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REVIEWS OF Spare Time Latham IN Vermont

Frank G

Friendly staff. Amazing food. Great times! Been coming here since I was a kid

Terry Valentino

Great place to bowl

jimmy maxam

Very nice people

steve rangel

Great time. Party time.

Wallace Morris

Pretty nice bowling alley. Bowling atmosphere was on point. Food and drinks were good too.

Jeffrey Donaldson

I always thought these lanes where nice. It's not a high alley but it's big enough

Mark Hodgkins

Very pleasant staff, bar/lounge area comfortable and bowling is fun too. What's not to like?

Chris D

Not enough seating near the actual lanes. It was an odd setup.

Bob Caprara

Took the kids bowling there last week walked my eight year old son to the men's room and there was a man in a dress putting makeup on. I never saw that look in my son's face before. Won't be going back anytime soon.

Michael Patalino

Nice Clean Place to take the Grandsons.

Jim Wilson

Our league was invited for a free pre-season night of bowling. Although only 8 bowlers showed up. We had a great time. Thank you Spare Time Latham.

Shannon Judisky

Enjoyable, nice staff, but seriously, it's bowling

vance marsett

Large bowling lanes, friendly staff with a great little snack bar. It's modern, bright and family friendly.


Great service, great people, food a bit overpriced

Shayy XOX

Bar tender was awesome! Long islands were perfect!!

Johnny Ware

Good place to chill with friends

Joseph DiDonna

Had a great time with recovering people's.

Alexander Knapp

Had a work party of 50+ people. It was a good time with bowling pizza and wings! Julie is a fun bartender and works hard to organize everything.

Benjamin Johnson

Good bowling.

Pam L

Recently had a birthday party there. Hostess was good. Pizza was ok. Cool souvenir pin for all to sign. Had fun!

Christine Johns Kirby

The management accommodated our group of 4 adults and 2 toddlers although they were busy. Food and bar are fine...bring your ID because they proof everyone. We had fun.

Emery Miller

Looks like theyve updated this place recently. Great bowling alley. Ive been going here since I was a kid and my grandparents were in bowling leagues. More recently i was here for a charity event. The woman working there who was handling the setup and getting on the microphone was very amped and live, she definitely does a great job.

Billy Bowler

Clean and pleasant atmosphere, friendly employees. Had fun bowling.

Dan Horning

Love this place. easy-going and relaxed atmosphere. Prices and good and they have food on site.

Sandra Lansin

Friendly staff!

Felisha Chandler

No bowling waited 45 minutes

Lynn Murphy



Good food, good music, great prices. Would reccomend for a night out

Dennis Cehulik

Son enjoyed his firts youth scholarship tournament

Todd Niedzwiecki

Great staff nice place to take the kids to have some fun out of the heat.

Matt Landry

Very nice place

Gary Wait

Good lanes. Good facility. Didn't try anything else.

Joshua Imler

We paid for all we could bowl and got screwed after being there for 15 minutes. Also had a a nice pitcher of PBR for fricking fifteen dollars. So we got ripped off and the most expensive alley on both sides of the US I have ever been to. The two people where as empathetic as a doorknob. At least a doorknob has a not spend a dime there ,especially because they will charge you a dollar.

John Roach

Im 57 and learning to bowl. Great venue very accomodating. I still stink but having fun

Rhodina Lee

Very nice place to spend time with the family. Shoes were nice and clean and we didn't have to leave our shoes. Food was good but just a little pricey. Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Spare time.

Jason Perez

Spare time in Latham has a Friendly staff with exceptional service to the leagues and all other get togethers ie; kid birthday parties, work outings or just stepping out on a friday with the family, etc. It's a bowling alley sure but its very clean, with Good drink and food prices. Be sure to try their chicken and bacon flatbread when you go.

Michael Dukakis

Prime location

Mark Anderson

Great time bowling with my wife, my daughter and her wife! None of us had bowled in years, so there were a few gutter balls but we didn't use the bumpers!

Daniel Halloran

Good time, charity event.

Luke Godin

I love it

Art Forget

Paws raising big $$$'s.

John Charlton

Food was really great for a bowling alley. The building itself was a little aged but a good place to throw some balls

Nandini Seshadri

Hosted my 10 yr old's birthday party here over the weekend. Our hostess, Emily, was excellent: made sure all the kids were set up on the score board, volunteered to take party photos, got everyone to sign the birthday kid's souvenir bowling pin, herded hyperactive kids from shoe rental to bowling to food and back to bowling, and kept us all supplied with pizza and soda. No mean feat! She was in constant communication with me about timings and food/drink and what to expect, and told me some hilarious stories as an added bonus. Highly recommended.

sandy gaudette

Clean, lanes were a bit greasy, food way overpriced, staff at shoe desk so very nice.

