condition. Join a league here and treat yourself to some fun. While your at it visit Russell in the pro shop and update your bowling equipment.

Ally J

A man named Eugene has terrible customer service skills. He charged us a price that wasnt showing anywhere. They turned up the lights and turned down the music because technicians were servicing lanes before a tournament the next day which isn't our problem especially when we paid over 100 dollars to enjoy our evening. They didnt even have the decency to let us finish our game even though they messed up the experience. Eugene rudely took our drinks away without asking if we were going to finish them. Did not enjoy our experience there. I stood waiting at the food counter for a while before someone helped me. One female staff member was kind and that was the only plus. Not sure if I want to come back there. They need customer service training.

Kim Kirby-Saunders

My son loves his summer games card. Allows him to get three free games a day including shoes

Bj Gibson

Since the remodeling and the change of management a couple years ago the overall quality and service has definitely improved I dont go there enough say it's a five star but has definitely at the least improved to a 4

Craig McVey

Went there for a Christmas Party but had significant issues with the lanes not working properly - balls would get stuck and not return, lanes would have to be shut down in order to fix, and it seemed to be an ongoing issue. Would not recommend this location until they make some permanent repairs.

Richard Carreras

Very nice bowling.

Brad Kelpien

Old equipment, labor-intensive for the staff. Charging much more than the market will bear: $10 per person per game with no discount for only using 2 lanes. Lots of lanes empty, I wonder why...

Kerriann Beyer

Great lanes, fun atmosphere and friendly staff.

Sandra Mayfield-Hallmon

Darnell from the food court is very friendly great personality. Will go back to visit him. Made my visit very enjoyable. Thanx Darnell

Tabitha Sewer

This is in need of a huge facelift. It's so dated. The lanes were not working properly. The bowling balls wouldn't return to us several times in the two lanes we played on. The nice young man who came to assist pushed the button for the ball to come back and explained to us how the buttons don't work. There is a lot of maintenance to be done. HOWEVER, I don't know what they put in their pizza but it was GOOD!!!!! Oh my goodness! Its a bit pricey but I was surprised at how good it was.

L. A. Pereira

Friendly and helpful staff... from the front desk to the cafe...

Thomas Watson

Nice bowling alley. Friendly staff. Food is typical bowling food.

Launa Tenan

Very clean place, great for birthday parties and get togethers; the food is good too!

Lesia Humphrey

Great customer service and food.

Kimon Taing

The place is fine but it's rigged so the ball slides over

Jeanette jhaskell67

If you’re going to sell summer bowling passes for kids to use during the summer, you should at least have a few lanes open AT ALL TIMES that are available for them to use, as well as for non-league members/locals to use during “Tournament bowling”. What a disappointment to come in at 1pm on a Sunday to be told to come back after 7pm due to tournament bowling....??? Not cool

Brian Glaze

Came here to sub on a league, haven't been here in over a year really enjoyed

Erin Cole

Very disappointed with this place. Brought my three boys here two days in a row to not be accommodated. I understand the first day, Wednesday, they were full?? But, the gal told us to come back the following day at 9:00,(which we were there on the dot; with my whole family) but they were closed for a staff meeting the rest of the night, starting at 8:30. Thanks a lot for disappointing my three boys.

Khela Dunn

The Bowling alley in Williamsburg is clean well lit and organized. We had a great time bowling. My son is special needs and they made it a very comfortable environment for him.

Rick Tringali

Beautiful alley great lanes. Nice bar and food area also. Russell in the pro shop is awesome. Plenty of parking, highly recommended!

Kisha Franklin

My family of four bowled here and had a great time. I would advise you to search for specials. We bowled two games that averaged $25 per game. A little pricey in my opinion.


Nice place. Smooth lanes.

Roy Finchum

Had a great time... even tho my mom beat me :-) #hometownlanes

AJ Munoz

It was fun. Friendly staff. But they had me waiting forever for food which shouldn't have taken more than a few minutes.

