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Luis Escalante

Great place to bowl. Fantastic ventilation. Not a single drop of sweat and I was bowling HARD. Punched the 100-club card three times.


Very nice bowling alley. Great technology better than what we have in San Antonio. We were visiting the area so weren't sure what to expect but to our surprise the place was very clean and very well kept up.

John & Dani Taras

Josh, Sue & staff are the best!!

jinxer !

Awesome way to relieve stress..... A bit on

Ebony Danek

We attended on a lazy Sunday. It was easy to walk right in & get a lane. The brews were cold & the music was up to date hits. We had a good 'ole time! Bring the kids, co-workers, or it is good for a laid back date where you can check out their "form". ~lol

Ryan D'Ambrogi

No frills bowling alley. They were renovating while we were there, so it was a little messy and some if the lanes were closed. The score screens are flat screens and have nice themes that the kids enjoy. The staff was very friendly and accommodating to the young ones.

D Ellis

Great environment. Great staff. No smoking inside. Great food. I'll definitely be back.

Rachel Evans

Really cheap games, there are booze and food on site is simple but good. The front area and the right side lanes near the entrance are nice but The arcade is closed and the area they put our events(far left side) is just trashed, I would say it's construction but it has looked this way for months lol

Jen A.

Super laid back atmosphere and very inexpensive, will definitely be going back for some family fun this summer.

Alfonso E. Ortega Manrique

Pro shop is a first class service, lanes are amazing and perfectly maintained. Cafeteria service and menu are really bad. I want to thank Susan for her answer and commitment. Don't get me wrong Susan, I love the place, got a brand new ball from your pro shop last month and drilled it there, your team is exceptional, last time I was there with my family they didn't have what we wanted for dinner and was nobody to come to your table. I will keep coming to USA Bowl because I feel it is the best place to practice bowling. People leaving because a bad experience on the cafe are not bowling people, I will keep being your customer Thanks!!! Alfonso

Sajjad Hashmani

Had quite a lot of lanes for bowling. Wasn't too expensive either. The gaming section was disappointing though. The change machine was out of service. The pool board was missing one ball. And one air hockey table was under maintenance while the other had a broken scoreboard.

Nicholas Smith

Fun atmosphere

arkatala prudhvi

Good number of bowling lanes. Yummy food!!

Paul Love

Fun time with my sis. Not expensive to bowl! Bringing our girls next time :)

thomas parrish

Out of dr pepper root beer and Pepsi on league night....poorly run lanes

Payton Washington

Cool spot, drinks are a little high. But overall, I was impressed


Nice place, very, very affordable, and the staff is really nice. I give them four stars instead of five only because of the score-keeping system they have. It often scores incorrectly and even the employees have problems with it. Otherwise, I'd highly recommend it.

Rebecca Horvath

Had a really good time coming here to USA bowling alley for a company outing we all had a wonderful time the shoes were very clean.

Sara Germany

Fun place, awesome staff.

Michael Grosso

Well maintained lanes. A real bowling alley unlike some of the other local spots.

Berenize Gusman

Been going here since I was younger. It's been remodeled & the interactive score board is pretty cool. Prices are good.

Aditya singh

good staff. busy, occasional lane issue, not the most modern technology, but it works, me and my buddy had a good time for an hour for 30$ including the shoe cost.

Jagadeesh G

Well organized and fun for both families and friends

Kathy Loud

Very nice and clean bowling alley could have had a little bit more staff in the kitchen. I was there for a bowling tournament

Brian Wofford

Awesome place great pro shop

christian jeffcoat

Awesome place priced just right . Nothing but fun fun fun ...

Alejandro Herrera

This places is amazing for family time and date night

The Kid 2000

Great place to bowl! They did a nice job remodeling and the pro shop owners are very nice.

Tina Lopez

nice staff. nice place. its my new hood to hang out in, I just moved here from LA cali, getting used to dallas fun!

Steven Lewis

The best staff

Toby Harris

Family night out. Had a really nice time.


