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REVIEWS OF AMF Western Branch Lanes IN Virginia

Vandeesha Taylor

Had a great time. It was my first time at this particular alley. Will definitely go again!!

Danny E. C. Nunn

Lots of great fun to be had

suzie bailey

It was closed....the whole establishment....for a private party!! No advanced notice, like on facebook or something. Couldn't even get to the arcade!!

Humberto Rodriguez-Lopez

Went there for a birthday party, the attention was impressive. The staff was friendly, it was an overall good experience.

Jessica Henry

I absolutely love coming here! So much fun in one place. I enjoy coming here with friends and family, I always use the groupon deal and it always works. I went last night during leagues and they were happily able to put me and my Niece on a lane. We had a blast and we will definitely come back again. One thing I would change are the prizes for the arcade, they are usually cheap little toys. Put some things that are worth the money that you put towards the games.

Ryan Young

Bowling and laser tag. Discounts available during the week. Arcade has prizes. Pool tables and alcohol for adults. Food is pretty good. Sometimes gets extremely busy.

Angela Faulks

Good atmosphere..great fun..good food

Nicholas Allen

Always a decent option for family activites. Check out the laser tag, that was a blast with the kids. My only real gripe was the cleanliness of the restrooms on our visit.

Tom Keller

When you bowl almost all the time you eat or drink. Don't plan on it here unless you have plenty of cash....Medium drink almost $5.00 (fountain drink). No more fore me. They want a arm and leg to bowl in a league.

Edric Brown

Wings are great

Andrew Yarbrough

Very big venue with a lot of lanes, and very friendly staff. Food is a bit overpriced but is very delicious!

Joshua Brown

Excellent and friendly staff. Clean facility and food was good.

Sherville Whitfield

I really had fun here. I will be going back soon.

Willie Johnson

Overpriced. My family ordered food and somehow after our 2nd game, our order still hadn't even been sent in

t corley

We took our 3 year old here to experience bowling for the first time. We paid a total of 42 dollars for 4 games. In the middle of the second game it shut off. We went to talk to the manager (a high school looking dude with dreads) and he told us we would need to pay an additional 60 dollars to continue playing or we would need to leave. his reasoning was that our 3 year old was not originally charged as full price by the lady who rang us up and what we originally paid was for two people. Instead of taking care of his customer he ruined our evening and lost us as customers or life. We will be going to Hampton to bowl at a TRADITIONAL bowling ally from now on not some teenage loud hangout.

Jennifer Smiley

The staff are very helpful and you get prompt service. I kinda d of miss the putt putt place, but it's still a nice time here. The food oredered for a bowling party was great too.

Charles Coleman

Every staff member during my visit seemed to be having a good time themselves! Made the guests feel exactly like you want to when you visit a bowling alley, enjoyment! Great job!

Evan Burns

Amazing customer service. Employees all have positive attitudes and are helpful. The building is very clean and the lanes are in good shape. Bowling and shoe rental is at a great price. Subtracted a star for two reasons: Food is very expensive. I bought 3 meals with large drinks and paid over $50. We have a small child and need bumpers for her. They don't have automatic bumpers, so everyone on that lane will have to use them through the entire game. Overall this was a great experience. I plan on being a regular.

Raven Holley-Pope

The place is huge and nice.

Shane Peavy

Loved coming here for pool when I was younger. I get unlucky and always go up when it's cram packed or a tournament is happening.

Ellen Howard

Great place to take the kids. Good food also.

Baker Boy

Family an friends fun time

William Gordon

Great bowling Monday night roll off night.

Nathaniel Steinbiss

Over priced food was my only complaint.

Charlie Sullivan

Fun place to bowl!

