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REVIEWS OF All Star Bowling & Entertainment - West Jordan IN Utah

Brandy Scharp

Just updated, but a couple issues. First, it was uncomfortably hot inside, and it was Novemeber. The ceilings are too low to crank the heat so high! Second, the couches and tables are a nice addition, but they are positioned in a way that really limits socializing. Overall still fun bowling, but not my favorite place.

Carlos Garcia

Had a great time with my family with great music playing in the back and great food choices but it may be kind of pricey for some

Noah Schmitz

Staff was pleasant and helpful, lanes were nice with a good atmosphere. Arcade is lacking in the retro games I prefer so pass if that's what your looking for, but I won't hold that against them per se

Kristopher Foltz

This is a great place for bowling , billiards and a few drinks with friends. Staff were polite and efficient really enjoyed myself

Kimberly Brightman

Has arcades,bowling, and adult pub services at fair prices

Mary Neal

Payed to play 3 games last two frames to go and the lanes shut off extremely disappointing to my understanding if you went a little longer you would pay extra


The staff were friendly and helpful. Kids liked the arcade, bowling area is clean.

Schyler Lewis

A little annoying with the hourly pay to play but a nice alley

Dakota Robbins

They have recently remodeled this whole place and it looks great! With it being a nicer place now, the prices have gone up, however.

Roger & Amy Bickham

Hadn't been there in a few Months added alot more things to do..My Youngest & I enjoy the bowling...

Julia McMillan

We came here on New year's day and were glad to find lanes available for our party. The prices are for an hour, and it was a little expensive for my little family, but everyone got into it. I loved that the bumpers could go up and down between players, the place was clean, and the French fries were yummy. They had a great selection of bowling balls, too. I took a star off because they were militant about no outside food or drink, not even a water bottle. I was actually instructed to put my water bottle away. Sure, there were posted signs, but the water was from inside the alley. Almost worse than the airport. At least at the airport you can bring your own bottle.

Sarah Brewer

Super fun here! Very clean bowling alley and excellent service. Staff were all pleasant and very efficient. Will be coming here again!

Camille Jenson

Atmosphere was cool. They had some great music playing with big screens that you could watch the music videos. Also had lots of monitors around with sports on. It was kind of like a sports bar bowling alley. My only complaint was it was pricier than other places I've been too. You paid by the hour which I'm used to playing by the game.


Best ppace to go bowling. Amazing atmosphere, kid friendly, 21+ Section for those fun weekends, very clean, very friendly service, HUGE arcade. Best place to go for bowling. The only complaint I have is, the arcade is very expensive. But its high quality. If you've got money to spend, that arcade is the perfect place. Overall, highly recommend All-star Bowling!

Landon Kinard

This place is way over priced. $43 for 1 hr for me, my girlfriend and her son and they would let us finish out the 10th frame. By the time we found our balls and got our shoes on it was only about 45 minutes. Bulls&!t.

Israel Fulton

Great place to go with the family... Prices on Sunday mornings are fantastic.

Bill Wesley

Bowling is great. Staff friendly.

Paul Villagrana

My first time there in awhile, was really impressed with the remodeling of everything! Hung out in bar area, staff in the bar area really great and friendly. If your a beer drinker, great beer taste and selection. I recommend the peaches and cream hef beer really delicious! Pizza, wings and the cheese fries were really good! ( fries could have used more cheese on them though) great vibe and experience overall for my first time back in awhile.

Tyler Park

Recent renovation looks great. Relaxing couches at the bowling lanes, with an all new arcade. Very clean. Still has some finishing touches like carpet in a few areas was not laid but overall very nice.

Julie Santana

Great place for some fun

Nicole Parrill

I would give zero stars if I could. The manager I spoke to was super nice, however the service was horrible. They made us pay for THEIR mistake and on top of it was rude and condescending. We were paying customers and were actually having a great time until the end. I will NEVER step foot in this All stars again. Like seriously ever!