The people were friendly and it was clean. We went early, so the snack bar wasn't open yet, but the vending machine was fully stocked. The games were fairly priced, and we had a good time. Worth the trip.

Mark Hermer

Our Special Olympics Team has been practicing here for many years. Older facility but the new owners have been remodeling and making nice improvements. Great staff; Occasional lane issues but always quick service and good food.

Keith Brazile

Remodeled and very nice inside. Our lane kept dropping the 5 pin so that was an annoyance.

Alex Garcia

Always a great place 2 pass with family and love when they turn off the lights and then it gets a diff. Feeling

Adrian Devora

Really good place for bowling and having fun with friends

Juan Alvarez

Nice place to go with your family and have a good time.

Angelo M

A good place to bowl...!

Gabriel Herrera

It's a place to enjoy bowling and the games for the kids the food is ok it's nice it has an area for adults to drink alcohol and beer but not over do it


Its a nice place to spend time with others . Good Space and nice workers .

Soft Touch

Will be a good place to go when finish remolding..

Irene Jimenez

Fun place to bowl and they have pretty good food!

Judd Baker

Overpriced compared to other nicer places. Staff were not very friendly. And there were gunshots outside the place. Fun place...

Brittney Braziel

Food was high but it was fun good music.

Sanita Garrett

Went for a group outing, amazing experience. The group had a blast, during the day so the cafe was closed (opens at 5p but they are remodeling so that may change). I must add that the smell was awesome (not smoking and mildewed at all).

Bob Shea

Newly remodeled. Great bowling g center.

Jerri Martinez

Best place to bowl at on a Friday night! Love the pizza !!!

Beth Wise

What a great place! We had our son's second birthday here and the staff was so accomodating and friendly. They bent over backwards to make sure that we has evwrything that we needed. Would definitely recommend for affordable, fun parties!

David Flores

I will never come back to this bowling center.....EVER! I do not recommend this place. There’s no oil on the lane. The owner doesn’t know how to run this place at all.

Kyle Newsom

They charge for refills on soda while bowling. Never again will I take my business there.

Ms. Suki Washington


James Bogdan

I have bowled at this location multiple times and have been mostly pleased with my experience. It is not the best kept place, though the lanes and screens are very nice. The food available is not very good and the staff is not the most friendly. There are things they could work on but you can still easily have fun playing here!

Ms Shae

Had fun. Family friendly

Charles Jolly

Love the bowling center, not in love with the management.

Michael Burt

Great fun and especially if you bowl when a tournament is happening which just makes it even funner

Michael H.

The newest owners are renovating and making the center more updated. Kodos to tjem. It seems to be busier as well.

Linda I.

Not the best alley. The staff were not that attentive.

Lori Earle


Lisa Reid

I will go with it was ok and we had a fun night with family and friends. That being said, we reserved lanes for 7:30pm and the computers were down and we didn't get our lanes until about 9pm. They made no effort whatsoever to make up for the wait and inconvenience. As well, with the computers down, we were not about to eat, but it was funny that they were able to keep the bar running to sell alcohol. Finally, when the computers were back up, we spent over $30 on food and it was terrible! Although we had fun bowling once we got going, I have had much better experience at the other bowling lanes in Dallas, Richardson, Garland, Rowlett, and Grapevine and will definitely not be back to this one.

LaNae' Williams-Manning

Very large and very well equipped bowling facility located in North Dallas. This bowling facility also hosts several Collegiate Bowling Events, to include the NAIA Sectionals.


First time i went.....was amazing! recommended


Nice friendly staff decent prices on their alcoholic beverages.

Benjamin Rodriguez

Service was great and lots of lanes were open. I went around 6 on a Saturday so not too busy. Would recommend.

