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430 Warfield Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37043, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Pinnacle Family Entertainment Center IN Tennessee

Reese D

Great family fun and atmosphere first time coming it was great

Beth Bucek

My family went here for the first time. We all had a lot of fun. The people working there were all nice. The guy working at the concession counter could smile a little more and pretend to be happy but our order came out correct and I didn't let his negative attitude change the way I treated him and talked to him with a smile regardless, maybe he was having an off day? The place was clean including the rental shoes and the bowling balls. The bumpers can be set to rise up when it is a young person's turn to bowl. They also have a slide for the bowling balls for little people who are not strong enough to roll the balls on their own yet. We had a great first time experience and plan to return!!

Shawntay Kirkland

Nice place

diane paloney

Great karaoke and bar. Good vibe. Friendly atmosphere. Will definitely return.

Bob Grigsby

Nice, clean bowling center. Staff are nice. For the good bowler lane condition could have a few more units of oil.

Asia Elliot

The pinnacle is pretty cool my husband takes my daughter here, it's just a regular bowling alley, way better than the other one in town but not as good as the one on post. I wish they had more theatrics or lighting and music variety. I think their prices are normal and they run specials in the summer.

Claudia Lexine

Family had fun bowling was fun. Food is typical and overpriced. Not much to do there. Arcade was small with below average prizes.

Chrissy Buckner

was nice and clean.... a great place for family fun

Terria Trice

Not trying to make this a race thing, but the lady at the counter DOES NOT seem like she likes black people. Very rude, but nice to white people(which I seen with my own eyes). I was standing in line, which seemed like forever(one person at the counter, but a line strech almost to the door), when I finally got to the counter, the woman tried to service the lady behind me?!?!?!? I had to say excuse me, but I was here first, which she could CLEARLY see that because im in her face at the counter! I forgot socks, so I had to go back to the counter, and after she finished the person in front of me, she went to the shoes and started spraying them, as if I wasn't standing there(and she looked directly at me as if she didn't care)! The whole experience was rude and horrible! My sister came up to the counter to get change back because one of the machines wasn't working, and the same woman through the coins on the counter(and my nephew was standing right there)! This is past bad customer service, this is disgusting!! I would NOT recommend anybody going to this place! This place deserves zero stars!!!!!

Jennifer Chezem

Crazy food and drink prices, but the nicest bowling alley in the area. The kids love it.

kelvin colon

Very unaccommodating, lack of true judgement on allowing a family to have a good time. Tried to get bumpers for a kid who never bowled before, just because he was 1/2 inch higher than sign stated was completely denied with only 4 lanes being used in the whole place!!! Go somewhere else to bowl in Clarksville/Ft Campbell area. This place blows!!! Was better when it first opened up.

Mari Shi

Though being here was a little fun the food took way to long to be done I ended up waiting for my food for about 20 min. In the back kitchen I saw a women eating above the stove. Also the bathrooms aren't as clean as I would like then to be. But it was still fun being. There with family but I will not be coming here for a while

Brad Windle

Nice lanes, but the approach can be tacky at times. Overall, great experience.

Jeanne Wise

I go solely for the karaoke. Susan, the KJ, is awesome. We have a great group of singers. I'm sad that they are bringing in a DJ on Saturday's once or twice a month, though. I can't get my karaoke fix on those days. The best thing on the menu is the big pretzel. We love it.

Matthew Darks

Great place to bowl, not so much for the food. Never had a bad service experience but I did get served the wrong food, twice. It's all good though. We just go for the bowling and being together.

Lewis Ford

Lanes are really oiled up hook balls just go straight.good food good staff

Ryan Kimpton

Recommend trying out the new bowling alley this place was trashy.

Ryan Morgan

Grate people took a lil time for the bumpers to come up but and had to wait maby 4-5 times to get the balls or pins fixed but it never took more than 5 10 minutes and the food was delicious not every bowling alley is perfect but I give it a 4

Jeremy Dubose

The customer service at the front desk is awful. The lady at the front desk is very rude and unhelpful. I will never go back there. When we arrived they said the WiFi was down so they were only taking cash. No problem. We went to the ATM to get cash. We get back and tell the lady at the front desk we want to play for until they close. First she said they close at 1, then she said they close at 2, but they sale their last game at 1. We said, “ok we want to play till 2.” She begins to talk prices about playing per game or per hour. She says the per hour is a better option for us than to pay per game. We ask for the price for 2 lanes till 2 hours. She tells us the the price. We pay. An hour later the game shuts off. She tells us we only paid for an hour, then walks off. Someone else cone over to talk to us. When we talk to him, he does the math on what we were charged. With the hour rate for the lanes and the shoes, he could not arrive at the price we were charged. He was about $20 short. He said it was their mistake, yet, he says he sees how there could have been a misunderstanding. He said she interpreted two lanes for two hours as two lanes one hour each. Never addressing the fact that we were still over charged. She walked off like it’s not her problem and he stood there like sorry, but oh well. The food and bar service were great, fast, and polite, but I’m certain the lady at the front desk is the reason the establishment was empty on a Friday night. She’s very rude, unhelpful, and terrible at math. Do not go here.

