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REVIEWS OF All Star Bowling & Entertainment - Sandy IN Utah

The Lizard

It feels like it's an older bowling alley. Very small and looks like they don't have a ton of money but I like it that way.

Anna Rodriguez

Awesome place for family fun. Great customer service

Oscar Torres

Great place Good food

Rodolfo Alejandro Vergara

Great place to go as a family

Justin Francis

Not very good games in the arcade might have more visitors with better games

Ash Smash

I love this place so much! The food is great, the staff are always nice, and theres plenty of fun for the whole family to enjoy!

Devan Lawson

It was nice to get some time to spend with friends. A bit grossed out by the two pairs of shoes, a pair of socks, and a half bottle of mtn. Dew left at our table when we arrived at our lane

Tommy Eddy

Would be a 5 star if the balls and pins didn't always get stuck. Pretty chill place for sure. Great for kids

Paul Gibbons

Good food and very clean and fun bowling especially

Patrik Connole

Nice and clean, friendly staff. The screen is pretty outdated though

Heidi King

Definitely an outdated bowling alley. Staff is less than friendly. Shoes didn’t fit, even after trading sizes. They won’t let you use bumpers unless you have someone younger than 10 in your group. It was an okay bowling alley, but would recommend spending your time and money elsewhere.

Dyani StClair

We take our family here a lot. It's a great place. Sometimes the balls get stuck and take forever coming up but other than that, the salad bar is good, pizza is awesome and cheesy.

Matthew Sandau

Fun facility good amount of fun stuff to do arcade Lazer tag bowling and food

j man

Great place for fun

Just Because

They maintain it nicely, snack bar needs to be faster, and dang bowling got expensive.

Johnathan Stagg

If you like bowling, and you like bowling shoes, you will love this place.

Sarah S

Over priced shoe rental for starters. We had two lanes, neither one would set 10 pins, had to request assistance 3x and was only given 10 minutes back for the 20 minute wait to fix the issue. Then the ball return stopped working and we lost all 6 balls. My daughter ordered cheese fries and after 30 min went to check and they never processed her order so she had to wait another 15 min for her order. I spent more time walking back and forth for assistance than bowling! The customer service seriously lacked professionalism and courtesy. We will not go back.

Robert Williams

I bowl here regularly, and at least twice a week. I also help with the youth program on Saturday Morning. It's a great center and they take good care of their lanes.

Christopher Urinko

very relaxed environment and helpful staff.

Daylan Merritt

it's a bowling alley, i haven't had there food but the staff is nice and it's a clean tidy place. oh and the cartoons showed on the tv's are hilarious. reminds me of some old 80s stuff my parents have shown me

Jake Loosle

It's a good bowling alley. The food is not good and I definitely would recommend eating before going or eating afterwards. The food is much better at fat cats.

brandon blue

Got my ball drilled at the pro shop here. Very knowledgable and experienced staff.

Orion Nash

The vigilante bartender came out to the lanes and ripped my beer away from my hands because my wife had bought it and not me. (I'm a 35 year old dad with a wife and 2 kids) What a sad life she must have life if that's her priority... thankfully the manager gave us a full refund for the bowling which we had to cancel. Now i'd probably go back! Damn lady probably loves the smell of her own farts.

Rachel Wise

Fun and cute place! Big enough to entertain for a small party, small enough you don't have to hunt down the wanderers, a little pricy on the food, but the staff is nice and helpful. Love their hours, and bowling Ashley is clean and they serve microbrew.

S. Turnbow

I grew up bowling on these lanes. the prices have always been reasonable, but the place could use some update. That was the only reason why i gave it 4 start. If the bowling balls were newer and maybe the interfaces were updated this place would be outstanding!

Mario C.

Neat and clean place. Very good service

Jarom Chung

There's one in draper that is significantly nicer

Megan Metcalf

On an incredibly busy day, NINE of their lanes were not operating. We were told we’d have an hour wait. Then 30 minutes later were told it would be an hour to an hour and a half. On top of that- only 5 vests were working for their laser tag game. That’s just bad business. I will not be coming back here EVER. Take your money elsewhere.

Martin Johnson

It was pretty good fun and not a lot of people

Phoenix Blue

If you are going to actually bowl w/a few friends and have a fun night out, there's far too much chaos hear one another even speak let alone have a conversation, and if you wanted just a nice, fun, family night out, again-the whole chaos thing. Pre-teens and teens running around, hormone central.

