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REVIEWS OF All Star Bowling & Entertainment - Tooele IN Utah

Frank Dominguez

Great fun, great food, great staff, decent prices

McKay and Erin Womack

Very clean and staff was super friendly. Fun arcade games as well. We sill be back.

hi bob

It has fun activities there for families big and small,

macala vogel

Has laser tag, arcade, and bowling for the family.


Junior bowling league was super fun

Trevor Fawson

I love coming to all star because of the friendly environment and all of the fun games they have.

Robbie Baird

I love bowling

Jennifer O'Rarden

Decent place to hang out, good arcade and redemption games. The food is hit or miss, they shouldn't have changed menus. Bottom line it is the only place to go locally. Update. Food is definitely a MISS. Eat before you come.

juiceman75 Williams

Take better care of the lanes is much needed

Laurel Bowman

Plenty of activities for a great family outing or kids birthday party, even fun dates. They have bowling, an arcade, and laser tag. They also offer food choices. Very enjoyable!

Roland Howard

Lots of fun! Great beer! Friendly staff! Prices are a little steep. Overall a fun place to bowl and play.

The Brown's

Always have the best time here. The kids loved doing the bumper cars, laser tag and rock climbing wall while the adults bowled!!

RaeAnne Muir

Lots of bowling lanes, arcade/ game room, bumber cars. Great for fun Family night or date night also has a bar and pool tables.

Chris Allen

About the best thing you can do on a Friday night in Tooele.

Jakob Evans

Fun place. The staff was mediocre tho. Its only fun for about an hour tho

Toni Young

I recommend their bowling leagues. A lot of fun!

Tiffany Jones

Hot wings were so over done they were like jerky. Really disappointing

Kim Hutsell

Great place for bowling and arcade games along with great food and drinks

James Johnston

Had a great birthday party here. All the kids had a great time playing laser tag and bowling. Will definitely be going again.

Kent Byington

Had A Great Time!!

Namenlos Kritiker

Terrible. They remodeled the alley, however they didn't fix the lanes. The lanes break down or keep the bowling ball so a worker has to fetch it. Not to mention that the lady at the front desk is rude and snobbish, and when you ask a simple question she acts as if she doesn't want to talk to you anymore.

al na

This is a nicer bowling alley than I get up bowling on.

Eddie Hanks

I had a great experience there bowling with my kids. Helpful staff and clean environment.

Derick Chargoy

Went in to take my niece and nephew to play some games on Monday the 7th of January. There was two teenagers and an older lady working. Right off the bat the older lady at the desk was very rude rolling her eyes at us. Half the games did not work and we lost about five dollars, however with the horrible customer service we did not feel comfortable going up to the desk. Come time to cash in their ticket this same lady just watched us stand at the counter. The younger girl walked over to help us, she was very nice.

Yo Mama

We just went bowling with a big group of almost 30. They were fantastic! The general manager was so kind and fun with our kids. This will definitely be a new family tradition here. It was clean and everything was in good working order. Thanks All Star Lanes!

Kedrick Black

So we like going here cause it's close and the kids have a good time. But after ordering wings for the kids, having them eat 1 or 2, discovering they are still frozen, returning them only to have them microwave the chewed on wings. Ya 0 stars is the real rating here. That is unacceptable

Katie Trujillo

Fun but over priced for the arcade.

Rodney Sutton

Bowling is fun, but don't order food cook sucks

Mya Hoehner

When you come here there is no doubt you will have a good time

Fredericks Motorsports

Awesome! The 21 and up section is great, drink a beer, bowl a little bit, hang out with friends. The bartenders are amazing. Super friendly and always making sure you're doing okay.

Duke Anderson

Live it and their bars awesome not to mention the adult extended section with the wall projected screen tvs

Sandee Spackman

Clean, new equipment, lots of activities, and private lanes/party rooms.

Matthew Alldredge

Had a great time here bowling. It was pretty busy but the employees were working hard to make sure everyone was taken care of. Their laser tag is also interesting. I do wish the employees looked a little happier though. I know it was busy, but they are working at a fun center and sad looking employees can sometimes put people off.

Marty Casey

Great place to bowl and even has 4 or 5 lanes in a sort of VIP area for those visiting the bar and bowling at the same time! It's pretty nice, actually!

Nicholas Cutler

Many different options! Great place to have fun.

Naomi Hyde

Could use some updating.

Tony Big T Iverson

Expensive to bowl, 2 people 1 adult 1 child was over $17 for 20 minutes on a Saturday afternoon that was slow. Man y arcade games didn't work. However my kiddo loved it!