Jayme Kralovetz

It's all brand new, so family oriented, and fun been coming here for years, love the new look.

Sherry Hunt

We are seniors and we go to the West Jordan location weekly. Yesterday, and for the second time in the past month, we were put next to a group with small children who were running across our lane in front of us just as we were standing ready to bowl. Then the counter worker put another large group with several small children on our other side even though there were dozens of other lanes available. I understand that families have a right to bowl as well as anyone else, and we have grandchildren too that we love to take bowling... but please be courteous to the adults who come there and don’t want to be interrupted by small excited children who are bothering them as they are bowling. Please train your employees to be considerate of the other patrons who pay also to have an enjoyable experience. If it happens again, we will find another place to bowl!

Chad Stevenson

They have remodeled since we were last there, they've added VR to the arcade we had a great time playing VR and bowling.

Craig Casper

This is my new favorite bowling alley. It's reasonably priced for a family night out and there serve beer if you are headed there with your buddies. Way cleaner than the closest Fat Cats and (in my experience) much more well run. Kids had a great time bowling and playing video games after. We didn't do the bumper cars, but they looked fun.

Adrienne Mickelsen

Nice place to go. Fun for the kids and family friendly. Very nice.

Robert Booher

Good food. Cheap beer. Great service.

Daniel Smurthwaite

A fun place to be

Maria Silva

Great place to go with the family and friends. Super fun and entertaining!

Len Bahr

First, I have loved bowling here at the WJ All Star for years! Recently remodeling though is not as conducive for league play, but Is not a big thumbs down, just saying. And now, DAMN what an escaltion in price for open bowling, especially …

Corona Ngatuvai

Currently undergoing a remodel but the completed sections are very nice. Very relaxing and family friendly.

Alex Ingram

After a failed attempt to go bowling when my daughter and granddaughter visited, we made it up when we visited them. All Star is close to my daughter's home. We stopped in less than an hour before league bowling, but they found a lane for us and we has a lot of fun.

Jose Leal

I love going bowling , it has a decent little food area , it also has an arcade to play and earn tickets to by things , but best of all its got good music and fun lanes to play

Daniel Jarom

Always loved coming to this place! They are in the process of updated the bowling alley to coaches and just really making it a nicer experience for the whole family. No more hard seats to sit on. The arcade area is actually pretty fun and has some cool new games.

Terri Hunt

Great place for the whole family. Fun games in the arcade and plenty of bowling lanes. Also a great place for an adult night out. The Bar staff was very friendly, Nic did an awesome job keeping our table served, food and drinks great. We were there on Bingo night and it was a blast. This is a clean, well ran and fun place to go.

Kristi Jenkins

The bar took over an hour for a beer, it's nice the lanes are separated now for adult and families.

Thejaz G

Nice play to have fun with kids. You must try Typhoon it’s really cool!

Gregory D

Great family spot. Awesome games. Club for the adults to escape if you want too. Food was surprisingly delicious. Try the tacos...;)

Kyle Rollins

I don't know when they redid and updated the whole place but they did. It looks nice and there's lots of seating for those bowling, watching, and/or eating. One side is for families and those that don't want to alcohol. The other side is pins and ales.

Jeff Fitzpatrick

This place has improved so much. Loved it.

DS Skate

Come for the bowling, stay for the arcade games. I went two days in a row to experience the bowling and the arcade, I did this to get a feel for both aspects of All Star. The bowling lanes were very nice and well kept, but the actual bowling balls could use some better cleaning, but the arcade was very fun, it includes most of your standard modern arcade games, but what I enjoyed most was the Virtual Reality, they had several games but the one I most enjoyed was Simeroid, which was a 360 view, shooter game, it was fun and I never got motion sick playing because of the advanced virtual reality features, overall I give it four stars for it's fun experience but lack of cleaning on the actual bowling balls themselves, which did affect my game play, because I didn't feel completely comfortable holding the bowling ball.

cody kom

I haven't been bowling for years because of the expense. We started the kids bowl free program, and did the family package for us. Only thing extra you had to pay for was the shoe rental. I thought, "No problem. Can't be that expensive just for the shoes..." Yeah, I was wrong. $3.99 for each pair of shoes! I was shocked... if we hadn't had already paid for the pass for the year, I would've left. $20 just for shoe rental. It's absurd... But bowling was fun, the kids enjoyed it, and we're looking to buy our own shoes! They get 3 stars, because the staff was friendly, and it's still a lot of fun.