Kimberly van Vloodorp Taylor

Nice staff, was very cheap during the day. But the general conditions of the lanes and balls could be a lot better. Electronic bumbers are great so any player can have them, not all or nothing

Danielle Williams

Good family fun

Brian Slater

It's a little bit pricey, but staff is nice and everything is clean.

Savage and the Beasts

It's bowling.

Rob Mainusch

Outstanding place

Philip Vecchio

Great bowling. They've done a great job of updating and modernizing this bowling arena. There are a ton of lanes. The staff was super helpful when the pins didn't reset right.

Mark Bruno

Always fun fun time for us adults.

Will Schaefer

I was here recently for the PAWS bowling event. I thought that the lanes and equipment was okay. I especially didn't like the shoes because they had velcro straps. I couldn't make them nearly tight enough to prevent the shoes from being loose. Others had similar problems. The bowling staff was terrific and very accommodating. The food was mediocre at best and the bar attendant was a bit rude. Overall it was a great experience and the Albany Damien Center is excited to have the next annual PAWS event at Spare Time Latham!

Michael Grady

fun fundraiser

P Holmes

Food got better

Mayur R Menon

It's crowded but cozy and fun with friends. Good way to spend some time and chill.

Sarah Legnard

Nice bowing alley, has a lot of lanes so there could be a tournament on one side and kids parties on the other and you wouldnt know. Lots of parking and plenty of things to do to keep the kids busy.

Divine Mercy

I will come again

Nazareth Labetti

Cute little center. Clean nice layout. Bathrooms could use an update.

Phil Adikes

Great staff.. Fun place to take the kids on weekend nights

Derek Olsen

Great location for an event

Hadees Hadees

Loved it great deals

Michael Belanger

I haven't bowled it a long time, And I don't remember such a clean bowling alley. Updated, clean, and great staff.

Kahina Knight

Amazing place....awesome time. Great price!

Tatiiana LoveMarie

Great Family Fun Time!!

Jeff Sobel

Came here with a bunch of co-workers late on a weekday afternoon for a team-building outing. Lanes were very well maintained, nice selection of house balls, all in good shape. Food choices and beverages were typical but nicely prepared and served. I really appreciated the hospitality and kindness of the owners and staff. I will definitely be back her to bowl again.

Nusair Bawla

Nice people, very kid friendly

Tanya Lewis

We had such an amazing time at this venue everything was clean organized and the staff was extremely friendly. We were at a community event there was also two birthday parties and a bunch of other people there was plenty of staff and resources to go around it did not feel overcrowded. We have mozzarella sticks and pizza both were delicious and not overpriced.

Dena Fragnoli

Fantastic price for unlimited bowling.

Shawn T Williams

Mostly a good places but the leagues are way too numerous and take up alot of the good times. Add in the rachet hoodlums who some how find their way here at times and that brings it down more. Staff is great. Lanes and equipment are good.

Jacquee Hopkins

Was there for the city bowling tournament. Lanes kept breaking down. Mgmt never kept mechanic end back to minimize the amt of time the lanes were out of order. Lanes broke 8 times during 3 games, causing bowlers to finally finish 1 full game later than everyone else. Worst of all, no one from the bowling lanes ever came over to apologize for the interruptions and inconvenience! !!! Was there for the city bowling tournament. Lanes kept breaking down. Mgmt never kept mechanic end back to minimize the amt of time the lanes were out of order. Lanes broke 8 times during 3 games, causing bowlers to finally finish 1 full game later than everyone else. Worst of all, no one from the bowling lanes ever came over to apologize for the interruptions and inconvenience! !!!

Alan Troumbley

Fun place and good prices. Had lots of fun with friends. Has lots of lanes with open bowling, a small arcade and a bar with a pool table.

Vijay Oruganti

Spare Time Latham is a great place to meet up with friends and have a good time. Their friendly staff goes above and beyond to make it a nice experience for everyone. They are conveniently located and offer reasonable group rates.

James Farrell

We did the midnight bowling and it has changed a lot. No more dj or fun competitions to win prizes. Still fun but not fully worth the price.

Average ahren

very good food disco lanes for those party animals and a nice relaxing pane for those mid day hangout

Walter Greene

Best bowling alley in the albany region, hands down. Helpful staff and friendly, and surprisingly very clean!

