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REVIEWS OF Miracle Bowl IN Utah

mandy Peterson

My son and i love the family atmosphere and food

Bobby Kittell

I've been going here for years because of the amazing service! I don't know what these other people are saying because I've only had positive experiences. Once I mentioned my foot kept catching on something and I didn't know if it was my shoes (that I brought) or something on the ground. The employee didn't hesitate, grabbed a rag and cleaner, got down on his hands and knees and scrubbed ever inch of wood between the ball dispenser and our lane. This is by far my favorite alley in Utah and I've been to well over a dozen from Cedar City to Ogden!

Paul Janiszewski

Great place to casually bowl! All the employees were helpful and it was a very stress free environment

Reed Hahne

I had fun thanks

Tai Rhoades

Went on a Saturday morning, which wasn't too busy. Overall cheaper than Provo Beach's bowling, and more lanes. Pretty decent bowling, too. Wish they served beer like many bowling alleys in Salt Lake County do.

Tyler Castaldo

Well-maintained lanes. Fun place to bowl with kids -- they have alligator-shaped ball ramps and bumpers. Haven't tried the concessions, but they're available.

Ddevs Moore

The employees were not nice to us when we had questions. The prices were too high as well. Go anywhere else if you can.

Damon McNeil

I love Miracle Bowl. This has been my bowling alley since I was a kid. They are great people running it and they take good care of their lanes, equipment and their customers. I've bowled my best games in this joint. I'll be going back regularly for quite a long while. See you there.

Karla Luna

Great customer service, fun environment but could use a little bit of an update.

Christian McC

Nice old school feel, though sadly with that came the lane glitching on 4 occasions over 2 games with 4 players. Good lighting, good music, cheesy bowling animations after each frame, and reasonable price, at $3+tax for game and shoes and $2+tax for an additional game, per person. Well be back, I'm sure ☺️

Gavin Andrus

This bowling alley has great prices. The bowling balls are a bit old and out of shape, but that just adds to the fun. It was just my brother and we had the whole building to ourselves. We have gone bowling at a lot of different alleys and this was is great!

Cache Staheli

Nice Lanes. Nice atmosphere. A little smaller selection of bowling balls, but not bad.

Matt Gunderson

I usually go on Wednesday nights. It is usually not very crowded after 9:00. Typically it's a fun, Lively crowd and the people watching is excellent!

Anney Germaine

The workers here are amazing. They are helpful and upbeat. I also love that since we went in and it was pretty empty (right at 5pm in the middle of the week) they put lanes between all of the groups bowling so we were able to all have our own space.

Kevin jenson

I spent 1 hour at this place and I had the greatest time. The lanes were extremely well waxed. There is a great variety of highly waxed balls for spinning and rougher balls for being straighter. There are pool tables and an air hockey table. It was relatively cheap and I had a really really good time. The pins get put up fairly slow but other than that it’s great.

Claudia Pinola

I'm On A Bowling League I Have Bowled Here For 12 Years It's A Great Place!!!

Brianna Cluck

It's a quality bowling place. The food is decent quality, they have a great pinball machine and the lanes are well-maintained.

Mika Hatter

Excellent and friendly staff. Took a while to figure out how to use the scorekeeping system. Animations are pretty fun.

Holly C

If you're looking for a classic bowling place, this is it! Outside food isn't allowed, but they have food available to buy. Average pricing. They have a ramp they can set up for wheelchairs, which is great! The only reason they aren't five stars was because the service was a little slow (which could be due to understaffing).

Lorie Puckett

I had trouble with getting our hands signed up on the lanes & was overcharged.

Erin Bowers

Our favorite Bowling Alley. It's not crazy busy and the employees are so nice.


The lanes were awesome, staff was friendly, and helpful

Andrew Pearson

Friendly staff good prices

jesus recio

Great place to have fun

Phil Larsen

Prices were a bit more than anticipated

Brigham Baker

Great service, great food, and they maintain their lanes well.

