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Rina B

Very attentive customer service. They made sure everybody was taken care of. The finger food was good.

Christopher Dallenbach

I worked here for a few years so I have to admit that I have a little bias that being said if you are looking for a fun date with good food bowl and barrel is a great choice. The bar makes some of the cocktails around and is a full service dining experience on or off the lanes. Get the Green chill grilled cheese

onelove beauty

Love it here! Food is the best.

Alan Lowrance

The bowling is "vintage", meaning the pins are on strings, the lanes aren't greased, and the balls aren't polished- so good luck with putting any spin on them and staying out of the gutter. The "barrel" must not be referring to beer cause they only had 8 beers on tap and were all ones you can find at your local Kroger store and charging over $0.50/oz. They did have Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye but none that were special enough to be a real "whisk(e)y bar" either. I don't blame the place as a business because the type of bowling has no mechanical parts for drunks to damage with ill-timed balls, but don't come here for real bowling. Top Golf is more like real golf than this place is like real bowling.

Andrew Ash

We did not book but just managed to get a lane, we walked in in the off chance, but book if you are wanting to go. The food and drink menu was absolutely fantastic. Lovely front of house staff get your shoes sorted. Your waiter is attentive ensuring that you always have drink happy hour is worth looking for. The food is perfect match for bowling and a high quality.

Elena Contreras

We when there on Wednesday, the service was horrible , the food was ok , I don’t think that they like Latinos in there ☹️ they lost our business

Kristi Duncan

Great place clean. Awesome customer service. Best bartender

Will Perez

Frozen type chicken strips. Ru kidding me? Not for that prize. No frills set up.

Travis Abbott

Nice place, upscale. Good service. Neat variation of bowling with real equipment. Real bowlers info - approaches are sticky, gutters dirty and will scratch you equipment. Slick with carrydown backend.

shan casper

Exciting nite .. Had lots of fun and tryed to bowel with friendly people

Seth Hernandez

Our boss takes our department out every year and this being the 2nd time we decided to go to bowl barrel and our tab is never under $300. Our party is 5 people total, and right when we came in the waiter didnt seem to happy to be working. we went ahead and did 2 hours of lane time and when we were down to 15 min we asked for another hour and the waiters reply was I can see what I can do, I guess theres a limit to time. So between 5 of us and 3 buckets later (6 beers ech bucket) and 2 rounds of shots spread out within 3 hours we were there. The waiter tells us there is a 4 beer limit and we are cut off. we have 30 minutes left to bowl , my boss asked for ticket and they close the lane down. we also had push the help button earlier in the game bc a ball was stuck in between pins and nobody showed up, so, one of us walked down and moved it ourselves. we felt rushed and not welcomed. it was only our party of five and a mom and her kids in this place.

Maria Smith

Wish there was something less than a one star because that’s how bad we feel about our service. I’ve never been more embarrassed and offended in my life. Me being the only lady from a group of six, was left with menu in hand and ready to order as the waiter walked away after only two of my friends ordered. The waiter never came back to check on us until after the food was dropped off by the manager, who informed us that my friends’ food was the all that could be done because kitchen was now closed. Working in food and beverages field we were petrified, why were we not informed of this at arrival? Why did the server not mention anything before taking off and leaving me with a menu in hand? Why did he not double check with us to make sure we were all okay before kitchen closed? To be honest it’s ridiculous to pay $13 dollar for a beer when you can’t even get proper service!! It’s ridiculous to pay for top scale food and drinks when you get better service at Chili’s! I’m offended, mad, and quite annoyed. Worst service in my life. To think that we were there to have fun...

Julia Esquivel

Fun place for a group outing. We went with friends and had a blast.

Ziggy Sode

I have bad experiences ever in my life our server she was very rude. She can’t even Bering us what we ask for. We was there to have fun with my wife & other 3 adults & 2 of my sister kids. but because of her we couldn’t even stay for long we didn’t get what we like to have she was just horrible never see in my life. I love to ask the server what was her problem to miss treat us she tell as rudely (impolite) to move over from our table when she have more space on other bowl section. Then she been nicely keep come to the other customers been friendly and ignoring us was ver sham sham sham sham Date 04/02/2019 11:03pm Server 743/3001

Christopher Perez

Good experience. But turn down to be little expensive

Mike Wilson

Make sure you come for happy hour! Great prices on drinks. We had a blast bowling and were able to fit multiple games into our hour time slot. The staff was friendly and helpful too.

