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REVIEWS OF Cowtown Bowling Center IN Texas

Laci Strange

I like how polite everyone is and my boyfriend, his kids and I enjoyed beating the heat here. The prices were good too. We will be back to bowl again.

Avram Neal

Seemed a bit crowded, but still had a lot of fun. It was a pretty busy day when I went. The veggie burger is pretty good. Overall, very fun experience.

David Tran

This is a good place to spend time with your family and friends. Gotta give it a 4 stars became the representatives when I got there were not really nice.

Rene Robles

I do remember coming here on a friday afternoon with my older sister and her children to go bowling, I do like playing some music on the TouchTunes and even to play the claw machine to win a plush toy licensed from the NFL as well, I will definitely come back again real soon.

James G.

Very reasonable especially if you use Groupon.

Randy Watkins


sue lim

The kids always have fun here!

Douglas Florence

The bowling is fine, good price, decent amount of time, the employees are dumb as a box of rocks, I had to tell them they had already called my group and given us a lane. The shoes are worse. Good Lord buy some new shoes to rent out my God... The liquor is what you'd expect to pay anywhere, the food is meh. Basically it's a bar with bowling lanes

Meredith Finn

Very hard to get into the parking lot. Confusing where to turn and navigate to arrive to the actual building. Very very run down. Not in the best area. Police presence due to some issues with patrons when arrived to pick up my daughter. Did not feel safe leaving her there for a party.

Sarah C

With the awesome Sunday morning special my family of four can bowl for under $20. (2 of us have our own shoes and we play 2 games.) The staff is always friendly and quick to resolve any issues though we usually don't have any. It's clean and well lit inside. Highly recommend this place!

Kristin Haubenstein

I'd give it one star but there was one worker who actually had people skills and it is decent inside. However for me customer service is a big thing for me if in paying for services. Family date night and took our 2 small kids 3 and 4yo for a night out. It's a bowling alley so still had fun however if you want to be treated in some decent manor find a different place. Walked in lady said bout 20 min wait. We say okay we will she asked our name and then walked off. Like are we posed to pay are youbgiving us a buzzer are youbcallong over speaker how does your place work? Then another Lady said it would be right over 4 bucks for shoes for the kids. I asked her if they could use their own. She said if they fit in the bowling shoes they have they have to use them. Sounds fair. Said sizes start at 7 for kids. Asked if they ran same size as normal shoes she said yes they did. Ordered an 8 which was way too big for my 3 year old. Went to exchange and she said they dont have size 7. Told her she just told me they started at 7 and she said she was mistaken. Okay. I get it. Since were not using shoes I wanted my money back. Without acknowledging that there may or may not be a refund she walks off and calls whoever few mins later comes back and says nothing and just hands the money. Absolutely the worst communication with few of front desk workers. They said they had an assistant but only the handicap could use and children could not use it. Very Disappointing. Not very family friendly. Really bites since only 5 miles from our house but not able to have little kids enjoy downhill feed def have to look into other places. Within first turn had lane issues and the nice lady asked if front desk offered us a 6 pound ball instead of the 8 that they have out. So luckily we did have the lane issue bc it was easier for them to toss the ball down. Still had fun but def bc of customer service and lack of small kid help will have to pass on this place.

Christina Baird

Very clean, nice up to date bowling alley. Great burgers, fries and service as well. Family atmosphere.

lisa harrell

Very friendly staff. They are some where I can take the kids, have a great time and make awesome memories. They are affordable on the bowling and have specials to help out.

Deborah Her

We take our Special Ed class to bowl for Special Olympics. The staff is great.

Eric Brown

Great place, with very friendly staff. Can be a little difficult at times to get a lane because of leagues (I believe they only have a couple of lanes open for non-league visitors, and there can be a substantial wait time to use them if they're already being used). My advice would be to call in advance if you're planning a visit here and make sure they're not having any league or competitions first. Other than this, it's a great place to visit...

gunderthe1st psn

My wife took my daughter to go bowling for the first time. When they got there they wouldn't let her use bumpers because she was over 52inches tall. That is the worst rule I have ever heard of. She was super exited to go bowling and she called me upset and crying because she didn't know how to bowl and had no bumpers to help her. This was the first and last time they will be going out here. It should go by age not height. That's like telling a person in a wheelchair you can't have bumpers because you are to tall. That's not right at all. I called to talk to the manager about that rule an she said sorry we can't change it because we want the little kids to have fun and be fair. Well my little one wanted to have a good and fun time but that didn't happen because she had no bumpers to help her.........

lisa coopman

A lot if fun. Courteous staff. Just not very many ball weight choices.