Ralph Knowlden

Well worth going had been years since I'd gone Bowling laid back chill style environment for everyone from young to old.

Sam Kem

I remember this place from back in the late 1990s. The great thing about it is that it brings back so many memories if you came here as a kid. Even though it might be overdue for an upgrade, the atmosphere is fun and inviting. The food is above average for bowling alley food as well.

Heather Horlacher

Nice and quiet middle of the day Thursday bowling. Fun for the whole family. Food on location along with arcade and other games.

Mckay Jones

Fantastic experience. Very nice staff with a very clean atmosphere. The cosmic bowling at night is fun. And most surprising, the nachos in the lane next to me looked and smelled amazing! I would totally go back.

Craig Watson

We had a wonderful time. The lady kept coming to our lane and kept taking care of our drink needs.

Dominic Florin

A little dated, but lanes were in good shape and people were very helpful

Bryan Poulsen

Price was a bit high for 2 people to bowl for one hour on a Friday evening. Lanes were well kept and oiled.

Greg Karaica

If you like speed bowling, go for it.

Stuart Johnsen

I'd go back. The bowling was decently cheap and by the hour, the place was overall pretty clean and even though it was busy they still had plenty of lanes to accomodate larger groups. I didn't try their other amenities, but it all seemed well in order.

Natalie Casey

So much fun and a good price!

Brooke Strickland

havent gone here yet, but seems cool

Milena Piper

Clean, fun, and has good food and drink selections. Could not ask for a better bowling alley.

Jennifer Gomm

Enjoyable experience, staff were very helpful and accommodating.

Eric Varela

Very awesome place to have some fun. The arcade has tons of games. The bowling is fun and up to date


I am giving 4 stars because we are regulars here due to our favorite location always being too busy for our large party

Tammy Villanueva

The front desk associate was very nice and very helpful, she helped me in a pinch pick up a ball that was ready but shop was closed: had a lot of errands that day and very grateful for her helping me out, the bowling was fun too, went back again on 12/17 and honestly this place has a good vibe and not overcrowded! So far my fav in the valley

Sarah K Lile

Kids love it here. We went a few weeks ago. I think they can fix the games that are broken and would provide a much more enjoyable time for the kids.

Justin Metcalf

The technology on the lanes is really outdated. The video game area is in good shape though and the kids had a good time. It's clean and colorful. I'd come back again. Hopefully they can update in the future.

Kyle Stauffer

Cosmic bowling, yes!

Ernesto Castellanos

Love this place nice and clean

Theresa Montoya

Awesome place to bowl at. Pricey but its good

Laura Damron

Phyllis, Austin and Dustin were all fantastic and super friendly. The place was busy but they were able to get us in to bowl really quick. They gave us great service and made us want to come back often.

Carter Christensen

This is the most disappointing and burnt out bowling alley I have ever encountered. The employees were completely rude about about our drinks and found the staff/employees lounging around when there was obvious conditions and tasks to be completed. They closed the "concession stand," and had left open the beer tap when we were obviously not interested in alcohol and were only wanting root beer. On top of that, their system/console was repeatedly flickering out and freezing. They would not negotiate on another lane for us. I will go out of my way to avoid this all star. I hope that anyone with common sense would go to the one in Draper.

George Shorter

Great place to take the kids. A little expensive but worth the fun.

Dominick Wiley

I go here every Saturday for my bowling class in the morning. It is definitely a great place to hang out, go bowling, and maybe score at a few arcade games at the end. The staff here is also very polite and whoever is a part of the bowling class also gets a discount. What place in Sandy could be better than here?

Jason Ostler

Went bowling here as a family. This location is cheaper than the Draper location. We had a fun experience with our family. One downside was that most of the bowling balls were old and had dents and chips in them. It didn't affect the game that much but that's one thing I would like to see updated. Great staff and clean environment!

Lou Ann Murphy

They were great people

Crys Headley

Staff was very nice. Place was clean. Food was great..

Allen Locke

The management has gone to hell. Over $2 for a soda, refills are $1 and no to go cups. Every week they change the prices n rules. Not enough help during day league play. I will no longer buy lunch twice a week or purchase a drink. Thats about $700 a year you will no longer get.