Joe Stinnett

An absolute ripoff. When you arrive, they tell you "just go bowl and we will charge you at the end". Shady tactic. Lane broke down repeatedly during our game. We were charged $71 for a family of 4 (2 children under 10) to bowl for one hour (2 games). Unless you want your wallet emptied, avoid this place at all costs. I don't even want to guess what they charge for food and bev. I would not recommend AMF as a place to take your children. Much better values for entertainment out there. Go to the movies, twice!

Amber Carter

Great place. We went for a end of the school year party with family and it was the most fun I've had bowling. The food here is REALLY, REALLY good.

Michaelangelo Silva

Kids had a great time. Lots of lanes.

Austin Munden

Too much food. In a good way. Rad lights, made my girlfriend look more rad than usual. Added rad to girlfriend. 10 out of 10 out of 5


Excellent we had so much fun

Antoine Jenkins

Love this place and the service was great, the food was even better

Laura Williams

Power outage ... had to call for reset of pins 8 times during a tournament

Jonathan Wyche

I had a terrible experience last night 6/23. The lane I was place on kept having issues. The pins kept getting stuck and not coming down on the lane. My balls kept getting stuck in the back and not returning. I paid for unlimited bowling and was only able to bowl 3 games with this same issue happening about 3 or 4 times per game. I was never offered to switch lanes and when my balls did not return on the final time I went to the counter again to get them to return my balls and place me on a different lane. Now, they we're going to place me on a different lane per my request, but they didn't even return my balls back before doing so. I sat there waiting for them to return for about 15 minutes and THEN....... they shut the lane off on me. So again, I have to go to the counter to advise them I never received my bowling balls back and they shut the lane down on me. Now common sense would have told them if my lane was having this many issues from the start then I should have been placed on a different lane from the get go, but I guess everyone does not understand the standards of good customer service. Also, on the final time of going to the counter I went ahead and said I was just leaving instead. I waited another 15 minutes for my balls to return, placed them in my bag, and left. I've received better service at bowling lanes with a small town area. This specific one will never receive my business again.

Geoff Wilson

Even on a Saturday afternoon they do glow bowling basically. Prices quite high though, especially on the weekends. Nice TVs too with music videos and college football while you wait for your turn. Bathrooms pretty modern and clean too which is a nice bonus as of course you'll eventually have to wash your hands at least.

Marshall Passmore

Went bowling as part of my fiancee birthday. The whole family between two lanes. 9 people in total. We had so many issues. Lanes 25 and 26, avoid those 2. Balls not getting returned, the gate getting stuck down, and at one point in the middle of the Birthday girls best game ever the lane was shut off and scores lost while we still have ample time remaining. We spent almost as much time waiting for our lanes to be fixed as we did bowling (maybe morr). Very bad experience. The saving grace is that the manager on duty gave us a voucher for a "do over". Hopefully we can squeeze that into our vacation, otherwise it's a moot point, but at least she tried. Ty!

David Shifflett

Great place. Great people running it

david dasher

It was a very nice place to visit...the lanes were very group was very happy...hope to visit again....

Averi Nobles

They didn't seem to be in too much of a hurry to help anyone and our pin sweeper got stuck twice

Lewis Brandon

They finally have WiFi!!!!

Mrs. Patrice Daniel

My daughter wanted to bowl; she saw it a few days earlier when we were at Williamsburg premium outlet. We bowled 5 games and had chicken wings with fries. We had a great time.

Jamie Clayton

Not family friendly. My party of 6 which included 3 kids under 10 went bowling in the middle of the day on a Saturday. My husband asked how to set up bumpers for the kids not seeing on option on the computer pad. A staff member physically raised the bumpers with a rod. I was surprised as I have not seen a bowling alley with such dated equipment, I mean it's 2019. During the course of the two games we played, we needed assistance almost every run-through because the pins would not set back up automatically. While this was annoying and the laughable, the real kicker came when we paid. There is a reason there are no prices listed online nor are they posted in the facility. The prices are outrageous, especially considering the 1950's equipment they are utilizing. No children's prices and everything is per person. Even if you ask the prices before you play ,as we observed, they will quote you the game price and convienently neglect to tell you the per person shoe rental. So of course we were surprised our little family outing turned into a $110 ordeal and the prices were shocking the other families in line paying at the same time . Maybe a good option for single individuals to go to as there are no other options ,but by no means would I recommend this place for larger groups. I should add the employees working the snack area are nice and keep the area clean.