Braden Jensen

This place is a great place to pass the time. Food is okay, the hand-made pizza is amazing. The lanes are well taken care of, and the staff are very friendly most of the time.

Jamie Down

The alley is clean, the staff is friendly, and the shoes aren't totally old and gross!! There are lots of bowling balls to choose from, and they have socks in the vending machine if you forget! Good music, and a nice family friendly atmosphere! They've got bumpers for little kiddos, as well as ball guider/rollers.

Rachael B.

I've been coming here since I was a kid. Monday nights are ridiculously cheap for family night, but they give you the same discount even if it's just a gathering of friends. It's a really family friendly environment. They also have food like pizza, French fries, mozzarella sticks, nachos, and fountain drinks available.

Jared Steadman

fun bowling alley, but the pool cost a lot of money, and you need to leave a CASH deposit-something no one really carries. especially when you're a college student.

Harrison Pope

I enjoy coming here! It's a good bowling alley and is perfect for a date night or hanging out with friends. I've never gotten the food, but I've heard it's decent and the staff is very friendly and helpful. It does get busy on the weekends, so I recommend going a different day of the week if possible.

Jacob Watson

Fine bowling, really bad customer service

Hannalore Dietrich

Great customer service!

Jayce Van Haren

Pretty average bowling alley. We went with a couple friends and had a good time. They didn’t have a large selection of bowling balls in different sizes and weights it took awhile to find one for my wife. It seems to be crowded pretty often but they were quick to get us to our lane.

Cody Rafiner

Fun bowling

Jessica Johnson

Decent place. Don't ask for bumpers unless you or a child is 12 years of age or younger, because apparently the bumpers are weak and therefore there is an age limit on them. You also get weird looks from the employees if you ask for them, along with glances and obvious conversation about it once you've gone back to your lane.

Kip Elison

Nice, clean bowling experience. Lanes are nice and scoring system is new.

Stephen Stoddard

Fun, clean, great service

Ethan Higginson

I come here a lot to bowl but the last couple times there has been oil all over the approach making it very hard to throw a good ball due to slipping.

Porter Lyman

I can't say I've ever been to an amazing bowling alley, but this one is inexpensive and you can have a good time. They don't have very many kid-friendly weighted balls, but you'll make do with their collection just fine. Never really crowded or anything.

Clasher Saluja

I've been to almost every bowling alleys around Provo and Miracle Bowl is pretty good. I gotta say as a BYU student, I get cheaper rates at BYU Bowling Center. But staff are decent here and it's kept clean. However, the balls are all over the place if you dont own your own ball.


Had a great time. Workers were pleasant.

David A. Draper

Had a great time! bowling and air hockey was great!

Thomas Baylan Horrocks

Really enjoyed my time here.

Becca Masterson

Kind and helpful staff.

janeal kitchens

Great place to bowl

Stephanie Hernandez

Miracle Bowl needs to give up! They’re lanes are constantly malfunctioning and despite their recent renovations it’s still very outdated. DON’T buy food or drink because they won’t allow you to have it on the lane so you have to keep walking back and forth. I really wish Orem would get a new bowling alley because Miracle Bowl isn’t cutting it :(

Auria Kirkendall

This was a really fun night out! I've probably seen nicer bowling alleys before, but I have FOR SURE seen worse bowling alleys, and this one has everything you could want to go bowling with friends. The arcade area is pretty good too.

Jake McKee

The staff is cocky and power hungry. My wife has very small hands and fingers, and was only able to use the small 7 pound ball with the small finger holes. About half way through our game, a staff member came over and very rudely said that you have to be 12 or under to use that ball, almost suggesting that my wife was childish for using it, and then took it. If there had been any small children in need of the ball, no problem. But the punk staff member just took the ball behind the counter and held it there. It could have been handled much better. I get it if they have a policy about that sort of thing, but have some class when enforcing it.

Tiffany Wilson

The lanes are decent and if you go on a discount night it is actually affordable. The staff is cordial. You won't be bowling a perfect game.