Jairo Robles

It is so expensive here to bowl...not sure why I'm paying top dollar must be there themed atmosphere and led lights....guess I can see what they were trying to do here with the old school feel bowling with strings attached to the pins....but if your not coming here to play serious bowling and spend top dollar just to throw bowling balls anywhere I guess you can say it's for you...but get ready for there machines to be scoring extra points or decreasing points from you or you're opponents ....would like to add that there bowling pins get screwed up as well...would rather go to amf or main event to bowl...gave it 1 star because there beer was the only thing that didn't go wrong...

Tante Phillips

I am a shot drinker....and they mixed drinks is a reminder but extra laid back nice environment ....nice atmosphere....

John Shroff

We reserved 2 lanes and it was communicated very clearly over the phone we would have 2 lanes, but when we got there we we're bluntly told we only got 1. The ambiance is good, the menu is nice, and service was attentive. Only bad thing was this miscommunication. I'd give 5 stars if they had taken care of it better.

Bill Flink

Fun get together place for casual bowling and beverages, wish they had more local beers on tap. Bar is pleasant, and a good place to hang, even if you are not bowling.

Justin Hurst

Nice place, but I never got my cotton candy.

Kari Rich

We had our work team building event here for the second time. Perfect place to have fun and enjoy great food and drinks. The staff is great too.

Amnon Nachshon

We had a good time there. Food was good and game was fun. We all found the pins on strings to be weird.

Ingo Logé

This is a great place to just hang out, knock down a few pins, and enjoy some great food. Not to mention the more intimate atmosphere of this beautique like bowling alley. The staff here offers exceptional service and the lanes are well maintained. You'll definitely want to order some snacks here, they've got lots of signature appetizers and foods that you will enjoy. This is a great place to bring the family, or maybe just a group for team building or maybe a great date night venue. Whatever the occasion Bowl & Barrel will not disappoint.

Sheldon Mccoy

Great place will visit again soon

Tracey Porter

This is a beautiful classy place to bowl and gather for drinks. The food is great.

Tre Washington

My favorite bowling place in all of Dallas. Great drinks, great happy hour, bowling is a little expensive, but when you're 4 drinks in, you don't care.

Brian Medricka

If I’m going to spend nearly $50 for 1 hour of bowling (lane and 3 pairs of shoes), I expect lanes that work. We were on lane 10 and at least 6 times during our hour of bowling, there weren’t 10 pins on the lane for the next bowler. This wasn’t just a problem with us, either. The trio next to us changed lanes after the same issue. The balls were very greasy. The lane was sticky, our shoes going stick, stick, stick as we launched those greasy balls. The staff is nice here but a bit hovering, as they came by several times asking if we were ok and if we wanted food or drink. We didn’t because we had just finished brunch. They were not busy at all when we went. Why is bowling here so much $$?

Layton Cox

Cool place to bowl. A bit pricey but good atmosphere

Sadida L

A little pricey and crowded but overall good time.

Aubrey White

Fu. Environment. Clean and family friendly. Pricey food but it is pretty good. Pretzels are very good. Bowling for a small party or a large group is very fun and they staff do a great job arranging the lanes, shoes and food.

Kama H

Great place for family fun.


the giant pretzel is actually just bread, with an obscene amount of butter and just enough salt that you don't throw up. but the bucket of beers is entirely customizable - so 3 stars.

Caity Jones

Canr beat their happy hour anywhere in town! 3$ you call it's on whatever... Wha?!!

Casey McMullen

Fun place. Weird bowling with pins on strings. No real gluten free food options.

Shawn Schexnayder

I walked into a half empty bowling alley.... it’s 6:30 with 8 lanes open. We were told that we can’t get a lane until 8:15. Are all those lanes broken, not enough servers or do you hold the lane for people even if they don’t show up to reservations on time?

Rachel Garcia

My husband and I had a great time bowling. Our server Winter was incredibly attentive and charismatic. Winter was inviting and made our experience a 5 star++ experience!!

Justin Purkey

Wonderful happy hour and apps. Will likely be back at the 3pm hour sometime in my life because-amazing prices!


