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REVIEWS OF AMF Sunset Lanes IN Virginia


Had a great time here. We had a issue with our lane and the mechanic came right out and fixed it. Would definitely go back.

Michael God Gift

Great customer service great management team

crystal W

A bit expensive but nice. Good for FUN bowling. Staff was nice just not really aware when lanes became available.

william grizzard

Great friendly staff. Fun place to just hang out

Holly West

Great atmosphere and super friendly staff. We went with a large family group. They took care of us and it was a great place for kids of all ages.

Christina Austin

Great atmosphere, awesome service, excellent weekday specials!

Ryan Bures

Remodel looking great.

Braddon FitzGerald

This place is so much fun. We go here for family time and I love it. I finally won a game a couple weeks ago. Great!!

Joseph Simmons

Excellent staff!

Daanish Fiaz

Really nice and clean place. We went for unlimited bowling for $18 including shoes after 10 PM. They played great music as well. Overall, meets my expectations for a bowling alley, would go again.

Chris Bee

The manager and staff are amazing. Always a great time.

Mrinmoy Das

Very big with lots of lanes.

Raven Holley-Pope

We stood at the front desk while two ladys stood there talking about personal stuff for over 5 minutes. She would look at us out the corner of her eye then turn back to keep talking until I spoke up and said we are customer standing here waiting. Then they stop and take care of us. Its ridiculous how rude they were.

Dante Jbarah

Good music, good people, good food!

Kevin Searfoorce

Great place to bowl!


Love the lanes, variety of balls and friendliness of employees. Expensive!


Great atmosphere, bad prices

Johnny Utterback

Great facility!

Daniel Robertson

Dont know the prices untul you get there. HORRIBLE customer service. Wont answer the phone. Wayyyy too overpriced. Bowling as a leisure activity is dying because of places like this

rickey tollar

The staff's was awesome, great atmosphere.good for the whole family. We will be returning.

Joseph Ciszek

I have lived next to this bowling alley for a year and only just now went in. Boy do I wish I had gone sooner! This place is a far cry from the dimly lit, smoke filled alley of my youth. The bowling alley is colorful and clean. The staff were all very polite and courteous. And the beer was priced just right! I will certainly be coming back soon, even though I am a lousy bowler.

Matt Wild

Food is tight and atmosphere is chill

Joanne Asher

Lots of technical problems. expensive. Very nice staff. Kids had a really good time

kathryn williams

Nice place. Puts everyone in lanes right next to each other even when place is empty. Not bad though

A cam Cam

Had a wonderful birthday party with my friends food was delicious

Michael Rhodovi

Loads of fun with my team in between days at lacrosse tournament. Very clean and in good condition.

Jane Carter

Kids enjoyed playing and eating We had a great time

john light

Great place, good music, alcoholic beverage prices aren't bad, per game prices are a bit expensive but you get certain days that are discounted. Customer service is good, lots of fun for anyone, beginners or pros!

Joseph Gold

It's a great place to hang out and chill but if you're really trying to bowl at night seems a little dim


Bowling was fun. Pretty tight space wise on a Saturday night. But it was fun. On the downside, the food was HORRENDOUS!! Most horrible loaded fries and nachos I've ever had!!!

Bri Eberline

Fun, affordable bowling! There are so many lanes, and the music and lights at night are fun. This review is only for 3 stars because the management is pretty unorganized and the staff seems confused. The bar takes forever to serve drinks. However, if you're just looking to bowl, it's a great spot.

Chelsea Haney

Terrible customer service from the lone bartender in a crowded alley and her incompetent manager alike. Sunset Lanes ruined my friend’s 30th birthday, and charged me twice for my 1 order, lying to my face about having to run my card twice to close a tab, and even adding gratuity to the false charge. With all the options for bowling, eating, and drinking in the Richmond area, it baffles me that AMF would sacrifice their only hope at a competitive advantage with such rude and dishonest staff. Suffice to say none of our group of 22 will ever go back to any AMF location.

Bill Wagstaff

Good family fun.

Talisha robinson

Bartender named Forever is very unprofessional and lazy.

Ann Morones

Great place@

shayonna taylor

They were really excellent customer service wise and they great responsive times.

angleskill424 Tucci

Very under staffed and our lane broke twice and took forever to repair then got moved to a dif lane. On top of that ive been bowling many times and never seen lanes so slick please go somewhere else.