Benjamin Scott

The costumer service is good, along with their bowling lanes. The arcade isn't as great as everything else, but their laser tag is fantastic.

Gregory D

Fish tacos were really great. Beautiful place.

Samuel Barnett

Such a fun place to visit with so much entertainment available (laser tag, arcade, bowling, bumper cars, rock climbing wall, and so much more)! Fun for the entire family!

Mandy Lucero

Fun bowling but arcade could use some improvement

cindy gray

I love this place they are so nice and the bowling is great the food is very good they have games for the kids and lots of other activities I would tell you to bring your family and have lots of fun!

Robert Wallenmeyer

This is the place to have a lot of fun bowling, games lazier tag and the food is great!! Our family has had a lot of fun there and you will too!!

Jill L. Earnest-Smith

My son & I went bowling after many years apart. It was a blast, made better by the cance to get to get to know each other I a non stress environment thi. DJ was cool!! The card tournament was even better and the staff was friendly!

James Lucas

Fantastic bowling ally, but gets expensive really quick.

oscar ivan collazo


Jackie Foote

Arcade and laser tag also available. Bowling with bumpers is available.

Meleofa Baker

Fun stuff to do, but it was more expensive than I was expecting. There was bowling, an arcade, bumper cars, Lazer tag, and they have food, too.

Fiona Worthen

Very fun place with allot of options

Tina Daniels

The arcade in this place is pretty impressive!

Tyson Hamilton

This is a quick go to when the kids want something to do. Fun and exciting

Michael Burr

Decent enough. They really upgraded the place and now they have bumpercars.

Chyna Ogden

My sister and I went to Allstar in tooele after my dr appointment cause I’m pregnant and I wanted and ice cream. I wanted a chocolate ice cream and my sister that works there said it tasted funny and I decided to try it anyways. I tasted it and I told her it tasted like mold and she came home tonight and told me I was right about it being mold. I’m seriously upset about this and will look into what I can do about it. It’s total BS that I was served moldy chocolate ice cream by this so called establishment.. I’ll be back in there tomorrow...

Jane Macpherson

A good place to enjoy family time activities..for us it was a sister's day for 7 of my daughters. Bowling laser tag and more.

Sabrina Corpac

This place has all sorts of activities such as bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, climbing wall and an arcade. One of the funnest places in Tooele. Awesome for all ages.

Daniel Dunbar

Probably the nicest place in all of Tooele. In the 21 and over lounge. Great Inexspensive cocktails, excellent food menu as well. Pretty Bartenders. Pool tables and dining are inviting too. Clean and airy. Smoking area too.

Robyn Mccloy

Great place

Foxen Gaming

Fun place to be with friends and family.

Justin Malcolm

Fun place to go. They serve lots of different variety of cold beer and they serve alcohol as well. Good kitchen and lots of things to keep you entertained. Fair priced and seem to have a friendly staff.

Joe Guindon

Love them here all but the weirdo that was making my girlfriend uncomfortable that worked there

Jamie Jo Smith

Awesome!!! Daniel the bar tender is super cool!!!!

Maximillion De La France

Was still under construction when we were there, but the arcade and bowling area were fully functioning and way nice.

Alicia Incroyable

It's what you would expect from a bowling alley. Dim lighting, loud rock and roll classics from the 80s, and a slight greasy sheen over everything. We enjoyed our overpriced nachos and with the help of bumpers and a dragon-shaped ball launcher, the kiddos enjoyed themselves. The lane had a slight tilt to the left that would have been frustrating if we were serious bowlers, but it was fine for a family outing.

Katrina Craythorn

Super fun place.. kid is want to go back soon and so do I:)

Wane Congress

Expensive but lots of fun and many different activities available, Lazer tag is the best!!

Ben Nobbs

It's a traditional arcade but at the same time a restaurant you should go and have some fun

Rebecca Gardner

Lots of fun things to do and staff was helpful.

Tami Chavez

Food prices are pretty unreasonable.

James Carter

Fun little bowling alley

triston carson

This place is amazing great costumer service the cashier josh is awesome the remodeling looked fantastic all in all great place for a family night

Margaret Cope

fun place to bowl and play games. great fries

Alexia Hugelen

I used to work here and I hardly go back because of the other employees verbally harassing me and causing me to quit. The older lady that works there is incredibly rude to certain employees and well as customers. I used to spend a lot of time in my shifts working with customers to try and make up for how rude she was to them. I really do think that this place needs some serious improvements in both the staff as well as equipment. Its very hard to even get through a game without having to have someone fix the lane.