Jessica Raitt

I've been ripped off!!! I went here with my friend and we paid $20 dollars for 2 games and rental shoes, and everything was fine until we tried to leave. When we went up to return the shoes the man on the register stopped us and told us we owed an additional $60 (we had no idea why, but $60 dollars is very taunting, especially when you're only 16 and don't have that kind of money on you). I was really confused and I didn't have the cash, so the man took my drivers license until I could pay, so I called my dad and he came in and payed the $60 and we left. However, when we got home, we were looking at the receipt and saw that they charged us an extra 10 games! We didn't play 10 games, we were only there for two hours, it's nearly impossible to play 10 games in two hours. So when my dad called to complain, they said they couldn't even find the lane or games we were supposedly have meant to have played. They weren't even sure why we paid the $20 beforehand, and asked for a receipt (in which I couldn't provide because I thought it would be ok to throw it away [in hindsight never doing that again, but still this is seriously screwed up].) So we ended up paying $80 for 2 games and 2 pairs of rental shoes. I'm never going back there again, and if you do plan on going, keep that receipt and if they try to charge you extra ask to speak to a manager before paying because this is ridiculous. If I could give this place 0 stars I would because $80 for two games is not worth it.

Ragena Procunier

Really fun! My sons birthday party was there! Staff was pleasant and service is great! Definitely be a return customer!

Melissa Pohl

Totally enjoyed playing in arcade staff were wonderful!

Lady Yaaya

My favorite outlet food is good but a little pricey for a bowling alley

Gerald Ames

Staff was great. Clean environment. All the games worked. We had a good time, but it would have been better if they dimmed the lights and cranked up the music. We stayed till 10pm. Each lane had a tv station playing on it, but the lights were so bright that they didn't provide a enjoyable viewing experience. The groupon was the main reason we came. It saved us over $100. If we had paid the full price, then this would not have been a good night, because the base bowling alleys Turn-Up for 5 or 500 customers on Friday Nights. They charge a fraction of the cost. Oh yeah, 97% of the staff and manager was great, one older security guard really stared me down as I took a call outside. I understand his job, but his stance, demeanor and eye contact felt agitational. If I had paid a 100plus bill, lost my game and suffered through a bleek experience, I can see that this guard may have triggered a "May I help you?" response. Great security are excellent door men. Horrible security watch customers like they're guilty of something. Last note, Pizza was great, better than Domino's.

Chelsea Jones

Comfortable family friendly environment!

Animezin Channel

Great place to hang out

Rashawn Gibbs

I like coming here just to shoot some pool and have a beer with the wife. Good times. Just down the street and shooting pool for 10$ a hour isn't bad nor too expensive

Laurie Cudnohufsky

Overpriced! Bowling $8.00 game and $5.00 for shoes. Laser tag expensive and not all of the laser guns worked Food is over priced for a bowling alley as well. Although everything is located under one roof, the price makes it too expensive for a family to spend the day.

carlinda hammonds

Nice place. Lots to do. Flatbread was delicious service was great.

Jamie Brunson

It was great! Had a awesome time with friends!

NMO Mayers-Olugbala

Large facility and family friendly.

Crystal Schwarz

Laser tag, arcade, pool and great food. Had a blast with the family.

Carlos Williams

I came all the way from Indiana to see family and they took us there and we loved it.

Mary Ann

Very clean nice employees good is great an kid friendly

Justin K

Closest alley. Bowling experience was good. They've added an arcade and laser tag. My kids will go over and over. Food is what you would expect. Not sure if it should be advertised as a restaurant. Weekends get busy

Wendy Jenkins

We love going on Wednesdays for the All You Can Play laser tag. At $9.99, you can't beat it. The food is a little pricey, but no more than other venues that offer the same choices. It's relatively clean and the staff is accommodating.

Jessica Carter

Nicole is the Absolute BEST!!! She's sweet and attentive best part about visiting AMF Western Branch is her excellent service!!

Hiedi Lane Rogers

I do not understand the rhythm nor the rhyme to this bowling alley. We have been coming here since it was built. They do NOT have enough servers nor bartenders on staff EVER. The management puts you off the non existing bartender or the over worked servers who do not even know which tables they have. We enjoy a drink or 2 and some light food when we are playing. However, today our server comes to the table 45 minutes after we have been here and the 1 other server who is on the OPPOSITE end of the alley had already taken our order. The manager did NOT even offer to help! The management here is a joke!!! Are you hiring?!? LOL

Megan Thorne

THE best place for a child's birthday party! The GM, event manager, and party staff are WONDERFUL! They all came and introduced themselves. Zach, our party host was super attentive. He made sure everything ran smoothly. The food was tasty and right on time (thanks to Zack.) They bowled, played in the arcade, and then tired themselves out in laser tag! The kids had a blast. We will definitely be back for more fun!