Steve Pelzer

Me and my daughter went bowling it was after 5 and they had a $20 an hour special that was fine . My daughter beat me on bowling

Misty Walker

Always a good time at All Star!!

Joe Jacobsen

Good times. It was pretty dead. The family had a good time.

Michael Hales

Great alley/nice, little overboard on drinks

Nicolas Zanni Morales

This place is really good for a birthday party. You have a lot of lines and you can buy really good food

Caleb Barnett

Went In at 1130 to bowl 2 hours they told us since they're dying down we could not do 2 hours he could only do 1 hour so we where like ok then everything else was closed to bar arcade kitchen. I get it you want to leave on time or early but we would have been out of there half an hour before close. Won't be coming back paid 30 dollars and was willing to pay more but ok.

E.j varela

Excellant there's bowling, laser tag, arcade, and a restaurant all in one

Doris Santos

It's not too busy and the kids can play and enjoy.

Jonathan Rodriguez

I have taken my family bowling on Fridays for the last few weeks to this location. It has been a blast! The location is clean and orderly. We have been going Friday afternoons and found the crowds to be small. Lane and Janine are super helpful and nice to my kids. We have also ordered finger foods that they bring directly to our lane. The food is hot, fresh and surprisingly good. The chicken quesadilla is my new favorite. They have a root beer and cream soda that I have heard, are made by the owner. They are awesome! I would go back for the cream soda alone! The prices are affordable and we have a blast while we are there.

Paisley Violet

We had an awesome time bowling. The lanes were well kept, and all the staff was friendly and happy to help with anything that came up. We've always gone to fat cats but I think this is the new spot for us. Thanks all star

Dustin Klein

This is actually a nice bowling facility. It's clean and well maintained. Unfortunately their ball selection is really limited. They have a lot of balls, but they are all identical. The light balls (11 and under) have tiny holes, which could only be used by kids or adults with extremely slim fingers. The heavy balls (12 and up) all have giant holes. If you're like me and prefer something in the middle, like a ten or eleven with medium holes, you won't find one. I checked every ball in room and couldn't find anything lighter than a 12 that would fit my (not enormous) hand. I've never had this problem at any other alley and I've bowled dozens. It's sounds like a small issue, but it lead to an incredibly frustrating experience for me. The issue was compounded when I asked the staff if they had lighter balls that were cut with larger holes and the responded very tersely that whatever was on the floor was what was available. Ultimately, if you prefer light balls with tiny holes or heavy balls with huge holes you'll probably have a good experience. However, EVERY other alley I've ever been to has a better equipment selection than this one. On that one count, I won't be coming back and can't recommend these lanes above any other lanes in the Salt Lake area. -Also, incidentally you can't get a cellular signal in the building :(

Bronson Schmidt

EXPENSIVE compared to other lanes.

Daniel Hallum

Was fun night out with the family. A little busy as there was some kind of league there but we walked right in and got a lane right away. Good food, fun night out.

Nathan Collins

A little busy on a Saturday afternoon, but not bad. Lanes worked better than most. Only had to press the reset button on the lane twice in 4 games. Staff was nice enough to let us change lanes to get away from a big group we were initially put next to.

Anthony W

Incredibly fun place for family and friends! Take you back to the 80s!

Galen Hoxie

Had high expectations as many said the food was great while bowling. I ordered the nacho Supreme and it is possibly the most expensive chips I have ever purchased. Expecting cheese filled bowling nachos and it was more like half a handful of cold Mexican blend shredded cheese amd a pile of chips. Bowling was fun.

Thomas Wenner

Great family fun!

Jazzythe KittyKat

I love this place because, in my opinion, the bowling is fun and there are arcade games too!

Kevin Clark

Kind of spendy for arcades. Bowling is fun though and there are good snack foods.

Guitar Lessons by Kelly

Everything is really cool... But man those arcade games are a freaking rip off. It shouldn't cost me the equivalent of two dollars to play Pac-Man

La W

I love this place. It is clean and the staff is great. Bri and Phyllis are great in the snack bar. Even on busy league nights they make sure our food comes out how we want it.

Katie Quilter

HORRIBLE customer service. you wait forever when you try and get food. we went and there was no one even taking orders. The lanes are great, but some of the bowling balls arent that great. It is expensive for bowling and to play games. Not worth spending all that money.