Scott Waterland

Fun place to go bowling, gets quite crowded on weekends, be prepared to wait for a lane.

Jeff Trollinger

The staff here are wonderful. I bowl in a league here and it is a great place to gather. They are in the process of updating the equipment so I expect it will get even better.

Jan-Pavel Kovar

This was awesome! The staff was great! Our church group got a great discount with the understanding staff that was willing to reserve the lanes for us. The place was clean, and well organized by the staff though it was packed.

Nicholas Carey

Went for a birthday party, staff was amazing! Super accommodating, the food was fresh and hot. Definitely worth the money when considering a kids party.

Kyle Clement

Went for a work party, Garry was the best. 10/10, would Garry again.

Evelyn Reilly

The staff is super awesome and felt like family!

Jesi Thurston

I seriously have never had such a consistently great experience anywhere in my life!! The staff is great, management is just as awesome. Very friendly and fun atmosphere that you can have your children/family or adult outtings. Great food, great drinks, clean & professional. Even the bathrooms are clean!!!! I will definitely continue to come back as well as recommend it to others!!!!!

D Bo

Didnt stay way to expensive for us the day we tried to go

Jesse Leacock

Great spot, bigger in the inside

Dusty Boyd

Well run and attentive to customer needs.

Roberto Snyder

Never had a bad experience here. Good vibe from patrons and employees have always been friendly and helpful.

Katherine Campbell

I felt terrible for the bartender, she was doing the best she could and it was obvious that you guys were understaffed and she was getting overwhelmed trying to serve all the guests by herself. On that note- Great job Forever, you were awesome! I hope management hires another bartender to help next Tuesday, league night + two dollar night = 2-3 bartenders minimum.

Frances Barbour


Cheryl G

Nice alley clean n smoke free only complaint no balls small enough for toddlers

Tamekio Debrow

Me and my son love it. We had a blast. We will definitely go back again. The food was great.

Katelyn Geiger

We were led to believe that one game is two rounds, but as soon as we go to check out they tried to charge us $20 (two games). Staff was essentially telling us it was our fault we didn’t understand (even though it was not explained fully) until we went straight to the manager. We eventually got one game taken off but if we weren't willing to find the manager we would've been charged. One of the cashiers, Zachary B. I believe, made sexual comments about one of my friends repeatedly and when we brought it up with the manager we were dismissed and told off. Don’t waste your time or money here.

James Ellis

Old style simple bowling alley with good service and prices

Sherri Stone

Loved it. Didn't realize it was a bowling alley. Staff friendly and professional. A wonderful surprise once entering.

John Baylor Jr

This is my favorite bowling alley. . I hosted a Christmas party here it was awesome... The food here is good and the bar ia even better.. They offer great specials on bowling, food, and drinks. This is an all out entertainment destination for me I try to go at least once a week!

Jim Foldesi

Fun, friendly staff, clean

L Zimmer

We had a large group of 6. We had a lane for 2 hours and shoes for 6 using a Groupon. All 6 of us had a good time. We had 2 children with us and the bowling alley had a stand to place the bowling ball on then then children could aim it a little then push the ball off. The stand worked well enough that the 2 and 4 year olds had a few strokes and a few spares. A good time was had by all.

Kyle Hoffy

This is a large bowling alley. Was here for my cousin's birthday treat and we enjoyed ourselves, we even got a discount on one game. The place is well maintained and staff are friendly. The bar is nice.

Sridhar Srinivasan

Nice Place for Bowling with lot of lanes..


To expensive we couldnt stay..kid were sad

derek Jackson

The atmosphere is nice, but the wings are the shiznit!!! They've come a long way with their food game.

Cody Kalendek

The food is great. But the downfall is the bowling alley lane conditions are terrible. The staff are ok. As a competitive bowler the lanes are terrible.

Jason Jacobs

Really clean facility, new shoes, and surprisingly good food. Our department at work rented a side and got it catered, and I was quite surprised how good the food was.

francisco sorto

Had lots of fun with the family. Prices on food were TOO high. 4 sodas, 1pizza, and 1 order of wings over $50. Paid over $95 for 5 shoe rentals and 10 games. 2 games each.