Rockhound Forever

Great place for family entertainment. A bit pricey but well worth it!

Trevor Long

Really liked the new arcade. Had so much fun, we ended up not even bowling! Prices on games seemed fair, which is nice because other places overcharge for the same games. The Pins and Ales remodel also looked great, can't wait to check it out.

Rebeca F.

They upgraded the place. Looks pretty nice. Arcade a little expensive but the kids had fun.


First time here for me and hubby and it was really great!! We went bowling. Friendly staff and good service. We checked out the bar, of course, and it was nice, cozy AND had 2 pool tables. That will be our next "date night".

Jennifer Galati

Personally I love it for the bowling, but there's so much more!

Mirande Jani

Nice place. Very clean. Will definitely go back.

Tim P

Bar has been remodeled very nicely.

Gillian Beregner

Super fun. It was eye catching and the layout of the place is better than others i have seen.

Matthew C. Baker II

Morning special is awesome, Lanes are great, food is good.

Jasmine Gonzalez

My kids really enjoyed this place. They had a lot of fun here. There is a good amount of things for them to do. But I thought it was pretty overpriced. We get more out of fatcats for less than we spent here.

Rose R

Very nice family environment

Raskell DualWielder

This is a fun place to hang out. They have an arcade and a bowling alley. This place makes for great date nights. Especially with their vr games arena.


Very Friendly atmosphere, nice place to have a good time with the family.

Dan Sanchez

Great times, even better staff. Clean and fun place to enjoy

Karen Rollo

I ordered a blt in the first place a crust was used I should have ordered a bl couldn't find the tomato or the mayo the only thing good was the bacon.

Kayla Cabriales

We went bowling last night. First, the cost is astronomical! $29 an hour and shoe rental at $4.00 a person. Our one hour consisted of having to push reset on the lane about 8 -10 times. The food was expensive and absolutely disgusting!!! It used to be that bowling alley food was one of the best parts but last night it was just gross!!! The arcade is an absolute rip off! Most games are $1.00-$2.00 and some are up to $3.00 or more! The customer service was decent but that is about the only somewhat positive thing I can say about this place. Bowling is a fantastic family activity but it so expensive that it is hard to actually enjoy it anymore. :(

David Tilley

If you like bowling, this is one of the best places to go. They have updated their bowling experience to the max. Not to mention, Great food and drinks.

Michelle DeRobertis

It was excellent did a paint night then had drink s

Jonathan Nell

It's a pretty all around place good for family even have alcohol for adults if you like bowling arcade and cheapish food head here it's definitely a good date or family game night activity

Richard Spiers

A lot of fun even though other people used my ball. it was okay. I didn't get mad or anything like. That it's great has been about 15 years since I've been blowing so it was fun and great time.

Jerramy Kingston

Honestly a pretty cool place, the only thing i didn't like about it was that our lane shut down in the middle of our game... About 5 times... They were nice about it and in the end they switched our lane to the next one over, but the game took about an hour and by the time they switched us, we were all sick of it and wanted to do something else.

Imagine Me

The ac was off. Sweating as we sat and waited to take our turn bowling. Cost waaaay too much for an hour of bowling.

Amy Castaneda

It was so fun they had food and tables and I like how it saved you progress cause we planned on finishing the game and it saved our progrees

Malikai Aiono

Really great bowling alleys along with a really cool 4 player vr gaming experience along with a mini bumper car area! The arcade seems a pretty pricey however.