Chris Washington

Had a great time! I'll be back

Dawn Gann

Had a great time bowling with family

Michael Pyles

Staff is awesome and it's a lot of fun.

Joe Briones

Really fun place to go and take my wife and friends. They have the best prices and the staff is super friendly. This is our go to spot and we live in Arlington

Donald Bryant

Independent center old school feel.

Adrianne Torres

Place is ok when it's not too packed, tables are way too close to each other, there's almost no room to get through in between your table and the people's table next to you.

Johnny Ruiz

Great place to hang out

Barbara Hill

Enjoyable to us. Not so loud and hectic. Nice lunch special/ bowling during the week.

Belinda M.

Always a great place to bowl. I love the updated screens and control panels. The people are all nice and great customer service.

Keryl Richey

Enjoyed my granddaughters 10th birthday here Briley Gentry

Jennifer Dubeansky

Great lanes. Interactive screens for themes. Clean and family friendly

Jeremy Swyhart

I bowled so good I could be in the special Olympics

Alfredo Rosales

Fun place nice and clean good music playing while bowling all new machines keeping score had a blast will return


Yes it's a bowling alley, but with good prices on food & drinks (both alcoholic & non), great band on the 1st Saturday of each month, family atmosphere. We go only on the 1st Saturday simply due to other engagements & it's in River Oaks but we're in NRH & don't drink/drive. Give 'em a shot, especially the first Saturday, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with your evening. Why you might even want to bowl a bit. I'm never there without my bowl.

Chris Campbell

Horrible customer service. They will I've charge you and then refuse to issue a refund for their mistake. Cussing when they make a mistake is poor customer service. Refusing to issue a refund for a business mistake is unacceptable.

James Jones

Love bowling here! I averaged high and shot the most 300 games at Cowtown Bowling! Love it.

Anastasia Singleton

It's not a bad place to go bowl a few rounds. The prices aren't bad at all. You can bowl, play in the arcade room, or shoot some pool. My boys got a big kick out of trying to roll the bowling ball.

Jameson Barkley

I always love this place. My hometown legendary bowling alley. Say whatever negatives you wish. I'm happy your not going to return. Because that was my Lane anyway, much love. Peace. And French fry grease. Beer and bowling alley late night nachos. Ok, i love you, bye bye!!

Roy Hurst

Great place for youth group and family gatherings. Had a great time here.

Minnisa Ortega

Great location for family fun

Vaiden Courtney

Fun time with church youth group.

Stacy Mcinerney

Cowtown is a great hometown bowling alley. We've been going for years, and it is always fun for the whole family.

Janece Lamothe

Great place to bring the family for an entertaining time. My kids ( 4&6) like to bowl here. There is an option to take your photo and the screen simulates different characters after each person's turn, so cute

Anthony Brown

I wanted to bowl and there were lanes open, but I couldn't find a ball that fit my hand. According to the staff, the owner deliberately does not have any bells for large hands uber 14 pounds. I can't handle a ball that heavy, so we had to go elsewhere for fun.

CeeCee Evans

Older place but still had fun

Saundra Heintz

Fun for my whole family and the staff was amazing!!

Nathan Duran

Awesome place for kids and the whole family all around a well family oriented place and the food is pretty good and affordable!

Heather Robinson

Best place to bowl and great food

Jessica Mcintire

I taking my girls and there friend there.they had fun... they have a bar in side.. the staff was nice... the food was much but ok.. i would go again

Geneva Patterson

Great atmosphere and great staff.

kevan johnson

Always fun, the lanes dont break


Pretty decent here. Service and people are friendly. Clean restrooms

Rayanne Wilson

Clean, family fun!

Holly Nelson

Our family's two lanes kept malfunctioning repeatedly during our visit to Cowtown Bowling. They tried fixing it each time, but ended up giving us another lane to make up for about 20 minutes of waiting total. They did their best to make it right, but still be aware there may be technical difficulties!

Nekessha Evans

I really enjoyed myself and very good deals.

Connor Denney

This place has serious history. Been going since elementary school, and I'm a senior in college now. Cowtown is without a doubt one of the best spots in town. Very great Thursday special, and good food and snacks. Perfect for a family night, or hang out night. Thanks Cowtown, we'll be back soon.