Christopher Trites

Awesome place to bowl. And for the professionals to compete!

Joe G

Very nice facility.

Spiritual Soldier

Great place to bowl. Our Men's Ministry always come here for our outing and have never had a bad experience. Had two group orders of wings and they were awesome!!! The staff always takes care of us and there's plenty of room for big groups

Danielle Spikes

Love this place.The little kids get to bowl also.The food & alcohol beverages are great!!! .My favorite is the appetizer trio.My sister and her husband bring my family here every time we visit!!!

Eric Claggett Jr

Wonderful service and great first impression. I wish I lived close by the establishment

Yeboah Bright Boadi

A lot of activities for kids and teens here Lovely place for family hang out

Jenny Stovall

The only complaint I have to say is that sometimes it takes awhile to get your food. That is understandable though as this place can get very busy. Overall, it is a very fun, family-friendly place to go to. Always clean, well-staffed, and friendly service.

Kimberly Chastain

We went for my nephew's birthday party. The bowling was fun and the food was decent. The service was horrible. The price my sister paid for a personal attendant and the service we received were at odds.

troy bilt

Invited for a childs birthday. Everyone had a blast. Bowling and laser tag were big hits with the kids. Even though the staff was busy with several parties they remained professional and did a great job keeping drinks filled running pizza and delivering food.

charles mack

Kids had a great time, service was excellent

Cami Barnes

We bought a Groupon for laser tag and it was so much fun!! It was clean, the service was good, the prices were fair. I wouldn't advise getting food there though.


Super fun for me and the kids but way overpriced


This is a kool place. It's roomy, there's a lot of bowling lanes, and there is more than simply bowling, an arcade portion for those who aren't much the bowling enthusiast (options are a good thing). The food is is ok, it wasn't bad, but not great, that's probably my only knock on this place. I I we recommend.

Yvonne Lester

Had fun there being first time there. Playing pool with my fiance and looking at the bowling tournament games

David Hall Sr.

Average customer service but prices are to high

Emily Renick

Always a great time for family fun

Rachel Thomas

Very clean, friendly staff, lots of options with different weighted balls fitted to anyones need. Food was to die for, recommend the fried shrimp!

Victor Waters

If u are a bowler this is the place to go and have a great time. Food is very good and u have a variety of choices to choose. The lanes and approaches where renewed in the spring. The only problem is the lighting is very poor.

Patience Eure-Robinson

Monday night I bowled on the leaque and Malia was our server. She was Johnny on it. She constantly checked on us to make sure we were ok as well as taking care of other people.

Don Purp

They Had A Ball !

January O'Neale

Great Bowling Center!

Glenna Mangana

Sounds like fun things to do, but have never been there

Brian Wyatt

All day laser tag on Wednesday is a no brainier for a few hours to tire the kids out...only 10 bucks for unlimited turns.

Wade Theus

Great environment and professional and patience staff.

Essam Sam3an

Bad service when we ordered food and drink not a lot of customers there . clean friendly staff at the bowling reception

Lloyd Branch Jr.

A great place to relax and enjoy playing pool again with my best friend.

Michelle strange

We had so much fun when we walked in it was a wow factor

Gary Davis

Modern and not the usual bowling alley atmosphere. Very nice place.

Kam Steele

They've renovated the place very nicely. Even if you don't bowl, they have a recreational area, bar, and the food is pretty decent.

David Spitler

Great place for the family to have lots of fun!! Bowling, lasertag, pool and food!! Awesome specials throughout the week with very friendly and courteous staff!!

terri cronin

My grandchildren had a blast

Michael Shaughnessy

great environment for families. plenty of things to do for kids. arcade room, pool tables, and many lanes. my only downfall is how expensive it is. almost $7.00 per person per game. and $5.00 per shoe rental is ridiculous. that's enuff put off to turn me away

Rachel Biggs

Excellent place really enjoyed will be back.