Thomas Vincent

Only visited the bar ,they have great staff, I always enjoy myself

kari cawley

Super fun, super expensive

Lexi Sosa

Awesome place. Clean and a good variety of things. Just wish it was more budget friendly

Jeff Brohamer

Great improvements, brilliant in their business model. So much fun!!! Kids loved it!

brandon johnson

A fantastic place to spend some time with friends and family! I’m not very good at bowling but they always are very clean and helpful here!

Bryce Nelson

We will not be returning to this facility. The events that were allowed in this building were way out of place even in a bar. People need to keep their clothes on. We have bowled at All Star Lanes for many years and enjoyed our experience there but no more! We're not going to recommend this place to anyone. Maybe you need a sign on the door for patrons to be required to keep their shirts ON! Toni and Bryce Nelson

D. Slytherberry

Pretty good prices and the lanes weren't too bad. There were only about three other groups of people in the whole place and we went around nine at night.

Alex H

Fun place. Not a bad atmosphere. Red lights going off when you go over line gets a little annoying, but other than that, the staff is friendly.

Chris Hansen

Right now the place isn't much because they are renovating but it is apparent that they have cool things planned for their future. It's a worthwhile place to play. Plenty of lanes with updated technology, updated arcade including VR and bumper cars.

Jordan S

Cheap bowling, open late, super friendly staff. I’d highly recommend.

Troy & Court Hadlock

My daughter and I frequent All-star it is always clean and has a good atmosphere

James Ryan

Remodeled the place and it looks great. The arcade is better, the lanes are better, and the bar experience is great. They have bingo and poker so it's not just the same thing every night. The staff is accommodating and quick. They earn my business and tips... More than I can say about a lot of other places.


Great place for bowling with friends, family, co workers, haters, lovers, daters, couples, drunks and heck all the above. Great positive atmosphere and renovations sound promising for the folks with alcoholism and folks that enjoy having a good time....bowling is a blast at All Star Lanes West Jordan! A must for those looking for something to do other than doing meth or robbing a bank!

Taylor Waldron

Lanes are nice, new couches are awesome. Arcade is super fun but......the food is absolutely terrible. Get Delton Lanes quality food and it's a 5 star!!!

Candace Elmer

Was told by the manager William that since my 6 year old swiped his playing card 3 times trying to play in the arcade that as a parent it’s my fault for letting him swipe the card And he did not feel he needed to give back the money. My conversation with him just convinced me to make sure everyone knows this place is not family friendly nor worth visiting It’s a rip off here! $1 for 20 second game

Thomas Wenner

Great facility, poor customer service. Seems like workers are angry and hate their job.

Heather Hockenbury

Family fun and fun for a night out with friends

Elijah Amodt

Not the bowling alley you know from the past! The venue has become more than a fun bowling alley. There is no a VR station and expanded arcade along with some fun new features to the lanes. :)

Liz Palmer

I and Coworkers went for first time. Planning more fun there

Baylee Berg

It is so fun the food is a little pricey but it is so good, my family always goes bowling and then play in the arcade for a bit it is lots of fun

Christine Suriano

We went for my birthday last night, they are currently remodeling and I love the new design, nice lounges are so much more inviting and relaxing. Can't wait to see the finished project!! So exciting.

Natalie Crino

They've made fantastic updates. Friendly staff and great lanes with large tables. Food/beer is decent and their updated arcade is fun!

Austin Pratt

The wait did not feel like it was worth it. The cream soda was not really that great either. The atmosphere is very good though and comfortable.

Richard Ovard

Live All Star Bowling Lanes Brad the owner good friend good people love this place

Kay H

The place was very busy. There was a wait of 1-2 hrs for a lane. The wait wasn't too bad as they had several arcade machines to pass the time. The staff was nice and promptly assisted us.

Nolan Walsh

Need more servers I waited forever to order a pizza.

Dorothy Echeverria

It's an up to date facility that was comfortable and clean.


Very nice inside, has remodeled since I was here last.

Karen Sandoval

Great place to bowl. Wasn't crowded of course it was only 4 pm. Good prices. Friendly staff.