Jeff Widman

This place close early just cuz they have no customers. Well if you have customers then you need to get some customers. P.S CALL AHEAD OF TIME!!!!

David Choate

Had train class here but afterwards liked around and enjoyed drink

Infi Monkey Man

Had a fun time. Like always :)

Jolteon quickly

The price for their room for party's is a rip off

Pinhead Larry

I wish i could leave less than 0 stars. The food is overpriced and tastes awful. We ordered a pizza, the cheese was so rubbery im still chewing it. pretty sure they cooked it in an easy bake oven. We also payed for a few hours of bowling. We did not no that the timer starts when you pay. We waited 15 minutes for them to fix one of our lanes, and then they turned our lanes off 15 minutes early and said we would have to pay for more time. We offered to pay for the extra time but the cow behind the counter got an attitude with us and then threw the money back in our face. We spent a lot of money in this place and were treated like trash by the manager. The rest of the staff was amazing. None of us will ever return to this place.

Shawn Moore

They really do not have a bar and they close early

Kendall Buckaloo

Would've been better if there was music playing like at every other bowling alley I've ever been to. I don't know if it was just tonight for some reason, but there wasn't Ny music playing. I would still go back though.

Jed Weidner

Bar tender was incredibly nice. Two pool tables and karaoke!

Ronald Johnson

Didn't like the beer only one person working,behind the counter,cooking ,and at the snack bar....lines to long....service too slow...

Krystal is here

A very fun and high-tech place and a good place to go with friend's

Tamatha Harris

We have not been bowling in years! Had a really great experiance at the pinnacle!

Dale Tarpy

Clean and family fun,only problem was having to order one beer at a time for a group of people

Paul Hardin

Nice and always a good time!

Marisa Goulsby

I love when they turn off the lights it's just amazing

Rebecca Reinbach

The website says they're open til 2am. They close at 1am. We got there at 10pm and had to wait and hour and half for a lane. We waited and then only got to play 1 game of bowling because they were closing and don't let you purchase games after a certain point. The workers are super nice and polite though, so hopefully next time the wait won't be as long and we can get more than one game in.


had a horrible experience at this bowling ally. the manager not sure of her name was a bigger heavy lady was the most rude person ive seen in my life. we paid for 2 hrs and were cut off in the middle of a second game game of a company match before our 2Hrs were even up. After we tried to pay to finish she refused and the bowling ally was half empty at the time .I nor anyone i bowl with ever be back in the establishment because of the rude a$$ manager. Stay away will not recommend not a respectful management team also heard several employees cursing and talking about this manager while kids were present so unprofessional.

Natalia Gutierrez

Great place for family fun and team building!

Thomas Munn

Visiting my daughter & her family & we thought we'd bowl for an hour. The shoes are practically falling apart. Their ball selection is dismal. They didn't get the bumpers setup for my granddaughters for 20 minutes. The balls got stuck in both lanes at the same time & we got 1 game & 4 frames in between 4 people per lane. Sorry, this place gets a gutter ball in my book.

Keith Williams

Great place for family bowling or for a couple's night out

Kevin Brabham

Good family fun for the whole family just gotta get there early to reserve a spot because they have league an birthday parties but other then that great place

Jennifer Harvey

Lady behind counter was awesome!

kellie Shockley

Bar tender was very attentive a great... Nice atmosfear

c l o u d

The staff was nice, the bathrooms were relatively clean, there was no healthy foods but that should be expected of a bowling alley. Lots of junk food and few options. The refills are reasonably priced. The bowling itself is fun.

levetris morgan

My children went to The Pinnacle with their Church. They said they had a great time but the man that was getting the food was so smart to them and disrespectful. I have great children when they are out in the public and I did not enjoy what they were telling me. Do not get smart with children or make them feel unappreciated. You don't have to never worry about them coming their again.

Dan Pitz

I wish I could give this a 0 star. To the mouthy unprofessional register girl at front desk on Fri 26 Oct..I get that my company paid for 3 lanes at an hourly rate. What you don't get is that by the time our party all got there was 8:15pm-now that we are all ready to bowl, we find out you stuck us on a non working lane. We wait around another 10 mins for you to tell us '' we can't fix it , just move to another alley'' so we do, and now we are further behind. But sure as hell, when you think our original time is up, you shut 3 lanes down, we only needed 3 or 4 frames to have completed a 2 game competition of 3 sets of 5 bowlers. Our company manager offered to pay whatever to complete our second game. You got mouthy and threw the money back at him, not withstanding the fact we spent 400$ on food and drink. You are making decisions for your boss that are way out of your league, and have cost him a considerable amount of future income-----deplorable, you think you have the market cornered in family entertainment, but you don't. Can't wait for your competition to come a knocking on your door,

Nathan Moore

Excellent place

Shawta G

Great family fun place

Jim Cripps

Al and his team are Awesome! They are like family for to you and your family.