Jeremy Bilyeu

Very nice family place. Prices are cheap and staff was very nice. I enjoy taking my daughter and practicing pool

Gina Caviness

I was pleased the first few times I went. HOWEVER this last time on Tuesday the staff was rude and the bartender is sexist toward women! If you a man she'll laugh, smile, and be friendly with you.

Rachel Campbell

Small bowling place with good deals but it's a bit run down. The people are great but it could use a good makeover for sure. We did enjoy the prices though. Good for a large group on a budget.

Penni Kinkade

Went there tonight and after bowling took my 8 year old into the arcade area. They did have a sign posted that the arcade would close once the band arrived and I was fine with that as we only had a few dollars and figured we would be out in a jif. My son started to play a game and was about 30 seconds in when they shut the whole arcade down by shutting off all of the machines and lights. Mind you the band had just started coming in with all of their totes and hadn't even started to set up. Common courtesy would have gone a long way had they come in and told us "last game" or something similar. Not impressed with their disregard of my son and I. I thought it was disrespectful how it was handled!

Chris Quick

Our family had a day out to have a little fun. We decided to go bowling and came here, and I'm glad we did. The shoe rentals are very clean and most of the shoes look new. They use Velcro to secure the shoe, which wasn't as tight as I would have preferred, but it did make it easy to get the shoes on. Call me old-school, but I really do like lace up shoes when it comes to wanting a shoe that fits snugly for a sport like bowling. They have several themes for the score card (which is all automated) and we had no problem finding a bowling ball for my 9 year old son to use (8oz). Because of his height, they wouldn't allow him to use bumpers -- but hey, he needs to learn how to bowl without them! It did frustrate him, so having the option would have been nice. Overall, the bowling lanes are clean and well maintained. There were a few very mild buckles in the lane we used, but they didn't seem to affect the travel of the ball that much. I would recommend bringing your family here if you are looking for a nice family environment to have a few quick games. I didn't visit the concession stand, so I cannot offer any reviews on their offerings, but I can say it appeared they had a decent number of offerings.

Pat Nolley

It was clean and well staffed we enjoyed our time there.


Absolutely loved it. Very inexpensive, especially if you have a Groupon. A must do is the picture taking for your personalized animation. We couldn't stop laughing.

Teresa Johnson

It was a good experience but the prices are kind of pricey. But overall great


Great staff. Good food. Decently priced drinks

Bill Gentry

Great service. Clean


This place was great! It has a classic feel of the 1970/1980 bowling alleys but is is clean and the staff is friendly and attentive.

Amber Powell

Such a great place for families to have fun

Janah Briscoe

The fact you have to use your groupon before a certain time sucks. The food is horrible. I got the pin sampler and it was gross. But my mom said the hamburger was decent. The rental shoes are old and torn up and honestly I would reccomend going someplace else with a better "up dated" environment, attractions and seating.

Colleen Kelley

Very clean, great prices. A hidden jewel.

Cortni LoGalbo

It is fun for a night of bowling... not the fanciest place, but they did just do some remodeling.

Willie Hunt

It was a nice clean environment. People were nice

Alexandria Ramirez

Awesome place, been coming here since i was a kid and i cant wait till my son gets older to carry on the tradition.

darthwolf17 vlogs

First time in over a year i can still break 100

Christopher Galvan

Great place for family and friend get-togethers. Food is great and even has free chilled water to keep players hydrated. Unbeatable deals throughout to week and some of the weekend. Especially after 9 Mon-Fri where it's about $6 a person to bowl unlimited for 3 hours.

Lilly Cardoza

Lovely experience! First time there and first time my kids bowl. We used the kidsbowlfree pass and we had an awesome time.

Brandon Martínez

This is an awesome place. Everytime I go here the employees are fast and friendly. The bowling alley' s have bumpers that lift when it's a child's turn to bowl and many people can bowl in the same lane as well. You can also bring your own equipment. Great place for parties of all sorts.

Mable Trevino

Cheap bowling after 9 pm. Concession stand has good food.

Pedro Chavez

Had a great time

Paul Dodd

Inexpensive bowling (especially on Sunday mornings) with helpful staff and bumper lanes for kids under a certain height. It's a no frills kind of bowling alley which is perfect for me and my family. This will continue to be our go to place for bowling. Don't expect much from the food though.