I love here. Staffs are kind. I took 2 turns and it was around $17! Saturday it closes at 1am. I visited 11pm and nobody there!

Dalian Johnson

Great pizza and atmosphere

Moniker Nomenclature

Smooth lanes and friendly staff!

Kiah Bennett

We went on a Sunday with some bowling deal. The bowling was fun of course, but the very pricey alcoholic beverages tasted like there was no liquor in them whatsoever. Not even tastey enough to just be watered down juice. Also the "jumbo" pretzels aren't big, actually pretty flimsy if ya ask me. The cinnamon ones have next to no cinnamon on it, and when we asked staff to give us extra they said they dont do that. I know you should expect to pay a lot when going out, but they weren't giving much quality anything....

lauren leggett

Nice bowling alley but can be pretty crowded from time to time and when it is crowded, the desk staff doesn't do a good job of communicating with customers every time.


Recently repainted, they're trying to look for a higher-end crowd. They have been pretty successful, but their beer selection sucks. Lanes are clean, shoes don't stink, balls are well polished.

Richard A. Candelieri



Great bowling and alley.. Always a good time

Nicholas Mattia

Great place for friends and fun. Leave Jennifer Patterson off the guest list though. God, she sucks!

Pixel Cupcake

Such an awesome place! I hosted my 25th birthday party (group of 18) here yesterday and all 18 of us had an amazing experience. Food and drnks were reasonably priced for how great they were. The staff was friendly, helpful and accomodating. We will be back!

Ammie Harrison

My husband and I had a great date here.

Adam Berg

Great experience. Had fun with my own partner and the crew runnin next to us. Friendly environment with frequent and decent specials on both games and concessions

Nathan Brigle

The staff were pretty chill and awesome. They didn't mind helping our large group find the right size bowling shoes and bowling balls. My only complaint is that the kitchen staff to a very long time to make the nachos and chili cheese fries we ordered. By the time, they brought the food out, we were already halfway through our game :(

Nokomis McCaskill

Expensive, but newer and less crowds

makarony tony

Great time staff excellent

Lil'keisha Allen

Very cozy and upscale for party I'd send it tonight.

Rick Teller

Bowling was such a fun time. We didn't score much of anything, but we had dinner, pizza and wings, and 3 kinds of soda included with the lane, and shoe rental. We also greatly appreciated the ball sizing so that fingers wouldn’t get stuck, and arms wouldn’t get tired too quickly

Daniel Boon

Not the bowling alley I grew up with, But the changes are nice I guess. Things must continue growing and changing. nice friendly atmosphere. They do have family night so that's good if you want to take your children on a night where there might not be adults drinking and swearing. They do have a full bar that serves drinks as well as beer and wine. The food is very good but be prepared to spend some money to come here. Bowling games shoes food it can cost a pretty penny.

Stephanie Linkins

Very clean, everything was working well and had a fun time. Servers were a bit slow but it was very busy and they were nice.

AbuBayaan Abdulsalaam

This spot is really nice. It's always appears clean and the equipment is well kept. The kids love it as well. The staff is friendly as well.

Brock Knight

I waited 20 min for my nachos but i still had a good time

Jason X

Nice clean environment! 2 out of the 3 staff members were kinda rude. Other than that a really nice bowling alley!

xelle wyble

Great time! Bowling with the family is always fun. If I had a complaint it would be the price of the food. It's fairly standard frozen type of grub but it's pricey for what it is.

Christopher Winkler

Big bowling alley staffed by friendly employees, and there is food, beer, wine, and mixed drinks for sale. Everything was clean and well maintained, and the staff were great. Foods available are comfort foods-fried stuff, sweet stuff-but cooked hot and fresh. There is a full bar right in the middle which is great. Tons of specials and discounts on bowling available, and you can have your child's birthday party here as well!

Danny DeYeetos

Broken arcade, slow service, high price.

Ben Howard

Went here for a corporate event. Service was fantastic. Food was surprisingly good besides the sliders, they were hockey pucks on bread. Everything else was great. Fully stocked bar, new shoes, well taken care of balls. Only a handful of arcade games that were not set up for multiplayer. Fun with a large group of Co workers!!!

dianne stokes

Hadn't bowled in more than fifteen years. I had a ball there.