Jenifer Ibarra

Yes this is a fun family outing place

Jim Roberts

Great place near to home.

Kyle Spainhower

Ghetto. It's like they recycled all the old stuff from Sandy out to Tooele.

Larry Thorpe

It was in construction when i went. We went for a birthday party. It was pretty dirty and the shoes were pretty gross. Overall it was fun. They do have pretty good food there.

Thomas Gongaware

It was fun for the whole family to bowl and play in the arcade. Some things are in need of repairs.

Keith Brown

Great place to relax and take the family.... Beth at the front counter was great..

Tyson Capel

Fun place to go bowling, laser tag, arcades in a few other things! Food is pretty good as well especially like the root beer! One of the lanes kept having issues when bowling and is the only reason I gave it four stars...

Casey McEachern

Not only did our lane keep having problems, but I was very unhappy with the content they were displaying in the public portion of their bowling lanes during their cosmic bowling hours. The majority of the music videos they had playing on their projectors had an extensive amount of soft porn, which should never be displayed in any public setting. I was there with my family and it was a very uncomfortable experience. If they want to display that in their private portion, fine. But putting it in the public portion is seriously unacceptable and I hope that management seriously considers that. Bowling in the dark with lights is way fun, but that put a serious damper on things. Until something changes I will not be returning.

Jamie Busico

If your going there to bowl and that's it it's good, the Tooele location let's see where do I start first of all get your gaming machines fixed because at least half of them don't work. I went to the bathroom the toilet didn't flush. For a guy with alot of money maybe you should spent some to fix up that dump, or lower your prices cause it's pretty ghetto.

Jessica Bruce

Nice place to let kids bowl.

lepa malala

A great place to have fun with friends and family

Hilary Aloha

Just went for the arcade. Super fun but I wish they had more games

Cassie Brood

I'm pretty disappointed overall. We decided to take advantage of the unlimited pass for $20. They were severely understaffed with only 3 employees working! The kids used their arcade cards and that was pretty much it. They had nobody at the bumper cars, nobody at the rock climb wall and nobody at laser tag. So we payed $20 per child for a few arcade games. They did offer to extend our bowling for an hour, which was nice. I felt bad for the staff, bad for our kids, and even worse for our pocketbooks. Bummer!

Rowdee Elting

A really great time for the family and if you want a date night it's fun in the bar section 2 because they have big giant screens and Bowling Lanes in there as well with a full bar

Blair Warren

This place is a family friendly entertainment center that has bowling, an arcade with prizes, party room, lazer tag, and food. It also has an adult only area bar. It is the only center like this in Tooele.

Izzy Ruybal

We bought 2 all day passes for me and my cousin.We played a lot on the bumper cars. We said 3 more rounds and an employee came and said keep yoir word, I dont want to keep my whole shift here so we did 2 rounds and left.It was disrespectful in my opinion.

Sarah Cook

Best drink and bowling for girls night out.

Ralph Decker

We have a company bowling party here every year for the past 4 years. Always top notch facility and a great staff

Jenna Haynie

The summer specials made fun here very affordable. The laser tag was very fun, and in a nice facility. The bowling was great too. Food was good and surprisingly a good price for a place like this. They were under construction adding new attractions when we went. I'm excited to try their new stuff!

Raine Rollins

They were fun. My 11mo even got to bowl with the helpful dragons. Their touch screen calibration was WAY off though. Annoying.

Jace Anderson

I took my family there for the first time living out here. We played the video games first. We lost maybe 5 bucks because the machines didnt function right... I let it go. We then moved onto bowling. Our lane didnt recognize that we had thrown the ball over and over and over again, constantly waiting for staff to even see we had been waiting for over 10 min each time. While the staff was talking and messing around we then decided to get some nachos. 8.99 for nachos that barley had any cheese and a small dab of sour cream. We tipped her an extra 5$ to bring it to us, 3 doller drinks, and i get it that food always costs more when you go to these places but the quality should be there if your going to charge that much but... Again waited over 20 minutes for crappy nachos that sat under the hot lamp for a good 10 min, even then i had to walk up and get it myself. The staff had little care for urgency for customer and could care less. That whole place needs some improvements. Therefore 1 star.

Janet King

The only draw back was they were doing some remolding so it was a bit cluttered in the gaming area. Food was good, friendly staff

Gayla Mullins

Too booked to really know. We didn't get to actually bowl.