Somewhat small and in an interesting area, but still pretty nice with good food/beer and friendly staff

Easton Oliver

Not worth it. Convoluted menu and no help as a customer. Ordered a large bucket of beer with no pricing involved, they will charge for their convenience -- not your fun. Better off going to another bowling alley if you're going for a fun night/weekend afternoon.

Prapti Mody

Great ambience! This place is comparatively expensive, but look where it is located and how well kept it is! We went bowling here and had a blast! I can't comment on food/drink as I didn't buy anything of the sort. Wonderful place to unwind!

venkatesh kadiyala

Food was good. Bowling lanes were ok, they were stuck couple of times during our gams.

Sami Harvey

Great venue, but it’s been two weeks since we went and i still remember the grouch at the front desk. The lanes are nice and the food is great!

joseph mccracken

Great food and drinks but overshadowed by the treatment of management and staff. One of the worst experiences of catering to privilege, I’d like to believe that it wasn’t fueled by the ethnically diverse group. A small, avoidable complaint escalated to ruin the evening

June Jones

I absolutely love it here! My boyfriend took me here while on vacation and I had a ball. The atmosphere is nice, very clean and beautifully designed. The food is great. One of the best mimosas I had in Dallas. Friendly staff. I could go on and on but take my word for it and stop by.

Kobi Adato

Went there for a bd party for dinner and bowling after. The food was great and not that $$. The giant pretzel is very recommended. It was good even that 1 of the bowling lane just stopes working and they fixed it after 10 min or so. I like that you pay for your dinner and drinks after you finish playing at the end of the night. Also you have planty of free parking in the parking lot across the street.

Flavourine Fay

I like the strings attached to the pins. the lanes are smooth and the bowling balls are in good condition. The restaurant and bar section is not in view of the bowling alley which I think is a good idea.

Steven Ecklund

Fun bowling experience. Large variety of food. AC was broken, but still good environment

RePaula Tate

I work near by so visit here often. I have never been disappointed in the food or excellent customer service! Very professional and friendly. And did I mention they have fantastic happy hour specials?! We love the Boards and enjoy ordering the Smorgas-Board which gives you a taste of all three. Great salads and burgers!

Syl Afia

Great but had no much cocktails and buffalo wings

Romey Caldwell

One of the best happy hours in Dallas best kept secret

Barbara Zarate

So much fun, great for hanging out with friends..Service is amazing.

Maurice Harper

Great place, awesome service from host to bartending staff.

Terry Johnson Jr

Best Happy Hour North. High Quality Drinks

Dylan Hare

The place looks good but poor customer service. The server was unengaging and rude. Also the lanes were small and pins were on strings. Food was good but not a good bowling experience at all. IF YOU ENJOY BOWLING DONT GO HERE

Taylor White

Great place for a family outing especially in a cold and rainy day. Good food too!


Great looking place! Nice calm/dim atmosphere. Unfortunately, we suffered several mechanical issues that seemed to take forever to resolve. The food was good. Let's just say, I was super happy I didn't have to pick up the tab ;-) Fun was had by all. I will consider another trip in the near future :-)

Sindy Montes

Place is nice. Bowling is a little pricey. Customer service can be better. Our "waiter" got mad after we didn't leave him a tip, when he did ABSOLUTELY nothing for us. He looked at the receipt and threw it on the floor and stomped away. Immature.

Phillip Morrin

good for group events but not great for bowling. They don't have regular oiled lanes and the pins are way to light weight. Go have a good time, but don't treat it like real bowling. Also, it is a bit over priced for what you get foodwise for a group event, though the food was good.

Humphrey Nelson

Not your typical bowling alley, which is what makes it even more cooler. Great atmosphere and fitting for all ages

Mina Blanco Ruiz

Nice place to bowl

Jordan Axt

Great fun and good food. Excellent selection of cocktails, wines, beer and scotch. The staff is friendly and attentive. Great for corporate events. Convenient location.

Raq C

Fantastic service, wonderful atmosphere. The pins sometimes jam and some of the bumpers are broken but the staff goes above and beyond to accommodate and make your experience fantastic.

Tina Turner


Casa Nova

BEWARE OF THE STAFF. I opened a tab at the bar and left my card with the bartender. Turned out one of the staff members copied my credit card. The next morning my bank called stating that someone attempted nearly $2,000 in purchases. I reported this incident to management the next day and they did absolutely nothing to ease my mind and retain me as a customer. If you are going to support this business USE CASH.

branden johnson

Food, drinks, and service are great. Price is too expensive. Bowling is below average.