Sheldon Cahoon

Was good till price was rased on drinks and servis is horrid you wait is 30 min till you get your drinks after paying up front. Miss the old bar staff.

Brett Pitts

Nice bowling location for family or a date.

Giancarlo Gazani

Only thing would be that your snack bar needs to stay open later than 10 PM... Maybe consider that for the future.

Francisca Rose

Great family place! Loved it! Played arcade games while waiting for our bowling lane to become available.

Tony Parsons

It's a great place! family friendly, and they come quite a long ways with all the remodel and everything they're's going to be really nice when it's all done. tons of fun games go karts / bumper cars. you name it

Casey Marieee

They recently remodeled the entire building and oh my what an improvement! This place is absolutely beautiful inside. They offer a huge arcade with a virtual reality game, bumper cars, bowling. Theres a 21+ bowling alley inside as well which offers full bar options and great food choices. Highly recommend this place for families, large groups or even just a couple of friends looking for somewhere to hang out.

Amanda Hill

Awesome fun for the family. Everyone was really nice and even though they r undergoing construction, everything looks as good as it can while construction is going on. Great place to take the family. We will be coming back again 4 sure!

nick harney

Well, this experience was the weakest birthday I have had. Can't take your beer in the bar once it is out. Can't carry a water jug I feel like I cannot make my own decisions. Worst place I have ever been

Adnan Uzeirbegovic

Its honestly one of the best places for date night, the prices are not to bad, nor is the food.

Guy McCarter

Had great time with my son but it was kinda spending on between bowling and video games and food

Dalton Parker

AllStar lanes is definitely turning into the premier bowling venue in the state. Very friendly and courteous staff, delicious food, and a wonderful environment!

dave carman

Staff was great, snack barstool great care of us.

Angel Martin

They have good games but the prizes are over priced ticket wise and the claw machines aren't very good because the claws are too lose so they drop the prizes every time and you can't win anything.

Chesca Lilly

This place especially has a great arcade and snack bar (I've only been bowling once but I'm not really into bowling so I can't say much about it) The arcade is well-maintained and they've got 4-person VR and pretty obtainable prizes, too. Plus giant Smarties, which is why I go.

Jon Fassett

The staff are all so friendly. We only had a short wait and then got a lane. We didn't have any problems but the next lane had an issue and a staff person was there immediately to correct it. The pro shop helped us get a ball drilled and brought it out to our lane to make sure it fit perfect. Great Service!


Great, maintained, new bowling lanes. They have week day specials before certain hours that vary throughout the year.

Alex Olsen

Always a good time with friends and family alike. The new remodel is awesome. Huge booths and an arcade that puts nickelcade to shame

Nomad's Land

VR, Bowling, Games, Food, Fun, etc. We went on the weekend and they had an unlimited lanes deal til September 2019. So as good as bowling is, we were also excited to try their VR games. Of course, that was paid separately. I am not sure if they have a bundle deal or FREE pass where they allow both bowling and games but wether you do one or the other you're sure to have some fun.


Great customer service and the prices are great!

Crystal Miller

Its kinda pricy even with kids bowl free but it's nice since they redid it I used to be able to take my family there with kids bowl free for 20$ today it was 57$ with 4 kids bowling free and we couldn't bring ourselves to order food it was to pricy but that's just me

Amy Reed

We have visited this bowling alley a few times and I have always been very impressed with them. In particular, the staff. They are kind and answer any questions that you might have. The last time we went to bowl, they were in the process of remodeling, so things were a little chaotic. We had hoped to reserve a lane over the phone, as we had done before but due to the construction, they were not taking reservations. Fortunately it worked out okay and we were able to get a lane right away when we got there. We bowled a game and had a great time and then played in the arcade area for a bit. The only big complaint that I have is that the arcade is a lot more expensive than I thought it may be. They do have some fun games and the things that you can buy with your tickets are almost worth the cost of the pricey games. This location is in need of an update in a few areas but for the price to bowl and the fun we had, it is worth checking out if you want to have a fun afternoon or evening with friends or family.