Brent Lee

Loved it. Gotta go if you have kids. Young ones will love the bowling and games and adults too. Young kids 4 or younger aren't tall enough for the bumper cars but they have laser tag too and a sweet arcade room

Edward Comer

Fun place.

Jody Zwahlen

I have so much fun with my family and friends.

Jessica Leake

Bar is great. Arcade is fun. They even have laser tag and rock climbing wall. Best thing is they can play our baseball games.

colby carpenter

I still am giving 5 stars even though they wouldn't let me bring in my pizza. This place has reasonable price and it pretty much the only real entertainment center in Tooele. They have bowling, arcade games, And laser tag. I only did the bowling but I plan on going back soon for the laser tag.

ray munoz

Food is absolutely TERRIBLE. Not just the price but seriously garbage. Employees great but come on you have a kitchen use it. Everything comes out microwaved or just plain a joke. Wings horrible, nachos worse than 7-11, and let's not even mention the $15.00 " fish n chips" ....worst food ever.

C trujillo

The staff at Pins and Ales are amazing. New to the area and have been to other places but this is the best.Thank you Jessica and Daniel for always making it a great experience your the best!

jennie barton

Had a great atmosphere. Very clean. Fun entertainment for all ages

Tawnda Littlewood

A little run down we had some issues with their equipment (the bowling alley and we couldn't load money for the arcade ar the machine) while we were there. It was a cheap place to take 8 of us to go bowling and their food is decent and it wasn't overpriced. However we probably won't be back.

Scott Dalton

I really like the upgrades this All-star has received. The games seem to be getting better. Shouldn't cost so much to play them though. The bowling is always fun. Lanes are clean. Friendly atmosphere and good customer service here. The food is

Kayley Kiss

Fun family friendly atmosphere and there's even secluded adult bowling with a bar if you just want to have fun with your friends. The food is alright, a couple times our food has been undercooked or oily but not often enough to stop ordering food every time we go

Carrie Stonehocker

Our experience was not great. Not because the place was necessarily bad, but we ended up in instacare because a friendly patron thought she was being helpful by giving us lightweight bowling balls when we were in the middle of paying and didn't even finish getting shoes. We had eight kiddos we were trying to organize with only three adults . My two year old ended up getting one of those balls, tripping, and landing us at instacare (hey, that's only a three minutes drive away!). My only complaint about them, is they didn't offer to refund the two games and rentals I had purchased already that me and the injured child wouldn't be able to use. So we had Dr bills, dental bills, we paid for two unplayed games/rentals and I don't know how long it will be before my son will want to go bowling. Other patrons were really helpful as they got napkins for my son and Band-Aids while I tried to find where the blood was coming from and tried to comfort him. They then held those napkins to his chin while I called my husband and made a game plan.

Debbie Lucero

We had our company party and it was fun

nikki tut

They have bumper cars,laser tag pool table in bar area and love the snack bar,my husband Marty Mason and I had a blast

Katie Leavitt

Dirty. Went for a birthday party. Trash can was filthy and full of trash in the party room. We were the first ones there that day! Required to pay 18% gratuity regardless of how many times we had to hunt down the hostess.

Jocelyn Sciortino

My daughter just loves shooting there.

Fabi Pelayo

If your thinking about eating here you need to go with lie 3 hours in advance. I was the second person here 1 hour later my food wasn't ready . Neither mine or my husbands . And it was wings and a sandwich wow !! At least 1 beer was free since they took forever . And had to cancel my order . Service was good . That's it .

S. Brent Lee

This place was a blast for all ages. We went bowling with my two young daughters (3 & 1) and they loved it, not to mention the arcade room is awesome, laser tag, bumper cars and Bonneville Brewery has a mini bar and a place to get food. My daughter asked to go back the very next morning lol

mike shugart

Good place for a little family fun

Arianna Adrignola

Food, beer and environment was fine, but the bartender just complained the whole time.

Emily Howard

Had dinner at Pins and ales before paint nite . Dinner was ok. My club sandwich was missing the cheese and had a tomato on one half but not the other, seemed like they just threw it together. Didn't have huge expectations for bar food however paint nite was fun and I'd recommend at this location.

Hunter Cumming

I ordered pizza and Dr.pepper and it was good


Some staff can be very rude and the games including laser tag have gone outdated.

Adam Nevitt

Prices and availability keeps changing. Probably not going back.

