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REVIEWS OF Olympus Hills Bowling Lanes IN Utah

Bryant Svedin

Great place. Brand new lanes and games

David Castillo

I grew up in Holladay and would frequent Olympus Hills along with other nearby lanes, and I considered Olympus Hill as the cheaper, more dated option. I visited Olympus Hills again after several years this last weekend for a family party and was pleasantly surprised at what I found! The lanes themselves no longer feel dated and feel on par with what you might find at other locations, it's clean, and the food was definitely better than what I would have expected from a bowling venue. The restrooms were also clean. It was a great surprise to see Olympus Hills efforts to keep their venue up to date and competitive!

Dono Saur

Great experience bowling, very pricey though

Raylene Hallman

Staff are beyond customer service friendly; for is great, service and prices amazing

uxia olsson

Nice place to kill a few hours away from the winter weather. burgers great. Plenty of parking

A lo natural con María

Me and my friends when the other day planning to do the employees fun night in this place .for the nexts month. The service of one of the lady in the cashier in soda areas was TERRIBLE . Wonder is some one take care of this type of servers that dont have any clow of the important is the service and be polaite with customer. I was waiting for 15 minutes in a lane of 2. The guy was talking with her like a boyfriend after wait so long I ask her if evrething ok. She said with a rude voice you have to WAIT. I means I try not be be rude too.. and I ask her wait for what . She said to figerout the computer.. really..? After 15 minutes talking or filtering with a guy. We will not come back again and I will make sure my clients and friends too. I complaint with the manager in shift hope they put attention to this details. After that me and my friend groups of 13 pax .decide to go as I was not only me . she been rude

Lindsey Loo

The place is really clean and fun for the whole family. We had a blast!

Sylvie Dance

Myles Davis

Nathan Howe

Clean, friendly, well maintained.

Chris Johnson

I love this place! Excellent pricing and great service!

Diane Powell

Nice and clean, up-to-date, and great location for family fun. Perfect for date night or out with the friends. My favorite place to beat the summer heat.

Jerry Straley

Kinda pricey. But hey ! What isn't?

Estefania Aguilar

This place was supee accommodating for our large party. it wasnt super busy and their beer and pizza were tasty additions to a fun night of bowling.

John Tuberosa


Taylor Pope

Good solid bowling alley. The lanes, balls, and shoes are all good quality, and it has a good balance between being a fun place, and not being too obnoxiously loud. They also have an arcade and some food, though I've only ever snitched bits of friends fries. (they were good)

Nathan Harris

The bowling is great. I wouldn't eat here though.


Bowling at this place is always fun! The prices are decent and the employees are so nice! On Wednesday’s after 9 they have happy hour which is always a blast.

Benjamin LaDue

Ugh the staff seems grumpy. It's clean and the beer is not flat!

Pat Richardson

Jill Hughes

My family likes Olympus Hills because it's not like the fancy places with the fancy food and gadgets. It's just bowling and some games and we don't have to pay "fancy" prices. They do Kids Bowl Free in the summer!!!

JeanPaul Bell


Angela Hirshout

Wow! We love how they redid the arcade area. Glad they stuck with coins for the machines bc the cards for payment just aren't as fun. The computer systems for bowling are very nice and new. Pretty high tech compared to the old days.

Lanny Derby

Great family fun.

jesus araujo

Been coming here on fridays for about 3 years they are like family

Sharee Beckstead

American Liberty

Love these lanes! It is a smaller complex. But if you are a "real bowler" you will appreciate everything about this facility.

Jen Hoffman


I loved going bowling here when I was little.

Nicole Simmons

Love this place! Staff is so friendly and always makes us feel welcome.

Chace Cannon

Just another bowling alley. Nothing special sets them apart. Nice lanes and plenty of bowling balls with a wide range of grips

Bob Negley

Food not bad, games worked, bowling was fun.

Rob Martin

While the facility is on it's way to becoming rather nice (they seem to have opened without finishing construction), the lanes are horribly inconsistent - ball action varies from lots to none on any single day. Also they have bad habits with scheduling, putting families with toddlers next to adults who bring their own balls and clearly are working on their games, and - no lie - reconditioning lanes in the middle of your game. Not recommended unless you're looking for a good place to bring your toddler.

Sam Flygare

Awesome its really fun I love the environment great people great food and great fun I went there with my school and loved it great feeling and a blast I would rate this 11 more stars and I will tell all my family and friends about this thanks u rock

Rebecca Leatherbury

It was not crowded, they have funny displays in between frames & everyone's turn, great music, good fries & my 3 year old had a blast!

Brian Shelton

I really didn't like this place for a couple of reasons. I am not a straight bowler. I like to throw a curve. I didn't matter how heavy my ball was or how much spin I put on it, it would not grab the lane. After a few balls ended up in the gutter, I had to bowl straight the rest of the night. Also, the tables are in between lanes, so if the lane next to you has another group, you get to have them siting in front of your lane.