Jose Campodonico

Planning a good time for the family? Avoid this place! Their bumper policy is beyond ridiculous. The incredibly rude cashier/hostess explained that the reason for the policy was to prevent damage to the plastic bumpers. My 9 year-old daughter was denied bumpers because of the height requirement, however my 24 year old brother in a wheelchair (with rock hard biceps and triceps) was permitted bumpers. How does that make sense? But wait, the lack of competence doesn't end there. After receiving my bowling shoes I noticed my right shoe had only half a lace that was tied in a knot midway up the shoe. Furthermore, a large proportion of the bowling balls were chipped both around the finger holes and throughout the general circumference of the balls. And I don't mean minor chips, these balls had chunks at least 1cm in diameter and half a centimeter in depth. Planning on feeding the family as well? Expect competition for your food from the colony of flies that hold a permanent residence during the warmer months. In closing, your hard earned money is better spent elsewhere.

David Mark Carter Sr.

Not quite full, great place to take the whole family.

Bugsy Segal

Amazing staff very friendly and very courteous. The pro shop had everything I needed and was a VERY enjoyable experience with friendly good down to earth staff. Overall a VERY enjoyable experience...

Deion Blanton

It was a great place to visit and getaway for while

Marsha Noerr

I enjoyed bowling at the Pinnacle plus getting snack foods. The employees are nice and helpful. I am looking forward to going to singer/songwriter nite in the sport lounge next month. A fun place!

Jinele Mack

Nice atmosphere. Husband and I enjoy the game area. Wish is was bigger though.

nick manzella

My company set up a bowling outing for last night, it was pre set up four days ago. Upon early arrival, my boss and a couple of us showed up and inquired about the three lanes we had set up. Well the lady at the desk couldn't give us a starting time or lanes even after my boss explained to her it was pre set up. After quite a bit of discussions we got that ironed out. We had 15 people bowling and eating and our company was spending a lot of money here. Around the 5th or 6th frame, all three lanes shut down. My boss attempted to talk with the lady at the desk again. She got un-professional and at one point actually threw the money back at us. All this was happening while the general public i.e. women , children were right there watching. Not a good thing for public relations. I hope that this isn't the standard procedure at your establishment. I really doubt that my company will be spending our money here again. You do the math, we had fiffteen people eating drinking and trying to bowl--a lot of lost income--and by the way over half the lanes were empty. We never got to finish our games !!!

Geno Mac

Dont believe the hype.

Beverly Weatherford

This is a great place for the entire family as there is something for everyone.

:Virley-Leroy: Session

Nice lanes.. the only problem we experienced was not enough cooking support for our party. A few lanes were not operational. Other than that the staff was very nice. Would visit again!

Elizabeth Pinnock

Nice and clean facility. Friendly staff, not so friendly food prices. But, eat before you go and have a blast bowling.

Jazmine Graves

Called to set up a birthday party and she hung up on me 3x after saying they had power which I never asked about

Felicia Valadez

The employee's was a little rude and acted like they didn't want to help us out.

Christopher Lacey

Great place for a date night or family fun. They also offer the Kids Bowl Free program during the summer months.

Ali Strader

My daughter and I both bowl league here. We also do KidsBowlFree during the summer. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Sara Rosales

Never been, but will be going again! Its very relaxing and music was great as well!


The location was nice. My only issue is they used kiddie slides to support kids bowling as opposed to the metal rail most bowling alleys have so it made my child frustrated because the ball would go straight to the gutters (even with adult support). Because of the slide an adult had to be with him EVERY frame to make sure the slide... Didnt slide. It was more of a barrier than a support and we eventually just told him to just roll it on the floor.

Maggie Melendez

Drinks and bowling. Had s blast.

Sara Turkow

Had my sons birthday party here. They were alil scatter brained (as was I) but overall I would do it again. kids had fun and so did the adults that accompanied them. Pizza was decent and everyone got their own orders of random snacks too.

David Zimmerman

It was fun just don't forget an a Thursday night they play tournament games

Vince Foster

This was just my experience but I went here with my wife for a date night and when I was trying to tell the people what we needed a young man behind the counter started making fun of the fact that I was stuttering. I am on more than a few meds after a decade in the army. Not everything functions as it should I get that, but this was the first time that an actual employee of a place I was trying to give money to made fun of me. THEN this guy has the audacity to come bowl next to my wife and I. I know that they will be fine with out us but regardless we wont be back.