Georgina E. Fisco

Clean, fast service and very good pizza

jeffery hansen

Leaves nasty rubber marks all over your ball. They need to invest in the lanes a little bit instead of laser tag.

David Terry

For the average bowler and family looking for a fun get away with friendly staff for the most part. This is a solid location. If you are an avid bowler and need pro shop help..... well good luck. I’ve called, stopped by numerous times during business hours and even called their corporate office numerous times. I was once told “the owner runs the pro shop so it’s when he gets in and feels like it” This has been going on for months. I’ve finally gone elsewhere for my league play and bowling needs. Management needs to evaluate whether or not they want repeat business.

Loisi Yee

The games were poorly maintained, the employees have no customer service skills and the ticket counter doesn't give you all your tickets. Go to the Draper location for a better experience.

Joy Olsen

Bowling suck for me today usually Boeing it so badd but I did not tonight that was pretty orrible and besides that they need somebody who actually knows how to oil the lanes you never know where the oil is going to be think they got kids doing it

Big J

Fun place, clean, Turkey on Turkey day! Fun


The pay by time system is nice especially when you don't have small children who take up a little more time to teach. Since the expansion there is more room for each table and a whole other designated location for food.

Ethan Baum

Great place to go bowling! super fun!

Dennis Mead

Everything is great, but some of the technology is ready for an update.

Rainbow Drizzle

My favorite place to bowl! The prices are okay, but if they keep the place running as well as they do and keep it looking as great as they do, I don't mind paying. The music is awesome and the staff is friendly. All bowling equipment is in good condition. I love the lounge area, and the pizzaria/ticket area is always really clean.

Rhonda Thomas

Fun Time with Grandkids. Good Service, Clean Facility. May be a good idea to have hand sanitizer or wipes available to the public. Soap Dispenser in

Jessica Aschwanden-Orr

Fun for the kiddos, couldn’t use the coupon we found online but they had a blast!

ph dawgy

Bad food, very expensive... 3 people $80 for 2 hours yikes!!!!


Great place to come and have fun with family and friends

Kris Olsen

It's an older bowling alley but it's clean. The staff was friendly. I liked that the bumpers came up for only the littles and went down in the adults turn. I did not like the Disco lights. Made it difficult to bowl.

Victor Matias

The place is clean and has all the things I expect of a well ran bowling alley. I have zero complaints about the facilities. Their prices are fair, for the end of summer they have all you can bowl for $10 including shoe rental, it was great for me and my kiddos. The service is not stellar, but it's not terrible either. I plan to come back and bowl some more!

Amner Ardon

Best place ever to bowl and other stuff. Especially with your family. Reasonable prices and good deals

Kaily Bench

This place is so fun

Louise Metcalf

Lanes not all working. Vests not all working for laser tag. Disorganized. Not worth paying for. Go to another bowling facility. We left after waiting with our buzzer for an hour...

Svetlana Miller

Wish they did pricing individually and not by hour... also food takes way too long!

Jim Jensen

Clean, organized, and fun. When they turn off the lights and have blacklight laser bowling with the Jazz game on the big screen, let the good times roll.

Mike Montoya

These lanes have been getting steadily worse over the years. It's always filthy and it's really worn down. Saturday 3/16 has convinced me to never return. We ran out of time on our first game. We asked for a few minutes to bowl our last frame and they refused to let us finish! Secondly, they wouldn't allow us to purchase another game because they were busy. They know nothing of customer service. The manager was useless; he only knew how to follow policy. Ironically, there is a new bowling alley @ Southtowne Mall. WE'RE DONE ALLSTAR SANDY!

Ismael Orrantia

Management its always willing to help, my family and I always enjoy our time.

Grace Gatlin

I went there with friends and it said on their website that it would cost $20 or so a lane. We assumed that included shoes but it didn't. We ended up paying over $30 for an hour. It also wasn't very clean but it was fun

Jacob Wells

I went when it was by the hour pricing and it was fun. I was a little stressed about the time. I would much rather pay by game. I dont want to bowl half a game or stop with 10 minutes left and feel I waisted money. But the lanes are nice and the staff is friendly. Good place for the family to bowll.

Cole Meister

The food here is AWESOME. One of the best bowling allys out there. Timed bowling only.


Wasn't allowed to bring in a water bottle? Who makes these rules? Looks like I'll never be going back.