Bryan Dubeansky

Its tucked into the city and a bit hidden. This is our preferred place to go for family bowling. It has recently been renovated and they did a great job. It is smaller than the average bowling place which is one of the reasons we like it so much. The staff is friendly and so are the patrons.


Fantastic, employees were super helpful. Made our visit awesome.

Michael Romero

Great place, very clean, fun environment, friendly staff

Eric Sherrill

Fun with the family! The staff do their best to keep everyone satisfied, even under tough circumstances.

Drago Puffs

They were rude to us about what table we were at even thought ours was already crowded before getting their. Then out lane kept breaking throughout the game. If you do decide to go here dont go to lane 7.

Luella Triplett Myles

Awesome staff, just awesome. Thumbs up! Nice atmosphere too

Ben Pearson

Great place to bowl. My wife and kids come up here so much they know her by name. Not crowded- the people are friendly and happy to assist there is an issue.

Alex Gilmore

Had a great night with the kids. Had two lanes for 2 hours and 2 large pizzas for around 60 bucks i think. Not a bad price and the kids loved it when the music and lights came on. Will have to go back again.

Eusebio Monsivais

drinks and food are legit prices. on the weekends after 8pm they bring a dj anf play music nd turn off the lights on the bowling lanes and put turn on the dj lights over the lanes. very fun Environment

Judy g 55662

Awsome place we go every week

Michael Ortega

Great time

Robert Boyle

Fun fun fun good bowling. Fun

Shaun Collins

Probably would give four stars even though a bit small and needs a remodel. But the damn live band played so loud couldn't hear the people next to me . The reason for going was to have fun and spend time with friends. Band totally killed that vibe. Bar tender was good but did make make my drinks wrong three times but I seriously think that's because she couldn't hear me(band)

Uriel Salas

Huge upgrade from what it used to be. New machines, new carpet, new balls. More of an alcohol selection ;)

Teo Avila

This place is somewhere to take the whole family. They have amazing deals and good food! The bowling alleys have a bunch of fun themes for all ages. Highly recommend this place to someone looking for some fun!

Mary Dantin

# great bowling teams. Or just for family fun

Chris Timian

Nice lanes and good pizza. The ladies serving food where great. My only complaint was the guys at the front didn't tell me the cost of each game or the cost of shoes... just the total. Overall great experience, I'd go again.

Juana Ashford

Had a blast!! Live music was great..

Staci Cleverley

Courteous and helpful staff. Clean environment. Looks like they have done some remodeling/renovations since the last time we were there. My boys love it and it is not as crazy loud as Main Event so I prefer it.

Jennifer Nunley

Excellent sober fun. Beware they do serve alcohol but I am strong. Pizza was good and pink lemonade fantastic. They set up a table for our group and we had lots of fun. Will be going back.

Angie Aparicio

Everything was great except they had tables and chairs. The chairs were a little uncomfortable.

Sara Bradley

Had a great time. Went there my husband's birthday today and it was so fun. Not crowded at all and we really enjoyed the unlimited plays tonight. We will definitely be going back

Angela Mancillas

Old school vibes and reasonable prices. Summer specials. We went during the summer, wasn't crowded, and had a good time.

Lee Wallace

Ok environment plus beer lol

Colleen Rustin

Smells terrible but gotta love the drink prices, especially during game time! (in response to the owner reply): as soon as you walk in the front doors you are hit with the stench of sewage. There were 4 people in our group and each person mentioned the smell.

sk paul

Lack of ball selection, food very slow and expensive, slippery lanes and way too many kids running around unsupervised.

Linda Lopez

This is a terrific place to enjoy fun, food and bowling. The drive is a little off beat but worth it. They have live music on weekends. Great food and service. Ice col beer and killer mixed drinks. They offer video games and pool . Rates are typical and blacklight bowling after hours. A favorite among my family. Bumper bowling for the little ones. Very clean!! The staff is great. I am a repeat offender!

laneshifter laney

We have a blast here anytime we go. They have classic bowling with modern touches figured out!

Benjamin Branham

Good place to bowl, staff was great

Scott Fuller

Fun and friendly! Good drink selection and food was yummy. We will be back!

Laura Robles

I do remember coming to this place every Saturday nights back in the day, I also played the pool table with my son who was really good at it which was fun, I really had a great time here with me and my son.