Ellen Brown

This is one of my favorite bowling places ! .The staff is always nice the common area is always clean and there is always great to music! Keep up the good work

Sridhar Srinivasan

Nice Bowling place

Jeffery Goode

Great bowling alley! Very clean and very updated equipment! The staff at the front counter was very friendly but the staff in the lunch bar on the other hand were very disrespectful. Also food service was the worse. Especially during league tournaments we brought our son; and people were waiting over 40 minutes just for a burger! The lady when I asked how much longer became very rude and disrespectful. I understand that they are high school kids working but part of management is proper training and having the right attitude for dealing with guests in a kid friendly environment. Also having an overseer or trained veteran with customer service and in the kitchen would help during special events and tournaments. I ended up paying for my food and still going to Burger King because of how disrespectful all of these three girls were and after many of the parents saw the disrespect and chaos and mistakes in the kitchen they went right across the street with me. Being in restaraunt management for years I have never been so disrespected and if it wasn’t for my sons tournaments this is definitely not a place I would look forward to visiting again. If you don’t have the proper staff to run your operations smoothly and efficiently then please allow us to have outside food because until this is corrected; I will defer as many parents and fellow friends away from here just because of this incident today that occurred.

George Buguta

They will always have an open line for you even if any other places don't

Avneesh Badiwale

It was kinda boring. Not a great place for entertainment.

Jim Adams

Nice facility. Equipment is in good working condition. Friendly staff.

K Harris

Very nice bowling center

Ryan Drean

Great bowling alley. Everything you need. Excellent prices

Andrew Litwin

It's got what you need for a bowling alley, but the rental shoes definitely gave me athlete's foot. They definitely weren't spraying the shoes when we saw people return them. My feet started feeling itchy before I even got home.

Braxton Mills

The bowling alley definitely got the job done as far as bowling goes. But the girl bartender stole my heart. She made this place a 10/5 and I spent no more than a minute at the bar. Very sincere and one hell of a smile

John Garceau

There were lots of problems with the lanes in a big tournament and the people running it were quite rude

Chela G

Its okay , but there are nicer places . I just come here w my 2 year old because i know she gets impressed by any little thing but my son whos ten does not like it. They recently put arcade ganes but it gives out no tickets I trashed the card since i didnt see any section/store open for rewards (but at the same time i didn’t really look) but yes hopefully when yall are done ill stop by again. The reason i continue to give this place a chance is because when i was a kid my family would take me here and the memories were amazing! I hope after the renovations my kids love it just like i did when i was their age!

Lendall Barker

Very clean although we fine the bar inadequate Andy's snack bar very very expensive would not recommend the snack bar because of the value for your dollar eat before you go I was very surprised to find that a grilled cheese now two pieces of bread one piece of cheese$6 no drink no prize not a meal deal just two pieces of bread and a piece of cheese grilled$6 never again

AJ Tarleton

Great staff. Clean facilities. Bowl in a league here on Monday nights. Excellent staff in the pro shop too.

Jimmy Hartnett

Great lanes that are actually oiled daily (unlike the trendy places), cheap, and run by good people who know what they're doing. They have the basics food and bar wise, but if you *have* to have microbrewery while bowling you want one of the boutique places, but they don't take care of their machines nor lanes.

Andrew Kang

I have bowled at USA Bowl for a long time, about 10 years now since I was in middle school. I really enjoy the renovations that have been done with the bowling alley as well as the new modernized scoring system as well. The prices have risen, but they are fair for $18 dollars an hour for a lane. One of the few places around that just specializes as well as have a bowling alley.


I've never felt this disrespected in life. I came in with my kids after a soccer game.. Paid for the hour long and after the cashier gives me back my money she asked me if I needed a waiter, she then asked the guy next to her if he wanted my table, he said " I'M NOT IN THE MOOD OF GETTING TIPPED A DOLLAR" The cashier laughed and said " IT'S A DOLLAR THOUGH" I asked several times to speak to the manager and he never came!! I had to ask him for him again after the 10th time. Later, we talked and I explain what had happened... I feel like It didn't really matter to him.. It sucks that until this day people can still be this mean!!