Tova Jacknin

Very nice,clean place. Helpful staff whenever we had problems with scoring they easily fixed it and did not get annoyed. Would definitely go back!!!

racquel bennett

Super fun bowling allie and good finger food

Edin Sasic

Staff are not friendly at the entrance or the bar area

Ryan Murphy

DO NOT LEAGUE BOWL HERE!!! The lanes are in awful condition. Everyone in my league complains about the lane conditions. This place is more suited for your midnight bowling/family outings, not for dedicated league bowlers. The food is decent and the snack bar staff is friendly. My bowling balls have come back with massive gouges and scrapes, sizes that I've never seen on a bowling ball. This place is a joke. Open bowling is much too expensive too. Giving this place a 1 star simply because of the friendly snack bar staff.

Ben Jammin

We had a great time bowling here. It had been a while since any of us had bowled. 2 sets of 16 lanes ensures there was a lane open for us. They have themed ball rollers for little children, green dinosaurs, purple hippos, exc.. which were really available. Staff was helpful and friendly The shoes were a little small, though I asked for an 11, and was given a 10.5. Sometimes bowling shoes are different sizes than your normal shoes. Lanes were decent. Little oily, and has very little traction to my curve. Overall we had a great time, and will definitely be back next time we decided to go bowling

Cham spotify

Nice and old. Can use new seating arrangements

John Halpin

Great house for league bowling

Timothy Reidy

Good place to bowl in your spare time and good food.

Reuben Bruchez

The staff at the counter are friendly. Good lane condition, the house balls perform well, but make sure your rental shoes fit.

Ezra Goldmeer

Late night is awesome

Farid B

Excellent and friendly staff. Would definitely come again.


NEVER AGAIN. My 82-year-old, wheelchair-bound mother is a lifelong bowler. Today, we tried to bowl at Spare Time Latham and were extremely disappointed in the lack of welcome. We called ahead and were told that we could definitely bring the wheelchair and there was plenty of room, but they did not take reservations. We arrived within 30 minutes. The place was less than a third full, one side fully lit and the other side with the darkened, "disco lights" giving everything a dark purple glow. While there were MANY empty lanes in the middle of the bright side, we were not allowed to use them because wheelchairs are only allowed on the lanes at each end, both of which were in use. No, we could not cross the lanes. No, we could not ask either party to move. We COULD NOT bowl on the side with full lighting. We were offered a lane on the dark side, which was also 3/4 empty. We told the woman at the desk that my mother is legally blind; she would be unable to see anything in the purple lighting. Would it be possible to turn on the lights, just at one end, where we would be bowling? NO, because "people come for the disco lights." We asked again, if she was telling us that there was no way she could accommodate my mother in her wheelchair and she said it's first come, first serve and we didn't have a reservation. We said that we'd called ahead and were told they didn't take reservations. Her response: "Well, that's true." I truly could not believe how completely unwilling she was to do anything to accommodate a disabled bowler. My poor mother was just sitting there in her wheelchair, bewildered. My family has been bowling at this location for decades, but never, ever, will we go there again.

Dana Capili

You pay after you have played and used their bowling shoes. Not much of a great food selection. I was looking for ice cream but all they had was 3 desserts, including a brownie sundae. They did have an area of lanes where they were hosting a party for kids. Everything in the vending machine costs $1.25, from reeses to oreos.

Arpit Khuraswar

Decent bowling experience, however would recommend when they have special deals or offers.

Etheleen Hardy

I had a great time watching the game

Andrew William

Staff was great. Don't bowl a lot but will definitely go here to go again. Pretty clean bowling alley also.

Jason G

Very interesting videos when you throw the ball

Victoria Ivanova

Lots of kids when I went in the middle of the day. Mediocre bowling experience.

Tim Mclaughlin

Nice place, friendly people. Not super busy, but it was middle of the work day...

John J Spagnola

Very modern bowling alley and sport tv everywhere.

Brian Schneider

Fun place

Justin Peabody

Loved the pro shop. The prices are reasonable and getting my first ball drilled was an easy process. However, the bowling games can be rather expensive.

The Boxing Tiger

Really good pizza and drinks and im really good bowling

Andrew Belschwinder

It was a pretty cool place to bowl late-night

Sean Wallace

Had great time with my wife and co-workers.

Will Rowan

It has seen better days.

Linda Baker

Food was good and service was friendly. The party room was a bit cold. Kids had fun bowling.