Coby Corbin

Nice place..good food

Nikki Peterson

Very nice place and although it was very busy the wait staff was very attentive and polite. You could literally stop any employee and ask for assistance and they either helped you or directed you to a person that could. The food wasn't the best (taste wise) but it was brought to your table hot. The alcoholic beverages was good and worth the price. They have security that is very nice and effective. Would take my family back there anytime. Great atmosphere!!!

Carl M

Great place for family fun!


Slow table service, had to go to the bar/counter whenever we wanted anything. But bowling itself was fun. As was laser tag, however, the arena was fairly small.

Wheeler Darden

Great fun. I wish there was a better selection in the arcade but it is a bowling alley after all.

Yolanda Combs

Lots of lanes. Small arcade inside also with some good games. Drinks and food are a little ridiculously priced. Price of actually bowling was decent. I did like that we didn't have to pay until we were done. We never know how many games we may play and this allowed us to not have to worry about it as soon as we arrived and just see how many we felt like playing. Over all a good experience. Looked like they had it set up for blacklight bowling on weekends I'm sure.

Wes Holt

The environment was pleasant. The security personnel were nice and respectful, a 100% postive turn around from past visits.

Cheryl Thomas

Loved this bowling alley! We went here or a birthday party and the set up they had was very pretty. We went on a friday. The hostess was friendly and tended to our needs when needed. We didn't have to search for her, she was there. The place was very clean and they had a good music selection that both kid and adult liked. The building is big and it has a laser zone, pool tables, and an arcade. The food was great too. Everyone enjoyed their food. I ate a burger and some fries and I was full. The package that the birthday girl had included a make your own sundae that was beautifully presented. The kids loved it! Everyone had a great time. I would definitely recommend this place and I would definitely go again.

Asia Cartwright

Great time. Went on a Sunday evening Laser tag $2 got grouped against a bunch of little kids am proud to say we spanked their butts!!! Bowling is great as well. Great looking place great prices great fun!!

D Mills

Fun with family. Lazer tag, games, and of course bowling

LaKisha Simmons

This was my first time at this spot. It was a great experience. I was there for my niece's birthday party. The staff and manager were awesome. I truly enjoyed myself. It's a great spot for kids, families and adults.

Cassandra SistahC Blowe

Great Staff, everything was impeccable

Natalie Jones

We meet there with a homeschool group. They have been very accommodating, opening up free bowling when their laser tag went down, refunding us one week when no one else showed up. Excellent place, highly recommended.

Joshua Sellers

Awesome night at amf as always. Nicole makes great drinks and Malia was a great server. Had a blast.

Cathy Singer

My family and I regularly go to this bowling alley and we love the experience each time. The staff is super friendly and always glad to help. We love to play the new upgrades games, laser tag, and bowl. The laser tag is so much fun, I love it and so does my family. My kids beg me to tag them to the bowling alley all of the time. I would suggest this location to everyone that wants to have a great time out. I also enjoy the paint nights there too. 5 stars from me....exceptional service and fun!


Just celebrated someone's birthday here. The staff was awesome, prompt and quick to making order corrections. Amy who runs the birthdays was amazing! She's a retired teacher who works so well with kids! The school system lost a gem when she retired!!! Well worth having our party here!!!!

Double R03

Great family place, food a little expensive, but taste great.

Nani Velez

The place is big they have a lot activities for adults and children our son birthday we celebrate it there. They have a event planner there who give you two choices of the package they have I advice your take the all star package your get your money worth There bowling, laser tag, pool ,arcade They. Have package for adults It was very fun

Marvin Hooker

Clean and Family friendly place . Highly Recommended.

Renita Brown


Ronnie Johnson

The best bowling ive ever been at

Theresa Barnes

Nice bowling alley to meet up with friends and family!

Chad Whidden

Delonte helped our family out when we came in, originally couldn’t get on to handicap lane. He figured out a way to get our daughter bowling even with the handicap lane in use. He should be recognized by his leadership for going above and beyond! Great establishment also clean, good food, and great people!

Shikira Barrett

Omg. Took my nephews they really enjoyed themselves

Alma Ettner

The customer service is outstanding!! Even though it was packed, we were able to do what we came here to do which was have fun!!