Cassie Martin

It changed so much from what it use to be. Me personally I won't go back anymore. It use to have tons of lanes open for everyone & it was light with music plus affordable. Now it cost me $31to take my son & they charge by the hour not by how many games you want. They cut out half they lanes to add more games and even more lanes closed for 21 yrs & older. It was dark with flashing lights,music videos playing on every lane above the bowling pins (if u could see the pins) & I couldn't hear my son who also didn't like being there & doesn't wanna go back. After our hour costing $31 was up,we left. Went somewhere else and played 5 games of bowling for under $31 and had time to enjoy ourselves as we bowled & weren't under a time might be a good place for someone else but Its not a place for Me personally so I won't go back

Jeff Morrow

The bowling and arcade was fun but prices could be cheaper. I pay 30 for an hour plus shoes included at Delton , overall prices are cheaper everywhere else we been . Service for drinks as such was not that great we were told you guys were out of large cups but the server said they would refill the mediums for no charge but the server never came back to our area .

Thunder V

Awesome place to take kids have a great family oriented fun

Brandon Kuykendall

Have 4 lanes open for 21 and over. Bar option and a cocktail waitress for the lanes. Good music fun atmosphere!

RoAnn Overall

Great place to go hangout will be back

Melissa Chidester

We had a great experience while we were here. It sadly was under construction, but even so was still great. We had a great price on a Sunday with unlimited bowling and shoes included for $10.00 per person before 5pm which is quite affordable. The food was enjoyable even though a little on the pricey side and they offered refillable drink pitchers which was perfect. The workers were helpful and kind. We were having a birthday party for my niece and nephew at the time, so they even let us bring in a birthday cake.

Dorae Lauber

That was an incredible evening I'm so glad that we actually took the time to come and play darts and have a drink. And the bartender was pretty

danny Pobieglo

Lanes were oily, not a big issue in non league. Me and a fellow bowler came during the $10 lane deal both paid $10 dollars and asked for cross play, The older man at the desk said he would have to charge us double for that. asked "well what if we both got separate lanes??" He said if we did that we would bowl 20 lanes apart from each other. We eventually stated we were in a league and he complied and gave us 2 lanes (BTW 20+ lanes were open, they were not packed) . Thanked him for his help and he didnt acknowledge us at all. Very poor service from someone who bowls league at your house.

Valerie Sheehan

Took my clients here they loved it great food too

Chris Derose

How can You Go wrong with Bowling and Beers! And Not to mention They Have Many,and mean Many T.V.'s threw out the Lanes and the Bar area with always something different playing(from Sports,to comical YouTube Videos and Other entertainment) So No matter what You like There's something to entertain You. Have to mention for Bar& Bowling alley Food It's pretty Good,was surprised. And to also mention They Have Many Different custom cocktails and shots that are unique to this place...But the Service was Great and the environment was one of Itself,depending on the Night I'd guess. Put Have 2 Pool Tables which was definitely a plus for Me. So if want a Good night with friends and something different would recommend checking it out for sure.

Guy R

Actually, I was there for the Craft Beer, I do sometimes bowl of play in the Arcade with my son. I especially like the Redline, Irish red ale.

David Stensrud

A little dated compared to other allstar lanes but still fun

betty Cejas

Love the new upgrades that have been done, the whole family enjoyed all of the games and bowling. The staff was very patient and was willing to work with us even though we had a lot of people in our group. The only complaint I have and maybe it was just the day I went, but the bathrooms were not very clean. Aside from that I absolutely loved it here and can't wait to go again.

Chelsea Petersen

The arcade is kick ass, especially the VR goggle thing! We did the penguin game and even though my competative ass lost big time, I still had a blast! The arcade store has candy and toys, it's pretty dope.