Charla Davis

Had a good time on a Saturday night. It wasn't crowded at all. The lights go down at about 8pm and lanes glow in the dark. I believe we paid $23 an hour and then it's like $4.25 for the shoes. Beer in the bottle was $4 or draft $3.

Loretta Stewart

First date here. Loved it

Kibo Terasaki

My only complaint is that there are no prizes for the tickets you win at the arcade games. That's misleading. Everything else is good!

Chest Nut

Good place to go in bowl in the food is so good

Fernando Torres

Only bowled there once. Fight broke out and we decided to leave. Otherwise a nice alley

Londyn Grace

I have gone 4-5 times in the last 2 months to give this place a chance but have not been impressed. Only once did I experience good customer service. Also the lanes have mild to no oil at all. I would rather bowl somewhere else, won't be going back.

Jocelyn Martinez

Only reason im giving it a 4 star is because my daughter wanted to use the bumpers and we werent able to use them on only her turn they told us if they turned them on it would be for all players not just one player so my daughter had to use the other slide thing instead of the bumpers while at other bowling places the bumper is a one player option. Other than that its a great place to enjoy a family night out.

Sean Kullavanijaya

Nice and clean... Good lanes all around.. Few chairs need fixing though

Eliza Ibarra

Very reasonable prices, we had a good time and didn't spent nearly as much as we expected to for our large party of 18. The pizza is made to order and under $15. The pitcher of soda is only $5. We'll be back.

John VanMeter

Very nice. Food was good.

Jeffrey Hill

Been bowling here for years. The place has new face-lift. It looks great!

Mayra Avila

Really fun..great crew..!

Josie G.

Overall I have to rate this low. I started a bowling league this past summer and have seen little to no progress on thing's needing to be repaired. 2 out of 4 stalls work in the women's bathroom. Handicap stall door latch has been broken and the toddler toilet in there is a joke for anyone who is actually handicap. There's another stall that's been out since before Thanksgiving. One of the five sinks is actually functional. The lanes break often especially the ball return. Food is okay and reasonably priced. Bar beverages are WAY overpriced. A drink that would cost me $6 at a regular bar cost $14. The employees do their best with what they got. The owner cares nothing about customer satisfaction or the league's. As to your response renovations do not prevent you from repairing basic features like properly functioning toilets and sinks. I am very familiar with how renovations work. As to your reference of caring about your league's actions speak louder than words.

Maria Mendoza

Too much money for an hour of fun. Not worth it

Keith Watson

The inside was very nice and we had a great time.

laneshifter laney

Loved this place! We wanted to just bowl the night we found USA Bowl. Went to another place that looked modern and cool...bad idea. We googled bowling and decided on USA Bowl. Best time we've had bowling in a while! Rate was very fair, the lanes are computer scored and have games you can choose to play as well. We got a pitcher of beer and enjoyed the time bowling. We will be back and recommend you give USA Bowl a try!

Joseph Bolejack

Over priced drinks, $22 for 2 drinks. First impression is great, looks good and has lots of new arcade games. However the bathrooms have loose toilet seats, out of order stalls and missing sink faucets, and the ones that aren't missing are almost falling apart. I'm sure if they spend more time on little stuff. They could eventually be a very nice bowling alley. If you are a competitive bowler, the lanes are extremely dry. Might as well go to main event where you would expect this.

Stephen Miller Jr

Great atmosphere, clean, good place for parties, events, etc.

Keelie Reason

It's a nice place to bowl. Currently, there's areas where they are renovating. It didn't effect our bowling. I signed my kids up for the free bowling program at this location. I called on Friday to ask if I could use the free bowling coupon on Saturday and they told me no. My coupon said I could use it by 5 each day, but I thought they just had different rules then what was on the coupon. I didn't think to ask about it when we came to bowl on Saturday because they had already told me no on the phone. I was talking to my friends about the program so they could sign up their kids. I went to the front to ask the details about the program again. They said I could in fact use the free coupons every day is the week before 5. I asked if there was any way I could get refunded for my purchase and use my free bowing tickets. They told me it was too late in the day for me to do that. I'm bummed that I spent $80 that I shouldn't have had to spend because their employees aren't educated about a program they offer. At least the guy at the counter today asked a manager to make sure because he didn't really know. I wish the other employee had gotten clarity on it rather then telling me no.