Gracie Reitz

Good music, clean, great crowd, excellent staff.

Jed Wunderli

Great night celebrating my son’s 18th birthday with the fam. Great service and we got right in.

venom soper

Bit pricey and the food is not amazing. But It is a very fun place that offers alot of different things.

Michael Belnap

Micah, the front desk guy really helped save what could of been a bad experience for me. The draper allstars told me I was allowed to use my all Star cards at every location. What they didn't tell me is that's not a very easy process. Micah was so patient during the whole process that would have gotten me really frustrated. When my card came back with no tickets (me and my son had maybe 500 on there) I was a little bit upset. When Micah then pulled out his wallet and gave me a card with a few 1000 on it. He went completely out of his way to make a customer who he doesn't know happy. Give that man a raise!!

Austin Birchett

It's ok. Pretty much a regular bowling place. I didn't check out the arcade or laser tag. I wish the had more variety in the bowling balls. I like to use an 11-12 lb ball with large holes. With this place, everything under a 13 only had tiny holes, everything above 13 only has huge holes. Other than that, the lanes rolled nice and straight and the system was pretty glitch free, which can't be said for all bowling places. The pins were never mismarked after a throw and in never set them up funny.

Mitch Lunceford

Fun bowling and entertainment

Troy Jensen

Played laser tag, too pricey for what you get. Fun tho!

Ruth Lowe

Great group or family fun. Bowling area clean and workers friendly. Games area not crowded with a mix of games for littles to teens to redeem.

David Stensrud

Good place to bring your kids

Marie Holmes

Fun experience. The lane was a bit sticky. Will go back.

Travis Christensen

They really need to upgrade this place like they did in Draper. It is dirty and you dont want to sit anywhere. The manager is friendly which is an upgrade fro. The previous manager of many years. Bowling was fun and had no issues with equipment.

Axxby Loya

Lazer tag is fun and it's very easy to get more than 100 tickets

Amber Welch

I liked the bumper cars

Kd D

Enjoyed it. Wanted to play tag, but not enough people were available.

Jeff Vielstich

Everything was great except monitors took me back to the 70's. Good family fun.

Londen Dukes

DUSTIN is awesome!!!!! He made me the perfect philly! Super nice and helpful and his customer service is immaculate. Thanks dustin!

stephen merrill

The lanes are pretty good when they work. I like the staff (most of them). I don't like that there is no more to go cups. I also don't like that refills on soda and coffee used to be free but now cost.

Marisela Rubio

Came here as a group to play bowling and when we got the the employee or maybe it was the owner was really rude said they were closing earlier than the stated hours & would get ruder when we asked a question. We ended up leaving before he became even ruder if possible. DO NOT recommend this place at all!!!!!

Luke Cobabe

Lots of fun. Good bowling and laser tag. Some arcade games were out of order, but that is to be expected. 90% worked fine. Also, good pizza.

Christine Lamoreaux

Great food, excellent service, lots of fun.

John Tsantis

Best bowling place in town.

mau maus sis

Very clean, affordable and family friendly. They have arcades, lazer tag as well as bowling.

Ly Nguyen

I love this place,the stuffs are very friendly and do the best service

Trish Brown

Great staff

Brett Harrison

Had a good experience. Clean and good service!

sidney williams

So not impressed with this place. Four employees standing around helping one person at a time in the food area... all I wanted was a soft drink cup and stood around watching enployees talk and decided I didn't want to give the place any more of my money and got out of line. It needs updating. Would go to others before this one for sure. The screens to enter in bowlers names was totally broken too.

Jensa Anderson

Absolutely horrible wait. The workers lied about the amount of time we would have to wait- we walked out after an hour without any word on when we would get a lane. Many lanes were not operating and laser tag only had a few vests working so our entire party could not play. It was a pretty terrible experience.

Evan Furlong

Workers seem to not know how to treat customers, they also don’t allow anyone to bring in personal water bottles and don’t offer alternatives. Hopefully you don’t get thirsty while bowling

ms, skull

I had an amazing time there with my best friends, and the staff there was amazing and super nice. Send shout out to one of the workers at the pizzeria MAT he was the nicest out of all, thanks mat hope to go back there soon to make more amazing memories.

Christy Buskirk

A lot of the games didn't work. It was disappointing. We won't be back

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