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REVIEWS OF Spare Time Colchester IN Vermont

iain fletcher

Good fun. Price is right and friendly helpful staff. We had a bowling party of about 12 with pizza too, wonderfully night

Matt Chase

Fun place


Fun time, not too busy. Quality lanes. Only complaint was it seemed a little pricey for bowling. Still the balls were sorted well and it was easy to find the right fit, and the shoes and facilities were clean.

Dakota Deady

Spare time is your quintessential bowling alley. Really good prices on certain nights (late night Friday and Saturday and Sunday nights especially). Plus laser tag and a full arcade. The attached restaurant and bar are well priced and have good large beers for good prices.

D Laplant

While it was fun it was understaffed..every where. They also stuck us into laser tag like sheep ..and didn't provide enough jackets , so we had to leave. There are plenty people standing around doing nothing. Love bowling but it's over priced and if I'm laying down 200-300 $ to have fun with my kids on a snowy day ..I expect reasonable , friendly, prompt service. I think the girl that I ordered food from at the restaurant was high. Won't be back anytime soon.

Philip Hyjek

Great bowling alley. Good food. Reasonable drinks.

Liam Benshemer

Bowling is fun. However, waiting a hour and a half for food is not. I would understand if they were busy, but multiple other groups of people were seated after us, ate and left before us.

Korrin C

Bowling rates are a bit steep but we enjoyed the place. We got a package that included 1 round of bowling(shoes not included), 1 laser tag game, and $5 for the arcade. The arcade has quite a few games to choose from as well. Overall a really fun date night for us.


Had a good time

Reggie Allen

They have an arcade,laser tag, bowling and a nice restaurant. Fun place to spend a day with the family

Dustin Charland

Not your avg bowling alley! Galactic bowling, restaurant, arcade, Lazer tag, tons of lanes, and great deals! Make sure to look at deals!!! Great fun time!

Chris Plant

We had a fun time with the kids.

Christopher Langner

Great food great vibes great place! A little pricey for the bowling but it's a great place, clean well layed out! Food is good prices and a well diverse menu. Highly recommend this place!

Harvey Klein

Great bowling and arcade

The Sigismund

Great laser tag a must when you go there


Love bowling here. Always a blast. Wish the tunes bumped a little harder and the drinkers were a bit cheaper

Jeff P

Food was good and bowling is always fun.

Jack Barnes

Bowled and played arcade games with our granddaughter. Also had a snack in the grill. All very good.

Regina countrylass

I love bowling. I loved late night bowling. But the DJ they have working there now is fairly atrocious, only plays rap music, and interjects with his own vocals which could be fine... If he were good.

Molly Burnett

Fun but super expensive. Avoid if on a budget.

Dee Wil

Great place to take your family or friends! The only downer is that the music literally stinks. I thought I was at a 14 year old pizza party. Let’s try to mix the music up guys! Other than the music, we had an awesome time! Great staff and very clean!

Veronica Campion

Little pricy. Great for kids, not for serious bowling.

Rin N

I have not been bowling since probably my teenage years. Going to spare time in Colchester was an absolute Delight! The lanes were clean the staff was friendly and the bowling rates were absolutely a great time that doesn't break the bank . I suggest everyone lace up there bowling shoes and head out to the lanes for a great time!

Marc Sanderson

Love this place. Had a great time grabbed a bite to eat had a few drinks did some bowling and the best part was playing laser tag with friends. Plus they have an arcade fun for everyone regardless of your age

Scott Bernoudy

We had our company party at Sparetime the other night, and what a blast it was! Service, facilities, drinks, food -- all great and way beyond what we expected. Highly recommended!

Courtney Palmer

It's a good place to hang out with friends and have some fun and drinks. The food is okay, nothing spectacular. Bujt the bowling and laser tag are great!

Farah Stevens

So I have a two-year-old in a 5 year old and I am a single. It was hard for me to keep track of both my kids and I got to say the staff was right on it they we're keeping an eye on my son's when I asked him where he was they so they told me exactly what way he wentnot to mention they're really patient with the kids trying to turn in their tickets for things like candy and toys

Ryan Calvi

Great time bowling. Good bar. Good food and a great arcade with laser tag.