Clyde Kennemer

Fun time today.

Elena Gonzalez

Kids 10yr old and 4yr old had a blast. Pizza was good. Prices are reasonable.

Aaron and Rob

Great spot, friendly staff.

Kelly Varley

Great place to beat the heat with kids. Had a blast. Clean and upbeat.

DW Thomas

Pretty good bowling alley for the price. The food was just so so but the support staff was excellent. I would go again.

Blake Blochlinger

Lanes constantly malfunctioning and then being lied to by staff does not make a successful bowling alley. Better to just avoid this place.

chris p

Looks like a good place to bowl although i went to the pro shop. Great people!! Awesome help and knowledge.

Selena DeBruycket

Love this place fun with family and friends always semi pro action games and bar for small get togethers.

Sepeid Goudarzi

Never been there

Durlin Matthews

I had a lot of fun being in the atmosphere of bowling seeing others celebrating strikes as the pins fell. The staff was friendly while assisting customers. The food at the snack was cooked fast and quite tasty. It was a fun time for grownups and kids alike!

Erny Lopez

Have alot fun

Nik Marr

A fun here bones bowling alley. It's priced Right and has Lanes pins balls and shoes. The snack counter is nothing to write home about. Overpriced with a very small selection.

Marcus Sever

Newly renovated, and accommodating staff. Bar staff are pretty cool!

Jahmali Samuel

Nice bowling center. They're one of the centers that are hosting the junior Gold championships.


Went here during the Regionals bowling competition on March 4th and even the players who attended reported how poorly maintained this place is. Patchy oiled lanes (dry in the middle/oily on the outskirts), sticky approach sections right up to the foul line, garbage and junk piled in the corners and back of the bowling alley near the restrooms, an unpainted and exposed wooden counter from where the manager's and shoe drop off points are (young children beware, counter corners are also exposed), and literally no menu or drink signage present in either the cafe or the bar (a sheet of printed paper is the list of available menu options). Overall, the place looks like it is under construction and looks closed from the outside since the only open entrance is on the side and there's no flashing or advertised lighting or signage outside. The parents and families made the regional competition enjoyable but to the dismay of the bowling teams, some of whom felt their skills were impacted by the inferior conditions of this alley, at least compared to Brunswick, AMF or Bowlero. Would recommend elsewhere if possible.

Robert Webb

Great place to get your frustrations out on bowling pins

Jackie Knew

Rap Music was a little too much for my taste and cafe workers were a bit too slow for the crowd of people, but other than that the restrooms were clean and the atmosphere was friendly.

Jessica Rdrgz

They updated the place a bit its definitely better than how it use to be

Marc Turner

Great updates since I been there last.

Jefferson Roark

RL Turner Baseball Banquet held here on May 10, 2014. Everyone had a wonderful time! Barbecue catered by Marshall's delicious as always. Plenty of lanes, food, and fun! Great place to have a party, banquet, or just bowl! Definitely on the short list for next year.

MVP MarloVisionProductions

Excellent place for familly and friends fun end enjoyment. The staff here is excellent and more than helpful to everyone. I have been here on more than one occasion for various tournaments and recreation having the same great expeeience. There may be other competing compaines around but by far USA Bowl is a safe bet!

Jeremy Green

Fun place bar need to be upgraded tho!!

Timothy Jones

Terrible condition and way over-priced for such a poor facility. They paint and clean the floors but do nothing to unreliable and faulty equipment. Our last week of the season, many of the lanes were so sticky the teams just went accountability by the center. We finally moved our league to a new bowling center that is professionally managed.