Jennifer Morrey

Best food anywhere, friendly helpful people. Great little bowling place.

Jon Hayes

They make you feel like family

Cody Hale

The best place for bowling in Utah county easy! The staff here is great and the food is pretty damn good for fast bowling alley food. Great for family fun and or going out with a group or friend. NOT TO FORGET, they have the best deals I have seen throughout the week when trying to take the group out or have a family night out.

Cindy Ness

Family fun night... grandkids had a great time

Chris Rogers

Nice place but lose the country music. Not everyone likes country. The snack lady isn’t very pleasant either.

Clint Johnson

Fun family place.... Not the fanciest... And also not the most expensive... So ,,a nice trade-off. They have done some recent remodeling and made it nicer... But it still has that sort of old school bowling alley /pool hall feel to it... Which personally I like... The equipment is not the flashiest but it's pretty up-to-date and the electronic scoring, of course, is nice..

Skyler Shepherd

It was great

Henry DeGroff

Pretty good alley, grouchy old people may try to stop you from having fun though.


Great place , good people , yummy food and pizza.

Dustin Carter

Fun, kids love it. Not as annoying as it used to be. Kind of expensive for a family though.

Gail B

Had fun with my niece and bowled two games to my detriment! My ego MAY recover. The staff was friendly and informative, it was opened later than what the web said, so we got to play at our leisure and nibble on some tasty snacks. Lanes were in good shape, balls, bumpers and alligators were all in good shape. We'll be back!

Spencer Kendall

Fun place for the family. Prices are great.

Jake Bersie

I love Miracle Bowl! It's a classic bowling alley where you can feel comfortable and have a good time.

Cannon Bailey

It's bowling. You should know what to expect.

Dan Rose

Was told the pizza was amazing. Tried it and it was really good. Bowling lanes are decent. Service is what sets it aside from most other bowling alleys. Kids love this bowling alley.

jackson wilde

As a child I went here and tried to buy some food but I didn't have enough cash on me, the great guy that was serving me comped me. I still have not forgotten that. They have a costumer for life. Oh It is a great place too. Real nice lanes. Everything you expect in an alley.

Heather Taylor

I love this place! Miracle Bowl doesn't let down. It's a low key place. We were going to go to a different place, but they were over populated. So we went here and it was so much better. We had a lane to ourselves and plenty of balls to choose from. The food was good too! I have allergies and the staff was willing to work with me on it. So accommodating.

Phil Bujan

Sundays best !

Jennifer Kummer

Fun time with my family

Arturo Morales LLan

Great place, family like environment, has some screaming deals, and plenty of games to play while waiting to get a line.

Heather Smith

Nicely renovated. The service was great

Noah Morris

Great people fun bowling

Derek Lontine

Could use some cleaning up. The scoring systems didn't quite work right. But we had fun anyway

Tory Janssen

I absolutely love this bowling alley. The employees are amazing, the ice cream is delicious, and bowling too boot!!!! Sundays are my favorite day to go because of the price. Normal price still isn't bad, just have to be careful on days/times you go because it can get pretty crowded. I have never had a bad experience here, would definitely recommend and I will definitely keep coming here to bowl!

Wade Christiansen

Great staff, great place

William H

Cheap fun date

Rashell Lassen

Great place to bowl.

kara Peay

The worst most geto place we have EVER been. It’s not worth going if you want a real competition we tried MULTIPLE balls and they all curve supper bad. There is a reason why they have so many coupons cuz they are so terrible. Don’t come here fatcats or Provo beach resort would be more worth your money.

Steve Pollmann

Good service...nice facility

Brittney Knudsen

The lanes are set up really crowded with not enough seating and THERES NO CHANGING TABLE for babies!

Chelsea Malcolm

It is clean and had great air flow, so you don't get sweaty while you bowl. I really like going on Sundays its pretty busy with lots of different skill levels.

meg monsivais

This is so much fun to be with my family and friends.