Tyler Toone

Fun family friendly bowling

John Perez

I was there for a company event. Staff was good. Food is to be expected. Lanes are well kept

shelley taylor

I love Olympus Hills Bowling. They are kind, helpful and honest. The alley is clean and kept up very well.


Nice staff and decent prices.

Chris Uhles

What a great neighborhood bowling alley! Mary-Dee has been here each time and has been a wonderful example of customer service! We signed up for the Kids bowl free program and it's great! The food is good quality bowling alley food and the scoring system is so fun for the kiddos!

Tyler Cabrera

It is a bowling alley. Great bowling, "bad" food, clean restrooms. Though my boyfriend says there was some pretty bad splash back from the urinals, so don't wear shorts, or lighter colored pants. It was pretty calm during the day, just a few families. I would visit again.

Tanya Buist

With the new remodel, this it's the place to go for fun family entertainment

Katie Gosiewski

No White Russians.

Emmy Carter

Great lanes and great food. Awesome customer service, with a full arcade and prize booth. Fun for the whole family.

Bryn Gale

We had a super great time here. The service was some of the best I've ever had and the bowling program had lots of cool features to make our time here even better. Good prices too.

Ron McGough

Fun night of bowling for 26 people!

Stuart Johnsen

4/5 - A local's choice for cheap bowling. The alley has a good number of lanes, but is often crowded pretty much any night. They have good afternoon deals. The service isn't the most amazing and the technology is somewhat outdated, but you get what you pay for. They also have a simple diner bar, a small arcade and pool tables.

Stephen Malone

Fun place, good lanes, beer, 2 pool tables, arcade for kids. I have a lot of fun here

Jake Whitmore

The guy that works here with the plaid shirt hat and cowboy boots is one of the meanest people I’ve met. I came to have a good time bowling and he comes over and yells at me without giving me a warning first when I didn’t do anything bad. He could have been why nicer but instead was a complete jerk about it. I think he should be fired or learn how to be a nice person. Because of him I’m giving this review. Besides him the bowling alley is actually pretty good.

Jonathan Emerson

Family friendly open lanes

Dru D

This place is usually less busy than other places so you can get a lane really quickly even on weekend nights. Prices are pretty good and we also enjoyed the pool table. There only issue is that they only have one register which means that if traffic ever does pick up, then you end up waiting for quite awhile

brandy estrada

Wonderful experience. Clean, oiled, tons of fun. Loved the bowling animations. Arcade is small but fun. Best prices in town too. Definitely coming back.

Karl Vizmeg

Lew Hemmer

Great lanes for individuals, families and groups. They have an arcade of games for all ages.

bart brammer

The women at the desk was awesome! Reasonable prices and a bunch of fun.

Taylor B

Fun place to bowl.

Chresten Pope

The facility is just what you want. The staff behind the counter is not. I was there on a Saturday about 4. I used a card to pay for my lane and rental shoes. When I swiped my card the first screen that popped up was for a tip. When I tried to figure out why it wasn't showing a total the employee rudely bypassed it. Then said to the other employee who walked behind the desk out loud...."He didn't tip....." I will go some where else from now on

Jason Struck

Great time !

Bob Jimenez

Nice clean well maintained bowling alley. Has 24 lanes nice people working here and a small town feel.

Michelle Coulombe

Awesome place to bowl and eat . Nice and clean family environment.

Meredith Habib

By far affordable prices. Great staff. Good food. A great place to take friends that have young kids too. We had 9 kids under 11 and they loved the place. Great date night too.

Izzy Rodriguez


Pat Spackman

Great management and good clean family fun

Hugo Foucher

Great times, nice staff, lanes are in great shape, so are the balls.

Jaykob Emanuel

Went there for a community service event for Big Brothers Big Sisters and had a blast.

Melissa Stone

Moody Chisholm

Our kids (11 year old girl and 12 year old son) love when I bring them here with their friends. They like the food. Staff is friendly.