Javi G

Great place for the whole family!

Giovanna Castellanos

We had a great time.

Lindsey Spears

Clean facilities. Helpful and friendly staff. Prices were a little steep. Fun place to take the family.

D Howard

Good laid back atmosphere! The drinks are watered down but other than that it's a chill place.

vernon wilton

Great place for family fun

Tim Welsh

Great bowling and great prices on drinks. The food leaves something to be desired.

Lola Frankel-scheble

Went for a group outing, amazing experience. The group had a blast, during the day so the cafe was closed (opens at 5p but they are remodeling so that may change). I must add that the smell was awesome (not smoking and mildewed at all).

Kimberly McDonald

USA bowl is was COLD as heck in there and it was kinda early and I ordered coffee it was not hot. I asked the man working the desk bout the GUEST password said he didnt know it there was even another young man standing there and he started he didnt know it either.. WHY have GUEST WIFI if you xant tell your GUEST what the password is. I've seen my share of bowling alleys and this one is one if the lower rated ones.

Alfredo Gutierrez Jr

Great place to enjoy some family time and great service with everyone who works there

David E.P.

The Best bar tenders, and well maintained lanes here. I've never incurred any physical damage to my equipment (balls) while rolling at this

Ji Kim

This is a great place for a just bowling. It offers a good bowling atmosphere and staffs are good. However, I have to criticize amateurism of management or the owner. They used to offer a great deal of $1.00 per game on Monday. You can't beat that deal. They had taken that deal off one day which was understandable for their business. However, same day they gave flyer to customers stating $10.00 per person for unlimited games from next Monday. So I went back next Monday and they have changed again to $14.00 per person 7pm to 10pm. I think that they should give deep thought when they plan for something for their business. It can confuse both customers and staffs working there.

Sandy Williams

Awsome alley, great pro shop, cold beer! Counter help has the personality of a rock! Other than that it's a great place!

Walter Martinez

Haven't been here in years and it's still awesome!!

Chantaya Adams

Nice place.

Mark Buller

Older house. Good oil. Weird approaches.

James F Johnson

Great experience, can email your results to your email account. Plenty lanes short wait. Snack bar and grill. Beer and alcohol if you want.

Diane Lopez

Really cool haven't gone bowling in 13 years it was a good experience

Mark Chavez

Great lanes with plenty of room

Jennifer Martinez

Hey balls to throw and it not expensive and it great for kids and family to go because y'all can relax and chill

Melissa Contreras

Had lots of fun!

Christopher Talbot

Very nice experience for a decent rate, but the outside looks a bit shady. Other than that, no complaints.

Subhajit Kumar

Nice place.. many lanes are there

Moroni Jimenez

Perfect family fun should go more often

Kristin Anderson

I took my kids here for a field trip. The customer service was amazing! The facility is very clean. Definitely recommend this place !

Catrina Lockhart

Bowled 2 sets... Pizza was decent! Nice staff... Quick service!

Mrs Suber

It's cool just to get out

Joel Buenrostro Jr.

Everyone is very helpful!! Ashley in the food court is great and very helpful!!

jaime valiente

Service was ok but the food was great

Robot Richard

Very clean, good setup and plenty of balls for non-league. Solid overall

Adriano Reis

Decent lanes and good environment. Best of all, good price!! I've been there twice and had lots of fun!

Grant Gardner

Cheap, and beautifully furnished! Tons of lanes. However, USA Bowl is cheap because it is in a part of Dallas with a high crime rate, so lock your car! I think I saw a few security vehicles patrolling the fenced in lot though.

Enrique Arredondo

Had lots of fun

Sondra Gates

20$ for an hour,clean,and the employees are awesome. I cant wait to go back

Maria Williams

Place is fun but there are issues with the equipment

SheQuice Roberts

This is about my second or third visit here and it’s always a comfortable place to bowl. No complaints

Jake Shep83

Nice place to go, slowly updating the place and looks so much nicer

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