I wish this had a 0 star rating. I was with some of my buddies and this league was sitting next to us. The lane between us and the league was closed. We did not enter their side but the worker came to us and told us if we did not stop going to their side that he would kick us out. I don't know how this place is still in business. They decided to move us at our last round. I was about to get a soda and the girl stops me midway through my sentence and said wait in turn and pointed to my friend. We ended up just leaving without buying a soda. Can't believe we did buy a round.

Braden Balderree

Pretty cool place to bowl. Crappy food though. Usually bowling alley food is good tasting. This tasted like the food had been frozen for 6 months then microwaved.

Alessandra Camargo

Nice bowling alley, quiet on the weekdays. Nice people, and clean!

Mark Campbell

I really enjoy this bowling alley. Great prices and good snacks. Very family friendly. Only reason for not 5 stars is because my ball would get caught down lane and not return to me, actually a few times this happened during our 3 games we played but the staff was quick to retrieve it so not a big deal to me.

Raymond Vitelli

Such a fun time for a great price

Melissa Gustafson

We like to play billiards here. There are 4 tables, and I have seldom seen them all in use. It is a 10$ cash deposit on the balls (which you get back when you return the balls), and then 1$ per game paid in quarters (you put the quarters into the side of the table after the game to retrieve the balls). There is a change machine to break your one, five and ten dollar bills into quarters.

Candace Rasmussen

This is a pretty good bowling alley. It offers bumper bowling for individual bowlers. So if you go with adults and kids, the kids can have the bumpers pop up on their turn then go down for the adults. I think this is an awesome feature. They also offer by the hour pricing and by the game pricing. Which is great for those that want to just practice and not keep score for a game. On the downside, it is kind of dingy and old looking. I think it really needs to be remodeled and updated.

Asher Wry

This place is a fun and classic place to bowl. It has the old school feel and the staff was great to us! If I'm in the area again, I will definitely be back as we had a blast here :)

Tysen White

Love this place. I come to this alley just for the owner and how they have treated me as a customer and friend.

Raygan Woodward

Love coming here, good prices and food. And the workers are awesome!

Jonathan Gibby

I've been to fat cats and here at miracle bowling. Between the two miracle bowling feels hands down better. It has good seating for groups of 8 or so and is clean homey environment.

Richard Savage

This was my first time there with the Springville senior citizens. We had some trouble with the scoring equipment but the staff was very helpful. My wife's daughter who is Down syndrome bowls here Wednesday with a group of kids. Which is a great service for these specialized children.

Marci Newson

It wad a lot of fun... J.D was extremely helpful!!!

Matt Monsen

I started bowling 4 years ago and joined a few leagues in the valley. I ended up making friends with some who bowled at miracle bowl and I joined a league there. Since then my kids have been on leagues and I have and we have really enjoyed going to hang out each Saturday morning. The staff is helpful, the food is outstanding, and they work hard to keep things working.

Steve B

Had a fun night with the kids and friends. The wait was longer than we wanted and they missed the projected wait by over 20 minutes. Other than that it was a great night. The building is accessible, but the button for the automatic door opener is about 4’ off the ground making it difficult for my service dog to open. The staff was friendly and everyone had a good time.

Matthew Hamilton

This place is great! They were very helpful, prices are great, and it wasn't very crowded. I went here because Fat Cats was full and was pleasantly surprised by Miracle Bowl.

Rachel Hall

They were very accommodating and very kind. Definitely a family friendly place :)

Joan Gonzalez

Good bowling. Good price

Breanna Martin

The customer service is horrible. One girl actually told us she didn't care that we were paying customers, that our money didnt mean anything to them.

Rayma Elaine

Pricing is advertised wrong. Says per game but really that price is per person per game. So the cost for 3 people to play 1 game is actually $12+. Not $3.95. Asked to speak with management and I could see the manager tell the employee to have me call back tomorrow. Horrible customer service.