Daniel Verbeeck

Good customer service, good food, and great lanes

Quonekka Young

Loved it great food , and bowling. They also sell drinks of all kind.

Joell Driver

Love this little bowling alley. We go past two other bowling alleys because the people are so nice and helpful here. Wish the food was a little less expensive; bowling already has gone out of this world. (Have bowled since I was 10!)

Russell Lawson

Plenty of fun, even for the three-year-old.

Scott Garnett

We enjoy bowling at this location. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Red Gable

Fun night

Frank Braxton Jr.

Good food good service will be back.


Nice environment, friendly staff and reasonable specials. Don't come here expecting a good shot though. It seems they oil their lanes pretty infrequently and inconsistently. I've been a number of times now throughout different times of the day and I never once encountered a favorable shot.

Betty Hunt

I had a lotbof fun. The food was great

Connie Mae Fredericksen

We love to bowl. I have been bowling here since 1988. Some days are better than others.

Audrey Walker

At the start of our game a pin came down the ball return track and jammed us up (unbeknownst to us at the time). The manager on duty was a gem. She talked with the tech and decided to move us to different lanes so as not to interrupt us further (Awesome). Just as she was done with the transfer the tech was done fixing our lane and said "if we wanted to stay where we were, we could it is all fixed." We thanked him, and chose to stay. The manager being the gem she is said "not a problem I will transfer it all back". She came to che k on us to make sure we were doing well also. The cherry on top of this sundae is, we ran over the closing time by 30 minutes and the entire staff was nice enough to let us finish out our last game while they went on with their cleaning duties. LOVE THIS LOCATION!!! THANK YOU TEAM SUNSET.

Esme Mtz

The place was nice and clean, but Food service was super slow, price super high.

cameron jones

Been bowling here for months now, friends and myself get together at Sunset Lanes and usually have a lovely time. However, going the last time was just awful. I was embarrassed to say the least, i had family in town and wanted them to have a wonderful experience, as i previously had. We were spoken to with disgust and disrespect. The bartender was probably the rudest person I've met, having the audacity mentioning to me that the manager would have there back regardless and if i wanted to speak to the manager, i sure can. Manager comes out, listens to me, nothing really gets done to fix this issue to be honest. I wont be back, thanks to the host ill give them a 1 star , she was lovely

Lileth Pagulayan

Service was slow. Staff was just standing around talking to each other.

Hatch Reppard

Recently went here for a company work function that was planned for weeks in advance. The facility was nice and clean. The shoe check-out was fast and all the shoes looked new. The lanes worked without any real problems. My only complaint is despite having a group party reservation with food ordered weeks in advance, the didn't get the food (pizza, pretzels, pop-corn) or drinks (beer) ready for almost an hour after our party started.

Lawrence Hall IV

It's a pretty cost-efficient bowling alley. It's really dated. The computers look like something that came from Apollo 13 movies. However the service is really good. The food not so good but it is super pricey on the food for what it is. I'm giving you four stars because it's a pretty good place for your family.

J. M. Wooten

Clean, great music, friendly service from the time you come in until the time you leave..

ivy Roy

It was a lovely experience in AMF. Vibrant atmosphere with music and entertainment. Helpful staffs. Enjoyed a lot.

Kelly Lattanzi

Great venue. Clean. Newly renovated. Equipment and shoes clean. Facility very nice. Employees friendly and helpful.

Lexus Longbrake

Me and my partner went because our friend Garry offered to show/teach us about how cool bowling is! I really enjoyed it even though I am not a huge bowling fan. Thanks Garry for showing us how cool bowling can be.

Toby de Groot

I don't usually write reviews about specific people, but Gary (Garry?) made me and my girlfriend's night a whole lot better. AMF Sunset facilities is a nice go-to for College Night discounted bowling. I like to go here time to time for casual bowling. Anyhow, I wanted to take my girlfriend out to bowling for a date night, and the alley was pretty busy. A couple of frames in the lane got stuck, but without hesitation I see this man what appears to be carrying a plethora of bowling balls comes flying forward to reset the machine. I didn't even have to ask and he was ready to help. He pushes a couple of buttons, and voila. The lane is fixed. He even waited to make sure the lane is working which I proceeded to gutter immediately. I actually wasn't doing too hot that night, but Gary stopped and chatted with me and gave me a bunch of pointers that ended up really helping towards the end of the game. I have to say, if you ever end up at this AMF location, go find Gary, that man knows what he's doing.