Shannon wonzer

This place is well overpriced. And the provided balls where extremely covered in lane wax . The service was good . But just well overpriced

Markus Uribe

Service was good. Charged an extra 2 dollars for whiskey on the rocks $14 drink for one and $16 for the other..both had ice.. Water on the rocks (ice) was free, that's cool... The bowling balls felt like someone poured grease all over it, pretty grossed out. Other than that the setting is cool.

Diego Hernandez

Food was good, service was slow. Needed to ask for refills multiple times and had to wave down our waiter. Seemed understaffed in dining area considering it was March madness.

Kayley Smith

Super fun retro bowling alley mixed with a bar and restaurant! Did not try their food, but they have a great deal on sets of beers, and it's fun that they serve drinks at the lanes. The lanes have a very cute retro feel to them, and the music is fun. A great atmosphere! A little expensive at $25 for 30 minutes, but the atmosphere is worth it.


Place is really chill and great place to spend with friends or family members. Only thing that gets me is the bowling pins are on Strings. Other than that place is amazing.

A Agent

Saturday was my very first time going to this establishment...never heard if it, but I really enjoyed myself there!! Will be going again.

J Lee

Friendly atmosphere and good food. Awesome place to hang out and fellowship.

Nabil Azam

Great ambiance. A little bit on the expensive side.

Jami Zehr

Bowl & Barrel is a wonderful English pub that also has a bowling alley attached to it. Sometimes my husband then I will come here for drinks in their wonderful bar area other times we come with a bunch of friends and go bowling in the bowling alley area. The pub has a big wooden bar that you can sit at and talk with the friendly wait staff. The open seating is set up in a cosy atmosphere. You can see into the kitchen. The decor is pub style, but less kitschy more sophisticated. The bowling alley area is like what you would expect in a friend's basement. If you can eat gluten do not leave without getting one of their giant pretzels. And I do mean giant. It is as large as my head!!

Dillon Blood

Unique environment and great service! Would love to see some more vegetarian/vegan menu options in the future. I would visit weekly if the mid-week price was lowered to come closer to its competitor’s pricing.

Tyler Cardwell

Solid place for client or team-building events.

Grayson Redmond

Great except for the fact that you have to make a reservation

Sabrina Cruz

I have to say this place was really nice . Celebrated my grandson Birthday party this past weekend. The service was very poor ! The hostess was not doing her job. We had to keep asking for help from another host . They kept telling us to go talk to another host that was no where near us. I finally asked the one who was hosting our party are you THE HOST? She said yes I said then do your job! We need drinks refilled, we need the trash removed. Oh but she was fast to attend to another party who were just bowling! Party for a large group was poor !

Tim Buchal

Service was a little slow, even though it wasn't super busy. A bit pricey but not unreasonable for the area. Food and beverage was good. Bowling equipment was in fine condition.

Lucia Mendez

I had lots of fun!

Lady Di evans

Ty was freaking amazing! Love him.

Deni Simmon

This place had horrible customer service for my friends birthday. We had a party of 17 and everyone was buying food AND alcohol however they wanted some of her party to go outside even though everyone was bowling and the establishment was NOT full for a Saturday night. This is a racist establishment and we will not be returning for any other special occasion. The drinks were very strong which is the best part of this place.

Paul Begansky

Pretty cool place. Met there for a reunion, staff was very nice and helpful. We had a lot of people and they did a great job serving us. Watch out for the beer cheese very addictive.

Anastasia Dushman

I came here to celebrate my son's 5th birthday and I was not disappointed. This is defintely not your traditional bowling alley which tends to be dark and serve mostly snacks and junky food. This place is clean and well decorated. The food here is pretty good, albeit cheesy, but it was hot and fresh. I will forewarn it is expensive but personally felt it was worth the price. Everyone in my family had a really good time. Defintely would come back and defintely recommend checking it out.