Brittany King

My husband and I come here to bowl about once a week. I’m not sure what was going on tonight but the staff was very grouchy for no reason. Right off the bat from paying we got attitude. We also asked about party info as we saw they offer parties and got a groan since the guy had to pull out a book to look at info since we didn’t want just a phone number to call. Kinda of a let down to plan a party when the staff seems to not want to answer questions. Update - after asking for 1 more game the first gentleman explained what was going on when we first walked in. Definitely helped the mood for coming tonight!

Cam Leeper

There are 16 lanes. It was New year's Eve and we had to wait 40 minutes. They have pool and arcade games to pass the time.

Luz Arcia

Been coming here for years! Fun place to hangout with friends and family

Jacob Wells

I was here was a business party and they were really good at getting pizzas out on time and making us feel welcome. It was a fun place to bowl.

Rebecca Barnes-Mutini

This was a fun place to go bowling as friends. The lanes all worked as they should. The staff wasn’t always super attentive with some being on their phones in the back. It would’ve been nice to have a bigger selection of bowling balls.

Terence Berry

Good employees. Lanes were well oiled and my son had a blast.

phani kiran

My wife loves bowling. We were not a great players of the game. But then we go once in a whilst to enjoy ourselves. The place is not crowded during the weekdays. So you can indulge and enjoy yourself. The service was cheerful, but the downside is that food is a little exorbitant, it's better avoid to buy food from the place

Robert Joyce

Great time with the kids

amanda fay

Fun spot for all ages

Jodie Newman

I have not come bowling here my self for many years. I only come here on Tues to drop. Off. Customers. Who bowl here. And its always fun to watch them.

Elisabeth Holladay

It's a fun bowling alley and they also have pool tables and more! It's a great place to go for dates and or family fun!

Catie Lindelof

Waited for a lane for thirty minutes while watching people in line behind us get served. Went up to the counter to ask how much longer, was told "ten or fifteen minutes" and they offered to put us on the list. Then when we complained about having already been on the list for thirty minutes, all we received was a shrug at having been overlooked. Wasn't offered any kind of compensation for the screw up or the time wasted. Pretty miffed that we had to remind the guy that we were already on the list. Lane 7 kept breaking on us, and there was zero hussle from staff to go free it up. Had to tell them multiple times each time. They finally moved us lanes. Ran out of nacho cheese at 9:45 pm and didn't want to make more until we said (somewhat forcefully) that that's what we wanted. Literally would not recommend this place to anyone ever after our experience tonight. Also the drinking fountain has black mold growing on the part where water shoots out. Was told free refills for fountain drinks, went back for refill and different person there threw the cup away and said they don't do that.

Brandon Garner

Fun place to bowl and play pool. The staff has always been very kind and helpful.

Robert Dean

Honestly not an awesome place. Staff was unpleasant and the place could use work. There are definitely better spots to bowl.

Carmen Pascual

Shoes were not comfortable. Employees were not friendly or helpful. It seemed like I was annoying them. Pool tables were not taking $1. Sub par.

Andrew Townsend

The bowling if great. The seating not so much. We were there at a very busy time and it was very uncomfortable. The setup is better at other alleys, but it's hard to compare the atmosphere because this one is very similar to those around it.

Steven Fogamomi

Not too overpriced, decent lanes and bowling balls, decent lighting at night. Not a fan of their food. Wish the music was better at times. Overall decent bowling ally.

Israel Guerrero

Great place to bring family for bowling time. Their lanes can be set up with automatic beginners barriers and they also have ball aimers for the little ones.

Shannon McQuarrie

I wouldn’t recommend going to Miracle Bowl, especially if you have kids. Making young kids cry while they’re just trying to bowl with family isn’t a place I want to support. Regardless if employees have a bad day or not, it never gives any adult a reason to treat customers poorly, especially ones that have been spending money in that establishment for YEARS. No thanks. I’ll support elsewhere.

Krista Nielson

It was fun. Employees were really nice and helpful. Didn't have any problems.