Aaron Horrocks

I wasn't going to write this review but after last night I have to vent and get this off my chest. This bowling alley has some of the worst customer service I have ever seen. Every Wednesday evening for the last few months I have been going bowling at this alley with a very large group and the customer service has been unacceptable. The employees that work here on Wednesday evenings are some of the rudest, most unpleasant people I have had the displeasure of doing business with. The employees treat you like an unwelcome guest as soon as you enter. If a glitch happens on your lane, such as the pins not re-racking properly, they treat you like the problem is your fault and act very annoyed if you ask them for help, even though it is their job to help you. On one occasion, a child's bowling ball was mistakenly put away on the wrong rack and when I picked it up to move it, the employee yelled at me for "horsing around" and lectured me about which balls I could use. I'm a 25 year old man and I don't appreciate being lectured at like a child for something that I didn't do. The final straw with this alley was last night. We have 6 lanes reserved for every Wednesday evening starting at 8:30 pm and they are payed for in advance. Two weeks ago, we were informed by management that they were annoyed that we don't always show up at exactly 8:30 and that we are apparently costing them business somehow, even though we have already paid for the lanes. Well, last night we showed up at 8:35 and discovered that they had given our 6 lanes away to another party because we were a whopping 5 minutes late. I cannot recommend this alley to anyone unless you want to be treated like unwelcome garbage. We will be taking our business elsewhere from now on. I wonder if these guys will miss the $300+ they were getting every week from our group?

applejuice flood

Very fun, really nice place

Victor Sanchez

Great time and very accommodating..

Michael Landro

The only place where you can bowl on the east side so this is my go-to place want to go bowling

Stephanie Warner

Fun bowling alley right off Wasatch Blvd. Service and prices are far better than Fat Cats.

Mike Davis

Super fun and cleaner than most Bowling alleys I've been to.

mighty duct mighty steam duct

Brad Lindsey

Good staff.

Chris G

I have been bowling here since high school, the staff has always help out with answering qiestopns about bowling and bowling gear

Matthew Hammond

While it is an older location, the experience is still great. Overall good staff with affordable prices. Pool is affordable. Surprisingly good dive bar style greasy burgers and fries.

Anna Leitch

Jordon Larsen

Great bowling lanes! Me and a group of friends come here weekly, one of the staff members Erin is our friend and we love to support her at her job. Friendly staff. Clean place. Thanks guys.

Corey Hudson

We love this place! Best burgers ever! You can come here with your family or you can come with friends. The staff is always friendly and remembers your name.

Pyrite The Sand Gem

Christopher Evans

Sean Prettyman

They are updated and a nice and small a great place for the family that have an arcade. And the food there is to die for amazing burgers and fries pizza is amazing to

andy kinder

Mike Velez

Robert Jorgensen

Nothing that stood out. They did kick us out because they had a bunch of school age children were coming.


Absolutely the best bowling center in the world!!!!

Brittany Applegate

Family had a great time. This is a very cute bowling area with a creative interactive scoring system. Clean and organized as well.

Michael Scott Simmons

This bowling center and I have a long history. I've been coming here since Jr. High gym class some 20+ years ago. It's been kept up technologically speaking and the owner and staff are all absolutely the greatest! I've recently begun looking into acquiring my own bowling gear and they have always taken the time to teach and offer recommendations about each piece. I highly recommend this bowling center. They also have an arcade area and a few billiards tables.

Ashley Bunting

Favorite bowling alley in the valley. Clean, fair price, and staff is usually friendly. Great beer and the food I've tried has been tasty.

Ash ahmed

I had very good time love it.

Steven Pomeranz

Great Place

Loren Black

Pin setter messed up so there was a missing pin. Asked them to correct it and they said we should just play through it. Grr.

Greg Bennett

Good place to go bowling. Lots of fun! There's a couple of pin ball machines that are fun also.

max cooper

Great lanes, terrific staff good food!

Jennifer Holmberg

A great bowling alley. Very family friendly.

Isaac Farr

Great staff, arcade, food, and lanes. The lanes are oiled consistently, and they even have retired house balls that are name brand! Where else will you find that! The pool tables are some the best around as well. Great place and clean!

Kim Williams Justesen

Company party - the food was good, but with only one guy to cook and pour drinks it was a little slow

Michael Erickson

Nick Fortunato

Lanes are usually oiled correctly and allow for spin. Sundays have a great deal for just $2 per game which may be the cheapest anywhere around unless you are in a league. More kid friendly than good bowler friendly if you know what I mean

David Oswald

Reasonably clean. Polite clientele. Ball-return equipment jammed a few times. Not much has changed here in decades. Automatic bumpers for kids were a nice touch.

Paul Sarr

Is there a better bowling place in the Salt lake area? I think not...

Steve Heiner

Great place to take the kid's!! Been going here for 20+ year's, and I've never had a bad experience!!

Michael Caputo

Great place! Fun times, and a friendly staff! How could you go wrong!

Deylon Falkner

Christopher Anger

Great Friday night date night! pool by the hour and not the game, beer, arcade and after 10 black out bowling with music! It's become a frequent for us!

Eric Schroff

Old school atmosphere.

Trent From RiD

I come here on Friday nights for their 12-2am unlimited bowling deal ($12, or $11 w/student ID). There's plenty of lanes to choose from, typically good music (they're flexible about changing playlists on request too). While their food is a tad expensive (what do you expect from a bowling alley?) it is actually quite delicious. Their control panels for the lanes are quite advanced, including responsive touch screens, facebook integration, selfie cameras, and instant messaging between lanes. I used to work for Brunswick (largest bowling company in the world) and honestly this bowling alley is my favorite one so far.