Caroline Mostrom

I am beyond upset and disgusted by this place. I took my sister here last night for the first time. We had plans to bowl but all the lanes were full. So we decided to have a drink at the bar while we waited for a lane to open. The bartender was the rudest person I've ever met. We waited over 15 minutes just to be acknowledged. My sister has a speech delay. Sometimes she has trouble getting words out. When the bartender asked what we wanted she took a second too long to get her words out. Instead of waiting a minute or letting me order he just turned around and walked away. We had to wait another 15 minutes. My sister was beyond embarrassed. This place isn't friendly, has terrible service, and is way overpriced. My best advice is to find some place else especially if you have any sort of disability. I get you're busy but that's no way to treat someone.

jack white

Great place for parties, fun for all ages. The food is GREAT and the experience is also great. Loved it, Bowl and Barrel.

Johnny McMurry

Very nice upscale bowling facility. Nice ambiance and great crowd. Was a little pricey tho.

Tara Thomas

A little un organized. We were put on a lane played one game then on our second frame of the second game we got kicked. We were told there was another reservation after us and we couldn't play anymore. Instead of moving us to a different lane they said we were done. Not a great first experience.

Ankita Lodhavia

The place is a great hangout for a group. The F&B menu is priced well and has lots of options if you aren't a staunch vegetarian like me. But whole and whole it's filled with fun and laughter.

Ricardo mendiola

Great food and fun atmosphere

Jacob Ramjeet

First experience was great. Didn't try the menu though, but looked great. All was great -as they accommodated our 15-person group.

John Willis

Place is ok. I was with a group from work. It was a Tuesday night and the place wasn't overly busy but it was still a little effort to get the wait staff's attention. It's located in a popular shopping area so expect the prices to reflect that (somewhat expensive). One thing we were surprised about is we were not able to finish our game. When the timer expired that's it. You have to buy another hour at $30/hour if you want to finish.

Thomas McGarr

Fun, parking is not easy.


Great old fashioned and some fun bowling

David Sender

Nice place to have fun with friends

TJ lee

The service was abysmal, food poor, prices way too high for poor food and absmal service.

Bruce Tatte

I've been in Bowl &Barrel two other times but the experience I had last week was deserving of a review! The food was wonderful!! Never skip the warm pretzel. The bartenders also know how to make a good cocktail. Nice place and a good time!

JB Chambers

This place is pretty sweet. The foods definitely above average but they have these ghost pepper peanuts that are off the hook. They're amazing! Good and spicy and everything you want from a spicy peanut. The staff was cool. And the atmosphere is cool. They do have an area off to the side that is more restaurant based, so you don't have to be in the bowling alley. So check it out. Even if you don't want to go bowling it's cool place to go.

Oscar Gonzalez

We received a call 30 minutes before our appointment, ad we confirmed that we were on our way. We bumped into some traffic and we're running 10 minutes late. We received a call a 7, from a different number, didn't answer because we were driving. Showed up and they cancelled our reservation because we were 10 minutes late, and didn't answer the 7PM call. We reserved 1 hour and 30 minutes of bowling. Despite half the lanes being empty they said they couldn't book us until almost 11pm. Never will return to this location.

John Miller

What an awesome place. The venue is great, the food is amazing. Group outings here are an awesome time.

Patricio Quiroz

Great atmosphere, bowling was fun

Carabelle I am

Great ambiance! Booked a few lanes for a school function and was not disappointed. Fridays are busy, so if you are able to reserve space early, I highly suggest it. The joint is buzzing! People chilling, eating, drinking, and of course BOWLING! We tried the fish and chips along with the bacon cheeseburger- neither disappointed! One piece of info- whoever pays for the lane is also responsible for the shoe rentals. If you are bowling with a group, make sure everyone has cash or the Cash app (the green). Oh, you have to try the cotton candy, and tell me what you think!!!

Brittany Story

This is a cute spot for hanging out or dates. The kitchen closes at 10pm though. Also the bowling lane malfunctioned when we had 5 minutes left of play.

Barel Maayan

Great place! Very chill and not so full that you can't even move. Will come again for sure!

Money Spencer

Drinks are on point. Food is good.

J Will31

I've been in Bowl &Barrel several times but the experience I had last week was deserving of a review. I was celebrating a special occasion with a coworker and e had a great time! B&B posted pictures for us, brought out champagne and overall made it a great day for her. Bravo! The food was wonderful - never skip the warm pretzel. The bartenders also know how to make a good cocktail. I tried a new one and have a new favorite summer drink. Great place for a birthday party or date.