It is exactly what you would expect from a nostalgic bowling alley from aroung the 80s. For anyone that doesn't know...the shoes that they have accurately fits any typical shoe size and are width adjustable which is an AWESOME feature! And there are balls on racks where you could pick and choose from, their prices after 9pm are a STEAL so make sure to go around that time! Have fun and enjoy!

Philip Mccullars

Nice Lanes, interment environment and great customer service

Prashanth Balasubramaniam

Was about to use their services but the moment I stepped in, didn't have the feel good factor. The facility had a bad smell and didn't look appealing to bowl or drink there. I would personally avoid this place.


Best bowling center in DFW. Great staff, lots of leagues

Ella2000 Rogers

Great food and games

Tony Boats

We had a good time here. Lots of fun for everyone all ages.

Serenity Wise

Very hopping place! We took out kiddos here and had family bowling night! The staff was nice and helpful! Arcade games did not function well and strange odor in building.

Eric Holmes

Good atmosphere and it look well maintained.

Becca Posey

My college group had a great time! Thanks for everything!!


Those shoes really stink.

Jason Varner

Cowtown bowl is a wonderful place to spend a few hours in the afternoon bowling or shooting a game of billiards. They have drinks and snacks. I went with a group and had a wonderful time.

Kinsie Davis

I went here with 3 of my friends I am 30 years old and we are all grown. I am currently pregnant not only did the lanes malfunction that was not my major issue. I was refused service at the bar because acorrding to the VERY rude bartender that they do not serve virgin drinks due to an issue of kids taking drinks outside and spiking them. Again we are all grown folks and have no young kids around. The manager came over and told her to make it for me just once and she looked me in my face with an attitude and said I can refuse to serve anyone and I will not serve her. I was never once rude. I just walked away in tears I might add! Never again! When I spoke to the manager to tell him the issue was not receiving my drink but the fact that the bartender was beyond rude for no reason he seemed not phased at all and I never received an apology. Very unprofessional! I’m very sad to see this happen in this day and age!!!!

catherine wightman

The manager Mike was very accommodating to our large group of 18 people, and helped us sort out food orders as well as the bowling reservations for our nonprofit organization. We all had a great time! The lanes are good, the place is clean, you can select different screens on the bowling graphics, and most of all I really loved the background music!! That night's particular music stream was pure 80's hits, which is my favorite time in rock history. Maybe they have different music at other times, I don't know. And as we were leaving after 3 games, a live band was setting up. So definitely a place for music lovers as well as bowlers. Also has pool tables. Food is basically burgers and pizzas, but good burgers and pizzas. Also has a bar. Great place for organizations, groups and families to go to.

Scheradee Scherer

Not bad, pretty busy the night I went though..

Jason Ritter

We had my sons Birthday party here today and it was perfect from the food , the price, and what’s included in Birthday package and my last minute add-ons the 2 young men helping coordinate and set up will be getting a additional Tip from us due to there attentiveness and service they gave to our group we had 13 total kids from 4 to 7 years old the package includes a beautiful personally sized ball your choice and a bag and pin. Thank you so much for the memories.

Jason Moore

Good bowling experience with pretty updated scorekeeping but it's your normal everyday dive of a bowling alley. Food is ok, but a little greasy and a little overpriced for what it is. Had a good time though despite the funky smell when I walked in. Nothing wrong with a night at cowtown bowling. Usually some specials on groupon too.

Alana Mathison

Great fun. Good prices. Very friendly staff. The pizza needs some work.

Booker Drennon

Have not bowled there in years but have visited there. Off and on since 1979. Watched mom and dad bowl there. Also l am still watching others bowl there. The place has been improved.bowling has improved and increased.

Rafferty Berkey

Basic bowling alley with some pool tables. Wasn't overly busy, could be a little cleaner, some of the pool cues were bent or damaged, but otherwise it was a great experience!

Rebecca Lopez

Had fun getting some fun in before school starting


Love it! We went here this morning and had a top notch experience. I appreciate the fact everyone from the employees to the customers had a great attitude! While walking outside someone said “hey how’s it going” being from the country that’s normal, but in town that’s rare! Our new hang out for sure! I would also like to point out the owner or manager told us we had a 15 minute wait.... it was more like a 5 minutes and thanked us for waiting. The ball return messed up 3 times and all three times that issue got resolved promptly. Looking forward to our next visit and will certainly recommend.

tonya tew

great place great deals great food

Jessie Zatko

Price is good but if you’re a real bowler you wouldn’t like the floors. Very sticky but everything else was good not so crowded. Pizza gross lol better off just eating before you get there or just snack on the fries.