Kristina Bills

Lots of fun! A little run down though

Nathaniel Brennan

4 out of 5 experience! The workers were friendly and helpful and made sure we got the best deal and was ready to enjoy our time there. The only down side was short staffing and waiting a very long time for the food and drinks there. They forgot about making our food and we had to remind them several times but the experience was good and we had a blast 90% satisfied.

Jared Christensen

Wow, what a wonderful experience we had today. My brother and I bowled two games each. This was my first time in many years here. I asked Mike how he puts a curve on the ball and he took the time to show me and gave me many pointers that helped me learn a new way to bowl. Curtis was also helpful and we are thrilled with the kindness and professionalism of the employees! Thank you Miracle Bowl! You sure went the extra mile for us today!!!

Luani Kvarfordt - No mundo da Lua

It was so fun here! The yhave great food and they even have a special for students! If you are a student or on a date you need to come here for some cheap and high quality bowling.


Very fun family atmosphere spread of a lot of young adults having their college hang out with friends. The wait was minimal and the price on there snacking food was great.

Kim Robinson

Don't believe their website, their food is not good; 7-11 or Maverick do better. I know it's a family run business, but either hire proper experienced people or train current children better customer service skills.

Vili Lolohea

It's a bowling alley. A bit run down, but it is less crowded than fat cats so it has that one for it. Cheap games and I have seen them spray the shoes so over all a good place.


Great alleys, well oiled. Bowling balls are well worn. I'd rather bring my own to play here. Food is okay, not the best. Staff doesn't seem so happy.

Aaron Mateer

As far as bowling alleys go, pretty decent. It’s your typical venue, not too difficult to get wrong, but not many ways to excel. Seemed family friendly.

Drew Peterson

They've recently had a face lift/remodel on their facilities, and it looks GREAT! And surprisingly, their food is fantastic! I suggest the corn dog bites. Sounds gross... but they're amazing! :)

Audrey Halversen

Overpriced unless you go when they are having a deal, so look ahead to make sure you don't get ripped off. Nice, chill place to bowl. More easygoing than Fat Cats.

Patiene keller

There's a great little place to go bowling.

Pamela Halvo

They recently remodeled the exterior and they have upgraded bowling systems. They have different deals throughout the week so check for specials and times. We bowl with our family during the discounted times. After bowling our boys like to play pool and it's only $1 per game.

Normal Lunk

I like the bowling here, but I played about 10 games of pool and that's what got me to like it. There's not many places I know that have several pool tables.

Forrest Harris

A good time was had by all. Thanks!

Marja Milton

Paid over 40 dollars for 5 bowlers in two games. When I asked for a receipt it showed a charge of 31 dollars. I asked for a refund of one game as we weren't happy with what was going on. They insisted the refund was only seven. Not sure they are really capable of math....or honesty.


I am a recurring customer of miracle bowl. I have rarely had issues with this location. However, there is a lane with a broken speed sensor, and I have noticed that it is still broken weeks later. The food there is a bit over priced, but not nearly to the degree of movie theater food. That being said, there are tons of bowling balls and accommodations for everyone; I even saw a handicapped woman bowl. Their choice of music is clean and modern. Overall, miracle bowl is a great place to hang out.

Gwendolyn Fullmer

Great bowling alley, kind attendants, clean bathrooms.

Jimie Torres Ortiz

Had a good time here

Alicia Shupe

This is a fun place to go bowling. It's easy to find coupons and the stuff takes them without any problems. They have a decent snack bar here as well.

Cory Waycasy

I love going here and it's a good place to take the family

Mike Jensen

Nice bowling

Ben M

This is a fun place to bowl. I did better than usual. You can reserve it for parties too.

Lyssa Shabusheva

Great place to take your family, or date for a night out. Great food, I highly suggest the munchers. Prices arent too high and discounts are amazing. Make sure to visit their website for an extra special deal!!!

Easton Nielson

It's a nice place. I kinda got old nostalgic vibes from it. It was a lot less crowded then the other bowling places I've been to.

Nekkia Francis

Boring place. Not many games

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