Cristina S R

Very nice and organized

Matt Prim

I have been going to Saturday night after darks at spare time for quite some time. I remember when the cost was higher, the short stint where it was a group fee, and the new current price. I handled them all. The one thing I can not handle is the new atrocious DJ they have working. He plays an endless deluge of rap, ignores the majority of requests (of the five I personally have made, zero were played, none of my entire groups requests were even played) His only real skill is making me want to stop going back. Way to go spare time. Way to go

Umair Arshad

A bit crowded on weekends but you have alot to do if you find a spot. Bowling area, Laser gun and alot of games with indoor restaurant and bar. Must visit place in Vermont.

jennifer landry

It was amazing, not crazy about the food.

Shraddha Atrawalkar

fun place. great rates and v good food at the restaurant

Cindy Allard

Clean, recently renovated (way better game room!), and plenty of lanes. Little pricey if you don't go on a night with specials.

Jeremy Pratt

Was a great experience took all five kids the pizza was good the games were fun everyone had a great time will definitely be doing it again

XB-70valk YT

Love bowling there however drinks tend to be a bit over priced for what you get....

Oshane Walcott

It was a very chilled environment with good fun games and food all in one setting.

Albert Liguori

Great fun

F. Grymes

Spare time is a very Fun bowling alley and it has a full restaurant and bar as well. They Even has an arcade and laser tag. Look at the schedule, give them a call, or check their website because a lot of the times they have League nights and it is hard to get a lane. Great for kids parties too. Would definitely recommend for something fun to do in the area.

Casey Cleary

Great place just bursting at the seems tonight. Way too crowded

Wanda Zygmuntowicz

Great alley for league play.

joseph poulin

Nice facility. Lots of games for the kids. Nice lanes. Bar is nicer than most. Food is ok. I'd give it a 3 and a half stars but I'm not impressed with tg he chicken wings.

Amanda Gosselin

I come here frequently. Do NOT try to go on a Friday night. They have leagues that day. I don't know when they start but I waited 2 hours before I could bowl the last time I went on a Friday. It was like 9 pm before I could bowl. It is a classy place and has an arcade that is actually quite large, with a large array of game types available. A bar available with a good selection of beverages. Food is actually good, it surprised me due to the fact that it is a bowling alley. BBQ chicken flat bread, try it. The building is pretty clean. The reasons I give it 4 stars is because of the statement above about the leagues and a couple other things. There is a couple lanes that are not waxed properly. I actually did a face plant while bowling once. It is the only bowling place around so it is always packed. I also think that the equipment may need upgrading. It misses pins more frequently then it should, and we also had a lane that didn't work once. I suppose you could say that they need to update and polish. The cosmetics seem fine.

Tyler Scott

Great time here!

Seventh Journal

A joke of an establishment. They literally charge 400% markup and their rule of thumb is “ if they want it bad enough, they’ll pay for it.” Only one way to break that mentality and that’s to boycott the outrageous prices. They literally charge you a large incremental for convenience only. Then they shut down any form of snacks, cost efficient meals, or any kind of celebratory snacks. Selfish, rude, and only care about their bottom line.

TDU Clan

Fun place to go with friends, family and kids.

Koala Jones

Fun late night bowling with family.

Diane Ogara

Food is fast! Not great but good atmosphere.

Dan Boyce

I was there for a special Olympics bowling tournament. Nice facility with new decor and bowling concourse, and the staff was courteous and efficient.

Erin Quinn

Had a great time bowling and dinner for my son and his friends for his 30th Birthday. Staff was wonderful

Bobbi-jo Waterman

Kiddos had an Amazing time, everyone very friendly,clean fun place to enjoy with the family

Brian Caruso

Clean, well kept decor, electronic scoring and a large gaming area. Our family had a blast.

Rick Kinsman

Spare time staff is always friendly and accommodating. We went with a school trip and everything was great! Thanks for a great time!

Ali Douglas

Great time up spend time with family. Clean and accessible.

Michael Bryan

Super relaxing, very helpful staff, and a total stress reliever!