Anita Crawford

UPDATE: I figured I would give this place a second chance. The lanes we were on 1 and 2 kept on having issues. From the bumpers not working properly, balls getting stuck or not returning, to the lanes freezing up. I did bring my own ball to use which was a mistake. The ball return kept locking up so much with more then 1 ball that MY ball was chipped during the backup. I did have normal wear and tear (i.e. scratches) on my ball, but once they finally managed to get the balls unjammed ( which happened more then once) my ball had a chip... I did speak with the lady behind the counter. She stated that the chip was not in my oil line so it was fine....? hmm, I questioned her a few times and was visibly upset my ball was damaged, but I felt I was brushed off. My kiddos was restless and at this point I was frustrated, so I decided to leave. I did call the manager as soon as I got home. I explained to her what happened, she told me the situation was not handled correctly and the employee should have gotten the manager (her). She told me I could bring my ball to have it checked at the Pro Shop and repaired if needed. Which I did a few days later. The gentleman said the chip was shallow and was not in an area that would affect my throw. Just a frustrating situation. I didn't have a damaged ball when I came. The gentleman in the Pro shop was very nice and I feel very knowledgeable. I did speak with a different manager that day. I explained to her all of the issues I was having. I was pretty happy with how she addressed my problems. We did decide to bowl again and the young lady behind the counter was very nice. However she was being verbally abused by some of the league members that were there on Tuesday.. I have to give her credit for keeping her composure. I would have lost it. Original review: Our experience here was not the greatest. I bowled here years ago and it hasn't changed. First impression is the parking lot, which is terrible. Weeds and grass growing out of control, pavement needs to be redone. The building on the outside looks old and abandoned. I felt a bit uneasy so I parked as close to the building as possible. As we entered the building I could see that everything inside was a bit dated. The building carried an odder. That seems to be the theme with the Bowling alleys in the area. They did add a few new arcade games, but we came to bowl. The receptionist was rude and seemed aggravated that she had to help us. Is that not her job?? We purchased some games for 3 people and shoes. We paid a pretty good amount. I asked for bumpers, she asked why only kids under a certain age could use it. She could plainly see that I had a child in that age range. So I gave her a sideways look and told her i had a kiddo that could use it. Once bowling the bumpers would not come up on the kiddo it's supposed to. So i made a trip to the counter, again the lady rolled her eyes and huffed. At least the bumpers begin working. Thank goodness I didn't need to make another trip up to ask her anything. The bathrooms were not as clean as I felt they could have been. Now there was a gentleman that took my order for 3 pretzels that seemed pleasant. He smiled at me and was nice to my kiddo. However the lady in the back cooking food, not so much. It took almost 20 minutes to get pretzels. The kitchen looked like they added it as an afterthought. So i decided to quickly finish up our last game and head out. Again I kept my head on a swivel when we left into the parking lot. Just didn't feel comfortable. I feel like they could have maintained this place a lot better over the years. It has gone down a bit, not that it was great when I visited this place years ago, before I had kiddos. This was my experience here. This is a large bowling alley and with some care put into the property and some social training for the employees this place could be better I'm sure.

virginia Wortman

It’s a nice bowling alley with decent prices. We paid for an hour when we went which was great. However our balls kept getting stuck. Probably happened about 6-7 times on the hour and that ate up a huge portion or our time. We asked to get longer and were told no. Which is fine. But seems like they need to do some maintenance

Stacy Dunn

First time ever going here. We had a good family time here.

annmarie jones

Love karoke on Saturday night with Susan get fun

Wesley Herndon

Fun friendly environment for us, lane shut down 3 times and you have to pay for each beer separately (if you drink) arcade is pitiful and so are prizes, this is more of a older generation alley I wouldn't take my kids. But we had a good time overall

Elizabeth Bracken

Nice bowling alley. Decent snack bar. They have a small arcade better suited to young kids.

Rc Hdhdhdj

Great place for bowling and video games

Gabriela Caceres Vasquez

Always fun clean enviorment !

David M

Our visit this time was less than good. When we were assigned a lane to kick off our bowling fun, the first half of our game was spent going back and forth to the front desk to have them turn off the bumpers. The last time I approached the desk, I was told that there was a "glich" between our lane and the lane next to us and asked if we would like to move. We agreed to move lanes as our fun was being interrupted. When we arrived to our new lane, the game was not reset but transferred, I though okay... I'' go add / pay for another game, originally planned for two. We were told they could not add a game to what we already paid for as there were 13 people in front me on the waiting list. I explained our experience with the first game being interrupted by the bumpers every frame, nothing! We would rather go some where else and bowl than to interact with a staff that doesn't care about correcting something that was clearly their fault!

Billy Clardy

Went bowling had a good time

Nathan Reyes

Always fun to bring friends here and just enjoy ourselves.

Michelle DePriest

Very friendly staff but the equipment is terrible! Cheated my kids out of turns swept pins when it wasn’t supposed to. Disappointing for sure!

John Biven

This bowling center is pretty rough. The balls are all mis matched, the pin setters don't quite work right. But you can bowl, so that's cool.

Jose Fernandez

Great place to take your family. The staff are so helpful and welcoming. This place will always have priorities when trying to find something to do with the family.

Loretta Milner

No lanes at 10 am on Thursday Really

Tabby Higley Hopp

Date night with my hunny. Had a great time.