Did the laser tag. Clean facility, attentive staff. Fun place, good parking, good prices.

Elicia Parker

Because me and Kayne went bowling.

Brenda Shook

Nice games and clean, but the pizza tastes like cardboard

Ian Campbell

I go for pool. Tables are clean, cues are well cared for, and the fee is reasonable. A great place for a good time.

Robert Cuadro

Great place but wait for a GroupOn to bowl.

Naee Little Red

Bowling,lazer tag, an arcade, pool tables, a bar and restaurant all in one place ! Highly recommend for date nights i had alot of fun and it wasn't very crowded.

Mike Lenard

Good place for family time.

Ivory Powell

Great time & great customer service.

Eric Jimenez

They were very very busy. However, not once during my 2 games did someone come to even get a drink order. Being busy isn’t your fault, but being understaffed is. I tried to get in line at the food stand area, but the line was not moving at all. The same person was at the front of the line when I abandoned the idea of being served. My lane (29) stopped resetting the pins and had to be worked on by a mechanic. They moved me to another lane.

Thelma Rake

Very nice place loved it

Melissa Austin

Lots of fun! Had a stress free birthday party for my son!

Renee Brown

Went here on a Saturday night in which they had 2 servers, one bartender, and one cook! On a Saturday! The group we were there with four a birthday decided to quit ordering and go else where as it took 30+ minutes just to get a beer. This company has gone downhill so much and at every location I have been to lately.

Paul Simpson

Enjoyed bowling, laser tagging, and games. Great food!!!

Tanya Brown

Everything was great here. it's big! they have laser tag and it was wonderful. I recommend this to everyone especially on Sundays when they have deals.

Sherry White

Had a friends child's birthday party...was nice...noisy and a good place to bring the and drinks good and reasonably priced

rhinda piggee

We had a get together with coworkers and we had a good time we had to wait a couple minutes for a waitress but the food and drinks were good we enjoyed it

Timothy Baker

Bowling lanes are great, synthetic wood. Laser tag in fun and affordable. Food takes a while to get to the table unfortunately (over an hour in most cases), and employees are kind of hit or miss at the front desk. Some super nice, some remind me of the DMV.... overall decent facility though.

Willie Cox Jr

Angela and Nicole are the best!!!! Great service

Michael Brittle

Very good bowling alley with Lazer tag...

Augustus f. Brown

I have not bowled in 20 years, I carry a bowling bowl with me for that amount of time. On my birthday my family decided to take me to the nearest bowling alley. I met the bowling shop manager and we began too talk about where I was from, come too find out he was very knowledgeable about my home town Brunswick Ga. We talked about the differences in how to bowl according to my built and weight. He took a glance at my bowling ball and knew the age and quality of the material,as we began a new conversation,he knew what I needed and began to prepare a program in two days with helping me with a program within 3 games I was throwing strikes and scores over 150. I give my credit to Mr. Cruze and his expertise. Sincerely Mr.Brown.

Robert Frye

Excellent place for the whole family. Large arcade and lazer tag for the young ones, bowling and pool for the whole family, and a decent selection of food and drinks from the bar for the adults.

Maria Baysmore

Second time throwing my son a party here and it was amazing. Our hostess was absolutely amazing. My son really enjoyed himself. Thank you!


Fun but had to leave a bit earlier than we wanted because of league bowling

john white

The wife and I had a good time doing some midday bowling while we were on a fed holiday. The place was about half full. It was nice! The lights were lowered and the TVs were on. The equipment was easy to use. The place was clean & the staff was friendly. We played a couple of games & were surprised at how cheap it was. There was a video game area & they also had laser tag.

Linwood Bonds

Nice place to have fun.

scott merriman

great time watching the football game and shooting pool. $12 an hour for a table is kind of high when your buying beers drinks and food all in all good time with friends

Chantal Knight

It fun enjoy. I love it

crystal coley

We had a large party and guy at counter kept skipping over us and helping other people. Then it took forever to get a waitress and when we finally did we couldn't even get water. For as far as a drive we had to get there, wouldve thought it been better

Daniel Farrow

Enjoy my time, without any issues.

solowem gmail

Crowded. Come when it is not as busy. Nice facility and decent food.