Angela L

Great atmosphere

Kristina Gilbert

Great friendly staff.

Stephen Woodard

Most of the staff are really friendly

jamal archer

Good drinks nice staff

george boone

This place is so expensive, they want to charge $6.00 for a 12oz French Fry. Ridiculous!

Dietra Knight

Great drinks & bowling

laura sewell

It's a fun place to spend an evening. Clean and staff is very helpful.

David Hill

It was a great experience. The lanes were in great condition and the staff was so accommodating and genuinely concerned about our full experience. I would definitely visit again.

Craig McGhee

We visit here almost every Saturday. Most of the people at the front desk are very friendly. This Saturday the gentleman with the glasses was very accomodating in helping us with our lane. If we have any suggestions it would be with concessions. The soda drinks need to be properly calibrated.....the right mixture of syrup with soda. A nice feature is free iced water at the counter.

Brandon Johnson

This AMF location is older but well maintained. The real highlight is the friendly and hardworking staff - every time I have been has been excellent!

Mike Williams

Fun place good vibes little pricey

kathleen helms

Great staff and love the 2 dollars Tuesdays.

Travis Poole

Great bowling, tons of lanes so you can usually bowl without a wait. Drinks and food are expensive for what they are.

Amanda Deangelo

It was very nice and the employee was very helpful

Bridgit Kreutzer

The bowling was fun, the employees were awesome, but the arcade games stunk!!! They ripped me off by saying I needed to insert even MORE coins.

Kinion Sober

Fun time nice employees, food service was super slow. Took over an hour for 2 pretzels. But had a fun time anyways.

Brian Kirby

Had a great time throwing a few frames while knocking back some brews. Great place for the family or just a group of friends, even good for a date. Friendly staff and clean place. Definitely going back soon.

Reckless Garage

Wen't for college night which was way to short but good value. Everything else was pretty chill good place.

Tabatha Lewis

Great spot and they have good deals, wish they were advertised better so I could of taken advantage earlier in the summer!

Teddy Trueheart

Need better music and more staff, especially at the bar.

Jess S

Family fun day! Clean and comfortable location.


Drinks are a little expensive but this is a good place to bowl. It's very well maintained and they make good milkshakes

Kathryn Gaines

Typical bowling alley. We just went to bowl so I don't know how the food is.

Rosalyn Smith

Grandson whose 4 years old loved it and ask to come back. It really a nice and friendly atmosphere

Eric Sjurseth

Had a good time. Clean place. Good times. Only problem.was the bumpers up.whole time.

Rachel Alvis

Weird happy hour times, only for an hour

Patrick Carr

Same great staff for a long time now. My favorite bowling alley in the area.

Kobie Crosley

The customer service is horrendous, tried to make a booking over the phone and was placed on hold for 30 minutes. Asked to speak to a manager and was hung up on. They rarely answer the phones so if you are looking to make a group reservation you are better off going elsewhere.

jenny jenkins

We have enjoyed ourselves both times we've visited. It's a fun group activity or just with you and another. I took my 7 year old son and we had a really good time, just the two of us. Groupon usually has something for them, too. We went for two hours for 19 bucks and it was well spent, considering we played a solid five games and shoes were included. Food and beer wasn't too horribly priced, either!

Tyanna Brown

There was a waiting line but everyone was polite made u wanna b there and as soon as our lane was ready our food came and we had and good time definitely coming back

Leondra Robertson

Lanes are awful there is no pin action .. Wait time for any type of assistance is slow as hell the young lady during week was not good,at multitasking.. Who knew the balls were now behind the counter. Smh let's just say it was a interesting day of bowling

Cody Dove

Don’t bother. Bad lanes.

Darshell Davenport

Little old but clean. Nice place for s birthday party young or old.

Richard Mitchell

Bowling was fun but we were unaware of time restrictions. We were allowed to pay for two full games of bowling but only actually got to play one and a half with no refund or gift card for remaining time (our game ran after closing time). Job aid: train employees to explain to guests that their games might run over the time the establishment is open to the public. If a game is shut off before completion, an associate should offer a discount on parties next visit.

K_ G_P

It was a fun environment and the staff were nice

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