Edward Walker

Service was OK but the Food was not all that good and the food service was slow. People were smoking outside the front door which was very annoying.

Nathanael Musch

I really enjoy bowling here during my free time. The complex is spacious and well-maintained. They offer a variety of special offers for students, as well as a very reasonable military rate.

Trevor Winstanley

Busy, I mean real busy but clean and nice

Rex Dickey

A ton of happy hour and special day stuff and not bad prices in unlimited bowling

J Kettles

Nicesy Bowling alley I've ever been too

Natoine Shelton

Love this location and the customer service

Sandy Hallmon

Place is clean staff very friendly. Exspecially Darnell and J Dog. Keep up the good work.

Clarence Thompson

Enjoyed my vacation time there!

calm Child

Really nice people and a very clean atmosphere the people at the concession stand are very kind!

A Butler, Sr

This was a great place to bowl. 40 Lanes, quick for service, clean and up to date Technology. WiFi strong and drinks were too!

Kami Boulter

Always a great place to bring family and friends.

Jason Bleu

Everyone complained about the staff online. When I went on a Tuesday everyone was really nice. Had the best pretzels I've had since my childhood. Seemed like a great place!

Carter Summerville

There are plenty of bowling lanes and despite the place being busy, we were still able to get a lane. The shoes and bowling balls are clean and easy to access. The food wasn't great, and the staff was a bit rude when we ordered, but overall it was a good experience. Definitely a great place for groups or parties!

Maria Edwards

Staff was kind. Service was fast at addressing our concerns. Thank you

monica williams

Had a great time and the staff was awesome

Thomas Parker

They give decent military discounts. Otherwise, on par with most bowling alley.

Gavin Basilio

Great place. Reasonable prices and FANTASTIC service.

Sophia Renninger

My lane some times would not work but that just lane 5

Krazy Kayyy

I had a great time bowling but the food was just to high. I had 5 dollars on me and all I could get was a drink so if you go there I recommend bringing at least 30 dollars worth of money

Theresa McCollum

Great time and great staff

Tom Belden

Parrotheads of the Phininsula held a great fund raiser Bowling Tournament here

Stephanie Bradley

The staff was friendly and delivered excellent service and great food. During a very busy evening with lots of birthday parties they continued to smile and be very attentive. Great job!

dave Stuppy

Cool alley. Helpful staff. Should be BYOB. It can take a while to get a beer in that place.

Debi Conrad

Awsome time! Great to see so many people having fun! Great staff, clean, good food!

Jeanie A

We attended a family members bday party,had a Great experience.Friendly,helpful staff,clean restrooms,excellent service,Awesome foods. Overall a Great place for Family Fun!

Tinisha Beckles

Clean, new, family friendly. Great all you can play special starting at 9pm on Saturday. Good snacks.

Ryan Caldwell

Had a great time bowling, but was completely disrespected by the staff when paying for my group's games. We were unaware that the pricing of games were per person, not per lane. We asked for price clarification, as we were a bit surprised by our total. My group was then treated as if we were incapable of understanding how the pricing worked, and then referred to as a "pain in the a**" by the employee. Fun lanes, good atmosphere, but the employees don't have the slightest clue what customer service. You've lost a customer.

Joel Blea

Great place to get some bowling in with the grandkids while your wife shops across the street at the outlet mall. Friendly and helpful staff. Good food and a clean establishment.