Zach Meads

Over priced. I don't like paying by the hour, but by the game. It was over $100 for 6 of us to bowl for 1 1/2 hours. In that time, we only played 1 1/2 games. Because the lane keep breaking down, and it took them forever to fix it. The front counter where you pay, should always have two people there, instead of one. Took forever to pay, and get your shoes. Also sucks when you have to go back and wait in line, because she got the wrong size shoes. I think the only thing I here that good, is 21 + bowling area.

Blake Draper

Cool place to go play pool. Good food and bar at really good prices.

Ken Scaecher

Weirdest set up for a bowling alley I've ever seen. Too crowded too much seating and not enough room. Uncomfortable place to bowl

J Chapman

The g-kids had a great time. They bowled, played arcade games and laser tag. Help was slow but they were busy on a Sunday.

Jean Marie

It's a nice looking place, but so much more expensive now. Very disappointing

Kaden Nay

Bowling by the hour. Just a play to make more money. Stopped our game in the 9th frame and didn’t let us finish.

Taylor Turner

So fantastic, love the remodel. The food has always been so good!

Steve Hanson

Roled my all-time high last month thanks to the great drinks and atmosphere.

Vicki Farney

Nic is the best bartender ever! Asked her to make me her favorite drink and it was amazing! Thanks for a great time!

Nate Coe

The place is nice and clean, but the service is very poor and slow. Perhaps consider going during a slightly busy time. That way there are enough people on duty, but the place isnt to busy. It's usually fine then.

Alliya Nicole

Good quality building and equipment, and the rental shoes aren't old and gross

Vanessa Pulley

I'm not a big bowling person but I still had a great time. I liked how they had designed the place. It was much more nicer than some of the other bowling alleys I've been to.


Nice place to have fun with friends and kids. The arcade section is really fun. Kids enjoyed it.

Ryan Divis

We bowled in a league at West Jordan All Star Lanes before the remodel. The remodel looks great and we love the new couches. It seems like they are still in the middle of some of the remodel. It was very chaotic and the no longer have booths to sit in when you are not bowling. I was disappointed with my latest experience. I still have them 4 stars because I enjoyed them so much in the past and I hope that they will get back to where they were.

Parker Anderson

This is by far the best bowling alley I've been to I've gone here since I was a kid. Cool light for the kids and they are super nice and helpful. Highly would recommend this place if you want a good time.


Bowling by the hour is ridiculous. Super expensive, and got stopped on the ninth frame. Not worth it just to bowl. Won’t come back.

Daniel kroll

Great for bowling. But they have an arcade that has some awesome new games but the prices to pay are absolutely ridiculous. Every game is over $1. Such a rip off.

Aaron Z

They hav weird alcohol rules where you can't get liquor if you do the special, but the lanes were nice and the deal was good.

hydro iz uti

Fun date night lots to do

Arcanost NWT

The bowling experience you want to have

cursed ginga

It's good for a fun night. The food and service was good

Vishal Ashtaputre

Its amazing, only one thing, the lanes are too close and sometimes its really tricky and have to wait for the one besides our lane to finish his turn.

Liza Roberts

Lanes need to be conditioned really bad. Servers could be more attentive

Mike Lubbers

This is a great bowling alley. The people are friendly and helpful. Food is great. Great bowling.

Nicole Bridge

Working through a redesign which is updating the inside to give it a more modern feel. They started the time 5 minutes after paying (for a group of 10), which is totally fine. However they didn’t tell us the 60 minute time slot we paid for …

Sandy Oborn

Great prices great experience

S E Brown

Awesome VR Experience.

Wendy Valdez

Great entertainment facility. Had several activity options

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Bowling alley

Ute Lanes
Ute Lanes
Bowling Alley - Utah

Bowling alley

FatCats Salt Lake City
FatCats Salt Lake City
Bowling Alley - Utah

Bowling alley

Jack and Jill Lanes
Jack and Jill Lanes
Bowling Alley - Utah

Bowling alley

Hill Bowling Center
Hill Bowling Center
Bowling Alley - Utah

Bowling alley