Prayash Panta

Great place. You can go after 9 pm and it is just 5.99 per person. Fun place.

Samuel Seger

Pretty good customer service. I enjoyed the bowling with only 15 minute wait that turned to only 10 minutes. It's so much nicer since it's been renovated and turned to non-smoking! Cheap bowling prices were surprising.

Amy McCormick

Had a good time. Good music, good atmosphere. Will be back again. The prices are good as well.

Elizabeth Shirk

Friendly staff and Family friendly

Adam Pendleton

I reserved a lane and it was ready for me. The kitchen staff went above and beyond to get my special order just right. The bowling staff were super helpful with setup, finding me the ball I was looking for and bringing it to me. Bathrooms were clean. All around a great experience!

Nicole Emefiene

Family Friendly!! great music

Ms L Douglas

Nice place to go... It's makes it difficult to enjoy because the temperature is very cold. ❄ ❄ ❄

Steve Linderman

Good family atmosphere, decent prices friendly staff, beer is a little expensive...but over all a good experience

Tara Hollis

Each time, I'm here I have a great time. They have a great staff here, always nice and helpful. Checkout out their weekly specials, they have great affordable bowling for the whole family. Also they have a Groupon you can purchase that's an amazing deal. Bowling elsewhere is very expensive. This place reminds me of my younger years of family bowling with my Grandpa.

Marcelo Elgueta

I went with 4 adults and 5 boys and it was fun. They renewed the screen but not sure how long ago. It is not expensive and we played for an hour, enough for one game, $47 with bowling shoes included. I will visit the place again, no doubt!!

Laura Herrera

Great service, fun environment , great prices.

Josh Dressler

Lots of room and activitys

Luke L

We really enjoy bowling here. God sized lanes. The Groupons are a great value. My family and I regularly visit and play a few games. The food isn't bad either.

Bella.Catalina D

Bowling center a lil outdate

Victoria Martinez Dubon

Grew up here. They have made tons of improvements! Extremely affordable place for family fun.

LoneStar Gaming

I really liked it. The only downside is that the rental shoes smelled HORRIBBLE!

Ray Robles

I had a great time coming here with my son, because he really loves this place so much. I played pool with him which was really interesting, his favorite part from the bowling alley is to win some of those licensed plush toys that involves with the NFL and maybe MLB. At least he wrote down the phone number for the claw machine if the vendor could come by to make some room for the plush that could be easier to win. But nonetheless, it was fun.

Jasmine A

Family friendly fun!

Marsha Rodriguez

Live band was actually Good!!!

Titus Ochola

Great place to enjoy bowling. Cool environment low prices

Andrew Gates

Not bad, staff was friendly enough and if the price was low enough it would be a good place to go (didn't pay this time as it was a company party), but it is a little run down. For example, we used bumpers on the rounds the kids played and only one side worked.

Crystal Gonzales

My brother loves it here.

Joshua Jaffe

Not too expensive and the employees aren't too bad, but.. The lanes weren't very good Not much variety of balls The food wasn't very tasty And $1.20 for a fountain drink refill?!? (this was around noon on a Tuesday during Spring Break)


A great place for myself my lady and the kids to have fun. Reasonable prices on bowling as well as food and drinks. We came here for the first time about 2 weeks ago and I've been back twice. Definitely a great place to hang out

gus 3leches

Had a blast! Beer, food and bowling, cant ask for more than that!

Amanda Langston

Bummed they no longer provide ramps for their young bowlers. My 3 year old enjoyed himself first few turns but after that gave up. Reasonings for no longer providing the ramps wasn't a good enough reason my son was denied the opportunity to enjoy himself.

Katharine Chandler

If I could give zero stars I would. This establishment does not deserve any stars. If you have young children DO NOT waste your time here. The no ramps for small children is absurd! I get some parents dont help kids put the ball on the ramp but can't you have a waiver or something??? I always put the ball on for my kid and no other bowling alley has such a ridiculous rule. 3 and 4 year olds should be able to enjoy bowling too but because they can't lift and throw a ball they are discriminated against. Change your rules or more customers will not come here. The staff is also beyond rude. Front desk people seem inconvenienced by patrons and don't sit at the desk so 10 min wait for someone to help. The manager rolled his eyes 4 times when we had an issue. I will never return and will tell everyone I know to steer clear too.

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