Bennie Fogg

Has a great time

David Cooper

Inexpensive family entertainment. Food, drinks and bowling with family always makes for good laughs. The facility is spotless and the restrooms very clean. Our server was quick with the food and it tastes great

Elaina Dawson

Total rip off. For two adults and a 3 year old boy to play two games we were charged $53 dollars.

waverly Hawkins

Go for the tournament every year very nice place

Brando D

Very clean and efficient place. Plenty of balls available and well oiled lanes.

Donald Wilson

Nice friendly staff good lanes

Wiley Etheridge

Lane services was great

Moniker Nomenclature

Great atmosphere and tasty concessions.

Nathaniel Brooks

I bowl here every year at their tourney its a great time.

Nick Butcher

Nice Lanes. decent food. Had a Groupon that made it much more affordable. call ahead and see if they have lanes available. Leagues seem to take up a lot of their lanes even if the league plays later at night


Bowled here for a tournament. Great layout...all wood floor with ample space in the settee area. They do need to add another restroom on the other side of the bowling alley.

Roberta Lipford

My company had a party at the bowling alley.. it was a lot of fun.. the staff was very friendly and quick.

Jack Bauer

An affordable, fun and classic spot for birthday parties and weeknight hangouts, been going since I was a kid and the employees are always super friendly and a good time is always had.

Ben Jacobs

Good Bowling, good burgers. A good night out with the kids.

regina salley

A nice place

Derrick Trexler

I had an incredible time the last time I visited. Darnell is an excellent friend and server and I would highly recommend playing a few games here.

susan Mayes

We had a wonderful time. Clean facility and helpful employees

DnT Hunter

Good times...picked up summer bowling passes in Philly and used them to bowl with the family. Service was great thank you Samantha. Food was awesome better than some of the local chains!

Kim Eash

Beautiful alley but very expensive I took my daughter and her friend they bowl only it cost almost $49.00 for 3 games this was around 4 o'clock today Sat 6-15-19 for her birthday wow.

Carl Barbee

Had a great time. The lanes are clean and oiled just right.

Lakia pinckney

Great drinks and great atmosphere

Billy McGowan

For the last couple years we've taken a pretty large group to this bowling alley, twice a year, to bowl the Colonial Williamsburg tournament. We typically come at the end of October (to also go to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens) and then we go the beginning of Spring. Every single time we've been, we've had issues, but overall we've had a good weekend and I haven't taken the time to write a review. These issues have ranged from bowling balls sustaining damage to lanes breaking, pinsetters dropping pins, lanes breaking during practice, scoring not working, etc. Typically the approaches here have been very sticky and we had a few bowlers who hadn't bowled here previously so we came in on Friday night to practice. We had 12 bowlers who decided to practice and we were put on lanes 38, 39, and 40. I've had issues with lanes 39 and 40 previously, but it's been a couple years. We put the names in and turn the lanes on and lane 40 is missing a 6 pin. Our first bowler resets the pins, and on the second reset, we get the missing 6 pin. This bowler bowls, leaves a corner pin and the lane shows it's the second ball but doesn't clean the pin deck. I just tell the bowler to go as typically bowling alleys won't spot pins for open bowling so I didn't want to risk the pin being cleared. They pick up the spare and then it's my turn. I throw the ball and get a strike and then the lane has a pile-up and won't set the pins. After contacting the desk multiple times, we finally get a full rack. The bowling throws 2 balls and then another pile up. We contact the desk, get a full rack and then it does it again. At this point, one of the ladies with us gets frustrated and goes up to the desk to ask why we're having so many problems. The reason we were given for the issues was "you're using custom equipment". She comes back and tells us and we're all flabbergasted. This tells me that the person working at the counter was completely clueless. There's no way we're expected to use "house balls" for the tournament or open bowling. We had multiple other issues including lost switch grips, a ruined spare ball, terrible bar service and nobody at the front counter when our lane kept breaking. I may or may not be back for the tournament next year, but if so it will be for the social aspect. This is the worst managed bowling alley I've been to.