Good, warm welcoming place. Has nice lights just wish the music didn’t cost money to play.

Craig Sarven

Very good service, food was pretty good.

Meg Cardinal

Had a great time. Bowling, laser tag, and ate. Fun for the whole family.

Ben Soltsov

Clean, organized, and a great place to kill up to 2 hours with the kids

Liz Valentin

First time having a horrible experience at this place. Buddies paid for 3 games when we got there they already played for one game. So we were told that we can add extra bowlers so we paid for two more games. Turns out we only were able to play one game together as a group because they refused to put us together even though we already paid for all the bowlers and shoes. Tried to talk to the guy at the front desk and he was too busy playing with his phone to listen to what we had to say. He wanted us to pay more money after we already paid for two games and shoes. So I told him that I just wanted my money back I’m not dealing with this anymore.

Alicia Downs

My family and I had a blast here! All but 1 machine was up and running. We enjoyed ourselves and will go back again.

Tim Romp

Way over priced on some of the things. Don't know about all of it cause I didn't plan the party but I got a couple drinks and they were double what they woulda been anywhere else

Peter Mikheyev

Great place for bowling, awesome laser tag. Wish the arcade was a little better though.

David Martinson

Made appointment with pro to buy a new bowling ball. Did not show. Called and got a text he was running late. Two hours later wanted to know if I could hang around. WTH? Not impressed. Spent my $190 elsewhere! Thanks for nothing Jason....

Andrey Figueroa

When you guys have a private event. You should post it on the website, so people don't waste time going there.

Julie Benn

Was there for a private tournament. What a mess. Staff was over whelmed, because of number of people cut down the tournament games, not enough chairs to sit on, parking lot was a skating rink, just not a good experience overall.

monica hampton

Today's visit ended in er trip. My kid snapped hi

kelly marcelino

Was fun....good to get together with co workers outside of work. A few different prizes besides game room paases would have been nice but overall good clean fun.

Tracy Slone

Nice, modern, clean facilities. I like the 4-to-a-table arrangement in contrast to the old school banquet seating most older alleys have. And wait staff at your lane is a big plus. I also loved that all the balls were on organized racks in one spot to make finding the right ball quick and easy.

Mariyah Rivait

Awesome time, great fun

Jon T

We had a birthday party here. The hostess was awesome and very attentive, very helpful. We even ran a bit over on time and they weren’t pushy. It’s a really good value for your money if you have a kids party here.

Jim and Jeanne Atchinson

Lots of fun for our grandson's birthday party! We brought cake, kids & presents and Spare Time took care of the rest. Even pickup/clean up!

Buck Humphries

Great atmosphere, clean facility, good food/drinks and a decent arcade for the kids.

Gaming with Dad!! Santiago

Great!! Family fun for all, good prices, friendly knowledgeable staff, and good food/drinks too!! Great arcade-Bar-Bowling

Frederick Guerra

Lots of little kids running around. Friendly staff. They charged my phone for me while I was hanging out with friends. Food took a long time to come out, but wasn't bad.

Erion 929rr

The Chef, think her name is Crystall, OMG food was AMAZING,

Aaron Caine

Attentive service, plesant experience and good food. Easy parking and good location (near area hotel). Only went here for food at lunch, not to bowl, but if I had time I may return to try it out. Lots of screens visible from the dining area.

Kevin Twohig

Lots going on here. Bowling with lots of lanes, restaurant, crazy big game room, staff as nice as could be expected.

Christina Chyr

Very nice bowling place with great deals. Check out their website to see which days work best for you. They also have a decent arcade and laser tag arena. Haven't tried the food but looks greasy and good for the soul.

scarlett duncan

Every Saturday from 8-10am they have time reserved for special need kids.It is just wonderful,to be able to take your child to a place like this.It is very clean and staff is extremely helpful and friendly.

Jim Bunch

I would take away a star because this place is very noisy and full of screens and flashing lights, but overstimulation is the effect they seem to be going for. Mission accomplished. The only other bowling alley in the area is way more "authentic" - I literally get flashbacks to 40 years ago - and is the place to go if all you want to do is go bowling like you did (or your parents did) in the 70s.