Jennifer Ross

We had a blast. My son wanted to go after his graduation. The people were fast and friendly. We will visit again.

Final Form Ian

We tried to call in to book a few lanes for our party and they told us that we couldn’t do that and we had to come in to early the day of to get the lanes. When we got there they had us waiting for a long time before we were told that the “NAACP had already booked the lanes and the kids bowling is taking up the other half” so apparently we are only allowed to book lanes if we are the NAACP (assuming they actually did).

P Walker

It's a pretty cool is kind of expensive though. Staff is friendly.

Kory Ezell

Very friendly and the staff is amazing.

Michael Bryce

This a great bowling center located in Clarksville, TN. I visited them today for an EBI Demo day. The knowledge the proshop owner has when it comes to laying out a bowling ball for someone to bowl with is amazing. He is very in depth with all his measuring he does to ensure the ball fits your hand properly. I will definately be back to get a new ball drilled.

Jules G.

Fun and not crowded. Pizza is pretty good too

CJ mc

Honestly the worst bowling alley I have ever been to. First of all, there was easily 10 lanes open, no reservations or anything, stood in line with my wife for over 10 minutes to finally get a reaction from 1 of the 3 staff behind the counter, just to be told IT WILL BE ABOUT AN HOUR WAIT. Thanks but no thanks. The parking lot was damn near empty too.

lisa ives

This "entertainment center" has definitely seen it's day... I have shrugged it off for being what it is, the last few times of taking advantage of the Kids Bowl Free program (that I paid for the Family plan edition) until today... My party was eventually greeted (it's always a wait as it is understaffed) by a new face, the face turns out to be the "district manager". Ms. Manager was a stickler about bumpers for the kids (who were too big) this wouldn't have been an issue IF anyone else that has ever eventually greeted us in their desk position, would have ever enforced. I honestly wasn't aware of this "policy" for our 7yo's. I could have let this go but today's experience just progressively floundered...A mother and 2 inexperienced young children were set up right next to us. This is a complaint because there were PLENTY of other open lanes. Our attempts to teach bowling etiquette to our children were interfered as well as the ability to enjoy our own game. I could have let this go, but...our lane also randomly shut down SEVERAL times and it is apparently an on going problem, it occurs EVERY visit. There's no sense in going on about the lack of enthusiasm or consistency that any of the few employees have or the obvious disconcern that the owner has to even want to operate a halfway decent business...because today I was given the address for The City Forum by a Male who appeared to be a farmer other than the guy who haphazardly "maintains" this "entertainment center" after making a comment "I hope you all can get this place together sometime" due to such disappointment. Bless his heart, he was sure to state that he's a good Christian man in the midst of engaging in an argument with me. The "district manager" was also laughing at his treatment of me. My word, I do declare, that certainly isn't any way to treat a patron, now is it!? This wasn't my first visit but certainly all of this was enough for it to be my last. I am so appalled by their behavior and dilapidated conditions of The Pinnacle Entertainment Center as a whole, that I plan to even take my family out of the care of Clarksville Dental and certainly not patronize anywhere else the Dentist who owns this place, owns. Look it all up for yourselves Clarksville. You can probably catch the Dentist there, on his own lunch break from the dental office...

Chester Collins

Bowling alley was good. 50/50 in employee attitudes. Why do all children's video and skill games have to be $1 a game.


I stopped by because my Husband was there for an outing with his managers! Every time we are there, the lanes are Always screwing up! Either the balls won't come back or the pins fall & stay there! He keeps going back cause they all enjoy bowling, even with all the mishaps! In my opinion, most of the people that bowl there are Extremely Rude! I haven't really dealt with whoever runs it, like my Husband does! He said the woman who gives you the shoes & sets up the lanes, wouldn't stop talking to another woman behind the counter & kept making him repeat himself cause she wasn't paying any attention to anything he was saying! The old man at the concessions stand has been Extremely Rude to Everyone that comes up there, Every Single Time we have been there!

Natascha Pinson

The staff was wonderful! Very big bowling alley, with a decent sized arcade. The balls holes were either too big or too small, which made bowling difficult. The other patrons don't seem to have good bowling etiquette, making the staff have to put more away. Bathroom was well kept up with.

Lisa Gillihan


Keith Campbell

I called ahead to check availability (5pm) and was assured that there was space for my party to bowl. Upon arrival, to an almost empty building at 5:30, I was told that there were no open lanes until 9:30 pm and argued with about the validity of my earlier conversation. My two little girls were quite disappointed to say the least, as was I. This is not the first poor experience I've had at Pinnacle. I will not be going back here... ever.

Nathan Lee

Everytime we go something breaks. The lanes drop pins or don't reset properly... the bumpers are stuck on some lanes... the bathroom faucets are rusting out... bowling is fun but they should really update everything before it all breaks at the same time.