Philip Rorrer

Not sure if all these great reviews are bots or just people with money to not care about price but a trip middle of the day, 2 adults and 2 children cost $78.12 for 2 games. Not to mention $17.89 just for the 4 small drinks. But in all fairness I gave it 2 stars cause staff was nice and nothing wrong with the bowling alley itself. Also signing up for this new MVB says $20 off for signing up, yeah still waiting to get that.

Sherri Gunter

Tournament shot this morning was good.

James Jeffers

Great staff, great family bowling alley.

Kaliona Sea

Nice but $4 for a drink is crazy

Chris Kuhn

Very user-friendly. We appreciate them allowing Special Olympics to use their facility. All of the kids, no matter what disability, were able to bowl! Big deal!

Celes Hite

Very nice facility. Decent food for a bowling alley.

Marcus Taylor

I had a great time, would definitely come back

Catherine Kelley

Nice staff, recently renovated.

Alisha Reel

We had a blast!! Just wish the prices weren't so high. Our son loves to bowl so it is worth it just can't go as often as we'd like. The workers were very nice and the lady making food was wonderful.

Eric Mitchel

Extremely clean bowling alley. Lane are in great shape and well maintained. Bowling balls are all pretty beat up with chunks missing from them or large scratches. Bath rooms are kept clean and tables are rarely dirty. Rental shoes are in good shape. Strongly encourage people to check Groupon for discounted packages to help save some money before going.

Rob Johnson

Great access to the lanes. Approaches and lanes are in good shape.

Kimberly Cox

Went bowling here. Had such a good time time with my family, went again the next day.

Melody Tingle

Air conditioning was on full blast which was a good thing. We had no lane breakdowns. Didn't order any refreshments but there was a full menu and bar. There was also table service with speedy servers!

Rafael catalina

Ok, so we go at 9pm on a tue and are told there's a tournament going on and we can't play. 2 lanes are taken, I'm not lying. With multiple people also turned away. They stopped paying people for 2 lanes. Talk about a bad way to run a business. They couldn't moved them over to one side and allowed some lanes to be occupied? I also seen other reviews stating this also. Tournaments have priority over paying customers... ridiculous.

JJim Franks

Bowl here a few times a year in Colonial Williamsburg tournament. Very competitive shot .

Baxter Bristow

Nice bowling alley that is clean and family friendly. We went once during a night that they didn't have any lanes left since they were having a bowling league take place, and they still were trying to accomidate us and work with us to find space. This is one of the nicer bowling alleys in the hampton roads area.

joshua shepherd

Great service. Great place to bowl and meet new people.

Jessica Anderson

Well managed, clean, great lanes, great food, nice staff. Had an amazing time to celebrate our son's birthday.

Samuel Nelson

Excellent deal with a military ID!

T. Hearson

Nice place, nice employees

Camden Goering

great place, but some staff is very unfriendly. I had a very bad interaction with a man named Eugene. He was very unkind and didn’t even pay me my full change and tried to cheat me out of a game that i payed for. After I told him multiple times that I payed, he still refused. Eventually he finally realized that he was in the wrong, and didn’t even apologize! That is outrageous, I never even saw him smile. He really just dampened the mood of my time there.

Theresa Rawls

fun fun times for group activities

Todesssolay Henderson

Used a Groupon, good deal, no hassle.

Alec Kaljian

A little pricey on New year's day but I suppose that is to be expected. Otherwise this was a great bowling alley!


Nice and clean .

Maria OK

A great place to just have FUN

Eli Cole

Staff is r e t a r t e d

Sarah Charters

So much money! No other options in Williamsburg, so get ready to spend an arm and a leg to throw a bowling ball down an alley! They have some Okay evening specials, but nothing starts before like 8 or 9pm! Too late!!!

J Gromada

Good bowling alley

Mary Herbert

Had a great time at a birthday party here!

Leisa Williams

Clean, good place for family fun


Nice bowling alley

Deena Owens

A surprise birthday party it was awesome

Ty Ketner

Great location! It was right around the corner f dr om where we stayed! It was raining so this was a great outing since Busch Gardens closed due to thunderstorms! Adult cocktails were great!