Clean. Up to date. Friendly staff

Adam Walker

Its bowling. Duh and laser tag

Bill M

I took high school level cadets here for laser tag and games. They loved it. Laser tag setup was very cool. Was a bit pricey. Also only one employee covering the the entire gaming area. We'll definitely go back next year.

Skittle Turtle

The food was outstanding and the service was great!! Group of 4 and we had a blast!

Andrew Rollins

Kids love it, and there is plenty to do. Laser tag, games, bowling, and it's great for birthday parties. It all adds up to a pretty expensive outing though. They have plenty of these games that cost 2 to 3 dollars a pop, and it's essentially gambling for kids. Pay 2 bucks, pull a lever, win 20 cents worth of tickets to trade in for junk. Food isn't stellar, but it's a bowling alley.

Ryan Smith

Jamie was a great help with our Birthday party. Highly recommend this place for parties And for school break

Kathleen Vogt

They have many lanes and a game room. Fun for the whole family.

Kendra Penland

Fun, reasonably priced, and accommodating. The food is a rip off though. I highly recommend you do not go hungry


I am so disgusted with the way this place is run now. How can they expect to have a great bowling alley with NO proshop. Where do they expect their patrons to get their ball drilled in a emergency? There is so much more that is needed other than just the lanes to bowl on. This used to be a great place. Since they have now decided that renting the space out rather than hire someone to run it it has gone down hill. No one can afford the rent they want for the space. Not to mention rent it out and make any profit. If there were any other options around trust me we would not be using this as our main house.

Bryan C

Just went for my first time, very cool place! I'd recommend going

Chris Adkins

This used to be one of my favorite places to go on a Saturday night but after they got a "dj" I can't stand to be there for more than an hour. All he plays is rap and refuses to take requests. To make things worse he randomly adds air horns and gunshot sounds into songs making the overly loud music that makes socializing with friends impossible.

Devin Littlefield

A fun place for the whole family to have fun! Enjoyed going to the restaurant first to grab a bit and then moving over to bowling. A great time for all ages!

Missy Eusebio

Spare time has bowling, indoor laser tag as well as an arcade. They even have a restaurant. There's hours worth of fun here

Barbara Martin

Super fun place. If you're not into bowling they have an awesome arcade. Great restaurant too.

Lee Stewart

Very nice place! Modern, clean, bright, varied activities.

Mery Moran

Love this place , great to spend time with family friends and love onrs

Randy Barnes

Great deal for a kids birthday party. We had bowling, $5 worth of video games, pizza, and laser tag. It worked out to be about $25/kid. The birthday boy even walked away with a souvenir bowling pin signed by his friends. A real one! The only negative is our hostess was a little late in getting us started making our time a little rushed. I understand that she was new, so I wouldn't expect this to be a normal thing. I'm sure she'll get things done more efficiently in the future.

Ben Lawton

A little dark and dated. Watch the arcade games when you swipe your fun zone card. My son had two instances where money was deducted and no game credits. Staff did make it right.

Andrew Hasselbach

I went to Spare Time with my friends, and had a blast. Not only was the food great, but the employees were awesome. Tyler for example gave me a free game so I would be able to get 1000 tickets. Can't wait to come back!!! Thank you Tyler for making my experience unforgettable.

Steve Davidson

Clean, fun, easy kid friendly atmosphere.

Alana Gillespie

The arcade and laser tag along with bowling was so much fun!!

Ethan Myers

Very fun

Kelsey Weidman

Definitely the best bowling alley in Vermont. They keep the planes in good condition and there are plenty of balls to use. They also have a game room, laser tag and restaurant attached. Great place for all ages.

Megan Pecor

When there is more than one bartender it's a surprise everytime you re-order a drink.