Jared Kay

Decent lanes pizza and beer

Jamison Smith

There aren't a lot of bowling alleys where you can get a pretty good selection of craft beer. This is one of them. I'm not much of a bowler but they have good beer and good food and a sports bar.

Megan joy

Super fun place to go and hang out! With AMAZING PIZZA! It's the best I've ever had. The laser tagging area is so fun and very well kept. This is a great place to go and trust that you will have a great time no matter your age!

Josh Allred

I took my kids here to play arcade games and a 1/4 of the games didn't work. The employees seemed annoyed to be helping us when we went to redeem our tickets for prizes.The bowling is probably the only redeeming quality of this place.

Kandis Anderson

Between getting our orders wrong time and time again, ( there were only 3 of us) the tasteless food(attempting to eat with nothing to drink because the server still hadn't brought me my appropriate drink that I've asked for (a beer on tap)), and the crappy service. My friends and I have decided not to return to this establishment. The server kept apologizing everytime he came over. Literally every time. We came to have beer and bowl but after the "dinner" portion was over. We hardly touched our food. We paid our tabs and left. I tipped ish, to be courteous, out of a 13$ tab i paid 20$ but my friends didn't tip at all. One of my friends has made a living as a server, and she didn't think ours deserved anything. He didn't even come and all us how our food was. It wasn't a pleasant night at all.

Shiloh Sigvardt

Food here sucks. Spent 7 or 8.99 dollars on a poor excuse of a pork quesadilla. Hardly any cheese. Stupidly little amounts of cheese. The tortilla was dry and crunchy? Not in a good way. Hoping management will respond to me. I had someone on staff look at my food, a manager, who didn't offer me a refund, didn't offer any explanations, and didn't offer to make a better one. Please improve.

Lindsey Marie

We enjoy the summer discount bowling and if you are there before 11 you get free shoes. Today (7-11-17) we arrived at the counter at 10:57. There was no one else in line but the manager was talking to another employee. She did know we were there. She came to help us and we were charged $25 for the 6 of us. I reminded her that we were here before 11am, the rule for free shoes. She apologized and said that her computer reads 11 and the free shoes don't apply. Being the manager, I know she could have not even charged for the shoes. So, not willing to pay $25, I took my kids and walked out. All Star Lanes, you lost money today. You could have made $12 plus whatever we would spend on refreshments, but instead of honoring your "Before 11am" rule, you forced us in a different direction. I have worked retail and fast food. I KNOW there is always a way to please a customer. It was NOT my fault you were occupied with an employee. I was there. I was in line before 11. You should have honored your advertisement.

Stephanie W

Getting a facelift inside was perfect! Lots of FUN. But.. there is a guy that works the bowling counter who is rude! An adult person that has medical issues that is unable to pickup more that 8lbs and asked for bumpers wanted these things, he told them no, that only 12 yrs and under can have the bumpers. He argued with many people about it. Then blamed the owner saying its the owners rules. Not very good in my book!

Steven Burila

This bowling alley is one of the best I've been to in a long time! Lanes are very clean and well managed! Arcade is very nice! This is also a kind friendly place! Great place to spend time with friends and family!

Adan Collazo

Bowling is good. Arcade not too good, half of the arcade didn't work, and not too many stuff to choose from with the tickets won. Overall not too bad but need some attention to it.

jason youngdell

It's fun, has laser tag and bowling. The halls they have for use aren't great. The staff is friendly the environment is clean.

Gilbert Nichols

Pretty good. They charge you hourly now instead of per game, so it's great if you have a small group.

Tatum Combs

I love bowling here. I love how quick the staff is to help and provide service. The arcade is full of new and fun games. The laser tag room is a really fun lay out. The bar is hopping. Everything from the arcade to the bathrooms is always clean! Great experience for the whole family.

Michelle Whittaker

Love the laser tag and bumper cars!


The general managar, was so awesome to work with, he made us laugh and you could tell he loved his job.


Someone has a good idea started here. Our lane (and several others) I noticed kept getting stuck and we ended up waiting time after time for an employee to go behind the scenes and fix it. They gave us more time to finish our game but if you're in any type of hurry you might want to just go fishing instead.....

Donna Andrews

Fun place to take the kids

Tyler Wilson

Very expensive to do the arcade. Games are very short and typically 1 dollar per game. We went through 10 dollars in 10 minutes with little gameplay.

Brenda Mugleston

Its went down hill since Beth has been gone. I Would love to see her come back. Faster and better service when Beth was there. Food was better before too.

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