The Singing Pumpkin

Friendly staff. Always busy. Fun environment. We’ve bowled there twice in the last month and had a blast. The fries and pitchers of root beer make it even more enjoyable. Highly recommended for an evening of fun with friends and/or family.

Devon Miller

Lovely old school meets modern bowling alley, with a small arcade. It's a good price for bowling, and they've got pretty well maintained lanes. They also have a great selection of tasty foods and snacks as well as beverages alcoholic and non, with prices pretty low compared to other alley's I've been to. Definitely a great place to have fun with the family or have a good time with friends.

Lee Hornsby

Awesome place to bowl. Snack bar has everything you need or want to eat at a bowling alley. Staff is very friendly.

Sarah Burton

This is a great bowling alley and my favorite place to get a bacon cheeseburger! Everything is made to order and served piping hot! When I was pregnant, I used to make my husband drive me over at least once a month because this was my only pregnancy craving! Order a bacon cheeseburger, make it a combo with fries, and you won't be disappointed!

Jared Holbrook

My girlfriend and I wanted to do some bowling in the afternoon. This was our first time going to this bowling alley and we were met with very pleasant customer service. They had good lanes, and clean bathrooms. Overall we had a fun time!

Lisa Higham

Food is outrageous

Derek Speller

Newly remodeled.

Sam Ames

These are some dang good bowling lanes

Royal W

Horrible service the guys at the desk are very rude and impatient. Overpriced will not be going again thanks to the rude staff.

Madi Christiansen

Love to go Bowling with my Friends

Sarra Ayers

Chris Godfrey

Fun place. Nice pool tables, good food, good beer

Connie Poulsen

Brian M. Underwood

It's the people!!!!

Nicole Towers

Fun games to bowl, great atmosphere! They even have an arcade area for the kids to play in! The food is really good too!

Blake Draper

Nazi's about bringing water in your own reusable water bottle.

Alex M.

Phillip Colman

Brandy is awesome!

Lindsi Holmstead

Friendly staff, nice up to date carpet and wall decor, never too busy!


Place was good enough. I was a little sad they didn’t do black light bowling when it got a bit later into the evening. Their tv system is awesome thought. You can take a few funny pictures of yourself on it and it animates your face into cartoon bodies. Plus their system lets you chat with other lanes and compete. It’s pretty cool. The best system for bowling I have seen.

Kris Shaw

Tyson Herrick

Nice staff, fun place

ryan nelson

Good, but busy around 7pm

Grace Ehlert

Great place for teens to hangout or for a family outing. Definitely family friendly.

Coleman Hunsaker

Great place

Natalie Neill

Cosmic Bowling is a blast!

Samuel Adams

Good prices and a nice place to bowl, but showed up asking for one lane and was told the place was booked out for the night until 9:00. On their website they say “limited availability” Tuesday-Thursday, not NO availability — if you’re going to be closed to the public, then close.

luke thomas

Probably one of the best bowling alleys.

Misty Nye

Clean very friendly staff

Chris Plaisier

Great bowling lane that almost always has open lanes.

Tyree Langworthy

Best service and great lanes, ball sizes for everyone. Never had more fun bowling!

Kyle Pelleg

This bowling alley is always clean and well maintained. It’s one of the few bowing alleys that doesn’t smell like smoke from the 90’s. The staff here are always friendly. I recommend coming for the galaxy/midnight bowling. It’s a lot of fun and having everything in black light is awesome. The arcade may not be giant, but it has a lot of good games in it and they always seem to work when I’m there.

Rick C

This place is the best bowling alley to take a family for family night. They have things for all ages and the place is well maintained. Love the layout inside everything here is perfect don't change a thing. You guys rock!

Larry Love

Tons of old fashion fun

Dale Aramaki

Awesome Alley next to BeaUTAHful Mt. Olympus. Friendly staff always remembers us when we go, prices are fair, great food and drink options.

Darl Eblen

Good neighborhood bowling alley. One of the few that don't stink like old cigarettes.

Megan Mabey

This is a great fun place to go bowling. They have a fun arcade as well and good food. We always have a fun time here. The reason I’m giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because last time I went, the lady at the counter was very slow and there was a huge line and she just talked on the phone and she also wouldn’t take our coupon for a buy one get one free game because it was a holiday (President’s day). We don’t live that close to Olympus Hills, we drove all the way there because of the coupon we had so it was very disappointing when she wouldn’t take it. She just wasn’t helpful at all. But other than that this place is a lot of fun.

Jacob Davis

Fun, friendly, and cheap place to spend a Saturday night at

James Evans

Good atmosphere to take the kids

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