Tammy Hamilton

Great place to unwind and have fun


Good deal on unlimited bowling

Veggie Kitty

We had a very big group (20+) and they were very accommodating to us!

Leonard Harrison

Ed and his faculty are amazing. Y'all got to visit this alley to know just how awesome it is. Clean bright and just a stellar atmosphere.

Yorick Oden- Plants

Lots of good deals! Be sure to check out the daily specials. Otherwise it's your standard bowling alley. Good food good drinks.


Took my family today. I was absolutely shocked at the rates. Family of 6 with the youngest being 3 and I have to pay $109 .76. The guy at the desk (Terrence) even laughed when he saw the total and asked if I was paying for everyone. Way over priced. Plus, I had to call for help no less than 10 times because the pin drop would get stuck. Horrible horrible horrible. I feel like I’ve just been robbed!

757 Sports 757

A place you'll never grow tired of

Skylar Akers

We were placed on 2 different lanes and both glitched out and broke before we could finish our 3rd game. The staff and drinks were good so it was still a fun night. Maybe invest more money in equipment and technology.

Diana Schlegel

There are lots of lanes, lots of room for bowling. Very clean and well lit. It has a snack bar, a game room, and a bar. The staff are very friendly.

Stephanie Hall

Bowled a tournament there this weekend. It was a fun time.

Andre West

Outstanding venue to bowl in. Very nice staff. Also have some great tournaments.

RCbashing the KRATON

Would not honer deal


The bowling was fun and the food was extremely good.

Addy Nelson

Nice setup.

Mike Mercereau

Visited as part of a school field trip. They took great care of adults and students. All had a fun time. We loved the overhead monitors. Clean bathrooms and excellent choices for food & beverages.

Christina Pearman

Clean, pleasant staff, food was good, and the beer was cold.

Bigal Harbut

A nice place. A real bowling alley. This bowling alley has a bar, a kitchen, and 40 lines. I think you will enjoy everything this place have to offer. The parking lot is very large and has a large handicap area. The people are very friendly and helpful. A must recommend for bowlers of all ages. Good luck and good bowling.

Tim Coy

Nothing like standing in line

Amanda Blankenship

Great place for fun and drinks!

Isaiah Moore

Nice clean environment with a ton of specials throughout the week so you don't break your pocket to have fun

Solo Milbourne

Hot hot hot 111° but CAPTAIN GEORGES still great food

Vernon Brown

New look since we were there a couple years ago. Good service was slow however since they had only one cook on duty.

SR Gunter

Hotter Than HADES!

Kelly Anna Pitts

Love this bowling alley! Save money by venturing out on weeknights as they have excellent bowling, food, and drink specials! 2-2-2 Tuesdays is an especially good deal, $2.22 for shoes, $2.22 per game, $2.22 PBRs, and I believe $2.22 slices of pizza as well! Always a great family activity, this particular location goes above and beyond in terms of cleanliness and friendly service!

Gwendolyn Saunders

Need cheaper prices for children/kids. 4yr old price same as adult!!!

Hesham Elsaghir

This is the best place to have fun! Family friends or work group activity getting together. Lots of lanes and food.

Lyddia Yannuzzi

Always fun! Clean and lively with good equipment

Christina Barber

Too expensive & the lanes kept messing up.

Erin McGlamery

My son had his 7th birthday party here. It was a bit more expensive than we initially thought, but we quickly realized how worth it this choice was! My son and his friends had a BLAST the staff was so nice and helpful. The food was good, not that 7 year olds are picky about pizza. They were able to accommodate any and all of our needs. We would highly recommend this as a birthday party option for others!


Clean, well taken care of lanes and as a whole. Good for bowing with the family.

Christina Ridgeway

I took my five kids to bowl and paid $70 for two games. I was told it was $5 per game plus shoes, so we decided to play two games (maybe even three if we had time). After two games, we went to pay and were hit with the bill. It wasn't $5 per game, it was $5 PER PERSON per game. It was very deceptive to leave out information, take someones credit card, and then tell them something completely different!!!!

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