Absolutely BEAUTIFUL animations


It was fun, not the cheapest but it's not the most expensive either. During the week it's not too crowded, although no pool unless the bar is open (Friday and Saturday) and there could be more games than just claw machines. Still nice, friendly staff, and family friendly. Idk about the food since the grill wasn't open but I'm sure it's average bowling alley food.

Clarksville Tennessee Music Scene

Great location. Bowling, arcade games, a bar, sometimes they have live entertainment. Good prices. Really big also. 32 lanes which keeps wait times down even on weekends.

Bobbi H

We were here for the kids bowl free summer program. We also pay the extra money for the adults to bowl as well. We put plenty of money into concessions as well as the game room. We go as a family after the hours of the coupon have ended. My son had his birthday party here (where we were also disappointed, as someone had commediered the party room and we were charged for an extra hour of bowling). This place use to be good. Use to be amazing for kids. Now, it’s just discouraging. My 7 year old is “to tall” for bumpers... so now he’s sitting here crying because he’s so discouraged. All summer long it has not been an issue. Now all of a sudden he’s “too tall”. Way to discourage our youth ms “district manager”. Also, by being an rude when we are leaving and giving us the address to the city forum as we are leaving, because of a Facebook review that I left while we were still there, doesn’t help your cause. Trust me, we will be going to the city forum from now on. And broadcasting the fact that you are a good Christian man doesn’t help your cause. Threatening to call the cops on two moms taking their kids to bowl on a summer day was a cute touch also.

Zack Forster

When you pay for an hour game, they start the clock when you pay- not whenver you start bowling. Don't pay and wait for your friends to arrive. This is not explained anywhere. Staff were less than helpful.

Amanda Wright

Amazing. The workers are really nice and they have a pool hall sooo. 10/10

Blake Davis

Don't go there if you have young children. The service is terrible. They seriously refused to put the bumpers up for my 8 year old son because he is to tall. We don't bowl often so I spent $40 to watch him bowl gutter balls all night. The worst part is that the lady behind the counter had the nerve to say that her daughter has never had to use the bumpers! Are we even serious right now? I will never go back.

Adam McNamara

Turn on the air conditioner during the summer when you have a full league house. It would also help to put the fans to blow air down on the patrons. Nothing worse than showing up for league, having tacky approaches, and sweating all evening because of little things that are easily fixable.

Andrew Vaughn

Had my son's birthday party here. Great price and had a ton of fun.

Richard Patterson

Great bowling alley, modern equipment and awesome staff!


Owner is not interested in helping (well behaved) kids enjoy nor appreciate learning to bowl. This bowling alley is a complete waste of time and money. Frustrating kids not allowing them to use the gutter guards when they cannot even get the ball all the way down the lane seems to be the owner's specialty. Height should not be the standard for gutter guards....ability should be. How flimsy are these gutter guards? I have been to many bowling alleys, and I will not step foot in there again. It was useless.

Jesus Jesus

A family place to have fun.

James Stuard

If your looking to spend a lot of money fast.... Then here's your place. 2 games for a family of 5 will run you right @ $60. And that's on a Sunday.

Frank Lott

Vast place. Bowling and dining. A a separate room for parties, where we had our open mic party.

Adam Taylor

Was busy on a June Wednesday at 1pm but it looks nice

Janessa Vasquez

Who ever gave this place 5 stars is lying to you. The worst place ever to bowl! Me and my husband went with two groups of people from my husbands work, we were first greeted with a negative comment saying "this is how you guys want to start my morning?" By a older heavy set women with short black hair. We all ignored it and started to pay asked if we could have lanes next to each other and she said yes me and my husband payed for two games and his co workers payed for 3. My husbands co workers put there name and then we put ours the game starts and deleted me and my husbands name. We figured it's not a big deal we'll just play on the next one. We played on the next one and after the game is over the lane shuts off. One of my husbands co workers went to go inform the lady at the desk and she said she wasn't gonna turn it back on. Me and my husband go and tell her we payed for two and we only played one she automatically gets the manager and tells us she put us all the way at lane 12 when our group was at 28 and then also says your telling me you only played one game in two hours? And I said what does two hours have anything to do with the game we payed for and haven't played? She starts getting hostile and starts yelling at my husband because he keeps asking questions telling him I'm not talking to you I'm talking to her (the manager) The manager kept calling her name so she would stop yelling and we tell her why are you yelling for? We tell the manager we want a refund and she with no problem gave it back to us. Not only is the customer service horrible the food is as well and expensive. Ordered a pizza and basically got a huge clump of cheese with bread the man at counter didn't say hello or give any good customer service. As I said in the beginning the is the most horrible bowling alley I have ever been to in my life and the 1st I've ever had a problem with. DO NOT GO HERE! Save yourself the trouble and go to another one. If I could give this place zero stars I would!

Annette Fuller

We took my grandson for his 20th birthday party. Very nice and friendly employees. The children had a wonderful time. The only thing was that some of the games were down. Great place to go

Katerina Felts

Family friendly and fun atmosphere!!! We really enjoyed it !!