Friendly staff and good facility. I'll bowl here again.

Dale M Hartman

Used to work here.

Raekeesha Robertson

Fun place

Darryl Doty

One of the nicest alleys around the area. Great place for birthday parties. Bar inside as well as food. They have everything needed for bowling with little children. You can be waited on right at your lanes. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Prices are very reasonable for the bowling as well as drinks and food.

Shawn Mallison

Strike!! Great staff super family friendly environment. Recently attended for a fundraiser. Was well organized and prepared. The lanes were great with the latest computer and graphics system. Music sounded good as well Not too overwhelming

Classified CoverGirl

The cheese fries didnt have very good cheese. It was like a slice of cheese melted on top

Rachel Marr

Super fun, great for company parties.

Ken Wilson

some how a bowling alley came up in a search for laser tag. someone needs to work on their meta tags. regardless, it is more expensive than other area alleys. Seems to be cleaner than other area alleys too. but its not like other area alleys are filthy.


I had a lot of fun here and there service is great.

marx mer

Absolutely aweful oil pattern for the 'non competitive wed night league' flooded oil from six in. Fine for 210 average bowlers and for older bowler who throw 12 mph or less. As tough as a sport shot for "decent" bowlers. Useless for a decent bowler who wants to drink beer and hit the head pin after a hard day of work.

Wayne Snyder

Pins for Pets is here and always a good fun time staff is excellent

Brooklyn D

It was very fun clean there wasn't a lot of people there but i had a good time

Alex Sharp

Great wings, and surprisingly variety of options at the bar. Bartender knew she what she was doing. Place was clean, but the pizza was just ok. Not too crowded when I went there.

Cora Ordway

Nice place to have a good time with your family

Raj Ch

The lanes were ok, but we ordered chicken pizza here, that was the worst pizza we ever had. So DO NOT EAT PIZZA HERE.

Tabitha Williams

It was awesome we had a party it was so fun for the kids grate friendly service

Patrick Avella

Always clean, super friendly staff, with an awesome 80s retro decor.

Lashawn Lovett

So fun. Drink are awsome, food mhmm is good. Staff are well spoken and they cater to your needs.

David Daversa

Lots of lanes and decent food


Clean well kept nice employees

Samuel Lund

Staff was nice and the bowling games were cheap!

Adam Denenberg

Good bowling alley

Robert Dempsey

Enjoyed bowling here with my wife on a recent Sunday night when the rates were great. For some reason my ball didn't break as much as where I normally bowl. My wife won't complain as she rolled her highest game ever, 195.

Brittany Murray

Had a great game with my guy. We played 3 rounds.... Which he won lol... Now he wants to join a league there

Gavin Seeley

Drinks are really expansive.


Plenty of lanes, decent environment, staff was helpful.

Many whipple

Great all around entertainment!!

Nurali Virani

Good place. Good staff. Lots of lanes.

Hyojung Cho

Always a goto place on weekends!

Fran Pascazio

Kids had lots of fun!


Other than the rude employee that serves food it's a pretty nice place

Hayden Chenette

Great experience, fun for the whole family and the customer service was great! Ask for Barb, she's one of the best

Jason Ouellette

One of the cleanest bowling alleys I've been to during our bowling travels. Elevated viewing area which is huge.

John P. Wallas

16.00 for a dozen wings? Whoa

P Brown

Too Expensive

Matt Morrison

Let's keep bowling alley's alive! This place is clean and a great place to bring the family for some fun. Good prices on drinks for the adults too.

Travis Brodbeck

This is a very nice bowling alley with plenty of lanes. It's fun for friends and family of all ages.

Austin Lewis

The work staff is very friendly. One of the better bowling alleys in the capital region. They run a lot of specials at this location. Not a bad bar either.

Elvira Ford

Great place for bday parties!

Raz Mann

They rip you off every chance they get if you are a league bowler. You already pay league dues and fees and more than regular rates for each game. Then they don't honor your league rate when you want to practice if you also want to use a free game coupon they send you in email. If you bowl three games, it costs you MORE to use the free game coupon than it does to bowl three games at the league rate. I wonder if USBC knows this alley does that? Penalizes you for being in a league. That's awful!

Steven Surprenant

Great place to bowl

Ed Alexanian

Good bowling fun, ok good fast service nice Sunday event

katryna perry

Went early and had the place to ourselves

Sherri Howe

Great family fun!! Food,

Bhavin Patel

Love to spend time

Gianna Jacksina

Great atmosphere not very many employees there tho

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