Misha Allen

Great food for bar style, my drink was good, great chill atmosphere and I won in bowling!

J. Kyle House

Great venue for just fun times and good food. Bowling’s version of Top Golf!

Andre Elmore

Fun place to bring the family

Tim Gereg

Great spot! And I normally despise bowling, but this place is pretty fun...

Eden Villegas

Everyone at our table was very satisfied. It has a cool atmosphere.

Wilfredo Hernandez

Nice old looking fashion place

Robert VanOrman

Great food, good cocktail selection and clean lanes. Had a party and they took care of us overwhelmingly.

Nick Nelson

Great bar food. Pins attached to strings so bowling is not accurate. Bowling balls are heavily chipped.

Aidan Wilson

Ty was super fun and super helpful and honestly he's the reason I'll be coming back

Brandon Hunter

Customer service and quality of food has taken a MAJOR dip in the past few months!

Yvonne Gonzalez

Food was great bowling not so. The pins are attached to a string didn't like that

Elizabeth Cochran

This is my third time bowling and hanging out with friends here, but i'm not certain if we will return. The atmosphere is cool, the food is good, but the lanes are short to accommodate the seating. I dont mind that too much, but my main complaint is each time I've gone - the server will bring us the check and we will hand our cards over to pay. Then the hostess will tell us we need to move due to another reservation for the lane. I would have no problem moving, if s/he would process the check and return our cards. You wouldn't tell people to move from the bar before getting their bill/credit cards back, why do that to those at the lane? Both times this happened we were actually out of the lane and waiting at the stools behind it for the wait staff to return.

Anthony Neve

This place was a lot of fun and the staff was really attentive and nice. We had a big party and they took great care of us with food and drinks constantly flowing. Would go again!

Harvey adventure

We walked in no reservations and were met with the best hospitality we waited in the bar with some of the best cocktails (the old fashion was primo) and then the fresh pretzel was over the top awesome .... this was such a great experience we will be back for sure.

Cierra Rich

This was horrible. Went with coworkers after work and it was a huge mistake. $10 for a pre-made HOUSE margarita. Then $12.50 per game plus $5 for the shoes. Ended up spending $43 for ONE drink and TWO rounds of bowling. I went to bowl lounge last weekend and spend $15 on 2 rounds. I also had a lot more fun. This place is unbelievably over priced and isn't really fun. To much time was spent on making the place upscale that it sucked out all the fun and customer service. Waiters weren't attentive either. I never have plans on returning here. I rather go to bowl lounge in the design district or pinstack.

Pamela Westbrook

My husband and I have been here 2 times and had a hell of a time....Thanks for such a fun place Bowl&Barrel....See y'all soon.


Terrible food service, the food was bland and dry! Didnt feel cooked enough and cold! The sevice was very poor but i understand that my groups experience is not unique, as there are many other colleagues with the exact same experiences! The waiters are the worst part!!

Katherine Martinez

Had planned a get together with friends here. Unfortunately, due to Dallas traffic, most of them were delayed. The people up front were very helpful and understanding of the situation and allowed for my reservation to start a little later. I enjoyed the lanes and the food was pretty good. Their meatball flight was extremely delicious and would definitely try it again.

Juana Martinez

place was great but customer service was awful! the hostess didn’t go over pricing, just had us fill out a paper with names and shoe sizes. walked away with out communicating and once we got to our lane, the server took almost 30 minutes just to bring back a to-go box. will definitely not be going back...

Mark Polzin

This is a fun time out for a date or office function. If you are looking for a bowling alley, go somewhere else. But if you are looking for a restaurant and bar, that just happens to have lanes; then this is your place.

Private Private

We came as a party of 12. They charged me $60 for bowling shoes! Which bowling alley charges for shoes afteri already paid $100 for bowling??? I have never seen anything like that! Will never return! You'll have much more fun and options going to Pinstack or other places. Our waiter guy on bowling side was average. Edith from their restaurant side waitstaff was very helpful. Amazing girl, deserves better place for employment. If you're looking good waitress just go there and make her a good offer. She'll make your customers come back.