Kyle Davis

It's a bar! It's a bowling alley! It's a random place to host a press conference for! We had the Tried-N-True/NWA pop-up pre-event here and it was a lot of fun with a great turn out. Good space in the area for a few hours enjoyment.

Kiana Anderson

Had a nice time. Very clean and wasn't crowded.

Lorean Bailey

Really clean, nice folks and great game room area for our son.. We will be going back!

Linda Craig

It's a great family oriented place to have a great time.

Emma Artiles

The bowling alley was fun and a nice place to go with your family.

Donald Boykin

Called for three days trying to get information to make sure I was not showing up on league night. I even checked their website and nothing about league night was posted. Took my family on a Wednesday evening at 5PM and was told no lanes due to league night. If you answer the phone or update your website this could have been avoided. Told the lady up front that we had been trying to call she immediately said “Your wireless carrier probably routed your call to voice mail.” I was calling from both landline and cellular. Oh and by the way it took her a few minutes to get up to the front.

Carrie B

Even though the website says they are open til 2am they try to close early.... We went in this morning and it was after midnight and the cashier had just placed a sign up on the counter as soon as we walked up saying "no more purchases for games"... We did beg for a game and she did let us only do one game but we we're done by 12:40 and she said we had to leave and couldn't play another... Even though there was another group still playing... The website showed that they were opened until 2am and I showed it to her... She said that they had a small print somewhere saying they had the right to close if it was a, "light" night... (I never found it)... and for people that drive a distance, (like we did), it's very misleading and they should change the hours on the website or BOLDLY make that known on the website... Not cool at all... We always plan to at least play two games... One game only gets you warmed up. Just not good policy... And all around the building it says that cosmic bowling is 10pm-1am... Web still says 10pm-2am on Saturdays!!

Cheryl Surace

Fun day out with the family, would have been better if the lane didn't shut down 4 times while we were in the middle of a game and then the ball return quit working and we had to wait for them to find the balls and then fix it.

Ryan Cliff

Great place to go and bowl with friends or a family with small children. Screens easy to set up and very easy to get started. However, it smelled a little like sad people mixed with pizza grease. But beyond that, I’d say it was an enjoyable experience.

Juan Fernandez

Always close an hour early, and refuse to change the hours posted on their website, and at the front door. Lady was rude and unprofessional.

Thomas Brown

Great place to have fun with friends/family. Espesscially with the summer program for the kids while they'll out of school.

Shakonda Cloud

I love the entertainment life here on Friday. Saturdays should be live music or a Dj, ppl want to normally drink and hear music not Karaoke


Basic bowling alley. Also basic kind of run down arcade. The prizes were actually pretty bad. The bar is good if you're up for diluted alcoholic beverages and cruddy karaoke.

Julie Ann

Service not good , over crowded FULL OF ALLOT of young teens smoking out front

Thomas Tribe

Bowling alley looks nice and in pretty nice condition. The bowling shoes need to be replaced badly and the service was okay but could have been better. I arrived to the counter where two ladies were available to assist me and check me in; however, both looked at me, didn't greet and started to service someone behind me. When I got to my bowling lane and table, the table had a near empty pitcher on it and needed to be wiped down. I asked the front desk to please wipe it down or give me something to do it myself. They sent me to the snack bar. When I asked the snack bar, they told me I needed to ask the front desk. The servicemen at the snack bar eventually cleaned it, but was clearly unhappy about it. It was nice that the bowling alley had a small game area. One of the games didn't work though. The front desk staff was tracking the issue and were pretty friendly as they assisted us through the issues. I suggest they put an inoperable sign on the game and/or turn it off until it is fully functioning. The front desk staff was also courteous as we prepared to leave.

wyatt widman

Tried to play at 9 when it closed at 11 but the closed two hours early becuase of slow business.

Teresa Biemesderfer

Love all my time play on bowling league's

Matt Morrison

Everything always breaks down including their internet! Same bowling alley as when it opened.

Mark Starks

Our lane would break down every turn or every other turn. Two games took over 2.5 hours. The water fountain was stopped up. Other than that we had a little fun.

Brandon Burke

Had a great time. Went for a belated Valentine's Day night out. The place was busy but not overly so. We hit up the arcade while waiting a few minutes for a lane to open so we could bowl. Prices were a little expensive, but I understand that it probably costs more on a Saturday night when we went. I don't know that for sure, though. Nice, courteous and helpful staff increased the enjoyment of our experience there. Oh, and the automatic, LED scoreboards were great. Will be going back.