Tanner Faucett

Went to Spare Time for my 11 year old sister's birthday and had a blast! It wasn't a full on party, just my girlfriend and 2 sisters. We played two rounds of laser tag (one with a group of 12 and one with just the 4 of us). I definitely recommend a bigger group for laser tag. In between laser tag rounds we hit the arcade and won a bunch of tickets (virtual tickets) and got some great prizes. I spent my childhood at Zachary's Pizza and unfortunately that place has gone downhill. The games at Zach's are outdated and broken--much better value at Spare Time. I was very impressed with two staff members in particular; Alex and Connor were awesome. Very accommodating and friendly. Alex was even dancing around the arcade and playing games with the kids! Connor explained the details of laser tag and got us set up for a couple rounds with ease. I've been to Spare Time at least two dozen times and have never been inclined to write a review. Big props to Connor and Alex. We'll be back for the next birthday!

Emily Ross

Fun times but the tables are crowded together at the lanes and the food service is slow.

Shandy Sorrell

Best place to Chillax with family & friends!

Rob Nicolaides

Great bowling and laser tag!

Hilary Ferros

It was so much fun I didn't like fact by paying by credit card that you already added the 15% in there in which she just served our food. Next time I will pay cash.

Kris Cullen

Clean and fun, food was pretty good aswell!

Jamie Hull

Went there on a college trip! It was tons of fun! Really enjoyed the glowing lights they turned on once it got dark too! Pizza was pretty good (for a bowling alley), and all the people who worked there were super helpful and kind! All and all really great place!

Craig Bushey

A lot of fun stuff to do as a kid. And also as adults.

Molly Latimer

Had so much fun on our anniversary cant wait to come back nice people good workers helpful and respectful


It is a fun place to hang out with friends

Jordan Fiorini

Great clean family fun

Justin Charbonneau

Love this place. Need one in St. Alband

Jason Boemio

Spare time is awesome! Had a great time bowling and eatijg high quality bowling alley food. My family and I were very happy. #bowlingballs

Barbara Higgins

Great time bowling at this place. They also had a nice game room for the kids to play in and get small prizes from the tickets they accumulated. My only issue was the shoe rentals seemed to be quite high at over $5.00 a pair. It was about the same price as a game of bowling.

Carl Watkins

Great place to hang out and relax

Steve Lagasse

Great place for the whole family

Brady McGarry

It was very fun to play laser tag. It is just a small arena with a very cramped ramp to the upper level. Would give five stars if it wasn't so cramped


Lovely place, Super Fast, Organized, Clean and has and extra arcade area for kids and adults.

Henry Kao

Good place for the family, and some fun

Kathy Gibbs

My first impression was how clean it was..The staff was great. The only two negatives for me was confusion about how to order food...and I think the cost of shoe rental is to high. Thus I will buy my own. The laser tag is also expensive. bad because this we would do often. Could it be cheaper if there were not two employee's manning the desk?

michelly zavala

Great place for a date night or a family day. They have bowling, laser tag and a mini arcade with great games. The laser tag has a phenomenal price and experience! They serve food here and alcoholic beverages. The staff are welcoming and attentive. There is also plenty of parking! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Ronni Carson

Good midnight bowling very crowded wanted a long time for very good and drink


Great bowling Alley, the restaurant attached however is absolutely terrible. We waited over an hour for a salad and a burger, which take less than 10 minutes to make. Service was nice, and very apologetic- and they absolutely aren't to blame. So if you do want to bowl, or use the arcade, eat somewhere else first.

Rebecca Myer

Kids love the bowling and laser tag. Clean and family friendly atmosphere. Can get pricy to bowl, arcade, and laser tag.

Liam Mac Cobb

Visited during the day, lots of empty lanes and friendly staff.

Beth. is

Has a good place to eat, and bowling there is fun. They have an arcade and big laser tag arena. There are good games for all ages of kids.

Michael Biama

Great bowling alley and bar. Check the late night bowling special.

Evan Selleck

Really expensive... only arcade left in town though...

Kenny Whitney's

We will always go bowling at spare time for the service is the best. Food is great and the prices are reasonable. Family place for sure. have a birthday party and so much more with lazier tag and arcade come join the fun

Zachary Hubbell

This place is awesome - partly because it seems like it’s likely been left unchanged from as long ago as the early 1990s. The bowling is fun and the laser tag is even better. Perfect for a night out or a company team building event! Regardless of why you come, Spare Time will likely bring out the inner child in you! (IceFury Out)

Robar Inc.