Renee LeSage

Impressed how quickly the staff was able to fix our lane when it broke. Definitely under 5 minutes. The overall experience is fun! I didn't enjoy the Mule, too much heat. But that's personal preference! The pretzel I ordered was more bread like, not the typically chewy, dense texture of a soft pretzel. We had a reservation at 8:30 but still had to wait a good 25-30 minutes before getting our lane (no big deal knowing Friday night business) and the service wasn't as attentive as I'd wish during the time we were there. I'd still go back and order something different to try!


Had a great time here, fair prices and fantastic service.

Nubian Brown

Service was sporadic at best. Rude waitresses and bartenders that ignore certain customers.

sophia pallasa

Good place for birthday parties

Michael Brady

Good food, very nice venue and the staff is great. Lol just be careful ... the bartenders are excellent at up selling you ... me:"I'll take a Mac12 on the rocks please" them:"okay, but do you like the Mac18 ... I have an unopened bottle right here." *Feels arm twisted* me:"sure let's do it, what are you doing with such an unopened beauty like that in a nice establishment like this?" The staff are great and very helpful. Lanes are decent and good for groups or even a date night with your SO.

Gaby Anaya

Bowling in Style! This bowling alley is not your old school bowling! It is a very classy, swanky upscale bowling! Its Boutique Bowling, lanes are spacious, music is awesome, food is delicious, service was perfect, very organized and staff is very attentive! Great place to go with friends or family, had a amazing time.


This place is nice as far as I can tell. Our Book and Poetry Club will be meeting here this Sat 07/20/2019 Will update my post after the complete visit

Shammy B

Great scene. Spacious with full bar.

Adri Her

Our waiter Tye was amazing! He was extremely hospitable and regardless of our many request he did everything quickly and with a smile. He even sang Happy Birthday to my brother. It felt like he was part of our family by the end of our party. Good service is so hard to find these days. Tye you are doing a great job and we were very lucky to have you taking care of us!

Manny G.

Meh the place is highly expensive and the staff was rude I sense attitudes and we were watched by them from a distance the whole time we were there.. this place has a unique small look to it but not a good bowling alley ..The Food Was Real Good though The High point of the night.

James Fisher

The food was very good. However being a bowlers that have be bowling in many bowling leagues, the people do not understand respect for each bowler on the turn to bowl. Parents no watching their children close enough. This one little was putting him into area where the was returning and I had to tell him not to do that. I saw people bowling with no shoes on!! I couldn't believe my eye and these person in a bowling league. At this point I will not be returning.

Ian Maina

Upscale casual eatery and bar with a bowling alley attached would be the best description for this. Lanes tend to be busy so please don't just walk in if you're not willing to hang for a while to get a lane. Reservations are recommended. Great atmosphere. In house Playlist is quite good and keeps the fun going. I would definitely recommend if you're up for a more grown up bowling and dining experience.

Keith Ukandu

Great place for friends and family. Amazing service, great price.

Tonya KingDaQueen

The environment was nice, hip & our waiter was very attentive. I absolutely love the salad. They even through in some cotton candy on the house for my daughter because it was her birthday.

David Race

Mixing heavy objects and beer, what can go wrong? Really this is a fun place where we take our kids when they come to town. It is so laid back and the service is great. This is a really good idea for non-serious bowlers.


Great place to hang out with friends. They were able to accommodate our big group. About 15 of us met here for a high school reunion. Gave us 2 lanes, super efficient server. Only odd part is that they couldnt split the shoe and lane rental by the number of people there. Food was amazing. We did the shared dishes. Crab hushpuppies were a big hit with my group, the pretzel was a great item, and finally i recommend the funnel cake for sharing since they do serve you a really good size.

David Dushman

Had a great time here, staff were really friendly, helpful and attentive. Food was good, I had the fish and chips which was very good, the burgers were also good. They had shoes all sizes, even for our 5 yr old grandson. Definitely recommend them

Ojizzle59 J-Walker

I was invited to my coworker birthday party and from the moment I walked into the facility I knew this was going to be a bad experience. The workers gave the entire party issues and the only conclusion I can come to is it MUST BE OUR SKIN TONE. Yes the party members are all black trying to have a good time, spending money and I guess that is not good enough. So with that being said you guys will lose the business of 17 black individuals. The bowling lane mysteriously stopped working before our time was up. Worst experience ever!!!!!!

Alex Escobar

Great place to bowl. A bit pricy but still great place to go.

Richard Howk

This is the best place on Earth! Jason is the man!

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