Dawn Branham

Great place. Lots of fun. Friendly staff. Great for birthday parties

Darin Williams

A Great Place to have fun. They have 40 bowling lanes. Have large screen TV's as you bowl that you can watch all the sports games. A very friendly and helpful staff. The young lady was very patient and helpful in trying to give us the best value for our buck. We were there for my wife's birthday. It's a large building with plenty of activities. They have an large area where you can have a private party that can accommodate, at least 50-60 people. There was a paint night group there when we arrived. They have 6 official size pool tables (billiards). They have laser tag, on Wednesday it's $9.99 all day. On Fridays they have 10 pm unlimited bowling and you pay one price. You do have to pay to rent your shoes, which is standard at all bowling alley. They have an arcade area for kids and teenagers. They have bowling leagues. They have great food and alcoholic drinks. There is something for everyone!!! We always have a great time when we go!

Wiley Family

Great place for family

Ambre Frederico

Nice and updated. The only thing that isnt updated is the wait staff. As soon as we sat down we didnt even have a chance to look at the menu and the waitress asked if we were ready so we told her to come back in a few. After asking three times for a server she showed up 30 minutes later. She went to check IDs for drinks and while she was doing that they announced that the kitchen was closed .We waited 30-40 for nothing. Complete waste of $100 to bowl.

zeo ranger 5 red ranger Power

Good place to enjoy family fun

Andrea Locke

The place was nice, good family times bowling

tish norfleet

Enjoyed my birthday celebration with family and friends. Our hostess was the best.

Richard Hutson

Bowling is fun here. The food is overpriced, but it's fun in a group. Thursday nights is college night, cheap renting of a lane after 9 for college students.

Chris Baker

I took 3 of my kids and arranged 2 other parents to drop there kids off to play laser tag for the "$10" unlimited sessions as advertised in location and online. Organizing 6 kids is not an easy feat and each kid comes with $10. We discovered upon arrival that apparently that price is a summer only thing that end Aug 31. Ok. Maybe I understand. But that detail IS NOT ANYWHERE on their signage, website, mailer nothing. So I have disappointed kids and 2 sets of parents having to get there kids way earlier than expected altering their plans too. Point is, nowhere it says a timeframe for the price to play and the headache it caused isn't worth coming back.

Kinesha Haynes

Overpriced for the service received ordered food waited over 30 minutes while playing 2 games of bowling and when asked where food was was told that they forgot to put the order in they were busy. Most of the arcade games broken but still took money. Woukd rather drive further away for better experience

Latrisha Tobias

I am from Chicago, nice staff...keep up the good work.

Louieboy Reece

Great place. Great vibes

Kelly Albert

Always fun for the kids. Laser tag is cool too.

Herbert Frieson

Had a great time

Tashamee Alston

Bowling was fun. Lots to do inside. My only issue was not enough sauce on that pizza. Lol. If your going to load it with cheese...we need sauce too!!!

Kyla Rae

Nice place, had fun with family, great service. Just need more workers

Edward Walker

Nice place to have some fun with family and friends....

Jacob Thayer

Really fun laser tag experience. 15 minute games. Guns work well and not lots of technical problems like other places. Games are reasonable priced, not a lot of big ticket games but lots of sporty/active games (basketball/skee ball/air hockey). Food looked good and of course there were bowling lanes too. Friendly staff.

Candyce Hutchings

First time today!! Definitely coming back. They even have LASER TAG!!

Alisha Sadler

Nice place for the family or a date night. The bathrooms can be attended more often.

Jazmine Alemania

Celebrated kid's 5th birthday! It was awesome!

Francisco Huerta

The staff here are very friendly and welcoming! Have been bowling at this location for about 5 years now and have never had a bad experience! Food and drinks are reasonably priced for what you're getting!

Kiara Blount

It was awesome just went for the open interview LOVED how they let us bowl and interact with one another before interviewing us. Everyone was so kind, the staff was nice and friendly and the managers were great !!!

Charlene Yacklon

Cool place to bowl but check out Groupon before you go

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