Great food and fun activities staff need to be more out going in the bowling area you have 4 idoits standing there why 1 person checks you out!!! Really?!

Jessi Danforth

So much fun! You wont get bored so many things to do

Dennis Gebhardt

great for kids and Adults= very decent food options as well

Megan Barbaro

The lane looked very clean and fun atmosphere, my only complaint is I almost fell on the lane because it was so slick before I even got to the line. I asked the clerk if they had anything for it, he said in a very condescending tone that your supposed to slide. I know that you are supposed to slide in bowling but not that much.

Valerie Duffy

Very clean and trusted franchise. Great of house balls in good condition. Shoes were very good. The lane quality was very good and good approach. Excellent for a walk-in bowler.

Trevor Wales

Spare Time is a truly great establishment. It is a one stop shop for you and your family. Tons of food and activities. Good bar. Great bowling and great people. I have bowled for years and have been in many leagues. This is definitely one of the best centers in our area. By the way if you need a bowling ball or just need one drilled they have a great pro shop. I had Jason drill a ball for me and it is awesome. The best fit I ever had for a bowling ball. It not only fits right but it works like I want it to. Absolutely no complaints. I highly recommend Spare Time!

Icterine Tech

Way overpriced. When we got there we were greeted with high prices oblivious staff who stuck us in the middle of a other people on the edges leaving the center lanes completely clear.

Steven Hoyt

Nice little bar, typical bowling alley food (not terrible, nothing to write home about) very cool arcade! Laser tag is pretty sweet too. Very clean venue, friendly staff, no complaints!

Bill Jenks

It's one of the only Laser Tag joints in the area (maybe the only one... not sure), and it's a great way to burn off some energy from the kiddos (while burning dollars). Been here for birthday parties, too, and those always seem to go smoothly, and the kids do love the place. Not a bowler, so don't have much to say other than it seems clean, neat, and well staffed/managed.

Rory Stein

Good bowling alley. I haven't had much of the food, but it's fine, and a little expensive for what it is. To the best of my knowledge, you can bring food in, so if you're just going to have a snack, stop by the Shaw's on the way in.

Jake Devost

Mondays are the best day to go. Never too crowded and always a good time when you have spare time

Aimee Viens

Not only is it a bowling alley, it also has a restaurant attached, as well as an arcade and lazer tag. If you are a very serious bowler, request the lanes to the right. The lanes to the left are where they put the children's parties, so they are more dinged up. There are also two sets of bathrooms (by the lanes and in the restaurant). They have league nights for the more serious bowlers.

Alicia Gil de Rubio

Great place kids love it.. arcade is great too for kids.. the only thing I don't like but doesn't change 5 star rating is the food it's bland doesn't taste good to me but that doesn't matter this place is great.

Ashley Reeves

Love coming here to bowl. Excellent friendly staff and great lanes.

Anna Crosher

My new favorite place to have a birthday party for my kids! Such an amazing and fun experience! (:

Maxine Kravitz

A fun place to play. Many options from bowling to laser tag, and dont forget the arcade. The arcade prizes cost a lot of points, as with any arcade. Decent bar and restaurant with food service to the bowling alley. A great place for a small group or a large group.

Tim Stetson

The lanes are well kept, upgrades are on the way with new ovens. Hopefully, this means improved pizza and fully cooked fries.

Steven R

Has a fun arcade room...

Al Getler

Clean, family friendly. I recommend Spare Time for a rainy or slushy day activity.

Stan Payne

Spare Times Colchester is a great place to have fun with family and friends while bowling. Plenty of fun for everyone. There's a bar and grill where you can enjoy food and beverages, a game room where you can win prizes. Big screen TV's in each lane for you to enjoy being up to date on regional sports broadcast. You can book events for any occasion, join bowling leagues or start your own. Super friendly staff for all your family fun.

Mr.Double.U & Ibra Nation

I love taking someone there at Spare time,

Steven Cooley

fun 4 all ages

Hollie Hatch

Had so much fun from old geezers like us down to 3 years old, bowling is good for all ages. I loved that the bumpers could be set for anyone's turn so the kids could play with the adults. Bring extra for the game room!

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