D.M. McGillem

Nice bowling alley. Bar is a little to dark for my tastes and food is a little pricey. They could use more games for the kids otherwise nice and clean and fun

MJ & Chris' Mom

We were in town for a few days with family, and decided we would go bowling, since it was an activity we could all do. Got to this place, and it was easy enough getting games and shoes paid for. Guy at the register was initially very pleasant. We had a 10 year old and a 5 year old bowling, so of course we were expecting them to be able to use bumpers on their lane. NOPE! Their height requirements are beyond ridiculous- my 5 year old was able to use them, but my 10 year old was just out of luck. While trying to explain that he is still a child, and needed the assistance of the bumpers, I was rudely told that it was policy, and that they would not allow him to use them. An adult male who was clearly an ADULT came over and demanded the bumpers be put up on his lane, and the lady in "management" immediately complied. This infuriated me. When asked for management or corporate's numbers I was given the number to the establishment, and told that was the only number they had. I know people use these reviews, so I want to give a fair warning to stay away from this place if you have kids.... especially any that are more than 4 ft tall and who would like to use bumpers. Maybe they should invest in something more than the cheap plastic they use, to allow for people to have a better experience. (ONE STAR GIVEN ONLY BECAUSE I HAD TO ADD A STAR TO POST THE REVIEW, I WOULD HAVE GIVEN 0)

Lamonteze Pannell

Not a good experience bad customer service no phone calls excepted. I do not recommend

Betty Alley

To cold, but a wonderful place

Kai God

High priced. Nice bowling facility. Had an excellent worker in food service area, who even tho he never smiled was definitely an asset to the company. Had automatic bumpers for kids that was integrated nicely so no long waits for equipment. Definitely be returning, even tho it is kinda spendy, with my children as we had a great time

Mariana Hagler

The customer service was AWFUL. My family of 8 paid for two games. We put 4 on one lane and 4 on another as we were told that we couldn't all play on one but would be placed side by side. That's not unreasonable is it? Well, after 4 of us bowl 1.5 games the first lane shuts off. The rude lady at the front desk then proceeds to tell us that because we did not separate my family as three on one and five on another then the game shut off. Four people LOST half a game and were ripped off. Despite asking for a refund for that half game or overriding the system she simply told us that "that isn't how it works!" My family will NOT waste another penny at this place. Our lanes were positioned right in front of the desk and she watched us bowl and never said anything. I was disgusted by the customer service here and hope that no one else has to deal with this. My advice: Spend your hard-earned money somewhere else. Don't chance getting ripped off!

Brandon Petty-Perry

Great bowling alley.. nice atmosphere

Victoria Nicolson

Always my favorite place. Nice people and kids had fun

Mommy Moments with Ciera

Bowling was fun arcade was awesome and drinks and karaoke in the club part was the cherry on top


Terrible GM and staff is very unprofessional.All areas of this center is filthy.The staff have no care about bowlers here.wish I could give it zero Stars will never return.


Came here for my husband's birthday. We wanted to pay for 2 games and the ladies up front kept trying to tell us there was no way we would want to stay and play 2 games with six people. They insisted we only buy one game. I appreciate them trying to save us money but at the same time it seemed kind of pushy... We stayed for 2 games and had a great time other than our lane having issues what seemed like every 10 minutes or so. But they fixed it as quick as they were able to I suppose.

Darrin Hardin

Nice lanes, but terrible business design and experience. You rent the lane by the hour. Rent your shoes. Head on over to the lane, and by the time you get the names entered in, you notice the clock is at 46min. A business should be up front about when the clock starts. It starts way before you are using the lane. We go to pay for another hour, but are denied because another group behind us was bigger than ours, and they wanted to give the lanes to them. So we couldn't even finish a single game, and weren't allowed to continue our stay.

Jermani Wright

My thoughts about this bowling place is first off when driving at night the worst is you can't see when looking for the parking lot entrance. I went inside and it's very outdated in some aspects. The food could also be better. Despite this I did enjoy myself and when we had an issue the staff help us so the rest of our game was smooth. Great time with friends.

Sydney Hermey

We waited about twenty minutes to bowl, which was about how long they told us it would take. The Pinnacle was clean and very well managed. While it is pricy, my friends and I had a great time and would definitely go back

michelle cochran

fun place for karaoke night on weekends.

Elizabeth Dwyer

Great atmosphere and staff. Fun for all ages. Good variety of video games as well. The food is amazing and they do give fairly large portions.

LaShauna Majors

I had such a good time. Drink price are very reasonable!!

Gwen Hayes

Great time karaoke was the best entertainment

Brooke Adams

If I could give this place less than one star, I would. The rudest staff ever. I came with my four children (as a single parent) and they refused to let me go ahead and purchase shoes and lanes for my children and myself because my friend and her daughter were not yet here. I even offered to go ahead and pay for my friend and her daughter so that I could at least get my FOUR children's shoes on and we could be ready to bowl when she got here. They said that I could not due to the fact that I would be taking up a lane. Please note that 24 of the 32 lanes were not in use. I will NEVER come here again because they clearly are not about customer service.

Dawn Owens

Very expensive for a family of four but we had a great time.

Shirley McWhorter

Several lanes for bowling friendly staff and good snack bar food. Lounge downstairs but haven't been down there. Snack bar serves beer

Gus Ray

Kind folks, and dance classes on the bottom floor

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